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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  June 27, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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a new justice of the unid states supreme court that will begin immediately. >> reporter: this will be the second supreme court nominee for president trump. last year, he picked justice neil gorsuch to replace conservative antonin scalia, a lateral change. kennedy, appointed by president reagan became a moderate conservative siding with conservatives but also on gay rights andbortion rights. >> if you get somebody much more in clinced inclined to a conservative jurisprudencet might shift back the other direct rn. orter: republicans urging a qui confirmation. >> we will vote for his successor this fall. >> reporter: democrats not in such a rush. >> this is the most important supreme court vacancy for this coun ay in at least
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generation. >> reporter: an intense political battle brewing over the future f thenation's highest court. blai blaine alexander, nbc news, washington. has served 31 years on the high court, the second oldest justice behind justice ginsberg. it has been evenly divided and kennedy has been the pivotal swing vote. here is pete william with a closer look at kennedy's influence. >> anthony kennedy has been the decider. when he votes with the fou conservatives, he gets the decision gut the reg -- voting rights act when he was the fifth judge upholding the president's travel ban with the court's liberals, the reach of the death penalty that ga t legal rights detainees
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in guantanamo bay and said states couldn't enforce their own immigration laws andus as disguisely as he has written a series of rulings ons gay rig and 2015 decision declaring right to marriage for same sexu s nation-wide. >> kennedy's retirement will take effect the end of next c monthing up our next half hour. reaction of lawmakers in the next half hour as we look at the future of the supreme court. weather with heavy rain hitting parf the region right now. >> once the storms move out, heat andumidity moven a big way. doug is tracking the timing and conditions. hi, doug. >> humidity wille the bigger factor here, not just challenging storms butnd heat humidity tomorrow as well as today. no heat. andttle bit of humidity seeing scattered showers and thunderstorms but not a lot. most of thi j ist light activity. we are looking at showers and au fewerstorms in our
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up.hern zones, just firing right along the potomac river moving to the north and east. no lightning yet with the but surprised they would get stronger to the north and east along haguerstown and frederick. these are light showers coming through. this area is only in the 70s. not a lot of instability. i am tracking heavier storms. in west virginia, a lot of lightning associated with these and will move through our area the next cououe of and could be with us 10:00, 11:00 tonight. keep your umbrellas handy, most dry. heat and humidity build big time. heat wave towards the weekend starting tomorrow but reay heating up saturday, sunday and monday. much more on this. >> a little girl is fighting l r hee after a freak accident at mgm national harbor. the6-year-old was shocked after
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touching a railing around and ouoor fountain. a casino security guard was also shock after he reached in to searching for answers, new clues emerge about the frantic moments that followed, chris gordon. chris. >> reporter: the little girl went into cardiac arrest after receiving an electrical shock while holding an outdoor ha wrail. today, learned she was not alone. this area is now closed to the public. the accident happened near the fountain on the west side of t mgm national harr. investigators and mgm engineers are trying to determine how two children suffered electrical shocks while holding a handrail with lights embedded underneath it. david profit is familiar with the outdoor observation deck.
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>> i know when you walk out that outside door you see the actual view, it's an opening of, okay, let's play. i can see how something that can possibly happen. >> reporter: a source with knowledge of the investigation tells me it was a brother and sister, ages 5 and 6, who grabbed tui energys handrail by the fountain. one of the parents was there and rescued the little boy. a security guard grabb the little girl from the rail and her heart wasn't beating. a pnce george's police officer performed cpr all the way to the hospital. do you think this o the little girl's life? >> without a doubt. it's the integral link to survival, earlyardiac help is the most important thing for a child or >> reporter: mgm said this is a horrible accident. we are heartbroken. we offer our support and players
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for the family and we are fly cooperating with the prince george's county fire department to investigate the >>incident. eporter: today, the little girl remains in critical conditn. the mgm security guard has northern life-threatening injuries. first responders in prince george's county really don't know what happened to her brother and parent bause they were not taken by am bulance to the hospital. they left last night in a private vehicle. back to you. >> terrible story. thank you. chris gordon, breaking developments on that deadly violence from charlottesville from las summer, nearly 30 federal hate crime charges against a man who drove his car into a crowd protesting tun e the right rally. you will remember a woman named heather heyer was killed that day. if convicted, james fields jr.c d spend the rest of his life behind bars.
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the charges send a strong message hate crimes will not be tolerated.eo >> targetinge because of who they are or what they believe targets the bedrock principles on which our nation was founded. themus department of jtice and civil rights division are resolutely committed to eradicating hate cs from our communities and country. >> the organizers from the behind the right rally are asking for a permit to demonstrate in d.c. this august to mark one year since that charlottesville rally. breaking news in the crisis at the border. theration vote in congress didn't even come close to passing, and this was suppose be the compromise bill. meanwhile at d.c.'s freedom plaza today, immigrant families and supporter demanded responsee be the recess. more on what happens next. >> reporter: despite last minute
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support from the president, house republicans failed to pass an immigration bill for the second tim in as many wks. >> a minority of republicans joined every democrat tofo vote the status quo. >> reporter: passing the citizenshipor the so-called dreamer brought to this country as children a no go for the conservative hard liner. it offered $25 billion for the ' presid border wall, a compromise bill opponents say was no compromise. >> ts is not about our families or injustice, this is about himetting $25 billion for a wall and another $7 billion to hold families in detention facilities. >> reporter: overnight, the judges ruling the separations have to stop and the more than 2,000ed separ children must reunite with their parents within 30 president was asked today whether he would fight the
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order. >> we will see but we believe de families sho be together also so not a lot to fight. >> reporter: n with public plan to reunite migrant families and congress unable to find a solution of its own public pressure continues to build. washington. >> k tonight, wew that 15 of the immigrant children separated from their parents are housed at the youth for tomorrow facility in bristow. today, senator mark warner got an inse look. reporting the senator's reaction a little later. democrat, ben jealous, won his party's primary last night and now he's the nominee for governor in maryland. he beat baker by more than 50,000 votes and he hopes to unseat larry hogan in the fall. that could be an uphill battle. hogan is popular with even
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democrats. >> two thirds of democrats approve of us and if there's a bl wave, two thirds will probably vote for me. >> we have more on this story. tracee wilkins is in upper marlboro. looks like both sides are ready for a heated campaign. >> reporter: they the thing with hogan, he's definitely got a lot of money to dot. a little bit about baker, hard at work and will finish h term here. we don't know exactly what heo willter that. we do oh know he won prince george's county the largest in maryland and plenty of voters here who now say theyeed to get to know ben jealous. today, ben jealous, democratic nonee for maryland governor gave a glimpse what to expect in his campaign against larry hogan, onear of the most popul
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governors in maryland'sto his. >> larry hogan, you have no idea, your attacks that came out this morning are sad, dude. >> hogan h press conference and did a victory lap. >> we won in counties across the state and baltimore where my family isce rooted s 1941. >> reporter: baker his former lead competitor, baker vowed his support for jealous in his concession speech last night. >> ihi tolwe would do everything we can to make sure he is victorious in november. >> i'm counting on him. we had a wonderful conversationx emely gracious. >> reporter: for some there was some disappoinent in baker's loss. >> i thought he would be one that would win. i don't know anything about the other candidate. >> reporter: others saw a jealous win coming. >> i think probably the democratic party was pbably looking for a little change. maybe ben jealous brings that
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freshness. >> reporter: reflected on his emotionalcame remembering maryland is the state that once discriminated against his own mother. >> we are a state that yearns to be a place where no one is pushed dn no matter what they look like or who they love or what god they pray to. >> reporter: jealous had thers enent of bernie sanders and some feel his position may extreme his running mate is susan turnbull, who used to be the chairman of the democratic party in maryland. he's believing with her help they can help define a center in the democratic party. tracee wilkins. back to you.nk >> tou. the winner of theontgomery county executive race won't be decided untilext week. diabetic council member marc elrich and david blair are separated by fewer than 500 votes. thousands ofsi provial and
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absentee ballots still need to be counted and we won't get the final until july 6th. in prince george's county, w alsobroo easily and would be the first woman to serve asc george's county executive. just search election results for more races. chaos and confusion at the airport. thisix-up that led to dramatic scene over fears of ag hijack attempt. trouble on the track? our local train lines in jeopardy of missing a mandatory safety
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doug will b back in a few minutes. a closer look at the timing and heat wave behind it. a fairfax family is grieving tonight after their son died in police custody. now, it's the moments thated up to the man's death in alexandria that led to new information. this is far fromn open and shut case. reporter: questions still
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remain one day after a man died while in police custody. one of the biggest questions, how much time went by between the time the police arrived at the home in alexandria and paramedics arrived. it was chris paul who called 911, when their son was in medical distress according to a family friend. >> he was thrashing around and police were trying to keep him down and secure him. his parents were desperately trying to know what happened. >> reporter: police, who wert fio arrive after the 911 call did not allow paramedics to enter the house until they were able to subdue paul. the officers controlled him with handcuffs and the restraining device and the paramedics came in to medically assess him and he w e thentrance ported on a stretcher and ambulance to the hospital.r: >> reporaul was pronounced dead when he arrivedhe at hospital. >> at this time, an act of
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criminal investigation but level of confidence i can say no physical use of force was used against mr. paul nor any other type of weapons used against him. >> reporter: police are using body worn camera and six officers were placed on admienstrative leaveng that investigation. >> absolutely tragic. he's a wonderf young manith a bright future. juid a great all around. absolutely a tragedy. >> reporter: the chief says he will release that body worn v cameeo to the public once the investigation is in alexandria, mark segraves, news4. >> the controversy continues at aurant in lexington, virginia. the red hen will now be closed until july 5th. the eatery made headlines after ityurned a the president's ryite house press secretaver the weekend. yesterday, protesters swarmed the area and a man was aested after pouring chicken manure uilding.
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meantime, white house press secretary sarah hucdebee s has been assigned secret service protection. agents will protect her at her home. it's just temporary but it starts today. it's possible other white house staffers get similar protection. to politics and campaign issues to report, president trump hand-picked three candidates to support in last mary elections and they all won. long-time ally and south carolina governor, henry mcmaster won a runoff election to keep his job. on staten island, ben donovan beat out a congressman who served time for tax fraud and the president gave histi congratulas to enemy now rned frien mitt romney proposed to become the next senator from utah. and a win on theemocratic side, an upset, cortez beat joe crowley, one of trump's loudest critics.
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trump tweeted, perhaps crowley should have been nicer to his president. virginia is going to court to try to stop the opioid epidemic. opioid related deaths arisingam ically all over our aa. opioid related deaths jumped 151% in d.c. between 2016. and in maryland, they increase 51% er the same period. in virginia, it was 24%. today, virginia's attorney general said he's suing drugmake purdue pharma. the lawsuit accuses purdue of misrepresenting opioid dgs. virginia ag mark herring said the company lied about the dangers of opioids like oxycontin. he alleged purdue conspired to convince people pain medications are not effective. purdue wants them to compensate opioid victims and virginia is leaving the dollar amount up to the court. a teacher i suing a local
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school district over claims she was bullied and assaulted at a school. she doesn't blame the students, the principal is tlame. she takes her case to court. and rain moving into ur region tonight. dougs back to i t
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we have thatf little bit rain you said we needed. we won't like inat's b it, are we? >> talking about the heat? >> and humidity. >> this is what we eect as we move from june to the month of july. hot and humid n over thet couple of days and tracking a couple of showers and storms. not a lot. take the umbrella if you're going out to dinner. not everybody will neeit. see the clouds but also see some sunshine out thereow right we have it right downtown. 81 degrees, winds out of the south at 12 miles an hour. bringing us humidity. temperatures have been well belowverage aga today. 1 in gaithersburg, 79 in reston, 81 in warrington and leesburg at 81
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advertised 87 but well below that today, even 70s. heaviershower zoom in towards the wall dordorf. la playta and we saw showers to the east. and moving through northern st. mary'so calvert county. shower and activity hagerstown and frederick, leesburg and martinsburg area. take a lk at the wider view, we're looking at this area of thunderstorms hat will try to move in here the next couple of hours. we may see some of those around 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00 tonight. i think a better d.chance, , north and westward, as we move on through with the exception o southern maryland already has storms, most of northern virginia, good idea to carry the
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umbrella. heav rain and a downpour or two. gusty winds and a strong storm. hail, a low threat for that. next couple days. here comes the heat. 90 tomorrow, 93 on friday. 96 ontu ay, 97 on sunday. yeah, the heat definitely here on through the weekend. the heat index could be into the low 100s. take a look at this. if you want relief, the beach is the right way to go. that's not it. let's keep going. if you go monday, high of 96 degrees, heat and humidity stick around, trust me, the beach is the better place. i will have that forecast at 6:45 tonight. i have 90 or hotter, jt a couple of chances of showers and orms, real heat making its way our way. >> we don't want to miss talking
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about the beach. >> 6:45, i will have it for you. >> se areying on top of the breaking news at the supreme court. >>coming up next, reaction pouring in from capitol hill after justice kennedy announces his retirement. >> reporter: more than 1500 miles from the u.s. border to mexico, thi clearly, a deeply divided issue. we're talking about the separation of children from their parents. today, we learned 15 ofilhose en are here in northern virginia. u.s. senator mark warner toured the facility. you will hear what he saw just ahead. a principal and teacher of this prince george's county school are placed o administrative leave. >> i don't know what led up to her being so angry. >> reporter: coming up, we're hearing from the teacher for the very first time. theov consial patriarch of the jacksonamily loses his f
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dm> the clo is ticking for the trump ainistration over a court order to reunite migrant families within 30 days, 14 if they're younger than age 5. the justice department says it makes it morempative for congress to act on immigration so the gernment can enforce the law and keep families together. 15 of tse immigrant children are being housed in our areas.
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>> they're at the youth for tomorrow facility in bristow, virginia. senator mark warner updated and what he witnessed inside. >> reporter: walking the median, a silent protester carrying a direct message, free the children, indicating those at the border. senator mark warner likewise wants the kidsack with their family. until then, he appreciates how they're being car for here. >> t kids are being taken care of in a clean and appropriate environment. they're getting the healthcare and education they need. >> reporter: while we're not tallowed on property, health & human services released these images from inside the facility. all 15 children have connected in some way with their loved ones but not yet reunited. he wants to know how many of the ughly 2,000 children separated still have not heard from
6:32 pm
relatives. >> it exp that answer and hope to get it today, if not tomorrow. >> reporter: and in staunton, v.a., there have been serious >> accusations young people have been restrained, sometimes without clothes and sometimes hoods over their head.ia virg governor, ralph northam says they interviewed several of the children living there. >> we are paying attention to and haveoi an o investigation. >> reporter: back in bristow the senator talking through several roadway interruptions as he ended his remarks, neighbor, andrew olsen, walking across the street to express his frustration on the issue. >> yeah, okay, run away! >> reporter: that intersection with the senator proof1500 miles from the u.s. border to mexico, this is a deeply
6:33 pm
divisive issue one that parspars lot of emotion. news4. sayts democ are united on the immigration policy, warner vowed to veep theginia national guard off the southern border uovil thenment reunites children with parents andtop separating families. >> i have looked at it. it is very vague. still a number of children -- congress needs to put politics aside and come up with a comprehensive immigration plan. thse tried today and failed. breaking news from the u.s. preme court, new reaction to justice anthony kennedy's tretirement from maryland senators. democrat ben cardin says president trump nee
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nominate a replacement to get broad support in the senate from republicans and democrats. senatorhris van hollen went a step further. >> mitch mcconnellhould follow the same rule, same standard today tha he did when there was a vacancy under president obama. he hesaid, because was an upcoming election he wasn't going to even hear from merrick garland, president obama's nominee. we're muchto closen election day now than then. >> tea c coverageing up in less than 30 minutes on "nbc nightly news." p ance george county teacher is suing the school district. she says the principal at ardmore elementary school bullied her and should be fired. beth women are on leave. what the school system is doi.
6:35 pm
>> i have in my hand an order of protection she received. >> reporter: this has now become a legal matter. >> wha i would like to see that the bullying stop. >> reporter: sitting next to her attorney, crutchfield said she's suing prince george's county schools and suing for the principal atyrdmore eleme to be fired. she said she's been bullying her for years. two weeks ago things esca lated. >> i don'tnow what led up to her being angry and hostile with me at this time. t >> reporte confrontation erupted in the parking lot between the principal and crutchfield on june 12th. both women have been placed on administrative leave and this letter was sent home to parents because it's possible students witnessed the incident. crutch field's attorney, charles tucker, saysnc the pal attacked his client verbally, and then used her shoulder t push her. >> the principal decided to confront her in the parking lot.
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it it escalated. >> reporter: the school t distrt say're trying to find out what happened and will be an investigation andevwing school surveillance cameras. regardless what happened many parents we talked to s the incident should have never occurred. >> schools thinking, they're doing it, they're supposed to be my mentor so i can do it. >> what kind of example are you setting for the kids? >> meghan fitzgerald, news4. the fearsome stage group of michael jackson and janet jackson's father died today. he took his family into a musical dynasty. he died after a battle with pancreatic cancer. he died just two days after the nine year anniversary of micha jackson's death. he is survived by his wife, m children ae than two dozen grandchildren. he was 89 years old. people are remembering him on
6:37 pm
social media. latoyia said her feather gave them strength and made them one of the most famous families in the pieran called him a non-compromising mharming that drove his children from the poor strts of indiana to stardom. and randy jackson, rip to t man who made everything possible. i love yo grandpa. panic on the runway. what really happened prompting armed officers to swarm a plane and search it aisle by aisle. atural garden or neighborhood eyesore? we have the growing debate in one localommunity. first, here's doug. i'm tracking a cple showers and thunderstorms out there this evening. some storms in west virginia trying to move our way. i will show you how they affect us the rest of the nigwh. 's comingat
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today marked one month since flood waters devastatedt ellic city. it could be higher than the $22 million bill from the 2016 flooh e. looks can be deceiving. an alexandria man's front yard is proof ofha >> jim clark is all about using native plants, nothing invasive. his labor of love is on display in his front yard, so much of the city that the city of alexandria sent clark a notice and told him he needed toeut weeds or they might do it for him or he might have to pay a fin called news4 david culver who got the hort culturist to check out his property and they found out clark was right, they're not ornamental. >> it's what you can do withve
6:41 pm
nati instead of ivy and stuff that kills your tree es. >>lark also h a small problem with not having his house number in plain sight. he gothat taken care of, too. also, you should know in case you ever get notice like clark did, you can dispute it yourself with the inspect on the notice by calling that number. >> interesting story. commuter concerns. up next, a warning about a busy train line in our area as an importantafy deadline approaches. approaches. what happens if they
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u2 z16fz y2u2gy y16fy
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passengers settling intoei seats, emergency lights speeding towards their pne. moments later, armed officer climbing on board. that dramatic scenefk on j airport. o turn the radio signal area determined the jetblue jet might have been hijacked and passengers put their hands in the air. it was a false alarm we know now. it took off severale hours l after being cleared. >> that would be a littleca. from trains to planes. theederalovernment say as busy train line is at risk failing to meet a business deadline to me your commute safer. jodi fleischer is in the newsroom and has more information of the impact. >> the biggest impact would be if some train are no longer
6:45 pm
allowed to operate after the first of the year. spokesperson assured me ohey are track to make the deadline. that's not what these letters from the feral government >> reporter: eday thousands of commuters like michelle take driving to d.c. >> i don't drive to d.c. for anything. >> reporter: they say safety is top of their mind and glad thed l government is requiring all railroads to install positive train control that is designed to slow or stop trains automatically to prevent collisio andderailments to excessive speed. >> probably well overdue. >> reporter: congress ordered them to do it a decade ago. the original rail line was 2015, the same year this amtrak crash in philadelphia killed 17 passengers and the national safety transportation board
6:46 pm
fo bd it could haven avoided if it had been in place. >> it's frustrating to go from accident to accident that could have been implemented if someone had implemented a recommendation. >> reporter: and the chairman says they have made tho recommendations for years like in 1996 when an marcrain collided in silver spring, killing 11 people. they cite a lack of positive train separation control systems as a major safety issue more than 20 years ago. >> lives are atta. any delay in implementing positive train control,rom a safety perspective jis is unacceptable. >> reporter: records obtained be news4 show they just sent letters to four railroads including the marc train system saying they are at risk of not meeting the congressional deadlines. they have 26 locomotives to
6:47 pm
complete by december and more than they did last year or train any employees. we asked governor larry hogan abt it since one of the warning letters was addressed to him three weeks ago. >> i'm not aware of the letter until you just raised it but get tomhe bot of it. >> reporter: not good enough according to ts commuter, who depends on the line everyday. >> they need to step up and get it done. >> reporter: she's worried marc misses the deadline they might hut the train down, owned by amtrak. >> we cannot permit northern compliant equipment on our line after the deadline. >> reporter: he warned amtrak already using it throughout our area would decide what to do on a case by case basis and assist commuter partners to reach the deadline orbl find v alternatives to bridge the gap. >> i'm speechless on that. how would we get back and forth if that's not enough for marc to
6:48 pm
get themselve a problem.we have >> reporter: the d.c. traffic coupled with the high cost of gas and parking makes driving a terrible option and hope they deadline.the >> it takes one time for something to go wrong. you wouldn't wt it to be your father your mother o to be hurt in the finish because feet.e dragging your >> when introduced last fall, the new marc director cited it as a key challenge. we made several requests by phone and e-mail asking to speak with her. a spokesperson declined but cited two n ctracts signed just last week she says will help meet the decembere. deadl >> thank you. which other railroads around the country received those warning letters. you can read them all by visiting our washington app and click on investigations there. >> doug is back and we're ready to talk about going toch the b this weekend.
6:49 pm
>> who's going? >> good for you! i win. >> temperatures are so hot you will want to go to the beach the only place you can get relief. you can go to area pools. temperatures in the 90s and close to 100 heading to the weekend. right now, showers and storms we're watching. looking to go as we move across d.c. to northern virginia. the southerlyd helping to bring in a lot more than humidity. 77 gaithersburg, 79, huntington, 76 inartinsburg. well below average. fredericksburg arod 85. there is still more humidity in the air. we have a couple of showers around, not a lot. i'm tracking a lot of activity in southern myland. and extreme southern portions of st. george's county and calvert
6:50 pm
and st. mary's couy. is is a pretty heavy downpour. over towar frederick and gaithersburg we've seen aouple of showers starting to die off here and back to the west we're tching this area of storminess that will most likely try to come in the next couple of hours. most of us will stay dry tonight. in case you're going out, kp th umbrella handy. here are our future models and shower activity. here come storms around 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 and we are seeing some mostlyo the north and west of d.c. as you make your way tonig. is that my phone? tell them -- thanks, doreen, tell them i'm not here right now. tomorrow morning, 73 degrees at 7:00 a.m., 90 by 3:00. 90 will start the heat wave if we hit 90, a heat wave that could last upwards of 10 days.
6:51 pm
going towards quickenloans, golf tournament, 87 degrees tomorrow. 90 on friday. heat index, 95. final round on sunday, the heat index could approach 100 to 105 and 94 on saturday. it's always aot weekend for the quicken loans tournament. 86 or saturday and 97 on sunday. you wanto see the heat forecast? 96 on saturday and november on sunday. what aifference this wil make athe beach. ocean city will be 84 on sunday, 82 degrees o monday. i talked about the heat wave. 10 days now we have it 90 or higher. that is a long heat wave, the
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this is the xfinity sportsdesk. >> he just called doug's phone to let him know. the beach forecast. he'd take m phone call. he's amazing. that's why doug is our guy. >> capitals have resigned pelley to one year contract. pelly. it was once sd football o soccer is a simple game. 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes. at the end the germans always win. like most one liners, germany beat them on surday. germany is a world cup winner including 2014. that might have been a pro the last have gone out in the group stage hoping their curse doesn't reach their team and defending champs in trouble.
6:56 pm
south korea a corner and originally called offside. video review good goal. south korea, 1-0 lead in this one. a few minutes later, germany gettg desperate. goalkeepers out like in hocke makes them pay and minh puts the icing on the cake, not eychocolate. theat germany and eliminated in the group stage the first time ever! in group f, mexican fans can smile thanks tohe loss by germany but not smiling against sweden in their first wor cup since 2006. gets sweden on the board first. sweden goes on for a dominant 3-0 win and win the group for the first time since 1978, despite the result, everyone is happy as mexico moves on thanks to germans loss. brazilian fans stping their
6:57 pm
, neymar, can lead them a to win the 10th world cup. they don't want to do that? stabs at it, sends it over the keeperoa his first gl this world cup helps brazil beat, 2-0 and advance out of the group straight. he tenth time they won the group stage. you can't predict the future. tiger woods was numr one in the world when he launched this tournament in 2007. and it will move to detroit next year, only addg toeasons to enjoy woods and other names on the course for the pro-am. >> tiger woods is making his return to the tournament he brought here to d.c. this year, the first time woods will be playing in the quicken loans at the ppc potomac. he is excited to get back and supportis foundation which
6:58 pm
honors the military. >> it's great to be back. it's been frustrating not be able to compete and play and be a part of this event. i thie what w created over the yearsas beenspecial. >> reporter: also hitting the links, redskins ryan kerrigan and head coach, jay gruden, both admitting they won't be trading in cleats and clipboards for golf cbs any time soon. >> you don't realize how bad you are until you play here. ee reporter: how about ryan? >> i've a couple of times and he's not good. >> reporter: i asked the coach how your golf was and he said it was not good, stick to football. how would you rankla your comparatively. >> compared to? >> reporter: football. >> not good but having atiood out here. hopefully, like i said, don't lose any balls, that's my goal. >> reporter: as for tigerts he he links at 1:20 tomorrow
6:59 pm
to start the tournament. fr the potomac, sherree burruss, news4 sports. doug's phone sounds like he's
7:00 pm
tonight the f biggest chanor the supreme court in half a century. swing justice anthony nnedy announcing retirement giving president trump another seat to fill and could dominate the hiest court. >> we will begin our search for a new upustice of the united statesme court that will begin immediately. >> how it could impact abortion, guy rights and much more. stunning priry upset, how a newcomer knocked top democrat and what it s mer the critical midterms. treme weather, the family terrified as a tornado comes gh rit at them and


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