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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  June 28, 2018 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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police believe this is a suspect you see here wearing glasses and a black hat trying to use the woman's atm. >> we've had learned a g 6-year-obbed an energized handrail near an outdoor fountain area late tuesday
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jght. mgm security guap flash flood to help the girl whose heart had stopped beating. a prince george's county police officer performed cpr on her as she was rushed to the hospital. the guard was shot but not badly injured. a statement was released saying, "this is a a horribident, and we are heartbroken. we offer our support and prayers for the family. we are fully with the prince george's county fire department to investigate thisincident." 4:04 right now. a major battle shaping up on capil hill over the seat of supreme court justice anthony kennedy. justice kennedy ced he will retire at the end of july. now, his departureeans he can select a second supreme court justice. his choice could solidify a conservative majority on t court. president trump says efforts to replace kennedy will begi immediately. senate republicans hope to hold a confirmation hearing before the midterm elections. democrats say not so fast. they cite republicans holding ue presid barack obama's nomination of judge merrick
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rland in 2016. >> not to -- a supreme court justice in an election year. >> the nomination of the president is to be considered fairly and not subjected to personal attacks. >> now, justice kennedy was appointed to the high court in 1988 by president the supreme court was a talking point for president trump during a campaign rally in north dakota last night. the president was in fargo stumping forn republi senate candidate kevin cramer. now, between digs at democrats, the president thank justice kennedy for his service and the timing of his >> i'm very honored that he chose to do it during my term in office because he felt confident in me to make the right choice and carrying on his great legacy. that's why hed id. >> senate republicans say they plan to vo on justice kennedy's replacementh fall.
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>st week waters told upporters to call out trump cabinet members if they see them in public. her comments came after several incidents, including white house ress secretary sarah huckabee sanders being asked to leave a restaurant in virginia. that restaurant, the red hen in lexington, will now be closed until next week. yestdday protesters swarhe small town. a man was even arrested for pouring chicken manure on to the building. we're told the restaurant will reopen on july 5th. the justice department announced dozens of new charges agaidt a man accuse of rammingis ontinue har into people in charlottesville. a grand jury handed down almost
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new federal hate crime charges against james fields yesterday. heather higher was killed in that last august. if convicted, he could get life in prison. the justice department says the new charjtz send a strong message that hate crimes elizabeth be tolerated. >>etargeting people becaf who they are or what they believe, the bed rom principl on which our nation was founded. the department of justice and theivil rights division are resolutely committed to i eradicat hate crimes from our it communities and our country. >> fields is also charged in higher's death. the unite the right rally are rmit to ng for a demonstrate in d.c. this august to mark one year since the charlottesville gathering. the police officer at the center of a deadly shooting of an unarmed black teenager is free after being charged withal crimihomicide. pittsburgh police officer michael rossfeld killed antoine rose last week. cell phone video shows the
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officer shooti rose in the back as he ran away from a traffic stop. police pulled the car over because it matced the description from an earlier shootings, but investigators say rose was not involved in that shooting and was unarmed when he was killed. >> do not shoot somebock in the f they are not a threat to you. >> he found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, and in no way it justifies the murder. >> court documents saying officer rossfeld admitted he did ot see a gun before shooting. he is out on bond this morning. >> this morning a princ george's county teacher is suing the school districtg claimer principal bullied her. she says the principal verbally attacked her in the parking lot nd then used her shoulder t push her. no charges were filed, but a note was sent home to children --because they may have might have seen the confrontation. both women are on leave whilest
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the ct investigates. crutchfield wants the principal to be fired. >> as you know, it's ongoing. >> they will lik y have to answer questions about the inspector general's report about whoth agencies did during the 2016 race. seems like good help is really hard to find. a growing number of u.s. employers say they can't find e righteople to fill existing jobs. researchers found the most difficult jobs for employers to fill are for skled workers. the shortage of skilled workers in 12 years. expertsay electricians, welders, and mechanics are in
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demand across the sectors.m manyoyers are bringing back retired workers and recruiting part-timers se fill in t gaps. meanwhile, kohl's is kicking off its seasonalnd holiday hiring earlier than ever. the chain now opening the application process for back to school, fall, and holiday jobs at stores nationwide. kohl's says addition hiring opportunities will come later in the year. the company also says it will offer seasonal workers, competitive wages, and other benefits. boeing c cut flying time way down with an incredible new hyper-sonic plane. >> this concept plane was announced just this week. take a look. this is a look at thefuristic plane. it looks futuristic, right? boeing says in theory the plane could go about three times faster than concorde jets. that speed could cut a flight from lfrmt a.kyto which normally takes 11 hours, down to thrers. don't get too excited about this yet because it's stillikely decades away from actually being
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built. >> still ahead, the number of opioid deathsacross ourrea rising. >> the new lawsuit aimed at saving lives. >> plus, caught on camera, the wild moments that shut down a portion of an l.a. freway. sheena. >> oh, that's probably not safe. today, though, we' going to be warming up this morning. a couple of showers. we'll show you that coming nu in a few s. as we go through the day, we're going to be heating up with more hot days ahead. uck isch
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welcome back. 4:15. a standoff over a busy road in los angeles came to an entertaining end. look at that. a man in his underwear did a back flip to thenflatable cushion on the road. witnesses told police the man was on the highway with a bull horn and holdingol anti-ution banners. police quickly took him away once he was off the highw sign. thought it was going to be part of the movie, but, nope, just a stunt. a couple in washington state had their new trailer for just 20 minutes beforit was stroyed on the highway. that trailer overturned and fe into the path of oncoming traffic. the person driving told state troopers she felt the trailer start to sway, and she couldn't regain control. the driver who just lost a brand newrailer did get a speeding ticke
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opioid related deaths increased between 2015 and 2016. in maryland they increased 51% over the me period. in virginia it was 24%. yesterday virginia's attorney general said he is suing drugmaker purdue pharma. says purdue lied about the opioids such as oxycontin and made patients believe that over-the-counter medicine callings are not effective. lawyers areleaving the dollar amount up to the court. and improved behavioral health facilityis about to ope in fairfax. news 4 got a look inside.ha facility is located at the innovo fairfax medical center. improvements sclu individual patient rooms and adolescent units and added patient safety
4:17 am ully, what you are concerned about is that someone's illness willsh p them into a decision to harm themtsz or try and take their life, and that's a tragedy that you want to avoid at all cost. >> it will open to its first patients early next month. a naturalarden in alexandria is turning some heads. >> so homeowner jim clark is all about using what heve calls na plants his labor of love is on display in his front yard. so much that the city ya sent clark a notice and told him he needed to cut the weeds or they might do it for him. he might even have to pay for a fine too. >> i think of myself an
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ample of what you can do with native stuff instead ofd ivy stuff that kills your trees. >> clark also had a small problem with not having his house number in plain sight. >> in some ways it's a smart way to go rsh a friend of mine had a place in salt lake city. they caed is zero scaping. in the high desert like that, it was mostly suck leculents. >> it does look a little overgrown. the neighbors are saying it looks crazy. >> pretty flowers. >> okay. >> i don't know.>>
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ust no hogwood or whatever that is. >> what was that?us >> poisohogweed. >> i kept making that hogwarts joke is, and i can't remember the name of the plant. >> i think it's hogwood. >> what you need to know about the weather. rain eming to an early this morning. most of us, by the time you get outside after 5:00, 6:00, most of the rain will be done. clearing out fast. sunshine later on in the afternoon. we get temperatures close to 90 degrees today. and a serious threat of a heat wave coming. quite the light show from mother nature across parts of metro philadelphia, out to the jersey shore. there are still some lingering raindrops inhe mountains of west virginia that are coming eastbound here. i can't rule out a little light rain. primarily across northern maryland and shheandoah valley. rain chances around the i-95 corridor and pns south wards are. fredericksburg and southern maryland, not zero, but very low. temperature-wise, a muggy start.
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mid to upper 70s. perfect day to get out to the pool. by noontime skies will be clearing out. it will be a sunny and warm finish to the day. by the time we get past 3:00 or 4:00, all those clouds will be gone. perfect weather for grilling in the backyardg. this even temperatures mid 80s at 6:00, falling into the upper 70s by 8:00. sun is not down in th8:37 this evening. for tomorrow all sunshine all the highs tomorrow up into the low 90s. hot and humid, but summer heat and humidity for tomorrow. as we get into the weekend, though, it's going to way warmer. 96 saturday. 97 sunday. 96 monday, and heat indexes, all three of those days, likely to be 100 degrees or hig going to start feeling like summertime, melissa. we'll have that ten-day forecast with your fourth of july outlook coming up.
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you can see theth purple on map. westbound 370, the ramp to southbound 270closed right now overturned tractor-trailer there this morning causing a big problem right now. taking a look as we zoom out, silverhbpring nond. a fire in the northbound lane. maryland's smart trains may be in danger of missing a mandatory deadline toake travel safer. coming up, the nws 4 i-team invests .at's wro >> plus, transforming interstate 66. a major project getting undaerwy designed to make your commute eier. detasai
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4:24 right now. maryland's smart trained are a part of your morning commute, then you mightant to hear this. >> the news 4 i-team contained t warninger saying the railroad is at risk of a e the ory deadline to m trained safer. jody fleisher has more. >> reporter: every day thousands of commuterstake the train to and from work. >> i don'tive into d.c. for anything. >> they're glad to know the federal government is making a railroads install positive train control, or ptc, a safety system that slows or stops trains automatically to prevent collisions and derailments. >> it's probably well overdue, actually. >> reporter: the ntsb says ptc
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could have prevented crashes like this one, that killed eight passengers in philadelphia three years ago. this one which killed 11 people near silver spring back in 1996. ac it is frustrating to go to accident after cident that could have been prevented. >> the ntsb chairman calls any further delay in implementing ptc unacceptable. >> i think lives a at stake. >> records obtained by the i-team shows mark still has 26 locomotis to upgrade, and has yet to train any employees. the letter says the railroad isi at risk of f to meet the congressional deadline. we asked maryland's governor about the lett addressed to him. >> i don't really know anything about that. i haven't seen the letter. i'm no aware of it until you just raised it, but we'll certainly get to the bottom of it and try to get an answer. >> they need t step up their game and get it done. >> a mark spokesman told us no one was available to answer our questions about the warning letter, but insisted they are on track to meet the deadline.ha amtra said it may not let trains without ptc runn its
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tracks after january 1st. jody fleisher, news 4 i-team. coming up, a soccer star bringing his talents to the district. details on a possible deal with one of the biggest names in the professional league. this morning we're watching a few showers on radar. not a big deal, butmaly around parts of the shenandoah valley or at least heading in that direction. a couple ofhowers to start off your thursday. coming up, though, chuck will talk about what to exct ase head through your morning. plus, we'll che in wi first 4 traffic for an update on that crash already causing chaos for the morning commute. art tractor-trailer ovned and is causing backups on two busy himhways. elissa
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that breaking news. a first 4 traffic alert that could slow down your morning hemmute. take a look at t scene here. right now cleanup crews are working to remove a tractor-trailer that slipped on to its side. you can see it there. >> this hpened along the shoulder of the westbound lanes of i-370 right there at the ramp to i-27i
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ide that tractor-trailer, a shipment of big screen tvs apparently. montgomery county fire says the ramp could be shut down for hours and, of course, that could mean some real trouble for thousands of drivers. 4:30, your time now. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun. y melissa is in first 4 traffic with your alternate routes, and thenl weheck in on the forecast with chuck bell ands ena parveen. >> you can see by that video what a big cleup this really is. we're talking about westbound 370, the ramp to southbound 270. right now it's closed because of that overturned tractor-trailer. you can see the purple right there. as far as getting past it, if you continue westbound, then flip arounso you can get hbound on 270 there this morning, but it's going to get really busyit hangs around too much longer. already we're seeing some delays. silver spring northbound lane held norbeck, fehere this morning. southbound 395 in alexandria, two left lanes getting by that work zone. p it tty


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