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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  June 28, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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apparently. montgomery county fire says the ramp could be shut down for hours and, of course, that could mean some real trouble for thousands of drivers. 4:30, your time now. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun. y melissa is in first 4 traffic with your alternate routes, and thenl weheck in on the forecast with chuck bell ands ena parveen. >> you can see by that video what a big cleup this really is. we're talking about westbound 370, the ramp to southbound 270. right now it's closed because of that overturned tractor-trailer. you can see the purple right there. as far as getting past it, if you continue westbound, then flip arounso you can get hbound on 270 there this morning, but it's going to get really busyit hangs around too much longer. already we're seeing some delays. silver spring northbound lane held norbeck, fehere this morning. southbound 395 in alexandria, two left lanes getting by that work zone. p it tty nice out there this
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morning at least, right? >> after a showery day yesterday, things are finally startinito dry out. hink you're going to have to start watering the plants. >> yes, because we're going to have a dry stretch, and also a hot stretch. we're talking about a lot of sunshine, and also temperatures in the 90s. man, it is going to get hot around here. keep in mind, the normal high is 87. we'll be pushing the mid to upper 90s thisweekend. there's a look at the current temperatures. not too bad out there this r ng. as far as the rain is concerned, though, we do have a few showers on the map right now. locally, most of the area is lookio g dry. off tyou are on west, though, near petersburg, winchester, up towards straussburg, a few showers in those arhes. are all continuing to move from west to east, so right around 81 from winchester, up to martinsburg, and hagerstown, more swers move through. not for everybody, thork ybut temperatures in the mid 70s. muggy. by 9:00 we will see an improvement, and then a much
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warmer afternoon. we'll take a look at that forecast, and chuck will have your beach forecast for the weekend coming >>right, sheena. thank you. new video showing a sex dsault -- an alleex assault in the middle of the morning. >> d.c. police say the suspected redator followed a woman along new hampshire avenue near dupont circle. take a'sook. he video. you can see the man in the baseball cap walking closely ahind the woman she talked on the phone. he then appears to reach under her dress. d.c. police say the man sexually touched the woman and then ran off. it happened two weeks ago. at this point police sht ruling out the possibility that the same person is behind the ck at sunday night the woman was attacked nearby on newport place around 1 1:00 last night. now to an update on a story we've been following in alexandria. we' learning more about a man who died in fairfax police custody this week. this is in the alexandria ctions of fairfax county. police there showed up for an overdose call on mission haort.
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was tuesday night. a family friend says that christopher paul was having a medical emergency. police tried to restrain him, but he stopped responding. he later died at the hospital. now investigators say he may ha e been suffering from mbolism, or air bubble in the blood. the police officer's body camera videos will be released if the footage does not jeopardize the vestigation. ♪ it's 4:33. now to the primary in decision 2018. today we could learn the outcome to some close races in maryland. officials will begin counting are provisional and absentee ballots. one race, those ballots could impact, the metropolitan gomry county executive. right now candidates mark elrich and david blair are tied. the provisional ballotsayre g a big role because of a computer issue at the maryland vehicle administration. e motor vehicle administration left 80,000 people improperly register t. and ou stories this morning. the supreme court -- rather, the a ate is gearing up for showdown over the next u.s.
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supreme court justice. anthony kennedy announced his retirement yesterday effective at the end of next month. republicans say they will vote h to confi replacement this fall. democrats are calling for a delay. a live update from capitol hill coming up in about 20 -- or, rather, ten minutes. today first lady melania is trump will v a shelter for children who have been separated from their parents at the u.s. border with mexico. more than 300 children are a,aying at the phoenix, ariz facility. her visit to a texas center became controversial because of a jacket she wore while boarding the plane. it read "i reallyreon't ca do you?" coming up, we'll take you inside aac virginiaity and hear from a senator. the little girl shocked at mgm national hrbor remained in critical condition. we learned the 6-year-old grabbed annergized handrail near an outdoor fountain late tuesday night. an mgm security guardumped in to help the girl. a police officer performed cpr on her as she was rushed to the hospital. the guard was shocked as well,
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but was not badly injured. almost 30 new federal hate crimeharges have been filed against a man who allegedly plowed his car into a crowd in arlottesville last year. james field is accused of running his car into people at a rally ofnite the right. field faces theossibility of life in prison or death. >> 4:35. crews will begin constructi to ease your commute on i-66. they're adding anotherou eas lane. it will run from the dulles connector to fairfax drive. v dot agreed to add the lane as part of the express la project. improvements will also be made for the wnod trail in that area. construction expected to p wra up by 2020. it's already bn a bi month for d.c. nports. ow one of the world's biggest soccer stars is coming to town. sources tl news 4 that wayne rooney will arrive today to sign a multi-year contract with d.c. united.
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here's speculation about the move for mons now. during his time with manchester united, he scored 253 goals and won 16 major trophies. it's believed that his deal will keep nim washington throug 2020. the transfer window opens on july 10 td, and that means c rooneld play when united opens in their new field, audi field. hat would be on july 14th. they have to maat happen, right? they have to bring wayne rooney for the opening of the field. it would only make sense. >> if you say so. >> highest paid player for d.c.. united tiger woods teeing off in auerbach ya we talked to him before hi return to the tournament he started years ago. plus, the fourth of july holiday is almost here. reminders for staying safe u're going ant tyoto wo
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the music world is remembering joe jackson. >> the father of the most popular music family died after a battle with pancreatic cancer. there's no word yet on funeral arrangements. j jackson was89 years old. with just a week to go the fourth of july, a warning for you this morning. >> the demonstration on how dangerous fireworks can be. we are one week away from july 4th, of course. wednesday, the consumer product safety commission warned americans about what can go wrong. cpsc says last year there were eight fireworks related deaths. emergency rooms treated nearly 13,000 injuries. >> what's even safer is sitting
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ack and taking pictures of the fireworks show. if you don't to do your own fireworks, which can be ng ous. leave it to the professionals. >> check out the nbc washington app for tip on taking the be s firewoctures with your smartphone and places where you can go see some shows. right now first 4 traffic alert. thiss in gaithersburg. we are shut down westbound 370. the ramp to southbound 270. we're going to show you some pictures. it is a big mess there this morning rcoming up. chuck. >> ryod morning, evdy. welcome to your thursday. still a lot of clouds and a lovely south breeze tsde this morning. a couple of raindrops as well. not a completely dry start to the day. it will turn into a fine day to ll outside today, and if you are look me and men you have already checked out and left for the beach, oh, great beach weather all weekend long. sheena has the ten-day coming up. plus, fedex, ups, amazon. ge on-line giantetting into the delivery game, and it's offering you a way toake some m
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4:45. we continueo track a traffic alert as you start your morning. westbound lanes. it could be hours before it's all cleaned up. >>ry montgome county fire said the trailer was filled with tvs. another one had to be brought in to haul them away, and then, of crse, the trailer itse needs to be righted and removed. no word yet on whether anybody .s hurt in melissa is going to join us in st a few minutes with some alternate routes for you. afterye 3s on the bench u.s. supreme court justice anthony kennedy is retiring. >> his announcement sets up an epic battle oer capitol hill who will take his spot on the nation's highest court and when. news 4's tracie potts has more on this. people are tuting to figure
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what the impact of the new nominee will be on the court. >> we're talking for an impact on a generation. there are four conservatives and four liberals, and heis the swing vote. it has been for a decade now. replacing him with a conservative could significantly impact upcoming cases. liberals are worried. wh happens to gay ghts? what happens with abortion rights if there are fiveti consers and four liberals on the court? >> democrats say they're going to put up a fight. d democrats don't want t it now. they want to wait until after the election. they s it's only fair because the same thing happened with president obama announcing he was nominating merrick rland, nd that was held off. they want to put this off, but l it lookse the republican leadershipbe wiloing this in the fall. >> thank you so much. the courtio dealt a s blow to public -- to public unions. 5-4 decision ruled state government workers who chose not to join a union cannot be ompelled to pay a share of
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union dues. now, there are 23 states where s public uni bargain for both members and non-members. the study found that a ruling like this could result in public unions losing more than 700,000 members. meanwhile, in congress another immigration s reform failed, and it wasn't even close. every democrat in the house voted against a compromise bill yesterday. republicans were split. now lawmakers may try to pass a stand-alone bill addressing only the family separation issue before their july 4th recess. earned the e pentagon has been asked to find space on military installations to house up to 12,000 undocumented immigrants. the defense department says about 2,000 of those people wo d be resettled ine next two months. some of the children separating from theents at the border are being housed in area. senator mark warner of virginia toured the youth for tomorrow nacility in bristow. health and humaervices released images last week from inside that facility.
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senator warner tells us all 15 children have connected in some way with their loved ones, but have not yet reunited. until then, he says he appreciates how they're being caed for. > these kids are being taken care ofn a clean and appropriate environment. they're getting the health care and the education that they need. >> another facility housing migration -- migrant children in stanton, virginia, is facing serious allegatns of abuse. virginia goveor ralph northham says the state is investigating those claims. omoday students f the march for our lives organization will announce details of their nationwe summer busine tour. it's called the march for other lives road to change. tewy're set to make a stops in our area. on august hadth they'll be in fairfax. august 5th, they' be in washington and baltimore. the march started after the school shooting in parkland, florida.
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it s organized by student and their mission is to end gun violence and register young people across the country to vote. by the 2020 presidential el ction, 16 and 17-year-olds in the district could become the youngest americans eligible to vote. our news partners at wtop report a bill cked by aajority of members of the d.c. council that would lower the voti age to 16. teens of the same age can vote inko ta park, hyattsville, and riverdale park's municipal elections right now. this measure would amend the district's 1955 election code to allow teens to vote and makes no exception for presidential voting. some 1 1,000 teens would be added to the votin rolls if passed and signed into law. 4:49 now. the all-star game kicks off here ind.c. in a few weeks, and today we'll learn how metro plans to accommodate all the fans. this afternoon metro and major league baseball leadership will hold a news conference and release details. thousands of fans from across the country are expected to be
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here during the week of events. just in time for the all r all-star game there a brand new exhibit at the library of congress. it's called baseball americana, td itakes you through america's favorite pastime. it shows how the game has changed throughout history. it includes photographs of pow's playing baseball dur the civil war and footage of the greats like babe ruth and jackie robinson. that exhibit is free and opens friday.ublic this a former nationals fan favorite is saying good-bye to baseball. > ah, jason is retiring. g made the announcement yesterday durinan interview with theport at fan cred. he is reportedly saying i'm done. whatever you want to call nit. regrets. he has been playing for a triple-a team, but he will be remembered for his seven saeneas nats. he makes it to four playoff appearances at that time, and this hoemt right re that was a walk-off ome run in the2012 playoff against t. cards it will go down in history as
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one of the best moments in d.c. sports history, and we'll always have that. he is 39 years old. 15 seasons playing for the majors. congratulations. what a and the beard, of course. tiger woods is back on the links in maryland today playing in a tournament that he helped get off the grounpr the am at tpc potomac started up wednesday. tiger hasn't played in his s tournamence 2015, but fans were more than ready to welcome him back. o pa that is because of tiger's back surgery. he says he is doing things he in hasn't done ten years. woods told reportt was great to be back, which isn't surprising because he has won thisvent twice before. >> it's great to be back. to be en frustrating not able to compete and play and be a part of this event. i think that what we' created here over the years is i think has been special.
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>> there is free admission for red members nd re of the military. children under 15 also are free wi paying adults. tickets start at $39 each day. af woods is scheduled to tee off around 1:20 thisernoon. the first round of golfers begins at 7:00 this morning. sheena, those are going to be the lucky guys because the heat is goin to be epic. >> of course, before weet to sheena, let's go to melissa with your first breaking news we've been following this morning. >> it is going to be a warm one. westbound 370, the ramp to southbound 270, live picture here now.or live rin just a minute showing you this closure here this morning. we are shut down because of that overturned actor-trailer. take a look there. you can see the purple showing you that closure. alternate here westbound 370, you can turnround at fields road and get back on to southbound 270. in northwest, a new problems. nbound canal after arizona avenue. one lane only getting by a downed tree there. on the beltway this has disappeared at college park, so
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no problem thernner loop after college park. that is now gone. with e inner loop at 450 the right lane, the only thing getting by the work zone. guys. >right, melissa. thank you. you were saying it's going to be hot for this golf . tourname >> yes. >> in potomac. >> 1:00 in the afternoon it's going to be awful outside. >> welcome back, by the way.qu just realk, welcome back. happy to he so you. >> i was golfing in obviously, tiger woods and all those pro golfs, they're used to it. that's where they do a lot of their stuff, but here, this is going to be florida weather over the next several days. yes, this afternoon it's going to be hot. it's going to be humid. you just wait until the weekend. by sunday especially we can be feeling ovr 100 degrees. it's really going to get muggy around here. today, though, hre's your weather outlook. for this morning a chance of some showers around. we have a couple of showers on radar by lunchtime. warm and humid. exercise today will be stiouy, and ifre heading to the pool, that's a good idea. you do want to stay hydrated. we'll be dryer this afternoon. here's a look locally. we are dry right now. we have some showers up to our
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north and west. the best chance of showers going to be before about 10:00 a.m. this morning. then after that looks pretty go. have some showers heading towards martinsburg, winchester seeing a few light s across 81 from winchester up to haagerstown, that's where we have a goodhance of showers for about the next hour or so. then for the rest of the area, aybe scattered showers movin through. temperatures are in the mid to low 70s. salgts sticky out there right now. it's going to stay that way throughout the afternoon. exercising this morning. again, a chance of o a coup showers by 7:00 a.m. by lunchtime, humid, 84. by 5:00 p.m., we'll be topping out around 89. the second half of the day will be lldryer, but w still see a mix of sun and clouds. your pool forecast not looking too bad. dryer after luntime. temperatures in the mid 80s, but then quickly the upper 80s. aain, not too badthe pool. here's future weather, though. 8:30 this morning. that's lwhere we'reoking at more scattered showers moving through the district. parts of maryland, northern virgriia, and then cl out through the afternoon hours, but take a look at what is going to happen witra our temres. i mentioned we have a really big heat coming -- a really big
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stretch, i should say. 87. that's our normal high. today a little above that, but then we go into the weekend. we're going to be in the mid to upper 90s saturday and sunday. with the humidity, though, it's going to el around100 degrees or even hotter for many of these areas. as we go through your weekend, look at this. the heat index soaring above 100. especially sunday, and even monday. for fourth of july, though, we hate to say it, but tire's to be a chance of showers around. we'll take a closer look. chuck is back in a few minutes. that's coming up. >> thank you, sheena. amazon is launching a new program thll make it easier to receive your next package. here's how it is going to work. companies will be able to lease the vans and deliver their own packages. the company says customers will be able to better track packages and change a delivery once the package is on its way. that's something you can't do right now with other package delivery services. amazon is going to think about everythingn how to get your packages. just snap your finger, and it's going to appear.
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chocolate donut. look right here. >> good luck cith that. >>ld will it to happen. if you are an amazon prime member, you could se some money on your next trip to whole foods. >> they can get an additional st 10% off sale items. there are also prime member deals which changed foweekly. example, customers may be able to get half off meat and fish or buy one get one fry ee other items. you can go to the whole foods app and sign in with your amazon account and scan the app's prime code when you check that's one way. >> sounds complicated for someone like me. >> a few steps in there. you can also put in your phone number to verify your prime membership. >> i still do that. yes. well, coming up next on news 4 today, a disturbing assault under investigation. a look at the surveillance footable and wfoot ab -- footage, and why police think this man has done this before. a deadline to make safetr changes fotrains, but the news
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4 i-team found out officials could miss it. >>
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ight now cleanup crews are cleaning up tractor-trailer. the crash forced the closure of the 270 on ramp. going to be tricky to get around that area this morning for sure. good morng to you.
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m eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. we have team coverage of this crash. 'll get to chuck and sheena in the forecast for a minute, but let's start with megancgrath. she's live at the scene for us. good morning. >> reporter: take a look behind me. e,u can see the detour hehe state highway vehicle and the electronic sign telling people right. over to the we've got a tractor-trailer on its side. now, this is the ramp from westbound 370 t t on to southbound 270. last nigait the tractor-r was going around that curved ramp. it flipped on to its sides. it's carrying televisions. what they're doing at this point is trying to offload the tvs so that they can then get in there and right the truck and get it out of here. now, this has been going on, unfortunately, for hours. we're starting to see the beginning of rush hour here, and it still a problem. westbound


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