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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 29, 2018 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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>> i love it. >> get > bakreginai detls overnight n thenn aapisolsr newoom shooting aret tha claimed five lives. his mngorni n dewails oen th ct aimhend t shoerot. >> the short list ofud jiclia encontde trsola repce jtiusce hanyon kneensdy is out a the prenesidtus r theso kema his sectleion. i'moi gng backo t wngashito n wande' greoing toic pk ourselves one greates united statupreme crtou justice. >> then to aou hseri heangha tt dpr sucedom bliersting oenryta q andueiostning fmro o icblepan rrentseesativ t hea a hd of the fbiep duty al.ytorn geren >> i'm reading what there pss .dsa >>ou w suggest you noty rel onha wet th pssreys sa. >> who are we spoup tsedo
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e?evli >>ha tnkou y for making 2ar cle 'sit not rsonpe, jdan.or m ti'liel thengru tth and'm i under oath. >> tno tng singist superar ed sheeran facing a $100 million lawsuit over cimlaes h rpeipd offarvi mnay g innk thiingut o ud. nd>> amy jimlon fals ioi gngld o school with the back street .oys "e tarlyod" aytsstar rht now. >> gd oornmoing. i' miseleh rrger. nd>> a i'm phiipllen ma. eleopro aund the nation are elgins thior mningft aer a lone gunman opened fire into a mdew nm.sroo kiinllg five people and injinurg menu rousrsothe, as police incontuehe tnvir iesgati tion th aeyowre nea relsi tnghe names ofho tsee fiv ctviims. salesss aisnttaeb recca h.smit detypudi etorob r onhias. john mcna mayor a. rald and ndwey. all cghau itthn e cssarhairs. >> myland police areal cling th sothoingam rpage a ttearged ta ackfterrn leaing rosamad h ledlgey thrteea tnedhe capalit
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ttgazeesp newer onoc sial mea.di utas ahotiriones ctienu to dig in a for moteiv.w and s.t. tesamb com his meho,e w learned sramo has had a long-standing grgega a tinstheap perve or a 1120um coln atthor repted his gutyila ple to criminal rahantssme accdior to court records. nbc'sen jr nifejosohns n hamo re aomnnapolis. r>>teeporr:bc ns new is eporting policre at eth gt'ecs manaryld meho. 38-year-oldald ramos hours eafre h aedllegly odpeneir fe i ade local aapnnolis r.pepa >hi psnerso wasre pdpareo t .ht peleop his itnten w tasoau cse ha.rmte >> repor theus spectpe oned efih wit a long gun killing .efi ow n iidnse the building. tishoong people, whiteal me whit shotgun. forteeporr:we t betedegnggi lp a,xippromalyte 170 people we ireensid theui bgldin whehen opeden >> it's scary, very y.scar 'mso i a litetlha ske unp about ep>> rorr:te p theoleicn' aret ngyi what the gn'unmas
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vamotiti ions yet,ut b they say the citapalaz gteet had reiecdve threatsiaoc sialia med. >>hey're our friends. i mean, we're grieving for these icys. >> reporter: pole arrived thwiinne 60 seconds o week after trni tng forhis exact scioenar. s th ler found smokena grede he llegey ftlein behd tby gunman. jeifnneroh j,nsonbc n news, annapolis,ar a>>ndtis authorion cetinu oes invtitegaha wt's bngei l oedf ne othe ddleaiest tcks on u.s. jalournists sie 9/11 we connutioe tea lrn deiltabos authe t victims of thisea ddl myassho sgotin and y y the dunisgrtl gedn unmama haonve de .it nbs nshaho niclsas h the lastte >> reporter: phillip, thee fiv urjostnalist a theap cital ttgazee died when he bdarge in awithmo skenarede and a shguotndn art staed tinakg velis. now, trehe a is bagrck. and there isto hisryet bween the spsudecte iivndlidua a tndhis
3:34 am w aaspuiste about a efamati son tuithahet enaltundly eed up losing after aryefs o tiligaonti. now, wt'has hniappeng now is they a trengalki lawnf emeorcent is talkingnd ant iergaro ttinghe spteecd diinalvidu. tatamhe se metire the i as sech warrant. sitn beeak tenut o on the loti tonishat soasedat, a d reedenc tt hassis aocteia thhi m. ow, policeav h seaidhi ts area .e is noon lger uernd rethat thisere no longer anmm iteedia .aerng n n towrghe uen ttask is to fi oreut what the matotivion was and if t aherere anyni warng igns that cou have teiant pllyrentveedhi ts agy.ed p?li >>hans, thanksor the showjust relseeadew n poll wushere arimecans sndta whent i coso t a divisive suise, orab tionghrits. he kseairil famyou fiondatn odha tt-t twohirds of peoepl rvedey n doot want toee s the rsucoeme urt ovrntu r.oe v wa. 53% of rubepnslica wldoue liko t se it erovturned whilearge mariesti of modes,crat npedetsnden a wnd womenantt i stay inacple. homis ces as jusceti anthony
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keed gy retseady to reetir tfromheup s cremeourt, setting th setage forsi prede tnt trumpo apick moreonservateivge jud whouo wldot ve to siktreow dn e rov. wade. " o " athnee rkw yo tesim po srtays thehi woute hse may haverc oherast htedis exit with ethsi prede fntngormi a pernasoi relaship withen knedy and ssuring him hisac legy wasn i hands. nt>>deresintru tmp'sep rlamece fous jtice kennedyou cldhi sft the ideogol bicalalcean f tor he cotur forgenerati s c's peret andlexaerls tel u who is on trump'short list. >> reporter: psire tdentru mp me aki hisur sge for a sreup urtom nin aee top priority. i>>'m gngoik bacas to wngton ne'd wreoi gng to pkic ouelsve one great united at sesmeupre crtouti jusce. >>ep rr:orte t phederesint rmdeteined to ndfi aom n inee yogunug enoho t make a lasting ce.ner >> we have to pickne o thas t' g gointoe be therfo40r years, ep>> rorr:teth on eho srtis l l aeapplsrt cou dgjues, includingmy aar brettf o diin bana,rett kavanagh of man ,nd and thomas hay rd
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nnpeansylvia. oerve isfi conrm is considederbe to more nscotiervave than anthony kennedy. pridestrent um bpinoastg about a 0 billion fox comeed basn i taiwan. >> this is t 8th wonder othf e dfworlul ep rorter: the company ednggi to creeat 10 3,00new jobs. ytaxper wsbeill othn ooe hk rfoore than $4 bliiln on i es. at landocal inceivnt pdai t,ouhe t most to a fonreig cpaomnny i. u.s history. >>hi ts is 20 mliileeon ft plus. thisl wilbene of othear l gest jobs evebuilt in the world.ep >> rter: buten tsionit igned m r.umtrp's tarfsif and a loingra tdear w could cost eram icanjobs. henre o hleary davidson's home turf after criticizing the company's plans to move some prucod otionveearss tovo aid s.f if enewureaopnau v iriff if d buise thoea bul omolercycsn ithe usa, pe,leas ok? n'doett g ceuth wit us. a>> tt'sas nbc peret aldeexanrep rngorti.
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>>e som fiery ehaxcnges n cal pitohi alls house republicans grillut depy nattoeyen g reralod renosnstei and fbi dirtoecr cishrertoph .ywr th praie weral cled toes ttify theus j ticedemepartnt's ndngli ofot bh the hryilla clinton e-mailes invtitigandon a th centurre rsius ae.prob publicans urging rstosenein to wr uphe tus rsia iesnvtitigaon bich he isve oeersgin and democrats firingack. ll jieonacksas h more. reporte ir:ensid aou hse arginom ro, a political ucprodti.on 'm>> iea rdingha wt ethss pre id. on g sgest yotou n ry el .the tss pre yssa >>hore a weupposed to evbelie? t>> yhankouor fin makg it clear it's not rspe,onalr. m jordan. yo sudhoul bieeleve m bauec se i' tmngelli t theruth a i'm unrdeoa th. >>or repte tr:eahe hring teibnsocly fusedn obi f actions during theil hla ry toclinnai e-mlnv igaestition in 1620 t andhaten sior antge workingn othe rusasi instveioigatn at the time who xanchged tianmp-tru ttex meagssites wh c aagolleue heas w vi angn arffai with. ater one point agent pettrzok gsayi of a trump prides,ency
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we'll stop it. >hese peoepl were also the e seameo ppleho w were siedgn to iesnvgatitehe t man that they hated, then candidate doldnamp tru. >> but critics see all thiss a a vecoror f reblpus'ican rlea puos te, ysaid, to trynd a deunermin the specialns couel instveioigatn. ovenerse by depyut anettory rosenstein. >he t ny'reoter intesdte in ottiecurng o country from a tfuttre aac okrdi holng responsiblese whoor w ked wi tthhe runsssia. isth isn a effort to work adds theesprt'idens fser in .gssre >>epteorher: t wtehise hou yssa not so. >> the ires no encvideef o iarussn collusiono ofrs coue rthe is a frurast ptionoint to ac th hisup. >> reporter: theci speal col'unsesus r isianvtiesongati has lasted00 4s, day buthe t nvestigation into irantr cona sted six times as nglo. ewhitat wer, seven metis. >> wteha y irou got, finish hethe llp. u beuscae ts hitrcouny bis eing to arn.part >> reporter: renoseistd n anfb i wdirector chrisrayac fing frlyiend feir afterre pntside umtrorp fth mons has bmela3 1
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yangrem dtsocra f torhe special counsel investigation. >> are you democt?ra >>no, a im not. >>'m not a democrat and i'm t noy.angr ep>> rorr:te j andust wchating somef ot tha lteisningo t it, ayou n hear andee s jtus how eeom sof those contnfroatnsioam bece on capitol hi. obpr nablyothe t lastim tee w will see that happen. ou.sliaca, bk yto ou.ha tie,ha ynk cckhe outseohi vidm fro a erview, dana row. a torrential rainstorm happened right he in new york city, produced rivers of rain down the steps of riverside e it is. >>w.wo >> ahye, it hapneped. viope hapne dw,noap hpened duringus rh hour, too. quite as. mes >> erwhe'ths e salmon? we need to see the salnmo swimming up the stairs in new ity.rk ihi thonk tseou weld b the .eople > w itould not be the weirdtes thgwi sgmmin y in newk city. >ur sedpris ppleo weer'ten bathing in it. .t>> mheyights thi wkeee >> elyxact. t' gsntet io etht hea wave. 55il mli pone eoplunder heat soadviri,es wainrngs, tcwowahes. kansas ,city st.uilos, mareny aas in and ad un
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cho.icag lest' gntet io sofome the nus.mber how oppreivssile wlea the hbe? wlill feeik le 100 from t.te ls,ouiaiso na tthe miesdw s casity wlilavig he a h teeruratfe o9 9 grdeees. it will b95e datoy. suratday wlle'it h 93. inapdianolis 94. memphi ts,shat'us j tthe teermpe.atur he heat ind wexbeill mhuc hi tgherha nthat. heby teetim we g toda suny, 'sthat wn hethe temperatures for thige hhsil wl be asuc mh as 96 inew nk yorci aty nndoteic the outheast is l aeittl bit co.oler th'satauecse you havehe t ershowsnd a the terhundstmsor. sn't in tt le,rock texasoe d tuc mhet bter on lg diouratn heat wave esalpecilyor f our fenridsn i the he'srtast. that look athe t w bigeaerth y storofhe t. day urhew are's cselookr lo ayot day ahead. so herse' the hhig mpteateresuror f today. iptrleig dsitga ainor f youn i the big d. cenoti the utsot.heas hwe savehowers and thrsundetosrmt thawi kll yeepou .cool luno such , tughoh. miealipoess, d esmoin, how abt oma?ha on oeef th h hotltfe spots in e countrtoy 1day,02. >'d iay s 102 in omaha is a hot day. .' sayha ttua qliesfi
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atth, it is a viralo, phot gh.h swsho himki pacngt i up as he heads off into retirement. >> we,llma azon is expanding its empire and plunging into the ss.g nebusi hnl oeinet railia g sntays 's aricquingil pl pack. atth a isnnl oinerm phaac wyhit a national acreh. atthld wou putzo amann i coetmpition with drugstore hains like cvs, weealgrns and ri aidsellho shares a drpedha srp olyns newf o that deal. in anoth ermo,ve tshineal o, a chngeo t upsnd a fedex,y the wi ullse amazon primean vs. >> singerd e serhesan iac faing miiolllln doaraw l.suit he is aedccusf o ripping marvin .asong s l'sett get ion ♪ darling i will be lgin you till♪ 17 >> let'set g it on, oh, babe ♪
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> look at that. arnely 600eo pe plrewerr ateesd in whiasn,ngto d..c asou y can seose, mtf them were mewon. eythe wer stanggi asi in at a setenaic offe ilbuding. all of this is inte prostf oid present trump's immigration a policiesnd family separations. h weer all charged with unullawflyem donrasttingnd a now miatgr aionttneorcrys aos tshe cotrunsa y, teroddls as yngou s 3 years old,y bhe tmsveel e being oered tort couor f rthei ownep dortitaon inheargs. whe the picractesn i't w,ne ceident p'trums rozeer-tolan po ilicysau csing an infxlu of theeses typ of cesasit wh some 20 m00sinor penotlytialct affe. c., whi i tshege ancy whichrs oveeeshe tep dtiortaon
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hearings,id d r notetnur's nbc qure festor comment. >> ,soor f theec stiond men i s manywes,ek fstiry lad meliaan rump, she made a vitiso t an imatmigrion filacy it has er usbd'anros ze-terol banceorrde rkcys a s youaw there continues to spate prost asll across this country. nbjac's y aygr m hasore.>> eporter: polic ien rgeiot ar shrupr otteesrs asnd staf that closed i.c.e.ea hdqrtuaers continues. >> we're going to do our best to ontinue t eoecff ctnghaehe t beayst w wean c. >>ar we e family rorepter:ra outge orve prenesidt trs ump'ze-troanolerce policylong the u./.sximeco rdbo seepilling into the strts across thent coury. whitong >>e will not be ntsile. o wnoill t tnur ali byend e t inicjuste tincohis >>epteorlor: bckinginoadways mukilwaee. w>>e want tmhe free, we want s.themo wbeith their repant >>or repte ar:nd along thent fro sline othf e nto the familiesho haveee b
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to arapt, we're out here tifighngor f you. ep>> rorr:tethou texas where ilch adrenrell sti bngeiel hd separa fte tromhe pirtsaren. >> ist't jus so aolbsy utel inmahune. anund ssneceary. reporter: another flash point n this ghfit, oniza, where s lt madyeliaanmp tru sntpe me. i'm here toup sport you and vegi my help, wveter i can and o-neh b oalff crehildn e families. r>>teeporr: it's the sd econ i imens a manyks wee she's sidtege ants, counselors and .ifamies asgr cones continues tore wstle ov immigrationis leglaonti while7 1stesat and hwaoningt, c.d. n areow suing rle faleder gerovtnmen to reunite nea0 200pantreits wh threi crehildn. jay gy,rabc n news. >> well, just d,ahea thefe golw finisdhe the day wayeh b ind ng e,pack but he had one amazi .shot that is up next. stretched smoothsc
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some areas may get clo tseo 100 t.onashe et asco a aasrel wilben i mtheid 0, up90per , 'lweeel s if they ge dsatuay6 9inre aas like chago. n98 i genre we will coolt i off withai rn sandtosrm on sunday in onwiscsin,a iow and ilnoliis. o the seaouthste' wrels a ing to cool you off with at haners d unthtodersrmths ooee khep t tpeemreratusdo wn, but sunday l like the .tho destay for wasnghi dton,.c to y newor tkghhrou areas ofen w and awayro fm eth war.te so one other thing we want to ut talk abos that tsaai sd .miiolleon ppl ce boulde , edenod tay at theairptsor eus biest day. >> you ulysualnk thibo aut anthviksging. >> thanksginivrg o cishr tmas day. ue gss because of theei wrdth 4 ulof jyn ithedl mide. >>'m i o onefhe tmea lving- -ha t.o go bveraha t >> a l ootopf peleak w uingp o e airport. good luck. >>k pac yrou that's it. >> sy ta uwiths. 'lwe rl beig bht ack.u' yoveri toied mstizurer afr tetumoisrirzes but there'e... atthlows bhe tm all out of the water.
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i'm eun .yang > i'mar aonil gchstrisi outde huie bldgint tha houses the cata glaz the ,here eun. c we haveered aot l of mass ooshsting orve the aryes. i was on thero gundt a vgiirnia te ich,n nasvegas, i thise tim it's l aeittl bit ecfferent, th.ough t's different bse tsehe -- tshie cas jrnoutsalis weer .gedet th fksolt tha wkor t inhe field atthwo we rk in, and ty hewere ettargedec b oausefhe tk wor dthat they as jonaurs.list tee bn lthess an4 2rs hou ince feiveo ppl weere murreded in the blduig behind me re. eew nerspap ison cintinugo t idots work. it'sub pliedshon new editif "the capitol." oslkl wil see the napewsper toyhe when tyak w eup. the hdleaine rngeadi


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