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tv   Today  NBC  June 29, 2018 7:00am-8:53am EDT

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> odgoni morng. kibreang erovnight, the accused. this is the man police say massacrede fiv people inside a newsroom. es s morning, the crgha against him,he t raidt ais h home ovghernitnd a meotiv emerges. >> this was a . >> >amidst "thinkable,capital gattzee" publishing a twhearrehincding eti aonnd identifies the infallg. n th mog,rnin thees latt on the nvestigat andhe t inietervw hwi y theoung intern who itnessedt i capital. >> i'm tellinghe truth and rundeat o h. >> republican lawmakers saying the intnvestigation i the trump aicampgnnd a intfeererenc is ki tngoo nglo.
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p.t vehaterou y, gotfishni the hell u usca teshi i countrys being apart. >> the llwi, theol pitalic he pressure and t investigation. litve a the capitol. um smer orsc.cher thatre oppssniioeave htav we only getting ggbier. early 80 million acamerins in its .grip rerds temperature across the midwest, south and east. l say jsust wait until the kd.en >>anond mie faly's desperate patteto tng briom he a college oba slltarte sennced toou fr years in a chinese prison. >> very htadn' ave conrsioatnr par hdisoi vce since 20 rotecting your privacy. th top new law set to impact millions of americans. ow it make change the wayou y use facebook, google and other websit websites. cu and dramatic re caught on camera. a misrgng geoia toddler found wandering alone in theds wooy b lice. >> ready to see your mama?
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>> the story behind tt ha twarming memont, toy,da friday, june 39, 2018. ahnnouncer: "today" wit savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live f smtudio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >nd ad goomoinrn erevyby.od "ceom toda "toy. nioce t have you withs u on a rnmo rhtig tohe t ovghernit developing on the mass shooting inside thepi "catagal e"zett ceoffisn i annapolis, mandryla. t>>he -y38eaolr-dpe to aeappr in crtouat ler t his orning afterha crg wedithe fiv co ountsf firrst-degree murde ovnier ght. >>ol p ciceal ils a targeted ck.t e ttha m hayave stemmed from a lo-sndtaing gdgrue the 38eaolr-eld hdin agast the wspaper. the five vicmstiow n idtified. ourrn joualtsis and aes sal si hasstant. wee in-ptdeher covage this ngin and gngoio tk taliv le this jungnt iernho was w nde the newsroom as the
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shting ben,ga aet twero fmis h onphene wt viral. les t' tgocro g ailvme fin,ir st heat t snece for .usor ood mng to u.yo >>epteorsar: vaahnn, iewill, o good morning tyou. i had a crsonveatnio with the o,pohice cef heer about ten minutes ag ande h tellse m ttht tha suspect isll stiot n coerinatitg wh police. the sctuspe is not asked for an ateytorn. ahelso tells me thathi ts is a nho w wasno k twno auorths.itie ack in 2013 he had made spif tictshrea to elompyeest a tthatimeor f wtehaverre on. ethsp newap derneeclid pto ress hile, annalipos, malarynd, htae ste capital, a cityf o ab t30,0.00 picractalnt i aentsnd purposes ama sll wnto. evyoernne i this town askgin the meue qn.stio why? ovnit,gh heavily armedol pic e tal he heom of the "pica ee"ttsp newap serinhootgs a thr invtiesongati gset
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unayderw and releasing the names of f theive vis.ctimon m the adde,ee thren m and two mewon. all of them employees of the "capital gazette." >> this was a targeted attack. >> rorter: police say the gunman allegedly seen in tshi iodeei bngak ten away and hacusff pnnlaed the maressac. ltmuipleaw l foenenrcemt officials telling newbc ns the suspect isea 38-yold jardro .wram esf olamarynd po hliceav'tennt ideifdie a otive head h a lo-rngngunni diesput whit the pepar. heue sd them in2012 after runnin ag sryto autboar hngassi a woman and a judge later d at lawsuit. thiswi tttercc aountn i moras' a freeatus or man 10 tweset thenreatin tghe the twesin singlg o wrerit of thert aleicnd a the paper's form eerrdito andhe
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publis cepoli s tayewhe nsperapad h been rvieceinghr teats on social ea.di >> tyhe were gerenhral teats ."wards he"tit capal >>or repter: offiaiclsls ael tl c nb tnewsheus ssre surndeders a so aon t. no guirnfeha excnged between eoffirsnd a the ecsuspt. >>orenepter: the first emerg scall came at 342:.m p. p aivcte teshoor. >> reporter:olice arvirinng o ece sitne whi n60 cosends. >> twopl peoeh wit a shotgun. blk irsht,re gen parts. ep>> rorr:tens iide the wsne,room awe tet sent add 2:43 m.p. tiacve ooshter, eaplse h,elp .us he pasper'me cri rorepterl phi das posting thisar hrongwi cuncot owin ter wtiring a le e shooter shot muiplt p aleyt m of,fice some of whom are dead. nmanhr shot tgh the oicffe and odpene feirn oltiple plemsoyee ainddheg tre is thno mingoreer tinrifygn tha
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hearing mulplti people gett sho wheou y're rtundehe desknd a hear the gunman adrelo. lte tinghe "bmoaltire sun"he t newsroom wasik le a waron ze and th shooter used seomin k odf ounng g and setff oke smo gradesos as a pble veiorsn. wiestn isesnth oer areasf o the budiilngou recntginhe tir experiences. >>ea i hrdwo t gunshots andhe tn iea hherd t policeut shoing get .down ge dt onn the floor. tgeow d onn the flr,ooon d 't move. >> reporter: with first responders on the scene, evacuating many employees from th belduiing exiting wi arms up. hands up!up! to the right, to the right. > reporr:teyl maransd'it capal city, the lesatt scene of ama'ericsas m shoinot giscris. 15 m4assho sotgsin this yr one. sintdeers he yitro ng tma ke sense of it all. annapolis mayor, gavin buckley,
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prsiaiirng fst onrespde,rs ting theit cy hdel an aectiv oortell drit just las friday. >>e w didot nxp eec sthiometng elishi to hpeapnn i our coitmmuny,ut b we were ready and i tdon' tnkhi weou cld have put oranymees resourc. tra doemenuses re.pons >or repte tr:his is ama sll coitmmuny newspaper. it bneeun trod since 1700s tandhey wdasteo n time getting cko t work. ithiss theov cf o the newspaper that isom cymonl kwnno to ieats rrs as he"t cal.pita" this is the nspew taperha tthey gemanado t pliubsh yedastery, editorial page. intentionally left and it reads, today we are speechless. this page left blank to commemorate the victims of 's thursd shootings isn't our office. jared fischman, rob hiaasen, wendi winters, johncnamara and
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rebecca smith. from the sta here at the "capital" in annapolis, craig melvin, maunk. >> thank you. and tom costello looking into the police investigation. tom,in good mo what more do we know about this suspect's ongoing feud with the newspape that craig laid out a minute ago? >> reporter: this all began six years ago when ramos filed a lawsuit against the paper, alleges defamation after the reporter -- the paper, rather, reported on harassment and stalking charges against him. ese were brought by a woman he met on facebook, an old high school classmate. the judge threw out the lawsuit saying the newspaper's reporter was accurate and factual based on records and he pled guilty to charges. the threats against the paper p escalated tooint the retirednd publisher editor called back police andco idered filing a restraining order, so concerned about the possibility of violence. a twitter page with ramos' name on it filled we profanity-laced
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tweets against the paper and he commente several times about the attack on charlie abdo, newsper reporter in paris and 2015n attack that left 12 dead. he said he would like to see t e publish e publisher gone. >> the man was enraged, that was 2011. any sense how long he planned this attack? >> reporter: we don't know. charged with five counts of homicide and tead rdly he's not cooperating wit police. there is every indication he acted one. interestingly, he was found hiding underneath a desk in the news raoul. in addion to his gun had smoke grenades, canisters, rather. craig mentioned it did not take him, for police to identify because he had this ongoing feud wi the paper and was well known. hed for the federal bureau
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of labor statistics at one point and a court records check by the p. found he also had three restraining orders taken out against him issued by a judge in 2011, 2012 and 120th2013. >> ks, tom. and joined by intern fm "capital gazette." you're a college senior and just started working in the sports department. i can't imagine through your mind. first, tell us how you're doing this morning? >> i'm stillto tryin digest everything. i think it was so sudden and not somethingnybody can prepare themselves for. even today it still feels surreal that we all went through that. act of that senseless just violence. it was insane. 2:35 p.m.y, police say the what were your initial thoughts as you heard those shots? >> initially i thought it was reworks. i heard a pop and i turned and
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looked over my shoulder towards the front ofro the , towards the entrance and i saw faces that looked concerned but i couldn't see any shooter or anything. i saw that the glass doors that opened up into o office wer blown out. and then i heard a second pop, an, after th i still wasn't positive what was going on, but i was afraid enough to grab my keys, and i ran towards the back exit of the office. >> as i understd itno, colleag, and that the door was locked. so you were kind of stuck in there? what happened next? >> so saline san feliz, one of myolleagues also ran towards the door. the one who actually jingled the handle. that door is normally never locked from the inside out. we have no problems getting out of that for whatever reason that day it was jammed. as soon as that happened that signaled to me this is intentional. those are shots. we see these things onhe news all the time so unfortunately we're thdesensitized to.
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i quickly recognized, oh, this is a malicious situathen. here to do harm to us and we immediately ran and got under one ofhe desks in the far back corner of the office, huddled as close as we could to one and tried to stay out of sight whoever was in the off. e at the ti >> you managed on land line, call 911, not to speak to the get thaat least to phone call started and a tweet that reads off your twitter page, bestgate, please help us. i understand it came from your phone but you actually didn't write that tweet? >> no, i did not. so i called the police as soon as we got under theas desk and not able to talk to them. i didn't feel i could do it in manner that wouldn't tip off our position to the shooter. once he moved awayrom us i tried to call again. the line was busy, twice, probably because of the multitude's people within the entire office park that were
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ca fing andm there decided to text my friend. please, call the police. i'm in troubl after i did that, saline's with me, her phone was at her desk. in that moment i thought i was going tho do,ht we were going to die. the only moment, here, saline, you can have my phone. text whoever you need to text contact whoever you need to contact and shemo texted her er, not sure if he texted anybody else and proceeded to send the tweet. i saw she was on twitter, heads unby her. testament to her. her self-awareness in that moment. >> know you've said that the police got there quicklyyond were able to identify yourselves and get out of there, and i can't even imagine what you witnessed as you walked out. >> there was -- it was chaos. the office cass wind of in shambling. unfortunately we had to pass two bodies of our colleagueswa whic
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somebody nobody should have to stomach. unfortunate that somebody would come into a place that only reports truthful stories that are fact-based and unleash hell on the office. it was -- we tried to keep our es off of the ground but inevitably we all were curious and it was -- it was sickening. >> anthony, as we've reported this morning, this man had a long history with the newspaper. a grudge with the newspaper. did anyone yesterday s there r talkni aecroundog the newsroom, theyay, we know who is guy is? >> not that i remember hearing. i wasn't even knowledgeable to the entire situation or history when it was going on it was so chaotic, i just as quick as i could. me and saline huddled up together. so much going on. he wasn't saying anything,
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people caught up trying to get to soffity to realize, okay, this is a man we've had a prior history with. even once outside the building i don't thi celine or rachel no who it was. they madht have their opinions on idid. didn't. this is my fourth week on the job. we were not clear who the suspect was at the time. i never got a look at him until after the fact on social media. >> anthony, do you feel you eventually want to go back to work and complete your internship? >> at the moment i'm not sure. i'm still trying to decompress. my heart goes out to the family and friends of the people who werenfortunately killed. that's never something that crossed my mindhen i took the internship that i might see people die. people that were nothing but welcoming and cforting to me in such a -- it's a big job to take. i'd never really had job at an office yet, and they were accommodating to me tried to help me write the best story i
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could.e unfortun to see such good-hearted people ultimately suffer such untimely, senseless deaths. >> heartbreaking. anthony, thank you so much for being here this morning andar g your story. we're just sending our best to you. >> thank you, anthony. >> thank you, guys. a lot more on this story ahead in o next half hour includin some of the overnight tributes to the fallen. >> incredibly impressive young man. turning to politics, could pressure from politicians soon end the russia investigation? the questn after a fiery hearing that saw the deputy attorney general and the fbi director in the hot seat. hallie jackson has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: hey, willie. good morning to you. seems like nobody is happy with how the hearing turned ou republicans frustrated with the department of justice, democrats frustrated with what ty see as gop grandstanding, and in the middle of it all the deputy attorney general not afraid to
7:17 am
fire back a congress' confrontation turning testy. >> your use of this to attack m personally. >> i did nothing wrong. >> reporter: rod rosenstein swatting away attacks fromic repus directing red-hot anger with the justice department at the man who oversees the investigation. >> whatever you've got, finish the hell up because this country is being torn apart. >> reporter: for hours lawmakers laid into the attorney general and fbiis director c wray. a political drama on camera and on fire. >> no way to subpoena phone calls. >> i'm just saying -- i'm reading what the press said. reading what the press said. >> i suggest you not rely on what the press says, sir. >> who are we supposed to believe. >> thank you for making clear it's not personal, mr. jordan. i'm telling the truth and i'm under oath. >> reporter: touse judiciary hearing intended to look at the fbi's action during the 2016
7:18 am
investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail with some gop lawmakers frustrated they weren't getting s thesitive documents demanded. critics calling it all a cover for replicans attempting to discredit the special counsel. >> purpose 7 thisea undermine mr. rosenstein and our system of justice. >> reporter: democrat luis r gutierrezerencing president trump's repeated insistence angry democrats are leading the russiave igation. >> i do not consider myself an angry democrat. >> are you a democrat? are you a democrat? >> m, i not. >> i'm not a democrat and i'm not angry. >> reporter: the white housek pushing bn accusations the president's allies are trying to give him cover. >> the mayor said asking for the president's political pictures? >> there is a frustration ongoing for 18 months and no evidence of russian collusion. of course there's a frustration to wrap ts up.
7:19 am
>> reporter: when you hear calls investigation it's lasted just over a year. by comparison, the benghazi investigation led by trey gouti last some 2 1/2 years. >> quite a day on the hill. thank you. >> the other big story. that heat wave gripping tens of millions of americans and what?s about to get even hotter. al's he with the forecast. good morning. >> good morning savannah and willie and to you. almost 80 b million will under some sort of heat advisory watch gu warning from new york down to the , and up into the upper midwest. what we're looking at today. 220 million of us will feel like it's over 90 with the heat index a combination of heat and humidity, 90 million will fee it's over 100 degrees. tomorrow it expands to 240 million feeling like it's over 90. 80 million over 100 andth sunda heat continues with 230 million of us feeling like it's the wil 90 degrees. 75 million feeling like it's
7:20 am
over 100. this weekend look at the triple digit numbers. heat, we are talking about feeling a city 1 in oklah saturday. 104 all three days of the weekend, memphis. going to beri ine digits. same inen chicago and muir a new orleans and in the east, heat continues. heat and humidity, dangerous. make sure you check on elder tt neighbors your forecast in the next 30 seconds. good morning.
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i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. bright sunshine, not so humid today changing as we go through the weekend. ilenjoy todayg can. 74 in reagan national. 68 degrees in marshall. planning your friday, t.g.i.y., everyb plenty of sunshine. highs low 90s today. way warmer or the weekend. tomorrow's high near 96 degrees and if you are beach-bound f the weekend, no chance for rain. >> thanks, al. and just ahead, new tri tte victims of the maryland newspaper heooting and how cleegs are honoring their legacies this morning. and an american football scoach and former colleger sentenced to four years in a chinese prison. his family fighting to bring him home and they will share theiri storh us. first, this is "today" on nbc. us. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast, for fast pain relief. tylenol® 7:26 is your time on june 29, 2018. good morning, i eun yang. in the news, five people are dead following a shooting inside the k.g. kg building in annapolis. this man is charged with the deadly shooting. 38-year-old jarrod ramos, charged with five counts of murder this morning. a bail review at 10:30. the latest on "news4 dday." ram owes has a long history with the newspaper including a lawsuit and years of harassment towards itsjo nalists. now a check on the morning commute with melissa mollet and your first 4owtraffic. 's are the roads looking? >> good morning. a couple things over silver springs before connecticut.
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traffic diverted to a lot and t baough connecticut avenue at the home depot there. as we zoom out, you can see the beltway looks nice and light this morning. no big complaints there. this is a big problem. upper marlboro, five mile back of inbound pennsylvania avenue. lanes blocked. use it's service road. >> thank you. and your k now forecast when we come back. stay with us.
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good morning, everybody. it's going to be a hot one today. not too humid. heat and humidity builds going through the course of the weekend. temperatures in the upper 60s, low 7. pleasant day to be outside. a hot one. high low 90s. warmer going through the remainder of the weekend and into early next week. thers the ten-day forecast. mid-90s for tomorrow. pushing 100 sunday a monday with heat indexes up near 105
7:29 am
for sunday, monday and tuesday. >> chuck, thank you. another local news update in 25 minutes. for now, ack to the "today" show after this short break.
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we're back at 7:30. 2friday morning,th of june, 2018. these are some of the faces of the fallen after a massacre inside a maryland newsroom. >> and we want to get right to nbc stephanie gosk in annapolis with more on what we're lhorning about victims this morning. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: w and savannah, good morning to you. for the journalists of this paper, as personal as it gets. still within two hours had their own story about the shooting posted on their own website spite the fact they just witnessed friends and colleues murdered dedicated to their purpose, reporting the news for the people who live the fivle killed in thursday's shooting were some of the moat expienced at the
7:31 am
"capital gazette." representing together 80 years at the paper. rob hiaasen, a columnist and lifelong newspaper man was a gifted writer and hifather. s brother, acclaimed author carl hiaasen posting a message on facebookea that in part, we called him big rob because he was so it was his remarkable heart and humor that made him larger than all of us. >> his column was a delight. usually focused on themall foibles of life. >> reporter: wendi winters r starteorting 20 years ago for the paper. the mother of four, a natural. editor saying she had a knack for connecting to the community. jared fischman was a quiet one. often smartest in the room and kept the ndpaper's sds high. john mcnamara could do everything, but sports were his passion, often telling others he couldn't believe he was lucky enough to do this for a living rebecca smith had only started at the paper a sales assistant who loved her new job and the
7:32 am
baltimore ravens. in a time when small local papers are disappearing, the "capital gazette" stands strong. one ofn the oldest the country. its roots go back to 1772. old enough to print the declaration o independence. e-revolutionary newspap that continues to this day, and it's an intimate connection with the city. >> reporter: othursday, it made history again. the latest victim of gun violence in america. >> the "capital" newspaper is our local newspaper. we speak with these men and women on a b dailyis to get stories out that are important to thehi citizens of t county. >> reporter: it dt take long after the shooting for the reporters at the "capital gazette" to start doing their jobs. crime reporter phi davis started tweeting as soon as he reached safety. there isothing more terrifying than hearing multiple people get shot while you're under your desk, and then hear the gunman reload. and then t there wass
7:33 am
declaration. even as the gravity of what had happened was still sin in, reporter chase cook tweeted, i can tell you this. we are putting out a damn paper tomorrow. this ommorning, thisnity needs it more than ever. you know you thinkbout what went into this. first, overcoming the trauma of what they had just witnessed. also, the logistics. they weren'tir in t office, didn't have their computers and, of course, this. some of their strongestriters were simply gone. this paper this morning is nothing short of an act of sheer will. guys, back to you. >> sure is. stephanie gosk thank yo talked to a young messenger there only four wes, he said can't say i knew the five victims well but can tell you it was a great place to work, kind and generous to a young college student. tells you a lot about that place and that paper they were able t put out. >> and that opinion page left blank in honor of the five
7:34 am
victims says somuch. a lot more onigationte lar on this morning, rst, fireworks on capitol hill. capitol hill grilling. >> whafiver you've gotsh it the hell up. einguse this country is torn apart. >> republican lawmakers unload of depney attory general rod rosenstein andbi director christopher wray over the handling of the rub probe. critics saying inn attempt to >> i don't think we're tion. undermining the investigation. race against time. theit.s. mily and rescue workers desperately searching for that young soccer team still trapped in a cave in thailand. core terrible flooding and ng downto workers slo their operation. airportnightmare. the tsa predicts today could be the busiest day ever for rereening passengers as travelers prepa for the fourth of july holiday. >> end of an era.
7:35 am
toys. us stores officially close for the final time today as this photo of jeffrey the girthfe wiis suitcase packed strike as cd withostalgic workers. and police find a missing 2-year-old childn the dense woods of georgia. >> come here, baby. youokay? >> today, friday, june 29, 2018. >> incredible. looked for her six hours, just minor scrapes. police are trying to o figureut how it is this little girl was separated from her mom. >>ou get chills just looking at it. thank goodness she's okay. nother bigheadline today for most of you is the heat and al has a check of the weather. >> guys, also storms to talk about as well. >> lookpp what ed yesterday in kansas. that's t.righ this trampoline decided let's bounce, because imean, they got pickednd up and moved around a luckily nobody injured, but we've got more severe storms
7:36 am
today. take a look. what we're looking at today. strong storms pushingheir way across the northern plains. we have right now a severe thunderstorm watch for the northern part of minnesota. we're also looking at heavy weather right now down through florida. and the southeast and the gulf coast, scattered showers. storms avdeveloping. rain throughout the gulf today on into saturday and, in fact, these storms will continue right on into sunday. look at the rainfall amounts we're talking about. anywhere from three to four inches locally. could be up to five inches especially along the western coast of florida. that's what's going on around the cotry. re what's happening in your neck of the woods. good friday morning. temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. eg74es now in washington. as we go through your friday, be around 87 by lunchtime. sunny ies. high temperature 93. this afternoon. today.ry all day heading to the beach, dry across the weekend.
7:37 am
gorgeous out there. sunny skies. temperatures at the beach, mid to upper0s. feeling around 100 degrees. that's your latest weather. >> thank you, al. aot more ahead including surprising faces on the front lines of cyber warfare. meeting a talented group of young girls working to keep all of us safe. speaking of online security. the nation's toughest privacy law justpassed. what it could mean for your personal information. plus, blasting them for hanging around outside the buildings, jnbuild s. and an arrested football coach. hisy fam fighting for his freedom, after this. matt: voilà! jen: matt started turning to his dad. matt: mm. that's some good mulch. ♪
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even when nothing else is. keep her receipts tidy, brand vo: snap and sort your expenses with quickbooks and find, on average, $4,340 in tax savings. quickbooks. backing you. 7:42 with a case drawing worldwide attention. >> a father and former star college football player has been cked up in a chinese prison since 2016 in the wake of h sentencing this week his family isin ste up in a desperate attempt to free him. ron moss has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: hey, willie, good morning to you. one night in china changed the life of one american and now that he has been sentenced to prison there, there are renewed calls by his family to set him free. this morning, the mother of an american held in a chinese prison is speaking out. >> it's been devastating. it's been so hard for us all.
7:43 am
>> reporter: antoinette brown fighting for her son wendell sentenced in china for four years behind bars and is doing everything she can to get him released. >> he's a good man, doing great things there. he's never been a threat to anyone. >>eporter: a detroit native, wendell brown played college football at indiana's ball state amiversity. after college b a father and traveled abroad to coach and teach the game, but in 2016 was arrested for assault following an altercation at a ghtclub in china. the confrontation allegedly began when two men shoved brown and started throwing bottles. afterwards one man accused brown of badly injuring his eye that had to be removed and demanded compensation allegedlyat thing to take him to court if brownid dn't pay. 3 31-year-old american t denieshis and says he acted in
7:44 am
self-defense. he communicated withamy only through letters. >> i haven't had a conversation with him. haven't heard his voice since 2016. holy lord, god almighty. >> reporter: working on a documentary about brown and the team is working to bring him home and says brown remains optimistic. he man is very calm, despite all the chaos going on around him. that speaks to what type of m he is and the tremendous strength window brown has. >> reporter: in certain cases china will deport those following conviction but that's nots sure that's a possibility for brown. in november, three ucla basketball players fed after kud of tshoplifting,he trump administration securing their release. now brown's mother hopes president trump can personally intervene to bring him home. >> i have faith he c help wendell. if he will is the queion. >> reporter: . >> so, ron what does the family think is behind this? why is he being held and to your
7:45 am
earlier point what is the u.s. government doing about this? >> reporter: willie, the fl see this as a little more than an exttion attempt gone bad. the state department tells nbc news they've met with wendell brn monthly. just saw him in may and also are meeting with chinese counterparts making sure he's being treated fairly. back to you. >> interesting to see if the u.s. gover ent steps inhere. ron, thanks so much. coming up next, the just passed strictest online privacy la in thecountry. how will it impact you, and the companies that collect and use our personal information. first, on a friday morning, these messages.
7:46 am
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7:50 am
the cambridge analytica scandalexpect to have a major impact on big companies like facebook, google, verify rising and at&t. americans mayor soon have control than ever over their own data after california passed a new law requiring companies to disclose what information they have about consumers and with whom they're sharing it. it also gives consumers the power to stop companies from selling that information, and minors under 16 are off limits altogether. when it goes into effect in 2020, t l will require companies to provide a clear and conspicuous link on their business home page saying do not sell my personal information. if a consumer opts out, the company cannot ask again for mother year. once verifying identity, consumers can request to see their personal data and ask it be deleted. companies must comply within 45 days. this legislation comes just three months after the cambridge
7:51 am
analytica scandal that exposed as many asil87on facebook users' personal information. facebook now uet'srs access and delete their own dataaying it complies with the new law. companies that provide a free service will be able to charge consumers a fee if they opt out of sharing theirta but the burden is on the company to prove that the charge is fair. in april, savanna asked facebook coo sheryl sandberg e possibility of users opting out of sharing data altogether. >> we have different forms of opt out. not one at the highest level. that would be a paidproduct. >> reporter: the california law allows for comny to compensate consumers for their data. in a statement to nbc news, facebookreiterates they do not sell people's data and while they say it's nott, perfhey do support the california law, and look forward to worng with policymakers to protect consumers and promote responsible innovation. but a trade association whose members include facebook,
7:52 am
amazon, google and microsoft tells nbc news it's concerned about the lack of public discussion and process surrounding what they call a far-reaching bill. >> and how did these tech t companies a public, users, how do they feel about the new regulation? >> reporter: a mixed reaction. says theof california law actually utterly fails to protectva p basically it doesn't go far enough. all eyes on silicon valley. ,the questi will they only change the way they run things for users here in california or overhaul the way their business model works nationally? >> we shall see, jo. thank you. shtraight ahead, a live concert from panic at the disk oh on the plaza after your local news.
7:53 am
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>> announcer: this is a "news4 today" news break. 7:56 is your time now on thisun friday, 29, 2018. good morning to you i'm eun yang. right now a check on the roads and your morning commute with melissa llet. firsttraffic. good morning. >> good morning. alerts on the rails now. green, r yellow line affected. trains bypassing gallery place fire departmentth activity e. smoke on the tracks. buses requested to do shuttle service instead. because of this, blue line trains single track in between pentagon city and arlington cemetery, roads, no major problems. beltway looking okay. eun? >> thank you. a break and check your forecast when we come back. stay with us.
7:57 am
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good friday morning. mperatures are in the 70s for most of the area. 76 in washington. lateroday, thoug 93 for a high. sunny, hot, but even hotter goin into the ekend. nice at the beach, though. sunny skies if you're heading to the beach across the week and nice and dry. temperatures, mid to upper 80s. land, mid to upp 90s feeling like 105. >> thank you, sheena. for now, back to the "today" show.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." du cong up, newsroomtragedy. overnight, the suspected gunman in t mass shooting in a maryland newspaper -- >> and unleash hell on the office. >> live in maryland with the latest. and to the l this allfemaleallfee -- all-f
8:01 am
team. >> about cyber security. and panic on the plaza. start off your summer with panic at the dick oh. g -- disco, get ready. it's time to dance. friday, june 29, 28. ♪ >> get ready to rock, panic! at the disco! >> wre from new jersey!>> celebrating other birthday -th >> panic! at the disco! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ it's 9:00 in the afternoon >> here comes san francisco! >> denver, colorado. >> party with panic! at the disco! and good moing, everybody. what a crowd. we are so happy to have you with us on a friday morning. willie is with us wle hoda enjoys the day off.
8:02 am
panic! at the disco. it's huge! >> you pull up, what is going? a concert, a big one. >> absolutely. we'll have a concert in a lwhtle ile. it's a busy morning. a lot to get to. the news at 8:00. accused gunman in a mass shooting at a maryland newspaper charged with manslaughter. craig melvin has the latest. >> reporter: this morning we can tell you the suspects according to officials notng coopera with police this morning. he's expected to be in court for the first time in a few hours, charged with kilng five and injuring two. he shot up t "capital gazette" behind me, a local newspaper here in annapolis, maryland. as paper that been a journalistic institution more than 300 years. overnight, police releasing the names of the five people killed in the annapolis newspaper shooting. among the dead, three men two women, all of them were employees at the "capital
8:03 am
gazette." police say the shooting was a targeted attack. >> dispatch. >> this person was preached to shoot people. his intent w to cause harm. >> reporter: multiple law enforcement officials telling nbc news the suspects, 38 jarr d r ramos. he has h a long-running dispute with the capital, sued them for defamation in 2012 after running a story about his guilty plea i a harassment case. a judge later dismissed that lawsuit. law enforcement sources confirm they're looking at this twitter account in ramos' name featurine han 100 tweets threatening the newspaper some singling o the writer and the fmer editor and publisher and officials tell nbc news the spects
8:04 am
surrendered as soon as he was met by responders. the first emergency calls came at 2:34 p police arriving on the scene within 60 seconds. >> at the building. pants. hirt, green >> reporter: inside the gazette newsroom, an iern tweeted. at 2:43 p.m., active shooter. 888 bestgate. please, help us. he spoke with us earlier this morning on "today." >> it's not something that anybody can prepare themselves for, and even i today still feels surreal we all went through that. went through that senseless act of just olence. it was insane. >> reporter: witnesses in other areas of the building recnting thei experiences. >> i heard two gunshots and then i heard the police shouting, get down, get down on the floor! get down now. >> reporter: police evacuated re than 170 employees from the builng exiting with their arms
8:05 am
up. >> hands up. straight across the parking lot. keep your hands in the air for me. >> right there. >>heeporter: authorities say shooter used some kind of long gun. he also ud some smoke grenades possibly as a diversion. a few moments ago i talked to the county executive from anne arundel where annapolis is here inaryland and asked about this guy being known to police for a number of years. here's what they told me >> there hav been reports that this is a man who had a long history ofte thrng the newspaper, more than 100 tweets threatening the newspaper. there are someolk whose mig be wondering why he wasn't identified sooner? why he wasn't picked up sooner? >> i think he was identified. i think we were aware ofsim a person. this is the greatest of free societies on earth. so conduct has to cross certain lines before we can start to take definitive action like arrests and/or commitments.
8:06 am
weid havene incident in 2013. we became involved in that. that was the only incident we became involved it was investigated and as a shared agreement beten the investigators and the "capital" management at the time, they decided not to press forward with a formal investigation, because they were afraid it would exacerbatthe tuation. >> what would have happened back then? >> there were verbal threats towards staffers. >> what is the outstanding question that we're looking to answer today? >> i think we've got to get to the real "why?" i think we know in somebody's head why, b i don't think 've been able to nail down clinically the whys of it. we still have a lot of work to do investigavely to bring this to closure. a lot more questions we have to answer. reporter: when officers descended on him inside the building, did he say anything he hasn't said much the whole
8:07 am
time. fortunately for everybody involved, it was decided that surrendering to the officers w the correct frame of rrchs fefe for him, but when i tell you we have a lot unanswer pd questions than answered questions, that's what i'm talking ab's we hen't gotten much. >> reporter: thank you for your time. >> appreciat. >> reporter: here's the thing about this nepaper, savannah. again, the capital, been around since the 1700s. we're talking about a newspaper that covers town council meetings, high school football games. very much a part of this community for a very long tim and it was an open newspaper. literally open. one of the staff writers told me a shortime ago there was no security here. you could just walk right in to the newsroom and they were quite vulnerable. that suspect isxpected to be
8:08 am
in a courtroom here making his first appearance in just a fewh s. savannah? >> craig melvin at the scene for us. thank you very much. meanwhile, down in florida, an awesome sight over cape naveral as elon muskpace x company launched a resupply mission. it will deliver nearly three tons of cargo uer contract t nasa including a robot with artificial intelligence. the rockein use today's launch had parts recycled from an earlier flight. a space x money-saving strategy. the dragon craft returns to earth in august and will splash down in the specific loaded with search specimens for scientists on the ground to analyze. and a boost. a kansas boy named olver loves playing police officer andpl making peo happy. the 6-year-old recently suited up and went on smile patrol. officer oliverun rode a on his miniature motorcycle handing out tickets, roses and hugs at local nursing homes and used his
8:09 am
own money to buy those flowers and the reactionrom nursing home residents, priceless. >> what a good little boy. ee>> a e. right? >> looks good on that bike. like "c.h.i.p.s." >> coming up does this sound familiar? ♪ i'll be loving you till i'm 70 ♪ >> sounds like another song? ed sheeran facing $100 million lawsuit ove his super hit. and first, meet a remarkable group of young girls groomed to protect you and the country from cyber attacks. that story, right after this. can you actually love wearing powerful sunscreen? yes! neutrogena® ultra sheer. no other sunscreen works better or feels so good. clinically proven helioplex® provides unbeatable uva/uvb protection to help prevent early skin aging and skin cancer all with a clean light feel.
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hey justin, think fast! what?! every time! i get lucky every once in a while. this morning on "today's" future face of cyber security. >> snbc'sior investigative correspondent cynthia mcfadden is here to explain. >> reporter: i love this story. the new head of u.s. cyber command and the national security agency says this is one of his top priorities. in the next five years, experts
8:15 am
dwedict a woe shortage of nearly 2 million cyber security professionals. over 300,000 jobs rightere in the u.s. open today. so what to do start recruiting early. meet the hope of the future, a bunch of mdle and high school students who we call cybe patriots. >> so what do you do? s> start and -- >> reporter: thi is serious business. >> nope. don't touch that. >> reporter: kids taught the cutting edge techniques of how to defend america from cyber attacks. >> actually aren't too hard to understand. >> reporter: some recruits still in middle wschool. need one for ratchet, also. same one. >> reporter: all part of a national competition called yber patriots," grooming kids to fight real world cyber threats. we've been following an all-female team from highlands, ranch, colorado, since fall. >> does that mean something to
8:16 am
you? to be a patriot? >> you have to look out for other people who don't know how to protect themselves. you know? even with my mom.ou she's,know, out on her computer, she has no password. nothing. got to l pk out forple who don't know the same things about cyber that you do.>> eporter: kids like kailee and her teammates could be the answer to a huge national security too many key cyber security jobs and too few people toth fill . the new leader of u.s. cyber command and the nsa, general pa makasonyt considered so his tant he agreed to give first interview. how do youimagine, plan for, preem f prepare for the future? >> you're looking for the young people. people like those into patriots y and have the imagination, know-how, initiative to be able to want to work in this space. addicted to be able to work in the cyber space. >> reporter: a who's who are
8:17 am
among cyber patriot thunders. the competition started by the air force association nearly a decade ago has grown from a handful of students in florida to over 25,000 kids across the cotry. less than 1% ofar thecipants make it to the final round inbaltimore.rl gis who call made the cut. >> cool toe an all-girls team? >> yes. >> and is there an all-male team? >> yes. a lot. >> the stereotype when it comes to computer, cyber stuff, it's really for boys? >> t mostly marketeards boys. oh, boys love video games. boys will be boys andt makes for girls, even for dme, in't even consider this to be a thing i could be doing. >> i knew it was something i would love to do but something i
8:18 am
struggled with figuring how to get into. >> some day work in an operation center like this. live feeds an live understanding where an attack vector is coming from, where it's headed to. >> reporter: the general was the first woman to lead the a force's cyber command. she is also one of cyber patriots biggest advocates. >> how important is having a good cyber defense? for this country? >> i can't imagine anything more important. the more dependent we are on a capability, the more important the defense of that capability. >> this is like thscouting. k about the football model. >> exactly what it is. >> reporter: in fact, 60% of cyber patriot alumni went on to major in cyber security or computer science in colleg and 82% of the graduates were working in the field. >> i'm applying for the air force acadacy, ally. >> you are? >> yes. kind of intense. but i think -- i feel the resources that the military
8:19 am
offers is, you know, it's much broader than you might expect. >> i get the feeling you're all really happy you did this? >> yes. >> reporter: they didn't win a trophy at the nationals, but that doesn't mean t was a waste e. >> they are the future, and they are wha make meleep well at night. i couldn't be prouder. >> whether or not not they're in government, decide to join the military, in the private sector, this is the strengt our nation. people connected since the day they've been the they learned today will do them >>well. eporter: and this country. >> and this country. >> reporter: the competiti will be going into its tenth year next year and a bright idea from the gene who we spoke with, you saw there, why not deploy some of the cyber patriots to help deal with our broken down election system. >> i mean, just deploy them wherever needed. so impressi t. >> reportey are really dedicated to this.
8:20 am
amazing. this opens young peyele's to the possibilities and it really is a service to the nation >> did you say in your introduction, cynthia, 300,000 open jobs inte the ustates in this field? >> reporter: right this second. >> wowou >> reporter:know, it's great. of course, you know, for kids, that de grew up with these. they were saying, by the way, the one tip from the girls' team. they said, go tell all of your oldeo pple friends. >> that would be us. >> here we are. >> reporr: here we are. make a phrase. don't use a name. don't use a word but a phrases almost impossible to get. >> for your password? >> reporter: make a phrase. >> my mom doesn't even have a password, i lik that one. >> it all comes back to mom. >> critical story.pi >> great e, cynthia. thank you. getting hot? >> hugh. mmer?did you do for the ah, saved the power grid. >> exactly. not bad. >> which we needver the next several days because it is going to be brutally hot. 79 million ofs under a heat advisory, watch or warnings. l
8:21 am
coulk at records, not just with the heat index. look at some of these actua records. probably see records in rochester, detroit, pittsburgh, allentown and manchester tomorrow. moving into sunday. concord, could see a record in new york city. binghamton, washington, d.c. and cleveland. rest of the country today, hot, humi the midsection of the u.s. heavy rain through florida ando or severe storms along the northern plains. that's what's going on around the country.'s hehat's happening in your neck of the woods. good morning, everybody. a sunny day on the outsidey. to current temperatures low to mid-70s around the city. toasty warm. fternoon highs upper 80s, low 90s. notterrible hid for today. unfortunately, heat and humidity build over the weekend, and well into next high temperatures low to mid-90 its tomorrow. pushing 100nd sunday monday. heat indexes nearing on 105. a slight c nce for a shower the fourth of july.
8:22 am
that's your latest weather. savannah? >> al, thank you. sheinelle moved to the orange ro a surprising solution to a growing problem. >> first, music is a hint. several rite aids are testing a unique strategy to sto vagrants and panderers from loitering outside of their stores. drug stores blasting barry manilow songs for all the world to see. testing itarer and it's been effective in some california locations. a rite aid spokesperson says are in the early stages of exploring this approach. we've made no decisions regarding the expected to additional stores. social media users weiing in. grace posts, that's messed up. iikbarry manilow. they should have a karaoke machine outside. >> and i'm at a rite aid playing the best of barry manilow and i'm not leaving until it's donet thnk they'll lose a lot iterers.
8:23 am
hearing manilow on a loop all day, they may quit. this isn't the first time a store used music to bre up crowds. a seven 11:00 recently played classical music with the same goal in mind. what do you think? hear your reaction? >> barry manilow? come on. >> i can give you a list of bands that -- i won't, but could give awe cst. ck all day. >> don't do that we'll see. it's working for that particular location. >> it's a miracle if it sticks. >> got it. >> and popstart? >> sure. >> starting with ed sheeran facing a $100 million lawsuit alleges the singer/songwriter copied marvi gaye's "let's get it on." owning one-third of the rightsnd to the song filed the lawsuit. the suit claims sherron's 2014 song "thinking out loud" has same "melody, rhythms, harmonies, bassline, syncopation and looping"'s as ga 1973 hit.
8:24 am
listen to the two songs to compare. first, sheeran's "thinking out loud" followed by gaye's "let's get it on." ♪ darling i will be loving you till's♪ ♪ l get it on ah -- babe- let's get it on ♪ >> ah, okay. if that doesn't sound, listen to gaye's vocals. >> here it is. ♪ let's get it ah, babe ♪ let's get it on ♪ let's love baby ♪ let's get it on ♪ >> sherron's team didn't respond, and marin gaye's eisate no a party to the lawsuit.
8:25 am
>> can't we love both songs? >> but you have to pay for both. >> inspiration from certain sounds. ah -- i don't know. >> here's the thing -- coincidence. >> we love them both. other music news, last night on "the today imshow" fallon had special guests helping him on a song using good, old musical instruments. ♪ you are, you are, you are want to hear you ♪ ain't nothing but a mistake ♪ i never want to hear you say ♪ i want it that way ♪ >> the backspreetoys ono sing their hit song "i want it that way" a fan favorite. that's your "popstart." >> that sounds just like "wheels on the bus."
8:26 am
and pardonic nic at the dic co -- disco. a full half hourg comin up after a check on your local news and traffic. >> announcer: this is a "news4 today" news break. 8:26 is your time now on this iday, june 29, 2018. good morning. i'm eun yang. right now a check on your morning commute with melissa molletnd your first 4 traffic. hi, melissa. >> good morning. take a look. at gallery place ahort time ago. problem on the tracks. they've cleared that out of the way. if you look here at my ma metro alert, service astored. gree yellow line this morning. do expect delays through gallery placeec here,se of that situation. beltway inner and outer loop looking good. no other major issuesn the road. >> melissa, thank you. a quick break and check your forecast next.
8:27 am
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♪ wow! ♪ find a world of inspiration. find something you love today. ever changing selection. ever amazing prices. homegoods. go finding. going to be a hot one today. temperatures reach upper 80s, 9 low for highs today. not terribly humid. tomorrow warmernd morehumid. high near 96 degrees. if you're beach-bound for the
8:29 am
weekend, no chance of rain. ocean temps 73. the fourth of july forecast at home, only a slight chance for a thunderstormnk >> chuck, tyou. get the latest news and weather anytime in the nbc washington app. ♪
8:30 am
♪ 8:30 now on a friday morning. it's the 29th of 20ne, and an awesome summer day, and just look at thef size that crowd. >> they have filled up this plaza and were here early for a live concert from panic! at the disco. if you cou u hear -- good fori you. can't hear myself. it's a big crowd out here. >> exactly. >> al is down there somewhere in the masses. hey, >> how ya do, guys? yeah. out here. our crowd moment.m
8:31 am
looking for ariela enrique? how you doing? over here. i understand you're big panic! at the disco fans. >> yep, ye w are. >> in fact, you can play any song of theirs on the piano? >> i can play almost every song an piano. >> and harmonize, too. >>uess what? we have two tickets for you guys. >> what? >> to see t wm on tour! t? >> yes. >> i don't know where on ytour bu're going to get -- we'll figure it out for you and you get to go. are you excited? >> i was -- ke, when she was a toddler. hen she caught on and, oh, my god. this is amazing. >> you're not too happy abo? th >> so excited. >> and came out wearing her pride flag. >> he came out on the stage wearing it. >> all right. congratulations. have a >> thank you so much, al. >> don't panic! okay. no, no panic! weatheyes, weather. so, maps for the outlook for the
8:32 am
weekend. lookingt hot, humid weather in the northeast, mid-atlantic states, triple digit aheat. acir temperatures through texas, severe storms in the mid-mississippi river valley. sunshine out west. sunday, sunday! possible records in the northeast, mid-atlanticat . wet weather from the gulf into florida, into the great lakes. triple-digit heat continues in texas. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. good friday morning. temperatures are inhe mid to low 70s, but we will quickly be heating up to t 93s afternoon. sunny. hot as we go through the day today, but even hotte this weekend. really nice if at the beach. sunny skies today through sunday at the beach witemperatures in the mid to upper 80s. staying land, 96 tomorrow ux feeling like 100. 99 sunday, feeling like 105. same thing monday. most of the area looks dryfo fo th of july, but we have a slight chance for a couple thunderstorms. >> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly
8:33 am
presented to you by citi. >> all right. panic! at the diabo is just to get the party started on our citi summer concert stage. first a look at their ride to rolty. ♪ >> reporter: it's theong that launchedat panic! the disco to music stardom over 12 years a. ♪ "i write sins nottragedies" became an instant rock anthem and earned the highly coveted video of theear statue at the mtv vmas. four more hit albums followed over the next decade. ♪ reporter: come minating to "death of a bachelor." and earned panic arammy nod for best rock album last year. amp the rent stint on broadway starring in "kinky boots,"
8:34 am
panic! at the disco is back. ♪ hey, look, ma, i made it >> reporter: heading on a tour for a brand new album. which is already poised to be another number one chart topper. ♪ andir this morning t diehard fans have high hopes as they take our citi concert stage. all right. kicking it off with a song that started it all. ladies and gentlemen, panic! at the disco! [ cheers] ♪ oh, well imagine, as i'm pacing the pews in a church corridor and i can't help but to hear ♪ hear i can't help but to exchanging of words ♪ ♪ wha a beautifulwedding, what
8:35 am
a beautiful wedding says a bridesmaid to a waiter ♪ ♪ oh, yes, but what a shame knode. >> uh-oh. ♪ what a shame the poor groom's bride is a whore ♪ i chime in with haven't you people ever heardlosinghe door ♪ no, it's much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality ♪ and look at facts technicrrly we are mad today ♪ i mean, our marriagehis calls f♪ so pour the champagne oh, well, in fact, well, pour the champagne, pour the ampagne ♪ ♪
8:36 am
♪ i chime in with haven't you people ever heard of closing the goddamn door ♪ no, it's much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality ♪ i chime in, haven't you people ever heard of csing the damn door ♪ no, it's much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise ♪ and rationality ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, yeah ♪ i chime in,aven't you people ever heard of closing t goddamn door ♪ no, it's much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poisend rationali ♪
8:37 am
i chiin, haven't you people ever heard of closing the goddamn door ♪ no, it's much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise and ratiolity ♪ again ♪ haven't you people ever heard of closing the goddamn door ♪ no ♪ >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] and we are just getting started. sco continues, live concert on our citi stage, first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:38 am
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8:40 am
plaza. packed panic! at the disco. >> and here with front man brendan. >> good morning. >> thanks to having me. >> you obviously have incredible fans. done a lot ofhows in your life. what's it like to come in for sound check, 5:00 in the morning and see a crowd thi size waiting for you on a hot smer day? >> luckily they were here. i showed up a little tired and they amped me up. so, thank, guys. >> this new album kind ofse surp you, i heard. what did you mean by that? >> i had just finished a stint in broadway. when i got home, planned to take the rest of the year off, spend family time. my heart and brain didn't want to do cothat. day into the sabbatical started rking, came up with this album and totally surprised me. >> you mentioned you did "kinky boots" here? what was that like? >> yeah. a totally different monster,
8:41 am
broadway. demanding. eight show asweek. six days. t two show as day at times. one of the hardest gigs i've ever had to do and so glad i did it. >> by the way. you start add new foundation. higher hope foundation? >> yes. higher hopes. absolute absolutely. i started to fight for human rights. i believe in that. funding this mission to help kids create an environment safe in schools, communities, for lgbtq, moreinclusive, rather than shaming people, it's more inusive. >> i want to point out you made a $1 million donation to glisten. >> absolutely. to at least get it arted. that was the least we could do. >> excited to hear new songs. 's like the hotte day of the year. why do we wear suits? >> i know. i did it myself. it's okay. >> take it away. panic! at the disco. >> thank you.
8:42 am
♪ have high, high hopes for a living ♪ always had high, high hopes for a living ♪ always had a feeling i was going to be that one in a million alwayshigh hopes ♪ ♪ mama said fulfill a, prophe do something greater, back in the d wanted everything, everything ♪ mama saidewrite history we wanted everything, wanted
8:43 am
evything ♪ mama says don't be rough it's a little complicated ♪ and i'd hate to see you waiting ♪ have high hopes for a living always had a vision, always had high, high hopes ♪ high, high hopes for a living and always had a feeling ♪ going to be that one in a million, always had high, high hopes ♪ ♪ mama said strangers can stop us and never t want be ♪ forget the novelties don't ever change we wanted everything, wanted everything ♪ city up stay up on that rise, stay up on that right ♪ and never come sdown,y up on
8:44 am
that ride ♪ mama said don't give up ♪ it's a little complicated ♪ ♪ no more love and ie h to see you not winning ♪ you see they haven't seen the best of me, hey, hey, hey ♪ so i got one more round and it' going to be a success ♪ have high, high hopes for a living ♪ gonna make a killing ♪ always had a vision ♪ always had high, high hopes ♪ have to have high, high hopes for a living ♪ didn't know how but i always had a vision ♪ i was going to be that one in a million ♪ always had hh, high hopes ♪ have high, high hopes for a living shooting for the stars when i couldn't make a killing ♪ didn't have a dime but i always had hopes ♪
8:45 am
had to have high, hig hopes for a living ♪ ♪ didn't know how but i always had a feeling ♪ i was gonna be that one in a million ♪ always had high, high hopes ♪nd [ cheers applause ] >> panic! at the disco and they're coming back with more music from our st. utstage, b first on a friday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
8:47 am
all right. let's keep let's keep thisarty going. performing you in single off the am bum, ladies and gentlemen, panic! at the disco.
8:48 am
♪ i can't carry on anymore waiting for someone to carry you ♪ all the people i know used to be ♪ d such a change, ask for more , daysobody else to save and i can't change into a person i don't wanna be so ♪ oh it's satur i pray for the wicked on the way, yes ♪ mama can i get another an ♪ oh, oh, on a saturday night ♪ i pray for the wicked on the weekend ♪ mama can ino get aer amen ♪ oh, oh, it'sda satur night ♪ i pray for the wicked on the week md ♪ everning when i wake up i wanna be who i couldn't say i've ever been ♪ but it's so much more than i
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8:50 am
oh, it's saturdaght ♪ i pray for the wicd on the weekend ♪ ♪ mama can i get anothermen oh, oh,h oh, it's saturday night ♪ swear to god i ain't ever gonna repent ♪ mama can i get another amen♪ oh, oh, oh, oh, it's saturday night ♪ it's saturday, it's saturday, it's saturday ♪ oh, oh, oh-oh ♪ oh, it's saturday night ♪ swear to god, swear togod, swear to god ♪ oh, oh, oh-oh ♪ oh, oh it's saturday night, yeah ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> panic! at the disco, thank you. we're back in a moment. but first this is "today" on nbc. duke's is the perfect companion for so many things.
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ah, brendan still out there si autographs for fans. panic! at the disco, a great t bas morning. let's keep it going. >> that's right. >> keep it going. >> we're on the birthday couc do it. show you what's going on.n bringhe smucker's jar and say hi to nice folks. firstup, janice brown of jacksonville, florida pp a hard worker 100 years old says the secret to longevity, this breakfast combo a honey cup, and worked as ar, ranc taxi driver, business owner. many other jobs throughout his life and alsoup ba singer on panic! at the disco. happy 100th bthdayo wilbert, senior of yorkharbor, maine, volunteers with his local church


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