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tv   News4 Today  NBC  June 30, 2018 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> announcer: "news 4 today" starts now. >> as the shock wears off, this morning, a community is in search of healing after a deadly newsroom rampage. did someone prank call the president as he was on board air force one? one comedian said he pulled it off. his proof? recordings. plus, the summer heat andti va traffic, both rising this weekend. if you've got places to be, we are working for you with the spots to avoid and the best times to hit the road today, saturday, june 30th, 2018. we welcome yous into "n 4 today." good morning. i'm david cuer.
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perhaps,ike many of you getting an early start to her holiday weekend. it is not lonely in here. we have meteorologist lauryn ricketts. yo can probably hear her laughing now. we have hot, hot temperatures coming? >> it is going to be a warm one. if you thought yesterday was hot, wait until thiste oon or monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. we've got a really hot forecast coming your way. a beautiful sun rise out theren this mor right now. gorgeous from the live capitol camera. 73 here in the district. 60s outside the beltway with quantico marine base at 70 degrees right now. the temperatures, 1:00, we're 90 degrees. 're going to continue to take the temperatures up from there. if you're traveling out and about today, maybe getting a head start, headed off to the beach, looking fine. always remember to tune into our news partners at 103.5, wtop,
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for an update on traffic and weather. doing weather for them all morning. not a lot to talk abo except r the heat. area beaches, we're dry, thanks to high pressure in charge. i'll let you know when to the next chance of rain. that's coming up in about 15 minutes. >> we'll check in >then. 6:02, now to our continuing coverage of the newsroom rampage this week. the grief is fresh in annapolis. two separate vigils to held the five people murdered. folks believe the city will bounce back, but not before mourning their deep losses. shomari stone takes us to the emotional tribute. t ♪ throu storm, through the night ♪ >> reporter: these five candles at a vigil represent the lives of four journalists. ♪ take my hand >> reporter: and the sales
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assistant from the "capital gazette." ♪ lead me home >> sad, really. >>neporter: s thompson pays tribute, along with hundreds of people who live in this community. holding les, consoling each oth other during this difficult time. >> it's a local paper. 's really sad. >> reporter: people of all different races and religions, mourning across the street from where the suspect openedire on thursday. this community is unified in their grief. a pastor quotes mlk. >> as dr. king said, we will either learn to come together ae br and sisters, or we will peri together as fools.
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>> reporter: anothvi l, this ne at a public square near the capital. people told signs that read, "we are artbroken, annapolis strong, and stop attacks on the free press." >> i want the rhetoric to stop, blaming people who may be a little unstable. >> reporter: momentslater, the crowd walks in solidarity as they quietly pay tribute. >> there is an authenticity of love. >> people can eally come together during these times. >> shomari stone with that report. annapolis mour , we are learning more about the victims. many worked at the apital" for years. rob hisen was 6'5", larger than life. e has a big heart and was a mentor to young reporters. he's been called a philosopher and poet. maria and her husbandeg as
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radio reporters. they have three children, now grown >>adults. o matter what thator soph, violent man did, is charged with doing, the 34ememo of rob hiaasen will live on. and i know that. >> she says, somehow, her family will get through this because rob would have wanted that. we are sharing more tributes in our n washington app. from ss than 30 minutes ow, new details in how the suspected shooter got ahold of the weapon. disturbing messages believ d ed to be comrom a california man, threatening to kill the kids of a top federal official in our area. federal agents say mann
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referenre referenced several preschools in the company, saying he'dil his children. new security questions and some concerns after a comedian claims that he prank called president trump. now, he says he did this as the president was on board air force one. that's when the alleged call was put through. jo john melendez saying he was pretending to be john menendez. not sure if this has to do with a resident looking to get new justice for the supreme court. >> it'll be done the next 12 to 14 days. >> the topic of immigrationle dly came up in the so-called prank call. the real senator releasing a statement saying, quote, i welcome any opportunity to have
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a real conversationidith the prt on how to uphold the american values that have guided our asfamily immigration policy for the past century. end quote. new information this morning about the future of the supreme court. president trump says he's going to make his pick public a week from monday. five nominees on the short list, including two women. the president may be meeting with a couple candidates this weekend at his estate in new jersey. he says he will not ask the nominee beforehand about same-sex marriage or whether they would overturn roe v. wade. a host of new ruling taking place on monday. ashanti alert is named after the woman kidnapped from a base in drginia and found d in north carolina. also taking effect tomorrow, school districts must ado policies prohibiting lunch shaming, which singles out
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students who owe money to the cafeteria. dogs will be allowed in areas of wineries. and it'll be against the law to usene to follow someone without their permission. other new llcs involveol in schools. you can see them all. they can them out for yourself on the nbc washington app. search virginia laws. a new defense in the fight against the opioid epidemic here in our area. police have advanced tools to help prevent erses. virginia state police have more than 2,100 of these narcan dispensers to help stop an overdose. officers through the rank of first sergeant have been trained on how to usehese devices. you'll have plenty of company ira you'reling for the fourth of july holiday. aaa predicting it'll be crowded on the roads. 1.2 million people from our arel e are going to travel more than 50 miles over the next week and a half. that is 19% of everyone who lives in and around d.c. monday is expected to be quite rough out there.
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aaa predicts tuesday afternoon will be the worst time on the roads, especially when holiday traffic mixes with that lovely rush hour volume. that's between 4:00 and 6:00 in the evening. the most congested roads will be the highlighted ones on your screen. route 50 east, i-270 north, the beltway,nd i -91. let's get a check on what to expect on the roads in your first 4 traffic. >> i'm melissa moll with your first 4 traffic for the weekend. bay bridge, if you're thinking of heading to the beach, normal summer weekend traffic is anticipated this weekend. things aren't supposed to kick into gear until tuesday. that's when we expect things to be slow, between 4:00 and 6:00 especially on tuesday. metro, rd trains between friendship heights and osvenor. blue, orange, silver line, every 24 minutes. single tracking between market and stadium armory.
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on the yellow line, every4 minutes between huntington and mt. vernon square only. green line regular weekend service there. have a good one. the celebration highlight for the fourth of july. obviously, the most before celebrating the nation's independence, you'll hear from you canefighters on how avoid a potentially deadly mistake. that is just ahead when "news 4 today" on this saturday continues.
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good morning. that'll get your attention, right? that was from firework safety demonstrations on thay mall thur morning. local first responders get flooded with emergency calls on
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the holiday. we hear the snners going crazy with dispatch communications that day. this morning, news n4's jus finch is working for you. he hast information tha could save your wallet, your freedom, and your eplife. >>ter: you might be thinking it is just june 28th. too soon to talk about fourth of july firework safety. fairfax county fire officials iy it is clabsolutely not the case. never too early. by doing this now, they could save you money, injury, or worse. from take you to the dem earlier. they used mannequins here. the first one was a child lding sparklers. it didn't take long for the sparklers to strike the child's clothing on fire there. bear in mind these sparklers reach thousands of degrees in temperature, meaning burns and injuries. the second one on an adult female mannequin, she was holding reworks. th impact of the blast literally blew the body apart. of lscourse, they blew up several watermelons to show how
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strong these fireworks can be. now, in fairfax county, fire officials do warn that that can explode emit flames ora sparks more 12 feet are going to be illegal. we spoke with the fairfax county fire marshall's office that pointed out duds are what you want to be careful of. give them time before approalying. >> usuhat happens, they go, and the firework will explode while they're trying to figure out what happened. our recommendation with that is, if something doesn't activate, leave it alone for 15 minutes, place it in af bucket water. >> reporter: in fairfax county, when you see the firework stands, they're often going to be permitted, meaning they're okay to buy from. it is the back t channelsy worry about you buying fireworks from. bear in mind, trfse faiax firefighters are saying that f when youd illegal fireworks them, u're found to have you could face a class 1
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misdeanor or a 2,500 fine, up to a year in jail. i'm justin finch, news 4. >> we've pulled together the events aroundks our area. go to the nbc washington app and search "fireworks."le wn the app, keep updated on weather, as well. it is going to be hot. we take you outside for a live look. lauryn ricketts is tracking some intense temperatures. from the inside l it is nice, but it is going to be warm. we'll check in wh
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for many folks, it is the last straw. plastic that makes sipping drinks easier also causes trouble in our environment. once a restaurant staple, the straw is on the chopping block. tommy mcfly joined d.c. restaurant owns hoping to change diner's habits and helprotect the planet. >> reporter: could you give up the plastic straw a your favorite drive-through or eatery? would you miss it? 40 restaurants and hundreds of citizens have come together to send plastic straws packing. >> i've been bonkers about straws for ten years. when you're a conscious capitalist, there ie than just making money. this is an important topic. we've been on this mission of learning, and now we're all paper straws. we also want people to stay, hold the straw. >> repimter: dans is leading the charge in what he
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calls the tip of the plastic berg. >> the advantage of no plastic is huge. even if you don't love a paper straw, you have to ask yourself, do you really love a plastic straw when you understand how damaging it is? those plastic straws e the streams, in the rivers. they can last for 30 years, 40 r ye before they break down. they get stuck in the throatss,f the bihe turtles, and the animals. >> reporter: from opd.c.'s pier destinations to fast casual restaurants like taylor gourmet, diner spots are gettingn board. >> we're not doing it to save money because that's not the case. these cost a little more. we're doing it for a greater good, a greater cause. >> reporter: taylor gourmet pledges to turn their straws into paper in the coming months. >> let's do it for the right reasons, not because someone is making uoing it. >> reporter: along with the mascot, eddie the turtle, the group is leading tha ce and has support from d.c. government.
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the department of energy and environment is working tether with our last straw on a campaign that you'll see in the district in theext couple months. >> get on board with this. as we build this coalition, we can go after whatever is next. some wasteful thing destroying the planet. >> reporter: currently, there is no legislation in front of the city council. dan simon tnd eddie turtle will spend the summer gathering support from itizens and restaurants. if you want to learn more about our lt straw, search in the app. i'm tommy mcfly, news 4. >> have you tried a paper straw? >> yes. >> i'm not a fan. >> eh. >> what are they like? >> eh. >> that's how most of us will be feeling walking outside and in ohe days to come, too. >> back straws, real quick. >>ok . >> metal straws. i have sensitive eth. i usually use a straw, especially drinking water and stuff like that. >> i think oprahe,ses too.
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>> does she really? >> i've seen that. >> someone got me oneor a wedding gift. it was a cocktail set. i use them all the time. >> do you take them with you to restaurants? >> no -- well, yes. >> that's notweird. >> let's talk about the weather. >> beautiful looking outdoors from indoors. >> this is the feels like temperatures right now. it is a little on the warm side. this is sunday at 1:00 in the morning. is still going to feel like we are in the 70s and 80s out there as we d over the next couple days. in fact, we are going to be weather alert as we head into your sday and monday because temperatures.g it is going to be rather warm. temperatures are in the 60s and 70s at this point. again, it is a little on the warm side out there. it is going to be on the mild de in the mornings. as we head into the afternoon, i don't eveoi know what's to happen right now. let's go ahead and do this. all right. let's go aheadnd get backo the temperatures right there.
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beautiful sun rise out there. morning. this it was gorgeous coming in today. again, it is going to be a beautiful day out there today. again, we are just going to be a little on the hot sideea we areer alert as we get into your sunday and monday. very hot out there. temperatures and humidity will build heading through this weekend. again,e are weather alert for your sunday and monday. take a look at the temperatures now. 83 in washington. everybody else in the 60s at this point. those temperatures will continue toise to right around 98 degrees. plenty of sunshine. maybe a few fair weather cumulus oiouds. we are to be dry. we are dry even out at the area beaches. a is definitely going to be good time to get to the beach. hopefully you're headed there. temperatures today will be in the upper 90s. no rain, plenty of sunshine. tomorrow, temperatures around 100 degrees. we wilbe weather alert because of the feels like factor. it is going to rise. by 4:00, we'll feel like 103 degrees out there today. morrow, closer to 105.
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if you are headed to the oaches, this is the time do it. ocean temperature in the low 70s. look at this. a little cooler at the beach given the bay breeze. again, not too b for area beaches. a little bad inland. temperatures in the upper 90s for sunday to monday. heat index will be in theow 100s. 100 to 105. next chancera of , maybe thursday. again, it is a small chance. we have more news right after this. stick around.
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back at 2 6: on this saturday. no word on what caused a small plane to crash after take-o onto a golf course near ocean city, maryland. itappened before 9:30 at the assatea dp assateague golraclub. the ai was on fire when it hit the ground. a husband and wife got out and were taken to the hospital. the crash unr investigation this morning. cheers and applause after a puppy is rescued from a hole in alabama. toffee was playing with her foster family when she fell into a ditch. there she is, the seven-week-old
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australian shepherd. she is deaf and partially blind. tcrews were able get her out safely, much to the relief of her family. obviously, thee. community th good for her. outside for a live look right now on this saturday. the sun is up. the temperatures are following. they are going to get really hot around here. lauryn ricketts is tracking what you should prepare for over the next few days.
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>> announcer: "news 4 today" starts now.da >> good sat morning. we welcome you into "news 4 today." .i'm david culv angie goff enjoying the weekend off. a lot of folks preparing for the fourth of july. they've got that long stretch ahea to look ahead to and to enjoy, potentially. it is going to be a hot one. as we give you live look at the national mall, i was just noticing, they have the sprinklers on out there. they're watering the grass, keeping it drated. you're going to need to do the same today, as we are preparing forre some e heat. some intense temperatures making their way in. tracking it all, storm team 4 teorologist lauryn ricketts. man, it is going to get hot out there, ricketts. >> it is going to get aittle on the warm side, david. yeah, temperatures out there now in the 60s and 70s. doesn't feel bad now. as we continue through the remainder of the that's when the temperature goes up. yesterday, we made it to 93
6:31 am
degrees. we'll be in the mid to upper 90s for plen ty of temperatn the 60s and 70s. 73 in the district. again, it is sonice. look ateaston, 84 degrees. the humidity is continuing to build. we'll have the humidity with it through notut only today tomorrow and even into next week. we'll show you those temperatures. temperatures today are gthng to be i mid to upper 90s. of course, with the humidity, it'll feel warmer than that. we'll talk about just how warm it'll feel over tt couple days. we have weather alert tomorrow. not because of storms but because of the heat. it is going to be hotter than today. we'll talk about that cominin u few minutes. >> lauryn, we'll check in then. 6:31 on thisaturday morning. folks continuing to grapple with the tragic shooting in annapolis, finding comfort in one another. last night, they held two vigils
6:32 am
to honor those who were gunned down. folks from all walks of life, unified by grief. ♪ thrgh the storm, through the night ♪ ♪ lead me on >> there is love. >> people can really comeer togeuring these times. >> services in annapolis will be offered for the victims. that'll happen tonight at .5: news 4 i-team has been digging into what led up to the rampage. we were trying to figur out why the suspect was upset with the "gazelle," and how the staff tried to prevent something like this from happening. we breakown what we have learned. >> reporter: it all started with a newspaper article published in 2011 called "jared wants to be your friend."
6:33 am
eric hardley wrote it. >> obviously, hwas not happy with the publicity it garnered at the time. he established a webpage would post his rantings. >> ther for editor said it escalated to attacks on twitter, threats against him, the reporter, and maryland judges who handled the defamation case ramos filed and lost. >> it made me feel uncomfortable. enough to go to the police and ask for an investigation. well felt threatened there. we were all concerned about it. >> reporter: he says he warned his family,eld a newsroom meeting, even alerted the front desk with a picture o ramos. the reporter eventually moved on, and the editor retired. he told the i-team that ramos news that. >> four years later, something that happened under my watch would now come to this. i got sick to my stomach because he was reallye wanting --
6:34 am
really wanted us. eric and me, he didn't want innocent people to die. >> reporter: he feels he did everything he could, iluding reporting the threats to police. h> the police didn't feel like there was enoug there that they could pursue it. i'm disappointed. >> reporter: police say it was a newspaper's decision. doingre was a fear that so would exacerbate an already flammable situation. n >> reporter: we heard the staff was putting out a newspaper in the wake of what they ced, it brought tears to his eyes but he wasn't surprised. >> our job to report no matter heat the threat. in matter what repercussions or consequences. that mission does not change and never will. >> reporter: jnews 4 i-team. >> who is telling the truth about why ram wasn't charged? it appears both sides are. we received a police rept about t investigation of the threats. the report says, the newspaper
6:35 am
did not pursue charges pause it did n -- because it didn't want so make a buation worse. earlier in the report, the detective says he told the paper that he did notelieve the suspect was a threat to "capital gazette" employees. 6:35, your time on this saturday. that's one update. the re-sentencing hearing for a d.c.sniper, malveaux, could be put on hold. the attorney general will ask the supreme court to decide if malveaux should get a new sentencing hearing. he was 17 yearshe old he was given four life sentences for heing john allen muhammad kill pele in 2002. the court ruled malvo should be resentenced. but the attorney general said malvo's sentence already complies with the rules. he wants the new penalty hearing to be put on hold as he seeks the high court's review.
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imagine getting out of your car and being greeted by a black bear at ain local shopp center. check this out. right next to a parking lot and what looksike an apartment complex. erick, maryland. the guy who shot the video said the bear chased him when he tried to follow it. lesson is, don follow the bear. >> two weeks, the mlb all-star week gets underway at nat's park. if you plan to go, ditch the car. all scheduled may nintenance wi be suspended for the basebal the late-night service will be available after the home-run derby on july 16th and the all-star game on the 17th.e major leaguaseball teamed up with mastercardo make allhis happen. they're going to be footing the bill on that. all-star week kicks off july 13th. > the capitals still have the stanley cup, and now the team has a new coach.
6:37 am
assistant coach todd reirden will lead the team. he was the only person the team interviewed. couldn't come to an agreement on a contract extension. trotz was si-- reirden was sign 72 whours after tro left. kettler ice flex, get there around 10:00. you can check out that. arlington county honoring residents who are 100 years and older. yesterday, a party was held in their honor. they shared their secre to happiness and a long life with wws 4, like always lending a hand. n you do something good for somebody else, it makes you
6:38 am
feel good. i think that' important. >> tend to your business and leave other people's alone. >> leave other people's business alone. good advice right there. put this iperperspective. ese residents were alive when wilson was president and charles lindbergh was flying across the ocean. same view george washington had 200 years ago. a group in virginia says a new factory could ruin they are fg to preserve the picturesque views in mt. that's straighthead on a
6:39 am
6:40 am
mt.n verno estate offers history and a view from our founding father. the viewea is tned because
6:41 am
of plans to build a gas plant across the river in maryland. julie carey explains what is at stake. >> reporter: this famil from columbia, maryland, among the 1 million tourists who will visit mount vernon this year and tak in the ew. one that george washington himself enjoyed. >> what you see i just gorgeous landscape with no obstructions, you know, looking across the river. almongs you back to like a feeling of, you know, 1799, i guess. >> reporter: those charged with preserving mt. vernon say the view isnl sud threatened. dominion energy plans to build a natural energy compressor plant across the river. from chopper 4, you can see the site they own and have pe deve >> to dominion, i'd say, choose a different ground. sometimes the right decision is a difficult one. >> rorter: the campaign to fight the gas plant dubbed, save george washington's view. they've cred th ed this graphic
6:42 am
show what they fear is on the hozon. a dominion spokesman says it is not accurate. the stacks will be 50 feet below the tree line. >> we designed the facility to not bele vis from mt. vernon. it is located 3 miles away, acrossri a r, and through a forest. it will not be visible. >> reporter: mt. vernon's protectors worry about the future. >> any industrial growth leads to more industrial growth. >> reporter: this familyed distreo learn about dominion's plans. >> i would be devastated if they diet sng like that. >> if you couldn't see it, don't know. whether you can hear it, noise, pollution? i think you're destroying the view. >> reporter: the campaign will be launched nationwide. is there a meeting with the white house? i'm told it's in the works. julie carey, new4. >> mt. vernon's supporters have an influential partne the national trust for historic preservation designated that vi11 as number on its most
6:43 am
endangered list. coming up on 6:43 on this saturday. if you're planng to head out to mt. vernon or anywhere else around here, you'll hopeor some breeze. also search for the shade. it is going to get hot.ic lauryntts is tracking the temperatures and how we can prepare over the next few days
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fortunately for you, you'll get a break from me for two
6:46 am
hours. "today" show is coming up next. >> that's terrible. what do you mean? >> i didn't know where you were going. >> peoe love you. >> it's from my family. i'm responding to texts. they're tired of it. why are you by yourself? >> ask goff. i don't know. she took off somewhere. >> can i tell yhat we're going to talk about this morning on the "today" show when you get a break? >> what you got? >> obviously,or you, too, the latest on the extreme heat blanketing 35 states. temperatures close to 100 degrees. dylan is tracking it all. lso ahead this morning, david culver, wille stay or will he go? lebron james reportedly now a freeagent. does that mean he stays with the cavaliers, or might losngeles be iis future? we'll get into that. we're t kickinghe fourth of july holay off right. barbecue, how to stay safe on the fourth, and tips for redecorating your backyard. we have you covered. we'll also talk to dale
6:47 am
earnhardt jr. as he gets set to art his full-time broadcasting career when we get started on a saturday morningere on "today." >> looks like a good time. see you in 15 minutes. see you in a few, david. how do you like this idea? the idea of sipping an adu beverage while out in nature. on a day like today, find aor shaded spot that. this is something the fairfax county park authoty is considering. a proposal to make it easier for you to host a party in a park with alcohol. >> reporter: whether a slow chug into the station orthaugh around carousel, the rklake park is great for all ages. a change is being considered, making it more appealing for older attenders. >> we get a lot of requests. >> reporter: there's been a spike in requests from local corporations and other groups. they want more options to host
6:48 am
permittedevents with alcohol. >> if we regulate something, put the rules out there that everybody can understand, we have a much better chance of actually controlling it and makingure it is done safely. >> reporter: parks visitors like donna scales could get used to be idea. >> it would be nice to have wine you know, yes. cheese and crackers. a>> reporter: bounds lik good idea, right? find yourself a shaded part of a park, like this spot here, lay out a blanket, pull out the bubbly, pour yourself aittle glass, and nice, right?, wawait, wait. that is not how this works. this is not just about pacng a cooler full of beer and wine and bringing it into a park. this only applies to specifically permitted events. you can't drink that. but this is just sparkling cider. >> oh, okay. > reporter: so long as it is properly managed, helen andohn
6:49 am
say. >> at least try it. >> yeah. doesn't work, you can change iti i it would be good. >> reporter: before you make plans to raise a glass on pa park land, remember, thel board stas to vote on the proposal. >>ig the public gets to in. you guys get to weigh in on the proposal over the next 30 days. they'll be taking public comment. it'll go to the fairfax county board for a vote likely in the fall. we'll seehere it goes from there. i was sipping in that piece, by theway, some sparkling cider, lauryn ricketts. >> nice. >> i honor of you. >> okay. >> i'm from the apple capital of the world, winchester. >> i always talk about that here. >> you sprinted here. >> i'm having a morning. i'll tell you, nothing is working. it's hot. >> thingsre probably overheated. computers are fried.
6:50 am
>> i can't hear anything. they were like, ihink it is because of the humidity. i can't hear my director. it got bubbles in it. they were like, because of the humidityt yeah, stopped working. >> it's a mess. >> i can hear now, by the way. i heard you say that. >> y know theforecast, right? >> i do. we'll rattle it off right now. >> okay. it is going to be warm one out there today, guys. those temperaturesre already into the 60s and 70s. >> we'll take them up from there. beautiful sunrise earlier thism ing. it is a gorgeous morning. even if you're having a morning like me,t is a beautif morning. it'll be a beautiful day and a beautiful weekend,s well. temperatures, 73gr s. temperatures in the 70s outside the belay at this point. by noon, the temperatures. >> reporter: going to be in the low 90s. we take them up from there. 92 at 2: -- 96 at 2:00 and 5:00.
6:51 am
it'll feel like 100 degrees by this afrnoon. take precaution. go ahead and drink some water. make sure you stay hydrated, es acially if you're out about. even throughout this evening. the hea ind will be at 95 at 7:00. temperatures in the low 90s. we'll drop into the 80s from there but we'll have clear skies. no rain or anything like that to eeink of. now, you can the radar is dry right now. high pressure in charge no clouds whatsoever. look at area beaches. up and down the eastern sea board here in emid-atlantic, we are looking good. today's forecast, 97gr s. yesterday, we were at 93. today, 97. a lothotter. the heat index in the lower triple digits.ts e dining, maybe. find some shade though.un ss you're from florida, which this is going to be nothing few forur friends from there, in case you're visiting here in d.c. exercise and hydrate. stay inside. the pool, find somebody and
6:52 am
enjoy it. today is perfect for the pool. today is perfect for the pool, as well. weather alert tomorrow because ofhuhe heat and dity. feeling closer to 105, especially by the afternoon. we keep that humidity and heat going on monday. in fact, wet keep going through pretty much all of next week. we will have that heat index in the 90s next week. area beaches in maryland and delaware, temperature is going to be a little lower, especially with the bay breeze. it'll still be humid and hazy out ere. we are weather alert, if you're sticking closer to d.c. sunday and monday. the temperature around 100. heat index well over the temperatures stay in the 90s. sunshine tuesday. sunshine wednesday. weesday, july fourth. we' we'll have a hot one with no chances of rain. the next small chance of rain, thursday. another small chance on friday.
6:53 am
the best chance looks to be week f ♪ ♪ you are many different things in one amazing package, and t.j.maxx gives you the freedom to express every one. with our unique mix of must-have brands at must-buy prices, you can be active or totally relaxed. ♪ ♪ you can shop online or take it home today. you'll always save on something for every you. maxx you. maxx life. t.j.maxx.
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let's set you up wit four things to know on this saturday. the annapolis community continuing to mourn the loss of five lives, gunned down in the apital gazett building. services in annapolis tonight will be offered for the victims. at's at 5:30. a california man charged with sending threatening
6:56 am
messages to the fcc chairman. he threa hned to killis kids. he referenced several preschools in arlington county. new security questions and concerns afteria a com claims he prank called president trump. john melendez said he was pretending to b senator m menend menendez. it hasn't been confirmed if this actually happened. folks are traveling for the fourth o july. aaa predicting tuesday will best the wor time on th roads. 250 east, the beltway, i-95, al expected congested. along with the trafficeshot temperatoming around here. definitely hot temperatures. the temperatures are going to be in the mid to upper 90s today, tomorrow, and monday. close to 100 degrees. it'll feel pretty warm out othere. close 105 over the next two days. >> folks need to hratement that' -- hydrate for sure. that'll do it for "news 4
6:57 am
today." we'll be back in 25 minutes for a local new update. join us at 9:00 for a full hour of your news and weather. >> our hearts go out to them. we'll be thinking of them as we move forward. we wish them they best as t try to deal with their grief. >> in our world, we'll just remember them as irreplaceable. a charismatic presence in our lives. >> absolute love and pridey in >> absolute love and pridey in husband, that i feel the need
6:58 am
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. g morning. holiday weekend heatwave. oppressive temratures putting more than 120 million people under heat warnings, watches and advisories, blanketing 2/3s of the country. wildfires out west, roads buckling in t east and there's no relief any time soon. dylan's tcking it all. remembering the victims. hundreds aurn out for vigil overnight for i five "capital gazette" employees who were thursdayown at work on >> this is a senseless tragedy and now without my mother. >> as new details emerge about the gunman and his senseless attack on the t smallown newspaper. supreme decision. president trump


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