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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  June 30, 2018 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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tonight, massive crowds from coast to coast. >> families belong! >> togethe braving the heat to protest family separations at the border as thousands of children still wait to be reunited with their parents. a nuclear north, an n news exclusive on the efforts by north korea toroeep itsgram alive. is kim jong-un trying to deceive president trump? soccer shut-out, the sport's two biggest stars eliminated as world cup fever reaches new levels. plastic pollution,mid an environmental emergency, one family tries to live plastic-free. could you do it? and defying t odds, the inspiring sto of a young man who's overcome kidnapping and
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torture, now running toward a brighter future. this is "c nightly news" with jose diaz-balart. >> good evening. hundreds of thousands of people in communities across theze country mobitoday for migrant families, protesting president trump's policy that separated children from their loved ones. m tonighe than 2,000 of those children remain in detention nters, in a country that's not their own, far from their parents. the white house, mostly silent on the issue today. our own steve pnterson is los angeles where organizers say more than 50,000 people took to the streets. >> reporter: tonight a demand for action. [ chanting ]. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands marching in moren tha 700 planned protests from coast to coast, many battling brutally hot temperatures, but unified under one fessage --amilies belong together. from new york to chicago to s
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francisco, activists calling for th trudministration to swiftly reunite roughly 2,000 grant children still separated from their families, most after illegally crossing the rder. >> don't give up! don't give in. keep marching! >> there r patientsht now who can't sing lullabies to theirids. >> playwright lynn manuel rally headlining the just outside the white house. >> we will not stand for a country separatng childrom their families. and if you are silent on that issue or if you are somehow for that issue, you're not getting re-ele >> reporter: president trump tweeting, when people come into our country illegally, we must legally escort them back out without going through ars of legal maneuvering. he also wrote, you are doing a fantastic job of keeping us safe by eradicating the worst criminal elements. >> do you think those children ll be with their parents in a timely manner?
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>> absolutely not. i have no tru trust. >> reporter: this week, a judge ordered the separated children back within 30 days. customs officials say about 500 have been reunitan. a cheffaria says it's personal. >> w i'mried about the world my kids are growing up in. ar>> reporter: it's not cow the remaining children will be reunited, but today so many made sure the call for action will be heard. activists say the plan isrr to the momentum forward. one of the biggest aspects of today was getting people registered to vote so they remember moments like this when it really counts at the ballot box. now to an nbc news exclusive, new concerts about ef by north korea to ramp up its nuclear program. it comes just a few weeks after president trump's historic summit with kim jong-un. and the president saying the north no longer posed a threat.
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nbc's janis mackey frayer reports on what multiple u.s. officials calttempted deception. >> reporter: it was a remarkable moment, the leaders of the u.s. and norea standing shoulder to shoulder, pledging to denuclearize the korean peninsula. but now, more than a dozen u.s. intelligence officials tell nbc news that despite this month's historic summit, north korea appears to be pushing ahead with its nuclear program. stepping up proction of enriched uranium in recent months atultiple secret sites. one official saying of the north koreans, there's no evidence they are decreasing stockpiles or that they stopped production. >> what's clear is the u.s. believes they are being deceptive about the size of their program. i reporter: that north ks growing its nuclear arsenal and concealing it, appears to p contradisident trump's view. >> we'll have a great discussion
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and i think tremendous success, we'll be tremendously successful. >> reporter: that the summit was a success, and north korea is no longer a nuclear threat. th north did stop missile nuclear tests and said it would destroy an engine testing site. but just days ago, satellite imagery showed rapid upgrades at yongbyon, it's main nuclear site. analysts say it's not unexpected that it has a program or covert sites, but that would intelligence officials would reveal it. >> the understanding that north korea is trying to deceive the united states. reporter: janis mackey frayer, nbc news, beijing. youav don'tto be on time mo -- outside more than a couple of minutes to fl the heat wave. millions experiencing near t triple-digperatures. as we head into a long holiday
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week, this sumrcr sr may be sticking around. blake mccoy is among the many trying to beat the heat. >> reporter: sweltering summer heat now settling into the east scoast. >> it' hot. >> reporter: after swamping the midwest fors days. >> definitely sweaty. definitely hot. >> reporter: 120 million americans under advisories or warnings this holiday weekend. in chicago, it feels like107 degrees. the department of transportation had to water down the michigan avenue bridg so it could open and close for passing boats. in new york and new jersey, cooling centers were open through theweekend. you have to brave the hot weather, some tips. avoid strenuous activity, wear lightot ng, drink plenty of fluids. >> safety is everyone's responsibility. stay hydrated and check on neighbors andmi . >> reporter: don't forget your pets. >> we usually take her out earln the morning and then later in the evening.
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her onstantly giving fluids. >> reporter: the holiday weekend means many of us are sweating things out away from home. triple-a estimates 47 million americans a t travelinghis fourth of july. the highest number since tracking began. at new york's famous coney island, it's not just the dogs that are hot. it turns out, the toughest game on the boardwalk today is staying cool. >> this icee helps, i'm sure. >> it does. >> is it helping? >> have to stay hydrated. [ laughter ] w is goingr: tomor to be even hotter. get this. the high temperature ink new y city is going to be above 90 degrees for five days in a row. that will be the longest heat wave in two years. jose? >> blake mccoy, thank you very much. so how long will this s hea wack around? and when will we start to see some relief? dylan dryer has a look at our forecast. good evening, dylan. >>ood evening, jose. it's exceptionally hot. it's not just the wa, temperatur it's the humidity.
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the heat index will feel like it's above 90 degrees for 225 million people o sunday. 95 million people will be 0 eling like it's above degrees. on monday, it sags out of the northeast a little bit, but still 70 mililon people, it feel like it's over 100 degrees. we're talking way over 100 degrees. so looking at our high temperatures, going into sunday, we'll be in the mid to upper 90s, but new york city will feel like 109. charlotte will feel like 98, memphis, like 105 on monday. going into next week, it stays ft in washington, d.c. it willl like 106 on monday. paducah will feel like 103 on monday. still feeling like 99 by the fourth of july. a cold front moving to the east combining with the heat and humidity. we have to watch for strong storms, especially in chicago area. jose? >> thank you very much. ain could bring relief in the midwest. the conditions are helping to arts ofldfires in other the country. hundreds of homes have been
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evacuated in colorado where one fire has scorched more than a,000 acres. crews in utah working to contain multiple fires, and facinrnia's wine country red flag warnings. it's deadline day for thousands of people lt homeless. when brutal hurricanes devastated the u.s. mainland and puerto rico last year. fema is ending the program that provided temporary housing for those surviigrs. now theuestion for so many of them is, what's nbc's maya rodriguez reports. >> reporter: when hurrica maria slammed into puerto rico nine months ago -- its 155-mile-per-hour winds ripped through homes and lives. david o'meara and his families are smfr the thousands of puerto ricans left with nothing, who fled to the u.s. mainland after the storm. theyound a temporary home at a motel in suburban orlando, fady for fema. >> i don't have family in the states. it's very hard. >> reporter: but the program that helped david and nearly
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25,000 other survivors of hurricanes maria, irma, and harvey, ends today. in a statement, fema said the program was, ote, a temporary solution that bridges survivors into more permanent options. peanent options, tough to find in florida's tight rental market. after multiple extensions, hurricane maria survivors he two options. find their own place to live or receive a one-way plane ticket back to puerto rico. >> this is one of the storage rooms for our food pantry. i >> reporte central florida, united way and local churches ar h trying toelp those who want to stay, with food and rental assistance. >> my bregest fear people on the street >> reporter: myra rodriguez is one of the lucky one unit way recently helped her move into an apartment. >> some days, you know, like giving up. but i have a 16-year-old i have to think about. >> reporter: david o'meara and his family will move into their own apartment this buweekend. it's bitter stwesweet for him.
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there are a lot of people here who are my friends, he says, and i wish i could take them all with me, but i can't. a concern for the nearly 2,000 other puerto rican families now out of time. maya rodriguez, nbc news, kissimmee, florida. it's aal questionable that's got people talking tonight. 12-year-old reggie field is bn oh with his own lawn-mowing business. last week,uring one of his jobs, a neighborhe called police when he cut a small part of her grass byident. reggie's customer came to his defense in the facebook video thattarted a gofundme page has now raised more than $10,000. the h world cup already claimed two high profile casualties, lionel messi and cristiano ronaldo the world's biggest soccer stars will both be heading home after losses today by argentina and portugal. meantime in moscow,ot of
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excitement amongst the fans. many of them americans, who made the trekdespite the u.s. not making the tournament. nbc's bill neely reports from moscow. >> reporter: russia has been invaded. more than a million foreigners here for the most watched global sports event -- soccer's world cup. and if there's one street in the whole world right now where the whole world meets, it's right here in moscow. fans supporting 32 countries. the u.s. team failed to qualify, but that hasn't stopped tens of thousands of americans coming, buying morets tic than any country outside russia. >> it was about getting to see then iggest starse world on the stage. >> i've been to some nfl games, this was no comparison. >> an adrenaline >>rush? ou could feel it in your bones. >> reporter: it's already hugely >> into the middle. big drive, goal
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>> reporter: the most competitive tournament ever. stadiums full, no terrorism, no violence. the leader who helped bring it here, reveling in russian success. even its team doing well. for vladimir putin, this world p is a propaganda coup. a showcase for russia's revival under his presidency, of russian power and organization. who will win the world cu p vladimin already has. eight years from now, america will host the cup, jointly with canada and mexicco promising crowds. >> well, like the olympics, i think the world cup is oneimf those tes when the world does come together, and it stops. >> reporter: three billion the antarctic, russia hosting a global party. bill neely, nbc news, moscow. >> the world c, by the way, is now in a key knockout phase. and youan catch the games on
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pollution. ting tonight we're highlighting steps some are taking to protect our planet. he's nbc's rehema ellis. >> reporter: it's in landstlls, ets, and waterways. floating islands of plastic garbage are creating a disturbing reality for wildlife who often mistake it for food. but it wasn't always this way >> plastics played an sshl role. >> reporter: discovered in the early 1900s, plastic was considered a miracle product first used by the military. today it's a vital part in so many of the things we use from medical devices to computer components. and while most ofca it be not.led, 90% is and some plastic products can take century to disintegrate. environmentalists say the situation is dire. >> everybody needs to wake up. we need to do something about this. we can stem the tide and turn off theaucet of this stuff coming into the ocean and coming into our environment. >> reporter: while m cities across the globe are moving to
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ban some plastic products, it's daunting task. americans use 100 billion plastic bags a year. worldwide, one million plastic bottles are bought every minute. ght million pieces of plastic end up in the ocean every day. the plastics industry says better consumer clreg is key. >> whether it's plastic or other type of materials, it's not, yow the material itself, it's how we're disposing of those things. >> you want some more? >> reporter: this family outside chicago is trying to live plastic-free. they get milk in glass bottles. fruits andet vles packed in boxes. but it's not easy, says mom emily. >> it come naturally, boom, you stopped? >> no, i think it's a process. i ahink it's about taking little steps. and you eliminate one thing at a time. good job. >> reporter: it's the little things she hopes will turn the canvas shoppg bags, wooden
6:49 pm
utensils. >> this is p.e.t., this is number one, one of t more recyclable types of plastic. >> reporter: the kids are all in. >> i don't want it too i the garbage. i'm recycling. >> reporter: one family trying to live plastic-free, hoping to make a world of difference for the next generation. rehema ellis, nbc news, oak park, illinois. on the broadcast tomorrow e night, continue our series protecting our planet, with a look at the growing movement to get rid of those single-use plastic straws. forget about tmy and the well. we're back in a moment with the painstaking efforts to free a little puppy that go needles. essential for the cactus, but maybe not for people with rheumatoid arthritis. because there are options. like an "unjection™". xeljanz xr. a once-daily pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well enough. xeljanz xr can reduce pain, swelling and further joint
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a sular fail on the launch pad in japan. just seconds after lifting off, a commercial rocket came crashing back down to earth, lookt that, creating a massive fireball. no one was injured in the test launch. the japanese say they're lookina possible glitch in the main engine. this marked the company'second launch attempt after a similar result last year. the fiery flow of lava on hawaii's big island is showing no signs of slowing down. new images from one of the most active volcanic fissureshow the steady stream going right into the sea. look at that.
6:53 pm
a fissure also forms aer spa cone reaching about 200 feet. hundreds of homes have been destroye since kilauea's recent increase in activity. it took more than 3 hours and some sardines to free a tiny puppy that fell down a 50-foot hole. seven-week-old toffee was in her foster family backyard in alabama when she fell in. toffee is deaf also partially blind due to her age. rescue crews made several atlympts before fin coaxing her out early this morning, thanks in part to the smell of those sardines. when we come back, we'll introduce you to a young man introduce you to a young man whosewhat do you have there?
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n> once bea to the point he couldn't walk, a young man is now running toward a promising future, despite setbacks that many of us can't even begin to imagine. nbc's joe fryer introduces us to thisinspiring athlete. >> reporter: to be great distance runner, it take patience and persistence, qualities that define baraki. >> he's the toughest person i've met yet. and probably will ever meet. >> reporter: when fellow runner hackson truz dale heard his story, he knew he to share it. it begins in eritreahere he grew up until age 12, when he was kidnapped. >> how scared were you?
6:57 pm
>> when i saw the guns and the knives, i was terrified at that moment. >> reporter: he and otherse w taken to the sinai peninsula where they were held for ransom. tortured for and 11 months. >> did you think you were going to survive? >> oh, yeah, from there, i knew. i'm going to survive. >> reporter: it's hard to imagine the young man running so effortless today was once beaten so badly he no lonr had the strength to crawl. eventually released by his captors, he spent time in a refugee camp, but never saw his parents again. fina ty came a chance to com america, ending up at palmer high school in colorado springs. >> h do we pronounce our first wordhere? >> reporter: where teacher chris duvall helped him learn >> he has a really big heart. i don't know if it's despite everything that he's gone through, or if it's becauseng o the t he's gone through. >> are you taking any days off? >> no. >> reporter: he also joined the coryh's cross-count running team. >> how good of a runner is he? >> he's amazing. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: despite every
6:58 pm
obstacle, he's defied the odds, graduating from high school and earning a fuel athletic scholarship to college. >> what's th lesso >> the lesson, probably never give up. yeah, probably just keep going. >> reporter: patience and persistence. >> congrats! >> reporter: the traits that ke him racing toward something better. joe fryer, nbc news, colorado springs. >> great life lesson. that's "nbc ghtly news" r this saturday. tomorrow we'll take a look at a drug that's shown promisis sign in the opioid epidemic in france, and why the drug that helps to curb the craving is so hard to find here in the united states. i'm jos diaz-balart, reporting from new york. thank you for the privilege of your time. goodnight. >>
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