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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  July 2, 2018 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> just about 5:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrest. >> i'm molette green. the temperatures today will >> that's why it's a storm team 4 weather alert day here. we're going to look at your comm but first, sheena has more on the weather alert.le >> the weather today because of the heat advisory and the dangerous heat, with the t humidit you can feel when you walk outside. we're talking about temperatures feeling like105 this afternoon. we have a heat advisory from nonuntno noon until 8:00 p.m. all of the counties shaded in orange with this heat advisory. if you have respiratory issues, you want to avoid long hours outside today 75 in washington. 72 in frederick.
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79 in annapolis. take a look. here's the future heat index. when you factor in the humidity, by lunchtime. we should be feeling around 100 degrees byte the oon. topping out anywhere i would say close0 to d 105. it is going to be a hot day. don't expect any rain relief in the forecast until potentially fourth of july. we'll show you those small chances. and fourth of july forecast is coming up. we'll g to jack taylor. maybe the morning commute will go well. >> we'll keep it light. northwest 13thet stre has it blocked between gallatind farragut. and on the outbound 14th bridge. we had someone broken down in th left lane. road work in the clearing stages, 32 eastbound, before the baltimore-washington parkway.
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no orange line, nothing good. it's still green. hopefully we're off to a geat start early. molette, aaron. back to you. now.t's 5:02 right this is day four of our heat wave. today's temperatures could be dangerous, to >> we're working with you on tips how to makere you're prepared and safe in the swel r sweltering heat. we go to the national mall and justin with more. >> reporter: if you're waking up and wondering how it feels ou here, i can tell you it's warm, a bit humid. but we're seeing th runners and walkers come ou hrdzoutside. it will feel like 105 degrees. even though the actual temperature will be somewhere in the upper 90s so far. now, chances are that at some point, you will have to come outside and deal ith all of this. our advice to you, is to make
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sure you choose your clothing wisely here. we're talking about looser clothing that's lightweight. p and a hat on to blockut all of the rays. and most importantly, you want tokeep cool, as well. we reached out to a doctor for a few more tips. take a listen. >> take a break and get into the cool. outside, everying 45 minutes or hour or so, get into a cool place, cool down. and keep yourself hydrated. you're going to lose more shrewd from h sweating durin periods of time. and it's easy to get behind on fluids. >> yeah. epare to sweat. you really want to make sure you hydrate just in case. also, check on your older neighbors, children.oung this kind of heat can be harder for them. and your pets, as well. the air ishot, the ground is, too. that can be painful for their aws. we're live on the national mall.
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i'm justin finch. >> justin, thank you. it's 5:04. today, the first of the five victims killed in "the capital gazette" shooting in annapolis will be laid to rest. we go toregan mcgh ou tide of office. >> the memorial has grown here. people laving behi flowers and messages. the life of one of the five ictims will be celebrated later today, in a private memorial service that will be held for rob hiaasen. that will happen in the baltimore area latertonight. as family and friends continue to grapple with the loss, "the capital" is dealing with death threats. that's according to an editorial in sunday's paper. since thursday, the paper has received threats and e-mails,
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celebrating the shooting. the editorial goes on to say, we won't forget being called an t enemy of people. meanwhile, the public outpouring continues. avigil was held at st. annes church on sunday. participants rembered the victims and placed candles in front of each n victim'e in a show of support and community solidarity he. also, we're hearing from the woman who was stalked by the gunman, jarrod ramos. she spoke exclusively to the "today" ow. 'll have more on that this morning. i will have more on what she hag to say comp on the show. >> megan mcgrath, thank you. 5 5:05 breaking news out of new mexico. police searching for a man who broke into a tv station. chris lawrence at the live desk. >> this happened not once but twice last night. and the intruder is still out there.
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fake take a look at this. thiis a tweet from a reporter at that station, saying everyone is safe. albuquerque police say the man went into th cbs affiliate building and walked on to their set. they h to put up color bars duringthe broadcast. the man was escorted off of the property and th wentback. police did not find him the second time but cleared the scene. nbc affiliate was told to shelter in place while the officers searched for that intruder. this comes just days after the horrific deadly attack at "the c capital the fire started on a 15-foot boat near selden islandh ee people were on the boat at the time. these are new pcrtures of fire ws putting out the flames. they rescued all three people on the boat. with the help of lauden county,
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crews put out that fire. but investigators say the boat sank before they could pull it to shore. an emergency on the target nor forced passengers to evacuate the plane. video was shot by a "washington post" reporter, showing people jumping on the chute on the tarmac after reports of smoke in the cabin. he flight to houston had to be delayed as a result of this. themoke in the cabin was reported. and emergency personnel responded to the aircraft. all passengers and evacua evacuated via slides without incident and returned to the unitte. now, to a developing story. the suspect in a horrif stabbing spree in idaho is hea heading to court this morning. nine people, including six were hurt saturday, when the suspect went on a rampage at a birthday r. police say he was saying at the apartmentshere the stabbings
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happened, he was asked to leave an apparentlyreturned looking for revenge. that complex is home to many refugees. >> we saw him saying bad words. >> and stabing kids. >> the childrenrangein age from 3 to 12. three adults were also shurt trying to stop the suspect. new information this morning about a confrontation that ended with a lyft driver being stabbed. this happened at good hope thwas a fight between the driver and one of two passengers. once the driver stopped, the suspect stabbed him in the knife. he then ran. the victim took himself to the spital and is going to be okay. a man accused of making a bomb threat near the white hse is facing several charges. he threatened to hurt someone.
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secret service says he claimed to have an explosive device in his backpack. thing was found. the white house was not impacted. we have an emotionalreunion to show you between a mother and a daughter separated at the border. the pair croed into arizona in may to seek asylum from guatemala. they are now together. oue family plans to live in los angeles and go thr the asylum process. the u.s. government is working to reunite 1,500 children separated under the zero tolerance policy. we have an update to a story that's raising new security o questionsesident trump. comedian john melendez said attorney michael avenatti will represent him. that's the me attorney that represents stormy daniels. this meeting comes after
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melendez called trump on air force once, pretending to be bob menendez. here's a short bit of the call when the president tipped his hand on the supreme court nominee. >> we have some great choices and it will be done over 12 to 14 days. >> the white house won't confirm that call happened.he but secret service is likely going to look into how the comedian reachethe president and if he poses a threat. mexico just picked its next president. millions voted in yesterday's historic elections, the largest ever held in the country. mexico's relationship wi the united states was a key issue in this race, especially when it comes to immigration. president tweeted las night, congratulating the new mexican leader. he will take power december 1st.
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you may have to spend more money on the fourth es july stapllike ketchup for your hot dog. canada is hitting back, imposing tariffs from the trump administration, with its own tariffs. they went into eect yesterday. he tariffs hit u.s. consumer goods and other kraft/heinz products that ce tariffs. other products face 25% tariffs. now, to an update on an 81-year-old georgetown un versity graduate. just weeks afr receiving his degree, carlos nuel cera died over the weekend. his father lost his job. cera dropped out of georgetown, just four credits high of his degrees. in may, his family presented him with his diploma in houston. his daughter tellss her father died peacefully on saturday, surrounded by family.
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i would hope the diploma was nearby. georgetown was happy, too. it's 5:12 right now. if you saw this kind of prison break in a movie, youwould probably just roll your eyes. but a french criminal has pau d pulled off this escape before. now, he's the center of a natunnal manht. and you may have heard lebron is taking his talents to the west coast next season. good morning, guys. it is warm and humid outside. we have a weather alert today because of dangers heat. this shows you the air temperature,re ay in the 90s by lunchtime. by lunchtime. by feeling like 100
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you're watching "news 4 today." 5:15. and this morning, a powerful wildfire in northern california has spread to 22,000 acres. you can see it in the yolo county area outside of sacramento. this started saturday afternoon. strong winds, high temperaturit and low hallowed that fire to spread quickly. it's not clear how much is contained but so far no one has been hurt. rescue crews are racing the clock in a desperate search to find 12 missing boys and a soccer coach in a cave in thailand. tea practiced transporting e patients from the cave o they're found. the boys have been stuck over a intenal rescue crews are helping time with the search, including a navy s.e.a.l. dive m
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there's anotorious criminal wanted in frce. >> this shows his escape by helicopter. authorities say they t foundhat hospital and a getaway tar. >> this is not the first time he's escaped. five years ago, he used dynamite to blast h way out of children. 5:17 now. when it comes to the caps, you can celebrations.uch the washington capitals brought the stanley cup to the canadian embassy. about 1,500 guests enjoyed a cookout, some music and snapped pictures with the beaiful y. trop and the wait is over for king james. he is headed to the west coast.
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lebron james is leaving the cleveland. this time, he's joining the l.a. lakers. he fined a four-yeareal. many celebs in l.a. thanking him for the team. and no jersey burning going on in cleveland. none of that. >> give it. tim a new team, of course, means new teammates for bron. remember this from the 2014 playoffs, lance stephenson. his deal was announced after lebron's. it will be interesting to see their dynamic. >> was that a camera angle thing? >> no. he was blowing in his ear. they talk >> it's hil. i love that. >> fun to watch. dn>> they d say how much stevenson's deal was.
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>> probably not like l deal.'s >> it probably doesn't matter. >> that's a good point. >> sheena, this heat today. we're four days into the heat wave. >> we are. >> there's a long time ahead of us. >> 90s through friday. this is a very long strand of 90-degree temperatures. if weay go through t with the humidity and the 90s, we're going to feel like 105. we have a weather alert out today. we have a heat advisory from noon until 8: p.m. we say noon until 8:00 p.m., because those are going to be the hottest of the per. we're very dry toe. rain relief in the forecast. ight now, near 80 degrees in washington and annapolis.
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quantico 77. 73 in bull lesdulles. look at your monday planner, by noon, already in theow 90s. already feeling like 100 degrees with the humidity. the heat index around 97. and by 7:00 p.m., we should be in the 90s. if you're headed to the beach, great weather. you'll want the spf 30 or higher no matter what you're doing today. and so far, wednesdaourth of july looks nice. a there chance for a shower. but by fireworks time, any shower should be gone. that's a small chance at the beach. but looking mosy dry. if you're going to be at the beach, the rest of the week and into the weekend, it looks good.
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our next chance for showers would be late friday into shower. and sunday look good, too. look at that stretch of 90s, today through friday.a we're in the 80s. let's head back over to jacklo tato see how the roads are looking. >> hey, sheena. outbound fourth street bridge. lythorities are on scene to remove them as quis they can. we have 32 going eastbound work has been blocked from gallatin and farragut. that's closed southbound due to the ongoing police activity early this morning. hmm. back to you. >> thank you, jack. a dog at a firehouse, no unique unless you're talking about this particular pooch in virginia. we're going to tell you h how sets this fire
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you're watching "news 4 today." >> 5:24 today. it's not surprising to hear a dog is living at a firehouse in fairfaxcounty. but the dog is not a dalmatian riding along in fire trucks to danger. he is a differentkind of dog. easy to see wally loves making people feel good. he lives a dog's life.
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fetches a ball. olswers commands. this 2-year-oldndoodle has a special job, certified canine therapy. he is believed to be the first therapy dog that lives full-time at a firehouse. he has a personalized crate in theamily room. >> now, wally is an addition. >> reporter: wally comforts paul stella. >> i like it. i'm a dog person. i enjoy it to get outside. destress for a minute, take him on a walk. >> reporter: it's been nearly a year and wally is all settled around the firehouse. when engine 32 jumps into gear and into action, wally waits for his family to return, to offer therapy when nded. >> sometimes it's easier to be with the dog than other people,
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if you don't want to talk.n you ng out with wally. >> we hang out together. we're a pretty close station to begin with. >> he's the first in the nation to live 24/7 in that firehouse. first therapy dog. and it's pilot program. they're expanding it in fairfax county because they've seen how. it wo >> that's awesome. good to see it. can't wait to see more wally around. >> and wally is so cute, too. it's5:26 this morning. still ahead, hitting the road with your pet? we've got the tips for includi exur four-legged members of the family in the nt vacation. we have a weather alert today. 's really going toat up this afternoon. dangerous heat in the forecast, feeling like 105 degrees. and the 90s aren't over just yet. the rest of the veek, we h 90-degree temperatures in the forecast. i'll show you what your fireworks forecast is in a t. plus, breaking her silence.
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the heat wave continues. temperatures climb back up on this weather alert day. we'llill you inon the forecast. new threats for a newspaper already in mourning. the messages of hategainst x "the capital gazette." and for the first time, we're hearing from the woman stalked by the suspect. and new video of an arplosion in paradise. a boat ripped apby flames in the bahamas. what we're learning about the ericans onboard. and more success ahead for d.c. sports teams. d.c. united lands a eal with a soccer star. we'll tell you all about him before his official welcome to washington. >> "news 4 today" starts >> fiat 5:30, a live look outside, as we start this hot, muggy monday. >> it looks miserable out there. >> day four of the heat wave around here. if you have the a.c. cranked up, you'll feel that heat when you
5:31 am
open that door. >> good moing, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm molette green. we're going to get t tohe forecast with sheena parveen, tell us about the heat wave. >> the heat wave continues. t and expe 90s for the rest of the week. it looks a little hazy. we have patchy fog out there in somespots. the temperatures are mild, 79 degree b and quite a of humidity. this is for everybody today. noon through 8:00 p.m., it will be feeling aroun 105 degrees today. stay hydrated and in the shade. poor air quality also. don't be outsideyith this of air quality. 80 degrees now, washington and annapolis. quantico at 77. many suburbs abou the mid to low 70s. plenty of sunshine. no rain relief in the forecast. temperatures will be in the midr
5:32 am
to up 90s. we'll talk about what you can expect for fourth of july and yoew firks forecast, and heading to the beach coming . i'm sure a lot of people might be on the roads heading to the beach this ngmor let's check in with jack this morning. >> that would be nice if they were heading out early, they e graine going against for now. we're in decent shape. we want to start y out downtown. o outbound 14th bridge. closure along wisconsin avenue, between m and p street. there's filmi downtown. you'll find in virginia, 95, down in woodbridge, a delay building quickly, heading up to the prince wpaliam way. so far, that's our only delay so far. molette, aaron, back to you. back to our team coverage on stretch wave that will through the entire week. >> as sheena just mentioned, it's warming up outside. it's only going to get hotter as the sun comein up.
5:33 am
justin is live on the national mall with some tips to keep you safe in the soaring s. temperatu justin, how are you feeling right now? >> hey, molette. sincee last saw you, i can say it feels warmer out here. if you are planningor outdoor exercise, perhaps, you want to be smart about it and get out g there an out there early. maybe even bet out your water, too. i'm doing it and i'm just reporting to you. i can tell you the dmv is now prai bracing for the heat advisory. about temperatures that are going to feel upwards of 100 degrees. the real temperature will be something like the 90s, i'm told. it will be easy. you want to make sure if you're outside for a long time, to take breaks as frequently as possible. m you want toe sure you're staying high berated. you're long water.
5:34 am
and keep the clothing cool and lightweight. you can breathe when you're out here, too. and make sure you're waring the spf, 30 or above, and that ou're reapplying every two hours. this heat can be especially hard on our oer family and freiends and neighbors. make sure you check on them as well as your children, too. keep your pets inside for as long as you can, as well. when i tell you to, if you want a pool or somewhere to cool w our nbc washington app has a list of pools where yo can and cool off across the region. live on the mall, justin finch. we turn to breaking nws in albuquerque, new mexico. police say they are searching n for a o broke into the cbs station twice last night. you see a tweet from a reporter there, saying everyone is safe. police say an unknown man walked on to the news set. he was escorted off of the property and apparently
5:35 am
returned. the station d to put up the color bars during their broadcast while police searched the station. all of this coming days after lathe deadly attack in ma. today, the firstth ofive victims in "the capital gazette" shooting wl be laid to rest. a service will be held tonight for rob hiaasen. that will happen at the nature center at owen mills. since the shooting, paper has received death threats. the woman who was stalked by the suspect gunman sat down for an interview. megan mcgrath will have an updatat 5:45. the suspect in a horrific stabbing spree in idaho is g to court this morning. nine people, including six kids, were hurt saturday when the suspect went on a rampage at a birthday party. police say he was staying at the apartments where the stabbings happened with a woman.
5:36 am
he was asked to leave and apparently returned looking for revenge. home to many refugees. d.c. police are searching stabbed a lyft driver. this happened early saturday morning at an apartment complex at good hope court. there was a fight between the driver and one of two p tsengers. whenhe suspect stopped, he stabbed him in the head with a knife. scary moments on the tarmac at agan national as passengers were forced to evacuate. a "washington post" reporeoshot this v people jumped down the emergency chute. the plane headed to houston was evacuated after smoke in the cabin. no injuries reported. united is looking into what went wrong. day, the media and fans will meet thest newe member of d.c. united. wayne rooney is expected to be introduced today. he arrives at dallas from the english premier league aate last week very excited crowd. the all-time leading goal scorer is coming at a great time.
5:37 am
>> the new d.c. united stadium opens one week from friday. and i love that we're having all tsis good sp news in sports other than the typical washington basketball and fon'tball. >> i know a thing about soccer. but you get interested when there's a big name coming >> learning here. 5:37. coming up, about to get more crowded than usual on the roads. holiday crowds joining commuters. we'll warn you about the worst times to leave your home, stil ahead. plus, a i boat blast the bahamas. details on the fire on the watea e d wwe'r
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you're watching "news 4 today." someone get the boat. bring the boat.
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>> we've learned an american woman died following this boatb. this happened on saturday, during a fun time on the water.e igators are working to figure out what caused that explosion. they say 12 people were on the boat, ten of them weream ericans. this morning, we're learning that three of the americans have been upgraded fromic crl to stable condition. the names have not been released. a dramatic rescue caught on camera, after a cruise ship crew member wasaught overboard. >> the norwegian getaway was headed back to miami when a crew member was in thew er. another cruise ship spotted the crew member and sent out a rescue boat. passengers cheered as the search team brought that person back onboard. that person is in stable seas condition. no word on h or she ended
5:42 am
up in the water. good morning. we have a weather alert. us're talking about dange eat. if you're at the pool, that's where you want to be. stay in the shade. have the spf or higher. the humidity, that will make it feel around of you.rees for some we'll look at was we head through the rest of the week. 90s in the forecast. your fourth of july and beach forecast coming up. in northwest, plan for wisconsin avenue to be closed between m and p streets, filming going on until 3:00 this afternoyo. you'll finself rerouted a couple of blocks around.
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you're watching "news 4 today." >> 15 before the hour now. while the first of the five victims killed in "the capital t ga shooting rampage will be remembered in a memorial service, there's new violence against the newspaper.
5:46 am
>> reporter: guys, you can see of "thememorial outside capital gazette" office has se grown overal days. as the outpouring of support continues, "the capital" newspaper is dealing with death threats. that's according to an editorial in sunday's paper. since thursday, the paper has received threats and e-mails celebrating the shooiang. the edit goes on to say, we won't forget being called any en the people and pledges to cover the news saying, we are journalists. we areeang from the woman who was stalked by ramos. she talked exclusively to "today." still living in fear, she asked that her identity be protected.
5:47 am
everyone is safe. it has changed the fiber of being. >> and you can hear more f that interview later on "today." meanwhile, the life of one of the victims is being celebrated later today. a privatee memorialice is being held for rob hiaasen in owings millslater tonight. >> megan, thank you. president trump is narrowing down his list of potential supreme court nominees. >> this comes as democrats call for confirmation hearings toe put on hold until after the midterm elections. chris pollone is following the latest for us. >> reporter: good morning, esron. the ent said he will make
5:48 am
the announcement a week from y, toext monday, july 9th. as he continues to whittle down that list and inrview potential candidates, senate without having a name to target, are ratcheting up their rhetoric. they're putting pressure on pro-choice republicans, susan collins and lisa murkowski. 4 with9 votes in the senate, it's clear that democrats nwoed one orepublicans to go along with them to delay a vote or block a trump nominee to the preme court. all depending on the health of john mccain and whether he will be able to vote when this comes to a vote. the democrats areounding the ala ala alarm, saying a potential pick from the president, could us eaten things like row ver wade. minimum wage workers in
5:49 am
maryland willbe wiaking home a bigger paycheck. $10. is in effect. lormakers have pushed a bigger increase but that legislation stalled this year. > other areas of our region are getting a pay hike and new laws are in effect. for information, open the nbc washington app. drivers getting out of town ahead of the fourth of july will add congestion to our busyad aaa says the rush will begin around 11:30 this it predicts drivers on the ital beltway will be four-times longer than usual. a trip that takes ten minutes will be closer to 51 minutes. cted to ur area is ex travel 50 miles to celebrate the fourth. it wi cost more to hit the roads this year. the average gallon of regular
5:50 am
gas, costs $2.85. we're paying 10 cents less than on memorial day. it's cheaper in maryland and virginia. that's the whole state average, typically prices are higher in r the d.c. s than in the rest of the area. a lot of you will hit the roads for the fourth of july, of course, we know. >> and if you're taking thely faog with you, important things you need to do to prepare. susan hogan has the sry. >> reporter: 1-year-old mabel and her family are preparing for a six-hour road trip to vermont. >> we started to do small trips around town. >> reporter: they're working with trainer, holly santana, to get road-ready. >> you should have consistency. you want the same food and the same schedule. if they eat at 6:0a.m. and 6:00 p.m., keep it that.
5:51 am
>> keep a towel or bed from home. and take breaks eve three hours. make shour your dog's collar has an i.d. with your contact info. and don't forget about safety. >> p s can act as projectiles if they're not secured. >> we conducted crash tests on dummy dogs. they found the most secure restraints, the sleepy pod carrier. the sleepy pod crate. and the click-it harness. >> family trips tvermont are important to us. make sure everyone in the car is safe. >> susan hogan, news 4. one more important thing to remember, vaccination records. these can be useful to carry with your dog if your dog gets ck. >> that makessense. i don't have a dog. it's not in my mind. >> you can call your vet, too, if you forget them and fax them
5:52 am
over. >> and dog-friendly hotels have been known to ask for those records, as wel >> yeah. speaking of dogs, it's way too hot to leave them in the car today. i would recommend doing a dog walk early this morning. we have 90s. that's going to continue through the rest of this week. look at this. heat advisory for everybody. this is why we have a weather alert today 12:00 p.m., to 8:00 p.m., temperatures in the 90s. feeling like 105 at its hottest this afternoon. poor air quality, too. a little hazy this morning with all of the humidity in place. it's near 80de ees, washington and annapolis. 72 in frederick. 77 in quantico. if you're drilling today, whoever is manning the grill, it will be hot for you next to the flames. 9 for7 with the high today.
5:53 am
sunnyks today, tomorrow, we'll be around 94, humid, but feeling 100. and by dnesday, we're looking mainly dry. 92 for a gh, mostly sunny. we have an isolated storm ance. that isolated chance, will be clearing up by the time fireworks start. that will be for p a smalltion of the area. at the beach, the temperatures will be in thelo mid to 80s for the fourth of july. looks good there, if you're at beach for the next few days, it will be the hottest today. near 90 and sunny. tomorrow, sunny a 3. for the fourth of july wednesday looki good. if you're going to be at the beach, the next rain chance arrives. ursday, good and dry. friday, a chance for showers. that leads intosaturday. so far, sunday is looking dry. same thing around the rest of thearea. the next big rain chance is late
5:54 am
iday into sunday. let's go to jack taylor on the roads. off to at start. we had a movie set filming going on in northwest. on wisconsin avenue between "m" and "p" streets. they should be on the wrap-up stages. one we heard 3:00 p.m., and the other00 p.m. we have delays in wood ridge headed northbound toward the prince william parkway. nothing huge. typical volume. same in maryland. just decrease speeds as you head sor,hbound. so so good, no worries as you head to the toll plaza. three lanes westbound and if you're headed to the beach,ve h fun. molette, aaron, back to you. chris lawrence with new video of a pretty incredible rescue. this is in southern taiwan.
5:55 am
it happened last just getting video now. a little boy had to be rescued from a fifth story balcony. talk about a parent's worst nightmare. his head got stuck between the bars of the fifth story balcony. they had to cut throughhe roof and repel down. officials say no one was home when this happened. the ar4-ld was not hurt other than minor bruising. i can tell yo 4-year-olds often, they don't make the best decisions. you cannot leave them home alone, much less out on the balcony. >> no one home with a 4-year-old? >> a lot of questions to be answered there. chris lawrence at the live desk. anks. a stunning upset in the world cup round of 16. host nation russia booted spa from the tournament in penalty
5:56 am
kicks yesterday. russia's keeper had twocritz cal blocks to win the game. they'll take on croatia next. th bigmatch-up, brazil versus that starts at 10:00 this morning. the universal circus is in town. we featured the special benefit show here onews 4 today. >> last night, the kidses liv matter campaign, proceeds go to help local children in foster care. i had th pleasure to serve as guest ring master. got a chance toee all of the action, as well. irene johnson was there with her daughter. and her daughter got to shine as well on the stage, t during preshow, during her baton swviling. that s will be at the harvard through july 22nd.
5:57 am
>> good-looking family. yeah. 5:57. still head, police say a lyft rider decided to stab the driver in the head, instead of paying for the ride. now, officers areraorking to now, officers areraorking to tk down that cri
5:58 am
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refugee will be permanently scarred after a man attacked a birthday party t. and the heat continues, as temperatures continue to climb for a weekend intense summer heat. >> "news 4 today" starts now.go > morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm molette green. we're going to be hotter today. >> it' storm team 4 weather alert. we're going to check in withja taylor for a look at the roads. first, sheena parveen ts here tell us about the heat wave we're getting through all week long. >the heat wave is going to last for the rest of the week. 90s today. 90s throu friday. make it umidity will feel even hotter. temperatures really heat up once the sun starts to warm us up. 78 degrees. a


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