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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  July 2, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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with holiday heat sweltering heat roasting. >> this extreme heat is scorching tens of millions includings here. >> how hot is it, ameola? >> when you factor in the humidity, it's feeling close to 110 degreesoutside. take a look under a heat advisory going until 8:00 tonight. here's the thing though. this is not the end of it. i'm tracking another heat advisoryue i for just about the exact same areas tomorrow that will go fromnt noon 8:00 p.m. once again for anywhereke temperatures from about 100 to 105. this is how oppressive and gross it feels outside right now. feeling close to 110 in leesberg and 108 inashington and 106 in gaithersburg and 109 dn in
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quantico. on storm team 4 radar i'm hunderstorms well back to the west. these stay long and west of i-81 ring the evening hours. a small chance that one of them moves into frederick or fauquier county. when you factor in the humidity fnight, it stillls like 90 degrees out there. more on how this heat and humidity impacts our fourth of july coming up ins. 15 minu >> keep the ice machine on. >> yes. >> during this sweltering heat count on storm team 4 for the most accurate temperatures for information wherever whever you a open up the nbc washington app. >> and we have breaking new this afternoon. this is the stuff of miracles. 12 boys missing in a flooded cave fou alive. newshanley with breaking
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>> reporter: this is video into our newsroom from just a short time ago. this is deep inside the cave complex in thailand, and these are the 12 young soccer players. these children and their coach foun alive after nine days trapped inside the cave. rescue crews are now trying to get them medical attention while they figure out how to get them out of the cave. the team was touring the cave when heavy rains flooded out the narrow passageways and trapped them inside. here's a listen now to the euphoria when thai officials announced the boys had been found. [ cheers and applause ] so many parents sitting in vigil for days and crews have been trying to reach the team member for days now, buttress cue efforts were stopped after severarew members were electrocuted during the search. now a u.s. military team, ang
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with crews from other countries, are helping with the rescue effort. we'll keep you updatedit any new developments, but certainly miraculous news today. wendy, back to you. >> thank you, m. we have a family tragedy, an awful one in charles county, at and his 3-year-old daughter who were found dead insi a truck this weekend. this afternoon we're get a look at that little girl. the truck was found in gilbert park in laplata, maryland. police are calling it a murder-suicide. hews 4's derrick ward is there with latest. derrick? >> these cases are troubling to investigators and anyone associated with the case, certainly thend families just people in general, but it's always especially troubling when it involves the deathou of a child and especially when it's a case of murder-suicide. police say 33-year-old brian duncan davis had legal visitation rights with his daughter 3-year-o maddy saber
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davis, though he and the child's mother are estranged. he wassed to have his daughter back home by 6:30 on sunday. when they hadn't returned by tat time family members made repeated calls brian davis' cell phone which went unanswered. they knew he liked tois take h daughter to area parks, and that's where they began looking. the search took them to gilbert run pack in thete charlall section of charles county. >> when they arrived at gilbert run, theyealked up to truck and could tell they were inside the truck, that they were deceasedle and they c police, and when our officers arrived on the tsceny were able to get into the truck, and they found that the father and his daughter were deceased. >> reporter: police say this is still being investigated as a case ofes dc murder-suicide. now, here in the county, there is an agency under the socialrv es cluster that looks at cases like this where there's a fatality in a domestic violence incident. it's not quite sure if this case will fall upped that aegis, but it's expected it will. they want to make sure nothing
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that wasn't done that should have been done that would have prevenis tragedy. more later on news 4. >> i bet a lot of people will be haunted by this. thank you, derrick. happening tonight, there will be a private memorial service for rob hiaasen, the managing editor of the "capital gazette. he's amonghe five people killed in last week's attack at the paper's headquarters. hiaasen was known for his commitment to high journalistic rds and for mentoring young journalist. he and his wife had just celebrated their 33rd anniversary. meantime in annapolis, people are trying tir get tives back together, and the office building that houses the "capital gazette" has reopened. for many it felt a lot like coming face to face with last week's tragedy. news 4's tracee wilkins joi us live from annapolis. a pretty tough day for some we would imagine? >> reporter: a very toughe day. crpe is down and people
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able to go inside the building for the first time sin the shooting. they had to replace walls and windows. this is very difficult. for many who frequent this office building, this is going octo be a s, and that process began when they got to go back through those doors today. >> it just hit close to home. >> reporter: they say they had to pay tir respects a a memorial created to honor the lives of five "capital gazette" employees murdered in a mass ooting. >> a lot of these things happened. it happened in florida, and it happened in places where it's not your hometown. >> reporter: they like many people didn't know the victims but the sampsons passed the capital offices at 888 westgate regularly. >> when it hits your hometown it makes it a reality for you that it can happen anywhere. >> i don'tave any words to tell you how terrible i fell. >> reporter: dine guerriere knew wendiwi ers, one of the journalists killed. >> i'm a twin and my sister and i wereh bot h
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rectors and she thought that was a novel thing. that's what wendi was about. she was people-based. >>h was w wendi out at happy hour ten days ago, and it's tough but you've got to mone . >> reporter: doug potash is among the many at 888 today. the crime tape is down and the business is open. business owners and patrons are trying to do what they were doing before accused gunman jarrod ramos entered this building. >> i got a text from somebody are you okay? and i saidk what the h are you talking about? >> reporter: you can see the memorial that started here on friday has grown. meanwhile, we're learningouore ramos' future. he's due for his first appearance in court on july 24th. he's looking at five counts of first-degree murder. he was, of course, denied bail. reporting live in anne arundel
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county, tracee wilkins. >> a 3-year-old girl is now dead after that sbbing spree in boise, eight other people were hurt after the attack at a child's birthday party. seven victims still in the hospital withioome ser or even critical injuries. they are all refugees who fled the middle east and africa. the suspect has a long criminal recordls a there are new charges against jrvey weinstein. a new york grandury originally indicted the former movie producer on sex assault charges involving two women. today we learned new charges were filed bas on accusations from a thirdom. weinstein's lawyer says his client denies the accusations and will plead not guilty. qaedan alleged a supporter accused of scouting out locations for a fourth of july attac i cleveland never left the country. the fbi says he was radicalized here in the u.s.
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dimitrius pitts was pretending to belong to al qaeda. court papers show he also talked about bombing philadelphia. another massive metro shhedown right around corner for you, and this one is going to close two stations on the busy red line. the rhode island avenue and the broo stations will be closed from july 21st until after the labor day weekend. our transportation reporter is live at the station to show us why this work is necessary. adam? >> reporter: wendy, this is a 45-day shutdown. this is the it's got crumbling concrete and and that'sctures, why this station and the brookline station bolt have to close for over a month. no one wants the inconvenience of alod metro station. >> what? you gdi to be k me. >> reporter: no kidding here. the situation here is pretty
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serious. take a look at certain partsf the rhode island avenue station. there's netting in place just in case anymore of the concrete here chips off. the platform is worn down and uneven. now crews are setting up to mpletelyreplace this platform. it will cause aassive 45 day long shutdown of the red line between the totten and north gallaudet station. >> should be n problem. >> reporter: dolly king takes the red line all the time and is hay the work is happening. she has cerebral palsy and for her the uneven platform makes it that much harder to catch ride. >> sometimes i have to do a 3 and go in backwards before they close the doorset and simes i'm not successfulow >> for n a lot of riders acing for a major shutdown that's right around the corner. guys, this isn't just going to have an impact on the rails.
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they are actuallyoing to create a bus only lane along part of busy rhode island avenue as part of this project. we'll tell you moreha about next hour at 5:00. back to you. >> all right, adam. could be ag, hot summer for some. as extreme heat grips the dmv, we want to keep you safe. also, what you need to know for 49th. if you plan to hit theis ro th week with the family dog, pere's an important ste you need to take. susan hogan helps you get ready. plus -- ♪ stand beside here ♪ and guide her ♪ through the night with the light from above ♪ ♪ from the mountains >> and chopper 4 is flying ove come breaking news in northern virginia. one man has been shot in prince william county. these are live pictures over the scene near fillarette street. this is woodbridge.
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no word yet on a suspect description, but police are warning residents they will in this neighborhood for a while while they investigate. while they investigate. 'll keep an ♪ ♪whoaaa-oooaaaa s♪as long as ts up... ere's no holding back.♪ ♪whoaaa-oooaaaa ♪and every moment,
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aes wead heat wave is expanding across large parts of the country. here in the washington aa we're close to triple digits, and we're under a heat advisory for the next four hours.
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how long is thisea oppressive going to last? >> we have team coverage. let's beginning with news 4's nicole jacobs in alexandria. everybody always says, you know, it's always cooler along the water. no, it's not. i was there. what would you say today? >> no, no, no, it's not, exactly what youinaid. it's dely a scorcher. we have not felt the heat let up at all today, but besides it is in the middle of summer,eand that summer camps. many are switching up the game today and staying inside. when a heat wave is upon us and kids still have b thattled up energy, summer camp resorts to plan "b" and that's staying inside, staying cool and staying safe. >> behind the line! >> reporter: getting creative with indoor games is the way with fairfax par and recreation. they enter code orange for their heat advisory, a are protected rom the sweltering sun in the
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gym. it's a game of ball. a breath of fresh air inside anh safest bet for keeping cool. >> we're changing it up a little bit and using some other various spaces in the cool to make sure our gets are safe and not getting too dehydr being in the heat today. >> reporter: and i can also tell you that for those who were staying inside dominion energy has a few tips as wel they say circulating a ceiling fan will actually help you kee cool, about five degrees cooler, hey say, and also you can actually put off your chores a little bit. the chores that require hot water, doing theiss and laundry. they say save those when it's a little bit cooler. coming up at 5:00, how some summeramps that are actually outside are staying cool and safe. pat, back to you. >> i'm not going to vacuum or pay my bills either, because that -- i work up asweat. i don't know about you. >> those require energy. make you hot.
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thanksle ni >> reporter: exactly. >> speaking of heat, we've got a eat adviseory and alert in effect. >> reporter: a heat advisory until 8:00 p.m. and again tomorrow from noon to 8:00 p.m. after that it kind of start to letup, but it's still pretty uncomfortable out there, because the humidity levels are justut of control through friday. take a look at your weather headlines. it's hot ts week, but it' really the humidity that is making it unbearableoutside. feeling like swampy gc here in the summerths. we keep the humidity levels very high again until friday. there's small storm chances in the forecast. most days are going to be completely dry until we hit friday, but i can't rule out some isolated pop-up showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon hours more on that in a moment, but as we look to the weekend it'sin look really nice. more comfortable saturday and especially it wil gorgeous outside especially compared to what us're dealing with right now which is dangeeat. all of these counties inera ng
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uthe heat advisory during the afternoon will be anywhere from 100 to 105 degrees. indooow is another great day and another day where you don't have to pate bills or get any vacuumingone. take a look at the planner for tomorrow. 7:00 a.m., already hot andst ky outside. at 78re d and by lunchtime it's 90 degrees. the hottest part of the day has a temperature of 94 degrees and heat index around 105. heading into the evening hours it's still uncomfortable at 91 degrees with a few isolated thundersto maybe back around the mountains and the i-81 corridor. heatd index aro 105. the heat index or feels-like temperature on wednesday around 100, so, still, not all that great outside. and even t onrsday still feeling close to 100 degrees outside during the heat of the afternoon. here's the late on thees radar. thunderstorms for the most part are going to stay west of
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i-81 tonight and when i talk about small chances through thursday, it's mai around the areas and a small chance for some of the isolated storms to sneak into parts ofk, freder louden, fauquier county and the d.c. metro area will stay dry tomorrow, wednesday and maybe even on thursday as well. this is fourth of july fireworks time. 9:00 you can see the forecast right now looking pretty good. maybe an isolated storm out around the charlottesvillea are and fireworks will be just fine, thankfully, this year. a temperature on the 4th of 92. on thursday about a 30% chance for a te-day thunderstorm, mainly around i-81. friday a high likelihood that everyone is dealing withain and thunderstorms, but we want that, because look what it does for the weekend saturday and sunday we have low humidity and high temperatures only in the low to mid-80s. wendy and pat.
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>> nice. the latest buzz good news for those who drink it. researchers from the national cancer institute tracked nearly half an million peoplee united kingdom and found that people who drank coffee had a lower ris ofarly death and some drank as much as eight cups a the ben were the same for those who drink decaf. good to know. lot of people are hitting the road for the fourth of july. >> how to make sur everyone in your car is fe, including your family dog. >> plus, flipping out in full uniform. nice. >> tomorrow ews 4 today," the holiday is here. it is time to hit the grill. at do you do? >> cannot wait. eat all the burgers and hot dogs and everything you can get your hands on. we're working with you with four easy recipes that will wow the l
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of you are hitting the road this week for the fourth of july or maybe you're taking a l triper in the summer on your family vacation.y taking the famog with you, there are some things that you need to do to prepare. our consumer reporter susan hogan has t story for you. el reporter: 1-year-old m and her family are preparing for a six-hour road trip to vermont. >> we started to do small trips
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around town and gng to our neighbor's homes in the car that first day. >> reporter: they are working with a trainer holly santana to get road ready. >> you should have consistency oo you want the same food and same schedule if they eat at 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. keep it p.m. .m. and 6:00 >> reporter: she says bring a towel or bed fm home, keep the car cool and take breaks at ryleast e three hours. also useful, cleaning supplies, and extra doggie bags. make sure yr dog's collar has an id with the contact info and don't forget about safety. >>et can act as projectiles if they are not >>secured. reporter: crash tests were conducted on dummy dog, and they found among the most secure restraints, the sleepy pod air carrier for about $160, the gunner kennel g1 intermediate crate for $500, and the sleepy podlick it and sport harness between $65 and $75, andhey recommend dogs up to 90 pounds
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should be secure in the rear seat opposite the driver's side and larger dogs in a crate or the cargo area or three-rowed vehicles ithcaptain's chairs dogs up to 20 pounds should be secured in the second row and drgers in the third row, and if traveling with your kids, secure youre child in econd row and the dog behind on the opposite side. >> rorter: family trips to vermont are very important to us. i want to make sure that everyone in the car is safe. susan gan, news 4. >> one more really important thing to remember. the vaccination records, because they are be useful if your dog gets sick on the road and you need to visit a local vet. >> good tips. after ne daysf non-stop searching, rescuers find 12 boys and theirch soccer c alive in a flooded cave. more of the incredible rescue caught on camera. >> this is the hottest day of our heat wave, but excessive temperatures are here t stay
4:26 pm
for the next few days. when are we goreg to s some eeef
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> and welcome back on this monday afternoon. right now you're taking a look at great falls from chopper. we have some fire boats out there just practicing some training right now. hopefully they are feeling a little bit more comfortable on that water. the ocean temperature now at 76 degrees and the potomac a little
4:29 pm
bit warmer coming right in around 80 degrees. again, a nice vantage point from our chopper on this afternoon, and we'rethn w alert mode because of the heat and humidity. everybody under a heat advisory until 8:00 p.m. tonight. everybody is going to be under another heat advisory until tomorrow from noon to 8:00 p.m. take a look at what you're waking up to. 85 degrees in washington at 7:00 a.m. by lunchtime it's feeling about 100 degrees. take a look. this is 3:00 p.m. feeling above 100. make sure the kids are indoors and if d they head outside limit their activity and make sure they are drinkyg plef water. even by 7:00 p.m. they are still feelg about 101 an updated fourth of july forecast in about 15 minutes. amelia.s, whenever you're not watching us on tv, your nbc washington app with the fulorecast in the palm of your hand. plus, you'll find tips to keep ol and safe in this blazing heat. go to the app now and search heat.
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did you hear about that wonderful breaking news out of thailand? and take a look at this fab lots video from deep inside that cave where 12 young members of a soccer team and terir coach found alive today, all of them. they have been trapped inside the cave for more than week. nbc's barry aaron has more on the rescue efforthe >> reporter:are alive after more than nine days inside a cave.s the 12 b and their coach rin videreleased from the thai navy. the 13 were foundve a after long day of searching. [ cheers and applause ] . he said they were safe buthe operation to rescue them was not over, the group still inside the partially flooded cave. the international effort has
4:31 pm
become more difficult. >> this is not routine. there's a lot of considerations for safety. >> rorter: deep inside thai navy s.e.a.l. divers and rescuers from other countries m worked toe their way through a narrow passageway, but rising water from heavy rain and flooding in the area made the work difficult and dangerous. the s.e.a.l.s battled hypothermia in the cave's chilly water. th breakthrough came after rescuers using hand drawn maps de it through a key claim per. >> it's a multi-national rescue effort, and it'sed for success. >> relatives of the missing waiting and hoping for for thailand's biggest rescue operation would end with everyone alive and safe. >> well, now two issuest t could loom large in president trump's legacy, theur supreme and north korea. u.s. intelligence agencies have troubling news abouteyongyang. whhe president says he's
4:32 pm
plett with four potential replacements fretiring supreme court justice anthony kennedy. jennifer johnson is covering all the angles for us this afternoon. jennifer? >> reporter: good afternoon, pat from. a very hot steamy capitol hill, some hut-button issues facingum president including his supreme court nominee. president trump meeting with the netherlands prime minister as he narrows his search for a new preme court justice. >> during the morning i interviewed and met with four potential justices of our great supreme court. people. outstanding >> the president promises to pick a conservative. democrats and some republicans now looking at the possibility a restructured court could overturn "roe v. wade," a potential game-changer for mid-term elections. >> puts abortion back into the front line of the political debate and forces candidates to talk abo it, including some who would rather not. >> reporter: while the president considers his supreme court nominee, he faces what could be an embarrassing about-face from kim jong-un. u.s. intelligence reports north
4:33 pm
korea is actually increasing its nuclear arsenal at secret sites despite promising to dismantle at the june summit. >> singapore declaration was a bu vh ofbiage. we didn't get anything out ofa, north korend i think this is going to be a long road ahead. >> mr. spresident, i michael cohen going to flip, sir? will michael cohen flip, sir. >> reporter: also news that the president's longtime personal attorney who said he would do anything to protect the president, signaling he may beo willing cooperate with prosecutors, telling nibs news my wife, my daughter and my son have my first loyalty and always will. i put family and country first. the fbi is investigating arcohe. so he's not been charged with any crime. live on capitol hill, i'm jennifer johnson. pat, back to you. >> thanks, jennifer. there is new evidence today to support the power of a positive attitude. >> a study shows helping children feel positive aboth r futures can keep them out of trouble. researchers from the children's
4:34 pm
hospital in pittsburgh surveyed more than 800 teenagers, most young men from low-income neighborhoods and all were enrolled in a vlence prevention program. researchers found the teenagers who felt good about their plans for their future were less likely to be involved in violence. you've heard of carpo karaoke. some are calling this cop pool croak >> two bosrsn police offi are showing off their hidde talents, and they are getting folks in the mood for the fourth. ♪ god bless america ♪ my home sweet home >> sounding pretty good. >> the acoustics are incredible for a car. when they finished singing, the officers got a call say they were on open mikes so apparently they didn't know that. >> sign them up is what i say. >> lovely. >> pretty good. >> a d.c. police officer is getting praise on social media
4:35 pm
for his acrobatic skills. this -- well, there you go. it was posted o a boy completing a flip at a playground. head over heels about his and the officer then takes a running start and lands a full flip, boom. he serves in d.c.'s seventh district. that's local hometown talent. >> yeah. a lot of flexibility and talent there. >> well, a firefighter's best friend. meet the dog lending support to first stoppeders in our area in a unique way. a unique way. a look>> a
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here's money for pizza. here's the wi-fi password, but, if you go online while the boys are online
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the internet can slow down and... they don't like it. you guys don't have fs? [mrs. jennings] oh-n but it's a 100% fiber-optic network with ridiculous speeds. you could have, like, a hundred devices online at once. interested, talk later. bye boys! don't even think about going online. woah... i can't work like this. the 100% fiber-optic network means more speed for more devices at once. so get a fios triple play with a 2-year agreement, and choose a free samsung chromebook 3 or credit towards other samsung tech. one of the biggest names in english soccer shows off his star power for d.c. united today. >> oh, he's big. wayne rooney sned with d.c.
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united just last week. todayasproclaimed wayne rooney day, before he's even stepped foot on tthe field f the black and red. ahead at 5:00, the soccer icon meets with the media for the first time today and tells us what fans can expect when he makes his d wut. andhile we're speaking ofic s, georgetown cupcakesle ceates a major milestone today. a little business that some thou at would just be fad and fade is now 10 years old, but what's the recipe for their succs? we go behind the scenes to find out. i drive by it a couple times a week and they are still lined up around the corner to this day. >> thanks, jim. not surprising to hear this a dog is living at a firehouse in fairfax county, but the dog isn't a dalma ian and not riding the trucks to a fire. >> no. this is a dferent kind of firehouse dog. millette green had a chance to see h he's helping some of the brave first responders. >> reporter: easy to see wally
4:40 pm
loves making people feel good. he lives a g's life. >> fetch. >> reporter: fetches a ball, answers comyends, this 2-ar-old golden doodle has a special job, certified canine therapy. he's believed to be the first therapy dog in the country to live full-time at a fire house. home is station 32 in fairfax coun p with asonalized crate in the family room. >> this is my spot, the firm roller and the floor. >> reporter: after a hard day fight the flames, spreading out with wally comforts, firefighter paul stella >> for myself i like it. i'm a dog person so i enjoy it to get tsoue and de-stress for a minute, take him on a wuk. >> reporter: it's been nearly a year and wally is all settled in around the firehouse. when engine 32 jumps into gear and into action, wally waits for his family to return and offer therapy when needed.
4:41 pm
>> sometimes it's easier to be with then dog tha other people. if you don't want to ta , you can always hang out with wally.t >> ink he bonds us together, ore so than what we already were. we're a pretty close station to begin with. >> he's a pretty important part of that department. >> i think wean use a therapy dog in our newsroom. what do you think? >> i love t'wally. >> more patriotic than celebrating the fourth of july? >> celebrating it in the nation's capital. you know it and everything that youw need to k about the props under way to keep you and the visit safe during that celebration. >> and for most of us, fireworks on july 4th looking great. on july 4th looking great. there's a very small rain
4:42 pm
♪ ♪ aindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kes and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ broed paper packages tip with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪
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here are four things to know this afternoon. first, that soccer team found
4:45 pm
ale inside a cave in thailand. the 12 boys and their coach all apearrt. doctors are now going inside the cave to evaluate them as rescue crews work to try to get them th out. were stuck underground for nine days. a father and his 3-year-old daughter found dead at gilbert run park in la plata. police believe the father killed the l atle girlnd then himself. the man was the girl's biological father and had visitation rights. st harvey wen faces new se last month a grand jury indicted the former movie mogul based on the claims of two women and now a c third woman he forward. his attorney says he'll play not guilty. and they are pying it saf in fairfax county. summer camp moved indoors today eo protect children from potentially dangerous heat and humidity. counselors adapted outdoor games for the smaller insidespace, but it doesn't seem to diminish the fun for these kids.
4:46 pm
thousand of you are going to make your way to the district on wednesday for the fourth of july and more going on than just fireworks because tre's veral major events. oad closures can catch you by surprise and security checkpoints. greg is on the mal to tell you what you need to know? >> yeah, good evening. whatan you c and cannot brick down here and there's a lot of fencing nell you where you cana cannot go. >> long before the fireworks light up the d.c. skyline, things will be getting started downtown. the nats willace off with the red sox wednesday morning at 11:30 at nats park. the big parade alo constitution avenue starts at 11:45. ints open at 3:00 to get the national symphony concert on the west lawn of the capital,
4:47 pm
and, of course, the national mall will be packed all day with people goi to the light festival and people looking for a good spot on the mall for the fireworks. >> the fireworks again this year schedud for. :09 until 9: fireworks shot off from the reflecting pool. both the north sides and south side of the reflecting pool and shot towards the washington monument. >> reporter: as for keeping you safe through all of this -- >> as of right now, there's no credible threats to the washington, d.c. metropolitan area and noc speci indication of any attacks targeting our city. >> reporter: now, of first responders are most concerned about the heatts and impact on the big crowds that will be down here. just putting out the word, dress comfortably, hydrate a day if you're going to be down here. also, you might want to sign up fot alerts. if you text july fourth d. to 88777 not only will you get text
4:48 pm
alerts tellingng you what's g on down here, can you text that number and tell them if you're in trouble or see anything suspicious going on. that's the very latest. wendy, tock to you. >> thatanamelia, they a nice evening for the fireworks. >> it's going to be hot and humid so when you're setting up your chairs or finding a spot to watch fireworks, it's going to be uncomfortable out there and a very small rainmo chance. on that in a moment. take a look at our current temperature right now. degrees. today is day four of our heat wave. tomorrow will be day five, and the 90s will continue likely through thursday. some much-needed cooling rain impacts us on friday. right now we have winds out of the south at about 13 miles per hour with hazy sunshine out there. what i'm showing youight now are dew point temperatures. this is how we track the airdity out there in the when a dew point temperature is
4:49 pm
above 6 we'll say it's a little bit humid. when it's about 7 it's really hot and 77 in manassas. when you factor in plain old temperatures you get oppressiv heat indices. feeling about 111 in manassas ansb lg and gaithersburg. one. hottest days by far this year, and torrow will fee very similar during the afternoon and early evening hours. that's why tomorrow you can see here on your graphic is another storm team 4 weather alert day with dangerous heat in the forecast. again, everyone on tuesday will be under a heat advisory starting ant noon 8:00 p.m. that high of 95 feels more like 105 dur g the afternoonhours, and maybe a few isolated thunderstorms west of i-to rrow afternoon. very similar to today, but you can see the ratou ook through
4:50 pm
saturday. it isn't looking all that way: tomorrow and wednesday most of us are dry. most areas east of 95 say dry on thursday. not the case on friday. a high likelihood that everyngdy is dea with rain and storms on friday and a small chance for lingerings thundershowut there start morning, but saturday and sunday are overall looking fantastic here andt theeaches as well. here's the beach forecast for the fourth of july. 83 and mostly sunny. maybe and isola storm on thursday and a better chance for a late-day thunderstorm out there on friday w temperatures in the 80s. here at home, we're in the 90su th thursday. 92 on the fourth of july here for a high temperature and, ain, most of us looking completely dry for the fireworks. displays and -- the -- the better chance that you'll be
4:51 pm
dealing with terms and wednesday as well. 83 on 75 and low humidity and about moresu hine. >> travel over the next because of the july fourth holiday. >> and here are the best and worst times if you plan to hit the teroad. >> rep i'm here with a look at your first 4 traffic. headed out of town for the fourth of jy here's what you have to do, of course, plan that drive. you want to leave early or lat if you're going to the eastern shore, heavy volume on the bay bridge is expected. 're talking about the big days of tuesday july 3rd through sunday the 8th. eclume both dons on those days. the worst day to travel tuesday atween 4:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m., and that's almost anywhere, not just the bay bridge. that's because of a mix of rush hour and holiday. travelers starting to fetthere.
4:52 pm
>> tuesday. and sunday before0:00r a 10:00 p.m. more than 1.1 people expected to go -- 1 preside.1 million peopl expected to come out. >> we want to introduce you to a local world war ii vet whos celebrating one milestone this monthnd is on a mission to enjoy many more. >> and then new at 5:00, the founders of the famed georgetown cupcakes share that are recipe for success as they
4:53 pm
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. and we're in weatherlert de because of dangerous heat. i want to take a break from talking about heat and humidity. i'm also tracking thunderstorms on storm team 1 radar this. activity is west of i-81. it's traveling pretty much due north out of petersburg and most of this activity stays west of i-81. 'll see a similar setup tomorrow and for the fourth of july as well with some mountaine thunderstorms ping painfully in the panhandle of west virginia. a very small chance that they move east out of fauquierfn s. staying dry for our fourth of july. pat? >> thanks, amelia. cheers00 to years. charlie hankster celebrated a milestone birthday over the weekend in prigeorge's county. his name may not be familiar to you, but his legacy could be. news 4's amy cho dropped i on
4:57 pm
the celebration >> how you doing? >> all right. >> great, great. >> if you ask charles toe remember something he'll be quick to set you straight successfully don't like the color he died h hair charles i hi issed ofhe cup try in ward war two and became the first black man to owned the it was station a help find -- i didn't rib the prejudice i went through, too. >> and charlie never let that stop him. he pumped his own money into the firehouse wanting to make sure that their equipment was good as anyone else >> i tried to >> we were taumt- were taught
4:58 pm
to sell operate them. >> hey. >> he'at a gre guy and so proud of s him ando blessed to have him here for 100 years height heights, amy cho, news 5. extreme heat. storm team 4 is trackin extremely hot temperatures. plus, when we could get a break? plus, coping with a nightmare. >> so i'm under the desk scared for my life thiing i'm going to diet. i can't believe ts. can't believe this is actually happening. al photographer shares his story of survival as we learn more about shot up the offices. that's ahead at 5:00. >> fnd alive. the miraculous rescue of 12eroys and a sooach trapped in a cave for more than a week a
4:59 pm
the new challenge now is as rescuers try to bring them to safety >> but we are going to begin this evening with the forecas and here' why. we're on day four of the heat wave, and it's the hottest one so fang >> it's wea on us, folks. the extreme heat make things out this oppssive and even dangerous. 't gl remain under that heato d ad anywhere. we'll be under another one tomorrow. let's head over to amealia draper in the storm center to tell us when do we get a break? >> we're really not going to get a break from the heat and humidity and i'm tracking dangerous heat right now and after tomorrow. after that step down from that dangerous tlish hold so the fourth of julys hot and humid, but we're not going to be under a weather alert and heat advisory r.everyone is under a warning until 8:00 this evening and everyone once again will be
5:00 pm
under a heat advisory starting at noon and all the way to 8:00 in the evening. starting you off at 7:00 a.m., stepping out theal door. ady hitting you like a sponge with the temperature feeling about 84 drees with the migness out there and feeling about 79 in leesburg. we're at lunche and maybe you're trying to get out and get errands done before you head out of town. it's belling about 100 degrees already. it's feeling aboutcr 105s the area and even during the evening hours at 7:00 p.m. it's still feeling about 100 degrees out there, wendy. comingp,'ll have a closer look at the fourth of july forecast and what you can expect for thefi barbecues and works. >> thanks, amelia. >> count on storm team 4 for updates during our heat spell. open up the nbc washington app. you'll find all the latest weather alerts and all the current temperatures. after the shooting at t "capital gazette" last week investigators told us the suspectedgunman had had a previous grudge wit t


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