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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  July 2, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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still not going t prote you if you're outside too long. >> i'm handley. >> and we'll start with meteorolaist ame draper with more on the heat. it's all of out there? >> tit is hot out there and the humidity is a different i story. factthe mugginess, temperatures around 93 and feels like it's in the triple digits. 103 degrees in washington and manassas and gaithersburg 112 degrees, tfeels-like temperature. everybody is under a heat advisory that runs until al8:00 of the areas in orange, and everyone tomorrow will be under a heat advisory that runs till noon and until 8:00 in theen g. heat and humidity is helping to fire up thunderstorms that are staying along and westf i-81. we could see more thunderstorms
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in the forecast this weeke due o eat and humidity. coming up i'm going to break down what you can expect for the fourth af july ando when we finally get some relief, jim, from this mugginess. >> all right. can't wait to hear that. ameal yeah, thank you. let's see how people are coping and trying to stay cool out there. nicole jacobs is live for us at the alexandria waterfront. you're lutking cool, i know it can't be feeling that way out there. r orter: oh, it's hot. we really haven't felt the heat die down any at all today, even at this hour. it's still a scorcher but we're right in the middle of the summer, and for many that means summer camp. staying cool outside when you have to be there, but bringing things in when you need to. from the outside r daniel elementary school is calm, and on the inside it's also cool, justhat they are going for on this near 100-degree day. >> it'sery hot outside today. >> reporter: so possibly an
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understatement. fairfax parks and recreation keating creative and heeding the outdoor warning for summer camps. >> they go outside at least twice a day if not more, but because it's so hot out we're changing it up a little bit. reporter: switching it up with indoor activities and no fun lost here. >> behind the line! behind the line!he >> reporter: are still plenty of games in store. >> they will play board games and cards. w reporter: quite the contrast on theer where dozens of kids take to sailing. >> we're out here rain, shine, heat, not heat. >> the washington marina summer camp has the same thing about priority. >> today everybody will be making sure they are drinking. >> repter: outside or inside. >> we go off of what the weather tells us. >> reporter: today it's tellings us i simply too hot. >> our number one priority is safety and because it's so hot we don't wan to risk anything happening to any of the kids.
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>> the kids are still stoking it up, fun instead of the sun. >> we hope to send them home nice and tired and telling their parents how much fun that they had. >> reporter: hand that's what in keeps them c back. many will opt to stay inside. dominion energy has a few tips for you if you are going to do that. >> circulate the ceiling fans as it will keepou five degrees cooler and put off some of the chorest require heat like doing laundry or dishes. >> doreen. >> happy to do that. thanks, nicole. mixed emotions in annapolis where the office building that houses the "capital gazette" reopened for thesiirst time e last week's attack that left five people dead. right now a private memorial service is just getting startedo for othe victims. here's a live look from the irvine natureter in openings mills, maryland. friends and family arehe
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celebratinge l of rob hiaasen, sometimes called big rob. let's go live to annapolis and news4's tracee wilkins. >> reporter: doreen, this is going to be a long road to recovery for folks in this f community andor people who work in thisilling, 888 bestgate where the shooting as you can see the memorial there is growing. for plenty of folks in order to start this recovery, the need to comehis building. the crime tape is down, and 888 bestgate is open for business after a gunman entered this building killing five "capital gazette" employees lt wednesday. paul gillespie, a was under the desk as shotgun around him. >> i was under my desk thinking i'm going to die i can't believe this is happening >> reporter: accused gunman jarrod ramos planned the killing
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spree and gillespie tells nbc h ne can't believe he survived it. >> when you see it on tv, you don't think it will happen in your place, but i was thinking i'm going to die. >> i had left 20 minutes before it all happened. >> reporter: doug potash works on the 23rd floor and is among the workers back. >> it was like a shock weekend. >> reporter: barbara sampson a her daughter holly had to pay respect at the memorial creed for the five people killed in the shooting. >> it happens in places that's not your hometown. >> i don't eve have the words to tell you. >> reporter: diane knew wendi winters as she interviewed her and her system. >> i'm a twin and we were both ischool band directors. she thought that a that was novel thing. that's exactly what went i was all about. everything was people-based. >> we were with wendi out at a
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happy hour about ten days ago, and it's tough but you've got to move on. >> the accused gunman ramos will be in court on july 24th. he is facing five chaesf first-degree murder and, of course, was held without bond. reportingive in annapolis, tracee wilkins. back to all of you in >> thank you. now to an nbc news exclusive. the suspect's stalking victim now telling her story, and it is chilling. wendy riegger is i our newsroom with that angle. >> her name is laurie, and she asked us to whoeld her full name and asked us to whoeld her locatian andd to be masked so no one could see her identity. the. >> even though ramos is behind bars thi woman i still afraid of him.
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>> i would be afraid that he could show up anywhere anytime and kill me. he is very cold. hecus veryted and he is very intelligent. i still don't feel safe. i know he's in prison. i know he can't come get me today, but i have been tormented and traumatized anderrized nk soong that it has i t changed the fiber of my being. one thing that do feel now is that he can no longer. silence >> despite her fear, she says she isg speak up now in order to help other people who have been victims of stalking. >> thank you. "nbc nightly news" checks in with thetaff of the "capital gazette" to see how they are coachi with the traumatic loss of five colleagues and to see newspapert for the that's ahead on "nbc nightly
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news" with lester holt right after our newscast. > three weeks after president trump declared north korea is no longer a nuclear threat, tit house refuses to confirm or deny exclusive nbc news reporting that north korea is secretly ramping up its nuclear efforts. the president was far more forthcoming today onnother topic, his search for another supreme court justice. by 2:00 today he'd already met with fourot pential candidates. jennifer jans jennifer johnson is here to break it down for us. jennifer? >> reporter: that'sreight, . the president is already interviewing potential supreme court nominees and p he'll make his decision july 9th one week from today. president trump meeting with tha neths prime minister as he narrows his search for a new supreme court justice. >> during the m i interviewed and met with four potentia justices of our great supreme court. they areep orr: t president
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promises to pick a conservative. democrats and some republicans are looking at the possibility that a restructured court could overturn "roe v. wade." a potential game-changer for the mid-term elections. >> it forces candidates tot tal abbortion, including some who would not. >> reporter: the president faces what could be an embarrassing about-face now from kim jong-un. reports that nce north korea is actually increasing its nuclear arsenal at secret sites despite promising to dismantle. >> the singapore declaration was a bunch of verbiage. we didn't get anything out of north korea, and i think this is going to be a long road ahead. >> mr. president, is michael cohen going to flip, sir? will michael cohen flip, sir? >> reporter: also news today that the president's personal attorney who once said he would do anything to protect the president signaling he may be willing to cooperate with prosecutors telling abc news my wife, my daughter and my son have my first loyalty and always
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will. put family and country first. no comment todayit from the house about the michael cohen situation. the fbi is currently investigating con. so far he's not been charged with any crime. live on capitol hill, i'm jennifer johnson. jim, back to you. >> j capital police are declimbing to comment on a gruesome threat against kentucky senator rand mall and his family. today the republican senator tweeted his thanks toal cap police for arresting the man who the message was phoned into the senator's office in bowling green and he told a crowd in threat hat the threat was to kill him and chop up his family with an ax. swo years ago capitol police deploy officer around the country to investigate threats against members of congress. a former state department employee admitted he took part in a child pornography
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conspiracy tha included more than a thousand images or videos of children. he is name is sky dance mcmahon. he pleaded guilty in federal court in alexandria today. mcmahon worked at the foreign services institu in arlington. investigators say he and canadian accomplice used hidden cameras to produce the images of children in canada. mcmahon faces 15 to 60 years in prison. he'll be sentencednctober. new at 6:00, now the winner of the democratic primaryra in e on for montgomery county executive may not have the race cked up come novembe bethesda beat reports longtime democrat nancy floreen will enter the race assin independent and will face fellow council member mark el rid or businessman david blair. the two are separated by less than 500 votes after last week's
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democratic prim a finally tally of provisional ballots and final vote teals expected this friday. still to come tonight at 6:00, a tragic discovery in a local park. a young girl just 3 years with scovered dead along herather. police investigating it as a murder-suicide. tonight a look at warning signs for domestic violence. also ahead, getting youy reor one of the biggest holidays in d.c. street closures, security and concerns about heat for the fourth of july on the national mall. and tomorrowill be another storm team 4 weather alert day with dangerous heat in the forecast once aga take a look. this is 4:00 where it's feeling close to 110 degrees in manylo tions. i'll let you know how this heat and humidity impacts your fourt of july planming up in my forecast .
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fourth of july in the district. this is notng like it, but come prepared. >> we're not just talking about the crowds and security. this year we've got extreme heat to deal with. tonight team coverag what you can expect and how to protect yourself and your family, to >> w begin with news 4 owes mark segraves. he's on the mall for us tonight. mark? >> hey, good evening, jim. well, this is the international sign of we'reettingeady for the fourth of july. the snow fencing gone up all around the national mall. it will keep you in or out of the secured primters. as we told you and as you
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mentioned heat is the big concern. we talked to public officials a todayut how they plan to keep everyone safe. the fourth of july in d.c. is always a very busy day, and this year is no exception. the nats will face off with the pd sox at 11:30 in the morning. the bigade along constitution avenue starts at 11:45 and if you'reo goinge capital grounds for the symphony concert the gates there open up at 3:00, and, of course, the national mall will be packed with those going to the folk light festival and those lookinr fo good spot for the fireworks. one of the bigge concerns for public safety officials, the heat. >> hydrate, be courteous and b patient and hydrate. >> for touristsn town for the fireworks, the hea is a relative to where you're from. >> we came for that reason. >> you can't -- oh, you came for the heat in. >> yes. minnesota weather, you know,
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some days it's cold. some days it's not. >> it is hot in south carolina. feels like it does right now. >> so this is justike being home. >> this is normal, right, right. >> today the bowser administration used the d.c. skyline as a backdrop toet the word out about fireworks safety. >> this is the only team of year that we consider happeneding a sparkler to a child that's 1,200 degrees that can melt a glass. we shouldn't be doing that. >> reportew, of course, the same restrictions as always. no alcohol no, firearms, noo tents and big umbrellas on the national mall. if you want to keep up to date wi everything that's goi on down here on wednesday, sign up for the text alerts. text july 4 d.c. to 888777. not only will you g notifications for what's going on and also a way for you to commndicate with police emergency responders in case you find yourself needing help on the dayir of theorks. that's it from the national mall. reporting live, mark segraves, news 4.
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>> mark, we just saw some runners behind you. got to go catch up with them. >> thank you, mark. >> heading out for my evening run. >> sure you are. stay coole' tonight learning more about the ohio man charged with plotting a terror attack in downtown cleveland on july 4th. his name is demetrius pitts. here he is. he's also kwn as abdur ramin rafik. investigators say he thought he s conspiring with a person with ties to al qaeda. he turned out to be an undercover fbi asset. at their final meeting in downtown cleveland yesterday, pitts allegedly mentioned various scenarios for a large-scale attack on the fourth of july. >> he looked for locations to park a van that would be packed with explosives, and he discussed giving remote-controlled cars packed with explosives and shrapnel the children of our military
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uniform members. >> investigators say no actual attack was imminent. demetrius pitts is an americanz ci with a long arrest record. radicalized inas the u.s. according to the fbi. we're learning more tonight about the victims in a deadly boat explosion in the bahamas over the weekend. and merican was killed another woman severely injured. nine others also suffered injuries.d 22-year-ol stephanie schaefer is a recent college graduate a wasitting in the back of the boat. h will need both of her legs amputated. she is expected to survive. the american who was killed has not yetn b identified. what could have been a tragedy turned into a small miracle today. 12 young members of a soccer team and their coach all found alive inside that cave complex in thailand. the team was sck there f nine days. they all appear to be alert and ew military res crews are working on a plan to get them out of that gave. mot on thaoming up later in
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this hour. getting them out will be quite a challenge. challenge for a of us today to justiturvive. ust stepping outside for a few minutes is unpleasant. it's brutal out there and tomorrow is going to be a similar day with dangerous heat in the forecast. we'll be under another heat advisory tomorrow from noon to 8:00 p.m. so we'll be under another weather alert. if you work outdoors make sure you're taking frequent breaks and drinking lots of water and if you can keep your kids during the early afternoon and evening hours and probably a good idea to do so tomorrow. i have to say though, guys, when i got the story about the soccer team about being saved, i had my nbc app sent right to my phone. what a great, great story. so wonrful to see that. >> yeah, it is. >> 92 degrees and winds out of the south at 19ouiles per feels like over 100 degrees.
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tomorrow a hig of 95 and with mugginess feeling like 105 degrees during the afternoon hours. wednesday, the fourth of july, temperatures in the low 90s and it's feeling about 100 so we won't be a heat advisory criteria, but we have so much going on. we have parades and barbecues an fireworks, so i you are outdoors on wednesday, make sure you bring plenty of water, a you're just kind of taking it easy out there. on thursday 91 for a high but feeling like 98, so we're tracking a tseven-day h wave that lasts through thursday. day is day four of the heat wave so we're halfway through. take a look at storm team 4 radar right now tracking some thunderstorms and areas of rain that are starting to fizzle out. i've been tracking all of these at one point. we did see severe thunderstorms develop in parts of panhandle and west virginia and frederick county in virginia. no longer the case, but as w t contin move on through the next few days we'll continue to see a silar situation where thunderstorms develop during the afternoon hours and mainly along
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and west of i-81 and a very small chance that they develop east of i-81. herere the stormhances through thursday. where you're seeing red this is a high chance. mountains west of i-81 at about 70%. the areas here in yeltw have ab moderate chance for seeing a late day thunderstorm through thursday. this includesfr erick, loudon and fauquier counties at about 40%, and the areas in green, the d.c. metro area and the beaches have a very low chance ofuneeing rstorms tomorrow, wednesday and thursday at only about 30%. but everybody will be dealing with the heat and humidity through thursday. on friday rain a move through the area with a cold front and that pulls the midity out of the air for akturday and sunday. if you want to brom the heat and humidity you have to wait until saturday and tomorrow is going to be another weather alert day. >> makes you feel hot just looking at that. thanks, amelia will. >> coming up. the news 4 ideem exposed anu
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er of huge d.c. teachers working without a license. >> next at 6:00, scott mcfarlane updates the case that started the investigation. a local teacher sentenced for striking a studenme >> and sum shutdown. what you need to know abouttr s plans that will have a major impact on commuters all through labor day. we' working some breaking news now. a man has been shot in northwest washington not far from thed.c. central kitchen. police say the victim is not breathing after that shooting near second and e streets. officers are looking for a h suspect who a mohawk and suspect who a mohawk and green e
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a teacher be caught on camera strik one of her students knows her punishment now. >> video was revealed hat have incident and our scott mcfarlane was in the courtroom when a judge handed down the sentence, and he joins us now with more. scott. >> the judge convicted lacy thornton of assault for what happened in october at cleveland elementary school in northwest d.c. but he spared thornton from going to jail. ve two ge ordered she s
6:27 pm
years probation and issue an apology to the girl and also ordered thornton get court permission before working with children again. here's the video obtained by the news 4 i-team key to thease. the student had been acting out andto when tho ordered her to go to the hallway the surveillance cameras showed the te striking the girl. the girl told the judge it was traumac and thornhornton has lost her job, found new work at a private school in princege ge county and meantime her attorney says she's giving up teaching effective immediately. >> miss thornton wanted to express her apology and remothers for what occurred last year on october 31st and realized that the role in it might not have been the best way to take action. >> while tracking the case of lacy thornton the i-team founde she had a d.c. teaching license even though she was working at cleveland and when we started digging we found nearly 1,000 other d.c. teachers are unlicensed. for more on that investigation
6:28 pm
and what's going to change next school year because of it, go t our nbc washington app and look for investigations. jim and . >> boy,t was anye opener. thank you so much. >> thank you, scott. next at ,6: an unthinkable discovery in a local park. a father and young daughter dead in what looks like hada de murder-sui word on a possible motive and a look at domestic violence. >> a commuter work project is going to shut down part of the train and impact commuters as well. more on thatin cup. >> here's hoping your d.c is in good shape and more fm ameliaro
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and we're wnther alert mode tonight and tomorrow as we track dangerous heat across the this is how hot it's feeling outdoors right now. feeling about 105 degrees in washington and 94 back in winchester, and 105 degrees down in fredericksburg. everybody is under a heat tvisory tonight until 8:00 p.m., and agaorrow starting at noon going until 8:00 in the evening. this computer model just updated. has us reaching feels-likees temperatomorrow and during the evening hours around 110 degrees. jim, coming up i'll let you know how this heat and humidity
6:32 pm
impacts the fourth of july. >> all right. we'll see you then, amelia. thank you. tonight a family is left wondering whether they could have stopped a tragedy that has changed their lives forever. >> a 3-year-old girl and her father found dead this weekend in la plata. police say the father shot and killed the little girl before he turned the gun on himself. >> both were discovered iide a truck at gilbert run park. news 4's derrick ward has the latest now from charles county. >> brian duncan davis liked to take hisgh dr 3-year-old maddy saber davis to parks around charles county during the days they were together. he and the child's mother were estranged and davis had visiting privileges on weekends, but when one of those visit went long this past sunday, the child's family got worried. >> when he didn't return at 6:30, the fily became concerned. they weren't able to reach him so they went out searching for him. s >> reporter: trch ended other at gilbert run park with th worst possible outcome. >> they ran up to the truck and
6:33 pm
could tell they were deceased inside the truck and calle police. >> reporter: police determined the fathernd doubt her been shot. looks as though brian davis shot his daughter before turning the gun onimself. the incident is still under investigation, and it may be subject to further retyew by the coenter for abused persons. >> in charles county we have a domestic violence fatality review committee, and it has representatives from the sheriff's office androm our agency and from the state's attorney's office and the local hospital andep thetment of social services. >> the goal here is to see if anything could have been done to avoid this tragedy and if there areer lessons to keep it from happening to another family. in charles county, derrick ward, >> a large crowd is gathering at a nature center in baltimore county to remember rob hiaasen. he's among the five people killed in last week's shooting ramp average at t "capital gazette." he worked as writer and assistant manager adir for "the capital."
6:34 pm
his wife liked t think of h as the gentle giant. despite being 6'5" she said lekt hat her husband had an tablt ability child and being a mentor to young journalists at the paper meant the world to him. >> he did t best with a taffe that was cut and cut, and that's st the nature of journalism and prints, and they put out a oduct that he was proud of, and i'm proud ofll of his efforts, and i'm proud of the man that he was and still is to me. the memory of rob hiaasen will live on, and i know that. positive force. >> hiaasen's death came the week birthdaife's they just recently celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary. an upcoming metro shutdown could affect you even if don't use the metro system. the rhode island avenue and brookland stations will be
6:35 pm
closed from july 21st until after labor day weekend. transportation reporter adam tuss is atd the rhode isl avenue station tonight to show us why this work is needed. >> reporter: well, this is the u rhode island a platform behind me here. it's the oldest in the metro system and quiterankly it has been showing its age for some time. crg concrete and an uneven surface and it needs to be replaced. inconvenience e of a closed metro station. >> no kidding here though. io reporter: the situation is pretty s. take a look at certain parts of the rhode island avenue station there's netting in place just in concrete ore of the here chips off. platform is worn down and uneven. now crews are setting up to completely replace this platform and it will cause a massive 45-day shut line between totten and gallaudet stations. >> yeah, they suld fix the
6:36 pm
problem. >> reporter: dolly king takes the red line all the time, but she's happy the work isha ening. you see, she has cebral palsy an needs a wheelchair, andor r the uneven platform makes it that much harder to catch a ride. >> sometimes i have to do a 360 and gon backwards before they close the door, and sometimes i'msu not essful. >> reporter: shuttle buses will be provided, and a special bus only lane is actually being created along rhode island avenue during this closure. metro actually has a number of other platforms in similar conditions that it plans to replace. but for now a lot of riders here bracing for a maj shutdown corner.ight around the at the rhode island avenue station, adam tuss, news 4. >> well, some of us saw this comiik. dockless b shares but it only works if the bikes don't get stolen. some companies say up to half of their bikes have been stolen in
6:37 pm
the dtrict. her bikes are getting covandalized. anies are not allowed to have 4 up bikes in the cit now, the program started less than a year ago. "the post" reports that some bike-sharing business res trying to improve their gps and tracking systems now. transitionng is nea completion at the old jeb stewart high school in falls church. over the weekend the new name justice high school went up on the building. last fall the fairfax county school boardoted to change the name of the school nameded aftea coate general. the new school mascot will be the wolves, a rededication ceremony is planned for next month. every so oftenou send a text you wish you could take back. well,ne person in fairfax county trying to sell marijuana recently knows that feeling. police told us he accidentally texted a cop. yeah. >> the text read hmu or hit me
6:38 pm
up s detectives set up a time to meet with the guy and that's when they found him with a pound pot, a handgun and some care. he's n charged with possession with intent to distribute. a big >> got to be careful with those cell phones. >> yeah, do. >> well, this next one is our favorite story of the day, folks. after worries that all hope was lost, a dozen children found alive in a cave. up next, the latest on the effort to get them out. >> if you still have travel uly, for the fourth of we'll tell you what kind of prices to expect at the gas pump you go >> and today may be the hottest day of our holiday heat wave, but that doesn't mean it's goint to too comfortable around here. amelia is back with her
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
now back to what seems like a miracle in thailan this morning and amazing video from deep inside a cave where 12
6:41 pm
young members of a soccer t tm anir coach were all found alive today. they have been trapped inside that cave for more than a week now. nbc news has an upete on rescue efforts. han nin days inside a cave, the soccer team, 12 boys and their coach shown in video released by ailand's navy. flooding trapped the boys and thei coach inside the cave in northern thailand two saturday ago. a local governor announced the 13 wereound alive after another long day of searching. he said they wer safe, but that the operation to rescue them was not over. e group is still inside the partially flooded caves n.recena the international rescue effort became more desperate. >> this is not a simple dive. these are challenging conditions. there's a lot of considerations for safety. >> reporter: a u.s. military s team was onne along with u
6:42 pm
australiantish and other navy officials. andng water from heavy ra flooding in the area made the work difficult and dangerous. the sat.a.l.sed hypothermia in the cave's chilly waters. the breakthrough came early today after rescuers used happened drawn maps made it through a key chamber. >> it's a multi-national rescue effort, and it's led to a success. >> reporter: relatives of the missing waiting and hoping for the moment that thailand'sbi est ever rescue operation would end with everyone alive and safe. >> oh, my gosh, i hope they can get them out of ere. >> yeah. >> well, driving this holiday week, it's going to take some extra money toill up the tank and a lot of patience, foo. >> but aaa tells us gase prices arot forcing folks to stay home. aaa predicts nearly 47 million americans will travel 50 miles or more for independence day. that's the highest number since began trackin
6:43 pm
data 18 years ago. >> people want to take their vacations. they want to get out of town and want to enjoy the weather with family and friends and they are going to travel despite the gas prices. >> as of today the national average for a gallon ofegular unleaded is $2.86 a gallon. it's cheaper int maryland 2.80 and it's 2.60 in virginia and d.c. drivers are paying the most in our region dishing out 13.0 a gallon. >> a woman who says she was stalked by the woman who killed five people at the "capital gazette." how she says it all started. and it may beot here, but check out the haze in this video wher h thet and smoke are making f some very big air ght. amelia? >> and, jim, i'm tracking hot and humid conditions for most of the week and on into the weekend and we do havha some rain will bring relief. that's mainly on friday. i'm going to have more ong tim
6:44 pm
and impacts and there you see tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. it f
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now t the tension and trauma for a woman who was stalked for years by the man who stands accused in the deadly newspaper rampage i annapolis. >> she was so terrorized she moved out of state. jay gray has our story. >> i still don't feel safe. >> reporter: that fear keeps lori from sharing her full name or showing her fache but does want you to hear her story. >> one thing that i do feel now is he can no longer silence me. >> reporter: he's talking about
6:47 pm
suspected "capital gazette" gunman jarrod ramos who cyber h stalke for years and in an interview with nbc news she said it started with an e-mail. asked if i remembered him from high school. reporter: after exchanging e-mails for a couple of months it took a sudden turn when ramos said she wasn't responding fast ough he said f.u., you're going to need a protective order. ramos later sued the paperor defamation after the paper wrote an article about the stalking charges. police say he walke into the "capital gazette" newsroom and opened fire killing fiveem oyees and wounding two others. lori grieves for the victims that have attack, and now even with ramos behind bars she won't let herdo guard . >> it has i think changed the
6:48 pm
fiber of my >>being. her life changed. while in annapol they mourned five lives lost. jay gray, nbc news. >> hot winds from a raging wildfire in napa valley, california, are pushing a haze of thick smoke into the bay area. check it out. number of people have taken pictures and video. the stream of smokeas made it 75 miles away from the actual fires. miksafternoon l more like dusk in san francisco right now. there are two w majordfires in the northern part of the tate. temperatures are soaring. humidity has wdropped, andds are steady. >> wow. >> that is quite a scene out there. >> yeah. you can see fog in san francisco. you never see this yellow haze like that. >> yeah, and the weather conditions are perfect to kind of support those wildfires, unfortunately. >> too bad. >> hope they can get things under control. >> absolutely. >> we don't have much relief in sight, do we? >> not really. this entire week is going to be
6:49 pm
hot and humid. relief really doesn't arrive until saturday. could i say it kind of moves in on wednesday for the fourth of july, but it is still feeling like 100 degrees out there for your july fourth holiday so we're really not going to see low humidity and lower temperatures move in until saturday. look at your weather headlines. today wasay four of seven-day heat wave. heat wave means we'reitting 90 degrees or higher. a few more days to go. halfway through. do have small storm chances in thecast through thursday, but really we're talking about widespread rain and thunderstoes on friday. best chance for storms though tomorrow, wednesday and thursday. going to be or the untains, so most of us completely dry and then more comfortable finally for the weekend. so if you have off this week it's not lookingll tha bad out side as long as you get out early and take it easy during the afternoon hours. great pool weather and fabulous for saturday and sunday. here's a look at the current feelra like temre or heat index temperature.
6:50 pm
105 in washington. gaithersburg and frederick and feeling about 101 down in culpepper, and as we look to tomorrow we start off at a sticky 78 degrees. it'slready hot. by lunchtime that 90 that you're seeing there is feeling like 100. y 5:001 it will feel like 100 degrees or higher. tomorrow very similar to what i was tracking today on the radar. still keep the pool plans, barbecue and fireworks plans on esday. the weather for most of us is cooperating. take a look. the fireworks00 forecast. p.m., a very, very small rain chance. again, closer to the mountains andou get aetter chance you'll be dealing with rain. 87 degrees as you're setting up your chairs and blankets. by 8:00 p.m. it's 83 muggy degrees and sunset on the 4th is 8:3. by 9:00 p.m. fireworks are getting underway. humid and partly cloudy skies and a temperature of 81 degrees out there. if you're heading to the beach
6:51 pm
to the fourth of july thursday ng really it's loo nice with temperatures in the 80s and the best chance for a late day thunderstorm there. friday very similar to here and you can see that brings us relief for saturday and sunday. high saturday in the low 80s. mid-s by sunday. >> thanks, amelia. >> good question. >> all right. elming up, d.c.'s newest star wayne rooney us why the time was right for him to make one of the biggest moves of his career. sports is up >> exandester holt with a look at what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." >> coming up, how searchers found the 12 young soccer fayers and their coach who had been missi more than a week in a flooded cave. also, the story behind a also, the story behind a hijacked helicopter and arazen b
6:52 pm
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you said it before, it's all "way's world" and living and
6:55 pm
watching it. >> need to break out the d.c. outsidecarves, very hot but it might be worth it because the wait for d.c. united to bring in a big-name player is finally over. they are bringing english soccer star wayne rooney. he's the biggest and highest profile signing in franchise history. not to mention they are dirk out a pretty penny for the all-time leading scorer for england's national team. a sight d.c. soccer fans have been waiting for, wayne rooneyi ho up that number 9 sweater and jersey. d.c. united isdu intng him at the museum today. proclaiming today wayne rooney day in the district. a big move for the soccer mega already star who has almost done it all in the sport. he told our davns j the timing was right to come to the mls. >> i it's what i needed, and i think it's the right time for me to come here. i think the fit with d.c. is perfect and hopefully it will help them be more successful >> you mentioned what you
6:56 pm
needed. how can this experience and how do you envision helping you and as aa person us looked at success here and beyond in your career? >> the position the team is in and i believe i can come in and help the team but also the team obviously can help me, so i think it's -- as i keep saying, it's the right time for me. i wouldn't want to come here for 35, 36 and not be ready or ready to handle the physical side of this it. i believe it's the right time for me to be able to come in and do that. >> heading to the world cup,in neymar h to lead brazil into the quarterfinals taking on mexico today. skipping ahead second half. 51st nminute, brazil o the attack. willian t aes it outside finding neymar, and brazil finds their first goal. neymar's second of the world cu brazil out to a is-lead. 88thin me. pass ahead to neymar wheeling ahead to two defenders. centers to f robertomino who
6:57 pm
scores. brazil blanks mexico and win it 2-0 a move on to the quarterfinals for the seventh straight time. now, theater game, belgium ranked third in the world taking on japan rankled 61st but continuing to shock everyone. 52nd minute, already up 1- it's booted from outside the boxit putting in the back of the net. japan out to a 2-0 lead, butun their lucks out. 74th minute belgium finally on the board. the ball was playedntomarwan th the i who comes up header to even this one out. in the final second of stoppage time, mild at two, belgium on the attack. nassar chadli scoring. belgium scores three goals in just 25 minutes. japan stunned. you saw that rehacksoac 3-2. >> the best in baseball will be in town two weeks for the over the eekend and next three days the nationals
6:58 pm
will be playing home to boston, the best team in mlb. the nats will need more soto pop. todauan sotillo wasna named onal league rookie of the month for june. in 24 games soto had a .317 runsng average with 6 home and 15 rbi. just 1 years old. he had two multi-home run games in june becoming just the fourth teenager ever to do that joining teammate bryce harper, ken griffey jr. and mell ott. nats will need his offense tonight as max scherzer getsst e t against the red sox. now to the highlight. hand l handley has waited for day. one federer with the double match point and he sends it a little too long and federer moves on in straight sets. serena williams back in actiono at wimbl after missing last year after giving birth for her daughter but no problem for the
6:59 pm
seven-time wbledon champion winning in straight sets. good to see her back. >> yeah. she is backak andg it look easy. >> the
7:00 pm
tonight, miracle discovery. new video capturing the moment a boys' soccer team and their coach trapped in a flooded cave for over a week were found alive. the chilling terror plot to attack the july 4th parade and fireworks in a major american city. how the fbi foiled it. summer scorcher. lithe dangerous sizz heat wave threatening 60 million. is there any relief on the way for the 4th? deadly explosion aboard a tour boat in paradise. re >> people we jumping off the boat. people were already in the water. it was like in the movie. like a terrible scene. >> an american tourist killed, her father speaking out to us tonit. urgent man hunt. thousands of police officers searching for a notorious riminal after his


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