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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 2, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> tonight the celebration of one victim's life. >> my dad is my best friend.
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he is my hero. my strength. >> as were disco new warning signs in last week's attack. >> children stabbed at a birthday party. tonight two little boysy hare what tmember. ht it still feels like it is 90 degrees outside r now. >> we're working to get youth rough this week's heat wave. >> thanks for joining us. >> amelia is in the storm center with the weather alert and the scorching hot tails. >> yeah. tomorrow will be another weather alert guy more danrous hea in the forecast. take a look. noonis going to start at
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and run until 8:00 p.m. right now it is still feeling 7 like degrees in washington and tomorrow around nch time, hear about the feels like temperatures. it is feeling like 99 degrees outside. as we move intohe afternoon hours, it only feels worse through couple pepper and look how hot it will feel at 5:00 tomorrow evening. approaching feels like temperatur of 110 degrees in areas like the district and parts of montgomerycounty. tomorrow, if you can stay indoors, it will be a better idea in the afternoon and evening hours. if you have to be outside, take cots of breaks, drinking lots of water. ng up, i'll have the latest on the july 4 forecast. >> ourl reporter w update the forecast and make sure you have our nbc washington app on your
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phone. it is the best way to stay ahead of the heat. they called him big rob and are learning why. family and friends are rememberingob hiaasen. he died in last week's newsroom rampage.ja ckie bensen went to the celebration of his life. >> an expected crowd of 200 twice thatmore than as people gathered at the irvine nature center to rememr the life of rob hiaasen. family, friendsnd colleagues described him as a man with a general heart who lived and love deeply and well. >> the concept of home. you're my home. that's all that mattered. >> tears in the eyes of many. >> big rob. that was my dad. every time i needed hi there with a laugh.
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>> ben read from his father'sur l. >> i think of him a lot when i'm at work. i call homeo make sure everyone is safe. sometimes awful things come to my mind and i get so scared. >> among those who came to respect was mayor gavin buckley who remains visibly angry at the tragedy that claimed five lives at a news publication tightly intertwind with the entire story of the city. >> the worst thing that could ever happen to a community just happened to >> reporter: in response from inquiries in want to make donations, the family listed organizations that included the american civil liberties unions, the chesapeakend foundation planned parenthood. >> we've learned about plans for the other victms.
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a week fomorrow there will be a service for john mcin a player s itrts at 10:00 at the college park chapel. he worked at the capital gazette sports reporter for more than two decades.> we've learned the capital shooter sent threatening letters the same day ashe attack. we're getting a look at one of he septe it to the law office of the attorney. he made it lookike an official document. he targets the judge who threw out his defamation suit against the capital. hees wr welcome, mr. moylan, to your unexpected legacy. you should have died. friends forer, jarrod w. ramos. he is expected back in court at the end of this month. he facesive counts of
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first-degree murder. new at 11:00, we're hearing from a little boy. police sayd person kil a 3-year-old little girl and seven others in ise, idaho. he was coming back from the edore with his aunt when the suspect atta >> he just pushed me out of the way and stabbed. then he made the fall on the ground and he stabbed her. >> seven victims are in the hospital with serious or critical they're all refugees who fled the middle east and africa. the suspe has long criminal record. police say that he was recently evicted from the apartment comple where the party was being held. >> new, a fire stopped a train stai it broke out in the capitol heights station. it appeared to have started in
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the electrical room. crews turned on the vtilator fans. train service was suspended in some places. metro doesn't believe it will have any impact. >> here's a project that may mess up your commute. repair work will soon shut down. two redine stations for more than a month. theho island avenue and brookland stations will be closed from july 21st labor day weekend. the rhode island platform is the oldest in the system. metro tel us it needs to be replaced. you can see it is worn out in some spots. there is netting in place in case your concrete chips off. they will provide shuttle buses during the repairs. t we fird you about it as breaking news. this is video of a shootinn investigatn e and second street in northwest d.c. n the sce far from the d.c. central kitchen.
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police say ones man badly hurt. they're looking for the suspect a family left wondering whether it could have stopped a tragedy. police say a father killed his 3-year-old daughter before turning the gun on himself.g he had visit privileges when the visit wentthlong, child's family got worried. the family beg a desperate search. they found the truck at the park with the both father and daughter dead in the truck. the incid st isll under investigation. it may be subject tourther review. new justice in the brutal killing of a pregnant two years after the violence, a man is sentenced to life without parole. she was stabb several times. the stab wounds not only took
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her life but claimed the life of th unborn child. the man accused. the motive, he said, he didn't want to be a dad. for that crime he got the maximum life in prison without the possibility of parole. >> there was blood trail in the crime scene that showed she struggled from bathroom to the bedroom to the living room. tried to make her escape. >> the charging documents reveal the barbaric nure of the crime. it happened inside her apartment two years ago. maria was stabbedes seven t including around her stomach. she was 5 months pregnant the prosecutors say her fiance, the father of the baby, made up a story about them being attacked by an intruder. but police quickly realized, the storyid not add up. prosecutors argued that he could rehabilitated. they said not only did he kill his fiance and their unborn child, they say she was callous andid it to avoid financial
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responsibility for the baby. precutors stay death is part of a troubling trend. pregnant women being murdered their partners. >> being a life giver and tting your life taken away. it is really a sad commentary or where society is going. >> one way they're trying to ter these crimes. making sure those who commit hem are sent to prison for t rest of their fe. >> if you're in an abusive relationship, search safe at home to learn more on how to protect yourself and loved es. >> we're getting a better idea how many people the president has met with for a potential supreme cour he'll meet with several more before making a decision next
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week. the president said he is not asking candates how they feel with any cases, including roe versus wade. susan collins made headlines over the weekend saying she would not support any judge who felt that ruling should be overturned. hundreds of thousands of people are planning to in the nation's capital for the fourth of july. >> there's a lot more going on than just firewos. theoads will close before you even wake up wednesday morning anywhere aroald the will be restricted and there are four major events that day. the nats are playing at 11:30. the big paradelong constitution avenue. that starts at 11:45. the gates open at 3:00 in the afternoon to get into the national symphony concert. and of course, the national law will , the national lawn will be packed. the crowd saty, a big priority
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in are no credible threats and no specific attacks of targeting. fec. fire is emphasizing fireworks sa. to learn more about which fireworks are legal, search fireworks law and the nbc washington app. we take you to the soccer team trapped in a flooded out cave. >> plus, what landed a local man behind bars. ndangerous heat in the ndangerous heat in the forecast.
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it's a drama that has been folled all over the world. tonight, there is a miraculous new development. hese 12 young soccer players and their coach found alive after nine daysiln this td cave. now the hard part. getting them out. matt bradley explains what it will take to get jobdone. >> it's a rescueti opera that captivated not just thailand but many around the world. 12 boys and their soccer coach are in fact alive more than a week after they disappeared inside a partially flooded cave. rescuers were quick to point out the rescue is far from over. >> i would say that like
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everyone had a tough time here. the rescue workers, the volunteers, the military, you had obviously, it is a multinational rescue effort. >> the question is should have they try on evacuate the boys immediately? supplying the boys and their coach with food and water could be dangerous but experts say actually extractin them from the cave would be far more risky. that's because it would meangu ing these mostly teenagers who are untraineou divers t dark narrow passage ways underwater but that's the next t . now the thai government is celebrate that theoung soccer team was found alive and they're thanking people who came fromor around the to help them. >> wow! invirginia, monument avenue in richmond is lin with statues.
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a year long study finds that a majoty of richmond residents want to change that. among the options, t removing statue of jefferson davis. the findings and possible actions willappen later this summer. text casionally we send a to the wrong person. someone learned that the hard way wheneccidentally sent to it a police officer. it read, u orit me up. that's what the officers decided to do. they set upe t to meet him. they greeted him with a search warrant. they discovered a pound of pot, a handgun andots of cash. he is now crged with possession with intent to distribute. be ceful with those cell ph
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es! >> dare i say tt sounds like a terrible case of karma. >> we need something to laugh about. it is just unbearable. >> it feels like 97 degrees and more dangerous in the forecast tomorrow. hopefully a/c is working full force in your if you have the fan on, it can cool the temperature by 5 s. degr so something new i learned today. take a look at the weather headlines. a heat wavedes ned as hitting 90 degrees or higher. even higher than 90. the last four days and we have three more days to go.
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start and sunday will be more comfortable out there. plenty of sunshine. take a look. this is tomorrow. a high of95. with the humidity once again, feeling about 0 degrees. on wednesday, the highs in the low 90s, feel more like 100. very similar again onthursday. we have so mu going on outdoors. barbecues, picnics, fireworks. make sure you're taking some time indoors. lunch time, we're at 90. it is feeling me like 100. dangerous heat is out there by 3:00 p.m. by 7:00 p.m., it is feeling about 91 with s all storm chance tomorrow. very similar to what we saw today. this is the radar on a six-hour time loop.
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you can see the thunderstorms just fired along and west of i-81. we were looking at similar storm chances. not just tomorrow and tuesday but on wednesday, the fourth of juda, and on thu as well. i posted this snap on my facebook andwier pages. you can go there and check it out in more detail. but high storm chances over the mountains. once you get past the mountains, the storm chances start to drop off. only about 40% of frederick and fauquier counties. and t storm chance, toward beaches. pretty low. only about 20%. deep creek, a lot of folks heading out that way. i am seeg a few storms there at times over the holiday week. it won't be a washout. just be weather ready. very small chance for an isolated storm at 7:00 p.m. ultimately, i think it will be dry. it will be muggy and warm. the temperatures starting off at t87 degrees 7:00 p.m. the fireworks get underway at p
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8:. the sunset will be at 8:36. if you're heading f the beaches, the temperatures in the low to mid 80s. as wt looke ten-day forecast ,he notice friday. that cools us off and brings gorgeous weather saturday and sunday. we shoot back into the 90s. coming up, brycer har coming up, brycer har
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the nats only won one of thei last six sagames. ng hello to the red sox manager and former manager ax cora. both pitch with the tigers and ineshe second, bas loaded. he gets the best of scherzer here sendingt deep to left center all three runs come in to score. not happy. they can' smil the red sox up 3-0.
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ycehi harper in the league. his 21 home run of the season. bottom line, already with t home run. this one looking good. but slides out to the left. now nats fall to the red sox 4-3. d.c. united, wayne rooney showing off his jersey. she is declaring it rooney day. he comeshr a tee and a half year deal. the today buh set for july 14 which is the opening day. the 32-year-old doesn't think it will be anyime soon and he is ready to help his n club.
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>> it is the way i play. i expect it from m teammates as well. the 51st minute. he takes it outside. finding neymar. brazil finding tir first goal. they advance for the seventh straig time. d brazil will be taking on belgium who provided a scare against japan. in the final seconds of stoppage time. belgium on the attack.
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