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tv   Today  NBC  July 3, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning. it's a miracle. against all odds, 12 members of a boys' socce team and their coach found alive after 10 days missin in a flooded underground cave. but now the hardest part, getting them out in a delicate hightakes rescue that could take weeks or en. months we're there live. hot holiday. that blistering heat entering day five ahead of july 4th and now spreading across more parts of the country. when will it break. we're tracking the heat wave. under fire. an w americanan being condemned after photos sfaced of her with a rare black giraffe she killed in south africa reigniting a fierce debate about trophy hunting.
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those stories plus long road ahead. the last american tourist injured in deadly poet ride coming home today. coffee cure. a new study shows drinki coffee leads to a longer life. the king and his royalties, from ticket prices to otr sold out merch, look at the big business of lebron jes today, tuesday, july 3rd,2018. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hodkotbive from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hi, everybody. good morng. welcome t "today." nice to have you with us on tuesday morning. willie is in for hoda once again. i can't believe what's happened in thailand. they have fou this soccer team alive after 10 days april flooded out cave. >> as happy as we are to see their faces and they are relatively health y, now the hard work begins getting them out of the cave. some say it could be months
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before thihappens. >> this our top story. can you see the video. it captures the momenthe when t coach and team, all 13 of them were found alive in thailand. the desperate search to find them became an international effort with outpouring across the globe including the u.s. they are hungry,frail. the boys and their coach are alive and face the risky journey back to the surface. we'll talk to one of the divers involved i rescue. first the latest from thailand. janice, good morning. >> reporte good morning, savannah. what a remarkable turn of events. thai officials say all the boys appear to be in stable co ition, there are no severe injuries. the big challenge now, of course, is get them out. >> how many of you? >> 13. >> 13? >> prayers around the world answered by a miracle. all 12 boys and their missing coach found alive after being
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trapped in the flooded cave system for nine days. their first words to the two british divs who found them more than a mile under ound, thank you. the boys ranging in age from 11 to 16, still wearing their soccer gear sitting on a mound in a cave tired, hungry, barefoot, in almost total darkness but >>alive. ou have been here 10 days, 10 days. you are very strong. i am very happy. >> we are happy,too. >> on dry land jubilant cheers from family members and rescuers. >> the fact that all of them survived really says someone in that group has to be a moral leader, somne is telling them, we're just going to live hour by hour, half a day by half a day. >> but finding the chirp is just the first step in what is still considered a very risky rescue effort. none of the poise know how to swim and they need to begh t
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how to negotiate tiny underwater passages. rescuers working out how to best get the boys out briefed on usin full facemasks. experts say it could be weeks, if not months, until they can get the frightened boys out safely. medical divers are being sent in to evaluate their health and food iso eing brought tthe kids who have not eaten in over a week. rescuers are fighting rising waters, strong currentsnd mud, and the threat of more rain this week. aramerican milit scialists joining thai forces in the effoma. >> it'szing to see the hugs and donations and just the thanks. it reallyt jus gives me chills. the poise are more than a mile deep inside a chain of caves. rescuers haven beeusing huge pumps around the clock in an effo to reduce water levels. relatives desperately waiting since the boys went a missing overjoyed that they have been found. t i think it's one of the most wonderful thingt has happened in our world for a very
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long time. >> the divers who found the boys trying to give them hope. >> many people are coming. we are the first. >> reporter: more than 1,000 people are now involved in this effort. they are looking at options including drilling new holes into the caves. the biggest thing working against them is the weather. when it rainsel the water l are rising 6" every hour. there are thunderstorms in the forecast. there's such a real changen momentum that rescuers know what's at stake. savannah, willie, back to you. >> thank you. for more onhe hurdles to rescue them, we'reoined by a rescue and cave diver assisting theavy team. ben has been kind enough to pull over to the side of the road for us. he's just come back from being part of that rescue team ben, thank you for being with us. you spent daysse in t treacherous caves looking for
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your ccer team, what was reaction when you saw them safe and doing relatively well? >>ery surprised, obviously, that they are all alivend actually mentally also healthy. we were thinking they would be shook by them. they are actually quite responsive and speaking english to some of the threscuers. are weak and skinny, almost unable to walk, so they are working now to get them strength and back on their legs. >> it's incredible the moment you breathe that sigh of relief they are found, they are there, they are okay, now we talk about a rescue that is incredible complicated. noneoif these swim, as i understand it. pen, can you talk about how delicate this rescue mission is and what it might take? >> they can't swim so they definitely can't dive. they are looking at different 3 they can floathem out with lifejacket but time is not on their side. they are expecti heavy
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thunderstorms and rain which might make the rescue itossible at t stage. >> ben, let's talk about that scenario. let's say the rains do come and the cave is flooded. how long can the boys and coach be expected to be in the cave? >> up to three to four months, no very optimistic. but two thai navy doctors have volunteered to be locked up inside the cave. it's a huge sacrifice for these people. >> i know you kw this cave very well. how complex is it? n you kind of describe that the setup is? obviously it flooded. people explore the cave but shouldn't be there during the rainy season and it flooded. is that what happened? >> that's correct. it's one of the longest caves in thailand. it's abouts0 kilomet long, sorry about the metric, and exactly stuck in the middle ofs
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this , meaning that, yes, it's a huge way to make it through especially while swimming so now the conditions are favorable, the water is almost clear andt there's j a mild current but when we first arrived it was like swimming in coffee and huge outflow. so our progress was very slow. in the last days we progressed more than a kilometer. so yes, that's how we got to them in the end. >> all right.n, hank you so much for your time. thank you for the work you do in like you, we're all hoping the boys can get out in the next couple ofdays. thanks so much, ben. >> we turn to the dangerous heat wave in the country entering its fifth dayhis morning just ahead of the fourth of july holiday, a whopping 113 million americans are under heat advisory or excessiveeat warnings. dylan has the all important
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holiday forecast but let's go to stephanie gosk. she's in burlington, vermont. ps y aren't used to those t up there. >> they definitely aren't. they sent a record overpass. the highest low for any calendar day. the temperature never dipped below 80 degrees. we're only about 50 miles from the canadian border. of course, it's not justhere, tens of millions of people suffering through this heat wave all hoping there will be some relief before their fourth of july celebrations. this morning as americans prepare for the fourth of july holiday, the heat is on. east coastns on th waking up to day five of a prolonged heat wave. >> pretty much put the blinds down and don't move. >> here in vermont, a state best known for cold weather attractions, the temperature is shattering records, reaching 97 degrees monday. in new york city families are doing their best to cope, leaving behind air conditioning to play in fountains. >> yeah. we could be inside but it's kind
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of hard totay inside a tiny new york city apartment all day with three kids. >> across the river in new jersey, an air conditioner malfunction has forced 50 people at this nursing home to be relocated. in the nation's capital first aid tents are popping up inside the washington monument, filled with fans, oxygen and bags of ice for those who needit with temperatures climbing above 90 degrees in pennsylvania, a one town hortage in is causing some public pools to close, just when the community needs the most. for days theas heat wave gripped much of the united states, the temperature so hot cookies are baking outside. the dog days of summer forcing animals to pant o andwners to find shade. startingtoday, the oppressive heat will start to practice just in time for the holiday. but now the west coast is bracing for their own heat wave, expecting triple digits this weekend. that's right.
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s angeles is expected to get above 100 degrees later this week. out there that means high surf and the risk of fwildfires. vermont, it's going to be another scorcher there, barely a lick of wind on lake champlain. they are expected to have these hot temperatures until back to >> a lot of folks don't have air conditioning. my brother lives there. >> is there any relief for the foleth of july. s turn to dylan in for al today. >> it's going to remain hot through friday b days the last day of the most disgusting of the heat, that really,eally humid weather that's making it feel like 102 in charlotte, feeling like101 this afternoon in new york city. kansas city will feel like 106. as we go through wednesday, the fourth of july, and into thursday and friday,er teures again will still be warm but slightly better. heat index below 100 tomorrow, atlanta will feel like 93. as we go into saturday, look at
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that. we drop to 80 degrees in new york, we drop to 89 in charlotte. not that much better there. temperatures up in chicago will drop into the lower 80s. we're waiting on a cold front. the cold front will bring storms late friday into friday night. it is going to produce pockets of rain. we could see isolated severe storms. either going to drop humidity. it is going to be absolutely gorgeous from the northeast to the mid-atlantic, back through the great lakes, back throu the midwe as we go into saturday and sunday. we'll lose humidity and temperatures will be close to 80. guys. >> dylan, using the meteorogical term disgusting. >> we all get it. >> exactl moving to th stabbing rampage in the boise, idaho, stabbing. a 3-year-old girl attacket her own birthday party died of her wounds. the suspe is charged with first degree murder. police say they believe he was motivated by vengeance.
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we see steve with thete . good morning. >> reporter: savannah, three days after what was supposed to be the celebrationha of little girl's life, the community here in boise is nowe mourning h death, all while the man being held responsible faces justice. in boise, close-knit community coming together in grief as news spread the youngest victim died in the hospital days after she was stabbed at her own thirdpa birthday y. friends say the child loved the color pink and always sparkle s wh walked into a room. rudy and her mother esc ed conflict in ethiopia in 2015. saturday night police responded a man wielding a knife at this apartment complex.e nine peo were stabbed, including six young children. >> he came and pushed me out of the way. >> this ght-year-old was attacked with four family members. he said his aunt wastabbed 15 times and his mother gave him rmission to share what happened. >> he came to me and stabbed me am the belly.
7:14 am
he to her. he was cussing and stabbing her and he was lling. >> 30-year-old timmy kinner has now been charged with first degree murder. during his arraignment monday kinner ppearedjittery and confused. >> i don't understand none of this, what? >> prosecutors describe kinner as homeless with extensive crennel past and no real ties t boysex. police say he was staying with a woman at the complex and may have wanted revenge after getting kicked out of her apartment. refugee counselors now working around the clock to hp people heal. >> i think that each one of them is going to be pulling out strength to survive it. they have certainlyurvived other horrendous things before coming here. >> a community whereo many journeyed so far to find peace, now forever scarred by violence in their adopted home. meanwhile kinner isd being h without bail. the judge calling him an extreme
7:15 am
risk to the community. willie, savannah. >> terrible. steveha patterson, ts for the update. now to the white house as president trump homes in on his second supreme court nomination. he's moving quickl to fill the vacancy left by anthony kennedy's retirement. interviewing four candidates monday with more to come. peter alexander following those developments for us. peter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the preside describing those first four candidates as very impressive people. each of their interviews monday lasting 45 minutes according to the white house. president trump to announce his pick in just six days. as he races through this selection process, the president is pubcly touting their credentials. president trumperoing in on his supreme court pick delivering a reality tv-style tease about his short list without revealing any names. >> interviewed and met with four potential justices of our great supreme court. they are really incredible
7:16 am
people in so many different ways, academicall o ander ways. >> those first four interviews, cording to the post appeals just, amy barrett and three others. the president saying he'll h e two or three others this week before his announcement monday kicking off the senate sales pitch. alreadyominating the debate the future of roe v. wade, lappark rights. lisa murkowski and collins who is already saying she would depose anyone who would overturn roe. chuck schumer trying to rally opposition putting pressure on the president to pick a moderata inst mr. trump during the campaign de vering thispledge. >> i'm putting pro-life justices on the court. >> now his aidesg deflect questions about whether the president wants to see roe
7:17 am
overturned. >> once again, i'm g notng to get into any specifics that we would be lookingat. >> peter, we also know now three weeks after the summit witha, north koresident trump and the administration still focused on denuclearization in north korea. he has another planned meeting with the administration and leader. >> secretary of state mike pompeo headed back to north korea for another meeting with kim jong-un. the white house saying he's expected to arrive friday for what is expected to be a o-day visit. this the first follow-up since the sitdown in singapore. it comes as multiple u.s. officials believe the regime is trying to deceive the u.s. about its nuclear stockpile, that it's ma fng morel in multiple secret sites in recent months. the white house not confirming or deposition that, just sisting they believe they are still making progress. willie. >> all right. teter alexander at the w house for us. peter, thanks. ck> 7:17.
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let's c pack with dylan and get the rest of her forecast. good morning, dyn. >> good morning. a cold front moving through the northeast and dprax, that could producern good g. we still have a heat advisory across the area for today.
7:19 am
a l like sterday's weather from noon to 8:00 p.m. feeling like 105 this afternoon. poor air quality too. you want to limit aot of time outside. through the afternoon, mid 90s.h dangerout again. no rain relief. sunny skies. if you are heading to the beach. it looks good. wednesday and thursday looking good. slight chance of showers thursday. higher chance friday. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> all right, dylan, thank you very much. coming up victims from the blast that ripped through theoa sightseeing in the bahamas coming back to the u.s. today as we learn new details about the deadly explosion. and then under fire. the american woman facing widespread outrage a posing with the body of a rare black giraffehe killed on a trip to south africa. we'll h mee on that debate, but first this is "tod " on nbc.
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this is is a "news 4 today" news break. > good morning, everybody. 7:26 on this tuesday, july 3rd. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm erica gonzalez. in the news this morning, take a look at this. a car slaing through a brick wall at a 7 eleven. the driver suffered serious injuries. it all happened at the 900 block of eastern northeas d.c. police are investigating a quadruple shooting. it was near 17th street and benning road. all four men were conscious and breathing. no word on their current conditions or suspect information right now. let's get to melissa mollet and your first 4 traffic. >> melissa? good rning, guys. taking a look at the roads. we want to start at the bay bridge. looking good. travel before 10:00 a.m. or after 10:00 p.m. today if you're
7:27 am
headed to the beach for sure. silver springs, colesville road, broken down vehicle there. manassas after66, the water main break has cleared. prince william paway, a new crash there, overturned vehicle. >> thank you, ma'am. we will get a check of your focast coming up next.
7:28 am
mo> good tuesday ing. going to be a lot like yesterday. another heat advisory today. feeling around 105 combined with poor air quality. outside fornt to be several hours. 82 in washington, the rest of the area. about the mid 70 through the day we'll be in the mid 90s but, again, feeling like 105. just like yesterday. if you're heading to the beach, you'll enjoy it a lot. it will be worth it once you get there. in the 80s and sunny until we get to mainly friday. that's our big chance of rain before a cooler weekend. sheena, thank you.
7:29 am
another local news update in 25 minutes. for now back to the "today" show after this brea
7:30 am
we're back a30 7: tuesday morning, 3rd of july, 2018. it's a hot just look at some of the high temps we're seeing at cities across the countron washingt new york. i think we've got boston with a high temp of 93. dylan, that doesn't even tell the whole story. >> can you handle i one mor day. >> i think we can. >> then it gets better. people in phoen4 by the end of the week. she's like you guys don't even know. d it's a heat. >> tomorrow is going to be a little better. >> a little better. going to say to me doesn't feel better b a little better. >> let's get right to the check of the headlines and that miraculous discovery in thailand. >> found. that soccer team of young boys dd their coachcovered alive after 10 days in a flooded underground cave asescue teams now cram bell to get them out alive. >> let's say the rains do comea
7:31 am
and te is flooded, how sng can those b and that coach be expected to be in the cave? >> up to threeo four months >> must release a federal judge rules the trumpin atration has been wrongly detaining asylum seek dangerous blaze. out of control in colorado, more than 100 homes now destroyed as firefighters race to fight the flames. out of lane. dash-cam footage captures out-of-control car swerving across lanes in a new jersey highway for miles before the driver is finally arrested. necessities. a bear recorded sneaking into a backyard and taking a dip in the hot club today tuesday,3ruly , 2018. >> everybody needs a little dip in this weather. let's begin this half hour with new details on the deadly explosion on a sightseeing boat filled with american tourists in
7:32 am
the bahamas. this morning arrangements made to airlift the last two injured patients back tthe u.s. and to return the body of the 39-year-old woman who died. c's tammy leitner in clearwater, florida, where we're hearing from grief stricken family members. tammy, good morning. >> good morning, willie. we now know the identity of that american woman who died and'v spoken with her family. also this morning that 22-year-old dancer who h to have both of her legs amputated. we now know she has talhave additiurgeries. this morning heartbreaking new details about the bahamas tourist boat tragedy. doctors inu nas hope the most serious passenger can be trans-pacific partnershiped back today. the dancer and soccer player is slowly coming out of a medically
7:33 am
induced coma. he said after the blast stephanie's 13-year-old sister brook kept stephanie talking and conscious. thinks that helped save stephanie's life. >> she's going to survive. we're g sng to pray's going to survive. >> 39-year-old malika jackson from chattanooga databassu ive the blast. she and her husband were wedding ng their 25th anniversary when the body exploded. her husband also seriously injured. >> she and her a husband had very good down to earth relationship. >> c pat owns four seas adomntures. theny running charters for years taking tourists to sites like the famous swimming to the pigs. >> take you to the nice sites i we have to offeou >> theyldn't be reached f direct comment. in an e-mail they said, no
7:34 am
gaatement. it's under inveson by police. >> i would give it all up for a magic wand to make g it all away. >>y, a friend of the family, created a facebook page to help with medical bills. another posting on the pag she was on the a second boat nearby. we helped as much as we could. we're heart broken. i pray for all of you. these nightmares will h for a long time. >> stephanie's family tells us u the most dif thing will be today when she comes out of that medically induced coma and her learning for the first time doctors had to take both of her legs in order to save her life. also we've learned malika's husband has left the hospital, been flown from the hospital in the bahamas to a hospital in florida and he's still innd critical ion. >> i can't imagine ayatollah moment coming outnd learning that news. tammy leitner, thank you. >> we turn once again to dylan
7:35 am
in for al, the big story of the heat today. >> it's really stretching coast-to-coast. out west, southernva , also good morng. temperatures are warming up out there. 82 washington. the rest of the area t mid to
7:36 am
upper 70s. 81 in quantico. we have the heat advisory again today. dangerous heat from noon to 8:00 p.m. feeling like 105. quality actual highs 95. again, with the humidity it will be dangerously hot for some of you. temperatures as we go into the beaches will be in the 80s. looking good for your fourth of july. thatre you're heading. fireworks and cooler by the weekend. latest hat's your forecast. >> all right, dylan, thank you very much. still ahead, it buy or not to buy, rent the roadway, how new subscription services for cars could leave them in the dust. >> chrissy teigen, the perfe familyphoto. she knows. look at that. >> a boone to business. while the lakers paid a pretty penny for lebron james, his move already makin the team a ton of money. >> a woman under fire posing with her dream kill, a rare with her dream kill, a rare black giraffe in south
7:37 am
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what i do? i snack on blue diamond almonds. honey roasted? mmm!! let me control another one. don't control your cravings. eat 'em! all the flavors you crave, in a superfood. blue diamond almonds. crave victoriously. we are back now with a new ntroversy erupting on social media this morning and it's all about this image. it shows an american hunter posing with the body of a rare black giraffe that she killed in south africa, first posted by tess talley of kentucky back in june 2017. >> at the time she called it her, quote, dream hunt. but now she is the one taking criticism. nbc's kelly cobiella has the latest for us. kelly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. they are known as africa'sge le giants. their numbers are in decline. this morning this americanhu nter is having to defend herself for killing on
7:42 am
outrage this morning over this photo of a giraffe hunt. kentucky woman tess talley prouy posing with her kill on social media calling it a once in a lifetime dream hunt bringing down what she said was a rare black giraffe last year in south africa. the picture going viral after an african website reposted the photo last month criticizing her and calling her a white american savage. the image sparked anger from animal lovers. imick with rage tweeted one person. grotesque said another. ricky gervais calling the hunter spoiled saying giraffes areow on the red list of endangerment. trophy hunting is legal, buffalo, elephants, lions andes giraff the big prizes, but criticized. often three years ago protesters lashed out at dentist walter palmer after he killed fous
7:43 am
cecil the lion near zimbabwe. he was tagged and part of a study. >> lions are declining across south afca. roughly about 43% of the populati lost. posting a picture of herself with a dird gaffe from a legal hunt in south africa. but hunters say tps like thompson talleys help pay for conservation. >> there is a connection with the an pal. justecause we hunt them doesn't mean we don't have a respect for them. >> m pey shed to go on this hunt is going directly into the it's going to benefit those animals because now there's an economic benefit. >> this morning in a statement talley said she was on a legal rmitted hunt and the giraffe breed is not rare in any way other than it was very old. giraffes get darker with age. i get thatunting i not for everyone, she said, but to make threats to anyone because they e don't believe way you do is unacceptable.
7:44 am
>> the dentist who killed cecil the lion said he thought the hunt was legal and didn't know cecil the lion was protected. thompson talley said the giraffe she killed was no longer breeding age,ad it already killed three breeding age males. she said what she did iste actually b for the herd in the long run. willie, savannah >> all ght. kelly cobiella, thank you. kelly cobiella, thank you. why lebron jameson
7:45 am
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7:49 am
angeles lakers next season. the basketball superstar it's a four-year contrt valued at $154 million. but the city of l.a. also will be cashing in. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer has more on that. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: hey, guys, good morning. this is a big deal for lebro james but this is also a big deal for los angeles. over the last couple of years, the lakers have slipped into an, average te now they will be immediate playoff contenders. lebron james is changind the culture the atmosphere here. fore playing a singleame for the los angeles lakers, leb n james is rewriting the script in hollywood. >> it's got to be electric. >> overnight showtime came back. >> lebron has become a brand, there's no question about it. >> n b theghtest star in tinseltown, james is having an immediate impact on ticket prices, already spiking 65% say
7:50 am
some analysts, while on one website ticket traffic rose 2300%. jersey sales are up and television ratings will alsoke li skyrocket. >> lebron, welcome to los angeles. we are without any doubt going to be the biggest star of all. >> the houston rockets are going -- in >> after missing the playoais five strghtea, this new laker team is suddenly one of the league's biggest draws. before james left cleveland, he helped revitalize busine up 13% while creating jobs, up 20%. his towering presence there at least physically set to be torn down again as it rises above l.a. >> he's a man who has a lot of endeavors ahead. i think one of the reasons he chose los angeles, he's already dipped his toe into the movie and television someday he might be a major mogul. >> already familiar with
7:51 am
hollywood. >> what's the difference between miami and cleveland, it's t same. >> james has a production company in los angeles and now bigger platform for social activism. >> we will definitely not shut up and dribble. > now this may be king james biggest move ever, hollywood's newest star on and oft court. >> with deep roots in akayn, lebron s ohio will be home but once he starts his career in los angeles he'll certainly have deep roots in this community as well. back to you guys. >> miguel almaguer, the land of lebron. by the way, the arms race in nba has gun. lakers get lebron, warriors added another all-star. >> dem a us cousins. oprah mofes it cial,
7:52 am
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7:56 am
news break. hi good morning. 7:56 is your time on this tuesday, july 3rd of 2018. let's get strait to melissa mollet in your first 4 traffic. good morning. if you'ree headed out to beach for some reason, perhaps the fourth of july,ake a look at this. 50 at the bay bridge. you want to leave before 10:00 a.m. or 10:00 two ps with a crash on the left side. a tractor-trailer is blocking the ramp this morning. l innep and outer loop of the beltway looking okay. >> thanks, meetssa. we will a check of your forecast to go along with the beach drive coming up next.
7:57 am
from the first moment you met, it was love at first touch. and all you wanted to do was surround them in comfort and protection. that's why only pampers swaddlers is the number one choice of hospitals to wrap your baby in blanket-like softness and premium protection. so that all they feel is love.
7:58 am
pampers the number one choice of hospitals, nurses and parents
7:59 am
good morning. another heat advisory today. another weather alert day. feeling like 105. poor air aly. actual air temperature 95. feeling dangerously hot with the humidity. plenty of sunshine today. a lot of people heading to the beach today, too.ea theer will be great at the beach. chance of a thunderstorm thursday and for yourireworks forecast, looking dry if you're around the d.c. metro area or ae the h. then we finally see more rain move in friday cooling us down for the weekend, erica. >> sheena,>> thank you. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. for now, back to the "today" show.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, it's a miracly >> how manf you? >> thirteen. ou >> the 12 yng soccer players ch and their coa missing in a thailand cave for 10 days have been found alive. >> you have been here 10 days, 10 days. you are very strong. >> the moment all caught on camera but the hard part. how can rescuers free the boys? plus, justw b your morning joe may help you live longer. just how much coffee is good for you? we'll have the answer. oprah opens . the media mogul revealing in a candid interview you won't nee ame on a 2020 ballot insisting a presidential run
8:01 am
would kill her. also dishing on royal wedding, why she's still feeling the love today, tuesday, july 3rd, 2018. >> odessa, texas, we'ren the "today" show. >> greetings to my friends and family back in germany. >> two days ago i proposed. >> and said yes. >> we're from stokes nocounty, h carolina. >> and we're stoked to be on the plaza. >> brought our favorite daughter to new york city. >> iarry, br >> i'm 50, one proud canadian, eh. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back to "today" on tuesday morning. got an international crowd out there, willie in the anchor chair, hoda, a has the day off. good morning to you. happy to ha you with us. >> special commendation to people standing out there. it is thick, hot.
8:02 am
>> soupy you might say. busyrning, lots to talk etout. let's g right to your news at 8:00. we all need add dose of hope like this, a boy soccer team and their coach found alive 10 days after they were trapped in a cave but there is still a risky rescue ahead. janis mackey frayer has the latest from thailand this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. they are tired, sitting in tota darkness. the boys and their coach found alive. a risky operation.s none of the b know how to swim. they need to be taught,ic b diving skills to swim out in tight passage ways that are a challenge for expernced divers, which is why they are saying this could take a while, weeks or months to get these boys to safety. they are taking in food, freshwater and medicine.
8:03 am
there are medics now caring for the boys. they are apparently in stable condition with no severe injuries but they are exhausted and the hungry. they haven't eaten in more than a week. mvp while more than 1,000 people involved in the rescue effort androhey are workingd the clock. they have the pumps going to try to get the water levels down. e biggest thing working against them now is the weather. it's the rainy season in thland and there is rain in the forecast over the next 48 hours. when it does rain, the water levels rise about 6" every hour. now, relatives who have been waiting for news on the boys are, of course, elated they have been found safely, but now it's a new sort of vigil that's taking shape in what could be a long and very difficult wait in order to get the boys out safely. savannah. >> incredible rescue under way there, janis, thank you very much. ab> the holiday heat wave making life mis for millions of you is showing its dangerous side. iny new jer an air conditioner
8:04 am
malfunctioned forcing them to evacte 50 people. the hot water demand for electricity may have caused power lines to ignite. as the nation's capital gets ready to welcome fourth of july crowds, extra first aid tents are going up. they are filled with fans, bags of ice, to help anyone overcome by theat in vermont where it's cool, the temperature is breaking records soaring to 97 degrees on monday. dylan will be here in just a moment with a look at the days ahead. >> out west the hot, windy weather is driving wildfires closer to residentialareas. about 50 homes were evacuated overnight near central oregon town of warm springs. major highway had to be shut down for hours because of the heavy smoke. crews on the ground and in the air say they are making headway. different story in california, the fire that started north of sacramento also intensified monday. some 300 people were told to leaveheir mes. a dozen helicopters are now dropping water on the flames but the fire was only 3% contained
8:05 am
as of last night. so far no injuries have been reported. f you are drinking coffee with your breakfast this morning, and we are,ig you want to go ahead and pour your self another cup. new research shows coffee c benefit your health. >> that's true. according to a new stead over ai ten-year , people who drink coffee, no matter how much or what nd, even decaf, were less likely to die thannc fee drinkers. doctor, tell us about this study. was it pretty extensive? > it's a well conducted study out of theuk. over 500,000 volunteers had their blood drawn for different tests. they answer add lot of questions about their diet and lifestyle and then they were followed for 10 years. the death rates wereul caed. coffee drinkers had a lower death rate compared to coffee a >> what is it in the coffeelp g people live longer? it's not the caffeine. >> it's not the caffeine. they looked at coffeend decaf
8:06 am
and they found the same benefit. it's not thecaffeine. certain compounds that act as antioxidants. this is the number one source of antioxidants for americans, coffee they help wear and tear damage we go through. coffee has a lot of benefits, reduce body inflammation, diabetes risk, may help recovery from colon cancer. the list does go on and on. now the good news i eight cup a day may have this lower death rate. >> we're going to liv we drink a lot of coffee on this show. >> i see that. >> is there a minimum amount to get the benet. >> one or two cups was better than no coffee at all in terms of this reduc mortality rate. that doesn't mean people who never drink coffee should start drinking it. there are plenty of ways to get antioxidants in your diet. fruits and vegetables have
8:07 am
antioxidants and great nutrient. if you drink four, shoul you go to eight, maybe not. caffeine can vs things you may ot want, insomnia, rapid heartbeat. for those that do drink coffee, this is good news i think. >> another morning boost, watch what happens whe a a chimpanzee was reunited with the foster parents that raised him after he was abandoned as a neorn. >> the sound of pure y, jumps into the hands of jorge. they wrapped together until jorge's wife tonya, she gets the same love. this posted by zoological foundation in miami where he now lives. the chimps sees his former caretakers every couple of months. th reaction is always the same. >> that's cool. your kids would greet thank you way once in a while.
8:08 am
>> when they get older. ride shari redid efined. behind the ave to schuleting pe wheel ofsew cnd trucks whenever they want. up next oprah talks polgics up next oprah talks polgics putt rumors of 2020 salads should look like this. crisp leaves of lettuce. freshly made dressing. clean food that looks this good.
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8:11 am
neutrogena®. see what's possible. from our crazy delicious family to yours. crave those crazy squares. this morning todas talker, oprah winfrey shutting down talk of a presidential n. >> she opened up to british vogue why she would not have anyone calling her madam president any time somo. good ing. >> good morning to you guys. she's made millions conquering the business world, media, and even hollywood, but one challenge oprah is not willing
8:12 am
to tackle, politics. oprah winfrey gracing the august edition of british vogue and doubling down on not running for president in 2020. the media mogul saying she's not cut out for politics. in that political structure, all the nontruths, the crap, the nastiness, the backhanded back room stuff that goes on. l i feelike i would not be able too it it would kill me. her grabbing sech at the golden globes when talkf 2020 reached a fevered pitch. >> for too long women were not believed if they dared to speak the truth to the the power of those men, but their time is up. their time is up.
8:13 am
>> those comments earning several standing ovations. the all-star crowd captivated by r poignant message of female empowerment. but now she insists she is staying away from politics. the queen of talk still using her powerful words to effect change. people talk about thesere such dark times, but what if we shift the paradigm. because i see it differently, winfrey said. isn't this remarkable we are waking rs. for y women have endured craziness. this is what's happening to people. they ahe allowingelves to not just become corroded but sterical. you have to lean to the pp iness. winfrey gushed about her recent royal wedding appearance. she was one of the handful ofoo holl a-listers to attend the nuptials. the event inspiring winfrey. it left me feeling anything is possible through the power of love. and you can read more in the august issue of british vogue oe
8:14 am
friday. guys. >> thank you so much. dylan is in the hot seats. all seats are hot. >>te're all in together. yes. it is going to be very, very hot ac well, another hot one today.
8:15 am
same weather pattern as yesterday. another heat advisory through the afternoon. feeling like 105 and poor air quality. you want to limit your time outdoors today. dangerous heat and highmp ature will be in the mid 90s. plenty of sun relief and rain relief across the area. if you're heading to the beach, you will enjoy it as we go t through the n few days. for fourth of july it looks nice and dry even if y the d.c. metro area, looks good. usxt rain chances friday. that will cooown into the end of the week.the door, don't catch u on sirius channel 108. today at 1:00 al, sheinelle and i. >> that's a good show. >> dylan, tyonk today's consumer. are you getting out of dodge for july 4th? if so you're not alone. aaa expects 47 million americans to be othe move over the holiday. lots of them, perhaps most of them, hitting the roadrs >> some dri cruising around in a dream car without committing to a major purchase or even a lease. they are calling it car
8:16 am
ownership 2.0. jo ling kent takes us behind the wheel. >> reporter: owning or leasing the car may soon be in the rearview mirror as new subscription sers let you drive what you want when you want it. in the age of ride sharing new car sales down 2% this year and millennials own fewer cars than their parents did at the same age. that's why major manufacturers and dealerships are revving up subscription services offering customers who value flexibility and variety new ways to get in the driver's seat without long-term contracts. with canvas oed by ford, she has a fiesta to steer clear of car dealership. >> i didn'want to go to a car dealer and not negotiate a deal that i deserved. >> for $350 a month under the circumstances access to a suite of cars you can somewhat out any time, insurance included. julie with fast lane at the
8:17 am
wyler family dealership in cincinnati. >> i decided to flip into a jeep. it would be fun to get out, go hikin yking. i have a lot ofard work coming up and i'll have to flip into pickup trucks. >> more convenience means more money. $950, insurance, maintenance, a choice of 40 cars delivered to your car. >> you said luxury suv. >> i don't have to schedule oil changes or tire rotations. when my car gets dirty, i can flip it. >> watch out for hidn costs, some subscription costs can come up with significantp sigees and wear, tear and mileage. if you're looking to splurge, for $1800 a month drivers can use this app to use up to 18 cadillacs a year, with options like this self-driving owsedan. >> h did ride sharing like uber and lyft. >> i think people are looking for options and choice. >> reporter: changing what you drive on the open road. for "today," jo ling kent, nbc
8:18 am
news, los angeles. >> what do you think? >> i'll take the 50 option, not other two. >> i like the idea of a different car eve you get a jeep when you want to go hiking. >> sheinelle and i like the idea of turning in our car with cheerios, gummy lworms. >> i take the mercedes, thank you. >> exactly. >> all right. let's check in now with carson. he's over in the orange room. hi, car nkntence. >> tou very much. nobody wants our filthy swagger. i can promise you that. new instagram feature available today on iphones and androids, you're all caught up.ou when see all the new posts from the last 48 hours, once you've lthked at , there will be an alert that comes up in your efeed, youll caught up. part of instagram's recent push to curb social media addiction. vin tweeted we're building tools that will help the ig community know missouri ahout they spend on instagram.
8:19 am
julianna sayinghe new "you're all cght up" feature on instagram saves you from a whole lot of scrolling.- savannah says >> that's not me. >> opened it six times in a row. we asked you what do you think? 84% like,16% disagree. instagram not the only pushing for full transparency. there are rumors facebook is working on a tim tracking tool. just last month applentroduced their screen time update to help manage phone use. do you guys nd that help? >> here is the thing, every second you get a new picture. you say you're all caught up, sewithin two nds. >> maybe you follow too many people. >> i follow like six people. somebody post thing. >> you see people just le ts going. >> i open apps when i have nothing bette do. >> you get things posted 24 hours ago.d
8:20 am
a g idea. >> i agree. >> how about you've reached the end of the internet. >> "pop start," carson, what go have you >> cardi b made history once again. not since lauryn hill has a female rapper reached top 100 billboard, cardi has done it not once but twice. her latest single "i like it" made her the first female rapper in history to have two number one songs on the chart. she took to instagram to share her excitement. >> what's happening, guys. i'm so shappy, excited. i cannot believe "i like it-of-is number a song you made it happen. i'm so happy and so thankful. so happy, guys. thank you. >> you're all caught up. also mentioned she plans to find a special way to thank all of her fans for support. chrissy teigen, supermol posted this sweet family photo yesterday. before she heard from mommy shamers about how she might be
8:21 am
holding her kids wrong, she decided to pull the old eight mile, beat them to the punch. should i post the one where h i he unsupported but my face looks good. the one his head is supported and my face loo okay. decisions decisions. the one she went withooks great. finally seth rogenr his likeness. some russian women appear to have tapedb crd cutout of me on vacation. here they are in front of the another with cardboard seth on a train there. the pair took selfies together the women in the photo saw she got seth's ioatte now she's suggesting seth should take a cardboard cutout of her. have to follow t sethsee if that actually happens. so far no word. you are, indeed, all caught u on your "pop start" today. don't go back and watch this. >> what about a daily kick. >> we have a littlfo something you yesterday. big match monday, brazi beating
8:22 am
xico advancing to quarterfinals. hello back thereb to cte that win, it was 2-0, brazil star player neymar played a huge part in the win. it was his theatrics that had a lot of people talking online here you can see him rolling around inagony. moments earlier mexicoo went pick up the ball and stepped on neymar's ankle. there's the step there, went on twitter. the memes were flying plentiful yesterday. he's de a lot of famous flops. here you can see him across the field like a soccer ball. >> that's a good one. >> takes it outside as nmar lls through the streets to the sound of limp biscuits rolling. a bab neymar in the future. people play be laughing but in the end neymar moves on. you can look fo continuing
8:23 am
coverage on sister stationnd tele why do they do that? i don't get the flops. >> neymar is good. >> i fall for it all the time. that guy is hurt. >> it's shin guard. >> carson, thanks. if you want more great stories and videos, download the app, go to the apps store on your mobile device. everything you need fhe beach weekend. the best books to throw in your bag and slish bathing suits that will flatter any body
8:24 am
- some labels keep you safe. - but other labels... - are hurtful. - when it comes... - to people... - let's ditch... - the labels. - and start with a simple... [all] "hello."
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning, everybody. 8:26 on tuesday, jy 3rd i'm aaron gilchrist. let's get a check on your commute whi may be a bit more crowded for the fourth of july holiday. >> no doubt. we'll tak a lookt the bay bridge. southbound 270, on the beltway a crash reported. inner loop after aapolis road, crash clear but delays hanging around. before braddock, csh on the right shoulder. from the bay bridge to the late, do it early or do it today after 10:00 p.m. or before 10:00 a.m. melissa. thank you. we'll get a check on the very hot forecast when we come back. at havertys we know everesne has different ta
8:27 am
8:28 am
and this independence day... ...we're making it easy to find your styleve hurry in to ys independence day sale. for the last few days, the more you spend, the more you save- up to $1000. how much you save is up to you! with more styles and custom fabrics to choose from. 's urniture that fits you. havertys. life looks good good tuesday morning. another very hot and humid day. heat advisory for everybody, and we have poor air quality again through the afternoon. we'll be around 95 degrees, but feeling like 105. if you're heading to the beach today, g wat weathern you get there.
8:29 am
even tomorrow looki great for fireworks. isolated chance thursday. your forecast coming up.
8:30 am
all right. it is 8:30. it's tuesday morning. it's the 3rd ofjuly, 2018. we are so happy to have our crowd out on the plaza this morning. hope everybody is wearing their creen and their deodorant as well because it's a hot, sticky one. believe.le hard to >> like being in a sauna. >> my hands is sticky. >> like steam room. >> not a dry heat, that's for sure. we have someonen the plaza, this is a really cool crowd moment this morning. where is viola. viola, hi, good morning. >> good morning. >> i hear, and you tell mesf thistrue, that you want to be the next savannah guthrie. >> yes. >> so i think we need you to read from the prompter. can you do that for us? it's right there all set with your name on it ready to go?
8:31 am
>> i'm viola from huntersville, north carolina, and this is "today" on nbc. >> well done. >> you'rehired. can you work tomorrow, it's a holid holiday? >> awesome. >> savannah, here is your gold watch. ttime to hang up. she's a natural. just ahead it's time to read more today. yesterday we sharedur favorite books. now we're going to ask favorite authors what they are reathng summer. >> once you've got your beach read sorted oe it's t to cool off in the water. whether you're trying to flatter or f unt yourfeatures, the swim suit trend you need. >> the once and onlyew martha t is here to get us ready to celebrate fourth of july. patriotic fourth of july decorate. pieas that might i you to throw that last minute party of your own. alwaysood toave martha. >> megyn, what party are you throwing? >> making fourth of july, red, white, boozy, fourth of july
8:32 am
cocktails in just a dylang over with matt and akbar from "american ninja warrior" for ournel. all things animals, giraffes, sharks, allgators. wealk you through it. then, unbelievable story today, a woman whose ancestors who saved a jewish family during world war ii from the nazis decides to track down s of that family. she finds them. what happens next has an incredible twist. ele's hear to us what it is and walk us through the incredible story. all right,
8:33 am
good morning. we have another heat advisory today. another weather alert day. dangerously hot. feeling lik 105 when you factor in the humidity and an air quality advisory for poor air quality today. 95 degrees for an afternoon high. feeling like 105. sunny skies today. no rain relief. here's your fourth of july forecast for fireworks if you're aroundhe d.c. metro area or at the beach. looking nice and good. nextfain relomes friday. that will cool us into the 80s by this weekend.
8:34 am
>> and that's your latest recast. willie. >> dylan, thank you very much. it is day two of our series rea. more to on monday we launched "today" show little free library on the plaza. our affiliates decided to get in on the action with libraries of eir ow check out cleveland, st. louis, and a familiar face in baltimore. it's sunny's brother camden. this morning we have some more books foryou. the fourth of july weekend is nearly here. that means beach, barbecues and books. here with favrite sum reads are certified bookms w t isaac fitzgerald, jane green and brad thor are "new york times" bes selling authors. goods to see reyou. >> t there, jenna bush hager picked forw "today" sook club one of the best of the year. hands down one of the best of the ye b. to a kaleidoscope of characters.
8:35 am
each chapter a different narrative and focuses on urban native american voices which we haven't sn in a lot of literature. it's in oakland and basically comes together a bund this powwow. maybe there's going to be a robbery, so you'v got some thrilling stuff. what it really comes down to writing issu rb. you want to take it to the beach. >> i need isaac to sell my next book. amazing. jane what's your fiction pick. >> i'm going to argue with isaac, one of the best pyxis my ex-life by steven mccauley. it is quirky and funny and beautifully observed. he wrote "object of my affection" turned into a movie by jennifer aniston. this is a book about a woman divorced and her ex-gay husband comes back into her life, mdle age, teenager daughters and quirky families beautifully ed obse >> sounds like a good one. >> the book of m by peng
8:36 am
shepherd. this is an amazing debut. people's shadows are stolen, memories lost and shadows are recreating the world in a very dangerous way. it's an incredible concept and she is a brill yapiant new fict writer. this is somebodye you'll h on this couch. she's that good. >> nonfiction. >> i love this. i'm now like youguys, i want to read those books. nonfiction, let me tell youot that bad. essay collection edited put together by roxanne gay, incredible superstar. every essay is about rape culture. it's very important because of the times we live in now. is this a lig read, it is absolutely not. is it an important read? absolutely is. it will make you feel less alone or make you understand the world you didn't know existed, the world of rape culture.
8:37 am
people like alley she. dy. it's a hard read but good read. >> we'll look for that. jane, what's yourno iction. >> light relief, corner of the oval. exit comes out week. it's a memoir written by bara'k ob stenographer. she traveled on "air force one" with him five years. it's like the west wing in book rm only betterecause it has gossip and it's sexy and it's funny and is also a story not just like behind the scenes ose the white h of barack obama's administration but also her own journey and thesa rous love affair she has with various members of the team. when this comes out next week, i think we're all going to be asking, who is jason, who is jason? >> you piqued brad's interest. >> p, itical thrill love that. your friend and mine jon meacham'sbook, the sou of
8:38 am
america. we think we're experiencing things that haven't happened bere in american politics, there's a lot in our past that will guide us throughit. erything is going to be okay. >> we shared the same pick. it's remarkable book. speaking of musteads for the summer, jane, let's start with the sunshine sisters. >> my 19th novel, the story of a dysfunctional family na narcissistic mother, three daughters, she's estranged from all of them. they are all going tough crisis and she calls them back to her home at the beach whe te has a terminal issll oit m y favortrite since the beach house i wrote years ago. it's out now in paper back. >> we'll be looking for that on >> thank you. >> brad you crank out number one best sellers, spy master the latest. >> debuted it's a story about united states knows enemy about to launch war
8:39 am
ecd the presidentes to pull out all the stops to prevent the war. takes our bestpe spies,al operations people and says no rule book. make sure you stop this before it starts. real excitine action on p one. great beach read. >> we're going to see that on beaches. isaac available for energetic pr. >> any time. >> thank you very much. good to see you. the fullks list of b and bonus picks from guests exclusively on up next. the pool and beach,
8:40 am
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comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. (birds chirping, a running ahh.k,) the new deer park sparkling is made with real spring water. ♪ it's so refreshing and delicious, you don't need slo-mo models to sell it. real spring water, real fruit flavors and refreshing bubbles. just what's refreshingly real. we are back now with "today's" style. swim suit season is officially upon us, with it tricky new trends. how do you find cut that makes you feel stylish and confident.s swim sor everybody and
8:42 am
every body. good morning. i know many of us are scared of swim suit season butgr you've g t choices. >> we're going to take the torture out and we have a lot that are affordable. for a petite jennifer is our model this morning. >> there's a few things you want to do here, looking for a higher cut leg. also, if you have a shorter torso, that doesn't really help you, so doit a little of a lower cut in the front. the key with this bathing suit which we love, $49 at lulu's. the color blocking on the side. >> it's flattering. >> it makes your eye focus on column of color in the middle of the body and that will create an elongating effect. >> jen, you look awesome. >> let's get to the next model. somebody with a more athletic shape. here is phyllis looking fabulous. >> she is. phyllis is our fitne model here. what happens withc athle
8:43 am
women, they want a suit -- go phyllis. they want a sui which highlights their best assets you should look look for a racerback silhouette like this one. the other problem women into being athletic, a suits so practical, like solid colors. >> writes the cuteness. >>his is actually stella mccartney for adidas, high design. it has a print, i don't know if you can see it. >> dark purple and black zebra print, $49 at the out net. >> that's a designer suit. thank you. she teaches fitness classes. you're inspiring us, phyllis. for curving shape our model amber in red. you look beautiful. >> we love the idea if you've got curves flaunt them. one of the best ways to do that is choose a bright bold color like this one. ruching, no matter what your size, especially if you're curvy is every girl's best friend.
8:44 am
it shows off thef contours your silhouette but hides any ready ctions you're not to show off. the best thing about thissuit, savannah, it's availle for $26 on >> it is really, really flattering, really pretty. >> comes in a tonfe of dnt colors and sizes. we love the idea of having some fun and not spend a lot of money. >> amber, thank you so much. you look fabulous. our next model is i personally loved wearing a swim suit when i was pregnant. i i never looked better. kelly ape is so cute. >> kelly is due any daynow, so let's get that part over with quickly. th is from old navy. whether or not we love about this and you'll relate to this havingwo kids of your own and myself having two kids. we wt something practical. it looks like two-piece but it's a tannik ini. the halter top keeps everything
8:45 am
supported. super u affordable,nder $32. the swim skirt allows her to grow with the suit. it's a greatinhing if you out your pregnant memorial day, takes you all the way through the fourth of july. >> tnk you so much. now go have that baby. finally we have what we call the unicorn. this is a suit universally flattering on everybody type. >> this is from somersault. these suits are amazing. they tried them on 10,000en diff women and collected a million and a half body scans to fnd the rightmulation and this is it. side stroke. $ under comes in seven different colors. here is the key, guys. it's made with four times the compression of an average swimi it's sucking in in all the right places. it is flattering. three different body types. it looks great on all of them. all the girls are like i'm
8:46 am
buying this. >> it's really cute and i love the color blocking. thank you so much. if you missed any of this, c f youd all of these suits on to keep the party going, party planning for procrastinator. if you need decorating ideas for e 4th, you're in luck. none other than martha stewart is here. she's going to pnt the town red, white, and blue. you've got to get in there, like... i know what a bath is smile honey this thing is like... first kid ready here we go by their second kid, every parent is an expert and... ...more likely to choose luvs, than first time parents. live, learn and get luvs it oy a se fn ertem ec daer tide pods child-guard pac.
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helps keep your laundry pacs safe, and your child safer. to close, twist until it clicks. tide pods child-guard packaging.
8:48 am
all right. well, it's july 3rd. that means independence day is obviously tomorrow. are you ready for it? if you're still looking for last minute red, white, and blue w decorationve got you covered. our friend martha stewarts here to share easy and creative ideas from the latest issue of martha s wartliving. the kids can help out. they are home now. >> they are home. they need occupations. >> looking for things to do. ngs to do great t
8:49 am
with mom and dad. >> this is so easy, a ball jar, get wonderful all purpose paint. this paint goes on every surface, it's safe, child friendly. soaint the jar all white. carson, iyou tape some blue tape all around. >> this will help us create stripes. >> go around a nd breakskrip. then paint over with red. it's very easy to do. you peel off the paint and you have beautiful red, white, and blue stripes. put a little candle in there or battery run candle and you have a very nice illumination. look what i did. i used it for f dwerorations also. the ribbon fabric stiffener, just put it on a ribbon and curl it up. look at that, how cute. >> thinking how many budweisers i could put in the, two or three. >> you can do it. >> for napkins, easys. napk
8:50 am
we all know what the old potato stamp looks like a >> we don't. is this a thing? >> you cut a potato into a star shape using a cookie cutter. >> use the cutter. >> toe m the shape of the star. take away the cut around that. >> is that glue? >> no, white paint. then you stamp. >> you're making stars on the napkins. >> that's fun. -- hen you have really cute you can do runners, all kinds of stuff. >> younow what you can do, tut this off and still make potato lad. >> that's right. don't waste anything. >> good idea. >> that's our napkins. look how cute they are with a pompom madef raffia. do you have one of these do dads at home? >> no. >> these are pompom makers. you wrap it all the way around withraffia.
8:51 am
you cut down the middle like this. isn't that cute? >> was these? >> craft stores. c go to theft stores. >> you're the only one on earth that has these. >> no, you g to the craft stores. it's a good thing to go to a craft store today and find all he things that keep those kids busy. they are out of school. carson admitted his chredren, kids, out of school. >> they are home. >>ro they need pcts. >> things to do. that's right. >> take a piece of floral wire and wrap it around. >> why play fortnight when you can make napkins martha stewart style. >> this gives you dexterity in your minds and hands. open it up you have a pompom. >> thas all right. >> food, you love food. we make strawberry isjelly. is like old-fashioned jello but homemade out of latin. this you would really like. you know what that is? frozen rose. take a son. that's your frose.
8:52 am
tastes good? >> really good. >> tt you can deal with. put that on top of the jelly and you have a most delicious desert. >> how do you make rose? >> rose wine in here. >> infused. >> with a little strawberry. put it in your freezer and scrape it with a fork. fill a gas and sip it. >> sangria. >> of course sangria. you uld use red wine, rose, layer it with fruit, grapefruits, limes, lemons, strawberries, oranges. you're going to make that tomorrow. >> what are you going to do tomorrow? >> swimming all day. i have a pool party. then we're going to have a barbecue. >> you have these treats all over. >> everyere for the kids to do. >> must be amazing. >> then we're goingo cara more and listen toohn souza and watch fireworks. >> on instags.m? >> >> fin these ideas and recipes
8:53 am
on back in a moment but firis this "today" onfo nbc. happy thf july. o
8:54 am
8:55 am
we are into the frose. that's incredible. >> jen and chanel at 10:00. >> magician known as spidey, the mentalist. >> that's going to be good. >> wait a minute. that's n >> chug
8:56 am
this is a "news 4 today" news break. > good morning, everybody. just a few minutes shy of the 9:00 hour on this tuesday, july 3rd. i'm erica gonzalez. the roads are going to be packed because of the holiday traffic. >> we have a coupl of problems adding to it. hyattsville inner loop after annapolis road, crash on the right shoulder. taking a look atrandy wine, northbound 301, crash on the right side. looks good beltway so does 270 southbound and at
8:57 am
the bay bridge, this is the te to go. it's going to be pretty nasty around 3:00 p.m. we're allfo hopinno rain for the fireworks. we will check your forecast coming up next.
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning. we have a hea advisory for everybody today with a temperature of 95 degrees but feeling like 105. plenty of sunshine around the area. dangerous heat. if you're headed to the beach, it will be a nice one. 90s for the restf the week. dryer for this weekend. >> thanks, sheena. remember you can get the latest news and weather any time with our nbc washington app. have a great day. le ofricity from novec? within one dollar, mary. th 's my lights, hot water,tv,, laundry, fridge, robot vacuum. i'm going to say i pay novec five dollars a day. the answer is... four seventy-four! with novec we all win. novec. powering value and so much more! yes!
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good morning, everyone. good morning. welcome to the program, i'm megyn kelly. we have a lot to get to including orsharks, allig and giraffes but we begin with a spectacular story about the o rescue 12 young boys. joining me now to discu all of it, nbc's dylan dreyer. also, wait for it, akbar and matt from "american ninja warrior." >> good morning. >> good to see you. hey, matt. >> i'm just going to sit


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