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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  July 4, 2018 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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sheena parveen and lauryn ricketts are keeping an eye on how hot things are going to get. >> it's pretty warm already. >> well on the way. a little bit ofgi mss on the way. >> a little bit of -- a lot of humidity. >> the humidity is still here. here's the thing. the heat is eventually going to break and the humidity with it. >> theest of this week, we saw high temperatures. this morning, we havearair here still. 78 degrees. dulles 81. quantico right now and annapolis at 81 degrees. here's a look at radar. we have clouds around. we'll be in the 90s. through the morning and closer to lunchtim we'll be climbing to near 90 degrees. but for your fourth of july
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forecast, here's what future weather is showing most ofhe area stays dry. can't rule out an isolated pop-up thunderstorm. at this point, it looks like around the time of thunderstorms, there's a slight chance for a stray thunderstorm in the forecast. not for everybody. we'll keep watching it through the day and a closer look at the fourth of july weather in a bit, guys. >> sheena, thank you. this morning, the nation'sta ca is packed with people for the fourth of july holiday. folks an to brave theeat and the humidity to celebrate independence day on theatnal mall. >> there is lots going around town. starting with the independence day parade at 11:45 this morning. ♪ >> and the music is all ready to go for a capital fourth concert tonight starting at 8:00. we caught up with people last night attending dress rehearsal on the west lawn.
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people said they'll be back today for the stivities, no matter how hot it is. >> sometimes it's good to sweat it out. how can you miss it? the best fire in the world. >> the sky lights -- best fireworks in the d.wo the sky lights up at 9:00. if you plan to attend any celebrations, be ready for road closures. take a look at the map all t areas in red will shut down at 6:00 a.m. and this map in the nbc washington app right now. metro is probably the best bet. metroin is allow riders to carry and drink water on trains and buses today. usually not allod. the chillers are working to help riders cope with the heat. 4:02. we turn to breaking new on the 12 boys and the soccer coach trapped in a cave in thailand. >> chris lawrence is here with the latest. >> erica, aaron, they're racingh the w right now. today is the 11th day the boys
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have been trapped in that cave. take a look at thiso. vide the boys and their coach tryin to stayarm in the shiny silver blankets. they use that for marathons. the thai officials overseeinge operations says they may not be rescued at the same time. a l depends on their individual health. a medical team is checking them out in this newvideo. they're more than a half mile down there in narrow passageways and heavy rains in the forecast late this week. that could cause water levels to rise and complicate some of the plan s toely rescue them. aaron? >> chris, thank you. now to a developing a woman recovering after being hurt in an explosion inside a fireworks warehouse. that missouri company, pyrotechnics, fire officials say by the time they arrived on t scene, the warehouse was engulfed in flames. a woman was trapped inside. but she wasescued and in the hospital with serious injuries.
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we're learningutore a a deadly house fire in waldorf. we had a view overhe scene in chopper 4. you can see the burned out shell of the house on berry hills road. firefighters found the man dead inside. it appears the fire started in the bedroom and cost about $400,000 in damages. it's unclear what caused the fire. then here in the district, take a look at this video. a food truck caugh fire right at the height of lunch-hour. still don't know what caud the fire. this is at 4th and e streets yesterday. not far from th national mall. witnesses tell us it only took a few seconds before the whole uck went up. this man working inside walked away with just minor injuries. >thankfully. new details about the fight to have u.s. flags lowered to honor the victims of the capital gazette shooting. president trump ordered flags lowered to half-staff. it honors t memory of the five people murdered inside the newsroom in annapolis.
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president trump ordered the flags to be lowered once hed lear of the request. the mayor of annapolis said the president had refused his request. they were lowered through sunset yesterday evening. that comes after the shooting raage. our new partners at wtop report that police could hear theph ce es of the people killed ringing in the otherwise silent newsroom after tshooting. meanwhile, still a lot of questions about that shting. maryland governor larry hogan is ying to figure out why no legal action was taken. jarrod ramos had a long-standing grud against that paper. new details about a decision that could shape policy for dedes to come. the short list of candidates for the next u.s. supreme court justice is now even shorter. nbc news confirms seven candidates are under consideration. they include utah senator mike lee and d.c. couf appeals judge brett cavanaugh.
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theyinclude two women. joan larsen being one. the president interviewed many of the candidates in person and will announce his new nominee next monday. learning more about a mother, a controversial leader ever the environmental protection agency. they were at a restaurant in d.c. and spotted scott pruitt, mink a teacher, walked over to his table with her 2-year-old son. listen to the exchange here. >> i wanted to -- [ inaudible ] this is my son. he loves anals. actually does the -- i would urge you to resign. >> mink says pruitt said nothing and he and his security guards left the restaurant before she got back to her seat
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this all took place at a japanese cafe in ten prquarter. tt is the subject of at least 13 federal ethics investigations the president is said to bene concerd about the probe but has nothing to announce personnelwise at the moment. the trump administration will not encourage schools to consider race as a part of t admission -- aimed to promote diversity in schools. this move reverts back to how things were under the bush administration and does not impact current u.s. law on affirmative action and does nots prevent schrom using race as a plus factor. several institutions are vowing tognore the new policy. a powerful republican in congress responding that he ignored reports of sexual abuse as a wrestling coach at ohio state university. several wrestlers said they ig
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complaints. one athlete directly t d jordan what was happening. ohio state opened an investigation in april into reports of former athletes. jim jordan is a founder of the house freedom caucus and quoted as a possible replacement for speaker paul ryan. congressman jordan never saw any abuse, never heard about any buse and never had any abuse reported during his time as a coach at ohio state, end quote. it is 4:08. a man with guns at the trump hotel in washington is pleading guilty. he had an automatic pistol and ar-15 rifle in his car when he checked into the hotel last summer. he did not have a lins for the pistol. e government threw out the federal firearms charge. he faces time in prison. he had to givep guns also from his home in pennsylvania.
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today the newest citizens in the united states will be sworn in on america's 242nd birthday.0 from 50 countries worldwide wi become americans at the home of the nation's first president, in mt. vernon. ceremonies will take place in caen, new jersey and philadelphia. just in time for the frth, we're tell will you the right and wrong ways to display the flag. >> you can display old glory outside from sunrise to sunset. if you want to display the flag after dark, it must be properly illuminated. if it's hanging from a porch, the bluesection known the union of the flaghod be at the peak of the staff. it should never touch anything including the ground. another privacy issue. >> one impactingdy any who has blocked other users from seeing their pages. plus,ne man's wild ride caught on camera.
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we're looking at dry conditions. we had a few storms last night. wel let you know if you'll see more storms in the rest of your fourth of july. that's in just a nute. you've got a number of things that you can do today. t what's going on, on this fourth of july.
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off the roadway. sideways. wild ride oas dam in new jersey. a good samaritan with the dashcam t spottedhe car barreling down the highway at close to 100il an hour. it sideswiped an suv. spun out of control into oncoming traffic and plowed through a highwa sign.
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police caught up to him. a driver faces criminal charges for theng heroin and syfound in the car along with several traffic violations. facebook iealing with another privacy issue mishap. >> the compa says a software -- affected 8,000 users. it unblocked som users previously blocked by another. that means the person could potentially see posts of those you blocked and message them. facebook says it was live for about a week at the end of may and early june and insists that the companyif began nng users impacted. hundreds of companies coulds benning your g-mail every day and you might have given them permission to do it. nearly 1.5 billion have g-mailco ts. hundreds of years may be scanning inboxes or reading conversations. that's where you come in. the journal found that if you use any of a long list of e-mail-based apps from a third
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party, like a price comparison tool, you might have given those de slopers permission torch your inbox. right now, wildfires are burning in several states out west fueled by the hot dry weather. >> one of the largest ones is in southern colorado where flames have destroyed more than 100 homes over the past week. that fire burned nearly 80,000 acres and at last check, it is only 5% contained. more than 2500 homes under evacuation. over the weekend, authorities arrested a man who they say started the fire. crews out in northern california are trying to get the upper hand on a wildfire burnith e. at last check that fire burned more than 72,000 acres. this one is only 15% ctained in yolo and napa counties. firefighters are sedrting controurns in the area to help contain the situation. but they're also c nting on cooling temperatures and shifting winds to help fight the flames. >> i don't know why we didn't
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start on time. >> look at that, ben. ould have been proud of that on >> check out the show in the sky overfill fi philadelphia last n. huge bolts of lightning cracking around the ballpark in downtown philly. two strong thunderstorms went over the city. ually tookams eve the field. the phillies won 3-2. >> impressive. >> that was amazing. >> when you i see spidering across the sky, cloud to cloud lightning. >> not coming down to the ground. >> doesn't always have to hit the ground. >> we had our own, some sort of scenario like that yesterday. i looked out the window. like a monsoon outside. i looked at my nbc washington app and when you zoomed in, you had to really zoom in on d.c.
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you saw one thundstorm and then a couple more storms forming on the boundaries of it. it's a little t a noug in the afternoon when you have a couple of thunderstorms on a hot sunny day. >> the car just washed. >> you know how that happens. >> today, unfortunately, for fourth of july, we have a couple isolated storm chanc in the forecast. now, this is not going to be a kind.t of any but on a hot, humid day like today, we're looking at a couple isolated thunderstorms. for the fourth of july forecast, for your fireworks, there is a chance that some of the models are picking up on a few lingeringst ms. what we'd like to see, nice and dry on satellite andradar. temperatures are very warm. 81. quantico,annapolis, washington, 79 leagues burglaesburg. >> if you're headed to the parade t t starts at 11:30, i will be warm and humid by dry. by 1:30, a mix of sun and clouds. by the afternoon, 90 degrees.
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isolated storm chance. most could be north and west of d.c. i would not rule out a thunderstorm moving into the d.c. metro area. your full forecast for today. looking dry by lunchtime. rough the afternoon, mix of sun and clouds. temperatures in the 90s. again, we're still in a heat wave and it will feel hotter with the humidity with an isolated storm chance in the afternoon. your fireworks forecast swe coul a lingering thunderstorm. it's not going to be for everybody. the coverage isctually going to be very small. so whoever does see it, you're going to be the unlucky one across tat area. he beach it looks really good. the beaches will stay dry. sunset at 8:37. at the beach, your fireworks will be perfecttonight. here's the beach forecast. maybe you missed the traffic and headed there today. a slight chance for a couple thunderstorms. our next big rain chance is here on friday i most the afternoon and evening hours. and that will really cool uso back down ihe weekend. if you're staying at the beach for a long weekend, saturday
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less rihumid. cl, sunny, a high of 81 degrees. the weekend is looking way better for saturday. the rain on friday will be moving tough quickl enough to clear us out and dry us out. the low humidity and high of 81. degr talk about relief. on sunday, less humid. high of 83. then we go into next week and wc will bein the 90s. so we have another stretch of 90s in tfo cast. the good news is just in time for your weekend, things will feel rllyomfortable around here. lauren is back in a few minutes cwith aser look at the july forecast straight ahead. sheena, thank you. 4:19 right now. d guest p, an uninvi shows up at a local man's house. what he did after spotting this massive black bear going through the trash. ith us. at havertys we know everyone has different tastes.
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welcome back at 4:22. what's old is new again at the national building museum this mmer. visitors can cool off inside an interactive exhibit. you might remember the classic balls from the beach exhibit a
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few years ago. well, the snark tech tur team. the team behind that is back with the fun house. it's an interactive re agination of your typical house filled withy qui finds, marbles and the beach is now a pol. we have afect opportunity to create a scaled version of it. we're creating a backyard poori whichs us a familiar experience. >> the fun house officially opens today and wrol stay open h september 3rd. a man takesra out the only to find a bear in his yard. >> officials believe it's the same bear spotted last weekend. jake bensen has video of the encounter. >> he was muc calmer than many
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of us might be when he went to take out trash monday night and saw a bea backing out of his trash bin. >> he's in there. his shoulder is deep into that trash can. >> it was trash night.he i gathered t things up. opened up the door and my trash can was knocked over. i thought it was a dog inthere. i stepped closer and bear pulls out of the trash can and kind of steps back and looks at me. >> the closeasncounter captured by turner's home system.y >> i looked at him for what i think is too long. i looked a the video again. i probably should have backed away sooner. >> he's lived there for years. it backs up to thick woodsbi alg rocky run creek. >> never seen a bear. a lot of diffe the bear is checked off my list of wildlife that i always thought might seen fairfax. >> bear sighting comes one week
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after this bear was spotted in herndon. turner says when he talked to animal control, they indicated to him that it's very possible all of these reports may involve people seeing the same young bear. in centerville, jackie ben ben, news 4. 4:25 right now. new clues in a central park explosion. a virginia teen lost his leg two years ago today. now we'll show you new evidence that coup lead to the person who planted that explosive. we're taking a look a temperatures out there right now. 81 degrees a 4:30. we're going to continue to warm the temperatures into the 90s today. we'll let you know how hot your fourth ofy is going to get and let you know i you can see any rain in your neighborhood fireworks. that's coming up in about five minutes. you may be allowed to buy fireworks. where you set them o is a completely different story. next at 4:30, we'll break down the rules across our area ahead
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of your celebrations.
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it's 4:29 on this fourth of morning. a live look over washington, d.c. there's no better place to be celebrating than our nation's capital, the united states lebrating its 242nd year of independence good morning everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm erika gonzalez in for eun yang. we're working for you wherever you may be celebrating tonight. >> with a look at the forest, lauryn ricketts is in for chuck along with sheena parveen. good morning, ladies. >> good morning. we did not plan this. i was afraid you were going to wear blue. i was happy that you wore red. >> i almost wore blue. i almost wore blue and then i saw this. >> i like it. very patriotictoday. >> it's working.
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>> exactly. we've got fireworks tonight and maybe a little bit of rain as well. we'lle talking about that. let's talk about the temperatures. it is warm already. 81 degreesere in t district at this point. then outside the beltway, you can see temperatures in the 70s. you factor in the mugginess out there. this is what it feels like. here in d.c., not even 00, it feels like 86 degrees. you know it's going to be another warm day. t not going to be quite as warm as we have been last couple days. we'll have more of an easterly wind and we'll see temperatures in the low tomid-90s. yesterday, 97 degrees. i saw a heat index up to i 7. s in annapolis. 93 i the daytime high today. we have a chance of isolated storms. we'll b timin those out for you in about 18 minutes. let you know if you can have rain in your neighborhoods before the fireworks get going. aaron? >> now to a developing story. several


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