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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  July 4, 2018 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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it is 5:00 a.m. good mornipp everybody. fourth of july. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eka gonzalez the fourth means barbecues and fireworks. >> but today, it means really hot temperatures. storm team 4's sheena parveen and lauryn ricketts are both meteorologists. they're re. >>hat's right. >> we are. >> nailing it, aaron. >> to tells how meteorological they can be today. go. >> now it's our turn. go ahead, lauryn. >> thanks, aaron. >> it's hot outhere already. those temperatures are already he the low 80s at this point. i can't rememberast time we didn't have a hot fourth of july. i was looking back. it's been pretty hot. yeah, it has. a couple years ago, you were somewhere else. >> i was in philly. >> we had fog and in the 60s. it was like three years ag >> today is not going to be like that at all. we're going to be hot again. we're still in a heat wave. yesterday it felt like 105.
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hotter for areas around 110 or above. today, around 100 degrees is how we'll feel. 81 in washington and quan ico. 77 leesburg. very warm start to your fourth of july morning. nice a dry, though. we like to see this on a day like today. but by the afrnoon, we have a chance for an isolated storm. take a look at the future heat index for today. another hot one. again, feeling around 100 degrees this afternoon. your fourth of july forecast, though, for fireworks, again an storm chance. not for everybody. most of us stay dry and beautiful at the beaches. a closer look at what you can expect today and into the weekend coming up. sena, thank you. it's 5:01 now. the nation's capital is packed with peopleor the fourt of july. they plan to brave the heat and humio celebrate independence day on the national mall. >> there is lots going on. news 4's justin finch is live along the national mall with more on all of today's events. good morning, justin.
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>> reporter: hey there, erika, aaron. goodurmorning. of , we're in for a hot and humid holiday today. everything kicks off withat parade at 11:45 this morning. we'll have eight checkpoints set up about the mall today. they will open at 10:00 of course, the parade is the main draw. it will travel down constitution avenue from 7th to 17th streets. the life festival also happening opening doors at 11:30 a.m. we'll have a fireworks finish in the 9:00 p.m. hour after theur capital fo concert that takes place hours before. with so much goi on, the u.s. park police want you to know they're workingo keepou safe all day. >> there's no credible threats to this event. we have taken every precaution to leverage all the resources of the federal and local governments, from law enforcement to officers to technology.
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>> reporter: and about 6:00 a.m., you'll start to see load road closures. the loifrincoln, jefferson monuments. no weapons, no alcohol, nodr es and no fireworks, too. much more coming up throughout the morning to keep you ready for the fourth. back to you in the studio. >> justin finchlln the thank you. if you plan to attend any celebrations today, be ready for road closures around the mall. here's the map tore you. take a all the areas in red, those roads close in about two hours. about one hour at 6:00 a.m. i think. also have the map in the nbc washington app. if you're headed down to t mall, metro isro pbably your best bet to get there. metro is allowing riders to carry and drinkin water on t and buses today. it'ssually not allowed.
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the chillers in all metro stations with working to help riders cope with the heat. ow toreaking news on the 12 boys and soccer coach trapped in a cave in thailand. >> chris lawrence has the latest on the rescue efforts. chris? >> the boys have been trapped in that flooded cave for 11 days. right now, rescue teams are racing the weather to get them out of there. take a look at the new video. you can see the team and their coach trying to t stay warm inhe shiny silr blankets, the same ones they used at the marathon. they're only 11 years old. a thaiffials says they've been practicing wearing diving masks. a lot depends on their health. you can see a medical team checking them out in the new video. remember, that cave is more than a half mileown separated from the surface by a series of narrow passages. heavy rains are in the forecast by the end of the week. th could cause wer levels to rise and complicate rescue
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efforts. a woman is recovering after being hurt by an explion at a fireworks warehouse. the missouri company provide pyrotechnics for big fireworks shows. fire officials say by the time they arrived, thearehouse was fully engulfed in flames. the woman was t ippedide but crews rescued her. she's in the hospital with seriousinjuries. > we're learning more about a deadly house fire in waldorf. this was the view yesterday from chopper 4. you'll be able to see theou burd shell of the home. a man was found dead inside. it appears the fire started i the bedroom and causedbout $400,000 worth of damages. unclear what caused the hfire. >>e in the district, a food truck caught fire right at the height oflunch-hour. we don't know what caused this fire either. this was at 4ndth e streets yesterday. not far from the national mall. witnesses tell us it onl took a few seconds for the whole truck to go up in flames. the man working inside walked away with minor injuries.
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new details about the fight to f have u.lags lowered to honor the victims of the capital gazette shooting. sterday president trump ordered flags to be lowered to half-staff. that decision honors the memory of the five peopleas murdered week inside their newsroom in annapolis. the whiteen house says pres trump ordered the flags to be lowered once he learned of the request. on monday, the mayor of annapolis said the president refused his request. the flags remained lowered through sunset yesterday evening. that tribute comes amid new information about the shooting rampage. police could hear the cell phones of the people who were killed ringing in the otherwise silent newsroom after the shooting. meanwhi meanwhile, there are still a lot of questions about that shooting. maryland governor lar hogan says his office is investigating why more legal action wasn't then years ago after suspect's alleged threats. the alleged gurn gunman ram d a long-standing grudge against the newspaper.
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a decision that could shape polici forecade to come. the short list is now even shorter for the new supreme court justice. seven candidates a under consideration including mike lee d brett kavanaugh. they include amy coney barrett and sixth circuit court of appeals judge joan rsen. e president interviewed many of the candidates in person and he will announce h new nominee next monday. 5:07 now. m we're learninge about a mother confronting the controversial leader of the environmental protection agency. kristen mink and her family were at a restaurant in d.c. when they spotted scott brute. mink, a teacher, she walked over with her 2-year-old son in her arms and listen to what she said. >> i wanted to urge you to au resign b of what you're doing to the environment. my son loves air, he loves the
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water. we deserve to have somebody at the epa who actually does -- we urgeou to resign. >> mink says pruitt said nothing and he and his security detl left the restaurant before she got back to her seat. a this w a japanese cafe. pruitt is the subject of at least 13 federal ethics investigations. the president is said to be concerned about the probes but has nothing to announce personn personnelwise at the moment. the trump administration will not encourage schools to consider race as a factor in the college admissions process. the justice department is reversing an oba era directive aimed to promote diversity in schools. it reverts back to how things were under the bush administration. it does not impact current u.s. w on affirmative acts and does not prevent schools from using race as a plus factor. severalownstitutions areg to ignore the new poli a. powerful republican congressman is responding to accusations he ignored repor of sexual abuse while he was a
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wrestling coach at ohio state university. several fmer osu wrestlers tell nbc news jimordan ignored complaints that the team doctor abused them. jordan was an assistant coach at the time. at least one athlete says he directly told jordan what happening. ohiotate opened an investigation into former athletes in 14 sports. jim jordan is ae founder of house freedom caucus and floated as a possible replacement for speaker paul ryan who is retiring. in a statement, jordan's office said, quote, congressman jordan never saw any abuse, never heard about any abuse and never had any abuse reported to him during his time as a coach at ohio state. end quote. a pnsylvania emergency room doctor facesn prisotime after pleading guilty on gun charges. brian mold had an automatic pistol and ar-15 style rifle in his c when he checked into the trump internional hotel in
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d.c. last summer. he did not have a license to carry the pistol. as partf hisplea, the government threw out the federal firearms charge. he faces up to two years inhe prison w's sentenced in september. he had to give up guns recovered from not only the car but also his home in pennsylvania t today newest citizens in the united states will be sworn in on america's 242nd birthday. 101 people from 50 countries worldwide will become americans at the home of the narson's president in mt. vernon. certificaemonies will take plac camden, new jersey and philadelphia. just info timthe fourth, the right and the wrong way to display your flag. o based on the flag code, you can displayld glory outside from sunrise to sunset. if you want to display the flag after dark, it must be properly illuminated. if it's hangim a porch, the bleu section, union should be at the peak of the staff. it should never touch anything
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below it or touch the ground. another privacy issue. anybodyone impacting who ever blocked other users from seeing their page. one man's wild ride caught on camera. lauryn? >> temperatures alrea in the low 80s. we'll continue to take the temperatures into the mid to upper 80s beforenoon. feeling more like the mid-90s by e timehe nats game starts at 11:00. the full forecas we'll talk about rain chances heading into the afternoon. that's all coming up after the break.
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off the roadway again.e he's g sideways. r >> a wile on a dashcam in new jersey. this car was barreling down the highway at close t 100 miles an hour. nearly spun out of control iffo oncoming t and plowed through a highway sign. police caught up with the driver and arrested him. nobody was hurt here. the driver tase faces criminal charges for heroin and a syringe fod in the car along with several traffic violations. facengok is deaith another privacy mishap. >> a software bug affected about $800 -- 800,000 users. it unlocks users blocked by other. they could also message them. facebook says it was live for about a week in june. been fixed. the company started notifying any users affected.
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hundreds of companies could be scanning your g-mail every day and you might have given permission for them to it. 1.5 billi people have g-mail accounts. a "wall street journal" discovered huneds of software developers may be scanning inboxes or reading conversations. that's where you come in. the journal found that if you use any ofis long of e-mail-based apps from a third party, like a price comparison tool, you may have given permission for those developers to search your inbox. 5:16. wildres are burning in several states out west fueled by the hot and dry weather. >> one of the large he's in southern colorado where flames have destroyed me than 100 homes over the past week. that fire has burned nearly 80,000 acres. at last check, it' only 5% contained. more than 2500 homeser are u evacuation orders. over the weekend, authorities arrested a man who they say started the fire. crews out in northern california aet trying to an
5:17 am
upper hand on a wildfire burning there. at last check,nehis fire b more than 72,000 acres. this one is about 15% contained in yolo and napa counties. firefighters are starting controlled burns to try to help contain this. they're also counting on cooling temperatures and shifting winds to t to help fight the flames. >> i don't know why we didn't start on time. >> look at that, ben. >> ben franklin would have been proud of t tone. >> show in the skiesl overfil fill last night. that is ghtning delaying the phil phillies/orioles game for an hour and a half. two strong thunderstorms went over l the cityt night but the teams eventually took the field. the phillies won 3-2 and the fans got a little ext show on the field. >> aaron, however, did not leave his house, did you? >> i went t dinner last night. >> oh, good. storms wed whatever had around here, apparently, you got a ton of rain, right?
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>> i was telling aaron, i was watching watching the broadcast and outside my window it's a monsoon and adam tuss' live shot is sunny dry. ones.had a couple small when you look at the storms, such a small portion of our viewing area. most of the viewing are was dry. today we're going to be in the far aseather pattern a most of us staying dry and isolated forms. it's going to be hot today. hot fourth of july for tea. temperatures still in the 90s. we also have an isolated storm ance this afternoon. andome storms lingering around 9:00 p.m. we have to watch that. relief is headed our way this weekend. though, i think you're really going to like it.l temperatures w drop, humidity will drop. this is going to be a fantastic weekend setting up. 81 in washington, annapolis. quantico is 80 degrees. it's very warm outside. you probably wl be sweating quite a bit if you're doing any
5:19 am
activity early this morning. we normally tell you to do it. through me, pop-up storms. by 4:00 p.m. could be mainly north and west of d.c. obviously, we cannot rule it out of the d.c. metro area. by 9:00 p.m., somee of th models showing a couple thunderstorms lingering. we need to put that in the forecast and make sure you keep an eye to the sky. you'll be able to see where the storms are. if you're headed to t pool, by noon, we're dry. ms 2:00 p.m., more clouds and isolated thundersthis afternoon. have the spf 30 or higher grilling today. the isolated storms will be in the forecast for some of you with temperatures in the 90s. it's going to be a hot one. feeling close to 100. the national independence day parade, if you're headed to that. dry at 11:00. 11:30, mostly dry. humid and hot. th fireworks forecast looks pretty good. just that isolated chance. if you're going to be at the beach, you don't have to worry about in at all. the beach looksic fantatoday. even tomorrow and friday, the beach ends inland. rain chance in
5:20 am
the afternoon. look at the forecast. low humidity temperatures in the low 80s. lookin pretty good, guys. >> all right. thank you. coming up, uninvited guest shows up at a local man's house. what he did afterg spottin a big black bear going through the trash. stay with us.
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what's old is new again at the national building museum this summer. visitors can cool off inside an interactive exhibit. so you might rememher plastic balls from the beach exhibit a few years ago. well the team behind it is back with the fun house. it's an interactive reimagine nation of your typicalfi house ed with quirky finds, caves, marbles and the beach is now a pool. the fun house opens today ands st open through september 3rd. a centerville man tak the trash only to find a bear in yard. >> officials believe it's the same bear spotted in another fairfax county neighborhood. jackie bensen has video of theu enr. barry turner of centreville was much calmer than any of us might be when he took out trash and saw a bear backing out of his
5:24 am
trash bin. >> he's in there. his shoulder is deep into that trash can. it was trash night. i gathered the things up, opened up the door. my trash can was knocked over. i thought it was a dog in there. i stepped closer. a bear pulled out of the trash can and kind of just steps back sed looks at me. >> the c encounter was captured by turner's home security system. >> i looked at him for what i think is too long. i looked at the video again. i probably should have backed away sooner. >> he's lived at the home for years. it backs up along woods along big rocky run creek. >> never seen a bear. a lot of different animals but now the bear is checked off my ays of wildlife that i a thought i might see in fairfax. >> this comes one week after this bear spotted stepped away from a parking garage on route 28ry andg pan road in herndon. when he talked to animal
5:25 am
control, the indicated to him, it's very possible all of these report may involve people seeing the same young in centerville, jackie bensen, news 4. 5:25 right now. coming up, new clues in a central park explosion. a isrginia teen lost h leg two years ago today. now we'll show you new evidence that could lead to the person behind that blast. plus, you may be able to buy fireworks, but where you set pletely is a c different story. next at 5:30, we're going to break down the rules across our area ahead of your celebration. at havertys we know everyone has differenndtastes.
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it is 5:28 now on this fourth of july morning. a live look outside at the whi house this morning. no better place to be celebrating than in the nation'. capi the united states celebrates its
5:29 am
242nd year of independence today. in just a few minutes,e'll take you down to the national mall where justin finch is standi by to fill u in on the many events happening there in just a few hours. good morning everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm erika gonzalez in for eun yang. we're working with you to help you celebrate this evening. >> it begins with a look at the forecast. laurynic rttke in for chuck to bring us the forecast along with sheena parveen. it's hot, ladies. >> it is hot. it's going to be hot all afternoon. like the heat and humidity, some people do. >> yeah. >> most of the time i think they're lying. >> yeah. theyhink about the kind of winter we had and say illuess ake it. >> our winter was so long, you can't >> yey, 97 degrees. i know. we're ke, what, it's 97 degrees. that was the hottest da that was from the national weather service, the hottest day this
5:30 am
season. we had heat indices up to 110. not quite as hot this morning. we'rehe starting off on warm side. 81 degrees is the temperature right now. the sun has nott come up getting ready to move on up. we've got a little bit of fog out there as well. we're going to have sunshine today. hot and humid. feeling 90-plus at 11:00. temperatures will rise into the low to mid-90s heading through the day today.rt sunny by 2:00 p.m. and we will have a chance for showers and thunderstorms as we get into the afternoon and en into the evening. but by 5:00 p.m., we're still muggy and still ratr warm out there. today, temperatures are going to low to mid-90 hot and humid. we'll talk about the chances of storms in your neighborhood in a little bit. guys? >> lauryn, thank you.5: right now. we're tracking two developing stories in montgomery county is morning. several families without homes after lightning hit an apartment
5:31 am
building in gaithersburg. chopper 4 was there last night. fire officials say the lightning strike sparked a fire in the attic. crews quickly put out the flames and nobody was hurt. all we know is that a firefighter was injured while at e fire station off new hampshire avenue in silver spring. this is chopper 4 over the scene. we're working to find out what happened here. ♪ just ago few hours until the real event kicks off. you're looking at the temptations practicing yesterday for tonit's, a capital fourth concert beginning at 8:00 p.m. on the west lawn ofcahe tal. there is a lot happening today before that concert, though. justin finch is live along the national mall with more on how they plan to keep everybody safe. justin? >> erika, good morning. we know othe agenda is the
5:32 am
parade. kicking off just before noon on constitution aech. we know for that alone,s thousae going to be expe expect expected. if you are coming down, know this. th will be eight checkpoints set up along the nationalall opening at 10:00 this morning. time enough, of course, to gin lace for that parade which will kick off at 11:45 this morning ononstitution avenue 7th to 17th streets. the folk life festival taking place on the national mall starting at 11:3 this morning. the u.s. park police want you to know there are items to leave at home today. do not bring alcohol. no glass bottles. no large umbrellas here. no bicycles. no weapons of any kind. that includes knives, box cutters and, of cour., gu no fireworks, no drones. also, no sealed packages. that includes luggage as well as large boxe
5:33 am
we can tell that you all of your bags will be subject to search. they are encouraging everyon to, of course, bring water and stay hydrated. if you have any medicine, officials say you do want to bring that as well given the heat and also t stress of a large event like this taking place today. we are live re on the mall. justin finch, news 4. back to you guys at the studio. >> justin, thank you. since it is so hot outside, metro will allow riders to carry and drink water on trains and buses it's usu not allowed. the chillers in all the indoor metra stations are helping riders cope with the heat. if you're headed to the mal for the festivities, catching that is the best bet. the system open at 7:00 and close at 11:30 tonight. move the crowds to and from the national mall more quickly. now to the other top stories. a woman is badly hurt after an explosion inside a fireworks e. warehous this was the massive scene in missouri. she was trapped insideut crews
5:34 am
were able to quickly rescue her. there were as many as 90 firefighters battling that fire. livere pic here from northern thailand as rescue teams are racing bad weather. a soccer team and their coach have been trapped in a cav11 fo ays now. they are surrounded by floodwaters and more heavy rain in the forecast. the thai official overseeing the operation say they may not be able to rescue them at the same time. a lot depends on their individual health. u.s. flags lowered to honor the victims at the capital gazette shooting. the move after the mayor of annapolis said that president trump refused the request. maryland governor larry hogan says his office is investigating why more legal action wasn'tn tafter the suspect's alleged threats. a thelleged gunman reportedly had a long-standing grudge against it paper. the list of potential supreme court nominees getting shorter. seven candidates under
5:35 am
consideration, including mike lee and brett kavanaugh. two women on t list. appellate court judge amy coney barrett and sixth circuit court of j appealsge joan larsen. the president will announce his ne nominee next week. a new coach for our champion capitals. up next, we're going to tell you about the man we hope canead us to another stanley cup the. it just wouldn't be the fourth of july without competitiveating. coming up. how many burgers this mother of four ate to keep the championship title.
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welcome back to "news4 today." here at the live desk.
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following breaking news in ilnois where fireworks show turned deadly. tat not in the way you may think. a look at this video out of rock island. that is where a crowd of pchple was wg a fireworks show last night. they were sitting on the lawn underneath tree. witnesses say they heard a loud crack and a large bnch fell on top of the crowd. one person was killed, five others are injured. caused thatar what tree limb to fall. but sad situation for what was supposed to be a fun event. if it had fallen any other night, probably harmless. aaron? >> chris, thank you. it's 5:39. it's been two years since explosion in new york city entral park injured a boy in west virginia. >> they're hoping new evidence brings the person responsible to justice. new york city police just released thishoto of the plastic bag that exploded in the park july 4th of 2016. 19-year-oldonr golden stepped on the explosive.
5:40 am
the oakton high school graduate from fairfax county lost most of his leg. that bag is from a bakery closed long before the blast. his father is hopeful tha the new clue leads investigators to a suspect. >> closure o this, both for our benefit and connor's benefit. but also, be able to move on and to bring these people to justice. >> police are offering a $40,000 reward to track down whomeve is responsible. 5:40 is your time. still ahead, fireworks for sa just because you can buy them doesn't mean you're allowed to set them off. we'll break down where they're illegal in the area before you begin your celebrations. and your fourth of july planner is once again hot. we're in the 90s today. this morning, warm and humid. by the afternoon, 93 degrees with an isolated storm chance. not for everybod most of us will be dry by the time fireworks begin.
5:41 am
coming up, though, lauryn is back. a closer look at the forecast and relief this weekend. stay tuned.
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a live look outside for you. it's 5:44. on thisourth of july morning. it's going to be another hot day in the nation's capital.ur temper into the 90s again. also, in thee forecast s thunderstorms. >> always the chance of rain going to impact the fireworks? lauryn and sheena will let us know in a few minutes. there is this woorng as l warning as well. the areas in red around the national mall will shut down at 6:00 a.m. many of the closus will be in effect through the parade and concert and fireworks show to we'll take you there live for a report at the top of the hour. downtown d.c. is not the ri
5:45 am
only place pre for a fourth of july celebration. >> molette green is in fairf ahead of their big parade. molette, good morning to you. how is it looking out there? >> reporter: happy fourth of july everybody. we're here in the old town square in fairfax. in the city of fairfax. they have started already with this pre-show here with the u.s. army pipes and drummers. that's fancy and sir tuney. i'm going to bring in the mayor, david myer to talk about what's on tap today when the parad kicks off. >> hi, molette. we're inown square. the parade begins at 10:00. over 200 entries and groups. everything from formal marching bands to the county librarian. >> i want t to seehe marching librarns. >> the librarians withheir
5:46 am
book cart precision drill team. >> over 200 entries. we're jus w previewint's going to happen later today. i want to throw up a graphic really quickly to give folks an idea. the parade kicks off 10:00 to noon at the old town square. people have beenamped out hours.the wee i found one man at 4:30 this morning camped out here. then you have the evening show nnd the fireworks which kickff at5:30 at the high school. i'm loving this. >> some of the best fireworks in all of the region. >> i lme it. going to move out of the way to see a little bit of the u.s. army fiyfe and drum. >> that's the latest. back to you guys. >> molette, we'll see you a little later. >> they're looking good there. if you're staying ome to celebrate, you could get in trouble for setting off your own fireworks. easy and legal to buy your own fireworks in the district and virginia. >> the concern is when you cross the maryland line with the intention of starting your own
5:47 am
sky show. that could lead you to trouble. >> no fireworks allowed in maryland. you cross the line, get pulled over, get lked up, whatever. >> we've got a full list of public displays throughout the dmv in the nbc washington app. it's probably going to be a much better show than what we can do. >> you can be the star of your holiday wookout with grill mas sters today. there's a hotline this morning. grill us hotl e. grill u.s.hotline. is.on't know what it on how to perfectly grill up steaks, burgers, anything else you want to put on the ill. the number 855-lh-grill. you can chat live with a grill master on facebook,witter and instagnem. the hotli closes at 4:00 p.m. before you spark up the grill today, a local chef has advice for all the burger lovers out there.
5:48 am
gmans executive chef says pushing down on the patty is bad for the beef. doing it with a spatula causes thelo burger t all the fat. what you're losing is all of the flavor. >> the whole idea behind barbecuing is that fat dripping off hitting the charcoal an the flavor of the smoke coming off on to your protein. you'll get that by leaving it alo alone. i wouldn't suggest pushing down on it. >> if you're looking for ways to spice up your fourth of july, chef marshall you covered. >> you can find recipes and more grilling adve in t nbc washington app. search barbecue acipes. take look. this is molly schuyler defended her title as the z burger champion. she took home a prize and trophy for her contest. she ate 27 burgers in ten minutes and the bun. after she won, molly wanted to drink ake milks and take a
5:49 am
nap. because you eat 27 burgers and a lkshake, you need a nap. >> the mom of four, y'all, is professional competitive eater. she's 5'7", about 125 pounds. so when somebody asked her, how do you stay so slim, she said i have four kids. >> that's ty o time she eats all year. those burgers right there. we're just am few hours fro the famous eating competition. 46th annual nathan's hot dog eating contest. >> competitors weighed in.ha they'll ten minutes to eat as many hot dogs as possible. >> the guy here, that's a ten-time winner. joey chestnut. he's the favorite again this year. he's beaten his own record the last two years. in 2016, he ate 70. in 2017, he ate 72. last month, he broke the world record and ate 73.5. the question is, can he do it again? >> i'm assuming when you eat 70-something hot dogs, that means a lot. >> the defending women's
5:50 am
champion is going to try to beat her number from last year. 41 hot dogs. lauryn? >> i think we should give it a try. i want to try the z burgers. we should have an eating competition here. >> that would have been a great >> we cando always it. >> labor day maybe? >> plan it out. >> hers the thing. sorry to disappoint you. here's thething. >> on the radio. >> is she talking to us? we'll start her off. >> she's doing -- she knew what owe o owe she really wanted to do the eatingcompetition. she was like, wait, guys, i'm on the other side of the building but i want to talk about this eating competition. she's talking about the weather on wtop. when you get in the car, turn it on 103.5. we'll b talking about the weather and talking about any storms for today. a little fog right now. the sun is just coming up. but we've got a little cloud
5:51 am
cover as well. is it going to bes hot as yesterday? no. because of more clouds. because you have a southeasterly wind. temperatures make it into the low to mid 90s today. however, it' not as hot as yesterday. made it up to 97 degrees co have storms for the d yesterday. fireworks? yes. there's going to be some out there. they're going to be highly isolated. we have more rain this week. tomorrow and the best chance of rain on friday. and then after that rain on friday, we cool right on down. temperatures already warm. 70s and low 80s. at heat index up to 87 in dbs. so it is going to be a muggy and warm start as you make your way out the door. maybe you're headed off to the golf course. temperatures will be in the 80si it's to be sticky out there. put the bug spray on. a lot of mosquitoes out there, especially with the rain last night. if you're headed to the nats game, it starts- says p.m. it starts at 11:05 a.m. it's going to be hot out there
5:52 am
for that. in the middle part of the day, temperatures around 90 degrees wiea that index up to near 100 degrees. again, it is going to be a warm afternoon. even a warm evening. by 10:00, our heat index is in the low 90s. if you're headed to the pool, mostly dry. maybe you haveoro watch stray storm as you gill. boating, storms later on this afternoonnd throughtonight. not seeing anything out there right now. widening out the view, a few light showers to the north and east. for the most part, we're dry. we have a few pop-up storms. not eve gbodyting wet. we'll keep that chance into the fourth of july. evening, the sun going down. still at 87 degrees. we're going to be in the low 90s. a 30% chance of storms tomorrow. better chances of rain into friday. the weekend, low hidity saturd and sunday. humidity back in on monday.
5:53 am
temperatures back in the 90es tuy, wednesday. thank you, lauryn. it's 5:53 now. the free agency frenzy continues. this time the wizards get another player. dwight howard will sige-a year deal with the team. howard is waiting to out from his contract with the iooklyn nets whichs where he wast traded l month ahead of the nba draft. the 14-year veteran is an all-star. the wizards will be his sixth team. >> stanley cup champion officially has a new man leading the team. >> but it is a still aia fam face taking over the head coaching job. todd reirden joked thatt the l four years have been part of his interview process. he had been an assistant, associatoa c for the caps under barry trotz. trotz is now coaching the islanders and reirden has the chance to make good on t.j. oshie's back-to-back chant there. that happened at the celebration
5:54 am
on the mall. >> now that they've had a taste of it, a littleaste of it. it tastes pretty good. they're enjoying that. for the first time in the history of the washington capitals, they're able to have the title of stanley cup champs next to their eynames. arned and deserve that. something we'll uses motivation to get back and do that again. the season, there's only one team that can defend the stanley cup championship and that's the capitals. the first pre-season game is on september 16th, just over two months away. until then, the celebration continues. alex ovechkin, the russian star will be in moscow with the cup in the quarterfinals >> dear friends, he posted, i'll be happy to take a photo with anyone with the stanley cup.
5:55 am
turned into one of the busiest stretches of air travelr in the tsa says six of the top ten busiest travel days o record have happened in just this year. st in the last few week the friday before the fourth of july last year was in the top ten. the other three busiest days were aroun the thanksgiving holiday in 2004. next at 00, catching heat. more trouble for president trump's embattled and often controversial epa administrator. one public and harsh words went virahe will m nature play spoiler for the million hoping to celebrate. we're helping you plan your day when news 4 continues.
5:56 am
5:57 am
5:58 am
"news4 today" starts now. 5: thon wednesdaymorning. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm erika gzalez in for eun yang. the fourth of july means ba ecues, fireworks. >> also scorching hot temperatures again. sheenaen par and lauren ricketts keeping an eye on how hot things will get. i'm going to calmlyalk to
5:59 am
them. >> temperatures already in the low 80s. the sut there right now. >> no matter what you're doing. if you're going to be at the parade today,s going to be hot there.he one ofest places to be. >> the beach. >> i'm reaeayus of everyone who is at the beach, though. maybe yesterday you didn'tun wa to into that bad traffic and you want to leave today. the weather is looking good. it's goior to cooperate you to head to the beach. your weather olook today, we talk about the independence day parade. hot and humid for the nats game. fegin around 100 degrees. theeach looking gorgeous. fireworks, if you're innd, a chance for a stray thunderstorm. it's 80 degrees in washington. 81 in annapolis. 73 hefrederick. angreat place to be, lauryn, if you can't go to the beach, head to the pool. line beup. that wil refreshing.
6:00 am
by noon, 89 degrees. isolated thunderstorm chance in the afternoon.n, aghat could lead into late tonight. only for a select few of you. we'll take a closer look at that. looking ahead to the week ahead, coming . sheena thank you. the nation's capital will be packo. many plan brave the heat and the humidity to celebrate independence day. >> i hope it never wears off how cool it is to live here when everody else has totravel. there's a lot going on today. justin finch is live along the national mal owith more the day's events. >> reporter: erika, aaron, of course, we know that thousands are expected to make their way to the national mall for the events. right now we're watching authorities setp checkpoints. of course, the main draw will be thatarade that kicks off at noon today. again, thesehepoints you will s


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