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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  July 4, 2018 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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by noon, 89 degrees. isolated thunderstorm chance in the afternoon.n, aghat could lead into late tonight. only for a select few of you. we'll take a closer look at that. looking ahead to the week ahead, coming . sheena thank you. the nation's capital will be packo. many plan brave the heat and the humidity to celebrate independence day. >> i hope it never wears off how cool it is to live here when everody else has totravel. there's a lot going on today. justin finch is live along the national mal owith more the day's events. >> reporter: erika, aaron, of course, we know that thousands are expected to make their way to the national mall for the events. right now we're watching authorities setp checkpoints. of course, the main draw will be thatarade that kicks off at noon today. again, thesehepoints you will see eight of them set up
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about the national mall. they will open at 10:00 a.m. to the public. e july 4th parade bins at 11:45. it will roll down constitution avenue from 7th to 17th streets. where we are right now, preparations also under way for the live festival beginning just before the parade at 11:30 this morning. of course, the big finbeh will the fireworks show tstight fter 9:00 p.m. there's going to be a lot going on on the national mall and the park police want you to know they're worki hard to keep you safe. >> our visitors becom our eyes and ears. absolutely. come enjoy it with your family. but be aware. be vigilant. reach out to a member of law enforcement if you have information. reporter: and, again, this is live of one of the checkpoints set up today.el we can you that all bags
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will be subject to search. the checkpoints open officially at 10:00 a.m. a number of the streetsclre ing for this parade and the events here today. n also aber of items you're asked not to bring. that's coming u at 6:45 today. live here on the mall. justin finch, news 4. back to you guys in the >> justin, thank you. he mentioned the road closures. we're going to show you what we're talking about here. the places that will be closed around the national mall. take a looknt the map the screen. all of the areas in red shut 6:00.a few minutes ago at they also have this map in our nbc washington app. if you're headed tohe mall, metro is probably your best bet. since it's so hot. metro a is loug riders to carry and drink water. the chillers in all the metro stations is working to help riders cope with the heat. r6:ht now. the breaking news on the 12 boys and soccer coach trapped in a cave in thailand.
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>> chris lawrence has the latest on the rescue effort. >> the boys have been trapp for 11 days. rescue teams are racing the weather to get them outta ke a look at this new video. you can see the team and their g coach tryin to stay warm in shiny silver blankets. they're the same ones they give runners after a marathon.ha the boy been practicing wearing diving masks in case that's the only way to get them out. more than a half mile down separated from the surface by narrow passages. the boys may not be rescued at the same time. a lot depenhe on health. you can see some of the medical team checking them out t ins new video. heavy rains in the forecast for later this week. that could cause water levels to rise and complicate some of the plans to rescue them. aaron? >>k chris, thu. now to a developing story. a woman recovering after being art in an explosion at fireworks warehouse. this is in missouri. a company that provides the pyrotechnics, they say the
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warehouse wasly f engulfed in flames by the time they got there. a woman was trapped inside but crews rescued here. she's in the hospital with serious injuries. a deadly house fire in waldorf. you can see the burned out shelf a home on berry hills road. a man was found dead inside. it appears the fire started in the bedroom and caused $40000 worth of damage. still unclear what caused the fire. here in the district, food truck caught fire. this was right at the height of the lunch-hour yesterday. this is 4th -- not far from the national mall. witnesses tell us it only took second before the truck turned into a ball of flames. the man working inside got away with minores inju new details this morning about the fight to have u.s.ed flags lowo honor the victims of the capital gazette shooting. yesterday president trump
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ordered flags to be lowered to half-sta half-staff. the white house says president trump ordered the flags to be lowered once he learned of the request. on monday, though, the mayor of annapolis said the president refused his request. the tribute comes amid new information about the shooting rampage. our shooting -- the could hear the cell phones of those who were killed ringing in the otherwise silent newsroom. there are still a lot of questions about that shooting. s office is investigating why here legal action wasn't taken months ago afterth alleged reat. >> jarrod ramos had a long-standing grudge against the newspaper. a decision that could shake policy for decades to come. the short list the next of supreme court justices is even shorter. nbc news confirms
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candidates under consideration. including mike lee and brett kavanaugh. it also includes two women, appellate court judge amy coney barrett and joan larsen. the president interviewed mante of the candi in person and he will announce his new nominee next monday. we are hearing from a mother who confronted the controvsial leader of the environmental protection agency. kristen mink and her family were at a restaurant in d.c. when they spotted scott pruitt. mink, who is a teacher, walked over to his table with her 2-year-old son. listen. >> i wan yd to urge to resign because of what you're doing to the envirment and our country. my son, he loves animals, wants clean air. he loves city water. we deserve to have somebody in office -- i would urge you to resign. mink sds pruitt s
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nothing and he and his security dae tail left the restaurant before she got back to her seat. this happened at a cafe in. he's the subject of 13 federaln ethicstigations. the president is concerned about the probes but has nothing to announce personnelwise at the moment. 6:07 right now. the trump administration will not encourage schools to consider race as a factor in the colldmissions process. the justice department is reversing a direcove aimed promote diversity in schools. this move doesn't impact current u.s. law on affirmative action an doesn't prevent schools from using race as a plus factor. several institutions are vowing to ignore the new policy. we go to breaking news out of indonesia whe a sinking ferryle has k dozens. chris lawrence live at the live desk. >> we just got video of this. we should wn you, you can hear people crying in the background and it isdisturbing.
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>> you can see how packed the ferry was full of men, women and children. morehan 100 people we on ar d. at least 30 passengers are de. th captain managed to steer they ferr on to a reefak ming it somewhat easier for survivors to evacuate. we're working t learn more about what caused it to sink. erika? today the newest citizens in the united states will be sworn in on 242nd birthday of the country. 101 people from 50 countriesl worldwide wecome americans at the home of the nation's vernon. ceremonies take place in camden new jersey. based on the federal flag code you can you can display oll y sunrise to sunset. if you want to display it after
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dark,t has to be properly illuminated. the blue stion of the flag should be at the peak of the staff. the flag suldever touch anything below it or the ground. still ahead, facebook contends with it yet another privacyissue. >> this could impact anybody who blocked other users from seein their pages. plus, one man's wild ride all caughtn camera. lauryn has a look at your forecast.
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got off the roadway again. he's gone sideways. driver with a dash camera spotted a car barreling down a new jersey highway at close to 100 miles an hour. it sideswiped an suv and even plowed through a highway sign. police eventually caught up with that car. the driver faces charges for heroin and a syringe found in the car along with several traffic violations. 6:13 our time right now. facebook is dealing with another privacy mishap. >> a software buec ad about 800,000 users.e this tim it unblocked some users who were previously blocked by another. that means the person could potentially see posts f the user who blocked them and could also message them. facebook says the bug was live
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for about a week at the end of may, early june and has been fixed and they're working to notify anybody impacted. downtown d.c. is not the only place preparing for aur of july celebration. molette green is in fairfaxr ahead of t big parade. good morning, molette. how is it looking out there? >> oh, my goodness. the participants in the parade, many more have arrived. the marching librariansre there. it has been fun seeing everybody come together. in front of this homemade hook and ladder. the fire department, a big part of the parade here. more tha 200 participants. we want to talk about fireworks safety. woreworks are legal in the city of fis. the chief is here to talk about that. >>. they're legal but there are
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stipulations. >> they sure are. we don't want them to thes can't go more than 15 feet high and we don't want them to move. some of them go across the ground, we don't like this. >> 280 people a day averaging hospital visits in the month of july? >> yes. they can be very dangerous. don't let children use them. make sure there's an adult. shoot one a a time and have a bucket of water to put them in afterwards sohey're disposed of rrtly. >> this homemade hook and ladder here is a big hit in the parade. you're going to see all of that when the parad kicks o at 10:00 a.m. here at old town square in the city of wefairfax. e loving this. the dancers arrived seconds before we came on the air. that's why i hadhat hiccup there. i was afraid of what could havea ened. this is so much fun. everybody, happy fourth of july. back to you. it's going to be a awesome parade in fairfax city.
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molette, thank youy vmuch. i don't know why we didn't start on time. >> look at that ben. ben franklin would have been proud of that one. >> a big show in the sky over tphiladelphia night. that lightning delayed the phlies/orioles game for an hour and a half. y o strong thunderstorms went over the cst night. but the teams eventually took the field. the phillies won if you're curious. i don't see any -- is it raining too? is it just the lightning? >> people in the stands with the crazy lightning. >> supposed to go for cover, right? >> yeah. i would not be sitting in my seat. that is so >> a lot of it was cloud to cloud lightning. you can't trust that. you never trust the lightning . stri but it could easily become cloud to ground lightning. toda we'll be mostly dry for the fourth of july. >> good news. >> a lot of people happy about that. going to be hot again. that not going to end. >> even into the weekend, we
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have nicerelief. >> great pool ds ahead. >> great day to cool off. at the beach, fantastic weather. this weekend, you'll forget that this week was so humid. rightno it is humid and warm. 80 degrees in washing town. about the m to upp70s in the area. future weather through the afternoon, see how most o the area looks dry. the model might be overdoing it a tad. north a west ofd.c., spotty showers popping up. that's 5:00 p.m.e can't r out a couple isolated showers in the d.c. metro area. by a9:00, there i small chance that we could have a couple of small thunderstorms around by the time of fireworks. most of the area dry. if you download the nbc washington app, you'll be able to see those. if you're walking the dog, this is gus who needs a ho h. you cand to the website. by noon today, hot out there,90 degrees feeling close to 100 this afternoon.
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by 5:00 p.m., 93. slight chance for an isolated shower exist. ear the shelters. our big adoption event is coming up. head to our app to find out more. starng around 11:30, warm u mid conditions by 1:30. hotter out here. temperatures into the 90s. mostly dry, hot and humid, can't rule out an isolated th oderstorm. mothe area stays dry by 9:00 p.m. al couple sm showers around. at the beach, we don't expect it there. the beacheaer looks absolutely gorgeous for today. tomorrow, it looks pretty good too. slight chance for a couple afternoon storms. friday, that's the day where i looks quite a bit rainier. heading into the weekend, that frid, rain will leads to a beautiful saturday and sunday. look at that forecast. if you're gardening, less humid saturday. high of 81. sunday, comfortable. low humidity, high of 83.
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garden tip brought to you by ryfield. add color, tropical annual plants. they flowelo and all summer long. your weekend beach forecast, friday looks rainy. in the weekend, it's going to be nice and low humidity. there's your relief before next week when we are back in the 90 eads. more details on the fourth of july coming up. an uninvite guest shows up at a local man's house. what he did after spotting this black bear going through his trash. stay with us.
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what's old is new again. visitors can cool off inside an intee exhibit. you might remember thelastic balls from the beach exhibit a few years ago. well, the team behind that i back with the fun house. it's an interactive reimagination of your typical house filled with quirky finds, caves and marbles a beach is now a pool. >> we have a perfect opportunity of the backyard to be able to crte the scale version of it. r ing to create -- we're car ating this backyard pool which brings a sort of familiar,ex differenrience. >> the fun house officially opens today and will stay open
6:23 am
through septemberrd. centerville man takes out the tra a only to find bear in his yard. >> i keep telling aaron this remind me of the john candy movie great outdoors. it was spotted in anoth fairfax neighborhood. jackie bensen has video of the encounter. >> there he is. >> barry turner of centerville was calmer than many ofs ght be when he went to take out trash monday night and saw a bear backing out of his trash in. >> he's inthere. his shoulder is deep into that trash can. >> it was tras night. i gathered the things up, opened up the door and my trash can was knocked over. i thought it was a dog in there. i stepped closer. a bear pulls out of the trash can and steps back and looks at me. >> the close encounter was captured by turner's home
6:24 am
security system. i looked at him for what i think is toolong. looked at the video again. i should have backed away sooner. >> he's lived there for years. it backs up to thick woods along bi rocky run creek. >> never seen aseear. a lot of different animals, but the bear is now checked o my list of wildlife that i always thought i might be able to see in fairfax. >> turner's bear sighting is one week after this bear was spotted steps away from a parking garage inerndon. >> turner says when he talked to animal control, they indicated that it's very possible all of these reports may involve people seeing the same young bear. in centreville, jackiene bensen ws 4. it is 6:24 right now. ioming up, new clues in a central park expl a virginia man lost his leg two years ago today. now we'll show you new evidence that could lead to th person behind that blast.
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we're looking at those temperatures on the rise. feels-like temperatures tempature, around 100 degrees today. it's going to be, once again, on the hot side. once rmain, we have s to talk about. we're going to time those out in a few minutes. plus, you may be allowed to buy fireworks. but where yo set them off, that's a different story. next at 6:30,oi we're gng to break down the rules across our area ahead of your celebrations.
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i'm going to say i pay novec five dollars a day. the answerr!s... four seventy-f i win! novec rocks! with nec we all win. novec. powering value and so much more! yes! it is n6:28 on this fourth of july morning. a live look for you here over lington. reagan national airport you see there. no better place to beat celeg than in our nation's capital right now. the united states celebrating 242 years of independence today.
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if thes beachere you're heading, pack patience. this is u.s. 5 at sandy point approaching the bay bridge. things are looking good. but late we can't -- >> things are moving more it's a reminder to leave yourself extra time. you're not the only one trying to celebrate on the eastern shoremen you'll have a lot of company out there. it's 6:30 just about now. good mornierybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'mer eer -- erika gonzalez for eun yang. we begi with the forecast, twyer inricketts in for chuck to bring us forecast with sheena parveen. we're sitting at 80 degrees already at 6:30 in the morning. >> it's steamy out there, very buy. >> i got six mosquito bites in a minute the other day. it was tdisgusting. y sent me outside to the weather deck. >> i had bug spray in nigh
6:30 am
drawer. right as it was raining. there was mosquitoes. >> it was rlly gross. i have bug spray from my bottom drawer. >> good to know. >> tha goodness i didn't -- i was afraid of that this morning. at the beach, it's going to be nice. here, as aaron said, 80 degrees right now. but you ftor in the humidity. it feels like 87 out here. here in d.c., the light south wind that will turn southeasterly through the day. expect cloud cover throughout the day. also, expect temperatures to be t as warm ashe last couple days. yesterday, 97 degrees. it was theay hottest this season. today, low to mid-90s. so if you're t hitting golf course early this morning, temperatures by 7:00, they're going to be in theow 80s. you factor in the humidity as well. the temperature, the number will be higher. we'll have sun shine out there with few clouds. watch out for the fog. we have low visibilities out
6:31 am
there across the region. pack up the spf anthe bug spra you'll need it today. you may need the umbrella later. we'll talk about the timing of storm. we'll talk about it in your neighborhood in 15 minutes. lauryn, thank you. 6:31 now. we have breaking n the district. >> chris lawrence at the live desk with details on aeay scooter accident. where did this happen, chris? >> yeah. police are telling us, erika, this involved two boys. sadly, we've learnedhat one of those boys has died. the other boy is in the hospital. but no word yet on how badly he's been hurt. police are telling news 4 tbo were all riding their scooters late last night at the intion of 15th place and shippen lane. it's in southeast d.c. we're working to learn more about this. including how old they are. we'll update you as soon as we learn more. >> awful story. chris, thank you. also rightnow, the road
6:32 am
closures downtown we've been elling you about have officially gone into effect. take a look. basically every road is off limits until tonight around the nag national mall. we have this map as well. coming up, a live report from the national mall. justin finch is going to let you know about security checkpointsy and what can and can't bring. thousands of people will pack the mall to celebrate indendence day. >> the fun begins at 11:30 this morning. the fan favorite, the ninional pendence day parade begins at 11:45. the music is ready to go for a capital fourth concert beginning at 8:00 p.m. we caught up with people attending a dress rehearsal on the west lawn of the capital. o mostthe people we spoke to said they'll be back today for the festivities, no matter how hot it is. >> what about the heat, is that
6:33 am
plan to change your >> hasn't yet. we're just going to sweat. it's -- >> sometimes it's good to sweat itout. how can you miss it? the best fireworks in the world. >> since it is so hot outside, metro isowing riders to carry and drink water on trains and buses. that's usually notd. allo the chillers in the indoor metro stationsreorking to try to help ride riders cope with the heat. if you're headedhe down to mall, catching metro is the best bet. he system opens at 7:00 a.m. and close at 11:30 tonight. after 6:00 p.m., there will be extra trains to and from the national mall more quickly. if you're planning to stay home to celebrate, keep in mind, you could get into trouble setting off your own fireworks tonight. it's easy and legal to buyow yo in the district and virginia. that's fine. let's cover that. if you cro the maryland border with the intention of starting your own sky show, that could get you in ntrouble. fireworks allowed in
6:34 am
maryland. you cross the line, you could get pulled over, locked up, whatever. >> we've got a full list of a couple of displays throughout the dmv in our nbc washington we're tracking two developing stories in montgomery county this morning. a firefighter is in serious condition. so far all we know is that the firefighter was iured while at a fire station off new hampshire avenue in silver spring. we're working to find out exactly what happened >> several families without homes after lightning hit an apartment building in gaithersb gaithersburg. chopper 4 over the scene last night. fire officials say it the lightning sparked a fire in the attic. tht good news is t nobody was hurt. 6:34 now. new evidenc two yearsfter an explosion in new york city's central park that left a man from northern virginia badly injured. new york city police just released this photo of a plastic bag that exploded in the park on july 4th, 2016.
6:35 am
connor golden was 19 at th time. the oakton high school graduate from fairfax county was visiting new york for the holiday ohen he steppe that explosive. doctors had to amputate most of his leg. the bag is from a bakery that closed long before the blast. connor's father is hopeful that the new clue leads investigators to the person responsible. >> closure on this. both for ourenefit and connor's benefit. but also to be able to move on and to bring these people to justice. >> police are offering a $40,000 reward to track down the person responsibl comin, a new coach for our champion capitals. well tell you about the man we hope can lead uso another stanley cup. it wouldn't be the fourth of july without competitiveatg. how many burgers this mom ate to keep the championship title.
6:36 am
reporter: the city of fairfax says its parade rivals the ti na's capital from the living dancers and maring librarians. we've got details coming up on "news4 today."
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the nba free agencynz fre continues. this time the wizards get another player. according to reports, center h dwigoward will sign a l one-year d with the team. he's waiting to be bought out of his contract with the brooklyn nets which is where he was traded last month from the charlotte hornets ahead of the nba draft. the veteran is an 8-time all-star. the wards will be howard's
6:40 am
sixth team. the stanley cup championsfi ally have a new man leading the team. >> it's still a familiar face taking over the head coaching job. reirden. the last four years have been part of his interview process. he's been an assistant ander associate u barry trotz. trotz is now coaching the new york islanders and reirden has the challenge of making good on that ack-to-back chant caps players started last month at the championship celebration. good luck o the wholeteam. reirden says the thing that he is most excited about this yea is that there's only one team that can defend the stanley cup championship this year, and that's the capitals. >> no time to waste either. the caps first pre-season game just over two months away on september 16th. until then, the celebration continues. russian born capitals star alex ovechkin taking the stanley cup to the world cup. he willth be in russia the cup for russia's quarterfinal game against croatia a on
6:41 am
turday. >> ovechkin said i'll be happy to see everybody who wants to take a photo with the stanley cup. well, good morning. this fourth of july. as we go through the afternoon, another hot one. we're still in a heat wave. if you're willing which i k a lot of you probably are. we'll be in the 90s. feeling around keep your eye to the sky. an isolated storm chance. lauryn is back with a look at the fourth of july fireworks forecast anded nice relief he our way for the weekend. >> reporter: good morning. the checkpoints in place, the streets are closing on thema national . i'm justin finch telling you about the celebrations coming up today and whatee youd to know if your fourth of july involves fireworks or today's parade. we do is a chaenge...
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it is t fourth of july.
6:45 am
there is a lot going on in our area today. a live look at the white house for you here. visitors will pack the national mall to celebrate independence day. many locals will head out to the backyard. fire up the grills for cookouts with family andfriends. >> molette green is in fairfax. we begin with justin finch on the national mall. hi stin. >> hi there erika, aaron. festival e folk life as well as the fourth of july celebration taking place as well. we know thersre h away now from welcoming large crowds here. first, the fourth of july checkpoints, there will bet eigt sep across the national mall opening o cwds at 10:00 a.m. pe bigade kicks off at 11:45 down between 7th and 17th streets. then 11:30, of course, the folk life festival will s up and welcome crowds there as well.
6:46 am
this is all happening. as we know, the fireworks take place and the concert before that. gi that there are things that you cometo know befor out here, i'm joined by the national park service. mike, large crowds expected. any idea the number at this time? >> we don't have a number. we'reprepared, certainly, for if conditions are ideal hundreds of thousands. in years past.e we'r prepared for whatever crowd shows up. >> when you have crowds like that, of course, there are things you do not want them to brgino tthe grounds here, right? >> sure. it's a secure area. there's a bag check on the way in. you know, very similar to other major events we see on the national mall throughout the year. certainly, for safety purposes, no glass containers, no personao fis, certainly want to leave those drones at home. mit be wanting to get a good picture of the fireworks but all
6:47 am
of d.c. is a no-drone zone and no alcoholic beverages as well.t >> a of people wondering about your children out re, how to keep them -- any advice for parents to know before they come out here. >> for everybody, eecially children, stay hydrated. a lot of people will be out for a long period of time. bringit wateryou. make sure you drink throughout the day. cif you'reing with small kids, in case you get separated, take a picture of them before the -- on your way down. if you getpa ted, you can provide the police with a picture of what they're weari that day. also, coverage may be a little spotty. b you may n able to make a phone call or text if you're separated. pick a designated meeting spot before you get into things in case you're >>separated. a full rundown of the things not to bring and other tips and
6:48 am
information about the fourth across our area on our nbc ington app. we're live now on the mall, i'm justin finch. news 4. back to you in the >> all right, justin, thank you. the road closures downtown we've been telling you about have gone into effect officially. we also have this map in our nbc washington app. our team coverage on this independence day continues. let's head to city of fairfax. >> that's where we find molette the bigve ahead of small town parade that gets under way at 10:00 this morning. good morning, molette. >> reporter: fairfax parade, they say it rivals the d.c. parade. we got a sampling of some of the -- 200 groups in this parade. everything from the little people to e big people. we'll be able to enjoy. the firefighters have a huge role. iant to bring in firefight dave bryson to talk about
6:49 am
old-fashioned firefighters day. look, that water looks pretty good. >> yes, it does. >> right after the parade and for years, an old-fashioned firefighters day where a lot of local community fire deptments come together and our goal and objective is to spray down the crowd and get everybody wet and have a good time. parents, dski, grandparents, everody loves the event. we have a little bit of camaraderie with the local fire department. it's the best way really on a real hot day lik today to stay cool and be around firefighters if it's too hot. we invite everybody to enjoy it. >> lookt that water. i want to jump in it right now. we want to tell you about the pa which kicks off at 10:00 a.m., runs until noon. a little later on in the day, niyou've got the e show and the fireworks. that's goingott be a of fun. starts at 5:30, until tonight at
6:50 am
9:30. >> doing it up big on this fourth of july. happy fourth of july. >> happy july 4th. looking for someone to watch the fireworks. check out our fireworks fi wer. thl be on the nbc washington app. we'll have complete coverage of fourth of julyelebrations around town. 6:50 is our time right now. we turn to a developing s ry out of missouri. a woman is recovering after being hurt in an explosion at a fireworks warehouse. this company provides pyrotechnics for big fireworks shows. fire officials say by the time they arrived, the warehouse was fuiny engulfeflames. the woman was trapped inside. crews were able to rescue her. she's in the hospital with serious injuries. > the short list of candidates for the next u.s. supreme court justice is ev shorter. nbc news confirms, seven dindidates are under consideration, inc utah senator, mike lee and d.c. court of appeals judge brett
6:51 am
kavanaugh. two women also on the list, appellate court judge amy coney barrett and sixth c court of j appealsge loan larsen. the white house says the president interviewed o many the candidates in person. announce his new nominee next monday. breaking news at 6:51. prince george's county police on the scene of a homicide investigation in the 8300 block of 14nuth a in langley park. a man was shot around 3:00 this morning. he died at the hospital. no word on a possible suspect. we're also working to learn more about a murder investigation in herndo virginia. it happened on -- you can find updates on the nbc washington app. rescue crews arell s working get to -- rescue 12 boys and a soccer coach from a cave in tha land. >> chrrence is at the live
6:52 am
desk with the rescue efforts. today the 11th day the boys have been trapped in that flooded cave. you can see the team and the coach trying to stay warm the shiny silver blankets, the same ones they give to runners after a marathon. a thai official says they've been learning to wear diving masks. the boys may not be rescued at the same time. obviously, these are live pictures thereats peopler outside that of surface to remember their skills about a mile down and then a lot of winding narrow passages to get to them. it's not easy. that could cause water levels to rise and complate some of the plans to safely rescue them. aaron? >> chris, thank you. it's 6:52 right now. closer to home, a i live look at route 50 a sandy point. a backup and police presence on the way to the bay bridge in ma sland.
6:53 am
you ca some of the flashing lights. this could mean trouble if you're headed to the eastern shore this morning. on the bridge itself right now, things seem to be moving better. we take a live loo here. good luck, be safe wherever you're driving today. time now 6:53. let's get a check of the focast with our meteorologists. >> already in the 70s and 80s. continuing through themo ing, more mott and humid conditions. yesterday we made it up to97 degrees. today not as warm. low to mid-90s. but feeling like 100 degrees at times during the dead of the afternoon. we could have a chanceor of , isolated at best, later on this afternoon through tonight. but that's going to be similar to what we had yesterday. 93 degrees is going to be our high today. again, hot and humid out there. if you are headed to the nats game, it starts at 11:05 a.m. we're looking at pretty warm conditions with plenty of sunshine. temperatures in the upper 80s
6:54 am
with that heat and humidity s.vel still over mid 90 it's going to feel like that if you're headed to the nat game. again, makt sure you have t s approximate. f on. make sure you have the spand bupray on if you're headed outside. pool time very hot. mostly dry, though. i am expecting the showers and storms to show up later. grilling, around 100 degrees. aboard the potomac in chesapeaka bay, keep eye on the app. we have radar on there. it's pretty will be a good deciding factor whether you can continue with the boating ride. each at the area beaches, looking good. still looking good at the delaware beaches. isolated storms this afternoon through tonight. don't think they'll be as widespread as they're showing here. but these are going to be heavy ovdownpours and notg all that fast. there's no wind in the upper level at fear. kind of sitting there until they rain themselves out.
6:55 am
silar to yesterday. we will start to dry out through e later evening. a small chance of rain for the evening fireworks. the sun goes down about 20 minutes until 9:00. still feeling like the 90s. tomorrow low 90s. we'll have a chance for showers and thunderstorms through the heat friday before that and humidity drops for the weekend. with comes o backn monday. back in the 90s byuesday and wednesday. >> thank you, lauryn. 6:55 right she goes again, folks. molly schuyler successfully defended her four-time title as the z burger champion. she got a$1500 crash price. molly ate 27 burr erg in ten nutes. >> the mom of four is a professional competitive eater. '7she stands and weighs about 125 pounds. when somebody asked her how she says so slim, she said, quote, i
6:56 am
have four kids. that's it. that's it. >> that will do it, sure> it's 6:56 right now. sre are four things to know. d.c. police one boy is dead, another injured after an accident involving their scooters. this happened late last night at 15th place and shippen lane in southeast. look for updates in the nbc washington p. a montgomery county firefighter is in serious condition this morning. far all we know is that the firefighter was injured while at the fir station off new hampshire avenue in silver spring. chopper 4 over the scene last night. we're working to find out what happened. you can bring and drink you wate metro today. the rules changed for today. they're operati on holiday schedule. extra trains operate tonight at: . we'll get people from the national mall more quickly. today is the fourth of july. tourists from all over plan to brave heat and humidity to celebrate independtice day on thonal mall. there's a lot going on around to starting with the national
6:57 am
independence day paraks. that kic off at 11:45 this morning. 've got a full list of all the other events happening. you'll findhat in the n washington app. it's still going to be humid and hot today. still the heat wave. 93 for a high. a couple isolated afternoonst ms. not for everybody. we'll be watching it if a couple of them last until 9:00 p.m. or so. certainly not for everybody. the weekend, the rain cools us down. 80s and low humidity. i'm readyor that. be nice. we all are. >> grateful for rain, boy. that is the broadcast this morning. the today she "today" show is c xt. we'll see you with all of your local weather and traffic and news. o make it a great four july everybody.
6:58 am
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. holiday heat wave. nearly 90 million americans under heat advisories and warnings this fourth of july and record high temperatures are fueling wildfires, tearing across the west this morning. we're tracking the blazes and the fiery forecast. ticking clock. new video this morning shows the young boys of that thailand soccer team spending yet another night underground as rescuers deliver much needed food and medical supplies.ti but they are s scrambling to figure out how to get them out of that flooded cave. we're there live with the latest on the effort. flightight. a battle over seat sizes on airplanes heats up.


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