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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 5, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a new advisory is putting spus weather alert tonight. you a is ready with what need to know. takes embattled epa chief aim at his critics as he leaves his post today.
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find out s whatcott pruitt is blaming for hisio resign and a thief stealing a car at a d.c. gas stations.n just seco we're covering breaking news out of thailand. a very sad turn of events in that effort to rescue 12 boys and the soccer coach who werera ed underground. >> one of the forme thai navy s.e.a.l.s who was part of that effort died tonight from a lack of oxygen. nearly two weeks ago they became trapped when a cave flooded. divers found them and have been carrying medicine and supplies to the place whereoy the are holed up. right now only way in is through treacherous water and the boys don't know how to swim. >> we've learned one of thsc uers trying to help them has died. the latest at 4:00 a.m. as this
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story develops overnight. we want to turn to the weather. we are under a weather alert. >> heavy rain with storms and more mugginess tomorrow. l >>'s go straight to amelia draper with what to check out for. >> the national weather service has issued a flash flood watchful here you see it on th screen for the counties in solid green. up through frederick. this will go until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. some showers well back to the west still in west virginia. and barely even in the pan handle of west virginia. i'm not convince that had we'll e heavy rain and it won't be widespread if it does materialize. v ay isolated risk for some flash flooding. the natiol weather service
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issuing the flash flood watch in abundance of caution. right now we're currently at 84 degrees. 7:00 a.m., the chance forscome tered showers north and west of washington. otherwise we start off friday mostly cloudy. 81 degrees by 9:00 a.m. by 11:00 a.m., wre tracking the showers north and west washington. but closing in. at that point the temperature is 85. and then some stormfor the midday and afternoon hours. i'll walk you through hour that iour and finally, when the humidity breaks, i'll have more on that. >> we can't wai to hear that. this is why police always tell us to lock our cars. a man sneaks up to a mercedes here at this d.c. gas station, opens the door and speeds away with the pump still attached. news4'shari stone explains the steps authorities are taking to find the thieves and the car.
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this surveillance video captures r lexus with phil mendelson's is pumping gas on the 1200 block of pennsylvania avenue southeast o the morning of july 4. he gets out. dresse in dark pan and a wide shirt. he hides by the driver's side door. he climbs inside the car. police say she left her purse with her car keys inside. the man pushes the start button, driving off with the gas hose still inside the gas tank. >> it'srr le. >> reporter: she has lived across the street for 30 years. >> i don't get gas there. i know what can happen. >> reporter: police wan to remind to you always remove your keys and lock your doors when you leave your car. he says, i'm thankful for the many expressions of concer it is clear the thieves had done this before. i will support the police in any way to catch these perpetrators
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so theyt can victimize anyone else. meanwhile, police are looking for her black mercede and offering a reward up to $1,000 r information that leads the an arrest and indictment. news4. staying on top of tonight's big breaking news, reactionin ro in. scott pruitt is stepping down. in his resignation letter, he says this. the unrelented attacks on me peonally and my family are aprecedented and have taken a sizable toll on of us. unquote. he faces ethics violence for extravagant spending. attate pairs fthe bill for first class air travel, a trip to mocco and and sou proof phone booth in his office. it comes to nearly $4 million. last month president trump publicly praised h performance
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but it wasn't enough to silence the crits. even those in his own party. >> scott pruitt is setting records. >> even among some in that republican base, there were some problems. they saw a bigger picture. >> pruitt is out of the job but not out of the woods quite yet. the deputy directoril take over in the meantime starting monday. new at 11:00, a c deadlysh on i-95 and prince george's county. chopper 4 flew over the scene near crash involved five cars. one alt has died. another has injuries that are life threatening. illegal fireworks led to dozens of calls for police and firefighters in the district last night.ce
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polihut it down. they threatened to arrest the man who hosts the display every year. some say police should allow these fireworks display butte firefi say the skoed there to keep people safe policenf iscated more than 45,000 of illegal fireworks in the sixth district alone. a group was playing with fireworks last night a when mortar detonated inside this jepl. several p tried on put out the fire but couldn't. investigators believe two dozen people were the but none of them called the fire department. new at 11:00, some immigrants who enlisted in theu military who earned citizenship were kicked out of
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service. immigration lawyers know of more than 40 service members who were unexpectedly discharged. some say the government didn't give them a reason. it isn't clear what it means for the immigration status. a former recruit who was told he is a security risk is suing. he said he wasn't given a chance to defend himself. the pentagon said they can't comment because a lawsuit is nding. se> jim jordan against knowing about sexual a when he was a coach. the congressman coached wrestling during theim that a doctor alleged ly touched students. playersccused the gop congressman of turning a blind eye to the allegations. congressman jordan clas he wasn't aware and would have, quote, done something if he had
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known. he told reporters, i don't believe them at all and i beeve jim jordan 100%. and the restaurant that asked sarah sanders to leave two weeks ago is back in business. they received a lot of back lash from the trump administration following the ordeal. a group of protesters gathered today.e the restaurant the restaurant opened at 5:00 is evening and was already fully booked for the evening. new tonight, arlington county police rolling out a new tool to help you stay safe when you're enjoying a night on the town. the goal is to remind people og their fs they've had a bit too much tdr k. the reporter is live in clarendon with a new >> reporter: it is a very eye catching tool.
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the 2004 bmw sedan. it will be parked in high profile night life areas to remind those who have been drinking that the best way to get home safely is to not get behind the wheel. >> there are so many options. the message is choose a sober ride. driver. a designated >> last 84 arlington officers made more than 400 dui arrests. during that same time period, the sober ride program said it provided more than ,000 free rides home from night life areas. 5,500 of tho tnk you partnership with lyft. people we spoke to said they believe public transportation could help the issue of drunk
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driving. >> i think it would help. i think they'll use if it they are reliable. they have to make sur they're there when the people need to use them. all right. thank you. > next and all new, dust blankets parts of a city and this wasn't the only weather change folks had to deal with. a speeding car flies off t road and slams into a home. policetay driver never should have beebehind the wheel. changing the future o some local high scol students, isho changing the future o some
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a performance decades ago changed the lives of northeast d.c. high school students. now they're reunion igt with alumni to do some good. megan fitzgerald inttoduces us he choir that made their presence felt at the white house and around the world, too. >> reporter: it takes unwavering commitment, desire -- and an inspirational leader. like dr. joyce garrett for more than 30 bars, she'sn the
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director of the eastern high school choir in northeast d.c. >> in 1988, the choir went to 53 and, as you tria. when they ce home, they had won the second place trophy. >> it was a huge deal because no e expected these students who came from an area struggling with poverty and drug violence to be sging for presidents and celebrities. >> the inner city school, to go to vienna and end up winning in a musical competition. >> reporter: it was a question slope bsk dr. garrett will be the first to tell you, it started with a dream. she was determined to make sure every student who entered her classroom knew that excellence was required every day. >> teenagers like to do whatever is the in thing. i need to make being successful
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the in thingful? . included college. >> i met her.i s 14 years old. >>omething he didn't think he was cut out for. >> she is the'm reason doing music today. she changed my life. all of our lives. >> after 30 years he teaching, on the anniversary of the eastern high school trip to austria, the group has come back together one last time. >> it ended up being a reunion of all t students iaught from 1972 to 2005, 2006. everybody on the stage. and he is just standing there, directing everybody. >> it will mean a lot to former students like roger but even
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more to the teacherho dedicated her li. >> they were not privileged in so many other ways. but yet they were to succeed like anyone. >> megan fitzgerald. news4. one teacher can make a lot ofdierence. there will be nearl -- you can get information o how to buy tickets on our nbc washington app. just search eastern choir. >> amazing. security camer footage of an accused drunk driver slamming into a house p innsylvania state. police say they tried to pull over cameron smith for speeding in an unregistered mini cooper. he led them to ahase and eventually, blitzed directly into that brick house. police arrested and charged smith with dui and other
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violatio. no one was injured. incredible pictures out of arona night. a dust cloud blew through the phoenix areahis evening. visibility was so low, highways down.o be shut and about the same time the national weather service said it was 114 degrees at sky harbor airport. wow! >> so someni ovt issues, huh? >> some scattered showers overnight. and there's theti pot for some pockets of heavy rain to devep. an isolated chance of flash flooding. >> there's developing in montgomery you guys just can't get a break. the rainni chances ovt
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tonight and then tomorrow as the cool front proaches. we'll have scattered rain and thunderstorms but i want you toy knowr friday is not a washout. by friday night it is looking really nice and that sets us up for gorgeous weather on saturday. i think this is unbelievable. feeling about 9 degrees in washington. frederk, a lot more comfortable, at 85. we start off with 77 degrees, mostly cloudy skies. by noon we're tracking showers north and west of the district. once we g past noon, we start to see the line move into the metr area a then push to the east. so scattered thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. 83 degrees at 3:00 p.m. be7:00 p.m., it is spectacular.e we had s late day sunshine
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and more humidity. the temperature around 80 grees. our high tomorrow is 86. we hit between noon and 2:00 p.m. and then tomorrow the start tures will slowly to fall. the clouds are already in place. we head toward noon and there are the showers and storms. north and west town. here's 2:00 p.m. we s thunderstorms movin through. so maybe not the best school day just because it is impossible to time out exactly when it will move through your neighborhood the pool will be fantastic on saturday and sunday. as we head intohe afternoon hours. e're tracking showers and storms in southern maryland. i can't say it enough. friday night is going to be spectacular. the mugginess tomorrow is still there. tomorrow night,ook what happens. it turns comfortable. on saturday and sunday, it isng still fee very comfortable. here's the storm tea 4 forecast. a 70% chance of rain and
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thunderstorms tomorrow m thening commute for most will be dry is that the evening commute, if you a heading into work which probably only me, dorian and jim are heading in tomorrow, is looking complet dry. 86 for a high temperature. saturday, a bit breezy. highs in theow 80s. mid 80s on sunday. monday, upper 80s but no humidity after that. we see our 90s and our humidity moves back in by tuesday. >> speak for yourself. >> all right. thank you. coming up, the nationals eei slide in historic fashion. sports is next. here's jimmy fallon>> hey, guys, jim parsons is my guest.
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it's about time, huh? y! i feel like there's a collective -- fina it wasn't against best team, the marlins. the players only meeting, that meage forgotten. the george mason star smacking the ball deep to left center.
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the marlins out to a 9-0 lead. but we skip ahea e nats battling back. bases loaded. treaturner. a grand slam. that's turner's first career grand slam. the nationals scored ten straight to take the lead. in the seventh, turner still not done. ba loaded. two outs. coming through again. takes it to left. this brings in two more runs. a monster night, two homers, eight rbis, the nationa out with a 13-9 lead. the biggest eacomeback in t history. they win a wild one. 14-12. >> play scenarios in my head.
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it is something that is in my head. pretty good. >> the special indeed. the twins in minnesota taking it in the bottom of the third. the man on eddie rosario. takes it into left. one run comes in to score. a it i 2-0 lead. skipping ahead to the fourth. trying to make a comeback. chris davis at the dish. but j.k. trying to make the play. watch this. absolutely robs him, making an incredible grab here. they steal the run. the orioles lose 5-2. >> the mystics hosting the liberty. skip ahead. third tequar up 3 and on a run.
11:28 pm
kristy tolliver knocking it down. she had the hot hand and then later in the quarter, the liberty back in. giving them a little breathing room. the mystics up 5. then the shot clock winding down. beats with it a three. 11 pointsor her. the mystics win the third straight. the mystics actually won the last five of the last six gsoes certainly on
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jim parsons, marlon wayans, alex ovechkin and


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