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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  July 6, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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humidity, finally we're about to catch a break but for how long. >> let start with storm team 4 this afternoon because this forecast is one you really want to hear about, folks. amelia? >> finally some news in tracking lower humidity levels. tonight we'll seeet become m comfortable during the evening hours and tomorrow morning a fantastic start. taketake a look at the current teteratures. riow that's 86 degrees here in the district and 11 up in frederick are's the latest on the radar. we're virtually dry and had few light showers around and a few sprinkles potentially in parts of northeast washington over into parts of prince georges county for areas inside the beltway. we're looking mainly dry and m we're turnie comfortable as this cold front moves through the area sinking through to the southeast and it will clear the area around 8:00, 9:00 p.m. 107b9. overall it's going to be a nice evening. still mig and warm out there and maybe an isolated shower south of washington until about 7:00
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p.m. by p 9:00. it's less humid north of washington, and by 11:00 p.m. it's comfortable everywhere with a temperature, leon, of 74. however, more heat is on your te day forecast. more on that come up at 4:15 >> you got it. thanks, el. >> breaking news right now. this concerning the riots that percolated across d.c. on inauguration day. scott macfarlane where details on charges of the people involved. >> reporter: good afternoon. ureopl faced charges for rioting dg inauguration day of 2016. there were fires in the streets and carsamaged and the riots caused more than $100,000 in damages across theil city. 21 people have pled guilty for their charges that day, including one to a felony offense, the cases are now being dropped for fnture defens. today the u.s. attorney's office announced it will dismiss chargesgainst 38 remaining defendants. the spokesperson said the riots created a danger for all who were nearby, but they are
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deciding to dismiss the charges in light of the results of the cases brought to trial thus far. back to you. >> thank you, scott. akeormer maryland ball player is facing rape and assault charges. prosecutors say damonte dodd had sex with a drunk woman her will last halloween. tracee wilkins is live in college park withdeew lopments in this case. tracee? >> we have covered damonte dodd when h wasart of the university of maryland basketball team and was star andd a bit of a now it's looking at these serious charges for alleged rape, and as you sd he's accused of getting a girl drunk and then allegedly raping her. it all started here at this bar last year. now when d'mante dodd played here at the university of maryland before graduating in 2017, he considered one of the more outspokenplayers, a bit of a team leader. dodd is currently playing for ofessional basketball team in mexi . according to the prince george's county state's attorney's office
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row apartment in a friend's pin apartment. the basketball player wasre sted in atlanta last night on his way back from mexico and is expected to making his way to maryland shortly. here now from the state's attorney's office and dodd's attorney as well. >> mr. dodd was interviewed,nd he admitted to the sexual activity but said it was consensual. obviously these are very troubling circumstances to us. we a thoroughl investigating the situation and whether an individual is intoxicated or t, it's not an excuse to take advantage of that person. >> i can say that my client looks forward t a swift resolution to the case. we think t thatre are several facts that are going to come out in the future and, you know, he'll be exonerated.or >> rr: both the prince george's county state's attorney office and c dodd'snsel says
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he's been cooperative. back here from mexico when he was detained on a warrant associated with this case. he's going to be allowed to leave atlanta where he was arrested and bring himself here to maryland. won't bring him by transport or any of that. he'll come on his open. he's expected to appear in court on july 12th. live in college park, crazy wilkins. back to you in the fstudio. eworks and gunshots mixed on the fourth of july and a little girl end up in the spital. news 4's megan fitzgerald is live. this happened during the fourth of july celebration. tell bus it. >> reporter: yeah, you know, leon, makes it even more concerning because families were outsnjeing the holiday. we're told this 11-year-old girl was playing in a back alley behind us between these two houses when she was grazed her face by a bullet. that's when she ran to a nearbys friehouse. >> it was a whole bunch of chilen in the yard as well as
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some adults. >> reporter: several neighbors we ske with didn' want to go on cameral but said the evening of july 4th was scary. this woman says several kids passed thiack alley near 46th place and southeast. she says they were shooting off fireworks and neighbors say they also heardunshots and knew it was time to go inside, but moments later this woman got a call to her niece who lives down the street. >> she called me and said there were a couplee of f trucks and police outside. don't open your door. >> reporter: according to police people weres shooting gto the air to celebrate the holiday. police say 1 of at least 37 shotsze grad an 11-year-old girl's face and the woman who live in this house say it was her daughter's friend and tried to tweet the little girl'sry inntil first responders arrived. >> so listen this, girl was taken to the w hospitalh non-life-threatening injuries.
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t're told she's expectedbe okay. back to you. meagan fitzgerald, thank you. a tragedy this afterno a the weigh station on i-70. mes hobbes ofsalisbury, maryland, was under his tractor trailer fixing the brakes and state police say hobbes didn't put the parking brake on. e truck rolled over him killing him instantly. no one else was injured. a woman stabbed a man inside an t arlington apartmes morning. police say that the man was attacked inside the apa oment washington boulevard and he suffered a wound to his xpoulder. he'sted to be okay. police arrested the womanor a time later. >> a gymnastics coach in loudoun was found guilty of slaulgt an 1 ear-old girl. brian nguyen of sterling was the arrested in january. the girl told her parents that inappropriately touched her while she was at mvgh gymnastics in ashburn and nguyen faces six years in prison.
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sentencing takes place in septem tr. >>ight some main roads are being reopened and major work still lies ahead. scott macfarlane joi us from the newsroom. scott? [ no audio ] >> having trouble hearing s ttt. back tt report in a minute. lots of questions after reports that the armys quietly moving to discharge some immigrant recruits and rf ervists. allthe soldiers enlistedh thro a program that promised them a path to citizenship if they served. heme of say they weren't
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told why they were being discharged. others say the army told them they had been labeled ait sec risk because they have relatives in other countries. so far the pentagon is not commenting because of a pending la >> meanwhile, we are hurt lick towards a judge-imposed deadlin for the trump administration to reunite all separated migrant children with tir families. a deadline the administration wants to extend now. first, let's take a look at the numbers. the administration says more than 2,300 children were separated from their parents between may 5th and june 9. sterday the administration said that nom was just under 3,000 families. last month the judge ordered a that families must be reunited by july 26th, but the dead loin is next tuesday for any children under the age of 5. the trump administration is seeking an extension for that saying it can't get the necessary testing and vetting done in time to meet that. there are also questions about how families are beingai dd
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once they are together again. the trump administration wants to detain them indefinitely until trial but the so-called flores agreement says children can only stay in i.c.e. custody for 20 days. the justice department pushing to have that agreement modified. finally the zero tolerance crossingr new people the board their remains in effect which means all single people crossing the borde will be detained and charged. right now families are being released because there just isn't enough room tohe detain anyplace. pat? >> it's free and it's sy right w to get into the national zoo. can you just walk in no questions asked. however, due to some security concerns raise over the spring, zoo officials are proposing some changes. derrick ward is at the soothe to explain the changeshe and w they could take effect. the u.s. just fired the opening shot in what could become a costly tradehot with china with americans ultimately paying the price. >> a stunning setback in the rescue operationo save a boys'
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e.ccer team trapped in that flooded c new details on what led to the death of one of the rescuers. >> storm team 4 tracking the first hurricane othef
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the showers are moving out and so is all that humidity we've been dealing with for the past week. big changes for t weekend that
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you're going to like and we're hurricane o first the season and we'll look at its impact on puerto rico still recovering from hurricane maria. all of that have in three, count them, three minutes. >> it's a race against time and a new threat now looms over rescuers' attempt to save 12 boys and their soccer coach from the floodedd undergro cave in thailand. a former thai navy s.e.a.l. died overnight while trying to help free t boys. nbc's billly n reports. >> it's a risk to the 12 boys and their coach weren't clear enough they underlined enough by a tough navy diver. he was delivering oxygen tanks to his colleagues in the cave comple r when he out of oxygen himself and collapsed. he couldn't be revived. he was highly trained and experienced, and if it can happen to him what about these boys? they face a new threat meanwhile
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from the very people who are here to help them. there are so many volunteers and divers in that cave complex that the oxygen levels are falling so they brought in miles of cab to pump in air so the boys in their own cave can have enough oxygen. american ders are now in the thick of thingsnd part o a team of 30. part of a global rescue effort and commander here are becoming increasingly convinced that they need to risen an eme rescue attempt as the monsoon rains which are forecast to begin and sweep in. the boys are not in full strength. doctors continue to monitor them. bill neely, nbc news, thailand. >> keeping fingersd. cros the national zoo wants to step up its security measures and that could be a bag checks fewer entrances. soothe is the only smithsonian property that doesn't screen i
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visitors. news 4ied derrick wards here with any details on their plan. >> the proposal would cut the number of pedestrian access 3 points from 1 to 3 and new restrictions to vehicular too.ions security checkpoints as recentls his past spring. the idea is to make them permanent. >> i'm not against the securit checks asong as they can keep them moving in the lines. went through the smithsonian and didn't cause us any major problems and it's understandable. >> it's very interesting that i co just like walk right in, and there were people jogging through a stuff which is felt tely interesting and very accessible. >> i how the it was cool. >> new perimeter fences would also beart of the new plan. right now the idea is just a proposal. it has to be approved by the national capital planninging commission. at the national zoo, derrick ward, news >> defective takata air bags are the reason foret another recall involving hundreds of
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thousands of vehicles. is round includes mazda passenger side air bags on certain six models from 2003 to 2008. mada speed 6 models fro 2006 to 2007 and004 mpv vehicles nationwide and 2005 to 2006 mpv models in certain states. overall mazdas recalling some 270,000 vehicle in recent years some 50 million air bag inflaters he been recalled and 22 deaths have been linked to defective bags. farming goes to new heights. >> the mixed use i developments rooftop farmargest in our region and the roof is now growingbl vegeta, strawberries and more. residents can buy memberships and get to take home fresh produce every week. this year's memberships already sold out. >> this is a wave of the future
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as more peoplo are moving i cities. i think this is real the direction that cities will kind of be inspired for us to go in the direction of. >> it's always a wow. you step upnd here it's different every day and every ti you look at a roof and there's something on it besides roofing material and hvacunits, that's great. >> any local compa up top. acres does the farming. this by the way, their fifth rooftop farm in the d.c. area. >> pretty nice. want to take youow out west to some breaking news inie san d county. an out-of-control wildfire has burned a couple of homes not far from the u.s.-mico border. firefighters are facing blistering triple-digit temperatures and dry winds. going to keep an eye on situation for you and give you uphetes. >> andest has been a tinder box this whole spring and summer it seems ke. >> they need some rain. >> absolutely. > a lot of it. speaking of rain, i'm track
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the first hurricane in the atlantic of e season. it's a category 1 ber and somarra will have much more coming up. speaking with our telemundo reporter in puerto rico says there's heavy rain early nexek and they have already opened shelters because, guys, there's still people in rico from maria that do not have roofs on their houses and that's sad. we'll have more on the track an intensity and we're watching another disturbance around the carolinas. weather headlines here at home, comfortable through the evening hours and i'mra hereing the weather from you from 4:00 to 7:00 and you'll notice the l humidiels dropping. it's gorgeous saturday and sunday and next week overall igexpect around 90 with the humidity returning on tuesday. currently is feeling like temperatures are generally in the low 90s right now. about 92 in washington, and
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here's what i'm keepi c ase eye on this evening, the dew point temperatures. right now we're in the 80s and i'll see these fall into the 60s by 6:00, 7:00 p.m. and early tomorrow morning they should be in the 50s and what that means is tt it's a beautiful gorgeous start on saturday. 7:00 a.m. whe it'8 degrees and mostly sunny skies. it's cooler overall and going to feel refreshing out there and a nice breeze at times throughout the day and a high temperature of 83 drees. on sunday a touch warmer and all sunshine, really nice once again. a high temperature on sunday of 86 so whatever your plansis are weekend the weather is certainly cooperating. it's going to be a great weekend to head to the pool saturday or sunday. if i had to pick a d i'd pick sunday just because there's a bit of a breeze out there and sunday wl be a bit warmer. grilling tomorrow night, tonight, sunday night, looking perfect. no thunderstorms in the forecast. clear skies. the fire flies in our are have
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en incredible this year so make sure you take notice of them if you're out during the evening. fireworks displays, i know we had some displays around the area including laurel tomorrow night. it's looking really nice. clear, cool, might even want a light sweatshirt heading out to fireworks.s so tomorrow i breezy. a high temperature of 83. that's about five degrees below normal. our normal high aboutlo 88. at these. we're in the 60s for low. sunday morning and monday morning as well. monday a high temperature of 90 egrees so it's hot and not human. it's humid on tuesday with a high of 92. maybe some thursday, and i want to quickly point out next weekend. saturday and sunday, temperatures in the mid to upper 90s and looking very hot. pat and leon. >> same stretch. 99 and 66. >> be grateful for your little breaks. >> i'm telling you. >> oh, for some people it's the worst nightmare, getting stuck
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okay. which camp are you in? during the week do you get a chance to enjoy breakfast at home are ow more likely to get food from a fast food drive threw on the way to work or a combination of both? >> a food expert secretly tasted 48 breakfast items ant collected nutrition data and looking for healthier optens that wer still tasty options. susan hogan has details on what they found. people have a lot of reasons to grab bakfast on the run. >> a lot faster. >> but are theydi t helpful gifts for convenience? "consumer reports" checked out the offerings at six popular chains tasting dozens of items that stood out on the menu as better choices including sandwiches, oatmeals and smoothies. >> flavorful. >> and they analyzed the nutritional information. >> well, it can be tough to find breakfast items with lower amounts of calories, fats, sugars and sodium.
4:25 pm
>> quick breakfasts can span the spectrum. starbucks sausage and bacon biscui has over 1,000 grams of sodium. a better choice is pan rah's sandwich with egg white and avocado with half th sodium. more and more chains have oatmeal as an option. watch out for added sugars. the bev ones are unsweetened oat meals with topping like fresh fruits, nuts and raisins. if you have to grab and go there's goodva choicesable and you can upgrade almost anything you beg. >> you cansk for honey or sugar or the side and make a breather bread choice and an egg sandwich can be perfectly tasty without the bacon or the ham. >> no. >> no. >> i know. >> and the researcher shares people who eat breakfast have lower rates of esity, heart
4:26 pm
diseas and type ii diabetes and important to make heahy choices. when i wake up i want my cuff of cove, and i can't even eat until 10:30, 11:00 in the morning. se>> challenge t scientists to betterything that tastes without bacon in the morning. >> vegan cheese. bacon.h >> turkey bacon. >> yummy. prison foodke >> don't invite me to breakfast. >> you got it. >> the trump administration needs more time to reunite thousands of migrant children with their parents. some placed in handcuffs says he takes off the stage and followed the concert in florida. >> they say it could word for
4:27 pm
pain and help are sleep and we'reut talking abo acupuncture. >> the problem it involves needles and i'm afraid of needles. are you going
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4:29 pm
the trump administration wants more time to reunitegr t families separated at the border. >> last month the judge ruled
4:30 pm
hoat some of families need to be back together by next week, but the administration says that's n possible. nbc's jay gray has new developments. >> reporter: as the controversy and containment continue, the white house is now asking for more time to reunite families separated at the border. government attorneys t arguing court is ordered to return all children under 5 to theiry parents b next tuesday and all other separated children by the 26th doesn't provide enough time o verify or vet parents or finish ongoing dna testing to confirm relationships. all of this unfolding as calls for abolishing the agency become louder. >> it's deterred from their mission. >> reporter: democrats calling for the government to do away
4:31 pm
with the agency even as the president doubles downn his support for i.c.e. and his border powerful. >> we want tough, strong, powerful borders and we want no recrime and w going to protect i.c.e. they protect us, and we protect them. >> ve president pence echoing that message talking with agents said. >> ss the presidentd recently we're not abandoning i.c.e., in fact, it's just opposite. we will alwaystand proudly with the brave heroes of i.c.e. and our border patrol. >> the border right now at the center of a politicalnd emotional tug-of-war. jay gray, nbc news. >> the trade war between the u.s. and china threatening to escalate tonight a the trump administration impose tariffs on $34 milli in chinese goods. china has retaliated. jennif johnson has retaliated
4:32 pm
saying why experts fear it's going to cost amerins job. that's right, leon. >> china has filed a second complaint about the world trade organization and several other countries have done the same fscause of these new tarif after months of threats the trade war between the u.s. and this now accelerating. the trump administration has imposed new tariffs on $34 billion of chinese goods. china retaliating, trigger what beijing calls the bgest trade war in economic history and it's still early in the game. >> the thing we're worried most about is the retaliation round after round of trade war whe the 34 million morphs into 1on or 200 bil >> reporter: price tags for american beans, pork and soybeans are skyrocketing in china and evenmaine's lobster industry is bracing for a hit. >> we're going to just hop that we can find another market to absorb the loss that we have in china. >> reporter: u.s. auto dealers expect hefty tariffs on 7 million cars and trucks imported to t u.s.
4:33 pm
sticker shock could also extend to american-built cars b so many parts are made overseas. >> it will reyes prices dramatically for consumers in the united states. it will be inflationary. ultimately it will slow down sales. >> reporter: and that may cost americans jobs. on twitter president welcoming news that the economy added a better than expected 213,000 jobs last month. at a rally in montawe he s no worries. >> our economic policy could be summedp inhrough very simple but beautiful words. jobs, jobs, jobs. >> while the commerce department sayshe trade deficit is down and exports at a record level, there are fears that americans could pay a sriep as this trade war goes global. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. >> back now to the progress report from frederick county. two months after the devastating flood some major roads a reopened but there's still some
4:34 pm
major work to beone. scott macfarlane joins us in the newsroom with an update. >> hey, again, pat. in the hardest hit section, nearly 75%e of roads, they have been repaired or reopened and the ones that were damaged according to county and state records shared with news 4 today. this is the area hit hardest. you're about to see it. the county are leased drone footage of the damage there and the most severely impacted county roads are still only one lane. they are sharing traffic from both directions at this point. the people who live here have been meeting with federal case managers with aid and have another area to do so and highway administrators say t ne s is the room giving them another problems. another two months to make ito state route 180 because the dside slopese r were so severe and so challenging to repair. if the offials will meet monday with nonprofit groups and
4:35 pm
some of the sller cities in frederick county and federal aid for their part of the recovery. in the newsroom, scott macfarlane, gews 4. >> ating a lot of reaction on our facebook page. singer chris brown out on bail after he was arrested lastight as he walked off stage in west palm beach. he's chaed with felony battery involving a nightclub photographer in florida last year. police say brown punched t photographer while he snappedph os at one of his event. brown has been repeatedly been legal trouble. in 2014 h pled guilty to misdemeanor assault for allegedly strikina man outside of the hotel in d.c. a in 2009 he met guilty to felony assault of his girlfriend >> the youngest member of the royal family will be christened on monday. the ceremony for prince louis will be at the chapel royal in st. james pace in london. among the questions surrounding this event is who is going to be there and whoill be the god
4:36 pm
parents? royal watchers expect an intimate affai and believe that close friends or cousins will likely be the god parents. d.c. wants you to be responsible pet owners. >> a new campaign aimed at >> a new campaign aimed at helping to keep the city clean.
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and choose a free samsung chromebook 3 or credit toward other samsung tech new developments into an investigation into a deadly crash involving a d.c. fire truck. >> jimha ly in the newsroom with a look at what's coming up. >> weeks ago prosecuto not to charge the firefighter who was behind the wheel at the time of that deadly accident, but the investigation and the case are not over. mark segraves on the internal discipline that two firefighters nuld now face. plus, also at 5:00 tonight, the fight for equality in america during the civil rights era wasn't limitedo lunch
4:40 pm
counters and bus bascotts. there also a massive effort to integrate beaches and swimming pools. ahead ght, the story of the desegregation of one local town swimming pool. it becomes a powerful performance on stage and ourme cho will have that story. those stories and good deal more joining you at 5:00. thank you. >> thank you. >> americans are having fewer babies, that's according to a recent pl by the "new york times." it surveyed about 2,000 adults and foundone-third who did not want children were reluctant to give up free time or. freedom a similar perceage felt't they couldnfford child care. most people were concerned about having enough time and money, and about a quarter of those hho alread childre wanted more. >> what goesomp must down and the people who go away on july 4th must return and here's
4:41 pm
a look at the busiest time on th road. if you're sitting watching news 4 at home stayhere because right now is one of the heaviest times to oa on thed. any time until 8:00 p.m. with likely likely -- wl likely be pretty bad out there. as far as the busiest roads, tus l suspects, 95, 395 and 56 and sunday bay bridge heabed west wil especially heavy, of course. >> of course. >> a young boy stuck in a elevator feeling panicked. >> what he did before rescuers got there, and the advice from first responds about wha not to do if you get stuck. >> plus, big changes in store for the weekend forecmt. storm t has an update that itu are definely going to want
4:42 pm
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4:44 pm
here are four things to know to get you caught up this afternoon. former maryland basketball player is facing rape and assault charges.
4:45 pm
prosecutors say damonte dodd had sex with a drunk woman against her will last year. it happened aft the two met at a bar on halloween. dodd say the sex was consensual. the trump administratio e wants toend a deadline to reunite migrant families. a judge ruled children under 5 need to be together with their parents by tuesday and everybody else by july 26th, but the administration says it can't vet isple that quickly and asking for more time. it's a race against time inside that flooded cave in thailand where rescuers frantically work to free 12oys and their soccer coach. oxygen levels inside theeage alling now as more and more people go in there to try to help after a navy s.e.a.l. died overnight. >> officials at a national zoo want to beef up security. th are considering a number of changes including permanent checkpoints as well as restrictions to vehicular traffic and they want to
4:46 pm
significantly reduce the number of entrances of the proposal goes before the nationalni capil pl commission late they are month. >> this afternoon we're hearing from a young boyho got stu in an elevator for half an hour at the height of the hea wave. it was captured on a cell phone. you may be surprised torn l just how often people do get mporarilyropped. news 4's chris gordon has the story. >> this c phone video shows a d.c. rescue squad at work. michael settlas in a panic and says on the 4th of july he got stuck in a hot elevator on bin ladensburg road northeast for about 25 minutes. >> i was kind of like nauseous, and i was kind of scared, like i was shookenp because ievouldn't be that because i was stuck in an elevator. >> families called1 and firefighters responded quickly and got him out. >> and i thank god and i thank
4:47 pm
the fire department and thed. firefighters for coming up. >> the in the first six months s year there had been nearly 1,500 elevatorn rescues washington, d.c. we came here to rescue squad two to get some tips if any of us get caught in an elevator. >> ventilation in the elevator and remain and call11 9 we'll be this. >> rescuers say never try to f escam a stuck elevator yourself or t to pry the doors open. call 911 and wait for rescuers to arrive. reporting from northeast washington, chris gordon, news 4. >> the first hurricane of the season is in the atlantic right now and heading towards the caribbean. beryl is described as tiny right now. it's too early to determine which islands would be impacted and howie is veer the impact could be, but all the islands are expecting periods of heavy rain, gusty winds and choppy
4:48 pm
seas. >> and that's the last thing the folks in puerto rico need right now. >> absolutely. somarra will have much more on beryl and another disturbance down in the carolinas, what we can say it's only loong to strengthen into a category 1 so we're not talking about a major hurricane. >> we can use some right here. >> we haven't had that we've had hitter miss storms and a few isolated showers tonight and if you want to be outdoors tonight it's really looking just fi 4. storm tea radar. i'm only tracking two isolated showers and one fizzling out in prince george countyround the brandywine area and sinking south towards waldorf and another moving towards diehl and anne arundel county. everyone else is completely tried and this is where the radar is and it's picking up, just a little bit of disherbance out and two isolated showers so it's mainly dry for your friday night and the humidity levels start to lower between0 and 9:00 p.m., so
4:49 pm
as we take a look at your weekend outlook, lt'sking great for pool time and grill and fireworks. a bit breezy tomorrow with a high temperature of 83. degrees on sunday, so 80s both saturday and sunday and the 90s though, well, they are back, monday, tuesday and wednesday and then maybe some thunderstorms next thursday, so prettyet weather here, but the tropics, again, have our rirst hne in the atlantic. what's the latest? >> yes, that's right. the tropics areve a we've been so focused on the heat here, the flooding. has hurricane season and follow me just off the course of south america and we're tracking beryl. it's right now a cat 1 storm. not very well organized and ery, very small, but still a hurricane nonetheless. it's moving at about 80 and moving to the west at 15 miles per hour, about a moderate spees and w 80 miles per hour manned just crossing that threshd to be considered a cat 1 hurricane. ting to go ahead and turn on the forecast ae a look at
4:50 pm
its forecast or projected trajectry. sunday at 2:00 p.m. w should start to see it arriving here near the lesser antilles. beyond sundaynd monday, it's headed towards puerto rico and according to this track it's not expected to make a land fall in puerto rico. because what have happened last season, we do have to watch for flooding and a little closer to home as amelia mentioned we are tracking invest 96l so the reason meteorologists call it invest, it's a disturbance we're investigating. not quite a hurricane and definitely got someaction. this is off the coast of the carolinas. wind a h 30 miles pr and very disorganized right now and conditions are a little bit more favorable off the carolinas and down in the caribbean where thaw storl weaken so we could see this try and turn into something, but at this still a bit early to tell and
4:51 pm
we'll keep anye on it. never too early for our hurricane preparedness. the peak for us will b around september 11th and make copies of those int documents and put a family communication check-in place in effect. >> good tips. thanks it's a job that used to be a teenager's dream donning that sitting swimsuit and high above the town pool, but this year there's aio s shortage of lifeguards and this year they are turning to an unlikely source to fill those openings. they are turning toenrs. fewer teens than ever have accepted lifeguard posghions. paying summer jobs and internships have led to a dwindling work force. ed myers is 87. he was a rescue swimmer back in the navy and says he's every b q aslified today. >> i can spot danger and that's the secret. spot thege d before it
4:52 pm
happens, and that's where i thinkie expe and age comes in. >> muit places reqre periodic certications to make the seniors are up to task, but there's another benefit. they don't have to go back to school after labor day. >> there you go. >> willing to work >> should be in such shape at 87. that's great. >> we all want to w live andk in a clean city and part of that effort of keeping dd.c. g and smelling good starts with pet owners. here's sheena par t convenient explain. >> a new program in d.c. is called pride is picking up encouraging pet owners to pick up after their pets. julie lawson is here from mayor's office. what isngride is pic up? >> mayor bowser wanted to introduce it with main rescue alliance, pick up after your't pets and det poop get tracked into your car or house. >> it's the neighborly thing to do. number two, it does spread
4:53 pm
disease. between dogs. that's how they transfer disease a lot of times so it's important to pick it up foron that re >> it's not fertilizer. >> it's not fertilizer. eresn't work that way. not like o animals. it doesn't fertilize the lawn and itevakes forer for decompose. pick it up. it's the right thing to do. >> and p you have bags. >> everybody has seen them. poop bags a different stanchions in the city. clip that to your dog's collar and put poop bags in it. >> very easy. do it all the team. it's a peeves cake. also don't forget clear the thelters is coming up saturday, august 18 find out more on the nbc washington app. >>hanks, sheena. it is the new normal in the uk. residents o pedge. ple who live there fear that they will be the next victim of a nerve agentattack. >> two d.c. firefighters could be facing disciplinary action because of the role in a deadly fire truck crash. yo
4:54 pm
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a search for s therce of the deadly poison. british police combing sites in tw towns in aunt for the never agent that critically injured a man and a woman. it's the same pson that nearly killed a former russian spy and his daughter.c' kelly cobiella reports on on the fear and anxiety ove building what's going on. >> reporter: this morning resident on edge as investigators scour this small englisn for the mystery items painted with a deadly military grader in of agent that left two people fightinrfor th lives. security camera footage showing dawn sturges showing at a convenience store rushing past other customers, including a h chilrs before she and her partner charlie rowley ended up at the. hospital the two remain in critical condition sixs dfter falling ill, their families desperate for infoation. >> he's my brother so i'm obviously concerned about him.
4:58 pm
>> police say they were eosed novichok after handling a contaminated item. it's the same nerve agent that nearly killed former russian spry sergei skripal and his daughter four months ago. the new developments supporting ose theory the couple may have come a novichok left over from the first incident. the british government accssed of being behind a deliberate attack against the skripals and is once again emanding answers from the kremli russia continues to deny any involvement while people in this small town live with the fear that there could be more of the deadly nerve agent in streets.ks and public health officials are trying to reassure peoe in salisbury saying the health risk is low and statement warong them not pick up anything at looked unfamiliar. coley, nbc news, right now at 5:00, athletec sed. a former terp under arrest and
4:59 pm
indicted oar rape ges. >> he admitted to it the sexual activity but said it was consensual. >> reporter: what we're learning about theat incident that back to his days on the university of maryland campus. >> plus, a little glode to recovery. >> a whole punch of children in the yard as well as some adults. >>fter a mix of fireworks on o the fourthf july landed her in the hospital. >> and lions and tigers and and arksz, o my, but not before a security checkpoint, and the change is being changed for the national zoo. morng, he started nearly 70 games for the university of maryland over the past four years. h tonights face rape charges. >> former terp damonte dodd is accused of having sex with a drunk woman against her will last halloween. tracee wilkins is live in college park with new developments in this ing to the prince george's
5:00 pm
county state's attorney's office it alltarted at this bar with a chance encounter between dodd and an unnamed woman. what dodd is calling consensual se this woman and a grand jury is calling rape. >> so happy to be here. we're going to think of it as another game. >> reporter: formerniversity of maryland basketball game damonte dodd was considered a star on the court and ait of a team spokesman before graduating in 2017. now he's fing serious accusations for somhing he's accused of doing off the court. it supposedly started here at terrapin's turf bar months after graduating from umd. the victim was out celebrating at halloween, went to a bar where she encountered mr. dodd for the furs time and he apparently got her alcoholic beverages and she had numerous to thent intoxication. the state's attorney office said dodd took the young woman to


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