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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 6, 2018 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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right now, a local fathers upset over the penalty for the illed two law enforcement officers. why that father says they should have taken action long before
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the crash. this video of what many are calling racial profiling at a mm neighborhood sg pool is making a splash across the country. >> and this local phenom is ready to make beautiful, beautifulusic an international stage. a $280 fine. >> that's the penty for a driver who struck and killed a marylandire marshal and an fbi agent. that decision for last year's ra i-270 is angering the victim's family. >> the fire marshal was always rockville firefighter. and jackie benson spoke to his father, also a firefighter. >> because the person who caused the accident really didn't get punished, it doesn't feel like there's close. reporter: as he polite man with great respect for the law
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but he is angry. angry about the punishmt given to the man charged with negligent driving after hitting and kilng his son who had gotten out of his car to help an fbi agent who crashed the car. wolf was also killed. >> i try, i don't want to forget him. your son is still alive. you ner want to forget him. >> investigators found the man was driving in a careless manner but it did not rise to the level of reckless disregard needed to support more serious charges. it was revealed during the investigation that he was in the u.s. illegally, having overstayed a work visaand had previous traffic and criminal convictions. il cohen sai he hopes people will understand when he says he does not support anti-immigrant cntiments but wishes the man
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faced the fullsequences of his law breaking before december 8, 2017. >> the truth is that there are people who shouldn't be here. >> a plea for maryland's lawmakers. he would like the see a law passed that says everyone involved in a fatus clinton be tested for drugs and alcohol. investigators have to have what is calle a reasonable suspension before they can order those tests. jackie benson, news4. ald family w like to see a montgomery comirny f station named for the lieutenant. we're following a developing story. we've just learned the name of the man killed in greenville. chopper 4 was over the scene. he was found on edmonton terrace. in therh neighd across from greenville middle school. investigators are trying to figure out if he w involved in an argument before the shooting.
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a sfam grieving a sudden loss of theirteenager. the 16-year-old accidentally hot himself in a house on del norte court in the alexandria section of fairfax county. detectives say he was sitting on a bed holding the gun when it fired into his upper body.d he d at the hospital. we are working t learn more about the relationship between them. if you've been outside' you know starting to get a break from all that heat. >> it is much more comfortable out there. ween decided to amelia out there. how long will thiself last and how good does it feel? >> reporter: it's amazi out here. it's comfortable. no mosquitos. this is the summer night we want over and over again. we're going to see it. saturday,sun, the human levels still in check. take a look at dew point
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temperatures. how we indityte humi when we see the dew point at 65 or higher, it starts to feel a little humid. below 65 in the summer is spectacular. we can see jus about everybody across the area is under 65. across the river, still noticing the mugginess but don't worry. you will see a more comfortable layer moving in overnight. dry across the area. i'm going to have more for the weekend. plus the latest on the tropic coming up. jim and doreen?> ollowing breaking news coming out of thailand where there are signs that time may be running out to rescue those boys trapped in the underground cave. here's a live lookou at the of the cave. a community of rescuers is working around the clock to finding a solution to getting those boys out. inside the cave, oxygen levels
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aredropping, in part because of the people inside. and this weekend's monsoons could completely block them from safety. they've been strded inside for nearly two neweeks. w video shows the fesoded passagetween group and the mouth of the cave. none of the boys can swim and'r theye learning to use diving equipment but theydy aren't rea for the six-hour long journey to safety which is a dangerous one. a member of the rescue team died inside the cave friday. underaccording the dangers underground. >> this is of a magnitude and it is a rescue that hasee never done in the knowledge of man. >> the commander leading the resc says i rain pushes the water levels higher, divers will move tose take t boys out right away but that is being seenass a resort. engineers haven't given up on drilheng down into cave. it is estimated they're more than a mile underground.on musk offered to send scientists and advanced ground
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penetrating radar. of cour, weant to you see all plays a tense tencounter cau on video has been viewed 4 million times. a white man calling police on a black family a naghborhood pool in north carolina. the mother in the video calls it racial profiling. tonight the man explains his side of the story to snbc' gabe gutierrez. the fourth of july when he recorded the now viral video on her cele. ph >> why do i need to show you my i.d.? >> thisun man vered at the winston-salem neighborhood pool and asked to see her i.d. he also calledpolice. when officers arrived, she said she felt unfairly targeted. police verified her pool pass wo >> nobody else was asked for their i.d. i feel this is racial profiling. >> reporter: this comes after recent incidents from a
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starbucks. >> african-americans are being questied on ordinary tasks in life. >> but he says he was making sure she lived in the neighborhood. >> reporter: would you have handled it differently if she were white? >>, i wonder if i made her feel uncomfortable,, unwant unwelcome. especially with her child thereo i want give a serious apology for that. >> reporter: can you imagi why many people online are labeling you a racist? >> when people a see couple seconds of your lif and don't see it in full, they can't jump to >> reporter: tonight he has resignedowners position and hasis lost job at a local packagingcoil. nston-salem, north carolina. new at 11:00, president trump's legal team is moving the gold posts on a possible interview with the special counsel. and that is creasing the
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chances the president will voluntarily sit down with robert mueller. rudolph giuliani told "the new york times" today that two conditions have to be met. the special counsel would have to prove mr. trump committed a crime,nd he must show trump's testimony is vital to finishing the russia probe. president trump has accepted the rignation of embattled former epa chief scott uitt. pruitt has been under a cloud for months and under at investn. so why did he leave now? political director chuck todd alked about that with us on news4. >> we know this president, looks matter, optics matter. at some point the idea this guy was embarrassing him on a daily basis and was getting on to television more often. that's when this president seems to care. >> the president will announce his sprorlt nominee monday night and chuck preview the decision
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on "meet the press" at 10:30. aerson facing rape charges for an alleged incident that happened after his time on th team. but his attorney tells the bureau xheef the current professional basketball player is innocent. >> whether an individual was targeted or not, it is not anak excuse toe advantage of that person. >> reporter: he is facing second-degree rape charges in an alleged assault that reportedly olhappened inge park last year. months after his graduation.os utors say it all started over drinks. >> the victim was out celebrating halloween, she went a bar where she encountered him for the first time. he apparently begin on give her alcoholic beverage and she drank to the point of intoxication. >> he then took her to his apartment.
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>> he had sexual intercourse with her against herwill. >> today a grand jury indicted how many second-degree rape ch ges. sexual dmitted to the activity but said it was consensual. >>en my cli looks forward to a swif o resolutionthe case. >> the attorney said his client is on his way to mexico where he is playing professional et ball. he was arrested on a warrant related to the case. >> we think there are several facts will come out in the future and he'll beex erated. it is a matter of getting in front of a judge or a jury and letting it run its course. >> he said he's b cnperating from the beginning. >> from the moment we found out that a warrant was in existence, we've made every effort t turn him in as quickly as possible. >> now, he is not allowed in college park. he is expected to makis first court appearance july 12th. next a fourth of july celebration goes horribly wrong.
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what happened next send this man to the hospital for heart surgery. >> another scare, this one closer to home. armed suspects terrorizeer custs and employees at a fast food restourant. >> c guess the named rhood in our area, one of the coolest on the planet? >> reporter: i'm shamari stone and this is my buddy. and this is my buddy. i'm going to share his sty.
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and choose a free samsung chromebook 3 or credit towards other samsung tech. some of the rr,
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best known drummers in the worlll >> we, check this out. this is 10-year-old jayden spence. he wants to be on that list, too. he made it into an international competition. >> but as shemari stone found out, he needs a little help to fulfill his dream. >> he jamsn his basement. >> i feel great. >> as he strives for greatness, you may be surprised this k 10-year-ol has no formal training. he learns if local musicians and professional drummers on youtube. >> like to name my favorites. >> his parents saw his love for music and posted this video on it has nearly half a million a drum competition director saw the video and invited him to
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compete in the drum fest in singapore next month. >> kids my age. >> and his parents say he would be thecanly ame recommending the united states out of 68 selected drummers >>o represent my country, it feels good. >> they started a go fund me page to help raise $10,000 for his trip. >> so i can perform around the o d. >> drumming his way to stardom. news4. wow, that kid is going places. >> you can see more video on his drumming and go to the go fund me goge. to the app and search drum. >> a brazen robbery and it was all caught on video. this happened at the jimmy johns restaurant. the suspects ran into the restaurant around 1:00 in the
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afteoon on the fourth of july. one pulled out a handgun and forced the pson to the ground while the other grabbed money out of the cash register. if you recognize the suspects, police want t hear from you. a man in florida is recovering from serious injuries after a fire work exploded in his hand on the fourth of july. this video is graphic. video released by theheriff shows him holding a fire work in one hand and a beer in another. then the fire wk explodes in his hand. he was taken to the hospital with injuries on his left hand and his chest. >> it blows his heart open and damages his heart. so he iso rushede hospital where he has to undergo heart surgery to survive. >> witnesses say soto was drinking and throwing fireworks back and forth.
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five dozen fires are burni out west. the's extreme heat and drought conditions just south of the oregon bored he. one person died. nine homes destroyed in a massive blaze northwest of sacramento. to the south, several homes loss in diego county in alpine. in colorado, the spring fire has destroyed more than 130 homes. wow! >> we've had all this rain and they're having drought conditions. struggling out there. >> and we've had all the heat that we were dealing with a seven-day heat break. mp're going to have low humidity and atures, saturday and sunday only in the low to mid 80s. right now, still pretty mild. 83 degrees in washington. tomorrow morng, itill be really nice. 68 degrees at 7:00 a.m. in washington. the suburbs in the 60s to start off the day.
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just gorgeous. we're only in the mid 70s so much cooler than today. 3:00 in the afternoon, we hit a hif 83 biffle 7:00 a.m., make pla outdoors. it will be perfection. with the temperatures aroundde sfinl ees. we'll have a breeze at times throughout the entire day. really refreshing. have the we don't breeze but we have the low humidity levels. a high of 86 with plenty of sunshine. so the weather having low impact on your weekend. a great weekend to head to the pool especially on sunday. the grilling will be perfect. the fourth of the grill was just brutal. not the case saturday and sundayti if you have some fireworks, laurel has theirs, they have fireworks as well. it will be clear skies and cool temperatures. as we talk about the tropics,
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here's the latest. it is moving toward the west at 14 miles an hour. the maximumustained winds. it is heading to the lesser antilles. this i sunday at about 8:00 p.m. the national hurricane center justte up the latest track at 11:00 p.m. and it is keeping this cone of uncertainty. what we call w thete line just south of puerto rico. they need a break from th devastation that maria caused and it loo like this hurricane will spare them. i'm keeping e close what we call tropical depression number 3. and it is just o the coast. it will stay off the coast and strengthen to a tropical storm. potential to become a hurricane. if so its named would be chris. will stay off to sea. the only impact would bent polly a few rip currents. something to keep a close eye
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on. 83 tomorrow. 86 on sunday. the heat returns on however, iice and low. high temperatures around 90 on tuesday. the humidity level moves back in. at 3 days, it is pretty unusual around. he next weekend, the temperatures potentially near 100. so enjoy the 80s. we will make the most of it. the nats came back from a huge deficit to win last night, you'll remember. tonight was a whole newall game. could washington make it two in a w? ro
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what aref the chancese nationals doing again what they were doing thursday night? you know the old trail by 9. 14-12.meback that's what they did thursday. a simine second in a row, comeback or otherwise. that would be just fine. gio looking to get the win streak started. the marlins with the bases early. the d5-3ble play. they take advantage. that's right. next half inning. ro delivs a base hit. remember it comesd to score. we go to the eighth.
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to the infield. and pinch-hitter daniel murphy slidesut to center. so they waste golden opportunities. ninth inning. this is -- it is. a walk-off homer. my 's a winning streak, friends. that's when the second in a row, 3-2, the final. do you feel better? that's the way you start your weekend. the wizards getting the summer league slate started. troy brown jr. with his first nba action. the drive and the runner. that was nice. and then, are you ready for this? ho about contact can hurt sometimes. still finishes. that's the way to do it. as he has more of his tricks to show off, a little off the glass. he made one yr in oregon. finished with 13 points.
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there's a lot of basketball left. the world cup quarterfinals. the firen half,ds it in., rafaelhe glancing header. 1-0 france. ance wins it 2-0 over uruguay. that meansrance plays against five-time champion brazil and belgium. up 1-0. the laser 2-0 belgium. stoppage time 2-1. but a great save on neymar. belgium wins 2-1. it is france and belgium in one semifinal. remaining quarterfinals are tomorrow including england againstsweden. you're all invited over to my house. including fried bread. >> all right. >
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let's say out of town them rs ask to you point to the coolest neighborhood in d.c. forbes said you should send them to navy yard. the magazine ranked navy yard is one of the coolestig orhoods, not just in our area but in the world. one tweet pointed out that forbes used an artist's rerngd instead of an actual picture.
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forbes said it checked it because it is growing quickly. it has kind of an up and coming vibe. >> cutting the ribbon on monday. >> at the navy yard. >> maybe it is
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jada pinkett smith, bryce dallas howard, comedian nikki glaser,


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