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tv   News4 Today  NBC  July 7, 2018 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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ask your doctor about anoro. ♪ go your own way get your first prescription free at a race against time this morning. a dozen boys remain trapped inside a cave with oxygen running out and waters expected to rise, the rescue effort is getting the attention of therl entire wo why i keep talking?'t because i dant to forget them. a local father's grief is turning to anger this morning, and now to action. a look at the punhment facing the driver responsible for killing two people. why one man says it is not enough. -- and nobody else was feel like racial profiling. >> another video of suspected racial profiling hits the internet and ignites a familiar
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debate. the backlash one man is facing for demanding the see the.d. of a black woman swimming at a local pool. first let's kick your weekend off with a live look outside. a beautiful start to your saturday. that sun is rising. the good news is the heat wave we've been struggling through has liftedit just ae bit. a little bit more enjoyable as you head outdoors. welcome in on the 7july, 2017. good morning to you. >> had a good fourth, i suspect? >> i was working. >> oh, okay. >> you were not. >> no, i was. still in vacationmode, but glad to be back and have a refresng forecast. >> check that out. beautiful start. the whole team is back this saturday morning. rick is joining us from the stm team four weather center. >> a little bit of a break in the heat and humidity. yesterday we made it into the
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upper 80s. we ended the heat wave yesterday. as we continue through the day today, a lot cooler. wh you walk out this morning, it feels like fall. ther bs a niceeze and temperatures that are in the 60s and some areas in the 50s right now. look at that sun rise early this morning. an see it's a beautiful morning out there. we are have the clouds, b the clouds will start to die down a little bit as we continue into the afternoon. we'll start to see a little bi mo sunshine and much lighter wind out there. we're seeing wind at about 18 miles per hour out there right now. again,t is a little on the breezy side. temperatures right now coming it about 69 degrees. a northeast wind. 18 miles per hour. the s just came up about 10 minutes ago. the temperatures are moving up. not quite as warm as the last couple days. we'll talk about how warm we'll get today and our next chance of
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rain coming up. >> lauren, we'll check in with you then. nfusion, ang and heart break from a local father who's still trying to process the punishment for a driver who hit and killed hist son l year. >> a maryland fire marshal was killed when he stopped to help an fbi agent. the driver whof hit both them facing just a $289 fine. >> we talked to theather and learned how he's fighting his grief and fighting to change the blaw. ause the person who caused the accident really didn't get h pu, it doesn't feel like there's closure. >> reporter: he's a polite man with bespect for the law he's angry. angry about the punishment given to the man charged with negligent driving after hitting and killing his son, sander, who had gotten out of his car on i-27 0 to helpn fbi agent who
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crashed his car. >> for me, i try to keep thi thinking why i keep talking. you never wanto forget them. >> reporter: the driver, a 28-year-old, was found to beg drivhat they called a careless manner but it did not rise to the level of reckless disregard. it was revealed in the u.s. illegally having overstayed a work visa and had previous traffic and criminal convictions. the father says he hopes people will understand when says he does not support anti-immigrant sentiments but wish the man faced the full consequences of his law breaking before that day. >> the truth is where are people shouldn't be here. > reporter: he has a plea for lawmakers. he would like to see a law
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passed that says everyone involved in a fatal collision must be tested for drugs and alcohol. under current law investigators have to have what's called a reasonable suspicious before they can order the tests. in rockville, jackie bensen, news 4. the family also wants the hntgomery county fire station renamed inor of their this morng we've learned the name of the man whoho was s and killed. a 19-year-old'sody was found just before 6:00 near the green belt middle school. investigators are trying to t igure out wha led up to the gunfire. no word on any suspects.>> the shooting there isn't the only instance of local gun violence this morning. police saying a -year-old accidentally shot and killede himself ins his home. the boy whose name has not been released was sitting on a bed
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holding a gun when i went off. he was taken to the hospital where he died. it is the rescue effort that has the whole world talking and worried. happening right now rescuers in thailand are still trying to figure out a way to bring 12 boys and their coach out of a cave safely. time is running bout. itn days since the group was trapped. one rescuers, a former navy s.e.a.l. for thailand died trying to help. the boys are being taught how ti ving equipment, and they'll be able to owim out their own. that will be a six hou process. engineers have notiven up drilling into the cave andin liftg the boys to safety.el musk even offering to send g advancund penetrating radar and scientists to help with the process. a d at the pool turning into accusations of racial profiling. a white family calling the
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police on a black family in the neighborhood pool. >> nobody else was asked their i.d. is feel this racial profiling. >> the woman isecording while the man confronts her. he demanded to see her i.d. and th called the police. now, when officers did arrive at the pool who said she felt unfairly targeted, was able to show her i.d. and her pool pass worked. the woman who volunteered at the pool -- the man says he was just doing his job. >> can you understand why many people online are labeling you a hecist? >> people see a couple seconds of your life and don't see knit total, i think they can jump to conclusions that aren't there. >> wet know t bloom has now been fired from hisob at a local packaging company and he no longer works with his homeowner's association.
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still cahead, a localy makes a big change to the popular civil war history event. plus region on fire. we're taking you to the skies above a dozen wildfires in the west. we'll show you the efforts to extinguish the flames. facing charges of former umd basketball player standing accused of sexual assault. we're breaking down the details
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come o west with us. this is a fiery scene there. h extremet and drought sparking dozens of fires in the country.part of the wildfires are threatening hundreds of homes south of the california/oregonrd . in colorado a fire charred thousands ofacreage. and the record hot
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temperatures happen right now on the west coast are not helping matters when it comes to fighting the wildfires. some areas reached the sweltering 116 many tried to beat that heat on fithe beach. ofals shut down access to some hiking and biking trails to prevent people from suffering from heat. a big changeor the city of manassas. >> it began to commemorate the 150 observing startf the civil war. this year the city is planning something different. >> last year wer did have last civil war weekend because of what happened in charlottesville c we opted to cancel the event. we hadlways decided we were doing it just for that. this year we were hing a new event anyway.
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this year's event is calling the history erweekend. will be activities for kids, military dmoemonstrations and civil war living history. e that'sis something e going to be interesting for those of you who are history buffs. locals and tourists going to experience otal history. here's how it works. it's a web application that showcases t historical markers throughout the county. the app includes maps, pictures, aformation and virtual tour guide. >> it's another great way to geo inform out about the history within prince william county that's in a different format. a lot of our historic parks are activelynterpreted. it's not the historical brochure for that pticularpark, but it gives you an idea of the events that occurred in that area. >> that's pretty cool.
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>> you want to down load it yourself, go to the nbcgt wash app and search marker. still ahead this morning, big security changes at the national zoo. >> and what's the coolest neighborhood in the d.c. area? >> anywhere you ar >> you are so cheesy. a national magazine at havertys we know everyone and this independey...s.e ...we're making it easy to find your style havertys indepenennce day sale has been ed all weekend. when you spend more, you save more havertys indepenennce day sale has been edup to $1000.. how much you save is up to you!
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well, this morning a former university of maryland basketball player is facing rape charges. a >> hisorney says that the current professional basketball player is innocent. >> whether an individual is intoxicated or not, it's not an cuse to take advantage of that person. >>or fr university basketball player dod is facing second degree rape charges that reportededly happening last years months after his graduation. prosecutors say it started over drinks at a bar in college park. >> the victim in this caseas t with friends celebrating halloween. went to a bar where she encountered mr. dod for the first time. he apparently began to get her alcoholic beverages andhe had numerous to the point of intoxication. >> the state's attorney's office says dod took the woman to a
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friend's apartment. >> heex hadl intercourse with her against her will. >> today a grand jury dieted him on second degree rape charges. >> he was teiewed and admitted to the sexual activity but said it was con wens wul. >> reporter: the attorney says his client was on his wayo mexico where he was playing when he was arrested o w arant related to this case. >> we think there are several facts that are going tut come in the future, and that he'll be exonerated. it's just a matter of getting it in front of a judge or jur and letting the process run its course. >> reporter: dod's attorney says een cooperating with this case from the beginning. >> from the moment he foundraut a w existed, we concted ryestate's attorney's office and made e effort to get him turned in as soon as possible. dod is not allowed in college park. he's expected to make his first court appearance on july 12th.
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well, your family's next trip to the national zoo could include more security. there's a proposal to reduce the zoo's 13 pedestrian access points down to three. on peak visiting days, visitors would go through scanners and bag checks. it also calls for the construction of a $50 million parking garage. that is an undertaking. >> big visitors from out of town often ask us can you pointto me rd the coolest neighborhood in d.c.? forbes says send them to navy ya . the magazine ranking it as one of the coolest neighborhoods in the world. forbe's said they selected because it's growing quickly, has attractions like the watern frontasketball stadium and has an up and coming vibe. >> i agree with that. i like it down there. >> yeah. i feel like it depends on the time of ye. there are so many different nehborhoods worth checking out. >> it's family friendly and the restaurants that are poppi
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around there, that scene has changed over the last few years and so definitely one of the neighborhoods to watch in the area. >> pretty cool. >> hi. >> ,guys. >> good to see you. >> what's going on? >> jusgi h out. >> just hanging out. >> whatever. >> drinking coffee. >> it feels so good outside honestly, cpared to what we've been dealing with. it's a relief. >> i wore myhileecey over today. >> yes, and i'm upset because i forgot about my jacket. out.els like fall >> it's crisp. >> it is. and the wind out there. we have a news breeze at abo 10 to 20 miles per hour. the sun coming up about 30 minutes ago. beautiful morning. again, it is a little breezy. we have cloud cover. i expect the winds to decrease and the clouds tos decrease we continue through the middle part of the morning and into the afternoon. it is a little breezy out there. as i angie andere saying, it could be a shock to the system because of the lowermi ty.
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because of the cooler temperatures we have out there right now. we're staying dry for a while. then we have changes. humidity and heatk comes b in. enjoy this weekend out there right now. we have some 50s out there. winchester at 59 degrees. everybody else in the 60s now. as we look at the wind gusts, we're seeing wind gusts up to about 30 miles per hour. not everybody seeing ethem. winds will come down a little bit as we continue through this morning. again, it is very comfortable out there with plenty of tures risind tempe through the 70s early this morning on our way into the upper 70s and 8 lowers. now, as i said, the winds and the clouds willgh decrease throu the afternoon. we're not seeing too many clouds right now. you can see them coming to the south and east. we have a little system off the coast right now of the carolinas. that's tropical depression number three. and that's what we're watching right now. but, again, doesn't look like it's going to get too close to us. here's a look at the fure cast.
6:21 am
you can see it spinning right off the carolina coast. through tonight we're still clear. it doesn't look like too much nu rain as it con to push out to sea. we're looking at pnty of sunshisun around the area. temperatures tomorrow in the mid 80s. another beautiful day for tomorrow. look at this. beautiful days sunsn monday. sunshine on tuesday. the humidity starts to roll back in on wednesday. we could have a chance of rain as we get into thursday and friday. ♪ a concert 30 years in the making. >> the event you can check out tonight to help do some good for your community and your we'll be right
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go to to learn more. tonight a performance 30 years in the making. >> a group of northeast d.c. high schoolers saw their lives change by taking part in a special choir performance decades ago. they are now getting back together all for a good cause. ♪ >> reporter: to achieve greatness, it takes unwavering commitment, desire and an inspirationalleader. like dr. joyce garrett. for more than 30 years she's
6:25 am
been the director othe eastern high school choir in northeast d.c. >> in 1988he eastern choir participated in an international music festival. when they came home, they had won second place. >> reporter: it was a huge deal because no one expected these students who came from an area struggling with poverty and drug violence to be singing for presidents and celebrities. >> how did this school choir go to vnn and end up winning in a classical music competition? >> reporter: it was a question so many would ask, but dr. garrett will be the first to tell you it started with a dream. she was determined toake sure every student who entered her classroom knew that excellence was required every day. >> teenagers like to do whatever's the in thing. i fig needed to make being
6:26 am
successful the in thing. >> reporte and that included college. >> i met dr. garrett. i was about 14ea old. >> reporter: something roger didn't think he was cut out for. >> she is the reason i'm doing music today at the level that said i'd do it. she changed my life. she changed all our lives. >> reporter: so after 30 years of teaching and on the anniversary of the eastern high school's trip to austria, the group hask come b together one last time. >> they ended up being a reunion of all the schools i taught from 1972 to about 2005. >> everybody on the stage and miss garrett just standing there just directing everybody? that means a lot to me. >> reporter: it will mean a lot to former students like rodrick, but it will mean even more for
6:27 am
their teacher who dicated her life to make sure they succeed. >> the stoha is they were not privileged, in so many other ways, but yet, they were able to succeed like anyone. >> reporter: meghanal fitzg news 4. what a story. >> cool. >> in all there is going to be nearly 300 alumni singing in the reunion concert tonight. >> you want to go, find information about tickets in our nbc washington app. search eastern choir. 6:27 is yours time on t saturday morning. still ahead, a holiday scare for a local girl. >> she was struck by a bullet when someone fired a gun to celebrate the fourth of july. investigation investigation when news 4 today returns.
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i try hard to keep a great shape. investigation when news 4 today returns. but it doesn't always come naturally. this i can do, easily. benefiber® healthy shape is a 100% natural prebiotic fiber that's clinically proven to help me feel fuller longer. benefiber® healthy shape. this i can do! happening today. rescue efforts ctinue in thailand where 12 boys and their soccer coach remain in cave. oxygen isunning low and rains may flood the areas so time is an issue. one rescuers has died trying to help. police ideifying a 19-year-old as the man shot and killed in green belt last night. his bodyas found on ed mondayton terse. there's no word onhy this
6:31 am
happened. extreme dry conditions out west leads to hundreds of homes in california threatened. in colorado 100 homes already destroyed. welcome back in on this saturday morning to news 4 today. >> ready to help you rise and shine on what's going to be a glorious saturday. >> a nice weekend shaping up right now. ou meteorologist is with us as well. we're kind of breatng some nonhumid, nonreally hot air. it feels good. >> it does. and it feels a little crisp out there this morning with lower humidity. with nice a little nice northeast breeze. and temperatures in the upper 50s to the lower 70s. that's the range. a beautiful dayea and aiful morning. some cloud cover out there right now. i expect the clouds to decrease as we continue into the afternoon.
6:32 am
and t evenough the evening. we'll get sunshine later on. 69 degrees is our right by the time we head into 7:00 a.m., we are looking at temperatures rolling through the 70s earlymorning. and then eventually topping out in the low 80s today. a little bit ofloud cover still out there. you can see clearing back to the north and west.ev tually we'll get all sunshine out there today. no rain in sight right now. we're watching two tropical systems.ut we'll talk a them and time them out and let you know what to come thisomg week coming up in 18 minutes. >> sounds good. the fourth of july is supposed to be a fun, se time. but it turned out to be the opposite for one little >> this morning meghan fitzgerald spoke to neighbors of the cld who is still recovering after being hit by a stray bullet. >> it was a whole bunch of children in theyard. >> neighbors who didn't want to go on camera say the fourth of july was supposed to be a fun
6:33 am
day with family, but it turned dangerous just as the sun went down. this woman says several kids were shooting off fireworks in this back alley near 46th place in southeast. >> in the house some of those fireworks could sound like guns. >> moments later she realized they were guns. >> they decided they wanted toa cele the fourth of july by discharging a firearm on public space. >> investigators say some 37 shell casings were found scattered around the area. one oful thosets grazing the face of an 11-year-old girl. a womaniv who nearby says that child was her daughter's friend. shortly after she was struck, the young gir camenocking on her back door for help. this woman says she got a call from her niece saying police were outside. >> she callede andaid aunty, here are a couple of fire trucks, ambulance and police outside. don't open your door. >> that little girl is expected to be okay.
6:34 am
>> reporter: it wasn't the kind of fourth of july neighbors hoped for, but they're grateful that no one was seriously hurt. reporting in southeast, meghan fitzrald, news 4. in order to make your child's car ride safer, the d.c. government is considering stricter safety rules for young kids in car seats. yesterday they heard testimony on a bill requiring all kids under two be placed in rear-facing child safety seats. about a dozen other statescl ing virginia have similar laws. it better products kids in case of a young crash. that d.c. transpon committee will likely decide whether to push the bill forward come september. >>t for more of w you need to know about car seat safety, search child safety seats on the nbc washington app. too close to call. only 141 votes separate the two leading democratic candidate for montgomery county executive. a council member has a sligh d
6:35 am
lead over davi blair according to the lates tally. they hope to -- finish counting soon. resident trump's legal team wants new conditions met before ng to sit down for an interview with robert mueller. rudy giuliani told "the new york times" who conditions must be the special counsel would have to prove mr. trump committed a crime and he must show trump's testimony is vital to finishing the russia probe. >> at 6:35 on this saturday, news 4 learning two d.c. firefighters in a fire truck that was involved in a deadly crash maye fac internal discipline. >> i cshed into a car in brooklyn in march. several weeks ago prosecutors announced that they wouldle not riminal charges. news 4 reports one of the fire tghters in theruck that day was a captain.
6:36 am
>> reporter: the wreckageth sho intensity of the crash. engine 26 was a responding call in the brooklyn neighborhood when it slammed into this car in the intersection. 32-year-old was killed. now four months later d.c. fire informeegory dean has the captain and the firefighter who were in the truck at the time of the crash tha they remain under investigation and could face internal chaes and discipline. after the accident news 4 reported that part of the problem that may have contributed to the accident is confusion over the policy for firefighters when they enter an intersection while on an emergency call. >> there are a number of areas where there were conflicting policy where there were policies that kind o stepped on each other. >> reporter: dean says he's now clarifying the policies. >> making sure all the red lights and sirnds were on making sure they were stopping and controlling intersections before we entered. >> reporter: news 4 also reported the dash cam in the
6:37 am
engine wasn't working.he a problem chief acknowledges is widespread. >> last report i saw said that we had a high number of the cameras that were not opating. >> reporter: dean has hired a consultant to audhe dash cameras on fire vehicles. t he saidre are 20 engines that hit the street this is summer. they'll all have working dash cameras. coming up, it's a phrase you've all heard before. see mething, say something. >> it's meant to keep you safe. it's often overused. but one local city is getting specific about what you need to look out for and what you should do. dplus,you believe in aliens? if you do, we have a story for you. how t you canr the infamous how t you canr the infamous sites in
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flooding is causing road closures and damage to crops. >> you can see cars, people driving. even onhr motorbikesgh the flood waters. some people had to be rescued from the buildings here. the leading local railroad authorities shut down the train system. you can s why. imagine walking along the sand on the beach and seeing this. thousands of sea turtles on the shore. this is footage out of southwest mexico where nesting season has begun. that is when female turtles come ashore to build nests. last nesting season almost 2 million sea turtles arrived on those beaches. that's incredible. >> the royalsised scotland
6:41 am
with the pomp and circumstance they're known for. queen elizabeth and princess ann and prince william attended in order. it's a service that recognizes men and women who have held o public offic contributed in a significant way to scottish life. may i add that meghan markle, duchess meghan and prince harry on july 5th were at an event for young people looking spectacular as newlyweds. >> that little tune we heard there reminds me every time she comes into the news room, that plays. ever since she came back from the uk. for the firste in 71 years the site of the alleged ufo crash is now open to the possible. >> hundreds are expected to tour the site this weekend. the tours are happening for the ufo festival. in 1947, officials claimed to
6:42 am
have found a cshed flying disk. the next day they said it was a weather balloon. that announcement has sparked decades of ever si >> fascinating. well, look at the skies. beautiful. the clouds are parting. the sun is shining. it is goingo be a spectacular saturday, and we'll break it down.
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the "today" show is next on nbc 4. >> you're so calm now. >> let's get a preview and head up to new york. he guys. >> good morning. >> coming up on a saturday morning here on "today." in it's a race against time to rescue the 12 trapped soccer players and tir coach. rescuers areeeping a close eye on incoming rain as the boys and coach write letters to their families telling them not to worry. also ahead, we'll talk to a former nfl player who cave up pretty much everything to live in a van and travel across the country with his dog. why is he doing it? >> and we'll talk about the best books to read and howo get the whole family moving during the esummer. lso learned this morning
6:46 am
on "today," chanel jones is going to in doing da >> along with dylan dreyer. >> the reason she was going out f breath going into the intro is she was just doing that dance, and she wasn't doing it very well. you need to practice. >> you'll have to show me some moves. >> let's see it. >> only for commercial break. >> at least doin the d onions part. >> dicing the onions? drake.ore elaine than >> we're work on it. we want to see you guys. >> see you in a few. >> all right. so seesomething, say something. the phrase seems overused and at times you may askourself what exactly am i looking for. >> this morning arlington county police are getting serious about potential threats and how you can help them thwart. >> our lives can be a blur. driving, walking from one place to an always moving. our minds caught up in
6:47 am
conversation or lost in our cell phones. police want you to freeze for a moment and take in your surroundings. >> so often people can fall into routines and not be as aware of their surroundings and not be ying attention to what they're seei seeing. we want people to be reminded you want to be observant always. >> if u see someone taking a lot ofre picof security site or features, that's a red flag. if you see company stockpiling work forms or company badges. and we all know people asking a lot o a questionsut things. they say if one person in particular is being very specific, persistent about security questions, that's somebody you might want to report. they want you to refer to this poster to recognize the signs of terrorism-related suspiciousvi
6:48 am
actity. even with so many eyes watching andrd recog, and with a heavy poce presence that is both highly visible and under cover, police believe you can often see what they cannot. thats whyhey are launching this effort. >> to give them the gentle reminder that they know what's best in their neighborhood and they're our eyes and ears. >> reporter: tonight police want you to enjoy publicng gathe surrounded by family and fries. safe thanks to their presence and now your watchful eye. awkward. >> quickhange here. you're going to need the jacket. >> we need a coat in here. >> i know. what dance were you just asking me if i wanted to do? >> is shiggy. it's the big thing. we'll learn it after the show.>>
6:49 am
let me show how that goes. >> do you know what i'sis? >> s been trying to tell me about it the entire morning. >> i'm not the onlyne that doesn't know. >> it's hard. it's a lot of different you've got to have a little rhythm. >> for the 9:00 a.m. okay. all right. >> you can do it outside on day like today. >> no joke. >> it is beautiful outside. >> we c take as much time as you want. i don't have a lot to talk about thth the w except for sunshine. low humidity. i'm t usuallyking about rain. not today. a gorgeous morning. a little breezy. it feels like fall out there. tempatures in the 60s right now. a little bit of a breeze. gusting up to about 30 miles per hour.e that will set down as we continue through the remainder of the day and into the ternoon. again, those winds anywhere from about 10 to 20er milesour with higher gusts as you saw. winds will come as we hrod h noon. look at this. full sunshine out there today.
6:50 am
very comfortable. temperatures in the 70s to right around 80 degrees. if you're headed out to nats park, 7:15 p.m. they're playing this evening. temperatures are going to be in the 70s for that. low 80s for daytime highs today. again, the winds will decrease throughout the afternoon. any clouds that we have out there will also decrease. the pool te looking good. no storms. mild. low humidity. and car wash, ye don't h to do that until tomorrow or monday. you're not going to see any rai until perhadnesday. no rain out there right now. again, we have the cloud cover. we find rain off the colina coasts. that's going to continue to hant out arount area. and just meander off the coast and then it wil shoot off to sea. again, we're also watching another system. oh, yeah.
6:51 am
we have a hurricane coming just around the lesser antilles. that's going to continue to move just to the south right south of puerto rico and the lesser antilles as a category one hurricane. agai this system staying off the coast. we stay dry and cloud free wehe. continue through your saturday night. continue through sunday. thanks to high pressu. that will continue to stay off coast, especially if you're headed down to the beaches today or tomorrow. forecast for tomorrow, mid 80s. ndw humidity plenty of sunshine out there. upper 80s for your wmonday. 90s on tuesday. humidity starts to roll back in into wednesdur and ay. we'll have a chance of rain into dnesdaywe a
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some of the best known drummers in the world -->> 10-year-old jaden spence wants to be on the list. >> he made i ito an international competition. his we explain,ds jaden n a little help to fulfill his dream. ♪ep >>ter: jaden spence js in his basismeement. >> it's fun. i feel great. a >> reporte he strives for greatness, you may be surprise thd down ten-year-old kid has no formal training. he studied professional drummers on utube. >> i like the name my favorite
6:55 am
drummers. gregg clark, aaron >> reporter:arents saw his love for music and posted this video on facebook. it has nearly half a million views. >> it took us completely by surprise. >> reporter: he was invited to compete in the drum ft in singapore next month. >> there's kids my age. >> reporter: and his parents say he would be the only american representing the united states drummers selected >> to represent my country, it feels good. >> reporter: the started a to go fund me page to raise money for thetrip. >> so i canderform aroun the world. >> reporter: drumming his way to stardom. news 4. impressive. 6:55 right now. here are our things toknow. it's a race against the clock in
6:56 am
thailand for rescuers hoping to oys and their coach to safety. they're trapped in a cave underground, and we're told the oxygen is disappearing. trump's legal team has set the conditions for an interview with robert mueller. he must show titrump's tesny is vital to finishing the russir obe. a basketball player is facing assault charges. he denies the charges. several massive wildfires right now out west. hundreds of acres destroyed. the heat is playing a big part in fueling the flames.ti evac orders have been set for many folks out there. >> and it's saturday. we have a bonus thing to know. a fifth thing and perhaps the most important is world chocolate day. are you listening? >> she's already in a chocolate coma. >> exactly. crispy cream celebrating by offering up their original
6:57 am
glazed donut smothered in chocolate. we've already got it started a little early. >> thanks to the producer handing them out. >> yes. >> this is great. >> it's going to be a good morning already. >> on top of that, the cherry on top is this wonderful bather. >>utiful out there. low humidity. temperatures right around 80 degree for today and tomorrow. >> all right. thank you so much for joining us, everybody. laenjoy your cho today. we'll be back in 25 minutes with an update. >> andhene'll be back at 9:00 with a full hour of news and weather. then.o see you then.o see you until then, a great saturday. everyone in the house is doing all of this at once. but no one wants this... you need fios - the 100% fiber optic network.
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good moing. race against time. new concernsor f the 12 boys stuck in that cave inth thailan xygen levels dropping and wnsoon rains on the way, as the tysrite heart-wrenching letters toir families, desperately hoping rescuers will find a way to get them out before it's too late. bning up. a rapidly worsening situation out west where dozens of ro wildfires arewing even bigger this morning. residents scrambling to get to safety. we had 60 seconds maybe. we knew immediately we needed to get in our cars and go. >> high winds and excessive heat fueling flames four stories tall, and triple-digit temperatures could make arr le situation even worse. supreme countdown. es


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