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tv   Today  NBC  July 7, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good moing. race against time. new concernsor f the 12 boys stuck in that cave inth thailan xygen levels dropping and wnsoon rains on the way, as the tysrite heart-wrenching letters toir families, desperately hoping rescuers will find a way to get them out before it's too late. bning up. a rapidly worsening situation out west where dozens of ro wildfires arewing even bigger this morning. residents scrambling to get to safety. we had 60 seconds maybe. we knew immediately we needed to get in our cars and go. >> high winds and excessive heat fueling flames four stories tall, and triple-digit temperatures could make arr le situation even worse. supreme countdown. president trump now just two
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days away from picking his next supreme urt nominee, as hisra adminion asks for more time to reunite children who were separated from their parents after coming into the united states. and an emotional reunion between ese mother and her daughte viral. those stories, plus the firic ane of the season churns toward the caribbean. is hard-hit puerto rico in danger? death threats. the man who was caught on camera accused of racial proling at a neighborhood pool says his mily is now in danger. and that's ebull. thnnual running of the bulls gets under way in spain, and it's a gory situation already, today, saturday, july 7th, 2018. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with sheinelle jones, craig melvin, and dylan dreyer, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaz good morning, welcome to
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"today" and thank you for joining us on this saturday morning. >> so, the running of the bulls happens every year obviously, it started last night, pamplona, spain, you can see the bulls there. i never understood why anyone thinks this is a good idea. >> and why do they wear red? doesn't that attract the bull? >> provokes them. >> why would you provoke a running sll? >> wha going to happen? >> we're going to have more on what's happened therefa so >> for now let's get right to our top story this morning, the desperate race to save those soccer players and the trapped in a cave in thailand. overnight now concerns about the weather and the oxygen levels a half mile below the surface. chief global correspondent bill neely is right outside the t entranthat cave complex in thailand once again this morning. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sheinelle. aney areritten with real love and they give us a real insight into what the bs are thinking. letters to their t parentst
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are confident saying don't worry about us, we're all safe, and over and over again, i love you. they also tal quite a lot about food. the food they want, fried chicken and por and so on. they are reassuring, but they also hint at deeper worries too. after two weeks rgunund, the 12 boys got letters from their parents and wrote poignant letters are filled with love. one promising to help his parents more, another pleads with a teacher, don't give us lots of homework. and from the youngest, 11-year-old pan, reassurance. mom and dad, don't worry about me, i'm fine. get ready to bring me fried chicken. i love you. but there's concern too. the air is a bit too cold says one. another, i want to go back quickly. the only adult, their soccer coach, says to the parents, i sincerely apologize. this is what faces the boys, as
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commanders weigh e up anrgency rescue. a six-hour trek through what's ready proved a death trap. a thai navy diver collapsing and dying. in one of hisessages to friends, he said i'm tired, butn we're fightg to save the children. but some of the boys are weakening from falling ogen levels. the rescue commander says he's very worried that time isru ing out, especially since the boys can't swim out yet. >> theye cannot d at this time. >> reporter: we're at war, he says, with a water rain. >> but we cannot wait until the rain. >> reporter: monsoon rains are forecast. this could soon get so much rs they're pumping millions of gallons of floodwater out and pumping airin, but the urgency of a rescue is now growing by the hour. >> bill, a lot of hope from the ly s there, but cle something anxiety about the dangers ahead from the rescue
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commander? >> reporter: yeah, right, sheinelle. the mission commander says nothing like this rescu attempt has ever been attempted before theworld. he says we're at war. we've only won the first battle, whicwas discovering the boys. everyone thinks we've succeeded. we have not. so time as well as rain and them. are again you know, sheinelle, it's exactly two weeks since the boys wentnto that cave entrance behind me. the decision time for getting them out is really fast approa bing. guysk to you. >> bill neely, thank you. now to an explosive situation that got a lot worse overnight out west. massive wildfires are burning out of control and firefighters are having hard time getting the upper hand. they are also battling extreme temperatures as the west coast deors with a m heat wave. nbc's steve patterson has the very lest on allf it from los angeles.
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steve, good morning to you. >> good morning to you, craig. it's those extreme temperatures mixed with powerful winds overnight that are fueling about a dozen fires across the region, all of them with no sign of slowing down. overnight a wi-driven fire swept into santa barbara county, burning homes, forcing residents to flee. firefighters frantically sorking e homes. >> we're in the middle of a red flag warning right now.e worst f weather we could want. >> while in san diego county, crews battled several blazes giday. >> okay, we've to get out of here, guys. >> destroying homes and injuring a firefighter. >> the flames are 30, 40 feet high. it'scrazy. >> in these conditions, there was little crews could do. >> we hadon 60 secds maybe. needed tmmediately we get in our cars and go. >> in northern california, it turned deadly. one person w killed, several structures burned to the ground. a statef emergency was issued by the governor.
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flames even shutting down busy interstate 5. th morning some 60 largefi across 13 g states fueled by bone-dry conditions. the wests also facing a record heat wave, triple digit temperatures has many heading to the beach and swimming pools for relief. >> it just feels dangerous. >> at least 20 million people are under a scorching excessive heat warning. >> it's too hot,s i too hot. >> today firefighters battling dangerous wildfires and sweltering temperatures.t' and you know dangerous with this situation. the temperatures in los angeles even eclipsing the heat in death valley. firefighters on those front lines looking for any rel f thweekend, craig and sheinelle. >> steve,>hank you. dylan, how long is this heat wave out west going to last? >> well, we are going to see some relief going into tomorrow. we've already passed the hottest day, which w yesterday, and we broke a record in los angeles, 108 degrees was the record high
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yesterday. the old record was 94 set back in 1992. in fact that is t sond warmest july day ever on record since we've been keeng those records. 37 million people are under some sort of heat advisory or heat warning, including nevada and most of central and southern california. temperatures today will once again be very warm. we're looking at highs today well above 100 degrees in yuma, arizona, phoenix 111, l vegas 105, los angeles 100. the record is 96 so we'll likelr break a r again today. but then sunday and monday we'll settle back down into the 90s. in phoenix, though, still staying above 100. the wildfire threat is still out across the west. we have humidity running in the single digits and also wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour so that could continue to keep those fires spreading, craig. lan, thank you. meanwhile, speculation is moun mounting this morning over whot presidump will pick to be his next supreme court nominee. the president said he will make
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that decision public monday night. this as tenons grew over the trade war with china now that the new tariffs are in place. kelly o'donnell is traveling with the presiden she is near hisse new j golf club. kelly, good mornin g >> reported morning, craig. countdown to the high court. after phone callsnd interviews with top candidates, the president and vice president spent time together friday night at mr. trump's bedminster, new jersey, home and we're told that choosing a supreme court nominee was expected to be part of their dinner conversation. plugging h next pick -- >> as you know, there's now a vacancy on the supreme court. >> repter: the president drummed up interest for his decision as a televised event. >> and if you tune in monday at 9:00, i think you're going tbe extremely happy with the selection, right? and they're all great. ey're all great. >> reporter: a supreme final four. two of retiring justice anthony
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kennedy's former clerks are in the running, brett kavanaugh and raymond kavanaugh a has political experience as a top aide to george wbush. >> i believe my white house experience made me a more knowledgeable judge certainly and also a more independent judge. >> reporter: amy coney barr a devout catholic, is considered a favorite among religious conservatives. and thomas hardiman, who l s in the fio when the president chose neil gorsuch last year. beyond the court, the president made his case on trade, imposing $34 billion of new tariffs onch ese goods, provoking china to retaliate. >> i respect china and i respect president xi, but they have been killing us. >> reporter: the president claims this new economic pressure will leado improved trade agreements, despite likely higher prices and job losses. but one high-profile new job
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starts monday at the environmental protection agency. with scott pruitt out over a maze of ethics allegations, acting administrator andrew wheeler takes charge. a former coal iustry lobbyist and long-time advocate for reducing government regulations on businessesen thatate carbon emissions. >> more on pruitt in a moment re, kelly o., but there's also update as relates to the mueller investigation as well. what more can you tell us about that? >> reporter: well, craig, it's really about will the president submit to an interview in that investigation. "the new york times" reports that the president's legal team is setting a new bar, asking robert mueller to provide any information to say whether or not he has found actual evidence that the president himself committed a crime and whether they have used every oth avenue, like other witnesses or looking through docu to get the answers they seek. that kind of a demand suggests it's even more unlikely the president would voluntarily in the o an interview
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investigation. so far the office of the special counsel is not commenting. craig. >> kelly o'donnell traveling with the preskeent. y o., thank you. robert costa is a national political reporter for "the washington post" and moderator of "washington week" on pbs. robert, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> robert, the president making this announcementritime monday night. who are the top contenders and what are the chances that the president's pick is not confirmed by the upper chamber? >> the president has to first decideeooes he want s from outside of the ivy league. if you look at judge coneybarrett and judge hardiman, they hold degrees notre dame. judge brett hevanaugh, he's yale graduate, yale law school and yale undergrad, a favorite of the republican establishment. whomever the president selects, it's going to have a tough fight because the u.s. senate we're just months ahead of the midterm elections and republicans have a narrow 51 eat majority. >> robert, i want to put the
7:13 am
pictures back on the screenere of the four top contenders one more time. with judge kethledge, his relationship -- excuse me, judge kavanaugh, his relationship with the bush administration, howt much might turt him as a contender? >> based on my treporting, president on air force one this week has been raising the bush question, wondering whether judgena kah's experience in the bush white house would maybe not play so well with president trump's base. at the same time, judge kavanaugh is a former clerk to justice anthonykennedy, so he is seen as someone with a diversitn of background wt comes to legal and political experience. >> let's talk about these tariffs. we're in what appears to be the beginning of a trade war with china, the white house hoping to punish them for some of their controversial trade policies. the question this morning, will this force china to make changes, fulfilling a campaign promise for trump, or will this backfire ahead of the elections, the midterms? >> china has struck back with its own retaliation, with itsfs
7:14 am
own tarifgainst the $34 billion the u.s. put on chinese goods. thisits a pal gamble by president trump. many of the industries and companies that are being hit the hardest by china's response are those companies and industries the midwest, like agricultural groups. these are part of the president's base and he nds t make sure they're with him for these msmidt >> scott pruitt facing 15 separate investigations, forced to resign a few days ago. this administrationas the highest turnover rate of any in the past 100 years. robert, what does th do in terms of the white house's ability to just do business? >> the contr aersies scandals with administrator pruitt were certainly a problem for this administration going on months. white house chief of staff john kelly based on my reporting wanted him out of there. at the shie time, remember, is an administration that has a deregulatory agenda. andrew wheeler, the new acting head of the epa, is someone who will continue to do what scott pruitt was doing, which is take
7:15 am
a very conservative position on climate change and greenhouse gases and the coal industry. >> robert costa, thank you for your time. >> thank you. secretary of state mike pompeo h wrapped up talks with the leadership of north korea. pompeo held two days of meetings with senior officials about denuclearization as well as the return of the remains ofs american troilled during the korean war. he leftng png this morning without announcing any major breakthrough but saying thewo sides had made a great deal of progress. pompeo did not meet with kim jong-un, the state department saying that was never an expectation. tragedy in w delawarhen a median ruck crossed the of a highway into oncoming traffic. police say five members of a new jersey family, including four children, were killed when the pickup slammed into their minivan. one other adult inside the minivan survived. the two people inside the truck suffered non-life threatening injuries. state police are investigating. it is that te of year again, back to what we were
7:16 am
talking about a few minutes ago. thef running oe bulls in spain. the world famous festival kicked off friday with celebrations on the streets of pamplona. the first race, which waspe ry because of some wet conditions there, lt at least five people injured with many other runners trampled. p least oneerson was gored by a bull'shorns. animal rights aivists also flocked to the city to p test the annual event. the nine-day festival was popularized by novelist ernest mingway and since recordkeeping started in 1924, 15 people have reportedly died from being gored. >> you see that crowdthere. >> i'd be on the balcony
7:17 am
wee ave a litt of a breeze out our window right now. plenty of sunshine. a few clouds still in the mix. those are going to decrease as we continue thrgh the afternoon. the wind will decrease was 69 degrees feeling like a taste of fall early on this saturday morning. the wind will come through the the clouds will clear. it will be a comfortable day with temperatures pretty much i the low 80s. so anything you want to do outside today,uno it.
7:18 am
no rail wednesday. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> all right, dylan, thank you. still ahead on a busy saturdayn morning, emotional reunion between a mother and her daughter separated nearly twohs mofter coming into this country as the trump administration asks for more time to reunite children and their families. plus a lesson i t what noto do if you ever hrte the oppoity to get close to a shark. but first, this nb "today" on
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we are back on a saturday morning with the weekly download, our look back at the week that was. >> the headlines dominated by that rescue mission in thailand and president trump narrowing down his supremeourt pick but there were plenty of other stories we covered starting with that security ateach at the of liberty. >> lady liberty under siege.
7:21 am
authorities forced to evacuate liberty island on the busy fourth of july holiday as a protester scaled the statue. >> she does not look like she's ready to give up. >> police eventually captured a andrrested the climber. are was atly protesting the separation of families at the border. another poison scare in great britain. >>ew security camera footage showing don sturgis in the hours before she and charlie rowley ended up critically ill in the hospital. police now say they were exposed to novichok. it's the same nerve agent that poisoned sergeiipal and his daughter nearly fou months ago. a charter boat carrying american tourists exploded in the bahamas, killing one woman and injuring nine other people. >> it was like -- like in the moere, like arible scene. >> a 22-year-old from i vermonts in critical condition after
7:22 am
legs.g both of her >> we're going to pray she's going to survive.> a kentucky woman slammed by animal rights activists after she posed with the body of a rare black giraffe that she'd shot to death. >> the picture going viral an african website reposted the photo last month, criticizing her and calling her a white american savage. >> evacuate, evacuate. >> the faa receivingkl bacash after saying these videos prove planes can be evacuat quickly, giving airlines the okay to shrink seat sizes as they please. >> the test from aircraft manufacturers are meant to show that every passenger can get out of ane pithin 90 seconds with half the exits blocked. take a closer look, nearly every passenger is young and fit and no one grabs a carry-on bag. >> call him l.a. bron.
7:23 am
basketball superstar lebron james leaving histo cleveland cavaliers to join the los angeles lakers. >> ticket prices already spiking 65%. ri this is a huge move for sports, peod. >> some astonishing moments caught on camera going viral this week. a woman hand feeding ahark in western australia dragged under water. thankfully she walked away with just minor injuries. a falling tree crashed this bride and groom's big day, barely missing them. and a bear in california who eded a little r & r snuck into this hot tub for dip. finally -- a gender reveal gone wrong. >> you were supposed to pop it. >> b harley didn't pop that balloon. instead, he sent it sky gh. >>well, that didn't work. it was a good try.ll >> guess w never know.
7:24 am
>> no, they had a backup balloon. >> oh, they did? >> yes. i think they had a little girl i or they were to have a little girl. >> there's an interesting juxtaposition between the falling tree, groom and bride here. you see this guy? every man for himself. couldn't care less if his bride got out of there. he's like see ya. >> and they moved in unison. >> he probably felt like her legs work. >> so watch shark guy, though. watch this woman, she gets atdragged into the wer here. >> does he help her?, >> he's li no, no, you're not getting my wife. that could be presumptuous. >> exactly. >> well, it was a shark. >> he twoengt rwent to rescue h >> she did admit it was her own fault for feeding the shark. >> she need he she couldn't run. the other lady couldrun. still to come, growing outrage after a man called police on a black family using the neighborhood pool, he's speaking out to us. and then the sweet tradition
7:25 am
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they're super concentrated, so i get a better clean. number one trusted. number one awarded. it's got to be tide good morning. we want to get a look at some of your top stories this morning. we've learned the name of the man shot and killed in green belt last night. the body was found just before 6:00 near the green belt middle stigators are trying to figure out what led up to the gunfir your family's next trip to the national zoo could include more security. on peak visiting days visitors would go through scanners and bag checks. we'll have a look at your
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it is goingo be a wonderful day outside. >> yes, it is. and it'son already arful morning. a little breezy and also a little cloudy. we're goi to see the clouds go away. we're also going to see the wind decrease a little bit. temperatures in the 60s right now. 70 at quantico marine base. a little bit of a wind. it's starting to comewn. we've seen wind gusts up to about 25 miles per hour. they're coming from the temperes not quite as hot today. by the early afternoon, upper 70s. by later on this afternoon, temperatures are going to be i the low 80s. mid 80s for your sunday. we'll keep theow humidity all the way through monday, tuesday, starts to come back tuesday teures start to go up. the next chance of rain will be thursday.ay and into
7:30 am
>> thanks, lauren. we are back with more local news anli hes and weather in about 25 minutes. for now back to the we are back on a saturday morning. it's july 7th, 2018, believe it or not, thef first saturday the month. >> let's begin with a check of the headlines, starting with the around-the-clock effort to free those boys and their coach in thailand. don't worry, the 12 boys and a coach trapped in cave in thailand write emotional letters o their loved ones on the surface. the kids telling their parents not to worry. the coachpologizing to parents, promising to take care of the young men. with oxygen lels dipping and monsoon rains coming, time could be running california burning. a dangerous wilire explodes overnight in santa barbara county, burning homes and forcing residents toor run f their lives.
7:31 am
around 60 wildfires burinng this mo all across the west. at least one person dead. >> we had 60 seconds maybe. we knew immedtely we needed to get in our cars and go. >> and now, triple-digit temperatures in theorecast this weekend. closer to a deal? cia director mike pompeo wraps up talks with north korea's foreign minister but doesn't meet with the country's leader, kim jong-un. pompeo saying while there's work to be hene, t two sides made great progress. wild ade. 17-car crash at the coca-cola firecracker 250 in daytona last night. a car flipping over a few times before coming to a stop. he was able to crawl out of the wreckage. kyle larson took homehe checkered flag. and oh dear, foeteboaters r a fawn struggling in the water, leasing the little by on land, where he's lucky to be alive.
7:32 am
also this morning the trump administration is asking for more time as a rapidly approaching deadline draws oser to reunite hundreds of children under the age of 5 who were separated from their parents after crossing the border into t united states. nbc's geoff bennett has more this morning from the white di house, inclung an emotional reunion that was caught on camera. off, good mornin >> reporter: good morning, craig. the trump administration facing a court order is now racing to reunite the migrantamies it split apart under the zero tolerance immigration. poli while government lawyers are asking for an extension of the deadlines, one mothe and daughter separated at the border got the reunion they have waiting for for nearly two months. a daughter finally back in her mother's embrace after 55 days apart. angelica gonzalez garcia and her daughter were separated at the border back in may. their emotion reunion captured by cnn.
7:33 am
the two crossed into arizona, seeking asyl, aft fleeing domestic violence in guatemala. the long-awaited moment made possible by a team of lawyers who fil a civil rights lawsuit. amilies r migrant desperate for their own reunions may have to wait. the justiceepartment on friday asked a federal judge for more time. the trumpes administration fac a court mandate to return all children under age 5 to their parents by julynd0th all other minors by july 26th. government l syers noway the deadlines don't leave enough time to vet and verify each parent. health and human services secretar alex azar says his agency is using dna testing to confirm parent/child relationships for t nearly 3,000 children in its custody. azar told senators last month
7:34 am
such reunions should be easy. >> there's no reason why any parent would know where their child is located. i could with just basic key strokes within seconds could find any child in our care for any parent. >> reporter: but now azar says as we adapt to meet new demands and new circumstances, we have committed tremendous resourc and deployed hundreds of additional personnel to expedite the reunification process. a federal judge is now refusing to granting the trump admini bration anket extension of the deadlines to reunite children separated from eir parents at the border. meanwhile government lawyers now say theye cannot loc the parents of 38 of those migrant children under the age of 5. for 19 of them, the whereabouts ar their parents are unknown. thets of the other 19 children have already been deported, sheinelle and craig. >> geoff bennett, geoff, thanks. the man at the cter of a viral video that's now been viewed 5.5 million times is apologizing for his actions
7:35 am
after he called police on a black family at arh neighd pool. he says he's had to move his family because now they're getting death threats. nbc's gabe gutierrez has more >> you tell me is there -- >> there's a camera on right now. >> reporter: this morning this ma adam bloom, is out of a job. >>here does it say that i have to show an i.d. >> reporter: jasmine recorded this now viral video on the fourth of july. bloom, a volunteer at this winston-salem neighborhood pool had asked to see her i.d. a called police. >> we have a resident or a nonresident that's at the pool that refuses to leave. >> repter: when officers arrived,he woman told them she and her child were unfairly targeted. policepo verifie pass worked. >> and nobody else was asked for i.d. i am the only black. i feel this is racialprofiling. >> reporter: the confrontation comes after several recent incidents from a starbucks in pennsylvania to a barbecue in california >> it's extremely outrageous. and we see a lot of examples of are where african-americans
7:36 am
being questioned on just ordinary tasks in life. >> reporter: speaking publiiry for the time, bloom says that as a board member of his homeowners association, hwas just making sure she lived in theneighborhood. >> would you have handled the situation differently if she were white? >> no, i wouldn't have. >> can you understand why many people online are labeling you a racist? >> when people see a couple of seconds of your life and don't see it in total, i think they can jump to conclusions that aren't there. if i in any way made her feel uncomfortable, unwanted, thwelcome, especially with her child e, i just want to offer my sincerest apology for that. >> reporter: an apology the woman's attorney sacs she has nopted. for "today," gabe gutierrez, nbc news, winston-salem, north carolina. >> i would encourage everyone to eotch the v online because there's an opportunity toward the end where the woman as for an apology for him after the po hce were there and refuses to apologize to her there in
7:37 am
front of her child. now that our cameras
7:38 am
it's a beautiful morning out our windows here in the district and elsewhere outside the beltway. temperatures in the 60s right now. plus we have a little bit of a breeze. it's feeling faastic. northeast winds suppressing the humidity. feeling good. d temperatures will be around 80 degrees today with plenty of sunshine and ver comfortable conditions. expect low 80s winds and clouds will decrease through the afternoon. but dry out there for your saturday. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> all right, thank you, dylan. still to come, from footb ol to tpen road, why one former nfl player decided to ditch all his worldlyns possessio to take a road trip with his dog. plus from bug bites to bad sun burns, the ips that you need to know to keep you and
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lymphoma, and other cancers have happened. don't start xeljanz xr if you have an infection. tears in the stomach or intestines, low blood cell counts, and higher liver tests and cholesterol levels have happened. your doctor should perform blood tests before you start and while taking xeljanz xr, and monitor certain liver tests. tell your doctor if you were in a region where fungal infections are common, and if you have had tb, hepatitis b or c, or are prone to infections. xeljanz xr can reduce the symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. don't let another morning go by without talking to your rheumatologist about xeljanz xr. we're back on a morning with some helpful health tips as we dive into summer. theea beautifuler also brings with it painful sun burns, bug bites and a whole lot more. >> dr. john torres is an nbc news medical correspondent. good morning to you. >> good morning, how are youg. do >> let's talk bug bites and how to treat them and when you should worry, frankly.
7:42 am
hi the first you want to do when you get about it is cool it down so put ice ont as soon as possible. that helps reduce swelling and itching. get hydrocortisone cream and then start looking at it. the big warning signs, if it starts turning red or pus starts that's when it you need to see a doctor, it's getting infected. >> from bug bites to sunburns, there was a story that wentha viral a woman that treated sunburn with menthol shaving cream. first of all,at does ork? >> the menthol shaving cream isn't going tohurt. it won't help heal it. it might smooth it and cool ita down bse it has and gives it a cool feeling. but if you're starting to get su urned or notice you're heating up, cool down. take a cold shower, get in the pool or the ocean, whatever yne to to cool down and get out of the sun as soon ast. you
7:43 am
while it's still damp, put some moisturizers on it andhen drink lots of water. that can help moisturse the skin well. aloe vera can certainly help too, especially over t days to come. >> since we're talking about the heat, can you talk about the difference or the signs of heat exhaustion versus heat stroke. >> that's a spectrum heat illnesses. heat exhaustion, you start feeling a little under the weher. you feelhot, you might get muscle cramps and headaches. your pulse ratetl goes up a l bit, you're sweating profusely. that's a sign you need to get out of the sun because if you don't, you're going tea hit stroke. once you hit heat stroke, that's a medical emergency, call 911. whoever is with you needs to call 911 because you need help immediately. move them to a shady, cool area, apply wet, damp clothes and get help as soon as you can to save their life. >> the cdc says footd poisoning peaks in the summer. how do we avo a that what
7:44 am
should we keep in mind out there on the grill? >> the cd estimates 48 million people get food poisoni every year. hundreds of thousands get hospitalized and we often blame the p salad. but the main thing with food poisoning, make sure that you cook the food appropriately beforehand. anywhere from 145 to 165 degrees, depending on what you're cooking, is e internal temperature. once you cook it, if you take it out to a picnic or in the backyard, make sure that it's only out there for a limited amount of time. if it's outside the room temperature less than two hours. so under two hours. if it's more than 90 degrees, under an hour. in somesases if i very hot, only half an hour. if you go for the potat salad and don't know how long it's been out there, i tending to avoid it just t make sure. >> i know people who have barbecues and they're out thereg all day l and go back and forth to that table and the food has been sitting out. again, 48 million people. >> dr. john, useful information.
7:45 am
thank you. >> you bet. coming up next, the outpouring of sport for a 112-year-old world war ii veteran aft thieves took his entire life'savings. thatfter these messages. ♪ oh, look... another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair® works in just one week. with the fastest retinol formula available. it's clinically proven to work on fine lines and wrinkles. one week? that definitely works! rapid wrinkle repair®. and for dark spots, rapid tone repair. neutrogena®. see what's possible. the new mccafé cold brew frappé and frozen coffee. the strong, smooth taste of cold brew coffee, ice-blended into a rich, creamy drink. it's colder than cold brew. and now, get any small mccafé for only $2.
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7:48 am
we are back with an unexpected turn of events for the oldest living world war ii veteran who hadif his savings stolen from him recently. >> the 112-year-old was actualli the v of identity theft, having his entire life savings taken. i met him a few years ago. this morning, though, some good news to report. at 112 years old, richard overton is the oldest living world war ii veteran. a decorated sharpshooter he fought in hawaii, guam and iwo jima. last week the retired sundier himself the victim of a very modern-day crime. someone had accessed his bank account and drained his vings. his cousin discovered the fraud. >> it's a shock. ithurts. it hurts tremendously. >> the thief obtained overton's personal data. >> i don't know how they gotis social security number and how
7:49 am
they got his personal checking account number, but those thinga they d. >> he wouldn't say how much was stolen, but d say it was a significant amount. i first met richard overton back in 2014 when he was just 108. he shared the secret to his longevity then, whiskey, cigars, and dairy. >> i have my milk every day, every day i've got to drink my milk. >> ice cream too? >> ice cream, eat ice cream every night. >> this week bathis bank had go news. they restored all of the money in hisk b account. police and officials are still searching for a suspect. >> >> yeah, it's a happy ending and shame on those evil doersisho took money but he's had some health concerns over the past years, he is i talked to some folks who hang out with him andsa the he's doing pretty well. >> 112? >> he remembers soldiers from world war i came
7:50 am
backr from the d there was a parade. he was a little boy and remembers the parade. >> i'me sureuld sit and tell stories for several hours. >> he's got aro nice groupd him. still smokes his cigars. >> and eats ice cream. >> my goodness. still to come, getting fit. speaking of which, how to get the whole family working out together. first, this is "today" on nbc.
7:51 am
7:52 am
still to come on "today," we'll go back to thailand where time could be running out as the boys write letters to their families above ground. beyonce and jay z inspired a museum tour.e what they aroing for visitors carters. the ♪ ♪ i can do more to lower my a1c. because my body can still make its own insulin.
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7:56 is your time on this saturday, july 7th. good morning. les get a check on theheadlines. in maryland a former umd basketball player is facing sexual assault charges this morning. it's alleged heau aed a girl last year after his season ended. he's denying the charges. the first court appearance i july 12th. the city of manassas will no longer old theeeivil warnd events. it was cancelled last year because of the violence in charlottesville. this year's event is being renamed ma nas sis history weekend. a much cooler start to your morning than in the past.
7:57 am
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let's get you over to i walked out for a little bit of a feel of a fresher air. it's cooler compared with days' past. it feels good. >> it does. was there a little bit of a breeze? >> a little bit. >> i'm thinking there was. a northeast wind at reagan national airport measuring about 13 miles per hour. higher gusts as the temperature ri 6s out of thes. reagan national airport at degrees. it's a beautiful morning and a cool and crisp morning out there. tempatures outside the beltway are still in the 60. look at the shenandoah valley. temperatures compared to the last couple days almost chilly. low 80s today. e clouds decrease and the winds decrease through the afternoon. if you're going to the na marlinonals game, no rain
8:00 am
to worry t.ab humidity doesn't come back untia wedn enjoy the nice good morning. race against time. new concerns overnight in thailand with monsoon rains on the way posing major problem for the 12 boys and their coach trapped in that underground cave. this as the boys write letters to their parents assurg them that they're doing ok. we're live. burning up. an explosive situation o west where at least 60 wildfires are owing out of control. overnight o california blaze forcing residents to run to fety in just minutes. firefighters battling extreme conditions with the high winds and excessive temperatures, not expected to get better any time soon. tradition.eet chip and joanna gaines share an
8:01 am
adorable update onir t new baby boy born eig years after their last child. this morning what joanna says d ser husbas every time a new baby i born. today, saturday, july 7th, 2018. >> celebrating my birthday in new york city. shoutout to the children's home and my mom. >> it's our weekend at the "tod" show. >> love you, kyle, can't wait to marry you in september. >> first time in new york and we're the "today" show. >> welcome back. good to see you onur this saty morning here on "today." >> a large crowd today.s i alw say this is one of the highlights for the show for me, seeing all these peo over the country. >> we'll join them in just a bit.
8:02 am
it is a busy saturday so let's start with the overnight news from thailand, as the boys have sent handwritten letters up to their parents letting them know that they're doing okay inside that cave. this asee rescuers k a close eye on the incoming rains, which could pose a major problem for rescue efforts. nbc's chief global correspondent bill neely is outside the cave in thailand. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, craig. they are hdwritten with real love and they give us a real insight into what the boys are thinking. written letters, handwritt letters to their parents that are confident, saying things like don't worry, we're all strong and over and over again, i love they also talk about getting home and the kinds of food they want to eat, fedchicken, crispy pork and so on, so very reassuring. but hints too of deeper worries. after two weeks undergro the 12 boys got letters froheir parents and wrote poignant
8:03 am
letters back. they are fille with love. one promising to help his parents more, a ther pleads with a teacher, don'tive us lots of homework. and from the youngest, 11-year-old pan, reassurance. mom and dad, don't worry about me, i'm fine. get ready to bring me fried chicken. clove you. but there'soncern too. the air is a bit too cold says one. another, i want to go back quickly. the only adult, their soccer coach, says to the parents, i sincerely apologize. this is whates f the boys, as commanders weigh up an emergency rescue. a six-hour trekha throughs already proved a death trap. a thai navy diver collapsing from lack of air and diving. n one of his final messages t friends, he said i'm tired, but we're fighting to save the childrhe. but some boys are weakening froxy fallingn levels. the rercue command says he's
8:04 am
very worried that time is running out, especially since the boys can't swim out yet. >> they cannot dive at this time. reporter: we're at war, he says, with water and rain >> but we cannot wait until the rain. >> reporter: monsoon rains are forecast. this could soon get so much worse. they're pumping millions of gallons of floodwater out and pumping air in, but thergcy of a rescue is now growing by the hour. thender here says nothing like this rescue mission has ever bee aempted before. he says we're at war, but we've only just won the first battle, that was discovering the boys. everyone thinks we've succeeded. we have not, he says. so time as well aalling oxygen levels and forecast heavy rains really are closing in. and you know it's exactly two weeks ago today since the boys
8:05 am
went in through that cave entrance. decision time on gettinghem out is fast approaching. sheinelle, craig, back to you. >> million watching and waiting hopefully here. thank you so much, bill. me, back here at firefighters are having an extremely difficult time getting the upper hand on aly rap burning wildfires in california. overnight one of those fires exploded. nbc's steve patterson isan in l les with more. steve, good morning. >> sheinelle, it is this extreme heatixed with powerful winds overnight now fueling fires across the region. several homes are burning out near santa barbara. firefighters on the front lines of the so-called holiday fire forcing mandatory evacuations of more tha 3,000 residents. firefighters doing all they can to hold the line as hundreds of homes are threatened as we speak. in san diego county, the governor declaring a state of emergency. crews there battling multiple blazes friday. a network of wdfires threatening neighborhoods, forcing thousands of
8:06 am
evacuations, even injuring a firefighter there. meanwhile the situation turning deadly on the oregon/california border. there one person was killed and several structures burned to the ground. that fire close to ,000 acres and only about 5% contained. add it all up and we're looki at more than 60 large wildfires across 13 states. the fuel bone dry conditions, heavy winds and again scorching temperatures. craig and sheinelle. >> steve, thankyou. dylan, any relief for those firefighters who are also battling extreme ht aswell? >> well, the worst of the heat is just about over, but it's still going to stay up around 100 degrees so it is going to remain hot and very dry. yesterday the record was set in los angeles, 108 degrees. the old record was 94 set back 1992. that's the second warmest july date ever on record. we have heat a advisories heat warnings still in effect. 18 million people are at risk. looking at our high d temperatures today d n across
8:07 am
arizona it is still well above 100 degrees. phoenix 111, yuma 110. los angeles about 100 degree the record is 96 so we'll likely break that record again today. en as weo into the next several days, in los angeles we'll drop back down closer to . fresno stays up around 100. phoenix instead of 110 on sunday will drop t 105 and eventually 103 by tuesday, so temperatures wita cly start to cool off. but it is still very hot for firefighters. relative humidit is down around 5% or so, so the atmosphere is very,ery dry and winds could gust up to 40 miles per hour, so that will help to fuel any of the flames that are out there. that is going to be a major concern for some time to come sheinelle. >> dylan, thank you. alsog this morncretary of state mike pompeo has arrived in tokyo after wrapping up talks with the leadership of north korea. pompeo held two days of meetings th senior officials about denuclearization as well as the return of the remains of american troops killed during thorn war. pompeo did not meet with kim
8:08 am
jong-un in person. d the statartment saying that was never an expectation. this morning a without announcing any major breakthroughs but saying the two sides have made great progress. oo congressmanim jordan is coming under fire this morning for what he may have known about alleged sexual abuse by an ohio state wrestling team doctor while jordan was an assistant coach on the team mort th decades ago. for his part, congressman jordan strongly denie he knew anything. nbc's catie beck has more. >> reporter: four former ohio state wrestlers tell nbc news ey were sexually abused by a team doctor. molested b dr. richard strauss, who they allege inappropriaty touched athletes' genitals during routine exams and regularly showere with them in a university facility. >> i mean it was just -- it's publicdgknow everyone knew within the athletic department that doc was a serialpe g at best. >> reporter: several accusers believe it was known byhi
8:09 am
republican congressman jim wrestling coach at the assistant university from 1986 to 1994. he spoke out on fox news last night. rsations in the locker room are a lot different than someone coming up to you and saying there was some kind of abuse. if there had been that, we would ve dealt with it. >> reporter: jordan, a member of the conservative freedom caucus recently made headlines foril ng investigators in the russia probe. >> i want to know why you won give us what we've asked for. >> reporter: also rumored to be vying to become the next saker of the house. >> the timing is kiend of in intere it's right after the b hearing with mr. rosenstein, it's right when there's all this talk about a speaker's race. >> reporter: alleged victims, some who say they still consider jordan a friend, say his denials are hurtful and j believedan knew what was going on and chose to look the other way. strauss died in 05 but the university now investigating the claims against him.ti qus remain about the
8:10 am
possible crimes or a cover-up. catie beck, nbc news. a driver in a stolen tow truck killed a man in houston, texas, before leading police on a car chasegh that was c on camera. look at this it all started after the suspect struck the tner of the truck and fled the scene. after a lengthy chase, it ended with this collision involving another truck. no word if either driver suffered any injuries in that. the suspect has been taken into custody and it's not clear whether he will face charges. dylan dreyer has made her wayut to the
8:11 am
oticene thing i couldn't across the country was alaska was in the 70s and. 8 alaska may be warmer than us. the cloud cover dissipates into nte afternoon. staying dry at least wednesday. wednesday the humidity starts to come back in. a enjoice breeze right now. temperatures around 70.
8:12 am
headed into the upper 70s, lower 80s. today it's going to be a perfect saturday out there and even better sunday. out. >> we're on our way. >> b there in a second. coming up, drake sings about his feelings and everyone starts we'll have the dance craze that's gone viral. >> you're going to dance. >> we're going to show you how to dance. your kids are going to say, oh, your kids are going to say, oh, you're so hi seme cash back cards your kids are going to say, oh, you're so hi ou on a journey to get to your bonus cash back. first they make you sign up for bonus cash back and it's only on a few categories. and when those categories change, you gotta sign up again. when does it end?! with the capital one quicksilver® card, you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. it's like a cash back oasis. what's in your wallet?
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8:16 am
e back on a saturday morning with the latest on drake's new album. it's already broken records, and now a new viral dance craze has erupted thanks to one of his new songs. >> dylan is in the orange room. take it away, dylan. >> all right, guys, so drake has little to be upset over these days now thais new album "scorpion" has already been pl jinum certifiedt one day after its release last friday. the 25-track album smashed records on all strsming platfoacking up 170 million streams on apple music alone in just 24hours. "scorpion" is expected to debut at number one next week. by the way, all seven of drake's previous albums also debuted at nuer one. and now one song on the album is inspiring a viral dance craze. take a look. ♪ hey kiki do you love m ♪ are you riding ♪ say you'll never leave>>
8:17 am
i can watch it all day. that's instagram comedian dancing tthe chorus of drake's "in my feelings." e video has over 2 million views on instagram and is inspiring copycats. even an nfl standout is getting inn the fun. ♪ kiki, do you love me ♪ are you riding say you'll never ever leave from beside me ♪ >> that's giants wide receiver odell beckham jr. showing off his dance moves offhe field. everyone is trying that ussly we have to play it here in case craig wants to give it a try. >> o kiki,u love me? >> are they doing it outside? it. can't d >> you're doing the chicken dance. >> look at the crowd outside, they're doing it. >> oh, i love it, that makes me so happy. >> they're actually doing it.
8:18 am
>> they're doing it right. >> i'll do th . i'll doat a heart. it'sow a >> making you happy on a saturday morning. > kiki, by the way, is one of drake's first loves. >> oh, that's sweet. >> it's a catchy >>song. we finally got craig melvin to dance. >> was that dancing? >> how about popstart. >> let's move on to pstart. first up, we would like to send our well wishes to elvis stello. the rock 'n' roll star who is currently on tour in europe was foed to cancel his final six concert dates as he battles an aggressive form of cancer. costello says his doctor strong advised the 63-year-old to take a break from touring and recover fully from his recent surger he says he's eager to return to the stage and has another tour lined up for the end of the year, which will feature his new record due out in october. movg on to the carters, whose recent visual collaboration made fans react, well, as the title of the song suggests.
8:19 am
if this arked a new appreciation for art within you giving you the urge to jet set to paris to visit the world's most popular museum, you're in luck. the louvre is now offering a guided tour inspired by everything is loveal vi from the mona lisa to venus to milo, it takes you past all the art works feared in the video. they wouldn't say how much it cost the carters to shut it dowl forng but we bet it wasn't cheap. finally, chip and joanna gaines welcomed baby number five recently and we are loving the infl s of pics. shred a sweet sentiment with her fans about ati tradi her husband started with baby number one. she says every baby chip would we hospital bracelet until it fell off. as you can see, the traditi is still going strong. h the babyas four big brothers and sisters, the oldest of whom is 13 years oll, >> beautiongratulations to them. >> dylan dreyer, thank you. do you want to dance uo break? >> no, you can do it.
8:20 am
you're the only one of the three of us that c do it. >> folks on the plaza of still dancing. >> they have the music for you. coming up, a man, a van and a dog.we l talk to the former nfl player who packed up everything to take his life on the road. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:21 am
8:22 am
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meningitis b strikes quickly. be quick to talk to your teen's doctor about a meningitis b vaccine.
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8:26 on this saturday, july 7th. the headlines. green belt we've learned the name of the man shot and killed last gh 19-year-old's body was found just before 6:00. that's near greenbelt middle school. investigators trying to figure out what led up to the gunfire. no word on suspects. a former college basketball is charged with assaulting a woman. the first court appearance is july 12th. in order to make your
8:27 am
child's car ride safer, they are considering stricter rules on seats. about a dozen other states including virginia have similar laws. it better protects young kids in case of a crash. a spoking woman says they will decide to push the decision forward in september. you can learn more c about seat safety in our app. just search safety seats. we'll be bac with a check on
8:28 am
8:29 am
a cooler y start tor saturday morning. let's go to the forecast. >> i've got some nice temperatures out there right now. 60s and 70s. northeast winds at about 13 miles per hour. those wintl will s down later on this afternoon. if you haven't been outside yet, it almost feels l oe fall there. low 80s for daytime highs. yesterday w made it up to 9. it was the first day we weren't at 90 for quite some time. if you're headed to the marlin's game tonight at 7:00, it's going to be beautifulba for ball. clear skies. sun going down. just about 25 minutes u 9:00. good for pool time. if you want to get the car washed, exercise. the humidity and rain chances
8:30 am
won't increase until wednesday. wednesday/thursday is the nexce chf rain. looking good. thanks, > >>e are back on this saturday morning, july 7, 2018. it is a beautiful, kind of a cool and crisp an equreat crowd out here on theplaza. >> always a lively bunch, always aively nch. >> the summer bunch is lively. >> what's your name? >> ally. >> where are you from? >> what city do you live in? >> florida. >> she'sike strange man, why are you asking me questions? >> she's 5.>> can't tell you, you're a stranger. >> stranger danger. still ahead half hour of "today," we are setting you up for the best summer rter. we'll sith some must-have books that will keep your
8:31 am
attention straight through to the end, from mysteries to memoirs. we'll show you our top picks. and then it's time to get up and get moving. careena and katrina areere to take us through some of the coolest workout tools and to get the entire family moving. and i'll take you to one of the hottest restaurants around. it is so popular,s reservati are only made a year in advance. then we'll dig into some of the dishes that are making this the hottest table to at and it smells good out here. >> yum. weore we get to all of that, want to say congratulations to ne of our producers, one of our favorites,joelle. she and her family welcomed this beautiful baby girl. this is viviana marie. she is absolutely precious. mom, dad a big sister giana are all doing very well this morning, so ngratulations. enjoy your maternity leave and we will see you when you get back. >> and y knew that little girl would be dressed up the second she entered the world.
8:32 am
>> in frilly pink things, yes. also this morning, a former nfl player's h life taken an unusual turn after he gave up most of his belongis to crisscross the country in a van with his dog. >> and as nbc's kerry sanderss teus, for this football standout, it's actually a dream come true. >> reporter: from the day he started playingba fo, joe hawley was told what to do, when itdo it and how to do it and all paid off. >> joe hawley, unlv. >> reporter: the 6'3", 302-pound lineman made it to the nfl. ght years of pro ball. and then it all ended. >> i was really thinking about what am i goingo do next. i started getting stressed out. >> reporter: which explains why jot 29 years old as hit the road with his new best friend, a dog named freedom. >> i was like that's such at perfecname, it's so fitting. she's fhee from the ser and i'm free from >>football. eporter: the two now
8:33 am
crisscrossing the nation. >> careful, girl. freedom, get in here. >> reporter: ma a dognd a used camp van. most everything he once owned, gone. >> i gave away a my furniture. >> gave it away? >> gave it away to charity. gaveut away a 75% of my closet, my clothes. i sold my mercedes that i had. >> reporter: no agendas, no schedules, the sort of life we may all want, whichins the popularity of his man van dog blog. follows postinghanks for the journey. you are living a dream and i get to go along f the de. keep it coming. >> were you at all afraid to do this? >> yeah. i still have fears that creep up every day. my whole thing is getting outside of your comfort zone. that's where growth happens. >> reporter: moment to moment, from a pittsburgh pir >> his name is freedom. >> oh, my god, she's so prr:ty. >> reporo three days in the smoky mountains, no cell service. >> it's really nice to clear your head and take a break
8:34 am
from the world. it's crazy how much we relyn our phones for every little thing. >> when you're living in a van, how is the romantic life? >> the romantic life? meeting people i a lot easier, but yeah, ihe don't bring back to my van or anything. >> reporter: joe hawley and freedom living a newfound freedom on the road. forry "today," k sanders, nbc news, pittsburgh. >> would you do it? >> i admire when people have something that they have always wanted to do in the back of their minds and as opposed to thinking about it and dreaming about it to a aually go out do it. you get one life, you might as well go for it. >> how about a final check of the forecast? >> you need a dog first? >> that's true. once my kids are out of pull-ups, i'm all in. >> let's take a look atgo what' g on across the country. it is going to be a little cooler today, especially
8:35 am
it is a nice day out our window. those temperatures are in the 60s to right around 70 we're going to continue to take the temperatures up into the low 80s and upper 70s. a little bit of a breeze out there right lw. but humidity. feeling crisp out there this morning. just a wonderful saturday ou need to get anything to get done done. because we are going to be dry again with low humidity. no rain out there today. clouds adi ip >> andhat's your latest
8:36 am
forecast. >> all right, thank you, dylan. coming up next, fromer thri to romance, some of the best books to read this summer. summer. but first, these messages. well, here's to first dates! you look amazing. and you look amazingly comfortable. when your v-neck looks more like a u-neck... that's when you know, it's half-washed. add downy to keep your collars from stretching. unlike detergent alone, downy conditions to smooth and strengthen fibers. so, next time don't half-wash it. downy and it's done. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ for the hustle, for the grind. introducing 1850 coffee. inspired by the year the folger coffee company began. fire-roasted and steel-cut, with a bold yet smooth taste.
8:37 am
new 1850 coffee. begin boldly. this morning in our series "read more today" there's nothing like e beautiful sunny summer day with a good book in your hand,right? if you're looking for recommendations from thrillers to historical fiction, look for further. jessica noll is the author of "lkiest girl alive" as well as a new book called "the favorite yster." >> tha for having me. >> thanks for being with us. let's start with the first one,
8:38 am
"tell me lies." >> that is a page turner. i devoured it in 48 hours. it's the perfect book to take to the beach. it's kind of a modern romance e various perspectives of two people in a relationship tha is not healthy, but they can't seem to quit one another. and both of them are hiding dar secrets, so it's incredibly satisfying to get to the end of this booko findut what those secrets are and to see how these two people end up, whether they'll be together or finally quit one another. >> someone who's looking for a little history mixed with a little culture mayb what would you recommend for them? >> so no summer reading listom would beete without "there, there." this is a beautiful book about 12 native americans and they -- the var reasons that bring them together to the big oakland powwow which is a gathering of indigenous culture, food and dance. is is one of those books you're reading it, you know it's destined to be aclassic. >> "there there" that's the only
8:39 am
one written by a guy,right? >> yes. i did an exemption for him. >> if a you love thriller. i love a good thriller, what do you recommend for those? >> i rec megan abbott. she is back thisummer with a new thriller. she is so adept at writing these ferocious andri ting female characters. this book is about two women who are up for a highly coveted position in the scientic field and they have a dark secret from their past that resurfacesnd megan abbott keeps you in total suspense revealing piece piece what that dark secret is. >> you don't have a self until you have afoecret. memoir folks who like snonfiction. o "sic" is a memoir about her quest to get a diagnosis for a mysteriousllness that plagued her for many years. doctor after doctor misdiagnosed her and told her, her pain was ad.her this is common among women,
8:40 am
particularly among women of color. sometimes iead like a mystery because you want to know what is this illness. it is very much real and she fights to get the diagnosis she gets. >> and last but not least, "who is verakelly". >> this is by rosalie connect. it's about a young woman that's tapped by the cia and takes place inen ana in the 1960s. what i love is instead of losing heelf in her undercover work, she discovers herself. she discovers she's tough, sdvy orld weary. i just am adding my voice to the chor of voicesn the internet begging for a sequel. >> jessica, you know i like youm you on the show and don't even plug your own book. that's impressive. >> well,, you kn if you have room for a sixth, i wouldn't be opposed. >> the favorite risister," t? >> that's my new one out now. >> thank you. comin up, workouts the whole family will love. first, this is "today" on nbc. duke's is the perfect companion for so many things.
8:41 am
8:42 am
it makes a tomato taste more like a tomato. it makes bacon taste more like bacon. it's a unique flavor. e the texture is incredible. duke's really adds integrity to our recipes. duke's is smooth and creamy. it has a lemony edge. it's not sweet. it astes like real ingredients begruse it's made with reaedients i don't think there's another mayonnaise that compares to duke's. staying fit year round can
8:43 am
be quite the challenge, but adding the summer heat, kids out of camp and busy vacions as well, it can be difficult to stick to a workoutut e. some new ideas and gadgets to keep you and the whole family as a healthy lifestyle person. i had to change really quick. you talk about this new jump rope. >> jump ropes are perfect for summer workouts. we're always on the go, we're on vacation, you can take it anywhere. this one is great because you jcan count how manyps you're doing, how many calories you're burn and it'sab adjust. >> the rope does it? >> yes, right here in these
8:44 am
handles that you're holding. >> how much is something like that gng to runme? >> that is going to be -- i think it's $139. >> $68 someone is saying. what is this one? >> swimming. we like to jump in the pool, it cools us off. this device makes it so you can list music under the water. you know what's really cool too, dyou don't actually n ear buds. it connects through your cheekbones to hear the music and it comes with the goggles. i'm pretty impressed. >> that seems like it's pretty expensive. $140 >> yes. >> what is this contraption? >> i have this contraption in my office, so it's a resista stepper with resistance band. so you can take it anywhere. it doesn't u take any space. and you can doour ste workout and have the bands to work your arms. >> wow. $46 there. and what is this?s >> t is a fascia blaster.
8:45 am
we do the workou i ands all about muscle recovery so we're used to a foam roller or something. this is similar. you put a oil on post workout, rub it on your muscles, any tender spots, and it's known to help reduce cellulite. i'll take that. >> really, all right. $65 to $125 for this one. i don't know if itncludes this blaster oil. >> you've got to put the oil on. >> thank you so much. >> sheinelle, what have you got over >>there? we don't have those pants, that's for sure. >> that's what you're going to start with? you're going ttart with my workt pants? >> craig in tights. >> how about you do your segment. >> dylan and i are herith katrina, who's also a co-founder of tone it up who has greato ideast the whole family active. you look amazing. >> congratulations. >> thank you. thanks so much. i can't believe i'm six months because it's flying by. >> you look amazing.
8:46 am
>> there's so many things that you can do with you family. when it's summertime, the biggest thing is getting outside and doing something together. 's really fun if you asign someone from the family ton etoose activity of the week. it could beng outside maybe playing soccer or playing tennis or you can work out any time on the beach with our tone it up app and you can just feel like you're on the beach, especially because this hot weather, getinside, be in the air conditioning and get active. >> so you're six months . pregna >> yes. >> and you're going to walk through exercises thagn pt women can do in any trimester. >> yeah, and everyone can do them. whether you're pregnant or not, we'd l je for you ton us right now. these moves are amazing for pregnancy and beyond. so grab your weights. the first one, we're going to do if dead with an upright row. this is one of my favorites because it works that booty.
8:47 am
roll the dumbbells down your legs, come back up. go all the way down and when you standup, you're working that booty and then your shoulders. >> okay. second trimester. y this is actua really important for all of us that are sitting at our desks and if you're pregnant, then our shouldlls go forward because the weight is forward. we're going to row and thenba kk working those triceps. >> i heard something pop. >> r and then kick back. and if you're ever uncertain what movesve to do day, we actually have free daily toning moves on our tone a it up that are free. you just download the app and we give them to you every single day. >> and one more for us. >> come on down. now, this is optional. you can either put the weight behind your leg oro no weight. squeeze the dumbbell behind your knee and then you kick back. >> are you guys doing this with
8:48 am
us at cahome? e you're supposed to be. >> join us and squeezing your booty up. this just feels amazing whether it's third trimester a you're just wanting to work something or if you're working that summer booty or if you're withe family. >> thank you so much, katrina. congratulations. > coming up next, seasonal summer cooking at its finest from the chef and owner of one of the most popular restaurants in the country. first, these messages.
8:49 am
what is that? a frozen cold brew frappé so it's colder than cold brew? colder than a drafty igloo. colder than my stepson's handshake. yeah, i gotta get one of those. new mccafé cold brew frozen drinks. they're colder than cold brew. what's the #1 new skincare product in 2018? olay whips. absorbs faster than the $100, $200, and even $400 cream. feels amazing. i really really love this. i will 100% swap up my moisturizer. can i have it? olay whips.
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how did we test our with two pounds of steak. in each hand. dixie ultra. stress tested so you can stress less at dinner. this morning in fully booked, an inside look at one of the hottest restaunts where servations are made a year in advance. in just a moment we'll cook with the chef and owner of the pennsylvania eatery, but first a look at her incredibly popular restaurant, talula's table. this is one of the most sought-after reservationsn the
8:51 am
entire country. y opened it for dinner in 2007 and it's been fully booked ever since. >> your reservation book is all filled a year in advance. what does that feel like? >> it feels very special, but it is a bit surreal. at 7:00 sharp every morning, the phones begin to ring and the rst calle that calls books the reservation f one year away. >> that's crazy. >> at the heart of the eight-course tasting menu, which ach season y twice and has never been repeated are fresh ingredients from local purveyors like the farm at dough run. >> what are some ofhe fresh local ingredients you can get in your own backyard. >> all the lettuces and >>rawberry fields, pick your own. ow old is she? >> oh, i think maybe a day. >> so snuggly. ere did your love of food come from? >> my mom would say i'm just simp hungry, like perpetually
8:52 am
hungry, but i always loved making things with my hands, taking care of people. when you grow up in ts area, farm to table is not a phrase, it's just like my life. >> what are we making today? >> the incdible mushroo toast, something that i make for myself all of the time. mushrooms love to be stewed. >> chow down. >> oh, my goodness. >> the restaurant, named after her daughter, has become the centerpiece o this rural pennsylvania community. >> it's not just about serving ecious dinner at 7:30 atni ding it's really about f everyone. >> with a reputation for creating approachable and simple, yet beautiful meals, the experience here is one of a handful of culinary home runs for her, who started her career more than two decades ago in restaurant magement. her latest success, the love, she says, is an extension of the care and thoughtfulness that's put into each dish at talula's table. >> what would you say is at the heart ofoull of yr food? >> the idea of talula's table is
8:53 am
a small group of people just hand making incredible things every day and i hope people leave here passionate about the magic of the experience. >> and amy i here to cook for us this morning because we can't wait a year i to geto your restaurant. so i love that we are making scallops with just fresh vegetables from this summer. >> oh, yeah. this is such ale si beautiful summer recipe. >> so talk us through some of the ifingredients t. >> you can see also it's a really simple collection of ingredients. things that are in their absolute best right now. the first thing, you know, we have beautiful summer sweet corn,herry tomatoes, gorgeous scallops which are lovely. >> do you seasoscallops? >> yeah, we need some salt on them, a little sprinkle of salt. >> and scalls are fastnd easy to cook, aren't they? >> they are so great. a portion of scallops is 150
8:54 am
calories, so that would be perfect for your workout.o >>u just put olive oil or butter? >> a little bit of both i like to do. >> what is the technique to cooking scallops? >> i le to get them in a hot pan with that little bit of butter and olive oil. i and definitely never want to overcrowd this pan. you know, i try to justeally just let them relax in there, nicely seasoned. >> and one flip? >> one flip. i don't fus with them. i'll leave these nice big scallops in here for about a minute and a half, i think. >> oh, okay, great. we see them getting beautiful. you can smell the sea water and the sweetness. >> everything about this smells so des. >> that is something that really is one of the, you know, great beauties of scallops. all protein. this is just if100% bul protein. >> and then we have this pan here which obviously you used to cook those scallops. >> and you can see how quickly they got beautiful n ande and caramelized. in this pan, you know, i would
8:55 am
just kind of have the scallops that i co do a nice portion, say, for the two of us. we're going to have maybe four scallops each. >> i want to get to the salad. >> definitely. >> before we run out of time. >> yeah, definitely. >> you've got corn, you've got tomatoes. you're going to put this right in here? > it's a dish where we literally take this beautiful fresh corn. this was cooked, i cut it off the cob. i'll tumble it in here with a bit of brown butter, which is nice and toasty and that's what'stliving that l bit of flavor but just a touch. that's the only fat in this dish. so beautiful fresh cherry tomatoes. this will be the yacid. >> a guys loving it down there? >> this is fantastic. >> the corn is really good. >> a couple of fresh herbs. i love lots and lots of herbs. >> awesome. thank you so much. you can get these recipes and we also have aea recipe fores and cream on our website, a special happy birthday to our food producer, marissa. but happy d he
8:56 am
birthday, marissa. >> have a great day, everybevy. >> bye, erybody.
8:57 am
out of the cave in thailand before thexygen runs out. >> under fire a north rolina man accused of racially profiling a local woman at their swimming pool. we'll let you know what's happened with all of this. quit the aftermath. >> yes. he speaks out. that and more when we start news 4 today. we'll also fire up the facebook live. >>
8:58 am
♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪
8:59 am
a race against time. this morning 12 boys remain t p trapped inside a thailand cave. rescue efforts have gotten t attention of the entire world. >> why i keep talking? because i don't want to fget him. >> that local father, his grief turning tond angerow to action. a look at the punishment facing the driver responsible for killing two people. why one man says it is not enough. >> i am -- i feel this is racial profiling. >> and another video of suspected racial profiling hitting the internet and ignites a familiar debate. the backlash one man, that man is facing for demanding to see the i.d. of a black woman at a
9:00 am
local swimming pool. let's start your saturday off by taking you outside for a live look. a beautiful start. much cooler than in days past. we wish you a happy saturday.ou we appreciate being with us. we've got a lot to cover. laurenil rickets bring us through that forecast. we welcome you in on the 7thf july. >> we just turned:0 to and it's 70 drees outside. crystal clear. a crisp morning to start off our weekend. >> a wonderful weekend out there. and it is justul beautut there right now. we're going to continue to have nice conditions. not only today but pretty all throughout the entire weekend. so get out and enjoy it before theumidity and heat come back into the area. we are looking at today right around 70 degrees. again, we will continue to see thos temperatures rise into the low 80s. we have clouds


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