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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 7, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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throttle out. so hard to do. >> i am going to pick the bottom because i think the bottom is p thce to be. the guys on the outside can bail up or move up a lane. i think it stays more consistent. turn two, gam on. if you get the first mile of the track uerway i think you have n e best chance to wi. >> okay. we saw almost 2/2 miles completed. >> i am not saying they can't do it. we have seen it happen. if you get a good start and push in to turn one and hav the shorter distance seems like a
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better option. two y names don't see up there. allmendinger, one of the two ivers that has threeut consece top ten finishes at restrictor plate tracks. he is in the top six. >> back in eighth place. you see h spinning down the back straightaway. >>s car in the third lane can influence it as well. pe 47 being able toh the 37. that is ndimportant, a they are teammates. if the 47 does ahaood job t makes the 20 get pushed as well. i am looking at the 32 car. how does he puse they were th rows back.
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>> he has damage there on his car. i don't think that lane will be at his push. >> yeah. if they com off of turn two and the leaders are side to side the outside is more competitive. >> they have the momentum and the opportunity to clear. >> it will have to be clear. >> you had me on the bottom. now you have me on the top. you had great arguments but they were arguments for both lanes. i don't like the top. if you do not clear the top in one and two they will be handful. >> steve, just throwing onet thing out a you. the last time martin truex was
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on pit road was 120 and that was 45 laps. no fuel issues. ght. we don't have issues running out of fuel? >> they are only five laps away in theory but 21 were under , yellowrobably has a half tank of gas. it will a bebout what the ivers said. >> i think that is the key. the last restart. kevin harvickicked his teammate and the line that he wanted. his teammate could not push him. they were all hooked up together. they went by him. it was a more organized push. i am looking at the 32 car. it looked like it ised damago me. 47 car looks clean. i think t outsideane might have better pushers.
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>> yesterday we saw the pass coming out of turn four with ?his few of cars does the dynamic chan >> i think it changes a great deal. the fourth or the fifthrow, you have cars that are destroyed. you don't have fenders. >> well, the fansnow that it is about to get crazy again. they have all come to their feet one more time. it will be two lapsvertime for the second time cominup again. there is a gap between him and chris buescher. n >> help whatever for erik jones in the back on the restart. >> martin truex jr., all he has to do is ock. re comes kasey kahne to the high side wanting to take t
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lead away as we go down thest backtch. >> great move. can he clear him. truex jr. side draing him. trying to slow him down. >> the outside line is coming. erik jones is going to go by kasey kahne. erik nes. truex jr. side by side for the lead. >> outside line looks more organized. >> coming to the white flag. they get it the race is official. 2 1/2 miles to go at daytona. >> only two cars now truex jr. will have to side dft so much. >> 47 pushing the 37, t goingo get him to the 20. here it comes. to the 20. >> down the bactretch they go. erik jones inhe 20. he got a big push from the 37 of escher. here comes the 78 oe ain.
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jones has never won in the monster energy cup series. 78 of mtin truex jr. has never won on restrictor plate track. coming in for the final time erik jones hasont a daytona! >> listen to that emotion. >> great job, guys. great job. come on, baby. >> that outside li he came up and gave it a shot. pushed him right past martin truex jr. career-defining night fort tha kid. first win at daytona. >> his first ever cup series
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win. he lost his dad two years ago. to get to race, erik nes' dad sold his corvette so that erik jones could race. after making it to t cup series bought the corvette back. now he gets to celebrate at daytona, the biggest racetrack that nascar goes to. >> you saw a smile on joe gibbs s ce. joe gibbbeen public saying how bad they felt for erik jones. man, he is doing a good job not getting the finishes. tonight is a night where he did what he needed to do at the end.
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>> the crowd here on the fourth july weekend, they were able to see this incredible racing. the xfinity series last night. and nowne erik getting his first career win in the monster energy cup series. >> teammates with martin truex jr. last year. we wondered what the move would do for him. it is a r big thing alized his potential tonight. >> let's go to rutledge wood. >> all smiles from erik jones out here. picking up his first cup series win. how do you feel, buddy. you did it.
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congratulations. >> oh, boy. how about that race boys and girls. huh. that was something else, man. thought we wer out of it and all of a sudden we are right back in it. take the lead. what an awesome race. my first cup n. first win at daytona. my first super speedway win. what a awesome day. i am out of breath. bo much smoke in the car from thatn out. awesome finish. >> you came down and got the checkered flag. all of the fans on their feet. what do you nt to say to them? >> thank you. thank you so much. a lot of hard work to be here. i was thinking about my mom and dad. my momd sta home from this one. missed my first cup win. my dad would have been so proud.
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>> erik jones, your rst-time winner n't. >> said he is out of breath but he is able to run toet the checkered flag. the 22-year-old from byron, michigan. erik jones wins on the biggest stage at daytona. from near and far? that mixes the smoky with the sass of the south. combines the sweetness of summer with the tang of the country. for savory, sizzling, unexpected flavors. well, you can find it at mcdonald's. the new bacon smokehouse burger. it's the newest flavor of the signature crafted recipes by mcdonald's
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>> we are here with you. post race coverage will continue coming up next on nbcsn as the journey to the most coveted ground inll of daytona beach,or victlane. junior, talk about this.
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i mean this is a drive tha this young man will remember the rest of his life. >> that is right. what i told you earlier today, nascar's biggest stage. this racetrack is the foundation of our sport. he gets to drive in to very, very hallowed grounds. knows this, you know. he is such a racer and a purist heart. he knows how important it is for him. you get thes anticipation a you pull in there to gatorade victy lane. guys starting to show their emotion for you. >> that is the b tt place pull in to after a race. >> guys, we are down here in victory lane.
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erik jones going to pull up at out of the car here. bunch of gatorade and confetti. the emotion of the first win. i know how bad you wanted the first win. what does it mean t be daytona and to be locked into the playoffs for the fir time in your career? >> what a day. we got ourselves bk into contention. the guys did a great job getting is thing fixed up. i have never been that good on super speedways. but to get here tonight is pretty awesome. it is the first win and not much felt better than this. >> you don't even care about confetti on your face. more live coverage coming up n nbcsn with the post race show. coming upn next o nbc, theate
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local news except on the west coast. erik jones wins at dayto.
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rit now at 11:00. one of the journalists in the capital gazette shooting died to help others. they describe the act that saved lives. mike pompeo sees progress in nuclear talks. north korea? not so much. and famy members desperate
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to find a missing virginia mom, how another high tro file disappearance in our area could help bri the woman home. a tribute tay for the journalist who sacrificed her life to save herle cues in the capital gazette news room. my mom picked up her trash can and charged at a coward who shot her in the chest. good evening. nearly half of the people in the annapolis news room wereed ki the survivors may owe their lives to wendy winters. at her memorial today we learnrd for the first time that she confronted the gunman and helped others aescape. joined with today's >> survivors of the attack believe wendy winters' actions stalled e gunman distracting him for enough time so they
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could escape. fo that, many are calling her a hero. >> don't forget to a yourself what would wendy do. >> reporter: that is an quest many are asking as details emerge of wendy winters' heroism. >> my mom picked up her tran nd recycling bin and charged at a coward that shot her in the chest as shehe r him. >> reporter: by all accounts that move saved h lives of co-workers in the news room as a gunman h shot way inside. >> to charge at ahoer yelling no. >> reporter: that what it means to be wendy says her daughter who at her mother's funeral saturday also displayed courage, poise. only a short time earlier the newspaper shared new accounts from survivors. those who hid and were palyzed in fear and shock, and those able to escape because of what >> slowing him down and giving the police time to arrive,wa th
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saving lives. >> reporter: according to the paper, wendy had recently attended an active shooter training where she learned the options of running, hiding, or fighting. today weth learned o option wendy chose. >> as our love and admiration fo wendy could easily lead us to create an image of her as sat ndy. >> reporter: a saint to so many her, nownc cng hands, hugging, crying, remem ring wendy. sweet stories of her, who she was to them and what she did. >> thank you, wey. >> reporter: police are not commenting on the actions wendy took or the accounts of e survivors as this is an ongoing igation. >> it's incredible to hear in those moments she would have thd presence of m to think of others, and it is obvious that her children embody her strength. >> absolutely. all of them stood and spoke
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today at her memorial. >> it was beautiful. thank you. let's switch gears now. there's a weather change after all that hot air over the last several days, we're dealing with a bit of a cool night. our meteorologist is standing by in the weather.cent let's talk exactly how cool things are going to get tonight. >> major changes tonight. we'll see the temperatures drop bel below 70s and 60s. let's look at right now. inside the district 72. give it time. we're close to approaching the 69 degrees in the district. we're going to continue toall om there. you can see back along i-81 areas in the mid 50s. inside the lty, low to mid 60s. farther out, that's where we see cooler air. cri crisp, dry night. nice nig to open the window. here's a look at the headlines. we're going to do this whole thing again tomorrow.
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amazing weather, tomorr and i am keeping a close eye on the tropics. i'll have t i latest a moment. >> thank you. a toddler critically hurt after nearl drowning in a bathtub today. this happened inside an apartment complex in gaithersburg. it was just after 10:00 in the morning when first responders got the call. montgomery county fire and rescue says the 15-month old accidentally fell into the tub. medics rushed the child to the hespital. 's a desperate church in virginia beach after a mother of four disappeared from her apartment building. she left home sunday her f reporting her missing on monday when she didn't show up for work. police ared using l and water and a drone. they found her war abandoned in a parki lot four miles from her apartment. she's always in constant contact with her w kids andldn't just take off like that, people say. >> i want her to know that we love her and we're going to look
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for her until the very end, until we find her. >> virginia state police say th issued an alert for her that is named after a localma who was kidnapped from a naval base in virginia. her bodyater found in north carolina. the alert is a notification system for adults who are thought to have been abducted and in danger.>> the trump administration is under court order to reunitesa ths of migrant children from separated -- separated if their families. some of the kids are still in diapers. in phoenixesterday a one-year-old boy went before an immigration judge. he drank milk from a bottle, played with a ball during that hearing. a judge has ordered the governmento reunite all children under the age of 5 by tuesday. governme officials estimate that only halff the kids could be reunited with their parents by thatdeadline. a big meeting today between
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the u.s. secretary of state and north korean leaders but this meeting had two different es outc u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo met with topls officia today in the north korean capital. he told reporters after the talks were, quote, .producti but tonight north korea issued a statement saying just the opposite. the north blames the united states for trying to make a quick denuclearization deal.le they pompeo's efforts very gangster-like after the two-day meeting pompeo flew to japan to meet the country's prime minister. he will then visit vietnam. u.s. military leaders want to know who was behind an insider attack thale k one u.s. service member and wounded two others in afghanistan. this happene in the southern part of the country today. it's unclear who carried out the attack. both service mem wounded are in stable condition. names of the service members are not being released until their families are notified.
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the former trump campaign chairman wants his federal trial moved out of northern virginia. lawyers for paul manaforte publicity and northerngi virnia being too 45i68 democra reasons for wanting a change o venue. his trial wl begin july 25th.
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his lawyers want the trial moved to roanoke. trial a second feder in washington this fall. both triens cr around the special counsel's investigation into russia's influence on the presidential campaign. > a maryland family devastated tonight after ack semi t rolled over and killed the driver in montgomery county. it happened late yesterday morning at a weigh station in hayattown. maryland state police say they stopped james lee hobbs f brakes violations. he got beneath to check out the brakes but he didn't have thepa ing brake on. the semi rolled onto him and he died at the tscene. >> families spending the night out of the homes after flames caughtne of the houses on fire and spread to a second house. video shows the charred remains galena road. the fire started in a shed.
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flames then spread tous e, fence, and then a neighbor's house. fortunately here everybody got out safely. fire investigato n do know the cause of this yet. a man doided take this vehicle out for a spin. now he's facing charges for driving this atv in d.c. that's because it is illegal to drive atvs in the distriic. d.c. p say they spotted the atv with no license plate or ta on valley place in southeast last night. officers say brian parker was riding the four-wheeler park area in a gas rassy pretty close to a playground. the clock is ticking to save the man in and tainted crab meat making people sick in maryland. and tonight we'll show you what and tonight we'll show you what yo
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