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tv   News4 Today  NBC  July 8, 2018 6:00am-8:00am EDT

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6:00 onda this s morning, here's what we're followi for you. "capita of the gazette" shooting is laid to rest. a war ofwords, north korea blasting the u.s. in a stinging statement following a meeting on denuclearization. hundreds of firefightersir putting t lives on the line to stop a wall of flames racing across the west. want to wel ime youon a beautiful sunday morning. so nice to have you with us. also joining us this morning
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once again is the bright and cheery a y lauren. >> the temperatures are in the 45 40s and 50s trouacross the boar. i think yesterday was a stock to the system. and today,ng we're get used to is and it's like, hey, when this weather going to end. enjoy this beautiful sun rise that just came up a few minutes ago. right now a live picture from r camera. you can see those temperature are going to continue to go up, we take a big jump by the time we get to 11:00 a.m. we'll top out in the mid 80s for highs today.
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it's going to be another comfortable day out there. we'll tell you when you can expect the humidity to roll back in and the rain to roll back in. want to tell you about a mber weekend for the indianapolis communi annapolis community. during the shooting revelations were made about her heroic actions in those final moments. >> my mom picked up a trash can and a recycling bin and she charged at the shooter who sho her in the chest. >> the survivors may very well yo the owe their liveso t wendi. >> news4's nicole jacobs was there. >> don't forget ask yourself what would wendi would do. >> reporter: that is a question that many are asking as details
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emerge of wendi winters heroism. >> my mom picked up a trash can and a recycling bin and she chargedhe shooter as he rhed in. >> reporter: as a gunman shot his way inside. >> she chaed at a shooter yelling no. >> reporter: that's what it means to be wendi. only a sho time earlier, the "capital gazette" shared new accounts from survivors of the napolis attack, those who hid, those were i paralyzed fear and shock and those who were able to scape b wause ofhat wendi did. >> slowing him down and giving the police time to arrive. >> rorter: wendi had recently attended an active shooting drill at her church,here she
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learned of her option nning, hiding or confronting. a saint to so many year, now clenching hands, hugging, crying, remembering wendi, sweet stors of her, who she was to them and what she did. >> thank you, wendi. >> nicole jacobs reporting there. an they say that this is still verh mu an ongoing investigation. happening right now, u.s. mitary leaders are investigating an attack inaf anistan that left a u.s. service member dead. two others were wounded. this happened in the southern part of thent c yesterday. this is what we know. the incident is being called an sider attack and the two service members who survived
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remain in the hospital. the name of the service member who wa killed has not been released. this morning north korea is slamming secretary of e mike pompeo who spent yesterday meeting with north korean leaders. secretary pompeo called the meetings productive. north korea said the opposite, complain canning in a statement that the u.s. was moving too quickly. closer to home we have new details about close call for a local toddler. the child nearly drowned in the bathtub. this happened inside an apartmentcomplex. the 15-month-old accidentally fell into theb. every parent's worst nightmare there. and this rning, fire investigators in rockville are still ting to figure out what sparked flames in a shed off
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galena road. the damage was pretty extensive in this one. meantime, want to tell about violence in the chicago area, which is shutting down a major highway. >> coming up a bird's-eye vi of the massive demonstrations. continue of the wes to burn this morning, we are taking you to the front lines as firefighters race to extinguish the flames for another day.
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time right now is 6:09. kingdom.g in the united police are stunned about how two people were infeblgcted with a
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contaminate container that could ha been used on an ex-russian spy and his daughter. want to tell you about protesters in chicago that are putting the pressure on local gun rs to stop all t violence in their community. >> and they shut down an expressway to make sure that theyere hear protesters blocked the dan ryan highway. last year the city saw 262 homide by gun fire. two people die after house explodes. authorities say the blast was initially reported about 6:45 yesterday morning. the prosecutor's office says no foul play is suspectedt this
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point. no word on what caused the explosion but it's still under investigation. a brutal heat wave is making bad conditions worse for crews battling dozens of wildfires. at least 60 fires are burning in 16 states. in northern californe person has died. firefighters say they're making progress containing it all here. but officials say dry conditions and triple-digit temperatures are making things especially tough. >> that fire weather is what they're cal it's just so-so dangerous.ou these parts, you can see that we have a gloriound sun rie bes. >> it feels like you needay a jacket t i think the crispness is out there this morning. >> temperatures outside the belt way are 50 degreeright now. we have had that warm air since last week. but a lot of people are coming back from the beach this week after a long holid at the beach. the sun just came up, just about 10 minutes to a 6:00.
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5:51, so juster a little bit 50 minutes ago. >> we're keeping the surge around, thank goodness to the high pressure. we also have some mugginess here and there as we head through this week. we'retaing to feel it on wednesday and then it will come ck on thursday and friday. in the shenandoah valley, there are se places in the upper 40s in the area. so, again, it is a little cool and crisp out there this morning. but we're going to warm up rather in fact by 9:00 a.m., terins are going to be into the low 90s. yesterday, we made it to 82 degrees, ink t we're going to be doing a little bit better out there today. temperatures will make it into the 80s, but another comfortable day in store for us we widen out a little bit, we still have this tropical
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depression, look at that spin right still a tropical dre depression, and it's just kind of hging o there. that will eventually kind of dissipate and try to move out to sea a little bit. but you can see the hold the high pressure has on mondayer sunny day. and then even as we get into tuesday, the storm starts to dissipate, the clouds go with it. your monday still looking good with temperatures in the upper 80s. we could have an isolated shower chance as we get into tuesday and wednesday. otherwise the humidity drops as e get into wednesday and thursday, the humidity starts to come back. but not a lot of chances of raih as wed through this workweek. now.:13 right >> we are back in 15 minutes with more of the morning's top stories.
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>> northern virginia rorter david culver and the i team's scott mcfarland a joining us this morning. david, that ten-member commission was put together by richmond's mayor, after the charlottesville rally last november. what are the changes to the commission so far? >> inthis is a 10-person commission, it's been going for 11 months. it's a recent proposal that has come out, with just one statue they're asking for the removal of. they're saying four others they want this signage to be put out, put it in historical contexts they're alluding. >> that's what reinterpret
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means? >> that meanso be what they're saying, and who's going to be coming up with tt rding, that's something to be determined. but the mayor put this together about a month or so before at we saw in charlottesville, they even delayed the commissioner's meeting the month after concerned that it would get a little bit too heated ther >> this has been an issue all over the country, and even in virginia, part of jefferson vis highway is going to be renamed. >> this is now a debate open and in some cases quite controversial in states througut the country. let's remember in maryland, in rockville, they moved the civil war statute to private land.
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this was just thursday morning inharlottesville that the man suspected of driving over and killing onee of unter protesters was formally arraigned for that crime. >> there was legislation earlier in the yearhat would have let localitide to de. where does that stand. >> that got thrown boout by the- there's been lawsuits against that city because of the removal of jeff stewart statue. this is something that's now entering into the judicial. >> the d.c. public school system is still reeling from revelations that nearly 1,000 teachers aren't lthensed i city. a year-long investigation by the news4 i team revealed that both new and veteran teachers including several in the esteemed chancellor'she tes cabinet are still teaching license.a
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this has created a shockwave in the school system, but has it en enough of a shockwave to prompt a fix yet? >> we know.c the council will have hearings, we know.c the public schools are requiring all the newly hired teachers for 2018-2019 to have at least applied for a license. we found 1,000 teachers unlicensed, that's out of 4,000, and that dynamic does not exist in northern virginia, that dynamic does notn exist maryland. chool district rules and state policies don't allow it. in the district, things have gotten off the tracks. we have one out of every four teachers unlicensed. the hiring and employing of an unlicensed teacher is against the law in d.c., d.c. public schools does it. who whoever sees public hools?
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that is the licensing agency, the office of the superintendent of we're not really sure what the timetableha is for >> one of the questions how this happened? what is d.c. psa? >> d.c. plic schools says it is working on the problem, how did the problem come to be? we only know froon speculan that. if you let one teacher in the classroom without a license, then it's easiero let the second in, and then you get to 1,000. >> there's student safety, the potential cost to the city, the school system, the potentialmo loss of grany, the impact on other jurisdictions. >> and the list goes on, exactly. those are pretty significant onsequences, the issue of safety of students. here's why if you have a school
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system, you want to licen your teachers. if you have a misconduct issue, if a teacher were to assault a student, if a teacher engaged in sexual misconduct,an you revoke that license and prevent that teacher from moving into maryland,rgr ia. if you revoke a license, it's quite a thing to get it back.on if you have a license in the first place, there is nothing to revoke, it is more difficult to red flag for tea teache teachers. people here are treacting president trump's trade wars. the issue is hitting clo to how many. the loud duo -- the chamber's president is threatening to in unde the economic process that it's worked so hard to achieve. why is it so important for
6:20 am
loudoun county? >> you sawhat loudoun county went for hillary clinton in 2016. but 40% nearly went for president trump. what's pushed that f the most part has been this rolef community out there. i th going to hurt those farmers. they say that's going to hurt that line. and so is chamber of commerce joining more than 200 other low c cal -- localities saying that they need to be put into action. >> we are seeing this kind of reaction >> you have small manufacturers worried about the impact. and loudoun county is making
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quite a statement, loudoun county is -- where a lot of the votersho could sway to the other direction reside. >> we'll be right back. stayith us. 98% of us don't get enough omega-3s.
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one resident there that she's moving because of theon jecon -- they're considering even some enforcement with police, but ultimately how do y do that within every which way that thenreroutes you. >> we're the victim of , technolohe technology of convenience. >> it gives and it takes away.
6:24 am
local government office holders, the city councilmembers, or councilmembers. they get calls by poet hotholes they get calls about -- the county council is looking at new changes to put speed bumps in your community. because people were protesting drive throughs caused by ways in which the speed was out of control. ere speeding through t cut throughs. when you take the ways alternative. you're trying to make good time, you're notorying go the speed limit. this is a constituent service issu and a powerfulone. >> sometimes you just want to keep moving. it's that mental health kind of way, you're sitting there and you're aggravated, you just want to keepmoving, even if it ends
6:25 am
up taking a little time. even if it takes longer. >> people in this neighborhood went so far as toave a traffic study done. it's interesting because their results showed 42% of traffic in central alexandria, is dueopo who don't live there or work there. that's pretty significant. >>gnhat is icant. a lot of outsiders are m coming through and this one resident who says she's moving, she wants to b making runs around 5:00 to the grocery store, something that now takes h 30 minutes to go down the street. >>to no one should havive up their house because of traffic. >> sometimes it will literally send you byhe whitehouse. you're going, why is this the fastest way to get there? >> and for nothose of us who li in this t area, issue is traffic, which is a big issue. there was an explosion in central park that left a northern virginiage teebadly
6:26 am
injured. now two years later there's new liidence in this particular case. released a photo of the plastic bag that held the explosives on fourt of july. >> this is connor golden, a teenager from fairfax couy, she sthe stepped on a rock and that exploeive too out most of his leg. police have named no suspects, police haveade no arrests. this is an attack in a high profile spot on a hig ofile weekend and really they are nowhere in terms of making an arrest. there was annstagram post that the family flagged who said i think we found somebody on instagram who was there that day. they found a plastic bag, and
6:27 am
they are hoping that will jog someone's memory. they're hoping that that will trigger somebody who make a call. >> what are thehe oddswould find a piece of evidence like that? >> it was unique, it was extensive, there was a bakery that's been closed for years, what's it doing there on the day of the attack, july >> interesting that they're also asking for people who may have been taking photographs there in central park. >> everybody's got a high definition camera in their pocket, does increase the odds somebody's got something. flags across the country were flown at half staff, lowered after days of confusion about whether the white house had rejected a request by theyo of annapolis. do we understand what happened here and does it really >> there is a process to go
6:28 am
through, there's a formal procs to get these types of things approved. there's always a possibility it was just slow process, not somebody trying to block it or deflect it. but i would say this is a self-inflicted error by the white house no matter how yau count it b they got bad publicity for something they ended up doing. >> staff members have been pretty amazing in the wake of thehoing, they put a paper out the day after, in the face of the horror ty were dealing with and it was heartening to see them in the fourth of july parade in annapolis. >> they loved that parade, and it was interesting to hear from one of the editors, who said usually we're cthering , oo're not part of the story. but as of this ng, they're not part of the story. they have moved the newsroomsl oby to a temporary space. what's also interesting to me is
6:29 am
toee the impacts this is having on future urnalists, i spoke to the dean of the university of maryland, and they have a % increase. young people arnot dissuaded by this, if anything they're motivated to keep being journalists. thank you, that's reporter's notebook, i'm paton lanews4 day continues. happening this morning, secretarof state mike pompeo koreanlks with the north government went well. north korea said otherwise, said the u.s. is moving far too quickly. no word on what caused a
6:30 am
fire to start in a rockville shed and it spread to two homes. dozens of wildfires continue ra burn out west, dry winds and scorching temres are making it very difficult for the firefighters to put the flames out. one person has died as a result and dozens have homes have already been de want to welcome you in at 6:30 on thunday morning. >> that breaking news wrire followint now involves the traffic, i-66 is shut down because of a head-on collision in the eastbound lanes, this is just after the ro sslyn tunnel. >> it's the secret service that's working the scene. we' we're going to get a reporter on t the -- on 66 this morning, shut
6:31 am
down year the rosslyn tunnel. >> and youan watch us live through your phone through our app. and we're ao going to be updating our social media channels when new information comes. we're also following the weather. >> those temperatures in the upper 40s in some portions of the shenandoah valley, so a little cool out the this morning, very similar to yesterday. and cooler temperatures than we have seen in the past week. and peopleg are comck from the beach, i think it's going to be a shock to the system. a beautiful sunise out there, it came up just about 10 minutes until 6:00.m. north wind at 5 miles an hour, wakeup weather as you wake up thmorning, temperatures starting in the 60s. if you're west of the district, if you're outside the belt way,
6:32 am
some areas starting in the uppet 50s, we're all going to warm into the uppernd 70s eventually warming into the 80s today. we'll talk about that and we'll also talk about when the humidity comes in and the next rain chances, we haven that our forecast in about 15 minutes. meantime new developments efforts are under way right now to rescue those 12 boys and hat caveach trapped in in thailand. >> and we watch as the first person was able to reach safety in just a matterf hours. crews launched the rescue mission because floodwaters inside the cave are at their best levels at this point.wa if thelonger, morme monsoon rains could flood the caves. >> a lot going on there. rjsz and happening right now, ah urgent seas under way in virginia beach. police looking for a mother of
6:33 am
four who vanished from her apartment building. her family is reporting her disappearance on monday when she didn't show up for work. police are now searching on land, in water, even using a drone to try to find found her car abandoned in a parking lot four miles from her apartment. her family says she's always in constant contact with her kids and wouldn't just take off. >> i want herno to that we love her and we're goingo look for her until the very end, until we find her. >> virginia state police have issu an ashonte billings, she was kidnapped from virginia. the aler for people who are adults and are believed to be in
6:34 am
danger. this is a picture of jaylen hardy, he was last seen on sunday july 1, on columbia road in ca heights. police only got word that he was missing yesterday. a local man charged for driving an atv in d.c. it's an illegal vehicle in the district and d.c. police say they spotted that atv with no cense plate or tags onalley road in d.c. wednesday night. police arrested parker and then took the vehicle. > new detai this morning about the efforts to runite myu migrant children. some of those kids aretill in diapers. we learned that yesterday in phoenix, a 1-year-old boy before an immigration judge there.
6:35 am
now a judge has ordered thern gont to reunite all y ildren under 5 years old tuesday. estimate officials thatha only of the kids could be reunited with their part ts before tdeadline. and a campan chairmannt s his trial moved out of virginia. as reasons for wanting a change of venue. his i trial set to become july 25 in alexandria. his lawyers wan the trial moved to roanoke. manafort faces a trial in the fall. we have some good news this week for the united states economy. >> and the jobse report c out adding more than 10,000 new jobs, the unemployment rate k k kicking up, because it appears more people are comfortable looking for work.
6:36 am
>> it the job market is strong that many companies say they're having trouble attractingrk s. think about that. >> nbc's anne thompson shows us the perks that those companies are now offering. >> adam's auto repair shop is firing on all cylinders. >> what's the difference in working on an engine compared to, say, 10 years ago. >> reporter: he's offering a salary of up to $120,000, health care, and a ,0$5igning bonus for masterutomotive technicians. >> we're definitely in need of great talent and great talents really, really difficult to find right now. >> perks may be the answer. nearly 30% of american customers are increasing their benefits, earning from wellness retreats to reviving pensions. >> it's a great time to be an ployee in america today.
6:37 am
>> reporter: america's name brands getting new perks and fi be, kroger offering reimbursement -- and f expectant starbucks bar reeista. >> we d expect companies will have to pull the lever -- a former newspaper reporter and canadian prime ministe justin trude have differing account s accounts she said she considering the matter closed. knight claims trudeau apologized the next day.oe trudeau't think he acted
6:38 am
inappropriately. but the two may have acknowledged their interaction differently. >> i'm confident that i did not inappropriately. of this nk the essence is that people can experience kper a interactions differently, and part of the lessons we need to learn in this collective reawakening, a level of e that inding for peo many cases, women experience interactions a s in professiona cont different than men. the first day of theua ann running of the bulls festival guess at, ends with one person being gored. i always did want to do this, though. it'such an event. around 2,000 people braved the haile run to pampaloma's
6:39 am
stadium. the rain made the str bts a littleit slick four people were hurt, and it's kind of theame thing over and over again,e' somes going to get gored by the bull. >> you can just rerun the video from last year or the year before. it the same uff. >> check this one out here, this usual sighting sparks people in mexico to mull out their camera phones and snap away. the rare phenomenon as the illusion of a halo around the sun. many pple took selfieshi seemed se seemed to reign over the . monume the race for maryland governor is on. > and we are hearing from both candidates who offer up two very differing views for the future of theat plus when we talk about looking
6:40 am
into the future, what about the supreme court? it may be decided in the coming months. meet the press merator chuck todd is going to meet us right ngre in the studio, with a look at the breolitical battle. stay with us. at havertys we know everyone has different tastes. and this independence day...
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6:44 am
right before the tunnel. an upcoming supreme court pick is on the books, . and here to bak it all down for us once again, like every sunday, moderator of "meet the press," chuck todd. >> let's start with north korea re, now we have this back and forth and it really has seemed like there's been this back and forth for a while now, and it seems that the administration is pointing to, hey, things are looking good. maybe they're revamping the nuclear arsenal, and things aren't going so well? >> only president trump thought things were going erll, ody else even in his own administration are skeptical, at the north koreans would do much of this, the reason we have been misled with the happy talk, with the president's tweets, the president's words.
6:45 am
and everybody has b n very cautious with this, whether it's john bolton, mike pompeo, this is clearly, in some ways many veterans of north korea's talks, say, this is north korea 101, they dangled something out there, they got what they want. they got the diplomatic coup of a presidential summit. so as one person put it this morning, it took pressure off of north korea, they have been elevated so now they know they're in no hurry, there's no pressure for them to comeo an agreement. they still sort of have their own h feymoon periom that summit, just 26 days old, by the way, and here wear i think for president trump, this is his mission accomplished moment the presideid, we no longer have to worry about the nuclear threat. and in a 26-day window since he said that, we actually know thae they h expanded their nuclear arsenal, and they're basically
6:46 am
sayi good luck, no thank you, and called us gangster like. not exact a road to success. >> real quick, i want to talkhe aboutupreme court pick. are we looking at a major politicalle ba >> look, i don't -- i think if judge amy barrett gets picked, one of the four finalists, i think she would create a firestorm in the capital. but because she has shown the most openness to overturning roe v. wade, it will be a question as to whether the republicans can keep off their votes together. if he picks eher judge hathomas hardeman. thomas hardeman served with the president's sier.
6:47 am
i think thomas hardeman, if you had to go to las vegas and gambling, i would put- personal connections matter, hardeman'sot aood background, rather than your typical harvard-yale pathway to the supcourt. so i think there's a lot of potential positives for the president plolitically too. >> a reminder that you can see meet the press, it comes up every sunday at 10:30 right here. it's not only national affairs we're keeping an eye on this morning, b some pretty hotly contested state elections. >> some are really close, some have been really, really vocal. voters have o choices to ntinue down the path with republican governor larry hogan or take a ratically different
6:48 am
route. >> the governor spoke about keeping marylanders safe especially in e wake of the "capital gazette" shooting. >>. >> reporter: larry says complaintses against jarrod ramos. >> apparently this guy went to ourt quite a while ago, f stalking. he was pled down to a lower charge and had his record expung expunged. how that happened, i don't know. it but we need an answer. >> reporter: ben carter is a former newspaper editor, he calls theth victims o "capital gazette" shootings his who a heroes. >> to take on a dangerous stalker, on behalf of the women, family and m of ann arundel unty.
6:49 am
>> a progressive platform that includes free college tuition. governor hogan says it sounds like a good idea b how do you pay for it. >> we just came up with a proposal to help people go to community college for free. but doing it for every person, i don't know that that's reasonable or affordable. >> reporter: he also is proposing a new tax. but only on the rich. >> for 99% of thearyland population, there would be no tax increase, for%. >> and for 1%? >> for the wealthiest 1%, they would pay 1% more. and having been in that tax bracket, i'm confidence they can afford it. >> governor hogan told chris exactly how much it would be to
6:50 am
provide free medical care for all. >> w have a beautiful day on tap today, yesterday was nice too. today another nic one. >> a little bit warmer than yesterday, but that's g. itng to continue all next week it's not going to be that d, humidity is going to be here, and then it's going to t baard the end of the workweek. >> we paid the priceast week. it was like a steam bath. >> and we had the rainay in and we're getting rid of that and evening out. it's beautiful out there this morning, the sun came up just about 10 minutes to 6:00 and w looking good out there. it feels like fall out there this morning,'m sure there's some upper 40s in some of the sheltered valleys and some of the smaller towns. so again, another fall like day to start, we're keeping t sunshine around. our average temperature for this time of year is in the upper 80s, 89 degrees, i think we're
6:51 am
going to be a little closer to that today, but again, it's not going tbe quite as hot as it was last week. we do have some small chances of rain this week, and then the mugginess returns on anly coming back as we get into thursday. current terp temperatures out right now in the 50s and 60s. we took it to the mar liilylins yesterday, so hopefully we can do that again today. temperatures areoing to be in the low to mid 80s. we'll top out at 85 degrees today, but another comfortable day with plenty of sunshine, nothing happening on the storm team 4 radar, that's a little clutter from around the radar site there in ling. but we pop this out, we now have tropicaltorm chris, that's the third name storm we have, tropical storm chris sitting off the north carolina coast line. creatie ining some rip, and som
6:52 am
swells. this willove out t sea and dissipate a little bit. ig are seeing tropical storm chris out there now. and we will continue to watch that a we go through the next couple of days. not only do we have tropical storm chris, welso have tropical storm barell and is just down in the caribbean right now, and we're tracking that to make sure it doesno head puerto rico. there we go, there's my p, there's tropical storm chris right there. and we float on down, this is barell, it is weaking and that is going to continue to shoot through puerto rico. if you've got exercise, car wash, even outdoor dining, kids having sports even softball, looking good for that.
6:53 am
dry all the way into tuesday late night into wednesday morning a chance for showers. heen we're in the low 90s on tuesday, tuesday mugginess will come back, and we could have a few showers monday night into tuesday morning. into tuesday morning. ne weekend, sll lookingti
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no odor. no stain. no nothin'. whatever happens, no big deal. resolve. the singing soldier, that's what many are calling iraq war teran turned performer. he loved listening to opera when he was >> our amy cho caught up with the alexandria native this week. ♪ >> reporter: with a voice like this, it's hard to believe jesus hernandez ever doubted he had what it took.
6:57 am
but yearsago, before he ever set foot on the stage, this singer was a soldier in iraq. never taking a lessonn his life, simply listened to opera while growing up. >> i just had the ear for it and i just wanted to create the re sounds they we making. >> reporter: while in iraq, hernandez would perform for his fellow soldiers, one day he met an opera star who saw in hernandez a star in e makin and offered to pay for his lessons. >> he said take opportun >> reporter: fast forward to today, hernandez singing opera full-time. traveling to europe to sing in the best opera houses. >> you always havehat little butterfly affecting your stomach, but it's excitement >> reporter: and although the singing soldiers has left his days on thetl bield behind him, he'll always carry the
6:58 am
lessons he learned. >> it requires a lot of discipline, it'sne of the most gratifying experiences i had my life, the time i spent in the army and being partet of sng that's bigger than me. >> about that? >> what a voice. >> much more ahead on news4 today. >> that includes san hour b >> that includes san hour b hour lyoo ♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪
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want to welcome you in here at 7:00 on this sundaymorning. get straight to some breaking news that we have been following for you. we are now hearing that all lanes of the 66 eastbound are open after it was a head on cras there involving two cars. the lanes have been shut down r some time s obviously that was impacting traffic. but from our news partns at wtop, we're hearing all the lanes of 66 are once again open in that area. >> traffic moving smoothly, we know that the secret service was working the scene, and we're waiting for details on why they were involved. as morenformation becomes available, we'll bring it to you. >> but it's good news that the traffic lanesre open. we want toove to susan
7:02 am
rickeck s, could you classify today as being just like yesterday? >> i get in trouble when i'm subjective times, because i know on top i have said it's a gloomy day when it's raining outside, and people get upset because they think it's not tt gloomy outside. >> may they don't like the rain. >> maybe today the beautiful, maybe it's terrible for you. it dependsn how you look at it. te temperatures right now 66 degrees. 11:00, we're already going to be at 79 degrees, so we're going to take tho tperatures on up today, so it's going to be a beautiful day. ing plenty of sunshine out there, near perfect conditions, most of us think it's near perfect conditions, you don't see anything happening on the radar right now. we have tropical storm chris, that's hanng out on the north carolina coastline, bringing a lot of heavy rain out into the atlantic and even a few pretty
7:03 am
strong swells and rip currents to the eastern seaboard. we'll let you know if that could affect you in the washington, d.c. area, we'll talk about that and we'll show you that forecast that's cing up in a little bit. a somber wkend for the annapolis community. wendi winters, a victim of the "capital gazette" shooting was laid to west. revelations about her heroic actions. >> my mother picked up a trash can and a recycling bin and she ged at the shooter. >> it wasn't only her actions but her le and legacy that were separated at yesterday eat memorial. nicole jacobs was there. >> don't forget to ask yourself, what would
7:04 am
>> on thursday june 28, my mom picked up her trash can and her repsysicycling bin and she chart thshooter as he rushed . >> reporter: that very move saved lives, lives of h co-workers at the "capital gazette" newsroom. >> she charged at the shooter yelling no. >> reporter: at her mother's funeral on saturday, displayed poise. the "capital gazette" shared new details from the survivors of the "capital gazette." those whod, those who ran in shock. >>owlowing him dn and giving the police time to arrive, saving lives. it. >> reporter: recently wendi had atnded an active shooter
7:05 am
training. > our love and admiration for wendy, could easily lead us to create an image of her as saint wendi. >> reporter: a sai to so many, now clutching hands, hugging, crying, remembering wendi, sweet stories of r, remembering who she was, and what she did. >> thank you, wendi. >> nicole jacobs reporting there. anne arundel police say this is still a very muongoing investigation. having now u.s. military leaders are investigating an attack in afghanistan that left wu.s. service member dead. two otherse wounded. this happened in the southern part of the country not many details have been released but here's what we know. the incident is being called an
7:06 am
insiderck at the name of the person who was killed has not been made >blic. his morning, north korea is slamming u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo who spent yesterday meeting with the country's top leaders. the goal is to come up with a plan to help end north korea's clear program. secretary mike pompeo called the meetings productive. the north korean officials say that the u.s was moving too quickly and that pompeo was gangster like. more than a dozen people are missing after that tour boat capsized and sank in a storm on thursday. it's being called thailand's biggest tourist related disaster in year police say they may file negligence charges against the
7:07 am
boptain of that . well, today, a private a newl will be held for york state trooper killed in the line of duty. yesterday, family, friends and thousands from the community attended 29-year-old nicholas clark's wake. he was shot and killed while responding to a suicidal man barricaded inside a home on monday morning. all flags at government buildings will be flown at half stf until his internment. a child nearly drowned in a bathtub inside an apartment complex in gaither gaithersbur. the 15-month-old accidentally fell into a bathtub. a fire on galena road caused extensive damage. mle a protest in
7:08 am
chicago shut down a major highway. >> a bird's-eye view of the massivemo denstration. we're taking you to the front lines as firefighters race to put out the flames.
7:09 am
7:10 am
at 7:10, want to provideou with an update on that breaking news that we have been following for y this morning, all lanes on 66 eastbound have reopened after a crash. it's quite unusual -- a hn d-on
7:11 am
collis the rosslyn tunnel. that accident has been cleared up rather quickly. all lan of traffic eastbound and westbound now open, but meanwhile, there was something, an incident important enough that the secret service feels they need to update us on this, and it's going to be informatios that we wire be ywith you as soon as we get it. >> meanwhile we wt to tal about protesters in chicago that are putting pressure on local leaders to stop the gun violence in their community. >> and they shut down a highway to make sure their voices were heard.hi >> cgo police say that in the first six months of this year, the city saw 262 homicide. a brutal heat wave is making
7:12 am
bad conditionswo e. at least 60 large fires are burninggh thr six states. firefighters are making progress containing the flames in california. but officials say dry conditions teand triple-digieratures are making things pretty tough. the comic book communitys mourning the loss of a legend. >> the man who helped create popular characters such assp er-man and doctor strange has died. artist and writer steve ditco was found dead in his apartment back on june 29. no other details are being given about his death. he and his co-writer stan lee brought the comics to life. lee rarely spoke of him but did say this in 2015. >> i was lucky enough to work with the best artist in the business, jack kirby, steve ditco, john remedo, there's
7:13 am
nobody better. >> stan lee was 90 years old and he never granted one interview, and did you know that dr. strange, gene simmons said that the comic books inspired him to come up with his famous gesture. it turned nightmare for one woman. >> okay, i mean, how mad would you be about wthis, shend up paying $400 in shipping for a $25 purchase. we're "working for you," br
7:14 am
7:15 am
7:16 am
sof you think you've paid excessive shipping costs, a manassas mother says she's got you beat. it cost her more than $400 to ship a $25 boxes of baby w >> unbelievable. she had no idea that she was being charged that much. in facthe thoughthe was getting free shipping out of all this. of course our consume reporter susan hogan "working for you" with what's behind the shipping fees and how tdomake sure it n't happen to you. ed reporte baby sophia has everything she s, a sanky nursy, cool toys, and now the mostexpensive box of baby wipes on the planet.
7:17 am
so why all the fuss? >> it was crazy, i was like there's no way. >> repter: there's no way that barbara says she would knowingly agree to pay a whopping $400 shipping charge for a $25 box of baby wis. barbara sa she didn't floenotic the shipping charge. >> we were sitting there for 2, 3, 4, 5 days and we had to call amazon four times. because every time we called up amazon tskt w the status was, my husband had to tell the amazon rep over and over and ever. >> otde's response didn't come until the day after the order was naced. by t --
7:18 am
>> the seller said, oh, i'm sorry, i pcessed your order, and we can't cancel it anymore. >> reporter: the baby wipes were sent u.p.s. ground from arkansas. the shinning cost should have been less than $25. ped out and frustrated, these new parents called nbc 4 responds. >> i was like, i'm definitely going to do something about it. i had seen you guys before and said i'm going to give them a call and seef they can help me out. >> reporter: we contacted amazon, sent them all the documents provided to us by barbara. shorl sho shortly after, amazon told us that the seller broke their policy which says they cannot set excessiveer o fulfillment or shipping costs. the seller never responded to ou email, however we did notice this on their websitpi the only sh available now is free.
7:19 am
>> you see, san is going t get you. if you do the wrong thing, susan goingo get you. to make sure this doesn't happen to you, keep in mind any time you change the shipping options in your cart no matter what site yoblre on d check the charges. and nbc 4 responds has helped ours vie recovered over $1.4 million since we launched thi whole thing two years ago. if you have a consumer issue you ne helpwith, contact us at nbc washington/responds. that is a little ridiculous. and the fact that she already processed the order and then they told her what the shipping was. >> she should get free wipe saor ear with all the trouble she went through. >> lauren, on the twitter, this weather is insane. >> youor take credit that? >> i don't know if they're giving me credit, but i'll go and take
7:20 am
beautiful outside, gorgeous conditions and it's going to be like this pretty muchllweek. we have a few bumps in theoad areas of humidity when the rain moves b in. let's show you those rain chances out there. we're drytoday, dry tomorrow, we have a slight chance of rain late tuesday night into wednesday morning. and then we start to dry out wednesday afternoon and we keep those rain chances dry as we get into thursday and even friday. so today, we're sunny and we're warmer than yesterday, warmer. but we're warmer than yesterday, monday we have got blue skies, 's going to be nice, we have got some rain on tuesday, with the humidity coming backin, a on wednesday, the humidity drops again and that sun shines again as we g into wednesday afternoon. current temperatures out there right now, it is so nice, 66 here in washinon, outside the belt way, temperatures are in the 50s, and then someer u 40s in some spots. if you're headed to the
7:21 am
sneyards today, i going to be beautiful, those temperatures are going to top out in the mid 80s. it's going to be nic and dry. nothing show ing upad on the night now. however we doave a new thvelopment, we have tropica hl storm chris 's hanging off the eastern seaboard right now. right off the coast offer carolina, bringing a little bit of rip current and larger swells into the eastern seaboard, but the strongest ones are really on to the eastern side of this, so it's not impacting the east coastoo much. that's going to continue to push away and out of the region. so there it is right there, tropical storm chris, and we also have burell, that's going to continue to bush towards the lester lesser antilles and thenadt straight for puerto rico. right now burrell is a tropical storm as well and it should weaken to a depression as it
7:22 am
continues to r to the west towards puerto rico. so here we go, looking at tropical storm chris that's continuing to spin a little bit of rain out towards the outer banks with some clouds, but here in d.c. we're dry, and we're cloud free as we continue through monday. high pressure pretty strong ght now and that is keeping that at bay. temperatures for tomorrow are gog to be in the mid 80s with plenty of sunshine and low humidity, but the humidity comes back in on tuesday, we'll have rain chances late tuesday night into early wednesday, wednes uy we will dr by the afternoon. and temperatures go up as we head into the weekend, and we are really dry for the next ten days, with here andanhere chs of rain,
7:23 am
7:24 am
7:25 am
7:26 am
several accusers believe it was the assistan wrestling coach at the time. jordan denies knowing anything about the allegations before accusers spoke out this spring. >> if there would have been any reports of abuse, i would have reported it. >> reporter: members of the the freedom -- also rumored to be vying to become the next speaker of the >>house. he timing the kind of interesting, it's right after the big hearing with mr. rosenstein, it's right when they're talking about the alleged speaker's race.
7:27 am
>> reporter: his dials are fruitful and believe jordan knew what was going onnd choseo look the other way. questions remain about the possible crimes or a cover up. katie beck, nbc news taking a live look outside, how is this for sunday morning picture? >> i'll take it. >> i know, it's ataolutely splar out there, a great day to fire up the grill. when will the humidity and the rain return, lauren rickets will rain return, lauren rickets will return ♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪
7:28 am
♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ (birds chirping, a running ahh.k,) the new deer park sparkling is made with real spring water. ♪ it's so refreshing and delicious, you don't need slo-mo models to sell it. real spring water, real fruit flavors and refreshing bubbles. just what's refreshingly real.
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7:30 am
the north korean officials called pompeo gangster like. a fire spread to a fence and then two homes. the tood news ist no one was hurt but the damage was extensive. dry winds and scorching emperatures are making it really difficult for irefighters to put the flame out. one person died as a result and dozens of homes were destroyed.
7:31 am
we want to welcome you in here at 7:30 on this sunday morning, we are following breaking news for yo are waiting for word from the secret service about a crashhat happened on eastbound 66 near the rosslyn tunnel. and for some time, eastbound 66 was closed. it'st interesting t the secret service would have investigated that crash and ne're waiting for word from them. >> we're going to pass that inyormation along to but as a commuter, a driver this weekend, it's important to know that all lanes of traffic on eastbound and westbound near 66 is open. let's turn our attention to the weather because we have got tap. day on when i stepped out this morning at o dark30, it was cold, it felt like you needed a little bit of a jacket.
7:32 am
>> some viewers tweeted me saying they also felt like they needed a jacket this morning. anywhere from the mid 50s to the mid 6 right now, and some areas in the upper 40s right now. it's a little crisp out there, but the weather is cabeautiful. yo see plenty of sunshine, and you can see some sunshine out there right now from our capitol camera. it going to continue to be beautiful throughout the day. 66 is our tempature, a light wind. yesterday we had a little bit of a breeze, and that's not to be the case going through today. but there a going to be blue skies. plenty of sunshine out there today and near perfect conditions. we'll talk about when the heat returns, when the humidity returns. newevopments meantime and efforts are under way right
7:33 am
now tose rescue t 12 boys and their coach trapped in that cave in ndailand. >> as the world watches, we could see the first person reach safety in just matter of hours. crews launched the rescue mission because floodwaters inside of the case are at their best level. if they wait anylo nger, more rain could fill that cave and flood. mo rescues will happen around 10:00 in the morning our time. happening now, an urgent search is u way in virginia beach. police are looking for a mother of four who h vanished fr apartment building. belamy gamboa has disappeared. lice areearching on land and water, even using a drone to find her. th found a car abandoned in a parking belamy's f says she's always in constant contact with her kids and she wouldn't just
7:34 am
take off. >> i want her to know that we love her and we're going to -- we're going to look for her e til the very end, until find her. >> now virginia state police have issued an astonte alert for her. that's a local woman whoas kidnapped from a naval base in virginia. the astonte alert is for adults who are thought to have been abducted and are in danger. teen who's been missing for more than a week, he's jalen hardy, she was last seen on sunday on columbia road in columbia hehts. but police only got word he was missing yesterday. give police a call if you have where hemation as to might be. a local man caught driving an illegal atv in the district. police say they spotted the atv
7:35 am
with no license plate or tags on valley place on frighy brian parker was riding the four wheeler recklessly near a playground. police arrested parker and took the vehicle. the trump administration remainsnder a court order to reunite children with their parents on the border. yesterday in phoenix, a 1-year-old boy went before an immigration judge, the judge has dered all children to be reunited with their parents by tuesday. official say only half of the kids could bereunited by that deadline. and a former trump camign chairm wants his trial moved out of virginia. lawyers for paul manafort cite publicity in alexandria as easons to move the trial to
7:36 am
roanoke, manafort faces a second federal trial in t washingtohis fall. both of thoserials center around the investigati into russia's influence on the presidential campaign. we havews some good his week about the united states economy. >> that's right, the jobs report came out showing that the economy added jobs. >> many companies say they are having truck attracting workers. anne thompson shows us the perks that those companies are now offering. >> adau' auto repair shop is dpfiring on all cylinders. what goes into fixing an engine that, say, 10 years ago? he offering a salary of up to
7:37 am
$120,000, health care, and a$5 00 signing bonus, for master automotive techtechnician. >> we're definitely in need of great talent and great talent is hard to fight right now. >> 30% of ameri ns are increasing their benefits, everything from wellness retreats to reviving pensions. >> it's a great time to be an workers worker today, have the leverage to choose, where, when and how to work. >> parents getting parental leave pay for hourly workers, kroger offering reimbursement for tuition. t benefits only go so far. >> we do expect companies will have to pull the lever of wages to attracttalent. >> seeking the right combination of perks and pay for the benefits that drive america's economy.
7:38 am
anne thompson, nbc news, new york. > one neighborhood against speed bumps. caught on camera, an unwelcome guest appears on a viewer property. that's a bear. >> that's so cute. >> you think that's cute? it's a nuisance bear.
7:39 am
7:40 am
imagi seeing this in your backyard. >> nope. >> a big black bear strolling on to your propertyis eek one homeowner didn't have to imagine it. this footage washt taken r in his yard. >> i would freak out. at first he thought it was a dog getting into his trash, but when he looked closer, he realized what it was and it was a bear. and officials think the bear could beep a reat offender.
7:41 am
>> reporter: barry turner of centerville was muc t calmern many of us might be when he went to take out some trash monday night and saw a bear, backing out of his trash bin. >> he's in there, his shoulder is deep into that trash can. >> it was trash night, so i gathered the things up, opened up the door and my trash can was knocked over and i thought it was a dogn there, and i stepped closer and a bear pulls out of the trash can and kindjuf steps back and looks at me. >> reporter: the close encounter was tap chured by turner's home security system. >> i looked at him for what i think is too ng. i looked at the video again and i probably should have backed aysooner. >> reporter: turner has lived in this home for 10 years.
7:42 am
>> it's now checked off my list of wild liar thlife that i mighe to find in fairfax. >> this comes one year after this bear was spotted coming out of a parking garage. >> reporter: turner says when he talked to county anim control, they indicated to him that it's very possible all o these reports may involve people seeing the same young bear. in centerville, jackie benson, news4. speed bumps, they're designed to make you slow downd potentially save lives. >> heyeah, t can be annoying sometimes. and that's exactly why one local neighborhood is working to get rid of them on their street. whe their effort is under way and why that's coming up after the break. it's 7:42.
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
speed bumps slow down traffic. but some people feel they're annoying. >> some neighbors unleashed san effortet to g speed jumps removedro ftheir roads. but that's a steep hill to climb. >> reporter: speed bumps, depending on your perspective, you either love them or hate
7:46 am
them. here on frye road, neighbor -- >> there's a lot of kids that live around here, they're ann annoying but w sh many kids around here, they're necessary. >> taking an olda car ove speed bump or any car over a speed bump, it's not good for the car number one.r: >> reportet seems like a waste of money t me. we have a road that's falling apart and they're putting in speeds. bu >> reporter: they have been told v dot won't approve stop signs at this intersection. now they see the chance for a do over. the roads around them getting repaved.
7:47 am
>> now that they're repaving the street, they're going to have to otke them out, it's a perfect opportunity to n spend the money to put them back in again. >> reporter: but getting rid of speed bumps that's a process too. usher just received this notice from his county supervise's office, informing him he needs to get signaturie infrom 50 of 219 homeowners. but the signatures, they don't guarantee a change, just that it might be consided. in fairfax county, news4. >> i don't know. for me, it's like, we have to stop flying arounoa our regardless. we need to be safer, not just from the driver's perspective, kids and everody, but the speed bumps certainly help. > even when there's painted
7:48 am
lines for pedestrians, even the best of us can get distracted. >> time to change, man, time to slow down. anyway, that's my two cents. >> we have a twitter poll right now togh w in. i think everybody, for the most part can agree. >> no complaints, the complaint department is>>closed. or today. we'll see what happens tomorrow. >> tell us about tomorrow. mo>> ow's not going to be that bad. each day temps are going to get a littl warmer. so yesterday we hit 82, today 85, tomorrow87. and then the humidity will build as well. not a lot of rain chances this week. i know, adam you say your grass is stidry. we're going to get a ltle rain on tuesday night. it's going to be perfect out there with low humidity car wash, no rain until possibly
7:49 am
early wednesday morning, but at's it. if you want to go outside and dine idou lunch, brunch, whatever you want to do, it's going to be mfortable. th sun goes down just about 8:30, we have some sports games out there, make sure you have that spf on.l beautiorning out there as the sun came up just about 20 minute until 6:00. we have some 40s out in the shenandoah valley. otherwise tempera the 50s and 60s, we'll take those temperatures into the 80s today. we have an afternoon game at nats park. plenty of sunshine for that, mild, low humidity, temperatures are going to be in the low to midle 80s for that game. again, a very comfortable day out there, and plenty of sunshine, not a lot happening o the storm team 4 radar, withnhe
7:50 am
exceptf the outer banks, seeing just a little bit of cloud cover. this isropical storm chris, oh, yeah, we have gotro acal storm, our third named storm of this season. an it's just meandering off the carolina coastline. mostgef the str winds are to the east side of it, not really impacting the shoreline, still getting some large swells, stilletting some rip tides along the eastern seaboard. that one is weakening, a very compact storm, that is going to continue to head towards t lesser antilles and then sunday night it sho slip by puerto rico as a tropical depression, puerto rico is still dealing with some of the impacts from last hurricane season as you ow. sunday morning, you can see tropical storm chris down there, we are dry, we are clear, thanks to high pressure, pretty strong
7:51 am
high pressure overo it's keeping that storm to the south. we keep the sunshine in here, even going into your monday mornin morning, we're looking good. otherwise looking good for your monday. temperatures are going to be warm nring 90 degrees tomorrow. humidity starts to roll back in on tuesday, few clouds on tuesday, maybe a rain shower late tuesday night into early wednesday. humidity drops on wednesday, en it s.t.a.r.tarting rolling bn on wednesday. our best chance o rain looks to be next tuesday, not this be next tuesday, not this upcomi thursday,ng t
7:52 am
back to the game show where the prices are set, but the challenge is... "guess that price!" for the win, how much is the average daily cost of electricity from novec? within one dollar, that's my lights, hot water, tv, gaming console, laundry, fridge, robot vacuum. i'm going to say i pay novec five dollars a day. the answer is... four seventy-four! i win! novec rocks! with novec we all win. novec. powerlue and so much more! s!
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at 7:54, wt to update you and tell you that there is going to be an nbcpecial report coming up about that cave rescue in thailand where that soccer team and coach have been trapped inside, we aould see rescue today, that's cing up shortly. >> they're hearing radio chatter out of the thai jungle saying that the boys are leaving the cave two btw i know we were expecting it by 10:00 our time, but from what we can tell, it could be a little
7:55 am
bit eaier. g>> a singing soldier, that's what some are call an iraq veteran who's turned opera singer. >> our amy cho caught up with the alexandria native this week. ♪ >> reporter: with a voice like s th, it's hard to believe that jesus hernandez ever doubtede had what it took, but years before he ever stepped foot on stage, he waa soldier in iraq. never taking a lesson in his life, simply listening to it while growing up. while in iraq, hernandez would perform for hw fel soldiers. one day he met an opera star who saw in hanernandez a star in th making and offered to pay for his lessons.
7:56 am
fast forward to today, hernandez now pursuing music full-time. he'll soon head to europe to audition at thes worl best opera houses. >> if you're going to audition or perform, youlways have that little butterfly effect in your stomach, but statemeat the same it's excitement. >> reporter: and though the singeras soldier left his days on the battlefield behind him, he'll alwaysry c the lessons he learned. >> it's one of the most gratifying experiences i ever had in my life, to know that i t did somethit was beyond me and something that was bigger than me. >> in thesda, amy cho, news4. > time rightnow, 7:56 on this sunday morning, a herere the four things you need to know this morning, fire investigators in rockville still trying to
7:57 am
find out wt started that fire rs a shed. wendi win has now been laid to rest. she's one of the victims in the "capital gazette" shooting. secretary of state mike pompeo says denuclear talks are going well, but north korea says otherwise, saying his tactics are gangster like. a rescue is under way in thailand, the goal is to bring those 12 boys and a soccer (sound of footsteps) pe (sound of car doorng) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪ everyone in the house is doing all of this at once. but no one wants this... you need fios - the 100% fiber optic network.
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(sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes)
8:00 am
(sound of engine starting) >> announcer: this is an nbc news special report. here's willie geist. good morning. this is an nbc news scial report. i'm willie geist. there is breaking news out of thailand where a dangerous rescue mission has been going on to save a coach and a scer team trapped in a cave. the rst boys have just com out of that cave. let's go to bill neely in thailand. good moouing. what can tell us? >> reporter: good morning to you, willie and a very good morning here i thailand. it was d-day for the rescue. it is now freedom day for at least two of t


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