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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  July 9, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> but not everyone agrees. >> the first look at the royal family of five inside today's baptism of prince louis. >> a as w start first at 4:00, a bear in a local backyard. >> the black bear looking directly at chopper 4 as we flew overhead. >> i'm pat lawson muse. >> news 4's darcy sncer has been there on the scene for hours now, and we're hearing the bear got away. what happened? >> reporter: leon, you're not going to believe this. yes this, got away, but i just got an update that police were able to track down thear they had already hit it with a tranquilizer gun so i think he kind o passe out and they were able to capture them. all of this unfoed rightere behind me in this backyard. he was up in this tree for several hours. they hit him with aui trazer gun, and eventually he came
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down. we want to show you some video. theeear was in tree from around 1:00 this afternoon until about 3 e0 wherything unfolded very quickly aft. after they shot him with the tranquilizer tree he hung out in the tree for some time and then decided to climb down the tree. hopefully you're seeing the video. very amazing to see him climb down. climbed him down quickly and sort of threw p a lot ofple off guard. they knew something like that could happen when you hit him with the gun. took off across the yard and ran across the street into some other yards and for a while got away and he was there on the loose. good news is he was captured and this all unfolded in the backyard o cory johnson who is standing here to talk to us live. what did you see when you saw all of this unfold here this afternoon? >> i was concerned about myil en's safety and also concerned about the animals in the area and neighbors, so we immediately called animal
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control and local police, and they came on the scene probably in about 30 minutes and the police got here. hour later we had animal control, and theyere able to help out. >> you could hear chopper 4 up all afternoon, and we were trying to get a glimpse of the bear and we were sort of hidden because he was in the shade of the trees, but all thisex tement was happening all afternoon, and then it came to a very quick end. >> yeah. m glad they actually got them out of the area. hopefully they will catch him and everything will be safe, but we're just -- h may com back and we wanted all our neighbors to be aware of that, and i realou appreciate letting us know that. >> apparently it was a pack of dogs and that's howe ended up the stre. >> we had two small german shepherds and a larger german shepherd and they chased it up a tree and held it there until safety came fro prince william county animalsh elter. >> all right. cory johnson, hanks very much for speaking to us. i'm glad everybody is, saut
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it was a very tense moment. i was standing right in this t area when bear ran across the street. can you see our camera is rolling as well so a lot of excitement here. the good news is no one is hurt and the bear has been captured and they are going to rease it later in the wild. >>e we're sur that the bear is just as happy as theol are. >> exactly. >> thank you, darcy spencer. >> and we are staying on top of breaking news out of tiland wher it is a race against time to free the soccer team trapped underground. fourore boys were rescued today from that flooded cave and rushed to the hospital. doctors say the boys, are quote, safe and --. eight members of a team are now ing treated at the hospital and four teammates and their coach still trapped. nbc's bill neely is live in coming up at 4:30, he'll explain when dive teams plan to go in there and bring the rest of the team out. >> it's been three weeks since someone murdered a 17-year-old
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boy on a brings george's county playground and stole his designer belt. this afternoon, police are putting out new photos that they hope will lead them to the teen's killer. more liv from police headquarters. pat? >> reporter: when you hear how this wednesday down, when you hear about the acts of this cold-blooded killer, you'll understand why the cops want to get in guy off the street. we begin our story now with the victim's dad. >> my son, he'll stay in my heart for the rest my life. >> reporter: at the placeenhere it ha, a memorial to brian avalrado estaville. two rosaries around his memorial. it w two weeks a he was murdered during a robbery. he was just 17 years old. today police released pictures of some of the items takenro
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brian that day, a white watch and a gucci belt. people familiar with the case, they tell the story this way. they say on the of the murder ryan was at that playground with some friends. in fact, minutes before it happened, he was sitting on a piece of playground equipment talking on his cell phone. we have a picture of that. they say a man walked on to the playground and announces somebody's gonna get robbed here today, and that man, as he pulls out a gun and shots brian at close range, and then from if brian'sess body that gunman takes that necklace, the white watch and the gucci belt ann -- and then the robber, he takes off. witnesses sayhe suspect was wearing bright blue air jordan shoes like this. another clue released by the police. for brian's family a call for
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justice. >> all my family wants justice for my son. >> reporter: you want jfotice your son? >> yeah. i need help to find the guy, you know. >> that watch which was described as whiteer ear is actually silver. i hope to have a better picture for you at 5:00. also at 5:00, the cops weigh in. hear going to want to what they have to say about this case pat, back to you. >> that's a heartbreaker. thank you, pat. >> the face of a killer revealed after more than two decades with the help of the suspect's dna. a string of rapes and one killing has gone sunsolvedce the 1990s. news 4's meagan fitzgerald explain how police are using new technologies to unlock clues to this cold case.
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>> reporr: i have two little girls. it was very shocking. >> it's been nearly 24 years since this girl was attacked, raped and murdered right outside of her front door. investigators found her body days later in a wooded area next to her mom on martha terrace in rockville. her neighbors have never fo >> i remember coming home that evening, and thereere cop cars. >> reporter: montgomery county police say this is what the suspect looked lik in the early '90s. this newly released image is what they believe he looked like now.ig inveors say this man tried to rape another woman while she was walking on twinbrook parkway two weeks before he kled the woman. this yellow flashlight was recovered from the scene. inveigators also say he raped another rockville woman in 1989. >> the other thing these cases have in common is they all occurred around the same time
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frame, around 10:00 at night as the victims were leaving the area. the twinbrook me flow. >> these women and their families have waited decades for justice. police are hoping this new image and the community's help will bring them closer. reporting in montgomery county. meag fitzgerald, news 4. >> happening tonight. thert supreme c decision. president trump getting set for the big reveal on his nominee for the supme court. everything can happen but the late guidance is that these four judges have made it into the final four. blaine alexander tracking the latest on the latest judge such right now. what is t latest right now? >> reporter: well, leon, as ofn this m president trump was reportedly still deciding who exactly would get the job, but many people in both parties have already clearly outlined how they plan tor respond, no mat who he chooses. this is the short list, four conservative appeal court judges
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said to n the running to fill an open seat on the supreme court. president trump set to a his pick tonight on primetime television framing the choice as the most important decision a u.s. psident can make. >> it's going to have a lasting impact on our juris prudence and on our country, and, therefore, youant to tryo avoid surprises. >> reporter: reportedly leading the pack, judge brett kavanaugh of d.c. and thomas hardiman according to nbc news who say all fou appeals court judges are still in the running, but long before the reveal the responses are already etched in stone. president trump's lis includes the best of the best. >> reporter: this conservative tv ad alreadyng hit airwaves with more ready to roll minutes after the announcement and a group of democratic senators led by senator elizabeth warren planning a supreme court rally to protest the nominee, a setting the stage for a contemptuous confirmation process in the senate. majority leader mitch monnell
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urging president trump to pick the person with the easiest road to ircotion. >> it's the four people, but they are excellent. every one. you can't go wrong. reporter: tonight's announcement one that could shape the nation's highest court for decades to come. and leon, this will be preside trump's second nomination to the supreme court. meanwhile, leader mitch mcconnell has said that they will hold a confirmation vote this fall. back to you. >> of course. we'll watching to see how it all plays out. thank you, blayne alexander. nbc news will bri you the president's pick live with special coverage led by lester holt andhe nbc news political team. that will will come your way tonight at 9:00 right here on nbc 4. we hope you can join us. checking some of todaops other stories now. bail weinstein is out on after pleading not guilty to a new round of sex crime charger >> his law maintains the former movie mogul never forced anyone to have sex. >> mr. weinstein is not a predator he's not a rapist, and i believe
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that when this case is over we willim uely see him to be exonerated. >> reporter: weinstein previously pleaded not guilty to sex cme accusations from two other women. convicted, he faces a maximce sentf life in prison. the most recent case of poisoning by nerve agent in the uk is now had a homicide investigation. a woman died on sunday after she and her partner became sick. detectives believed they were exposed to a high dose of poison made in the soviet union during the cold war. it's the same a nervent used to poison a former russian spy and his daughter earlier this year. and the clock is ticking towards the deadline for the government to reunite migrant children separated from their parents. federal judge set a goal of midnight tonight for reconnecting parents with children under the agef 5:00. the aclu estimates more than 100 children fall into tha category. only half of them though will make the deadline.
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when one road opens, another onrecloses. >> wive at the start of the next phase of construction for a road t sts a whole lot of traffic here in the district. >> plus, the latest straw for a starbucks. now you'll have to sip your ice coffee out of something like a child's sippy. >> and the youngest member of the british royal family joins the church of england. see will aut kate accept o for the first time with their childr as a family of five with aunt meghan and uncle harry in tow. a we've seen pretty nice day across our region today. temperatures in the low 80s and low humidity and the heat hand low humidity and the heat hand humidity are on the return and
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the heat and humidity coming back this week. so is the rain. eoug is back. he's back from beach with what to expect for the rest of our week, and an early look what's in store for the weekend. storm team 1 is comi4 is coming three minutes. hours your few commute could improve dramatically or could actually get worse. >> another stretch of beach drive right in the heart of d.c. setuno open a 8:00 tonight, but just as this project wraps up, another i one tote to fin. >> our transportation reporter adam tuss j wns us liveith a look at what to expect. adam, what's the word? >> reporter: that's right, leon, a little bit of good news and
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bad news here and just about four hours at 8:00 the closed signs go away and this section of beach drive at branch and blackton avenue opens back up, but, yeah, a little farther up closure.d, another moved out and ready toss go. prog for the commute. yet another section of this massive beach drive rehab in the books, and commuters couldn't be happier to get rid of that old pavement. >> oh, imean, just the whole thing was potholes everywhere. >> kristen not only drives along this stretchut also rides her bike. did you know they would open the section tonit? >> i didot know that. >> reporter: so we're breaking news to you. >> great, superex ting. >> the next stretch that will open is 1.5 miles long from brogden avenue up to joyce road tomorrow this section of joyce road shuts down to the maryland road.
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predict what the traffic impact will be from there, but drivers should anticipate following the signed detour. >> reporter: beach drive has gone through extensive renovations with a lot of improvement, not just for cars, better trails and pedestrian access to the national zoo, t there's more bumps to be ironed out. the entire project expected to next yeard by fall of and for many it's a sign that the ride is getting better. >> i'm really happy with the result. y. >> certainly a lot of happy commuters in this area. this whole traffic shift of roads opening and closing, it will take a few weeks toron out but nevertheless guys, we're making progress here on beach drive. >> thank you, adam. >> we'll take progress. at the height of crab-eating season a warning from maryland's atpartment of health. don't fresh crab meat imported from venezuela. it might cause infection. the non-pasturized crab meat is the sold in stores in plastic
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tubbs under a variety of brand names and also used in some restaurants. the infectionauses stomach problems, nausea, vomiting and photographer. there have been nine cases of sick zes importedo far in maryland and two people have been hospitalized. the crab meat is imported from venezuela, not marylandharab meat we're talking about, blue crab. >> a boost for the effort to ban plastic straws. you see this here. stbucks planning to do away with all stars by 2020. the coffee house chain is only going to use biodegradable straws and specialized plaliic like this one here. some will give the customer the option and others will see changes starting this fall. estarbucks is largest booed and beverage chain so far to ban plastic straws. here's the thing. we werde thinking that the is to try to get rid of plastic straws, but the lid is plastic. >> the whole cup is. >> the whole cup isic pla we didn't see the -- the
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opening. the it is like a sippy cup. >> it's a grown-up sippy cup, a sippy cup for grown-ups. >> no straw needed. >> it's turned into a gning. >> for sure. >> we want to save the planet. >> exactly. >> starbks is takingt least a step. >> you know what. it doesn't matter, because if you'rehi drinking som out out of this. >> well, this is for specialty drinks. >> okay. >> coffee, look whaay it right there. cold brew. >> there you go, on the inside. >> the point is it's plastic. >> the point is y don't need a straw so welcome back. >> thank you. >> mr. vacation. how many o these did you take around on your vacation? >> a couple days off.e a cou more maybe. >> and you brought some of this nice beautiful weather, and how long are we going to get there?e >> last couf days below average temperatures. >> i took off on the hottest team and went to the beach when it's nice and cool and coming back for nice weather, and by the time it gets hot again i'm
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back to the beach. let's show y what's happening out there right now. very nice. plenty of sunshe and low humidity. temperature-wise 87 degrees and we're atle bit below average. winds out of the south though at 9 opinion miles an hour? southerly wind will help increase the humidity as we move into the day tomorrow. still, look at these numbers 84 in annapolis and 90 right now in baltimore and 85 gaithersburg and 86 in manassas and 82 in winchester and with the lowmi ty it's extremely comfortable. so far the month of july it's been much warmer tha normal all because of last week and the tremendous heat wave that we saw about 97 in the middle of last week. no rain so far at all. we've not received any rainfall at the airport.n we've s a couple of stores at the airport. most of us have beenvery, very dry. this trend looks to continue. very warm and very dry over the next couple o weeks here. time to start watering the lawns if you haven't already t it'se. after all the rain we saw in june, we're really starting to dry out right o now. no rai the radar, and you
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know that for sure as we widen out here. no rain no, cloud coveranhere in the eve. take a look from boston to d.c. down to raleigh lookingokreat. at this. this is tropical storm chris, and it's looking had a little bit can you even see the center of the storm that looks like an eye trying to form there. that's tropical storm chris. it will move out to sea. it's not coming our way, butng it's go meander down towards our southern borders here of the carolinas right off cape hatteras. if you're going to the cape the next couple of days or into the weekend, it will have big impact on the beaches. some of the beaches have been closed the next couple ofs d because of the rip current oureat and thatld extend into the maryland andbeaches, t over the next couple of days. that's somhing we'll watch and amelia joins me at 445 with the ve latest on chris and beryl which is out there. >> tomorrow heat hand humidity coming back. 94 degrees. mostly sunny and hot. t yes, humidity starts to creep up a little bit and it's not that bad.
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tomorrow is a very hot day and take a look at the next ten days. i don't see a ton of heat this week. 90 degrees on wednesday and 88 on thursday and 88 f onday. very warm and very dry, and we get into ather heat wave as we make our way in towards next week, saturday and sun and middle of next week really hot weather moves right back in. a chance of storms moves back in as well. it's just achance, guy. summertime chance. we need some rain. >> that's for sure. >> thank you, doug. >> thanks, doug. will and jada smith have been together for more than 20 years now. >> and in hollywood that's a lifetime. >> oh, yeah. >> coming up, will and jada transcending rors of cheating and why they don't use the word married anys,re. plu putting bikinis in the past. why surprshing back over ending the camisameri famous swimsuit
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or a while now actors will and jada smith have been denying rumors of divorce. >> even so, you won't hear them say the "m" word. scott evans joins us now from
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"access" to explain all of this. scott, if they are committed as a couple, why are they not saying the word marriage? what's going on? >> reporter: not going to say the "m" worked i love it. after 20 years together will smith no longer says he's smith. to jada pinkett like i said, before you get on my back it's in a new interview where will got pretty candid how he talked about how he and jada got into really tough struggles. >> we were trying to force a marriage when actually, you know, you think of it in terms of a seed and soil, are they married? soil.ot married in the it's just growing together both doing what they were designed to do and me and jada sort of found ourself into that space where we don't even -- we don't even say we're married anymore. we refer to ourselves as life partners, right? where you get io that ace,
4:27 pm
when you realize you are literally with somebody for the rest of your life. the there's no deal-breaker. >> inteeasting? >> no breaker. >> you're in hollywood. what does that mean. you tell us. what does ttmean? >> code language. >> i have an uncle who told me that marriage describes the contract, right, where life partner describes the connection, and that seems to me to make a whole lot of sense. now he is chronically single, but, you know, he does have really greatdvice. >> all i know is i don't know a guy that can get away with saying that if his or the woman was sitting right next to him. this is my boo right here. this is my boo. >> called a lack of commitment is what i think it's called but that's a personal reaction. >> they seem to be people who are totally committed tone another and totally committed to making whatever that conavction they together working regardless so can you call me whatever you want to call me as
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long a you keep calling. >> we've just got to the do what we're made to do. >> and the checks don't bounce. >> exactly. > what's on "access" tonight, scot >> okay. . just got back from hong ko >> yeah. >> yeah, hong kong with duane "theck" johnsons. we mad dim sum and come hang out with us tonight, it makes sense. >> dim sun sounds delicious. >> scott evans, you just had to rub that? >> scheme out here to make us anel bad. ior nothing, bro. >> it's all lovs all love. >> we love, too. >> get out of here. eight cups a day is th expert recommendation. >> well, for some people we're talking about water. plain water though just too boring for many. today, bad news for soda lovers,
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even those w drink diet soda. >> plus, details about the royan chrig today including just how many god parents prince louis is lucky enough to, have and the
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breaking news. chopper live over dulles international airport. a united airlines plane was just hit by a fue truck. >> the boeing 777 was parked at the gate and getting ready for takeoff at london. no one injured. there's damage to the plane's engine. our nces desk is a p to call to united airlines to get more information about what happens next, and we will keepou posted on this breakingtory. live pictures there from dulles airport. >> now, we sen you a breaking news alert to your phone this morning on another story on an update on the boys rescued from the cave in thailand. >> four were pulled out to safety and airlifted to a hospital. they are reuniting with teammates who were rescued over the weekend. but five members of their group still underground. >> nbc's bill neely is in thailand to explain when the next phase of thi rescue pr aess begins. ther successful day here. four more children freed after a long journey through that cave complex?
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they have been taken to the hospital, and t by are nowng looked after by medical staff. the four boys who were free yesterday have already been asking doctors for their favorite food. that's been refused because medically they are just not up to that right now. v they arey hopeful of getting the final five, that's four boys and the assistant coach out tomorrow. the rescue today took less time than yesterday. tomorrow it may take longer. the diver are also tired because the same 18 divers that haveoreen at it the last two days will go in once again tomorrow. one diver we spoke to said the major problems tiredness and complacency after yeerday's success and perhaps today they just need to be careful that they are not complacent because complacency can kill divers. it can also kill weakened boys. bill neely, nbc news, northern
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ailand. for the first time "house of cards" starobin wright is speaking pubically about her former co-star kevinsppacey. ey was fired from the netflix series after allegations of sexual misconduct. more than 15 men have made allegations including an actor who was 14 at the time of the alleged .miscondu wright spoke to the "today" show aboutheir relationship and about how the cast reacted to the news. >> i think we were all surprised, of course, andti ultely saddened. >> we were co-workers really. we weren't -- we never socialized outside of work. kevin and i knew each other actionnd cutnd in between setups where we would giggle. i didn't really know the man. i knew the incredible craftsman that he is s >> wrights she's glad the series could can be completed without spacey. the sixth and final season airs
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this fall. worki for your health this evening. word that drinking diet soda can actually cause you to gain weight. drinking soda of any kind, diet or regular, iakes your insulin levels spike, so when that happens your body s burning fat until your insulin level drops. >> individuals who drink more diet soda actuallor gain weight because it has to do with the aftertaste and the after effects of the diet soda. gives them a temporaryill but it affects their insulin and other systems and they get hungrier later. >> dr. ggs says that drinking an occasional soda is harmless but you can actually harm your heart if you drink five or more a day and get this, the bubbles in the soda, they can create carbonic acid which some dentists linkth to t enamel erosion. two g localnt supermarket
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stores are on the move. stores in herndon and olney will move and they will open at olney village center and the vil ige center dulles. lion is investing $2 m into its new store there. the company that operates shopper's food warehouse is moving away from its retail ores and concentrating on wholesale business. >> big day for soccer fans. you're looking here at the scene from audi field. d.c. united's new hom in southwest. team players and city leaders cutting the ribbon there and making it official opening up the field. the new stadium now will hol 20,000 fans. they have got so many amenities there. even a bike valet. the team's inaugural game is set for this saturday night against th vancouver whitecaps. up until now d.c. united spent
4:37 pm
the first 22 ssons playing at the be football stadium. >> britain's royal family gathered today for t tristening of prince louis. this is therd child of willia and kate. the archbishop of canterbury baptized the boy at st. james palace. after the ceremony guests enjoyed tea, of course, and as is tradition, a layer from the couple's wedding cake was also servedhich means guests eight seven-year-old cake. >>what? >> seven-year-old cake. >> seven-year-old cake. >> that'stradition. >> it's a good thing they weren't married for 50 years. >> i thinke you'd still h to eat it. >> okay. >> whatever it takes. whatever it takes. >> they must have gooder fre in great britain. >> i guess so. next, a bathing suit backlash. >> coming up next, putting miss
4:38 pm
america's favorite swimsuit competition in the rear view mirror, but not everyone agrees on that. >> a french bulldog in respiratory distress saved by a fast thinking flightwe attendan. e got the pictures coming. plus, i'm tcking the remnants of beryl and its impacts on puerto rico, and alsv we tropical storm chris. i'll have the latest flack about ten minutes. (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door openi) (car door closes) (sound of engine startin ♪ ♪
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z2u2gz z16fz y2u2gy y16fy
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(sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) d (cr closes) (sound of engine starting) a scary morning for three children who lived in this house. take a loo at this fire ration up the walls and into the home's attic. a family lived in this home on 11th street northwest in columbia heights. the heat was so high itam spark at a home across the street where two other people lived. this afternoon everyon is okay, but take a look at the mess left. everyone will hav to find another place to live. right now we're working to find out what started t blaze.
4:42 pm
d.c. firefighters say there were working smoke detectors and alarms that wentn off both homes. >> hmm. the broadway run for the musical "spongebob squarepants" is cut short and will end on december 16th. the musical's home, the 102-year-old palace theater, is temporarily closing down for a redevelopment project. the interior will remain intact while entire theater will be lifted four floors up o make room for retail space. the music allstar silver springe native ethan swho received the tony award nomination for his role. "spongebob squarepants" will begin on tour next fall. >> heat and humidity back this week. >> the full forecast coming up next. plus, an early look at what's coming this week coming this week en
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i had life-treatening bleeding in my brain. but thanks to theual reality technology at gw hospital, my surgeons were able to look inside my brain and plan for a successful surgery.
4:45 pm
it's remarkable that i woke up and ran five miles this morning. i would tell gw hospital thank r giving me new life. for life's defining moments the george washington univeristy hospital defining medicine. four things to know to get
4:46 pm
caught up. eight boys are now safely above ground rescued from thatave in thailand recovering now in the hospital. efive more members of th soccer team remain trapped behind them. dive teams are hoping to bring out their four boys and coach out of the cave on tuesday. >> a bear scare in a local backyard. here's vid you'll see only on news 4. neighbors say dogs chakd this blacear up into the trees lihind a home in woodbridge. they tranqd the bear and officers found it a short ways away. cn is reporting president trump has made his pick for the supreme court. no word yet onk who that p is, but we'll bring it to you as soon as we know, and we invite you to watch the announcement live with us on nbc 4 at 9:00 tonight. andit brn's prince louis was christened this afternoon. friends and family joined prince william and his wife kate for the ceremony. the 11-month-old is fifth in line for the throne.
4:47 pm
pat, over to you. >> with a nod to the me, too moveme, the miss america organization recently scrapped its famous swimsuit competition and why this is pitting pageant winners against one another. >> reporter: this is a fierce divide withinri the miss a organization. it comes after last month's decision t end the swimsuit and evening gown competitions. the group's new governing board voted unanimously to replace the swimsuit and evening gown portions of the sustaining with extended on-stage interviews and now more than 20 state pageant leaders are calling for the board to resign saying miss america leaders are making decisions in secret. the board believes tate leaders who oppose the change are just having a hard time accepting that the pageants evolving. past win remembers also divide on the format roange. >>ess means that challenges will have to be met, and what's happening right now is that we have a new board, new
4:48 pm
leadership and new ideas in order to move miss america into 2018 and beyond. >> this isn't about objectfying women, and i think people ersensationalize the swimsuit competition in miss america over and over again when in reality there's nothing that a woman can't do, and we can do it in a swimsuit and heels. >> the news america board was assembled last year after a previous leaders to resign. many members of the new board are former pageant winners. >> it's a changing of the season. >> >> bringing us forward. >> this has been swimsuit weather that we've hadround for the last couple of days. not too bad. >> absolutely. >> and that's the way it's going to be. >> last couple of days and week, way down there towards the beaches, able to go and looking sthere. even t week. if you're back here, yeah, temperatures will still be quite hot after what was another phenomenal day today and still the s g doesn't down for another four hours.
4:49 pm
out there right now gorgeous conditions. looking at sunshine and looki >> an ant. >> i see a big one. >> it's wearing a swimsuit. >> yeah. >>e a couple of different things there. whatever it was. >> blue skies and low humidity and really just aul beaut picture out there and temperature-wise we're currently sitting at 87 degrees. those numbers, let me switch back here, i seem to be -- something is going on here. happens.hat see what happens. i leave and then you did something to my clicker. i knew it. 87 degrees right now present of sunshine and temperatures tonight dropping through the 80s and down to 78 degrees by 211:00 and 9:00 tonight, nice weather. really nice thisf evening you're going out to dinner and when the sun goes down at qu8:0 e nice. 87 gaithersburg and 88 ind restn 87 degrees towards camp springs. yeah, i'm still on. for some reason amelia has helped me. nothing as far as the rain is
4:50 pm
we are dry, and we're going to stay that way as we move on through the next coupl of days. planner for tomorrow. 70 degrees tomorrow morning, 85 by noon a 92 degrees by 3:00 in the afternoon, so that's something that you want to w fch outks and by 7:00 tomorrow 90 degrees, so tomorrow is going to be a hotne. going for a high of 94. one more graphic to show you because we're tracking aystem. thing around our area and this is tropical storm chris looking very close to aht hurricane r now. you can even see the eye right here showing up south and east of north carolina. now i say that, amelia help mean with the clicker and help me with the forecast helping with e tropics,nd this one is going to affect the coast but indirectly. >>ac y, doug. pretty much all we're looking at are large waves and in the carolinas and mid-atlantic and through about tuesday evening an maybe intoednesday morning and here's the latest thing, ti chris, a tropical storm with maximum winds at 60 miles per hour. if you've been keeping track of this storm over the weend has
4:51 pm
barely moved and the movement right now is not movement and stationery. likely strengthened to a category 1 hur lcaneely this evening or early tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning during the m earlning hours it stays parallel to the coast off to sea. you can seers this is ty at 9:00 a.m. still a category 1 and off the new england coast. that's what we're tracking with chris, very low imact on our local beaches. large waves if you're headi there tomorrow or wednesday, and we're also keeping a close eye on the remnants of beryl. that's what you're looking at right here and pacting puerto rico. it's bringing heavy rains to parts of island leading to isolated mud slides and flooding. our meteorologist joseph martinez from puerto rico on telemundo right now talking about puerto rico and talking about the flash flood warnings there on the eastern part of the island. doug this, storm could strengthen, and then start calling it officially beryl again. regardless this, also having virtually noimpact on our weather back there. it's all sunshine on our ten-day
4:52 pm
>> really is. sunshine and warm temperatures. the average high temperature up around 90. now we're at 94 tomorrow and 90 degreesn your wednesday. 88 on thursday and 89 on friday. as we move on towards the next couple of days looking at the weekend. starting the heat wave and heat and humidity really comeack for next week and going for a high of 97 as we make our towards tuesday, wednesday and thursday also in the 90s. a hot time, but, he guys, it's mid july. expect it this time of the year. >> there you go. tsed to it. >> thanks, doug. a flight crew saves a four-legged life in the air. a r'passen bulldog named darcy struggled to breathe on ae flight on jet last week. darcy's gum and her tongue turned blue even. two flight attendants helped her by using an oxygen mask along with water and ice. no darcy is doing fine. her owner pubically thanked the attendants for their help on facebook. jetblue released a statement
4:53 pm
thanking the cw for quick thinking and saving that dog's life. >> good for the crew. >> neighborhood institution is saying fewell tots loyal customers for good. >> coming up next, why the popular local dineras served it very last
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
it's been a northwest d.c.u instn for some 30 years. the american city diner has now closed. a diner that served breakfast all day long and has been a place not only for great food but also for great people, like the ones who started it. news 4's darcy spencer talked to the niece of the m who brought this popular diner to connecticut avenue. >> this iconic diner has served countless customers in northwest washington for decades, but as the sign says, it's time for the american city diner to close after 30 years. the niece of the original owner waited tables here when she was a teen.
4:57 pm
>> i can't tell you the number of peopl that have just commented on growing up here, you ow, and coming to this diner when they were kids and now bringing their kidsre he, and so many amazing memories for so many people. >> they did a nice job. >> good and firm. >> jeffrey gildenhorn opened the diner. this video from 1988 shows the iginal building being hauled to its ripe old place on connecticut avenue. it was his life, his passion, but he died a year ago. it's been a struggle for the family to keep the business going. there just wasn't enough money coming in. a recent elect call outage forced them to close for about a week. it w tough decision but the family decided it was time. >> it was our, you know, biggest wish that we kept this going for as long as we could, and i hope we did them proud. >> he broke the news on social media the facebookost received many comments from longtime customers, disappointed they g won't be com here for
4:58 pm
breakfast, burgers, shakes or fries and many longtime workers considered family will be looking for a null home, too. >> just so heartwarming, so heartwarming to know that it touched so many people and so many people will miss it. >> so what will happen to the space. the familys hoping someone else will open a restaurant there and keep the legacy alive. as for all of the collectibles inside the diner, the family isg still tryin to figure out what to do with those. "news 4 at 5:00" starts right now. right now at 5:00, bear down. a standoff today after a black bear is chased into a backyard tree. >> my little niece 2 years old say there's a black bear. >> police tried for hou to get it down and once he's on the ground he gives them the slip. >> making the final push. >> another successful day here, four more children freed after a long journey through that cave complex. >> the late on height stakes effort to free four more boys and their soccer coach from the
4:59 pm
flooded cave and the challenge even bigger than the elements that rescuers are facing. >> andas a cold clue, three brutal crimes unsolved for more than 20 years. the new evide the police hope will lead to justice for his three victims. >> now at 5:00 the black bear staring at chopper 4 from atop n tree i a local backyard. >> just mesmerized ournewsroom. watch in. >> hours later this, guy makes a mad dash to g away from police and news 4's cameras were catching the entire athing. ll happening on -- >> in woodbridge. >> darcy spencer has been there all afternoon. livesoke with the man who at the home where the bear was hiding in the trees. darcy, this is quite a story. >> reporter: it certainly is, wendy. you and i have covered a lot of
5:00 pm
stornd i've never covered a bear story like this before where the bear get out of the tree and makes a mad dash and it was quite incredibl and some of the people out here were kind of scared to see the little come out and run across the yards and across the street. this all unfold rht here in the tree behind me in these yards. it started right around 1:00 this afternoon. we've been here a day,ike you said, and chopper 4 up in the air, so there's a lot o video ofhis, but it took a long time to get him down. of the ow you the video very end of this. you see the bear climb dn out of the tree. it happened very suddenly. authorities were here and they we in place and ready. they already hit them with a tranquilizer hgun, but suddenly decided that he was going to make a run for it, and that's what he a did,nd he ran across the yard,os rans the street here into some oth yards and then towards the prce william parkway, and i can tell you there were people out here who werng screa some people were


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