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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  July 9, 2018 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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so get fios internet, tv & phone with a 2-year agreement and get a free samsung chromebook 3. tonight, the ue miracle resc from the cave, four more boys making it out alive. we go inside the dangerous mission, how the divers are getting the boys all the way to the surface and now the race to save the final four and their breaking news on president trp's pick for the supreme court as we await the prime time ould be the most sweeping change to the court in 50 years. >> caught on camera, a police officer pulling a gun on children. a community outraged. police investigating. new trouble from the tropics, a big st m brewing off the carolina coast bringing danger at the beac and is it the last straw for starbucks? major change coming to your cup of coffee
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>> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening and be thank you fog with us. the world is holding it's collective breath tonight as rescue divers in thailand prepare for the final push, just hours from now to bri the last of a dozen boys along with their soccer coach trapped in a flooded cave for 17 days. four more boys were led to safety today that brings to eight, the number who have made the risky underwater journey to the surface, i bolstering hop the awful ordeal may soon be over. ob our chief gl correspondent bill neely reports from the scene. or> reporter: ambulance lights one springing good news, another boy rescue, the fifth and as darkness fell, three more emerged. mission accomplished for a second day, a rescue that is defyi the odds. the commander says today's four boys are all well, even better yehan the four pulled out erday. this the moment the world had waited for as the first small boy
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was rued to a helicopter and the hospal. a doctor glimpsed for a moment treating him in the ace. ivan was a diver on the first day's rescue. >> they were very, very calm and they are so incredibly strong kids, yeah, considering they have been through what can be thought to be an absolute nightmare. >> reporter: it was an underground nightmare two miles long. acthe boys wearing masks for hours clinging to a guide rope and almost under the lead diver, another just behind. e ne passageway so tight vers had to take off air tanks to squeeze through. the soccer team went into the cave post-game field trip but a flash flood blocked their way out for more than two weeks. scuers cleared rocks, drilled passages and worked up to their necks in water to make this rescue possible. eight of these boy
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are now safe, four and their coach still in danger. three of the boys who had been freed went to this school. their friends now relieved. >> good feeling. >> reporter: it's a good feeling. >> yeah. >> reporter: one boy skipped trainingith s friends on the day they disappeared to watch soccer on tv. teachers and people have been told not to ask the boys questions about their ordeal when they rern. it's not known which boys are the last to be rescued or why. their coach is still with them. the thai navy seal's messaged hooyah after today's success and the thai pme minister thanked the divers outside the cave. inside, they are getting ready for one final push so this can night for some patient little boys. bill neely, nbc news, northern thailand.
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i'm janis mackey frayer at the hospital where the exhausted boys are in isolation, not even their parents are allowed to see them, quarantined because the risk of infection is so great physical contact, eveng a st wait until cioctors say it's safe. offials say the four boys who came out sund are now eating normal foods like rice, divers involved in the rescue say the hypothermia a real risk and after days in the dark with little food, these survivors face a tricky recovery. >> they are in the dark. they don't know they are going to get saved. they don't know if they are going to live rend have no idea what their s are going through. >> reporter: local media released these os phf the teens who have not been seen in public. the age out, not named. the most recent e glimpses of oup seem to be in good spirits. >> they are lucky to
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be in there together, 13 boys together and if they are in there alone, it would be very more desperate. >> reporter: across thailand, relief is weginning to set in. familiting near the cave for the last rescues. i told myself he'd be all right said this aunt. i was worrying, too, but i keep my feelings wuiet. peop have worried now hoping to celebrate, the world's most watched soccer team is nearly home. janis mackey frayer, >> amazing drama. . now to a drama here at home, the prime time t nnouncement by presidump of his pick to replace justice anthony kennedy on the supreme court, and as soon as the president reveals his pick, the battle begins over a t.onumental shift in the co our chief white house correspondent hallie jackson with late details. >> reporter: the reality show president drummi up drama ahead of a decision ld define his presidency so who might make their debut tonight? a source familiar with the process says president trump is
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zeroing in on these two appeals court judges, brett kavanaugh and thomas hardiman. kavanah used to clerk for retiring justice anthonyke edy and a graduate of yale law which the president likes but the president is not fond of peoplthat worked for george w. bush. kavanaugh did along with former white house counsel alberto gonzales. >> he's likely to serve with honor distinction with a d.c. circuit court judge. that carries more weight as a supreme court justice than his service in the white house.ep >>ter: there is also thomas hardiman, the runner up. he was the first in his family to go to e and drove for his father's taxi company before law school. hardimaners on the same court his sister did she's a fan.clear the next finalist includes amy coney barrett, a fan of evangelicals and raymond kethledge, an appeals court judge that works from a converte in michigan and wrote a book on solitude. >> i don't think any
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e of the four the president is considering now should be a cause for concern for any of my colleagues. >> reporter: the conservative federalist socty helped come up with the president's list of 25 possible justices with white house lawyer don mcgahn who pushed back on criticism the process has been outsourced. >> i've been a member of the federalist et sosince law school, still am. so frankly, it seems like it's insourced. >> reporter: since de, cgahn has largely led the selection process for nominees in a move that could reshape the federal juciary under donald trump. one whiteouse official called the process don's show but in the end it's the president's with me tonight, a sup finale. a white house official says part of the preparation is a walkthrough of the announcement. if republicans stick together, the president's pick should be confirmed no
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wiroblem otherwise the focu turn to four key red state democrats who were invited to the white house tonight but en not to attend, lester. >> hallie jackson, at the wte house, thank you. nobody better to turn to than our veteran justice correspondent pete wiiams. pete, you covered the court closely for so many years now. lay out the stakes with tonight's decision. >> lester, it was dramatic last year when the president unveiled the choice of theil gorsuch but tonighstakes are higher because he brought a conservative to fil the vacancy of the death of anthony alia, a conservative replacing a conservative. this nomination will lock in the conservative majority for a generation even if a democrat is elected president, in two years, the court's e lder justices, the ones mkely to retire are the liberals. the average age of the conservatives is 63, for the lirals 72. so the conservative majority can clear the wa that make it harder to get an abortion and could stall further development ofay ghts. that's a reasonable prediction but when
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anthony kennedy came to the supreme court 30 years ago, his reputation was solid conservative, too. by the way, for amy coney barrett, she was spotted at home tonight in indiana which nosuggestions she' the choice, lester? >> pete, thanks for laying it out for us. we hope you join us for the liveoverage for the supreme court announcement at 9:00 eastern, 6:00 pacific on this nbc station. ig high drama t in london, just days before president trump is set to visit prime minister teresa may's governnt rocked by two major departures. secretary boris johnson and brexit secretary david davis. both men quitting over divisions of how hard to break with the european union and how close economic ties should remain after the u.k. leaves next year. the prime minister has already nad a new foreign secretary. hopes for a denuclearized north korea may have hit a roadblock ing a tense visit to pyongyang over the
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weekend by secretary of state mike ppeo d the president trump expressing confidence kim jong-un will disarm. nbc news andrea mitchell has more on the diplomatic standoff. >> reporter: secretary of state mike pompeo in afghanistan today brushing off north saorea's charge that his ament demands were quote gangster-like. >> we have a long ways to go but the commitment that the northea k made, particularly that chairman kim personally made to president trump remains as reinforced. >> reporter: the president today claiming he and kim jong-un signed a igontract, but what theyd were vague promises. the president tweeting i have confidence kim jong-un will honor the contract we signed and even more importantly, our handshake. we agreed to the denuclearization of north korea. mrtrump instead accusing china of pressuring kim to back away from the deal, punishing for his tariffs.
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in fact he was snubbed in pyongyang. instead, the secretary of state sat en imtly through tw banquets in a nation where most people starve. leon panetta says the president should not have let kim off the hook at the summit. >> they are continuing to develop their nuclear capability and are basically sending a clear message that they aren't that willing to give up all of their nuclear weapons. >> reporter: president trump having declared north korea is no longer a n threat learning what president's clinton and bush could have told him. north korea drives ard argain and cheats. andrea mitchell, nbc news, michigan. we're keeping on eye on troublen the tropics. a flash flood risk continues into tonight. the good news, drier weather is expected
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there for tomorrow. in the meantime, tropical storm chris is lurking off the carolina coast, not ct ex to be a threat to the u.s. mainland directly but it is causing high surf and dangerous rip rrents along the coast for the next few days. a major announcement from starbucks today. the coff chain jumping on a trend growing around the country by revealing plans to do away with single-use plastic 28 straws from al00 of the stores worldwide. nbc news business correspondent jo ling kent has that story. >> reporter: tonight, the world's largest coffee chain phasing out the iconic green plastic straws by 2020 becoming the largest food and beverage company to make the move. the major change comes suamid mounting presre from environmental groups sparked by this deo of a sea iurtle with a straw stuck nose. an estimated 500 million single-use straws are used and ar did in the u.s. every day. but experts say it's ult to recycle them. to replace straws starbucks already ruled out a clear strawless lid and will soon offer compostable
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options for frozen beverages like frappuccin and it's not t only business scrapping them. mcdonald's is testing paper straws overseas. and in new york city the bar porch light implemented a straws on request policy. to cut dn on waste. >> straw usage is definitely decreasing industry wide. people are really startingo pay attention to it. >> reporter: at least 28 cities e limiting or banning plastic straws all together. malibu, california ditched them last month. ft >> it's the most g popular thinthat you'll find abandoned on our beaches and they get into the ocean. it was the next step ion our natural progreto really clean up our environment. >> reporter: across america, substitutes for plastic stws are more popular like paper, compostable plastic and stainless steel so for bars, and restaurants it's far from the last straw. a lot more to tell you about tonight. police officer under
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fire, outrage after he was caught on video pulling his gun on a group of kids, one teen dgged and handcuffed. he and his mother are speaking out. also, our first look at prince louie since he was born. major milestone today for the little royal. up to 90% of those with moderate to severe psoriasis had a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. most people were still clearer after one year. with taltz, 4 out of 10 even achieved completely clear skin. don't use if you're allergic to taltz. before starting, you should be checked for tuberculosis. taltz may increase risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection, symptoms, or received a vaccine or plan to. inflammatory bowel disease can happen with taltz, including worsening of symptoms. serious allergic reactions can occur. ready for a chance at 100% clear skin? ask your doctor about taltz.
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in texas tonight an el paso police t officer has been reassigned to desk duty after pulling a gun on children. authorities are n reviewing the case after a trespassing call near a recreation cter. the viral video, the officer who pulls the gun on the group of kids is also scene extending his baton as the ildren scream profanities at him. here is nbc news national correspondent miguel almaguer. >> reporter: surrounded by children screaming profanities, the officer pulls his gun during this heated n exchange outside ael
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r paso rec cenin the video viewed millions of times, it's ulear at happened before the unidentified officer draws his weapon on at least six children. >> got me on the throat and got me like that and took me down on the floor. >> reporter: jacob is the 15-year-old being detained after police responded to aes ssing call. >> i jump over the fence to see what's going on because i hear a commotion o the kids screaming, i jump over it's one of my sons getting choked by an officer. >> i'm telling you to move! i'm telling you to move! >> reporter: his mother inside the rec center tried to intervene. she says only one officer abused his power. >> the other cops, i don't -- they were g dotheir jobs right. ast's just that one guy that wust being out of control. >> reporter: with the 15-year-old dragged into custody, the
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officer extends his baton and tries to clear the young crowd. >> we'll peport on these two fools. >> reporter: before taking another person into custody who is recording the scene. >> i'm just recording. >> reporter: tonight amid growing community outrage, el paso p.d. says the 4 year veteran has been reassigned as they launch an investigation. news. maguer, nbc up next tonight, actress robin wright breaking her silence for the first time about sexual misconduct claims against former co-star kevin spacey. w across the country, k. carrying flowers that signify why we want to end alzheimer's disease. but what if, one day, there was a white flower for alzheimer's first survivor? what if there were millions of them? mejoin us for the alzheir's association walk to end alzheimer's. register today at
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hod is mourning the death of hollywood is mourning the death of actor d hunter, the 1950s heartthrob that shot to fame and received a wave of support decades lawhr he revealed he was gay. he's being known as an icon of the guy community and his spouse callinghe death sudden from cardiac arrest.
7:22 pm
heas 86 years old. for the first time actress robin wright is breaking her silence about sexual misconductations against her former "house of cards" co-star kevin spacey. in an exclusive interview,right expressed shock but described they are working relationsh strictly professional. >> i think we were all surprised, of course, ednd ultimately sadd kevin and i knew each other between action and cut and in between setups where we would giggle. i didn't really -- i didn't know the makn the incredible y raftsman that he is. >> se was fired from "house of cards" after an actor accused him of sexual assaulting himhen he was 14 in 1986. kevin spacey said he didn't recall the
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incident but apologized for what would have been drunken behavior. since born in ap l, the public got a look at prince louie as william and kate brought him for his ristening. he wore the same gown big brother george and big sister charlotte were christened in. ce harry and meghan markle were there, too but queen elizabeth and phillip were not. a mission of compassion to bring kids' sweet dreams. inspiring america is next.
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finally tonight, getting a good night's sleep is so important for kids but a troubling number across the country don't have a safe place to lay their heads. that's why this simple idea from twin falls, idaho is having a big impact for families across the country by helping more kids sleep tight, an id that's inspiring
7:27 pm
america. >> reporter: inside this noisyarehouse, volunteers are buildi sweet dreams. bunk beds for needy families. >> we need to get the side railings going. >> reporter: luke mickelson is the founder of sleep in heavenly peace. >> when we delivered ithat first bunk be had no clue what conditions were like for some of thes families and what these kids were sleeping on. >> reporter: a blanket and pillow on the floor, an old mattress or couch. >> i just knew thewo dn't be any kid that would sleep on the floor my town if i had anything to doith it. >> reporter: five years ago luke started recruiting an army of volunteers, now 70 chapters in 30 states, building beds for some 3,500 children. >> jackie, luke. >> reporter: today, they are delivering to
7:28 pm
eight grateful families. the hens op family where braxton and braydon had been sleeping here on the floor. after assembling the bed, it's like christmas morning. >> come on in, dude, look at that. >> when the kids run in to see their bed for the first time, that is the icing on the cake and it ng brings, it bme joy. >> reporter: and now when mom tells her boys it's time to go to sleep, there is ngu nt. these brothers happily snuggle into their new beds. good night, indeed. tonight at the end oe oadcast, the nightly snapshot takes you to one of the hottest performances this season. tens othousands hoping for a ticket to see a spectacular light show that only nature can provide in the great smoky mountains. hope you'll be here tomorrow night. t>> that is nightly news fs monday. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbcne ws, thank you for watching and good night.
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ghts, cera "access."s >> this my daughter, hailey. >> look. they are now engaged. but who is hailey baldwin? we have all


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