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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  July 11, 2018 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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we'll get to melissa mollet in a moment. first we'll check in with meteorologists chuck b l and sheena parveen. it was a hot day yesterday. what about today? ble fan rday was a d day. >> i had a dog leash. >> we'll get you a hat next time. >> a brim hat. >> okay. it works, though. you need to be in the shade. today you nd to be in the shade. >> i'll try anything. >> can you do the weather? >> bye, chuck. see you in a littlebit. >> another hot one. look at the temperatures. 81 degrees. it's 81 in annapolis. yesterday morning we were in the 60s in the suburbs. now 70s. quit a bit warmer. here is your wake-up weather. might noticelouds around by 8:00.
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by 9:00 a.m., in the mid-80s. by the afternoon, you can bet we'll be back around 90 degrees. coming up, we'll talk more about hurrane chris spinning inhe atlantic. look at that thing. it looks way more organized than yesterday. talk about this. chuck is back in a few minutes with a closer look at your afternoon. melissa, what's happening on the roads? >> after connecticut avenue, two left lanes getting by this mo sing. thuld be wrapped up in a little bit. for right now, we have that hanging around here. fairfax eastbound 66 after 123. work zone with the right lane getting by here rig now. arlington, 110 at washington boulevard, the lef lane getting by each direction. aaron? >> all right. thank you, melissa. three have va va'a families are hoping their teenagers survive a b crash. >> two of the teens are in critical condition and a third injuries.s take a look at how bad this crash was yesterday afternoon.
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we can barely make out the er dr side of the car because it smashed. the teens were speeding when they lost control on fairfax station road in clifton. a tree slammed into before crashing into that fence. neighbors worry aboutareens drivinnd during the summer with their friends. >> two are in critical condition. it's like oh, my gosh, tse roads are not designedor kids learning how to hedrive. >> all attend robinson bocondary school in fairfax. new questions an amber alert that lasted for hours in maryland. the two children at thete c of this search are safe now. their father is in custody. dwight per turned himself in a prince george's county firehouse hours after he stabbed his girlfriend in gaithersburg he did not have the children with him. the police found a toddler a at
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daycare in adelphi. the other child, a 9-year-old was with relatives in high yachtsville. both unharmed. >> given the nature of the call we responded to, our first priority is making sure the kids arey once they were taken from the scene after a violent encounter. >> perry's girlfriend is expected to survive. we're looking to see whatge ch he will face. >> the nato summit off to a tense start. president trump b an his meeting early this morning. he doubled down on his push to make allies pay their full fair share whe it comes to defense spending. >> this has gone on for decades, by.he w for many presidents. no other president brought it up like i bring it up. >> after the summit, president trump heads to london where he will meet with queeniz eth. thousands there are protesting the visit. the trip wraps up with the president's first one-on-one summit with russian president
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vladimir putin. president trump commented that he thinks that may be the easiest of his meetings while abroad. back here in the u.s., esident trump's supreme court nominee will be back on capitol hill today making the rounds with more republican lawmakers. judge brett kavanaugh will meet with lindsey gram and orrin hatch. vice president mike pence escorted t them top gop leaders and chuck grassley. he's hoping to bud support. he'll need every vote to get him through. senate democrats are fighting back. >> with judge kavanaugh's nominaon, the president put women's reproductive rights and vitalh care protections, particularly those that protect families withis preng conditions at grave, grave risk. >> no word on when a date will be set for the cinfirmation he to begin. >> pressure is mounting to
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reunite children separated from their parents at thebo er. chopper 4 over a vigil outside of a facility in prince william county last night where some of those childn are being they held s urging the trump administration to make immediate and transparent steps to bring families back together. it's 4:05. the trump administration plans to return to a, quote, catch and release ipoigrationcy. it's an approach president trump vowed to eliminate. but detention centers are so crowded, federal officials cannot hold everyone apprehended at the border. the deadline to c reuniteldren with their parents came and went last night. administtion officials say only 38 out of 102 are back with their families this morning. the justiceepartment has until july 26th to reunite allse rated children regardless of their age. president trump's former tional security adviser michael flynn is ready to move on from legal troubles.
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his attorney made the during the court appearance yesterday. as part of his plea deal, heed ag to help special counsel robert mueller. flynn's laura greed with prosecutors -- the invtigation continues. this was flynn's first court appearance since pleading guilty tode lying to l agents. for the first time in more than two weeks, the entires wild bo soccer team is waking up outside of that cave in thailand and something being celebrated loudly. from the ns rang o tuth of that cave yesterday after last trapped person was safely rescued. the team is now in a hospital recovering. those boys range in age from 11 to 16 years one o turned 16 in the cave. >> what a remarkable effort. when you see what they had to go through underwater in many
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parts. just a harrowing rescue effort. >> quarantined to make sure everyone ishealthy. >> 4:07. hurricane chris is continuing to move out to see. causing dangerous waters along east coast beaches. >> the images on the breaking news. >> good morning, aaron and keep your eye on this. take a look at these waves right here. this is inorth carolina yesterday. rough seas slammed up against east coastinbeaches. some to keep in mind if you're planning to drive to a coastal beach this weekend as part of your summer travel. to give you a closer look at the waves in north carolina, there were also -- they were so powerful that a house started to fall apart. we checked in with storm team 4. as of the last update, it's a category 2 with sustained winds
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of 100 miles per hour. it's moving towards canada and shouldn't hit any land. that's the latest,aaron, back to you. >> angie, thank you. 4:08 now. we're learning about a tragic crash that killed a cyclist at a busy intersection in c. over the weekend. jeffrey long was in a designatel bikee near dupont circle saturday afternoon. a delivery truck took a right turn and hit him. long was rushed to the hospil bu died the next day. it's not clear whether the driver of that truck will face charge now, story first on news 4, the concrete alo phase of the metro could eventually put riders iner da the concrete holding up structures isn't as durable as it needs to be. now, the government and the state of virginia are suing the company they say pvided that shoddy concrete. the lawsuit says the company falsified reports toe m seem like the bad concrete was actually in good condition.
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tests will determine if concrete panels have to be ripped out and replaced. new details on the deadly helicopter crash in williamsburg. the pilot killed is believed to be a war veteran from northern virginia. our nbc affiliate in the virginia beach area reports shah wart was a u.s. army helicopter pilot who served in the vieam war. the cause of that crash is still under investigation. a 91-year-old woman living in a town home where thehe chopper cr also died. police in florida had to chase down a robbery suspect who escaped a standoff. the man driving that white suv you see in front of the police car barricaded in a home afte an attempted robbery. you can see police trying to stop him a few timesn that di road. but think couldn't stop him. he continued to elude police. the car went off that road into the field there. there was nowhere to hide in
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that open space and police surrounded the suspect. the nfl players union has filed ar grievance o the league's new rule requiring ayers to stand for the national anthem. >> the union says the new policy was imposed without consulting the union. many players are ary about the rule saying players must stand for the anthem or sy in the locker room. the sanflpa it infringes on the players' right. they've agreed to sit down for discussions on the new anthem forward with going legal action. new video this morning, take a look at this. a massive 15.5-foot crocodile caught in -- that's prehistoric. it's not a crocodile. it's a dinosaur. are you kidding me. 1300 pounds. one of the largest on record. rangers had been hunting it since they first spotted it in 2010. they wanted to stop it fro aching a populated area.
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now, that's the makings of a movie. the nextursic world. now the crocodile will live out its last days at a crocodile farm. it boggles my mind. >> that'sbl pro the best for everybody. move him to a retirement community and enjoy life that y. >>appy trails. here's something that won't come as a surprise. kerlines want to more money. >> it's not being done by increasing ticket prices but decreasing the size of something else. it will impact anyone who flies. plus, arizona gets aer wea first a monsoon and from this massive dust storm. wow, chuck. >> good morning everybody. temperatures going to be back up close to 90 degrees again today. but rain chances are on the low sit for the n few days. sheena is back with the forecast and the latest on the track for hurricane chris ithen
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take a look at what's left after a gas explosion rocked a town in wisconsin. the powerful blast leveled several buildings in sun prairie's downtown area. firefighters responded to a gas leakn the madison suburb. the explosion happened about an htur later. two firefigs were taken to
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the hospital and a police officer was treated at the scene. big flames in philadelphia. a four-alarm fire at a junkyard sent smoke across the city last night. investigators believe a truck caught fire and the flames spread torushed cars and tires. they are still looking into the exact cause of this fire, though. just when you thought things couldn't get tighter on airplanes, guess again. >> airlines are making thes bathro smaller to make more money. appaurntly. manufas are getting rid of three inches on the wall surrounding the bathroom. now the bathrooms are fewer than inches wide. the sink has become smaller. the changes make room for one more row of seats on the plane which willeanllillions of s for airline companies. i'm a small person. i feel i can barely fitne in o bathroom. i don't know where they're going to cut back in that space. >> they do, clearly. >> that's going to be
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interesting. the d.c. fbi agents who accidentally shot somebody while dancing has his gun back this morning. you may remember this viral vio of him doing a back flip and his gun fell out and he shot somebody in a leg. he was charged with assault. the judge ruled it was okay for bishop to carry his g ain until this case is resolved. wild weather out west has people in arizona bracing for just about anything. this massive wall of dust and rain rolled into the phoenix area ltt night. lookthat. forecasters warned people in the area to watch0 for miles per hour winds and low visibility. can't see through that. powerful storm came just a day after another system hit that area. >> i mean, looking at this storm approaching from t east and there goes my ha
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>> the storm hit phoenix on monday. it's the city's first rainfall in -- let go of the umbrella. what are you doing? >> she should have a rain jacket on with a hood. she should be side. >> we have to cover these things. u have to go outside. >> this is the first time it rained there in 119 days. maybe that explains why s didn't know what to do here. this is meteorologist crystal henderson when the monsoon hit. 71 mile an hour winds. may have been a bit muchor her t and that unl brmbrella. >>ou i w not have gone outside in 71 mile an hour winds. >> she held on to the umbrella because she was afraid it would hit somody or a car.n' she wouldt go back inside until she saw lightning, which is sortl of protoor us, not to be out in lightning. i've cicered hues. you go out there --
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>> if it's windy, you shouldn't be carrying something like an umbrella. you wear a rain jacket with a hood on and get battered by the rain. that's what happens, right? >> the dust storm shall the sandstorm, whatever y want to call it, that's called a haboob. >> one of my favorite words in the great meteorological na dict. >> no haboobs in the forecast here. >> that's good. >> 81 is our temperature in shington. now, if you were watching yesterday morning, you would have noticed our suburbs in the 60s. if you were watching the morning before that you would have noticed the suburbs were in the 50s. certainly aorning warming trend. it's 81 also in annapolis this morning. 71 degreesgate burglary. 72 in day we made it into the 90s. today at 90 degrees.
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by lunchtime, into the upper 830s. more sunshine throughout the day. mostly cloudy skies for part of ar area. tthe humidity will sta drop a bit. you might start to notice that. by 7:00 p.m., in the mid-80s. hurricane chris, it's a category 2. it looks way o moreanized than it did yesterday. you can see that eye right there. still pretty farff the coast. it's still stirring up the water along the coastline. we have a high risk of rip current along many of the beaches it's going to head to the northeast through the next several days. pretty quickly, tost l into the weekend, we have that rip current threat if you're headed to thes. beac future weather, today we stay dry. tomorrow, mostly dry but a couple showers mainly east of d.c. by friday,th gh, nice dry into the week. overall, things are looking good to end out the week. headed to the be rh, the current risk mainly fridaynto
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saturday and sunday. if you're staying farther inland, look at that. in the 90s, a we have the return of humidity. it's going to feel hotter. by sunday, f a chance late-day storms. chuck will show you how long the storm chances hang in with the ten-dayorecast comingup. let's head to melissa and see what's happening on this wednesday. >> good morning. connectic connecticut, the two left lanes getting by. in the district, after suit land parkway, left lane getting by. as we widen out a little bit, 66 looks okay right now. in stafford, southbound 95 after quantico, right lane is the only thing getting by the bridge work there. as we take a look at 66 here, fairfax county parkway to the beltway otime. 63 miles per hour. going to take you nine minutes. it eun? big news forocal art fans. >> the fringe festival is back. we're giving you a look at some
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of the work y ou
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4:23 right now. if you're a fan of the arts, your calendar is about to fill up. >> the capital fringe fest is back. a marathon of performances and shows are taking place in aew ighborhood this year. news 4's justin finch has more. >> reporter: a fun and free flowing number by d.c. performance collective, aerial woman. they have happen to be dance trained and in search of an outlet. >> applications for capital
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fringe are open. that's a deadline and that's a show. we appliednd now we're doing it in just a couple days. >> accompanied by accordion, the fanciful footwork symbolizes life. >> the sort of drama of the various ceremoniesn people's lives. i think religio or weddings. >> as for the curtains -- >> they're sor of beautiful and silk and float around but also ridiculous. >> they can't wait for the but. it began in 2006 and welcomes new and returning artists every year. >> over 400 performance, 11 venues,t stages, five over 75 different artists. >> you can binge watch shows on netflix. people come to the festival to binge watch theater. >> actor director, they're both returning for capit fringe and
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are eager to meet their audiences. >> we're all in this together. >> something special this year. the fringe's new backdrop, southwest d.c. and the waterfront. organizers believe it could help make this year one of fringe's jufinch. >> the festival runs until july 29th. >> you can find information about tickets and great performances on the nbc washington app. search capital fringe. always an interesting tim d.c. >> great things to see. 4:25. coming up, the final stra first, starbucks, now d.c. the district's pposal to cut back on plastic and how soon it could take effect. >> burning so bad, i was hurting. >> plus, burned in bed. a virginiawoman's warning that may have you thinking twice aboutg sleep with your cell phone. i'm storm team 4 metebeologist chuck .
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you can think about getting the car washed. might as well. a low chance for rain into the weekend as well. weekend as well. it will stay on the war
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y2vpcy y16fy take a livut lookde right now as we start our wednesday. we're halfway ther we're in for another day of sun and heat. it's going to be hot. good i'm eun
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keep doing it. >> i am sweating like it's the end of days over here. >> it's not that hot. >> i don't know what's going on in here today. is it just me? >> it's not that hot. >> aars having hot flashes again. >> i don't know what i'm changinginto. what's happening? >> hasn't sweated that much since he went to church. >> i'm aaron me mollet keeping an eye on traffic for us. first a look att the h wave going through the studio. chuck bell a sheena parveen. >> we can't see it on tv. but in person -- >> without the powder. >> he's been blotting behind the he's still fanning himself right now. >> he's his own biggest fan at the moment. >> good joke. temperatures in the studio, it's about s.300 degr outside the studio it is 81 in northwest washington.
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in leesburg. 68 in manassas. 81 by the bay in annapolis. it's going to be another hot one to be outside. not quit a as hot yesterday. yesterday, 96 yesterday.r today clo to 90 for most areas. hour by hour, plenty of sunshine. things warming up. the high of 91 degrees. around about 5:00 this afternoon, a good noh, to northwesterly breeze. the humidity won't be too intolerable for today. that will creep up closer to the weekend. more on that in a few nutes. let go to melissa mollet who is cool as a cucumber. >> i would like to with go war up. i've got a heater under my desk all the time. the work zone blocking the right lane as well as the ramp there and also southbound gw parkway. right lane is getng by. that will -- inner loop after connecticut. left lanes getting by. lots of work zones this morning. in the district, southbound295 at suitland parkway. left lane


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