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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  July 11, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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> >>. >> i like it hot. eun likes it hot. when it's too cold, we start complaining. >> going to be another hot one today. >> it is. we'll be in the 90s again today. just around 90. stil hot. it's 81 degrees in washington. many suburbs are milder than yesterday morning and of course the morning before, we're inhe 70s. low 70s through the neighborhoods right now. by 2:00 p.m. 89. by the afternoon hours, we reach our high around 91 degrees. have the spf 30 or higher. a hot day today. make sure you stay hydrated. look at rain chances in the forecast. let go to melissa. e what's happening on the roads. hey, melissa. >> good morning. a couple of things cleared out of the way southbound 295 after suitland parkway. had the left la getting by the
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work zone. that one is gone. so is this. we were worried about this in fort washington. this is happening every morning no 210 near farmington road the paving project with the lane getting by. >> as you look at the beltway, inner loop and outer loop, everything is looking good. nice and green. no big problems. zooming in to the american legion bridge rolling along pretty well this morning. things are going to change as that commute goes forward. it's 5:01 this morning. three virginia families are hoping their teenagers survive following a terrible crash. >> a third has serious injuries and two i critical condition. justin finch is live in clifton with mor on what police say may have caused the crash. justin? >> reported aaron, g morning. that crash happened not too far from where we are right now. we can tell you that two of the victims are set to have injuries that are life-threatening.
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the scene here is fairfax station road. the vehicle, a 2005 jeep suv with massive damage to the driver's side. the helicopter took two of the teens tota the hos with very serious injuries. an ambulance drove a third teen to the hospital. we spoke to neighborho says the roads here, including fairfax station, are long and windy and require focus and experience. >> three robinson high school kids, two are inritical condition. it's like, oh, my gosh, these ro ds are nigned for kids learning howo drive. >> reporter: as you heard. the children, they're all robinson secondary students. this marks the 100 deadliest days by aaa. this is the risk for students and drivers in crashes really they're encouraging parents to
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speak with their children about the dangers behind the wheel. about wearing seatbelts and being safe in general. the victims ndhere, two boys a girl. all now in the hospital after this crash here yesterday. live in clifton, justin fih, news 4. justin x thank you. ig5:03 now. new questions this morning about an amber alert t ft lasted hours in maryland. the children at the center of the search are safe. eir father is in custody. dwight perry turne himself in at a prince george's county fire hours after investigators say he stabbed his girlfriend in gaithersburg. perry didot have his children with him at the time he turned himself in. police tweeted they found the toddler at a daycare center in adelphi. he other child was with relatives in hyattsville. both unharmed. ven the nature of the call, oury first priors making sure the kids are okay since they were taken froen the
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of a violent encounter. >> we're working to find out what charges the man now faces. the nato summit in belgium is off to a tense start. president trump began meetings with nato officials early this morning. angs became heated quickly. during a bakfast meeting, the president doubled down on his push to maks all pay their, quote, fair share, when it comes to defense spending. >> gone on for decades, by the way. for many presidents. no other president brought it up like i bring it up. >> this is just the fir stop on president trump's week long europe trsi. next the pnt heads to london and he'll meet with queen elizabeth. thousands are already protesting the visit. the trip wraps up with the president's first one-on-one summit withde russian pre vladimir putin. back here in the u.s., president trump' supreme court nominee will be back on capitol hill today making the rounds with rlican lawmakers.
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just brett kavanaugh will meet with utah senator orrin hatch and south carolina senatorgr lindseyam. yesterday, vice president mike pence escorted kavanaugh to sit downs with mitch mcconnell and chuck grassley. he's hoping to build support to guarantee his confirmation. they'll need eve vote to get through. the senate democrats are fighting back. >> with judge kavanaugh's nominati, the president has put women's reproductive rights and vital health care protections, particularly those with preexisting conditions at grave, grave risk. >> no word yet t on when date will be set for his confirmatio hearin meanwhile, "the new york times" reports that the trump administration plans to rurn a catch and release immigration policy. it's an approach vowed to eliminate. but detention centers are so crowded, federal officials can't hold everyon apprehended at the border. the deadline to reunite children
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under the age of 5 with their parents came and went last night. administration officials say only 38 out ofre 102 aack with their families this morning. the justice department has until july 26th to reunite all separated children regardless of their age. chael flynn is ready to move on from his legal troubles. his attorneys made thaes statementrday during a court appearance. as part of his plea deal, he agreed to help special counsel robert mueller. they agreed to delay sentencing while mueller's investigation continues. this was flynn's first court appearance since pleadg guilty to lying to federal agents. six minutes after the hour now. in more than time two weeks, the entire wild boars soccer team is waking up outside that flooded cave in thailand. it's being celebrated loudly.ey
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th rang out from the mouth of that cave when the last person was rescued. the team is recovering in the hospital. they range in age from 11 to 16 year old. >> just an incredible effort all around. it's now 5:07. breaking news out of south florida. adl d officer-involved shooting in miami. angie goff has details. >> miami-dade police say an undercover officer tried to pull over a suspect wanted in a situation. things quickly spiralled out of control from there. there was a car chase that led to a crash. police sayhat is when the suspect got out, started shooting with anle assault r nd the officer -- the suspect was shot andkilled. the suspect had two guns on him, we're told. the officer, though, we're told he's expected to be okay. eun?
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>> angie goff, thk yo the nfl battle over the national anthem is not over yeta thers union has filed a grievance with the league over its new policy. news 4's chris lawrence joins us live from fedex field with the latest. chris, good morning. >> reporter: the players, they were never consulted, they were kept out of the loop. and now they have filed tt grievance against the league. it basicallyays union'slaim is that this new policy imposed by the nfl c withoutsulting with the players is inconsistent with the collective bargaining agreement and infringes on players' rights. basically, what this means is that we saw this pla out we saw this issue explode in nfl stadiums across the country. the knesiing or other demonstrations to protest police brutality and social injustice. some people took that as
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diyespectful to not o the flag, but the military as well. the nfl started getting backlash. now the nfl instituted a new have to ere playe come on the field and stand for the anthem. the only other choice is to stay in the locker room. that's what the union is fighting against here.s ther a lot to this. we'll be covering it throughout the morning. later in the hour, we'll tell you why some playere accusing nfl owners of hypocrisy when it comes to keeping politics out of sports. live from fedex field, chris lawrence. trchris, thank you. > we're learning more about a cyclist who was killed. he was in aesignated bike lane near dupont circle saturday afternoon. a delivery truck took turn on to a street and hit him. it's not clear whether the driver of the truck will face charges. now to a story first on 4.
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we first told you about the issues with concrete on the next phase of metro's silver line a couple of months the lem, the concreting holding up some structures isn't as durable as it needs to be. now the government and state of virginia are suing the company they s provided that shoddy concrete. the lawsuit says the company falsified reports to make it seem like the bad concrete was actually in good condition. ncsts will determine whether more than 1,000 te panels have to be ripped out and replaced. police had to chase down a robbery suspect to escape a standoff. barricre in a home afte an attempted robbery. you can see police tried to stop that vehicle several times on that dirt road. couldn't slow him down. the car that went off the road into that open field there, there was nowhere to hide once he was in thatac spe. police surrounded him. morning,video this
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proof that dinosaurs do still exist. >> look at this thing. come >> this is a crocodile, actually. it's 15.5 feet long. >> how? >> they caught it in australia. 1300 pounds. one of the largestle crocoon record. rangers had been hunting this thing since they spotted it in 2010. that was eight years ago. a. >> it's more disturbing. y wanted to stop it from reaching an populated area and eating small children. >> stop. >> it's a 60-year-old crocodile. apparent live, it's going to live out its crocodile farm. >> we watch jurassic world and think it's w off. then we see this. iti' prehistoric. telling you. here's a surprise, airlines want to make more money. >> it's not being made by increasing prices but decreasing
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the size of something else. arizona gets a weather wallop. first a monsoonis and then massive dust storm. chuck, weather? >> weatherwise, another perfect day to go out to the neighborhood swimming pool and take a dive to stay a little cooler than average. going to be another hot one today. afternoon temperatures today up near 90 degreesag yet n. any cooler weather by the weekd? your forenec yeari am sorry about that.
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welcome back. it's 5:15. take a look at what's left after a gas explosion rocked a town i wisconsin. that powerful blast leveled several buildings in sun prairie's dow area.
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yesterday evening, firefighters respond to a reported gas leak in the madison suburb. the explosion happened about an hour later. two firefhters were taken to the hospital and a police officer was treated at the scene. big flames in philadelphia. a four-alarm fire at a junkyard nt smoke across the city last night. investigators believe a truck caught fire and the flames spread to crushed cars and tires. they're trying to figure out what caused that fire. just when you thought things couldn't get tighter on airplanes they are. >> they're making bathrooms smaller so they can make more money in the end. here's how they're.oing manufacturers are getting rid of 3 inches on the wall surrounding bathroom. now the bathrooms are less than 24 inches wide. e sink has also become smaller. the si shrunk. changem make roo for one more row of seats on the ane, which means millions of dollars for
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airline companies. have you ever tried to maneuver in there? push the door open -- i'm a little person. this is what i'm saying. >> for real people -- >> real people? >> bigger peop. inarizona, they're bracing for about anything. >> the massive wallop, gusts rain rolled into phoenix area last night. look at forecastersthat people in the area to watch for 50 mile per hour winds and very low visibility. you can't see anything through that wall. the powerful storm came a day after another system hit the area. >> i mean, looking at this stora apching from the east, it looked like -- there goes my hat. >> this poor woman. >> i worry about her. hope she ay. >> it hit phoenix on monday andt it was the f rainfall in 119 days. this is meteorologist crystal henderson who ran outside when the storm hit. but the 71 mile an hour winds
5:18 am
were a bit much for her hat and that umbrella. >> yeah. >> the umbrella isolng up better than you expect in 71 miles an hour. >> that's a good umbrella. mi wld be crumpled. >> to have an umbrella turn inside out is the worst thing. it's embarrassing. >> she was afraid it would hit somebody or aar if she let it go. >> with 70 miles per hour windsu you knock somebody out with that thing. >> don't see people on the streets too much. m >> sheed back inside when the lightning started. >> when we have a sever thunderstorm, we have 60 mile an hour winds. those are considered damagin winds. at 70 miles an hour, i'm not going outside. >> we see it all the time i hurricane coverage. >> we do it all the time. >> hurricane coverage, yes. >> a little scaryre when you' talking about standing in the street. it almost looks like if she wanted to come back in, it would have to grab a rope and pull herself back in. don't do it at me, kids, with
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70 mile an hour winds. don't go outside. speaking of hurricane winds, we have hurricane chris offshore. it's a category going to be messing with us, of course. what it will be doing is causing a high risk of rip current along the lot of the beaches, along the m a-atlantic states parts of new england the next couple of days. hot and humid for us as we go into the weekend. next weekhe and rain chances will be going up from here through most of the weekend. we're going to stay relatively dry. it's 81 degrees right n in washington. it is warm this morning. it's 80 degrees in annapolis. many suburbs about the mid to low 70s. yesterday morning in about the mid-60s. the morning before that, in the mid-50s. you see that warming trend that's going on through morning hours. exercising for today, this morng looks really good for as far as being outside running around is concerned. by the afteron, we're looking at another high in the 90s. 91 degrees. short sleeves today. the spf 30 or higher.
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hydrated. there's hurricane chris well offshore. it's going to stay offshore. much more organizedyehan erday. the category 2 hurricane now. it's going to race up to the north and east, not bothering the united states. but that is od if you are heading to the beach this weekend, a risk. rip currents especially friday. going through the day, we're ly. a smhance for a shower. mostly east of d.c. there you see it kind ofoving onhore from the atlantic. but then as we go into friday, we're going to be dry to end out the week. not too much rain. the next r chance on sunday. hot and more humid into the weekend. temperatures in the low 90s. chuck will show you the ten-may. how more rain chances we have in the forecast. melissa, what's going on, on the roads? >> brand new problem. upper marlboro, the r blocked by a crash there. also a new problem on 70 here this morning. southbound near montgomery village avenue. thi popped up. idn't have enough time to
5:21 am
make a map. a new crash there. we'll look into that one. >> 66 looks good. 95 northbound, a little slow when you're headed into woodbridge. southbound on 95, you can see a little bit of a del as well. headed down south there towards garrisonville. otherwise, no major the b is rolling along nicely. eun? >> thank you, melissa. coming up, big news for local art fans. >>ng d.c.'s f festival is back. we're givingk you a l
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bold meets sweet
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with dunkin's new brown sugar cold brew. sweetly balanced with brown sugar.
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524 right now. if you're a fan of the arts, t'ur calendar will be filling up. >> welcoming the public shows that are taking place in a new neighborhood. these are unique performances. not your regular old festival. justin finch has more. >> a fun and free flowing number by d.c. performance by area women. they happen to be dance trained and in search oan outlet. >> well, we applications are open. that deadline and that's a show. we applied and now we're doing it in just a couple days. >> yep. >> accompanied by accoeions, fanciful footwork symbolizes life. the sort of o drama
5:25 am
varioustvarious ceremonies in people ease lives. religious ceremonies and weddings. >> they're sk and they float around and they're ridiculous. >> they can't wait for the debut. it began in 20 and welcomes new and returning artists each year. >> 11 different stages at 5 venues. over 75 artists. >> you can binge watch shows on netflix all day long. ople come here to binge watch theater. >> these two are returning for capital fringe and are eager to meet their s.audien >> it's not this barrier between performer and ar cyst. om're all in this together. >>hing special this year. the new backdrop. southwest.c. and the waterfront. organizers believe it could hp make this year one of the best.r
5:26 am
>> the festivas until july 29th. >> you can find info about the ckets and the schedule in the nbc washington app. search capital fringe. coming up, the final straw. first starbucks, now d.c. the district's proposal to cut back on plastic and how soon it could take effect. burn me so bad. >> a woman's warning that may have you thinking twice about sleeping with your cell phone. at a5:26 on wednesday morning, i'm storm team 4ol meteist chuck bell. four things to know about the ather. humidi in check by d.c. in the summer standards. check of today's a forecast and peek into the weekend
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a live look outside as we start this wednesday. we're in for another day of sun and big-time .he just about 5:30 right now.
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good morning i'everybody. aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. the sky is pretty though, right? messa mollet is keeping an eye on the roads in traffic. first, a closer look at the forecast with chuck bell and sheena parveen. it's july in d.c., going to get hotweather. >> what are you going to do? can't do much. >> people complaining about the heat, i'm sure a lot of people are, we had a really long winter. don't forget. i have to remind myself when i walk outside and say it's so hot. >> the problem with winter, it didn't happen in winter. february was colder than march for the second year in a row. >> thank you, sheena. thatl. will be we have a partly cloudy sky overhead this morning. dry weather for most of us today. don't need to worry about rain of days or a couple across the area. temperatures, national airport, still above 80 degrees.
5:31 am
away from the water in the city upper 60s to low and mid-70s to .et the day goi 88 in manassas. 91 here at home. a closer look at the rain chances as we move into the fweekend in more minutes. good morning, melissa. >> good morning, chuck. taking a look right now southbound 270 at montgomery llage avenue. you approach there, you'll see this backup. this crash ist on the l side of the roadway. everybody is sort of being pushed to the right. we're seeing real delays heading southbound right now on to 70 as ppyouach montgomery village. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, no problems on the beltway this morning. right lane is blocked by the crash this morning. 66 and 95, no big problems. southbound on 95. northbound before woodbridge. eun? thank you. it's 5:. two children are safe after an amber alert that lasted to r hours. that alert went out after he
5:32 am
stabbed his girlfriend in gaithersbuff and took o with his 9-year-old son a 18-month-old daughter. perry surrendered at a fire stat n after dropping the k off with baby-sitters. neither child was hurt. perry's girlfriend is expected to survive. no word on any chargesyet. this morning, a small community in fairfax count is ping three teenagers pull through after a terrible crash in clifton.wo >>f the teens are in critical condition right now. justin finch is live at the teens' school in fairfax with more on what may have caused this crash. justin? >> reporter: aaron, good mohting. that's r we know that all three of the students were -- those victims were students here at rinson secondary school. we don't have their names or ages at this time. t wenow that two of them are teen boys and one is a teenage rl. all now badly hurt after this crash that police believe was caused by speeding. now, chopper 4 was over that
5:33 am
scene tuesday afternoon showing thates gome wreck there. you're seeing a 2005 jeep suv that's badly wrecked on one side especially. this is off of thest fairfax ion road area near pollville and states ro yesterday afternoon. police believe the driver lost control a t crashed into ae and later crashed into a fence. two of the victims were helicoptered to the one was d to the hospital. as you might imagine, a lot of people live and work off of fairfax station road. for that close-knit community, this is rattling news. >> we don't knowam the of the children yet. iahave not heard them yet. but espy if there's somebody that -- they're this is ahat we know, fairly small community. it could be pretty devastating. >> reporter: this crash is also taking place on aaa calls the 100 deadliest days, the summer
5:34 am
season, when there's an uptick in the rise of crashes involving ung people here, especially ones like this one. nsey're encouraging parents to talk to t about the importance of avoiding distractions and wearing their seatbelts. no word on any other details on this crash at this time as we get them from police. we'll bring them to you. we're tove in clifn, justin finch. news 4. back to you. >> justin, thank you. it's 5:34 o this wednesday. here's a look at some of your other top stories. for the first time in more than two week the entire wild boar soccer team is waking up outside of that flooded cave in northern thailand. the team is in a hospital now recoveringge the boys rn ages from 11 to 16. thailand's pme minister says the outpouring of moral support made the difficult and dangerous mission a success. president trump is in belgium today for the nato summit and it's off to a tense start already. the president clashed with
5:35 am
ento's secretary general over russia and d spending during a breakfast meeting this morning. you're looking at footage from the meeting. we'll let you hear some of that apchange live from col hill in ten minutes. d.c. voters are frustrated the council moved forward with overturning a bill they just voted in. it's the bill to repeal initiative 77. that initiativwould have raised minimum wage for tips workers by 2025. supporters say by overturning the initiative, the council is disrespecting the democratic process and d.c voters. severalrs council mem an the mayor say initiative 77 is bad for workers and businesses. there is l a d.c.maker who wants to outlaw plastic straws in the disrict. our n partners at wtop reporting that a bill has been introduced to the d.c. council to outlaw single u plastic straws. severalestaurants have itched to paper straws for environmental reasons. the bill is set to get a public
5:36 am
hearing in the fall and could become law nex ar. 5:36. we're learning more about a bizarre act of vandalism in northeast d.c. somebody tossed giant chess pieces off an apartment building. several cars were damed by that monday night. pieces of those -- ties came from the senate square apartments near i and second streets northeast. the large chessboard and pieces are part of the apartment's rooftopitams. one man told us his wife's car was hit. he's just glad she wasn't hurt. >> i have a lack of words. it's s stupid. people could get really hurt. >> three vehicles had about a thousand dollars worth o damage. no arrests so far. city leaders a forward with a plan to build a new stadium for the potomac tionals in fredericksburg. according to the freelance star, a letter of intent was approved with the owners of the nationals. it calls for the owners finance, build and maintain a
5:37 am
5,000 feet stadium. no money ore bond would borrowed from the city. but the city would pay the teams just dver a milollars a year to use the stadium. if the plan is approved by minor league baseball and public hearings go well, it will be built off the celebrate virginia parkway and hopefully be ready for opening day in 2020. they currently play at fits ner stadium in p centralnce william county. from the minor league to t majors. d.c. days away from getting ready for the allstars. the changes coming to the road and rails. first, an update on this racle baby left alone in the woods. up next, heafrom the officer
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5:40 right now. new details on the macle baby
5:41 am
found in montana. >> the man charged with leaving a baby in the woods broke down in tears when he made his first court appearance. franols crowleyhim he buried a baby in the woods after crashing a car. the baby was in the woods for about nine hours before searchers heard it in the middle heof night. a picture of the child holding one of the first sponder's fingers went viral. >> i heard that baby murmur. i was so happy. i was more happy than hearing my own daughter's cry for the very first time. >> crowley admitted he was high on meth and bh salts when he crashed the car. police questioned the child's mother. but she's not facing charges at the moment. now the child is still in protective custody. it's now 5:41. a warning as you wakeup. something you may have in your bed right now. how a cell phone left ava va'a woman with burns on her body. plus, a solution for sunburn.
5:42 am
a viral facebook post claims shaving cream can cure it. hear what the experts are saying before you try to stock up. well good wednesday morning. a nice sunrise going on here. we he clouds around but overall, a dry day. we're already at 81 degrees in washington. another h afternoon. check back in a few minutes to another stretch of 90s in the forecast. stay tuned. plus, in your first 4 traffi a slowdown in montgomery village. we'll show you what's happening and how to getund it, coming up. and ditching hotels for homes. airbnb makes it look easy. but coming up, tips you need t
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new video this f morningm belgium where tensions are already running high. president trump in brussels today for the nato summit. a breakfast meeting wh nato secretary general, you see here, got off to a testy start as they clashed over several nato
5:46 am
members' dealings with russia. >> these are twoeal wars under -- we are strong together. >> how can you be together when a country is getting its energy from person you want protection against or from the group that you want protection against? >> because you understand when we stand together also in dealing with russia, we are stronger. i think what we have seen -- >> y're just making russia richer. >> that is just one of the issues expected to trigger serious conflict at today's summit. >> tracie potts is live on capitol hill with the latest. tracie these kinds of public confrontations are pretty >> they're unusual, but maybe not unexpected considering the factde that the pre has had aense relationship with some of our allies since he started imposing tariffs. that could come up at the nato eting. the b issue is whether or not he feels other countries are payi their fair share.
5:47 am
5 out of 29 countries are payine 2% that they're supposed to. most others have another decade to comply. president trump says that's too long. the u.s. is footing the bill and it's not fair to ouray tas. that's his argument. he brought that up in brussels along with thisbo issue germany asking for protection against russia while paying billionso russia f gas. it very quickly turned into a b testakfast meeting to begin the summit today. >> all right. tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. thank you. 47 right now. a bill to crackdown on noise from d.c. street performers has been withdrawn. under that bill, they have been fined for not turning the music down. it aims to limit noise levels not get rid of street perrmers altogether. it could return in the fall for consideration. all-star game excitement at an all-time high.
5:48 am
they're hosting the annual matchup for the first time since 1969. events beyond frida ahe of the tuesday night game, even if you don't have tickets to the events, you'll feel the impact. road closures and restrictions a as earlys friday. visitors are being told to avoid driving. so that will likely mean more people on metro this weekend. master card is paying to keep the trains running late after both the hom run derby on monday and the all-star game on tuesday. >> if y n liver nats park like i do, you probably have noticed, it's alrdy busier than usual around there. it's kind of nuts with all the construction ha aening. >> a the fireworks at the game. >> an all-star villtse around naark. will be a fan fest at the washington convention center running friday through the weekend. so look out for that. >> so much excitement. very excited. only have a few hours to help another nats player get into
5:49 am
tuesday'sme. trai turner is a final vote candidate. he's up against four other national league players for a last spot o the roster. votes close this afternoon. we need trey on the team. they have a link how to vote and tons of information about the events happening in d.c. search all-star in the nbc washington app. there's a link right there. .lick on we're going to be out at nats field lives ahead of tuesda game. look for the coverage of the youts and all the stuff need to know. >> bryce harper was offering to sign abat. >> if trey gets the vote, he'll giveaway things. >> members of the media not involved. >> he makes $21,625 a year. >> he can afford a couple of et ti >> not quite what the weather -- we'll take a swing at the forecast. typically hot around here and the humidity levels increasing
5:50 am
as well. no records are in sight. we're also keeping a close eye on hurricane chris. it reached hurricane last night.e a category 2 storm withmi105 s per hour sustained wind. it could reach major hurricane statat. that meansory 3. winds of 111 mirror higher. it couldch briefly r that late today or tonight before weakening again once it gets over the colder waters of th north atlantic. the only real stretch of land in danger from the landfall will be, of course, newfoundland. no threat to the u.s. coast. we have weather front down to the south keeping the storm off the coastline. that's good news. also this boundaryhe , may help to generate one or two lonesome rain chances today. nothing this morning. little bit of a chance for a shower in culpepper, southern maryland. there. rain chances down not a big threat for rain. not having to worry about rain for a coupleda of .
5:51 am
friday, saturday, everything looks very, very nice. here's our ten-day recast. 89 is an average high. 91 isn't that hoty comparison to average. tomorrow's high 88. 87 on friday near 90 on saturday. 92 by sunday. stat night into sunday, the midity will increasend finally bring back needed rain chances. it's been bone dry here in the month of july melissa. >> it has. some of my plants and flowers are hurting a little bit. down 270 b ore montgomery village avenue, we have this crash this morning. you have to stay right to get around it. right now, about a three-mile backup as you head southbound. keeping an eye on that. it could start clearing here soon. not seeing the flashing lights any longer. a f better viewm above in a couple of minutes. inner loop and outer loop are fi this morning. inbound suitland parkway, about -- near suitland road -- i
5:52 am
was thinking ramp for some reason. upper marlboro, inbound 4 after richie marlboro road, the right lane blocked because of the crash. 270 southbound from germantown to the spur, not terrible. top of the beltway, outer op, 95 to 270 okay. inbound 66 and 95here this morning, still rolling along okay. wtop, 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. today is july 11th. that means 7-eleven is celebrating by giving out free slurpees. you can get them from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. be ready for a wait. it gives away 9 million slurpees on 7-eleven day every year. menthol foam shaving cream healing a sunburn rather
5:53 am
quickly? she said leaving the foam on for 30 minutes made the sunburn disappear in about a day. what doxperts have to say about this? >> one says anything with menthol may do the trick to soothe the burn. >> there's no realenefit with doing the saving cream or finding menthol in other products. it's available in several products over-the-counter >>xperts sayhere's no scientifha evidence t anything can heal sunburn faster. vitamin d can lessen the serity of burns before going into the sun. >> you know what you need before going into the sun? sun block. a virginia teen says she was seriously burned by her cell ph e. she lives in norfolk virginia and fell asleep on her iphone while it was charging and a burning sensation on her arm woke herup look what was left there. she took the phone to anor appl two weeks ago and still hasn't gotten that phone back.
5:54 am
>> my phone just burned me to the point that it's a blister. my skin is gone. >> that is rough. look at how awful that pllooks. says the best way to avoid overheating your phones, is to avoid using chargers made by otherompanies and to just use the charger that comes with the phone. in she said she was using it. evtually you have touy a new charger and the apple chargers are more expensive. >> tght's this keeps happening. explosion in the pockets on airlines. >> vacation rentals on found on websites such as b airbnb c a great alternative to hotels. ou see do you know what online is what you're going to get?r consumer repor susan hogan working for you to help you have a worry-free vacation. >> all rentals have working fire safety products. but a2018 study found 56% of
5:55 am
the listings are carbon monoxide detectors and 42% have fire extinguishers. they have a web page dedicated to home safetyra encng every host to install working smoke and c.o. detectors in their listing ahe to check frequently. a consumer report says these are only suggestions, which isha wh yo to take a more proactive approach. >> vacation renta are not regulated in the same way as hotels, which means you really want to reach out to your hosts before you book. >> consumer reports recommends asking these five questions. does the property haking smoke and c.o. detectors. is there a working fire extinguisher on the property. does the property have an emergency safety cardst is there a fid kit in the home? does the property meet local safety regulations? >> asking these questions will give you a better understanding of how safe the property is and might b up other issues that
5:56 am
you might not have been aware of. >> susan hogan, news 4. france is headed to the final round. gake a look here. soccer fans leapor joy and celebrating in paris after their team managed to beat belgium 1-0. there was a goaeaded in, in the in51st mute right there. that ended up winning the entire match. beautiful shot. this will berance's firstime in a world cup final in 12 years. so awesome. one more mat to go in the world cup semifinals. >> england is going to square off against crow ach asia at 00 thisafternoon. the wish takes on francena in t >> can't wait. still ahead, tragedy hits a local community. three high schoolers seriously hurt in an afternoon crash. how police say it happened. a wild police chase in florida comes to an end in grat
5:57 am
dramatic fashion. details when we return.
5:58 am
5:59 am
rood morning everybody. welcome to y wednesday. halfway there. we're going to make it. >> no choice. >> i'mun yang. i'm aaron gilchrist. we appreciate you waking up with us this morning. we'll start with a check of your commute andforecast. >> we'll get to melissa mollet with a check of the traffic.
6:00 am
another scorcher but a beautiful sky to wake up today. soo. the first peeks of slight bouncing off the dome. >> few clouds around, beautif day. a little cloud cover makes for a unautifulse you're artistic. you could paint this. >> i could paint this. beautiful sunrise hereoming up. we have clouds around. 78 degrees. it's a warm start to yourday. many suburbs in the 70s. we were in the 60s. the day before tt in the 50s. a mild trend as we go into this wednesday morning. annapolis is coming in at 80 degrees right now. as you wak up and walk outside, you'll see clouds around early e sunshine throughout the day. by 8:00, around 80 degrees for many of you. a mid- by 9:00 a.m. yesterday in the 90


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