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tv   Today  NBC  July 11, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, breaking overnight. ready to rumble. >> it's ver t unfair our country, very unfair to taxpayers. >> president trump touches down for the nato summit and lights i up a's closest allies ripping nato countries, even sayingermany is, quote, totally controlled by russia. is it brilliant strategy or bluster. relief those rescued boys in thailand now on the road to recovery as the crews who saved them celebrate pulling off the impossible. this morning new details on the risky rescue and just how close it came to ending in disaster.o ericans involved in the operation, one who spent three days inside that cave, speak out
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in a live interview. deadly blast. an explosion rocks a wisconsin city overnight. at least oneirefighter killed, residents injured. the downtown left looking like a war zone. an emergency evacuation now be g credited with saving many lives. we're at the scene live. all that plus miracle in alaska. a tour plane crashes in the remote mountains and somehow everyone aboard survives. moment of impact. new video erges of george clooney's motorcycle crash in italy. an investigation into that frightening accident. viva la frce. france advces to the world cup final this morning, excitement reaching a feared pitch in the uk as they look to punch their ticket. with hundreds of millions across
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dae globe watching with them today, wednes july 11th, 2018.: >> announcer from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb liv from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everybody. welcome to "today." nice to have you with usright and early on a wednesday morning. we're going to start in europe. our top story. the president has touched down overseas. the week long european tour this morning andmm he's iiately facing off with allies at this key nato summit. it's also ahead of a much anticipated trip to england a russia'sne meeting with vladimir putin early next week. nbc's chrkristen we will ter sts us off in brussels. the plrsident isdy making headlines there. good morning. >> reporter: hi, savannah, good morning to you, he sureis. the nato welcome ser mope is about to get under way here. this is a summit aimed at strengthening ties, but
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president trump is already throwing punches, raising serious t questions abouthe united states commitment to standing with its closest allies. skipping the pleasantries, president trp not holding back this morning, taking aim atal es during a breakfast with nato secretary-general before the summit even officially started. >> man a countries not paying what they should. >> mr. trump doubling down on his criticism that several nato countries don pay their fair share in defense but taking direct aim at usrmany, aing littlentry of paying too and of being controlled by russia. >> germany is a captive of russia. they got rid of their coal plants, their they are geto much of the oil and gas from russia. >> and even pushing back when publicly pressed by the nato secretary-general. >> we are stronger together than art. >> how can you be together when a country is getting e itsrgy from the person you want protection against or from the
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group you want protection against. >> of course we understand when we stand together, also in dealing with russia, we are stronger. >> you're just making russia >> it's a remarkable start to a summit that's already been rattled by the president's tough talk. on tuesday the european esident warned mr. trump. >> america appreciate your allies. ter all, you don't have that many. >> reporter: the president on a weekn long trip europe. on his agenda, a stop in briein whrime minister theresa may faces a crisis over brexit, then audience with queen elizabeth, next to scotland and a visit to one of his golf properties and finally russia with face-to-face with vladimir putin. prident trump raising eyebrows tonight. >> frankly he may be the easiest of them all. >> in that one-on-one meeting
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they think he wil confront him over thorny issues, the 2016 elndtion invasion of crimea. but democrats say he's skeptical. >> it's even worse for him th meet w a very, very clever out for himself man like esident putin alone. >> kristen, just to go back to what went on in bulge, this is a nato sum, diplomatic niceties, croissant, to hearhis bubble up and boil over before the cameras is incredible. >> it is. the german chancellor angela merkel says she expects difficult discussions. still the extraordinary nature of the gupresident's t lash cannot be overstated. these are about optics and tone. on both front president trump was confrontational.
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not totally unext cted. looke last summit, he broke with protocol, even shofg the prime minister of montenegro. in this it's different. he's been openly feuding with allies ove trade and other issues. the key concern is that that could weaken these alliances and strengthen vladimir putin's hand heading intotihat cl face-to-face next week. savannah. eople will watch the body language of the putin summit and comparing for sure. thank you very much. to the latest on that miracle rescue in thailand. t this morni 12 boys and their coach are recovering from their -day ordeal as we learn more about the dangerous operation to save them. a moment we'll talk to two deericans who took part in that. first nbc corresp bill neely is at the scene. hi, bill, good morning. >> good morning, hoda. it was daring, it was dangerous, but it could have ended in disaster divers saying this morning that the whole cave complex began
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flooding during thatal rescue, a rescue that went from mission impossible just a week ago to mission accomplished. celebration here and jubilation at a rescue that defied the odds. but it so nearly went wrong. just after the last boy was taken out, the main water pump gfailed, floodin the cave so quickly divers screamed and sprinted for the these the last four to leave, and they left exhausted. doctors >>overjoyed. ery happy, very happy. very, very happy. >> the divers had rked their lives and were overcome with emotion, cebrating with a beer. >> we feel very happy. now we need beer and we need sleep. >> it was a very good day. >> their bodies cut, cave mud everywhere. >> butt was aough dive. >> it was a tough week, couple of weeks.
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>> happy? >> hasy. >> this the only glimpse of the end of the boys' nightmare. on a gurney saline drips attached. anotheroy identified only as number 11 followed. the daylight soright their faces were covered with blue cloth. just eight hours after i began, the final planses signaled the socceras team saved. these boys have had the lon eoe ordeal, 17 nights in the cave. the rescue commander che ed by the world's media. we finished, he said, what e no oner thought we'd achieve. at the hospital more celebrations. inside the boys reunited. doctors say they have lost four pounds. this morning parents were reunited with four of the boys, thewed in the same room for first time but wearing surgical gloves and gowns in case of
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infection. >> it took eight days from discovery to freedom. that moment the trigger for a rescue few felt possible. drilling andigging, waiting and battling. they had luck, the rains held off. they had lost, one thai diver losing hislife. the boys drank water from cave walls. they were weak in body but strong in spirit and so brave. diving or hours toescape, a heroic end to a story that hasi ired the world. the rescuers here are just wrapping up theiroperatio doctors say all the boys are well, happy, and glad to be out. a few have pneumonia but it's nothing to worry about. and the boys will be relieved of this news. teachers say they can skip their week. next savannah, hoda, back to you. >> okay, good.
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there would be an international incident otherwise. >> bill, thank you. members oned by two the u.s. air force who were involved in that rescue, major charles hodges was one of the mission commanders and master sergeant darrick anderson was inside the cave during the operation. good morning, gentlemen. i'm going s tort with sergeant anderson. take us inside that cave, seleant anderson, t us about the conditions and what it was like for you and what it felt like when you finally saw the initially we thought the cave wasn't goings to be a complex or re and ll getting in t seeing obstacles and tight points and you add on top of th cold waters with zero visibility. i think quickly we realized it wasoing to be a much more complex mission than we initially thought. >> major hodges, do i have this right thatthe very last moment, there was a complication with the oxygen. really, not only were you against time, it turned out
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in e boys were rescued just the nick of time. >> yeah, wet knew te oxygen levels in the ninth chamber were slowly b surely going down. we knew the sustainment, course of action that was a potential option was for longer an option because we knen' they wou be in there four or five months. we thought originally if we didn't act when we acted, there was not going to be a successful rescue. we knew if we acted soon, we had the potential tocu rese them but we didn't have the oion to wait. >> major hodges, we can overstate how difficult and dangerous it is, a former thai navy s.e.a.l. died down there. so describe what you thought the oddsere initially. th so as we look at missions like is, we put them onis a matrix. this one due to the extreme
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physical dhazards, to the fatigue hazards, due to the ifactors of any equipment breaks down, that's lifesaving equipment and it could have catastrophic results if that equipment doesn't hold up, when you loo at that on a risk matrix, it comes out as being extremely high risk level. and when you look at historically anyone ever doing this, there's no precedent set.'s been we looked at this and we thought this has a low probability of success. i felt like i was being noptimistic whe i told the goveor of chiang rai when he sked that in my mind the potential chance of success was anywhere from 60 to 70%. we were fully expecting casualties. the multinational effort absolutely knocked it out of the rk. everybody came together on this. if there wasn't teamwork coming from every single direction, this would not have been a success. >> and my final question to you,
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sergeant and, you weerson, you there. what does it mean to you to be part of thi incredible humanitarian effort, so much courage from so many people fro different countries rallying around this cause of 13 young boys. >> i mean, i think we can all be proud. like the major said, every bit of effort from every part of the world, those boys are. hero they were extremely brave to go through something likethis. i'm really glad everybody at the end of the day can walk awayth smile to include the rescuers, families, boys. >> major hodges, sergeant anderson, thank you so much and congratulations on your hard work. >> thank you for your service. >> thank you. >> we move now to breaking news in wisconsien weoned this at the top of the show, a deadly gas main explosion rocking downtown sun prairie overnight. nbc's ron motts there. ron, good morning to you. what a scene. indeed. a scene savannah, good morning to you.
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we're at a staging area about a half mile south of where this blast took place last night. officials are still working that scene. can you see the red cross on the scene here as well. in the meantime sadly we've learned this morning that at least one firefighter has been killed. this morng a community rattled after an overnight gas line explosion in a small wisconsin suburb killing one firefighter. >> on scene for a gas leak. we just had a building explosion. >> authorities say contractors wereorking downtown sun prairie northeast of madison when they struck a natural gas line. witnesses reported smelling gas not long before theowful blast sparking massive flames and sending thick plumes of smoke in theair. the explosion leveling one building and damaging others anl ngs and homes in a half mile radius. while teams search the fiery rubble, there's no timetenle eople will be allowed back into the evacuation zone. >> as soon as the fire de rtment can get inthere, get
7:15 am
that ventilation, get the gas ventilated and get those fires out we can make the determination of when we can allow people back in their homes. >> officialsonfirming several firefighters were transported to the hospital. >> six firefighter are transported to the hospital, three withie minor inj and released, one with a minor injury and was admitted, one who is still in very critical condition, and one who succumbed to his injuries at the hospital. >> a neighborhood shaken by an unexpected tragedy. now, this scene as we mentioned is still acti. we're about a half mile away from there. officials are continuing to worc that arease they said a lot of that gas that was released ran through sewer pipes underground. they want to make sure all of that gas is out of the area before they start allowing people back into the homes and businesses, savannah, hoda. >> ron, what a night. thank you very much. to a story of survival that's getting a lot of attention. this one happened in al a sea plane crashed into the side of a mountain.
7:16 am
remarkably everybody on was found out to be alive and was rescued. nbc natnal correspondent miguel almaguer has the latest on this story. hi, miguel, good morning. >> hi, hoda. the small tour planes that can take off and land in the water gettingmmon way of around in remote areas of alaska. we're told late yesterday one was loaded with sightseers taking in the state's beauty when it suddenly fell from the sky. it took rescue teams nearly three hours to find the wreckage, the battered sea plane colliding into a m rocky alaska. on board 11 people, including the pilot, somehow survived the harrowing crash landing. auorities say the single enne float plane like this one, was soari through alaska's beauty when disaster suddenly struck.r aftethe plane's mayday call reached the coast guard, a helicopter crew battled turbulent weather, fighting rain and fog, before finding the
7:17 am
crash site 2,000 feet up this mountainous rocky teain. the commuter flight was scheduled to travel from steamboat bay to ketchikan but crashed. >> the accident site was about 2,000 feet in an area of trees, rock-covered terrain. unfortunately the weather was notco erating. >> a coast guard helicopter hovering over the crash site managed to hoist the passengers to safety. it was a miracle no one was killed. most of the passengers suffering mor injuries. one listed in serious condition. taquan air suspended all flights today and cooperating with authorities. known for its splendid rugged beauty, on thisli day thist offered a terrifying view 11 people will never forget. >> ntsb said their investigation
7:18 am
had just begun. wwhilether conditions weren't ideal, it may not be the only the the investigation will take months. back to you guys. >> miguel, thank y so much. >> leads head over to mr. roker with the weather. hey, al. >> hey, thank you for getting your weather from us. we have a hurricane
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>> and that's your latest
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weather. >> thank u, al. comi up, the first video of george clooney's frigh ining accide italy showing why the star is very lucky he walked away. and why would a happily married couple consider divodne. >> we sho have to make that sacrifice to get our child medi cid. >> a texple opening up but their difficult choice to care for their young daughter bus first this ioday" on nbc.
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what does this say? (announcer) you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now. this is a news 4 news update. 7:26. i'm eun yang. i'm aaron gilchrist. we're following a developing story out of college park this morning. police working to find a person who may have fritried to attack woman when she was joing. we're told this happened at 7:00 last night. a woman told police a manad vanced towards her but she was able to getpoaway. ce are looking atz surveillance video in that aread two cn are safe after an amber alert that lasted for hours. that alert went ohe after say he stabbed his girlfriend in gaithersburg and took off with his young kids.
7:27 am
neither child was hurt. perry's girlfriend is expected to survive. no word yet on any charge w now wt to check on your morning commute with melissa mollet and first 4 traffic. >> good morning, before the ruerican legion bridge, tire in the roadway there. herndon, eastbound leesburg pike before georgetown pike, crash wi one lane getting by. laurel southbound 197 at bw parkway, crash reported there as well. we're going to check your forecast when we come back. stay with us.
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sunny skies temperatures m in the 70s around the dc metro area. afternoon highs upper 80s and low 90s across most of the region. not too humid. very, very low rain chances today. slime for a shower southern maryland, central virginia. hot row another sunny and one. highs in the upper 80s. back into the low 90s for the
7:29 am
weekend. next best chance for a shower doesn't arrive until sunday. chuc thank you. another local news update in about 25 minutes. for now, back to the "today" show after the short break. have a great day.
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7:30 now on this wednesday morning. welcome back. craig is with us. we're looking at pubs across london. they are going tol f up because england is jonesing to make it into the final. >> filling up. gland, croatia, france, who won yesterday. we're pulling for england, i gather. >> i think we are. it's been so long. >> it has. >> coming home, listening to the football anthem. it's going to be semifinatoday. if they make it to the final, gland versus france. >> epic. >> wimbledon going on there. >>mbwiledon. federer and nadal on a collision course. >> i know who you're pulling for there. >> we all do. first a check of he other headlines. the president also in europe taking on fellow world leaders.
7:31 am
taking on nato allies. >> germany as far as i'm concerned is captive to russia because it's getng so much of its energy from russia. >> president trump already facing off with allies even before a key nato summit officially kicksyoff. >> countries are not paying what they should. >> part of a week lg european tour including a trip to england and high-stakes one-on-onein me with russian president vladimir puti >> frankly putin may be thees ea of them all. who would think. under the microscope, supremcourt nominee brett kavanaugh makin o the roundn capitol hill, thiss both sides draw the battle line on the confirm fight. >> i will oppose this with everything i'vegot. >> the president couldn't do a better job picking extremely well qualified nominee. >> lesean mccoy vehemently ing allegations he was involved in an assault on an ex-girlfriend at his georgia
7:32 am
home he police and bil investigating what's going son ah palin called sacha cohen evilnd sick after being duped into an interview for a comedy showing saying at the dressed as a disabled veteran. the astros win in dramatic fashion when oakland a's throw away in extra innings. >> i bet tst guy waking up this morning -- >> that's the worst. >> don't play it again. >> one more. okay. >> that's why the a are two games back. >> ouch. >> also this morning, we are getting our first look at that scary crash in italy that landed george clooney in the hospital. natalie joins usith the latest on this. hey, natalie, good morning. >> behind me you see the crash
7:33 am
scene, motorcycle clearly on its sigh. after seeing this video it's hard to believe clooney was not more seriouslyinjured. the surveillance video obtained m an italian news outlet showing theoment of impact that sent the oscar winner flying 20 feet into the air. >> this morning shocking new surveillance video captures the exact g momenteorge clean's scooter slammed into a mercedes in italy sending the hollywood a-lister high into the air before he crashed down to thegr nd. watch one more time as clooney's scooter collides with the car. >> a little bit -- he got in an accident. he was falling against the sky. >> you can see the car's driver gets out to help clooney and calls for help. in the video obtained by the italian news outlet.ta clooney sys on the ground. new photos show him being treated by paramedics at the crash scene. the car's windshield smashed. the academy award winner w
7:34 am
reportedly traveling 60 miles an hour and heading to the set of his new tv show catch-22 when the crash happened. an ambulance took him to the hospital. incredibly he did not sustain any injuries but italian media reports he complained of slight trauma to his pelvis and bruises to his leg and m. the actor and screen writer was reportedly wearing a helmet. the reports that clean's wife bal rushed to be his side. the couple leaving together in a car when released. a spokesperson said he' recovering and fine. he has a home but they are in sardinia with wife and twins. the ties are strong, they married in a picture perfectin we in 2014. this latest accident a close call for cloofy, one hollywood's most beloved stars.
7:35 am
catch-22n on clooneyed will reportedly continue as planned. this is actually clean'sycecond moto accident. remember, he crashed a harley back in 2007 with his then girlfriend sarah larson. back then he broke a ri she pro her foot. guys, maybe time to give up the motorcycles for papaclooney. >> imagine the conversation at home. >> honey, you're a father now. >> natalie, thank you. now let's go over to al and get a check
7:36 am
good morning. temperatures are near 80eges in the district. sunny skies now. y.'re going to see a lot of sunshine to it will be another hot one. clinton.s, 78 in 80 degrees in annapolis. through the afternoon, sunshine wxed with temperatures around 90. yot to stay hydrated. have the spf 30 or higher. little les humid as we go into the evening hours. f aorrow we have a chance shower mainly east of d.c. dry friday and saturday. 90ed and humid over the weekends. >> and that is your latest weather. >> thanks, al. >> al thank you. still ahead, a remarkabletory montana. >> the only thing i can say
7:37 am
about this whole thing is it was a miracle. police opening up about the incredible end to a desperate search for a missing baby. how prospective parents are iaing social med to change the face of adoption in america. >> plus world cup fever set to shut down london today as england gears up for its biggest match in decades. we are there live. >> but first a happily married texas couple being forced to consider divorce to get their daughter the care she needs. >> you try anything when it comes to your child. >> they are goi to s over the last 24 hours, to s you finished preparing him for college. in 24 hours, you'll send him off thinking you've done everything for his well-being. but meningitis b progresses quickly and can be fatal, sometimes within 24 hours. while meningitis b is uncommon, about 1 in 10 infected will die. like millions of others, your teen may not be vaccinated against meningitis b. meningitis b strikes quickly.
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we're back with a story that's tugging at a lot of heart strings this morning. >> it is. a couple in texas who is actually considering divorce now. it's the reason why that's gettin attention, becau they are happily married. their adi schwartz h story. gadi, good morning. >> good morning, guys, this is pretty unbelievable. jake and marie love each other very much and don't want to get divorce but it may be the oy way to qualify for medicaid and they need that moneyov to sky high medical costs for their daughter. jake and maria grayy say te more in love today than they were when they got married on a fl ida beach nine yearsago. now the happy couple is considering filing for divorce. the reason why might surprise you. >> y anything when it comes to your child. >> the couple that has two
7:43 am
daughters, one developmentally a newborn, she suffers from a devastating disorder requiring extensive care. >> she will not be able to be on her own ever and require 24/7 care. >> the grays have been trying to get medicaid to help with spiraling cost. but they foul into a hol in th system. his income too high to qualify for medicaid and state assistance is available but they say there's an extremely long waiting list. >> for amber, 60,000. >> becoming a single unemployed mother m be the only way maria and jake can get the car they need to get the care. >> we shouldn't have to make that sacrifice. >> right now they have expensive rivate insurance but there's a lot it doesn't cover. they have been spending $15,000 year out of pocket. oo s igwn d t uinexspenses. >> we're not looking for charity or donations, gofundme, any of
7:44 am
that, i need the state to step up and give us the benefits they ned. >> no reliable statistics on how many have gone down this wrong but experts say they are hearing about more and more people considering it. ke and maria know of other couples with the same heartbreaking dileaya. they they will do whatever they have to for their daughter. >> we've done everything we can do tory to keep her afloat. we're going to reach a point where we can't do it and we won't have another tion. don't know what to do. >> she is a pure and beautiful soul. we're lucky to have her, and i wouldn't change that anything. >> that is such a heartbreaking story. i mean, you h understand thas a veteran and can't believe thea t get some kind of help. why this did he decide this was the time to go public wh this. >> it's a very difficult decision. they know it's going to open them up to all kinds of scrutiny. bu they say they ar hoping to raise awareness, hoping other people in similar situations can step forward so people can see
7:45 am
how often this is actually happening. guys, back to you. >> a troubling story on so many ls. >> gadi, thank you very much. coming up next, the world cup match that has all of england o pins a needles this morning. ♪ a hotel can make or break a trip. and at expedia, we don't think you should be rushed into booking one. that's why we created expedia's add-on advantage. now after booking your flight, you unlock discounts on select hotels right until the day you leave. ♪ add-on advantage. discounted hotel rates when you add on to your trip. only when you book with expedia. my mom washes the dishes... ...before she puts them in the dishwasher. so what does the dishwasher do? new cascade platinum does the work for you, prewashing and removing stuck-on foods, the first time. wow, that's clean! new cascade platinum.
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so lettuce make the right choice, and choose seventh generation's plant based detergent. was that too corny? seventh generation. powered by plants. tested on sixty of your toughest stains. e are back with world cup fever that is gripping pretty much the whole entireorld and also right here at 30 rock carson is outside wh this cool little area set up. >> good morning, everybody. yes, we're out here. the stands are packed with world cup fever. there's going to be a huge watch party here thisaf rnoon. we've even got some socceray pls over here. interview on an telemundo right now. it's exciting out here. no place will there be more excitement than in london when england makes its first final in decas. lucy kafanov is there. lucy, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning.
7:50 am
this is seismic, after half a century of pain, ask anyone in england and they will tell you one thing,t is coming home. three lions take on croatia by, the winner coming one step closer to that world cup trophyl wimbledon, ramily festivities, a high-flying tribu tribute, and a visit from president trump already making headlines. >> we have made this balloon to protest donald trump's policies. >> while it's fair to say right now england is having a moment, all of it taking a back seat to the world cup. long suffering fans hoping to win their first world cup in over 50 years. >> i couldn't be more excited about this world cup. >> england facing off against croatia toda at stake, a spot in sunday'sl finand a place in history. >> football is definitely coming home.
7:51 am
come on, england. >> millions will tune in at home or ati watch pes across the nation. some u.s. stars catching soccer fever. in england competingt wimbledon, serena williams tweeted, i've spent a lot of suer weekends in london in my life but something feeling different about this one." adding lion emojis for the three lions nickname. pop superstar justin timberlake delighted england fans by backing england's world cup bid. >> it's coming! >> promising to show the game before his concertn london tonight. >> we're going to play this england-croatia match up on my scre >> it's coming home has been the rallying cry of a nation. the chorus ofl a footb anthem for the '90s turned into the tournament's biggest meme on social media. >> you touch that button, you are in very, very big trouble.
7:52 am
>> everyone in on the game from british airways to the royal family. prce william eeting, you deserve this moment. the team winning games in convincing fashion. now with one more to go, unityiuniting a kingdom that has already reached fevered pitch. this is a huge deal tore a country that claims to be the birth place of soccer. 28 years, guys, since england last reached semifinals, 52 years since they last won the wo i was listening to the radio this morning, this like gland's version ofutting a man on the moon. these pubs will be packed this evening. but hey, no pressure at all, guys. it'sot like the whole world will be watching. >> lucy, thanks so much. not like the pubs are already packed enough. >> world cup fever. so successful doing well. can you imagine today. >> it's going to be craz >> we shou give a shout out to
7:53 am
croatia. they will be going crazy,hetoo. >>are. >> busy, too. by the way,at today's match on sister station telemundo. >> telemundo. >> the watch party outside. >>ea still the rise of tfof the instababy. how couples are using social media to make their dreams come true. true. >> stealsnd deals to m still a chance here. it's willingham, edge of the box, willingham shoots... goooooooaaaaaaaallllllll! that...was...magic. willingham tucks it in and puts the championship to bed. sweet dreams, nighty night. as long as socayers celebrate with a slide, you can count on geico saving folks money. fteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. pressure, what pressure? the players on the... pressure, what pressure? i love you, basement bathroom of solitude, but sometimes you stink.
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7:56 am
this is a "news 4 today" news break. 7:56 is your time now on this wednesday,uly th, 2018. good morniu, to yo i'm eun yang. right now let's check on your morning commute with melissa mollet and your first 4 traffic. ow's it going out there, melissa? >> good morning. still had the truck tire in the r loop kennel worth, a crash dbere. westbound wdge boulevard a crash on the left side. westboundandolph road at rocking horse, crash there. 270 southbound5 going about miles per hour. >> thanks, melissa. we'll take a quick break now. we'll check your forecast when we come back. stay with us.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
"news 4 today" on nbc 4 is brought to you by next day blinds. good wednesday morning. we are warming up out there. 81 degrees in 82washington, in annapolis. lauren and clinton coming in at 83. will be in they80s v soon here. 91 for a daytime high. mostly sunny.fu beau look outside now already. tomorrow we have a chance of a shower mainly east of d.c. but this weekend back in the 90s. a little moremi eun. >> sheena, thank you. now back to the "today" show. this is customizable streaming tv for your family... whatever size. it's saving money with flexible channel packs. live tv and the latest shows to stream. and all your streaming apps in one place -- even netflix. this is how xfinity makes life... simple. easy. awesome. introducing new packages with customizable streaming tv options.
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enjoy more choice and faster speeds-- giving you the ultimate value. click, call or visit a store today. paragraph either 8:00 today, sound. up, safe and new details on their maculous rescue in thailand and how it almost went wrong. >> flooding the cave quickly, divers screamed and headed to the exit. an update on the boys' conditions. when i looked down and saw the baby face edown. >> pol describe the moment when they found a five-month-old baby aliveng after b in the woods for almost nine hours. >> the only thing i can say about this whole thing is it was miracle. >> may the royals rise to meet yo prince harry and meghan markle
8:01 am
visit irela in their first overseas trip as a mared uple. just the latest stop in a busy week for the royal family today dnesday, july 11, 2018. >> today is my 11th birthday. >> i'm here today to say, i love you grandma and grandpa. >> here with my boys from alexandria, virginia. >> hi, oregon. ♪ >> i'm here wh my beautiful mom. >> my sister. >> my son sam. >> and our three daughters. >> we heard you singing, hoda. >> frida georgia line. >> yeah. welcome back to "today." nice to have you with us on a wednesday morning. al is out saying hello to everybody and we're going to join him. >> if you, by the way, would love to seeel your in the
8:02 am
pen, use the hashtag, twitter, would love you to join the party. >> some that can't make a trip, >t's a great way to be part of it. octors say the boys rescued from the cave in thailand are doing remarkably wcol idering what they have been through. we've learned why this operation to save them was even more dangerous than first imagined. here is nbc's chief global correspondent bl neely. bill, good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah, yes, it was dangerous, daring. c ld have ended in disaster. the divers are describing how thehole cave complex flooded during t rescue. a main water pump exploded. that sent divers screaming and sprinting for the exit. it was about two hours after the final boy and their coach was evacuated. but the area that was dry in
8:03 am
there is now completel inundated. this was a very close run thing. it was an emotional rescue fort divers, of course. i was spending some timeit overpass w them. they are emotional, they are overjoyed, they are exhausted. as for the boys, we now have the first image of one of the boys the hospital overnight. they are well p theents have been able to same, some of them, in the room wearing surgical masks and gloves and gowns for fear of infection. the last few minutes, the commander has been describing the rescue operation saying ate point they couldn't fight the water and the mud and they were beginning to lose hope. well they didn't lose hope. this changed from mission impossible just a week ago to mission accomplished. savannah. >> all right, bill. thank you very much. president trump is in brussels this morning for the welcoming ceremony at the crucial nato summit and he's alady putting pressuren
8:04 am
america's closest allies. oring a presummit breakfast, he accused thether nato countries of failing to pay their fair share forfe e. he singled out germany saying they are, quote, capti to russia because they pay moscow billions for oil and gas. the president's european trip will include a stopin in bri where he will have an audience with queen elizabeth and ce-to-face meeting with vladimir putin in helsinki. >> in the meantime the trumpon administraas made progress but fallen short of tuesday's deadline to reunite about 100 migrant children with their families gabe gutierrez on the border in el paso with what happens now. be, good morning. >> savannah, good morning. that federal judge says the government is making progress butidn't meet the deadline. the judge telling the government's lawyers that the dates he laid out are not oss pierational goals. this morning a 3-year-old boy iw backh his honduran father ter spending nearly two months apart.
8:05 am
the father, who didn't want his owce sh called their reunion in arizona an emotional moment. in michigan another little boy is all smiles back in hisda s arms. they are among the 102 pig rant children under five years old the government had been trying to reunite with their families by tuesday's court ordered deadline. but an estimated 64 children are still separated for reasons including parents with criminal records or incomplete verification. >> i have a solution. tell people not to come to our country illegally. 000in all, nearly separated children of all ages are in government custody. health and human services secretary alex azar defending the care of the kids. >> it's one of the great acts of american generity and charity what we're doing for these unaccompanied kids smuggled into the country or come staacross t et illegally. >> separated families are left playing a heabreaking waiting game. in texas, a man from honduras was able to hold his daughter in
8:06 am
his arms in a shelter tuesday after a month apart. sheee still hasn't released. >> what's being the heartest part? not knowing how she is, he says. the judge is asking for an owdated time line for younger kids tomo children five and older are supposed to be reunited by july 26th. hoda and savannah. >> all gabe gutierrez, thank you. this morning we're hearing from some of the rescuerssa who d the montana miracle baby we first told you about tuesday. his mother says the five-monthld was wearing just aws onesie and t-rex blanket last time she s him. he was found partially buried in in theds alive, fou middle of the night. >> the sound i heard was an exhausted, tired baby. >> yeah. >> who couldn't -- didn't have the lung capacity to try anymore. >> at that point we jus started running. >> a piece of clothing in bushes, baby rma, the breadcrumbs in a vast montana
8:07 am
wilderness that led to the rescue of the five-month-old infant. >> i was literally taking step, and i was about to walk on top of the baby's head. i heard the sticks crack when i looked down and saw a baby face down. >> officer jessop said they responded to complaint about a disorderly potentially armed man ab mt a in hot springs, montana. when officers arrived at the say franciscr ley, high on meth and bath salts admitted he had crashed his car and buried and baby in the woods but was not able to tell the officers where. they feared the wot. >> i h prepared myself mentally to find a dead baby, it all. >> but miraculously the infant survivede more than n hours in the western montana woods buried face down una pile o sticks and debris wearing wet and soiled clothes. i the only thing can say about this whole thing is it was a miracle. >> the baby suffered just minor injuries and is now under the
8:08 am
care of child pro.ctive servic crowley, who has an extensive criminal record, was emotional tuesday when he appeared in court. the infant's mother, who did not want to be identified, says crowley is a fend andas watching her little boy while she went to work. >> i justd pictu him crying and cold. i was cold. >> the scue, joy for everyone. >> happiest 15, 20 minutes of my career. >> when i heard that baby murmur, i was so happy. i was more happy than hearing my own dghters cry for their first time. >> wow. can you imagine nine hours in the woods. you made got pint out those rescuers, here and thailand as well. >> i know. it touches my heart, the humanity. just an impossible situation. you think there's no chance you're going to find somebody but we're going to look and go in in the coldrknd >> we're not going to stop until we do. >> you got a miracle in ,
8:09 am
thailand a miracle here. thank goodness for rescuers. >> the morning boost. would you like one? >> yes. >> this giant cardboard box showed up in the kitchen of a home in ireland. there was confusion about what was inside. the mom was toldt was a gift for her. she went to work cutting it open. littno did she it was a surprise she would never forget. >> surprise! >> that's amazing. >> the womas daughter now living in canada came home to ireland. she wanted to surprise her mom. after a little bit of terror, it was hugs and kisses. i have to say i was a little concerned about the scissors. >> we should also note that she didn't ship herself. exactly. cute. so >>l ice boost. alght. much more ahead morning including prince harry, meghan markle taking ireland by storm. speaking of ireland, we've got some details on their first trip abroad since the royal wedding.
8:10 am
a growing option fores famiooking to don't. >> with social media, you're able to tell your story in your words in littleigtiblee pieces peoan view and see. pieces peoan view and see. >> why people a ♪yeah pieces peoan view and see. >> why people a ♪and i just wanna tell you right now that i♪ ♪i believe, i really do believe that♪ ♪something's got a hold on me, yeah♪ ♪oh, it must be love ♪oh, something's got a hold on me right now, child♪ ♪oh, it must be love ♪let me tell you now, oh it must be love♪
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the martinez brothers have a nose for trouble. little did they know their dad had washed that jock strap using gain flings with oxi boost and febreze. that boys, is the sweet smell of defeat. thanks to 3 big things in every gain fling. we are back with "today's" royal roundup. yeehaw. so far we'ven s them celebrating a royal christening of the avis. >> now meghan markle and prince harry have taken it on the road. kelly cobiella, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is it, the big moment. this is why peoe are standing
8:15 am
out in the rain in dublin for hours this morning. c youan see the crowd back there getting pictures of prince harry and his new bride. it's their first overseas trip as duke and duchessf sussex. prince harry and meghan markle on a whirlwind trip of dublin. many events in 24 hours. >> i love megan, just beautiful. >> the trip requested by the british government, a sampling of irish culture and historyom with s high-profile hobnobbing. the couple sitting down with the irish prime minister, meeting th president, his wife and their two adorable dogs. >>e're so pleased to be here for our first international visit together as a married couple, a we hope it will be the first of many. >> all thi in the middle of a bu week for the royal family. the fab four, hay ailnd wam a megannd at the .
8:16 am
arriving side by side westminster abbey on tuesday. dazzling duchesses, pegan in dior and kate wearing alexander mcqueen, sharing a laugh on the balcony. watching a parade in the skies with a smiling queen, an epic royal air force flyover. charlotte once again stealing the show from a palace w bdow withrother george. after that show stopping flyover, a quick wardrobe change, quick flight over here to dublin for a very qui vi megan in a green givenchy dress then back to aarden party, the newlyweds sharing adoring looks. >> how is megan ing. >> i don't think she's done anything wrong. impeccably dressed, calm. wo the t at the gaelic games. bynitot, it's all england.
8:17 am
the couple plans to be back in london tonight in time forhat crucial game, england versus croatia in the c world where we're told they may be a few minutes later for the start of the game but thewill be watching along with the rest of the country. guys. of the world. >> kelly, thank you so much. carson in the orange room. what's shaking? >> guys good morning. is is a lot of fun here. police departments around the country are goingirchalal vnge. social media that been flooded with videos of officers coming together to put on their bpet ormances. here is a look.♪ ♪ michelle pfeiffeat whit dploogold ♪ ♪ if you want to be my lover make it last forever friendship never ends ♪ ♪ what a feeling
8:18 am
♪ because i had the time of life ♪ >> there's some good stuff, isn't there? check it out. here is how the battle began. started with this officer from texas. he shared just a video of him singing a song in his car. this is wheret all began right here, just exploded from here. the video from the tulsa county sheriff's office even cght the attention we noticed of carrie underwood. carrieng twee"these are my people. i'm so proud." the police lip-sync challenge are the most pure thing i've seen all week. so good to seeat it cing on and them having fun. >> several departments having millions of views online, hard to say which police department won the battle, of course it doesn't really matter. this i a trend. this could bestintereg. you might remember, if you're old likenme, abc in 1990,e therwas a show called cop rock. do you remember "cop rock"? it was a livection drama but
8:19 am
with broadway police officers it was terrible. >> steven bochco. doing police department it in the dunkin' donuts. >> that was pretty good. >> like 30ws million v online. maybe this will be a thing. >> impressive, but the choreography is imessive. >> i see a gauntleting there thrown down to fire departments. >> what have you got in "pop start." >> start off with "this is us" getting back into the swing of cast and crew headed back to work for season three. dan fogleman sharing a snap from the first scene.te can you seeing k. brown as a randall,eth in the image. i'm not sure what's happening but they look pumped nonetheless. >> he's not crying. >> they are having fun. shooting.began they were taking part in the new summer craze, it's drake's "in my feelings" dance challenge. chrissy metz said this summed it
8:20 am
up. "this is us." season three september 25th. beyonce, this interesting, curroutly on with jay z. recent show in italy fans speculating she could be pregnant again. >> they are always reporting that. >> i'm just reporting. at the very end, place a hand on her belly give it a rub. smiling at the audienceefe smiling at the audience and walking away. kid?his teasing her fourth i don't know. >> only reason, when she did that. >> looked like the music awards. >> sounds like you think she's preggers. >> we've reached out to beyonce for comment. >> prego. >> it was alsolate maybe she was a little hungry, like pizza would be good right w. show is over. i don't know. finally selena gomez like you've
8:21 am
never seen before. yesterday her mother shared an old video on instagram. five years old talking to her mother on the phone about aig homework aent and she was not happy about it. take a look. >> teacher said i've got to do all this stuff again. do it by myself. uh-huh. teacher said i gota do it. i'm going to be crazy. you've got to help me over here. >> oh, my god. >> that is perfect. >> over here. >> cordless phon uch amazing about that video. there she is, le, at five years old. "pop start" today. >> super cute. you're sup cute. let's get the weather. >> not that super cute. yes, you are.
8:22 am
good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. pleasantly warm in the upper 70s toround 80 degrees. another hot day to be outside. 90 degrees. not quite as hot as that 90 degree temperature i don'tin the humidity levels aren't too bad yet. slightly cooler for tomorrow and friday, then back into the 90s with noticea more humidity as we head into saturday and sunday with a late day chance on sunday. >> and that is your latest weather. guys. >> al, thanks so much. now to "today's" talker, a growing trend when it toss to. adopti chrkristen dahlgren here with t story. >> prospective parents navigating through take urmplicated y. social media is redefining the starting point bringing together
8:23 am
familiesacross the country with one goal,ininding a l home for their children. from instagram and facebook to youtube, social media brings us all closer together. but for those looking to don't, it's become a way of makingam their dres of having a family come true. ♪ we'd love you to call you our own baby ♪ >> hopeful parents turning to instagram with hashtags, like adoption rock hoping to show birth mothe and fathers they would be good moms and dads. >> little digestible pieces scene. can view and it helps find the commonality that makes someone reach out to you. >> joseph driscoll and business helping prospective adopters promote themselves they saw a need for the business after adopting their now 8-year-old daughter who they found through a newspaper ad.
8:24 am
>> trying to place ads throughout the country was really your only woption. f i have a follower on facebook or a follower on twitter or rainst they could be in michigan, they could be in tennessee. >> more than 30 states have laws that in some way regulate the use of advertising online in adoptive placemehls. while rougy 0% ham by private te agencies, pri adoptions have their pros and cons. the pros, direct contact with the prospective parents. the cons -- >> there's no requirement, no contract. there may behe risk of time and expense and emotion involved before t know whether or not they get to parent the baby. >> i didn't know what to do at that moment, whether to hug him or squeeze oim or runr to our birth mom and hug her for giving us, sorry, like one of the best presents ithe world. >> joseph remembering the momenh
8:25 am
when and his husband gabe t witnessedhe birth of their son. the birth mother contacting the couple a seeing this viral video ♪his is crazy we'd love to call you ♪ >> an adoption themed parody of "call me maybe" posted in an attempt to find their first bundle of joy. since then the family has welcomed a second baby boy named vaughn. anna found her son liam using. facebo >> you've goaltender to put your best foot forward. you've got to be your self. you've got to be authentic. you can't be something you aren't. >> she has an open adoption with livesrth mother kaley who in michigan. social media connecting these two women and now givingayla a chance to watch her child grow ng mey'm bving ie w h fami. >> lot of avppiness. i didn't really that until i met them. i wouldever change it for anything. >> however you find each other,
8:26 am
ery adoption needs to be approached cautiously with a omputable agency. ing up this is a "news 4 today" news break. good morning, 8:26. wednesday, july 11th. i'm aaron gilchrist. t's get to melissa mollet with a check on the roads. >> a problem in rockville. it looks like that has cleared. randolph at rocking horse. southbound on 270 slow through gaithersburg. because of an e crash really. green belt, outer loop after kennelworth avenue. crash there. southbound 270 at 118 still a bit slow. >> melissa, thank you. we will get a y check onr
8:27 am
forecast when we come back. stay with us.
8:28 am
plenty of sunshine out there right now. temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s.
8:29 am
greatay to be out by the pool. put your sun block on. high tem in the low 90s. good night for a barbecue. temperatures falling into the mid 80s by 8:00. have a good wednesday. does your business internet provider promise a lot? let's see o delivers more. comcast business gives you gig-speed in more places. the others don't. we offer up to 6 hours of 4g wireless network backup. everyone else, no way. we let calls from any of your devices come from your business number. them, not so much. we let you keep an eye on your business from anywhere. the others? nope! get internet on our gig-speed network and add voice and tv for $34.90 more per month. call or go on line today.
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hey, everybody, 8:30 on a beautifu wednesday morning, a sund splas one, july 11th, 2018. we've got a beautiful cwd out here. also we're just 48 hours away from our next summer concert. one republic will be here this friday. it's going to be a good one. >> a new tra out called "connection." it's really good. >> studying for friday's concert. >> do you have a crowd moment
8:31 am
for us? >> i do. where -- who is this? >> this is cardboardkatie. my sister and her >>cousin. hy did katie not decide to join us on the plaza today? >> she got a new job, to work at her new job today so she couldn't join a. >> she had new job, wanted to keep the job. where are you from? >> central illinois. >> cardboard katie isn't here but cardboard katie is going to joins for theest of the show. we'll get it back out to you. >> cardboard katie. >> card bod katie meet carson daly. >> coming up, jill martin's steals and deals. these are bargains thawill make your summer days and nights more fun says cardboard katie. >> speaking oar wmer weather, a nightmare for your hair. quick fixes for your summe hair headaches. >> yes girl. >> did you say yes girl?
8:32 am
>> yes. >> coming up at the t of the hour, do you know what we're talking about? >> no idea. >> we're goi to talk about the world cup. >> great. can we talk about wimbledon, too. >> on ati mule choice test, i don't think i could havho told you is still in the world cup until this morning when i read my resech packet. >> now we're getting into it. we're in. i want a england versus france final. i think that would be amazing. >> i have no idea what i'm talking about. so you'll get to see more that
8:33 am
good morning. sunny and 81 degrees right now. as we go through the day, it will be another hot one. is suburbs in the mid to upper 70s. shortly everyone will be in th 80s. by lunchtime, mid to upper 80s. mostly sunny. 91 for high temperatures. another day in the 90s. s we doy dry today. tomorrow we can have a couple of showers east of d.c. we'll be around 87 on friday. 92 sunday. u humidity goes a little bit this weekend. rain chances return next week. >> that's your latest nnah. >> thank you, al. i don't know where -- there you are. i'm notlly known for my sense of direction. i'm like hi, al, thank you. no, it's jill. she's here for steal and deals, the temperature is rising. these bargains are sizzl everything you need for fun in the sun. >> we all love fun, right?
8:34 am
>> yes. >> thi is all about fun. there's something for everyone. owt's start with nine-piece beach tote and set, retail $116. et comes in four colors. you get the tot and you get the blanket, which is sort of -- >> blanket, it's kind of perfect. >> ifthou're going tbeach, you can lay it out. look how great this is. >> it's not thick. it could be either, a towel or blank blanket. >> great for a gift if you're going tosomeone's home. $116, $32 for both, 73% off. really great deal. >> this is really cool. this is led flame speaker, $69.99. 5-foot tall poleed that has l lights but you play it from yout blue to you play it from your phone. >> stop, alaming speaker. >> led i should say that also plays music.ha isn't cool. >> i love it.
8:35 am
carson daly needs this. >> see how it lights up. >> really cool, carried nordstrom, dillard's and other retailers nationwide, the deal $29, 60% off. >> that uld be a fun hostess gift, too. >> if you're going to someone's hoe and you have an area you can't play music in, that's the perfect thing. this is crazy and major. >> i need this. >> pool candy pool floats retail $85. this screams fun, right?if ou walk into someone's home. it's a set of four things. >> let's see where we are. >> c if i do this eloquently. i may never get up again. >> so savannah is chilling. you've got the tube, the ball and look at the sparkle. >> i'mdying. it's so good. >> and you get the drink holder. and if you loo up here, you get the noodle. this is a major noodle. my mom is like the noodle
8:36 am
swimming queen. can you imagine? this is so great for a party. f you want this, go to >> that's not lemonade. >> it is not spiked at this hour. the deal $25 for the four, 71% off. i love it. i may never stand up again. avert your eyes, world. >> what do we have next? moving on, penguin set, $47 to $51. three books in a set. go on to see different ones, fiction, thriller, mystery. i still love picki up a book and reading. >> definitely. >> still my thing. retail $47.90 to $51, the dl $16. again, you get tlae books by all these best selling authors. >> cute. i love these bottles. >> they retail $48. 1 liter glass and soft silicone over it.
8:37 am
pick from 10 different colors zac, recei saks, sephora. obviously healthy to drink wated all long but also beautiful to carry around with you. >> you drink mor water if you have a cute water bottle. >> i think if you wear a cute outfit you make better plans. >> workout outfit. here are the products once again. beach totes and towels from nine space, flaming speaker,loats for pool candy. i die for them. book sets from penguin random house. water bottles. the promo code for all of these deals is summerfun. you can find them on jill, thanks. look at you. you are living your best life. up next midweek motivation from self-made millionaire. what he wants you to do right now and you can start crushing it in your own life. but first this is "today" on nbc.
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8:40 am
we're back with multiple success stories and unfiltered adviceown to make career goals come through. speaking of remarkable and self-made, stephanie ruehl. >> here i the question what is your dream, owning a sports team, opening a store or getting a promotion. the question is how to make your vision a realit is man, gary v gary vaynerchuk inspiring by doling out unusual wisdom. >> i'm a unter-puncher. he's unconventional. >> you like blaming something. >> unapologetic. >> suck it up, let's go. >> completely unstoppable. >> there's a talent behind being good at people behavior. i have that. >> does he ever.
8:41 am
with million twitter followers, 3.5 on instagram, whopping net worth of $360 million, gary vaynerchuk isn't messing around. >> from the bottom of my i want to tell you t nk >> serial entrepreneur, speaker, author, mogul, ceo. >> that's the number one thing i would invest in. >> he's disrupting investors. >> if you want bling-bling, buy th jets, work. that's how you get it. >> vaynermedia is a empire. >> just an ad agency. if you watch "mad men," we're just doing the best job of the 2018 version of that. >> the journey here, fully self-made. >> it's a classic story.ration i came in the late '70s. my parents had nothing. >> boy from belarus moves to new jersey. >> baseball cards, classic 1980s jersey boy hustler.
8:42 am
>> he husbatled his e-commerc moving from liquor store to screen. >> welcome to live tv. i am yourar host g vaynerchuk. >> what was your breakout going ouutube. >> ytube is why live tv was the breakout. quickly followed by me exploding on twitter, being one of the first people with a million followe followers. >> his enterprises landed him here, ere, everywhere. >> guess what one is yours. >> business bhooming garyge pl first into the social media scene and creating a one of a kind personal brand. >> this is secondary. this is primary. >> gary, you say the most aggressive things i can think of and it never seems to hurt you. my intent is better. they are on defense, i'm on offense. >> how are you not willing to take a ste backwards?th because ofer people's opinion. >> you have high emotional intelligence but it's something we don't see traditionally in men, because it's not part of male culture, not part of how
8:43 am
the business world yworks. see that as a disadvantage to your peers? >> 100%. i think it's why i'm winning. i'm not playing in the middle. >> now cameras follow his every move every day on his very bob later daily vee blog. >> this is a time for risk. let m tell you what's way for scar than failure, regretg >> in crushit, he says with the right approach any one of us can create a new cash flow or become an influencer by embracing, not bemoaning social media. >> everyone telling us why platforms are back, have we quantified people who found organs, love, good that happened because of the internet. we're fear mongering, pessimism, glass half full time right now. i'm not. see you at the finish line. >> want to join him? how do you maximize your day. >> self-awareness.
8:44 am
above anything else, inoyou don't who you are, you're finished. if you're not brave enough to tell your parents, siblings, spouse, children and the that i'm this or that, you're finished. >> okay. here aregary's top tips to up your game, whatever it is. be way more self-aware, more patient. stop o complaining feeling self-entitled millennials and do not ever forgethat your word is your bond. what do you think? >> i'm so money away by this guy. >>wow. >> i wish he could get more confidence. >> truly this guy, anig int moved to new jersey, struggles in school but believes in himsf. positivity is his message. he owns everything he does. >> i thiy it's rea inspiring. >> just boundless energy. i'veeen some of the stuff online. i don't know when he sleeps. >> by the way, gary, he's here. >> what? >> he's going to beoining us in the fourth hour. >> he's alive. >> just ahead.
8:45 am
>> your summer hair headache, we're t going to getthe root of the big problems. teach you how to get ridf all of it coming up of it coming up "t
8:46 am
here's money for pizza. here's the wi-fi password, but, if you go online while the boys are online the internet can slow down and they don't like it. you guys don't have fios? oh-no. but it's a 100% fiber-optic network with ridiculous speeds. you could have tons of devices online at once. interested, talk later. bye boys! don't even think about going online. woah... i can't work like this. the 100% fiber-optic network means more speed for more devices at once. so get fios internet, tv & phone with a 2-year agreement and get a free samsung chromebook 3.
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wednesday morning with "day's" style. a lot of times outside in themm , your happiness, hair, another story. tips you needix to for the four seasons of your biggest hair headaches. hey, rl. >> that' true. hey. >> thank you for coming. we need you. >> all right. >> you're about to show me something. >> when i'm with celebrity clients on set i have little tricks i . one is a quick spritz with the top. i take the can, just kind of all it over. theminum locks it down after you do the hairspky. qu fix. >> let's talk curls and waves. people love this look but how do
8:48 am
you get it >> as professional hair dressers we make cocktails, a cream and i gel and mix together. this is cool, marc anthony's true professional, a curl cocktail. is.k how cool this it's actually two caps. do you see that? >> yes. i do see that. you can pick and choose if you want to define or frizz. when it comes out you get both sides. all you do is emulsify it. >> mush it together. >> take a little and define your natural curls. i have a befor picture. >> are we doing this when she's dry.or >> her hair is a little wet. do it wet and dry. >> takes the frizz and makes it curly. >> you go one curl at a time to really defineemth >> and it smells good, too. >> it smells amazing. >> wipe that off here, we've got a towel. all right. so now, yguys, i love braids. braids for the summer are perfect. if you're looking for look for
8:49 am
the pool, if you want to create a really good texture,his is great. during the day when it's really hot, you take the hair off your net. >> feels good. you undo the braid. ok how cool the texture is. this is amazing because it's a day to night look. look at this beautif peachy texture she has. it's beautiful. >> how do you keep tthat. >>s is another little trick that i love. a little bit of hand lotion. >> hand lotion on your hair? >> a little bit because it's very similar. if you don't vitt, you've been out at the peach all day and they havehe little hand lotion, use a little of that and it defines thees e of the braid. >> it looks awesome and it stays. >> a beautiful natural beach wave from the braid. >> take us down here. >> this is another thing, when you've been out and you have a lot of product on your hair, this is a detox. this is cool. botanical detox conditioner, alba.
8:50 am
>> n a dry shampoo. >> no. look at this product, volcanic clay. >> her hair is ie shower. >> in the shower. >> what you do is apply this direct on and leave it on like a mask. what the volcanic clay does, it eliminates the oils it's like a clarifier. imagye those c masks, it's for your hair. >> put it on, leave it on andri e it out? >> rinse it out. >> what's the final result when you rin it out. >> more volume. this the final result. you're getting rid of prildup, uct you've had in there all summer. >> can i ask hair te wures,t does this work on? >> all textures. what's really great about this product, too, you'll see this as a trend in beauty products, n sulfates, par bins, great for all hair types. >> talk about our scalp. fix our scalp plea a. >> this ither thing i love. there's so many ways to recreate a dry shampoo. this one i really love.
8:51 am
this is rice flour. you know when your cell phone is stuck in the water and you p it in a bag of rice. this is rice flower ur, put it your root. >> this is if you don't want to wash your hair, want one morut day of it. >> and you want to just find ki something in ttchen. >> what if you're a brunette. >> this isincredible, a little cocoa powder. >> are you kidding? u really put that i your hair? >> a little baby powder mix, just a little for color. >> take tht. >> lift and put it right in at your root. th is a regular makeup brush, takes the oil andif and it up so you get more volume. >> a brette, add cocoa. sounds good. ladies, thank you so much for ur help. for more check out to do we're pack in a moment bda first, "to onbc. n
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
right now? >> what. >> celebrate birthdays. >> a great idea, if wedynew some- i'll do this. friends at smucker's helping us out. cecil, outstanding baseball pitcher fromohio, the secret to longevity, he walks two miles every other day. the end of the week, s he's miles from home. ro rosa stephenson, pineville, west virginia, never lost a game o scrabble. happy birthday to fermin yep, eight kids, six grandkids andhe an on the way. lawrence stewart plays any kind of sport, featured in his high school's athletic hall of fame. miss margaret jordan from
8:55 am
yyracuse, new york, 101. stays active working out on the elliptical every day. i love it. certainly last but not least, ac bean of troy, alabama. spending his birthday with two kids, four grandkids and eight grandkids, and i like hat. there you go. >> love that, al roker. a big fourth hour. kathie lee is back. finally came back from ireland. we have to celebrate national ice cream month, music and we're going to pitch yourss n. people coming in with things that are hobbies and trying to turn them into professions. we have professional. >> gary v. >> yes. >> like shark tank. >> if you're w savannah went, she'll be joining me
8:56 am
8:56 is your time on wednesday, july 11th, 2018. good morning to you. i'm eunyang. >> good morning. southbound 270 at the spur, crash reporteer there i loop at the american legion ale northbound b.w. parkway, 410 crash in the left lane.
8:57 am
this is the trouble spot i was pointing out. slow inner loop all the way from 95 there ino irginia upe maryland line. >> melissa, thank you. we'll take a quick break andr check yforecast when we come back. stay with us.
8:58 am
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good wednesday morning. temperatures now in the 80s for much of the area. 84 degrees in washingtno. by the aft we're going to heat back up to 90. 91 for a high, mostly sunny. stay dry. tomorrow a chance of a shower. east of d.c. 87 friday. into the weekend, low 90s. a little more humid. we have more chances next weekend. sheena, thank you. you can get the n latests and weather next time on the nbc washington app. have a great day.
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good morning, everyone. welcome to the show. i'm megyn kelly. for or aeek now theha world been watching with hopeful apartmen anticipation as a daring rescue was under way to rescue2 boys andheir soccer coach. a daring rescue. last night, success, as the last two came out to freedom. it had been incredible to witness. c's bill neely has been right there for us with daily updates including thi one wat watch. >> reporter: in their hospital beds 12 boys lucky to be aliveg wearin surgical masks not diving


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