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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 11, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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this hill. for a brief moment, you can't see the hill ahead ofou. this is the location where police say the 17-year-old driver lost control. that 17-year-old was conor mcgowan. he was a junior at rinson condary school. according to his friends, he was t great lacrosse player. this facebook p has a statement from his principal who excellent onor as an student, a member of the class council and well-liked by all who knew him, but yesterday afternoon just befor 2:00, police got a call. >> detectives were able to tell the vehicle actual went airborne before hitting the tree. >> reporter:nvestigators say conor was speeding. chopper 4 was flying above moment after therash. police say the front seat passenger was 15 years old and is fighting for his life. the 14-year-old wse rel from the hospital, but now an entire community is mourning the lossf a life that was taken too soon. county, in fairfax megan fitzgerald, news 4. the principal at mcgowan
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school sent home a letter today telling pheents about tragedy. mcgowan's family says there will be a gathering tonight at 6:00. it's happening at the burke community pastors will be on hand there to help the grieving community. wendy? paying a toll to get around traffic is a trend around these parts,er especially in nor virginia. now there is talk about putting even more tolls on one of our most notious roads. the beloved i-66 -- >>eloved? >> transportation reporter adam tuss to tell you what that's going to look like. >> reporter: ask drivers what they think about more tolls comingo i-66 and it usually goes something like this -- >> absolutely not. period. paragraph. >> reporter: by now, you probably know some of the tolls on 66 inside the beltway have gone skyhigh. 10 bucks, 20, 30, $40, near $50 for a one-way trip. >> it's expensive.
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it's a ripoff. in my mind, that's a ripoff. >>eporter: right now the tolls are only in the rush hour directions. in other words, inbound in the morning and outbound in the evening. now there is chatter aboutin pu tolls on both inbound and outbound sixes of the road during both rush hrs. issam is a chauffeur for a hiving. he isn't happy w that proposal. >> only the rich can afford to drive -- be on the 66. >> reporter: virginia's new transportation secretary has talked about tolls in both directions recently with channel 4, however, though, she says the state's ultimoal is to fine tune the details of the road to keep people moving. >> it's an objective of ours to keep costs downs we find ways to move more people. >> reporter: for now, another possible bet on tol as a way to get around our congestion. pretty much controversy at abhis plan. now coming up next hour at 6:00,
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guys, i'm going to tell you why tate of virginia actually says these tolls are improving speeds along 66. ndy, back to you. >> wow. it is -- that's a tough road out there, adam. thank you. >> yeah, it is overseas nowwe e getting a better sense this evening of just how tense it was for the rescu crews and those young boys getting out out of that cave in thailand. ew video shows the divers helping some of the boys escape from the cave a we're told at times they had to endure dives with zeroisility lasting up to half an hour. can you imagine that? in some placeshey were getting by with guide ropes. meantime, we're seeing the rescued soccer players in the hospital and having a better time now. they're in an isolation window with their family members seeing them through glass windows. the boys eected to stay there for the next few days. >> the biggest concern is them being contiguous, not knowing what they mightave been exposed to in the cave and finding out whatever they were
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exposed to and passed on to other people. they want to make sure that doesn't happen. >> doctors say three of the boys have lung infections but overall in good health. a four-time olympic sprinter, an america college star is facing criminal charges here in the district. accused ofll unlaw entering and trashing the grounds in northwest d.c. of the embassy of --he >> u.s. secret service arrested the man. according to their affidavit, the man not only illegallyte d the embassy grounds but dumped trash and papers, including at oneoint a picture depicting the assassination of the president of the republic of engine torial guinea. he is s of a former ambassador whose family sought safe haven in the u.s. years among amid threats. he was a sprinter for the nation's olympic team in multiple years. a star track athlete at
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stanford. he is now a political activist, protesting the current leadership.rv the secret see affidavit says he is suspected of illegally entering the grounds on several occasions in the past two months and accused of dumping ootter, waste and trash on the property. they say he bypassed a locked waist-high gate to do so. this is at 2020 16th street. he is accused of harassing the embassy staff and the embassy received letters during the same timeframe, one of which included a pictureepicting an assassination. showing him as the assailant and the president as the victim. he sd he never threatened to harm anyone and his protests are peaceful. he said he entered the grounds during overnightours t minimize any disruption there. he faces federal charges at a court dateext wednesday and he's had a series of disputes teth the leaders of the nation and ping in part because they denied him a passport fore
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13 to return to the nation. in the newsroom, scott mcfarland, news 4. >> thanks, scott. in montgomery county, the democratic primary has not yet been put t rest. a late decision came sunday in favor of marc elrich. after provisional and absenteee ballots w counted there. elrich narrowly beatda businessn d blair. now there is buzz that blair wants a recount because he lost by just 80me votes. while, democrat unanimous and floreen has decided to change parties and run as an independent in the n. ember electi bethesda is not a neighborhood that sees a lot of crime. police are searching for burglars who stole tens of thousands ofollars worth of jewels from a home. news 4's pat collins is live in the neighborhood this evening with details on this high-end heist. pat? >> reporter: wendy, it was quite a jewelry theft.
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the suspects, not one but two women. police don't have much to go ont here, jome grainy surveillance video. so we went to some mystery experts for some help. >> sounds like one of the mystery books that i just read. >> reporter: today at the connie morella library, a mystery book club meeting. we took the case to them. >> how did the women know that the couple wasn't home? >> they saw them leave. >> how would they know where t jewelry was? >> because most women keep their jewelry in the bedroom. >>oes it seem like an inside job? >> it doesm that way. >> reporter: this happened in edgemoor, tony residential section of b hhesda. now we surveillance pictures of the suspects, two women, but the pictures aren't very good. what the women did here makes the story worth telling anyway.
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you see, during broad daylight a man and wom l whoe here go out to run an errand and while gothey're , those two women, those two womenee you s in the surveillance video, walk into the couple's house, they go right to the place where the woman keeps her jewelhe and make off with a lot of expensive stuff. >> how much jewey was taken? >> there are some estimates of approximately over $40,000. >> $40,000 worth of jewelry? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: while this is going on, a suspect car drives back and forth and up and down the careet. police believe thiis somehow connected to the heist. just before thes couple g home, the two women leave the house carrying the jewelry. >> so how did the women get into that couple's house? more on that at 6:00. wendy, back to you. >> ooh, interesting. thank you, pat. mystery. believe it or not, this
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performance that includes this woman dangling from a bunch of balloons is actually one of the less unusual things that's unfolded over the past 24 hours in brussels. president trump is there for a nato summit where hermalled y a, quote, captive of russia. he also accused other nations of not ping their fair share, even accusing some of them of being delinquent or owing the u.s. money. those accusations are somewhat unfounde in 2014, well before mr. trump took office, nato leaders agreed to stop cutting military budgets in their countries. their goal, working towards spending 2% of their respective gdp on defense by 2024. it was not at contr or a direct contribution to nato or a payment that was owed to the united states. since 2014, more nations have moved towards that goal. nato does have shared budget based on each individual country's enomy. the.s. with the largest pays
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just under a quarter of the $ billion of the budget for nato. meantime, five of the closestf alliesur ours, germany, france, the uk, italy and da ca they make up half. none of the 29 member countries actually owes any debt. wendy? >> from stash bucks to american airlin, the list of companies banning the plastic straws is growing. just ahead, what might be replacing straws at our local restaurants and why some are saying not so fast. >>plus, the long road to recovery for a former georgetown football playeralyzed during a game. just ahead, his determination to one day walk again. >> i just don't want to pity myself and let the injury win. i decided to live my life the way ie wanted to l my life and focus on the goals i wanted to fos on. i tracking the latest on category 1 hurricane chris. plus the weekend. there is an isolated shower chance. when a new breast cancer pr
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, she's coming for the multimodal therapy ... these were people who were experts in their field. learn more at so now american airlines is getting rid of plastic straws. starting this month, the airline plans to phase out all its plastic utensils in its airport lounges, opting for the eco friendly alternatives. in november, it will begin serving passengers biodegradable straws and stir sticks made from bamboo. american airlines estimates that
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move will eliminate morehan 71,000 pounds of plastic each year. starbucks, as you know, announced this week they're phasing out plastic straws for environmental reasons. if some local lawmakers get their way, all the restaurants and the coffee shops in the district will have to say good-b s to the plasticaws as well. news 4's mark segraves shows us what some of the options will be and why notveryone thinks plastic straws are so bad. >> reporter: they come in all sizes and colors. ingle use disposable plastic straws and environmentalists say they're causing a big problem, particularly in our waterways. straws, most of them plastic, andmost of t used only once then thrown away. according to environmental groups, americans throw away a half a million pla dic straws eaay. many o those straws end up inr ou rivers, bays and oceans. some of them end up choking our wildlife. this video p tted by group, the lastlastic straw, shows a
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sea turtle having a plastic straw removed from its nose. >> oh, man! >> reporter: that video led to a public outcry from celebrities and then large companies voluntarily kicking the plastic straw habit. >> we just adapt. you can bri your own straws. it can be a whole new market where you sell metal straws and have a little package andcaou carry it with you. >> reporter: carrying a personal reusable straw is exactly what some people are already doing. as for other alternatives for restaurants aap bars, straws that can be recycled and even biodegradable plastic straws are now available. restaurants like fiola mare in del mar, they've started to use metal stctws. >> it'slly a bit of a wow factor because a lot of people actually don't see it.ta they'l it, they'll tap it, play with it and put it back in and use it like any othertraw. >> do they take it home? >> some people have. >> reporter: >> youse can a straw made out of hay, candy, you can use a
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straw made outf pasta. lots of options other than single-use plasr:c. >> reporhe d.c. council will hold public hearings later this year. if the new law is approved, it would go into effect in 2019. there are some groups who are heavilyependent on disposable plastic straws including hospitals and nursing homes.c. council member jack evans tells news 4 that when this flegislation comes up debate, he will add an amendment, giving an exemption toealth care providers who depend on plastic straws for their patients. at the southwest wharf, mark segraves, news 4. the will to walk is carrying a paralyz football player to new adventures. a hard hit on the field charged ty lliams' life forever, but he's determined to live h life and leash his wheelchair. news 4 nicole jacobs joins us now to explain what he's working towards. >> reporter: ty williams may be
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one of the mostal inspirati people i've ever met. he's truly taken a tragicnt accin the football field and turned it into a positive perspective on live that he lis by every day. this is fight. and grit. it's the athlete's mentality ty williams has always had. only now on a different playing field. his memories aren't too far from that day, september 5th, 2015. he remembers everything. >> i want to say it was the fifth or sth play of the game, like the 10 yard line. >> reporter: it was the season opener. the georgetown university linebacker pis head down for the tackle, he heard a snap and felt a tingle. i broke my neck at the c-6 vertebrae. thatn resulted me bruising my spinal ascord, which h resulted in paralysis. is reporter: physical therapy is for now h new normal.ew his n sport, working several hours a week with his physical therapist, he's making incredible strides.
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>> some finger control back. i mean, my arms -- i've got a t of upper body strength. my core is coming back. abs, obliques, hips, glutes. >> it's who he is, a young man with insummertimable determination. each step a reflection of his will to kee going. >> i don't want to let the chair decide what i want to do. i want to decide what i want to do. >> reporter: that decision sho ightly at his spring graduation in may. he goal was to walk, and he did. >> lifeets hard for everybody, but it's just a matter of picking yourself back up. >> reporte and the23-year-old has his eyes set on even greater. he believe the sky is the limit and this is just the beginning. >> it's getting. it's getting there, yeah. >> look at that. good for him. >> he's finishing up his undergraduate degree. some classes that he stillto ha ake there. then he'll go on to his graduate school claes for sport management. he doesn't know exactly what he
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will do after that, but i love what he said, that he's not letting that chair decing what he's go do, he's going to decide that. >> that's really powerful. and just his -- just his determination is amazing totc >> yeah, and watching him during his physical therapy today. you could see it in his face. you could see the partnership he has with his physical therapist. they're determined to make these leaps -- >> i would hire him right now because of the example that he uld set for any work environment. th is showing that you can overcome ag if you work rrd enough. >>ight. >> he's doing it. >> tt's great. >> thanks, nicole. >>hanks, nicole. good stuff. well, another string of 309-degree days. your lawns might be looking a little crunchy. just ahead, ngamelia's goi to tell you what the next chances are for some rain. plus, vacation rentals can be a great alternative for your getaway.
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do we needol bars to see the chance for rain? >> there is not a lot of rain in the forecast. low humidity as well. comfortableemratures. a little unheard of. not a bad mix. boring if you're a meteorologist, but if you're enjoying the weather, it's
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actually kind of nice. >> we like it when you're board. >>te iso shower chance tomorrow along and east of lyi-. especin you live in southern maryland,ho maybe a lived pop-up shower, but most of us going to stay d. we keep the low humidity levels around through the weekend. it only starts to feel humid on monday into tuesday. not a lot of rain in the forecast. perfect to get the car washed but not perfect for the lawn. here is the latest on chr. it now been downgraded from a category 2 to now ay categ 1 hurricane with maximum winds at 90 miles an hour. it was stationary for quite awhile into the weekend, into monday and tuesday. now it's starting pick up steam as it moves towards the northeast at 25 miles per hour. lauryn is going to have more on its i coming up around 5:45. that's that's the latest on pl chris right now. 93 degrees in washington.
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89 o there in cole pepper. we started off this morning a little humidity levels dropped throughout the day as the cold area.cleared the a nice comfortable start tomorrow on your thursday. 7:00 a.m., we're at 70 degrees. perfect if you're biking oro walking work. not too hot out there. low humidity from start to finish tomorrow. at lunchtime,2 degrees. have lunch outdoors tomorrow. with a king really nice mix of clouds and sun. as we move into the afternoon and evening hours, a few isolated pop-up showers are possible. they would be movingt from e to west because we have an easterly wind out thereow tomo a high temperature of 87. tomorrow night looking fantastic. overall the weather having a low impact on your day. nice day to head to the pool. outdoor exercise is looking good. g the car washed is looking mainly dry around here through sunda only a small chance for an isolated shower on your sunday. we are, though, starting to see our day lengths getting shorter.
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at this point, we're losing about 1:30 worth of sunlight eachsu day. et tonight is at 8:35. sunset tomorrow is around 8:34, but we're still going to hav late sunsets. august 17th our sunset time is still going to be around 8:00 eveningthe i love the later sunsets. i don't know about you. on friday, 90 on saturday. notice the isolated late day tower chance on sunday wi high of 92. a bit of a better chance for rain and thunderstorms next monday,uesday and wednesday, but that's just a chance right now. a guarantee at all, wendy and leon. >> thanks, amelia. ta> so the district is hosting the all-s game but there is a lot more to do than just watch baseball. ahead, we're going to take a look at some of the fan fest events where you can actually play baseball. ahead, what this homemade truck is doing held up by dens of protesters here in tacoma park.
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a 3-year-old girl using technology to help save her dad'sife. i'm david culver in fairfax. just ahead, you're going to see how she made that lifesaving call. it seems like you can buy just aut anything on amazon, right? i know i shop there. >> you fall into the amazon hole and startuying things. feel like you're getting a pretty good deal, though. >> you're going to love this next story. show us four items you're overpaying for on amazon and where to score a better deal. where to score a better deal. >> saveome money s(s where to score a better deal. >> saveome money s(s nd of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪
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i had life-treatening bleeding in my brain. but thanks to the virtual realpiy technology at gw hl, my surgenss were able to look iide my brain and plan for a successful surgery. it's remarkable that i woke up and ran five miles this morning. i would ll gw hospital thank you for giving me new life. for life's defining moments the george washington univeristy hospital defining medicine. nde george washington univeristy hospital (sf footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of enne starting)
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binocula now at 5:30, a tragedy in far faxouy. the teenage boy who was behind the wheel of this jeep has now died. connor mcgowanas 17 years old. chopper flew over the crash in clifton yesterday. two other teenagers were in the car. one young man still in critical condition. a 14-year-old girl is home from the hospital and recovering. a new plan could bring more tolls to i-66. right now the tolls are all heading in one direc rush hours, but now some lawmakers in northern virginta tolls in the inbound and outbound directions of the tolls at all times. they sayhis wil ultimately keep traffic moving. in beesda, a couple of
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thieves went into a home and stole more than $40,000 of jewelry. right now this surveillancf video two people quacking -- walking down the street is the best evidence thha investigators of the suspects. tonight, we want to introduce you to a techavvy toddler. >> doctors say her quick actions likely saved her father's life. our bureau reporter david culver met the young facetime hero in fairfax. >> how do you explain to a -old why she is getting all of this attention?av it up to mom. >> they're here because you're a hero, like a superhero. >> reporter: it is a lot fory moll mccabe to take in. her mom devin said it started when she was at work on july 4th. she noticed one missed call and then another. >> why did you call b mommy? ause da da was sick. >> you were very smart and
5:31 pm
brave. >> reporte using her dad's phone, molly at just 3 years old, mind you, was able to call her mom at work. >> also showinger. >> she told me that daddy got sick. she showed me where daddy was. so i saw him lying on the ground. >> reporte devin is a icu nurse. she called 911. crews took trevor mccabe to a winchester hospital and air lifted the 27-year-old. >> i gives me goose bumps thinking of that number, 27. >> reporter: dr. edward greenberg was standing by in case the artery was still blocked. >> if i had to pick one artery t in the braint is the most critical artery that you don't want to have iblocked,t's that artery. >> reporter: every second matters and doctor greenberg believes molly's actions wereli saving. >> who do we facetime? >> grandma. >> reporter: tonight, trevor is making progress. off a ventilator and taking a couple of steps.
5:32 pm
he is out of work, though, and the community is helping by raising money through a gofundme. they'r story of survival. s >> you were so brave when you called mama and you did such a good job. wee proud of you. >> thank you, mommy. >> you're welcome, baby. thank you. >> reporter: in fairfax, viinia, davidculver, news 4. >> you can learn more about the fundaiser, just search "facetime lifesaver." it'snur nbc washington app. we're going to meet the doctor who is going to perform the rarr edure that should prevent trevor from having another stroke. scott mcfarland at the live desk. breaking news. the u.s. secret service has arrested a d.c. man for breaching security at the white house grounds. it happened yesterday morning at about 4:00 a.m., according to an affidavit from the u.s. secret service office there, the man moved the security barrierts e the entry to the east wing of the white house. secret service is saying the man had a adog, had bible and was,
5:33 pm
quote, adamant that he meet president trum and that he adored president trump andan d to come back again. the affidavit shows a criminal history and the possibility that he was wearing a d.c. rrectional bracelet at the time. the man arrested yesterday morning, 4:00 a.m., court case, to be determined. at the live desk. leon, back to you. >> thank you, scott. speaking of the president, mr. trump is overseas in brussels right now attending a nato summit. he's made a number of headlines after blasting a number of our nation's key allies and doling down on his belief they should be cribbing more to theire. defe kasie hunt is joining us now. kasie, what are you hearing from lawmakers about how things are going over there so far in brussels? >> reporter: well, leon, i'm not so sure that the reaction has been terribly positive for the president here in congress, although there have been some republicans, many of whom have a more of sense of his o political ba come from areas of the
5:34 pm
country where support for him is the most intense, w havesaid, okay, somebody does need to tell to payey, you do hav your dues. for the most part, there has been a lot of concern tha what the president has been doing is undermining decades-long lorelationships with ourst allies, really the bedrock of the st-world war ii west. the speaker paul ryan, while he said he didn't want to the president while he was overseas, he had very strong words of support for nat he wantedo make sure that he tmmunicatedt. the house and the senate both passed resolutions in the last day expressing the strong sense of the congress that the nato relationship is extraordinarily tarting with the comments this morning, i think there definitely have been some nervous, republicans included, but also, of course, democrats here on capitol hill for theon ramifica of this relationship. leon? >> as you know, kasie, this is not happening i a vacuum. this is going on just ahead of h a her key meeting w sit-down with russia's leader
5:35 pm
vladimir putin just ahead. >> reporter: that's right. just heard ely next week. before the president took off on his foreign trip, he said here that he thought thiswautin meetin potentially going to be the easiest one of his foreign trip itinerary. so far the events of the nato summit may indicate me may have been right about that, surprisingly, but this isng another meehat is giving congressional lawmakers pause.ig fo relations committee chairman bob corker said in the last day or so that he wished that the meetings weren't happening at all. and i think it's fueling concern that the president seems interested in building relationships with traditional versaries of the united states like russia than he is sustaining our longtime alliances. le ? hope you're enjoying this nonboring summer that you've got here. >> reporter: iatnow. forget vn. out the window. >> exactly. take care.te >> rep great to see you. thanks forasie hunt joining us. stay tuned to "nightly news" for
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all the latest coverage from the political coverage of the team here from brussels. earlier today on capitol hill, a big day for local federal employees. congressional leaders honored employees of the federal inspector general. that includes thousands of workersmong more than 70 inspector general offices across d.c. this ishe 40th anniversary of a law that created those offices, which audit and investigate misconduct and waste in the federal government. news 4 skok mcfarland and bob woodward help moderate this event. a fire chief from maryland is getting ready to move to theo other side the potomac to county. helm in fairfax appointed john butler as the new chief of the fire and rescue department. butler started off as a firefighter and paramedic in howardnounty back 1993. he's been chief for the past four years. he joins the department as it deals with scandal. the last fire chief stepped down after accusations from
5:37 pm
high-ranking women that leaders didn't do enough to stop sex harassment and discrimination. if you're a fanf baseball's all-star game, get ready to have some fun because fan fest starts tomorrow. come prepared for basbeall cause you could end up in a pickup game, try your luck at cahing a fly ball see if you've got the speed to steal a base. your favorite all-star legend may be hanging out there as well. fan fest is held every day for days.xt five tomorrow only if you buy one ticket you get the second one for free. we all have some major news from our minor league team,tohe c nationals, they're one step closer to moving to fredericksbu i. the team currently located in prince william county. fredericksburg city council voted unanimously to relocate it. agreei to a letter of intent which includes building a he000-seat stadium. according to letter, the meets stadium no longer the minimum requirements for
5:38 pm
minor league baseball. the city is hoping to have the stadium ready opening day 2020. over the last couple of years, bwi has become t busiest airport in our area. just ahead here, the plans for expansion there and how it could impact you the next time you fly. a community rattled after a deadly eon involving a gas line. how that community is remembering the firefighter killed. and we've got a few rain showers out there rightow. even a few thunderstorms. mainly to the south. but could they move into our region for this evening? we'll take a look at that. a lookt that heat and humidit on the retyur
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. annapolis is going to hold a benefit concert for those to onor those killed at the "capital gazette" last month. the concert will be held on july 28th. one monfter that gunman killed five people in the "capital gazette" newsroom. and the local band good performinwill be the brothers who formed it are from waldorf, maryland. they ar of course, a big band now. proceeds are going to benefit a fund for theti v that benefits survivors and it will fund some journalism scholarships. we are still waiting for someil de about the ticket information. so keep an eye on our nbc wa updates.pp for those a veteran firefighter died in a massive natural gas explosion that levelled part of
5:42 pm
the city block in wisconsin. a second firefighter suffered critical injuries. fi others also hurt. that blast causing this huge plume of smoke. u can see it here. it could be seen for miles around. the explosion happened in the middle of th dinner hour, prompting the evacuation of homes ands businesse within a half mile radius of the blast. earlier today, an emotional fire chief promised the department will come back stronger. >> the sun prairie fire department is strong and will keep on building from this. we are hurt but we will come back. >> fire investigators say this all started when a contractorra hit a nal gas line. is getting into the restaurant business. just ahead, the investmenthe's making in a chain with locations here in our area. and home shares, they can be a great alternative when you go on vacation, but those rentals can also come with some risk. nsan hogan reports on the safety questions yd to ask bere you book
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vacation rentals like the ones you find on sites like airbnb and home cay, they be a great alternative to hotels, but how do you know what you saw onli is what you're actually going to get? even worse, could it be unsafe? consumer reporter susan hogan is working for you to help you have a worry-free vacation. >> well, we know hotels have to have certain safety features in place, but what about those home rentals like airbnb? consumer reports is taking a closer look and shows you what you can do before y book to make sure your stay is safe. >> reporter: when karen travels, she loves to use home sharing websites. >> we love it becau it is a really cheap way to travel. >> reporter: when karen arrived at a home she recently booked through airbnb, she was shocked to see the condition it was in.
5:46 pm
>> as soon as we walked in, you could tell that something wasn't right. to reporter: karen says an offensive smell ov her and her husband and found the homeowner kept pets inside withoutp cleaning after them. airbnb gave her a full refund and removed the listing from their website. noticed a carbon monoxide detector ulugged from the wall, a situation that can put a rental property's safety in location. consumer reports recommends they have all working fire safety products, but a study found only 56% of airbnb ltings have carbon monoxide detecters and only 2% carried fire extinguishers. a web page dedicated to home safety which states, we encourage every airbnb host to install working smoke and con detectersheir listing and check them frequently. consumer reportre says these only suggestions which is why you have to take a more proactive approach.
5:47 pm
vacation rental as are not regulated in the same way as hotels, which mns you really want to reach out to your hosts before you book. >> reporter: consumereports recommends asking these five questions. does the property have working smoke and co detectors? is there a working fire extinguisher on the property? does the property have an emergency safety card? is there a first aid kit in the hehome? doesroperty meet local safety regulations? >> asking these questio will just give you a better understanding of how safe the property is and they might also bring up some other issues you might not haveeen aware of. >> consumer report says it is critical to make sure you read the reviews with a very critical eye. look a forbnb superhosts, those who have hosted at least ten times a a year received five-star reviews for at least 80% of the staer. conseport says these listings will probably be a good bet for a happy vacation. back to you. it is not her first go in the food oprah has her own line of
5:48 pm
products and now she's getting involved with a restauran chain that has some locations in our area. oprah announced today that she's investing in true food kitchen, it's a chain that offers sustainable, local and organic meals with vegan and vegetarian options. true foods says oprah will bein g the board of directors as a consultant. the company has locations in bethesda and ifalls church. some controversy around the founder of papa john's, who reportedly used a racial slur on a conference call earlier this year. according to "forbes" magazine, he allegedly used e "n" word while speaking with a marketing agency. a role playing exer -- after the founder partially blamed the nfl of slowing sales of the pizza after the national anthem protests. the company has not commented on this a
5:49 pm
quote, pa la john's condemns racism and any insensitive language, no matter the situation or setting. a fixture from the leesburg community could be a fixture -- he died earlier this year, but friends of his are raising money for a sculpture to honor him for his lifelong contributions to the town. the idea for the memorial was f started byend and sparked the interest of a local artist who made t model for what will eventually be a life-size statue. >> heelas a j. he has the little eye loop that he often he's holding a pocket watch, which he repaired many pocket watches. >> stanley always worked furiously to help downtownrg leese a viable interesting entity. here stanley even after death is it going to help do that for the town he loved so much. >> that's an impressive likeness there. the project will chat more
5:50 pm
$30,000. if you want to help donate, you can help make it help. search "jeweler" in the nbc washington app. you should google him. when i waseang this story earlier, i thought, i don't know that much about him. i gooed him. he had quite an interesting ife. he was in world w. >> is that right? >> he's an interesting guy. he deserves a stue after you read about him. >> so how is it looking? >> low humidity out there. humidity levels stay nice and low pretty much through the weekend. something we don't get very ofte here in july in washington, d.c. temperatures ar hot, we're around 90 degrees right now. 92 in the district. 87 up in gaithersburg. as well as'm reston. what showing you are the dew point temperatures. dew pointr a temperature of 65 degrees or higher and start to say, well, it's feeling a little humid out there. when we hav dew point temperatures right now at 60 degrees in washington, 52 in frederick and 62 in annapolis,
5:51 pm
it's feeling very comfortable outside for july standards. tomorrow, a high of 87 degrees. so a littlele bit c than today with partly sunny skies. a little bit more cloud coverft during thenoon hours. a long with a chance for some isolated afternoon and evening showers, mainly along and east of i-95. only a small chance. if we do seeho anyrs materialize, they would be short-lived and actually moving fr east to west. you can see here, the rain outlook, most of us are dry not just tomorrow but friday, saturday and sunday. our next real chance for rain is on monday. we've been incredibly dry andnd that t looks to continue, at least for the next few days. thankfly not in any sort of a drought situation because we did have so much rain in may and june. we're just not talking about a lot of rain in our forecast. but we are tracking a hurricane right now. with that, we'll send i over t lauryn with more on hurricane chris. >> we're tracking this hurricane. pretty impressive on the satellite imagery right now,
5:52 pm
and, really, it's not that far away from the d.c. area. however, it is moving n to the northeast at about 25 miles an hour. so it's finally got its act togethng. it is puso the north and east. it is down to a category 1 hurricane after briefng at a category 2 hurricane last night. now, one thing i doant to mention with this, we've got rip currents all the way fnam south carop through new england. now, just in ocean city according to ocean city beach patrol, monday they had 141 rescues because of rip currents. yesterday, they had 80. they've of right no had 50. that's not only in ocean city, that is up and down theastern seaboard. if you're headed to the beach this weekend, chris is still going to be hanging off the eastern aboard. so, again, large swells, rip currents, that going to be a thing if you are headed to the omach this week. but eventuallyrow afternoon, tomorrow night, it will get absorbed by another area of low pressure t andn it will weaken quite a bit.
5:53 pm
but the beach forecast in terms of weather looking fantastic. this is for thearyland and delaware beaches. temperatures in the low 80s. plenty of sunshine, a little on the humid side. again, watch when you get into ttthe ocean and paytion to the lifeguards all the way into the weekend and early next week. for us arly nextweek, amelia, we finally have some rain chances in the forecast. >> yeac, y, but at least the weekend weather wise is looking nice here as well. take a look. friday, a high of plenty of sunshine. sunny skies on saturday. maybe an isolated late day shower on sunday wealth a high temperature of 92. really, whatever your outdoor plans are saturday or sunday, the weather is looking to cooperate. 's not going to be muggy out there. now, it does start to feel a little bit hitid on monday the chance for some late day thunderstorms. storms are also possible onit tuesday high temperatures around 90 degrees. we really don't have any major heat in this forecast. as you can see here on your ten-day forecast. those humidity levels overall for the most part staying on the comfortable side, wendy and
5:54 pm
leon. >> looks good. the city of tacoma park, nothing like bethesda, and it to be. wan >> just ahead, the proposal that has some residents there up in arms in how they plan to stop the development.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
bwi thurgood marshall airport says it's running out of
5:57 pm
opular r its most airline, southwest. so the airport now wants to expand. accordingo "the baltimore sun," the airport wants the state to spend some $60 million to create more room at concourse "a." e plan callsor five more gates, food and retail spaces as well as more restrooms. it needs approval from the board of public works. tacoma park is a city that marcs to its own beat. the small community declared itself a nuclear-free zone. now there is a growing controversy over a proposedve depment. the area is known as tacoma junction. a group of protesters planned to demonstrate at tonight's city council meeting. chris gordon reports. >> reporter: protesters holding up their giant homemade truck. they are demonstrating against a proposed tacoma park development in the parking lot next to the food cooperative on ethan allen avldue. >> we w like to use this public land for something very
5:58 pm
special. this is tacoma park. we don't want it to just be a big box, big dig development. >> reporter: tacoma park has been called quaint and quirky. these protesters say the proposal to build retail and office space with underound parking could change its character and chase away the fo co-op. >> we already have six places for lattes. we only have one grocery store. we're trying to save our grocery store. >> reporter: the tacoma city council has already voted four times, approving stages of the proped development. >> it helps provide a nice walking environment that you can look in the windows, you c buy maybe some ice cream or something. fairly large public space inon so people can gather without buying things. and an opportunity for some new commercial space, which we have very little of. >> reporter: tacoma park is a city of more than 17,000 people. some who have lived here a long time support plans for development. >> i'm in favor of revitalizing a part t ofoma park.
5:59 pm
this is an area that hasn't seen a whole lot of development and now has a chance to take a step forward. it's been empty for 20 years. reporter: tonight is t public's last chance to comment. the tacoma park outyil will vote on the proposed development here in t weeks. reporting from tacoma park, chris gordon, news 4.0, now at 6 teenage tragedy. new clues about the moment leading up to a deadly crash on a road neighborsas say h a history of problems. plus -- new calls to add more tolls on one of the area's routes.commuter >> it's expensive. it's a ripoff. the last straw. the growingffort to purge plastic from local restaurants. how the move could change the way we dine out.> 3-year-old armed with a cell phone and wisdom well beyond her rears. >> the h e because you're a hero. like a superhero.
6:00 pm
>> how she used facetime to save her dad's life. news 4 at 6:00 starts now. new concerns and questions tonight after deadly crash involving high school students who police say were speedin down an open road. >> this is video from chopper 4. now we know that the teenage boy who was behind the wheel has now died. >> his friend fighting for his lifefter investigatorsay the jeep went airborne and slammed into a tree in clifton, virginia, yesterday. >> news 4's megan fitzgerald has reaction. >> rorter: we decided to drive this stretch of road to get an idea of how dangerous it can be. i want you to take a look at this hill we're about to approach. for a brief moment, you can'te sehe road ahead of you. this is the exact location that police say the 17-year-old driver lost control. >> detectives were able to tell


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