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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  July 12, 2018 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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latest. how hot are we going to get today? >> it isn't going to be that bad. and chuck coesn'tsider anything under 90 hot. i do. in the upper 80s. you're walking around in the sun, sweating a little bit. >> i got it. not that you can't work up a sweat in 88 degrees. you save the word hot on the graphics. it's all relative. >> like humidity. it's all relative. >> sort of, sure. >> i don't know how that translates. what you need to know about the weather, comfortable morning. temperatures in the 70s and 60s across the region. a warm day, but not as hot as we've seen. we were 94 cyesterday. weld have a shower or two today. the closer you get to the her the ke bay, the h rain chances are going to be today. good morning, melissa. how is the commute doing? >> good morning. the brand-new problem has popped up.
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450 at enterprise road.e i'll m map for you. in the district, southbound 295, the left lane is getting by that work there. over to, virgin lorton, route 1 before lorton road. one left lane. we're seeing some southbound delays, too. silver spring, out ore loop, two left lanes are getting by the work zone. the rest of the beltway is looking good. as you look atni 95 in virgi quantico to the beltway, nice and clear. >> thank you, melissa. we're following this developing story right now. amtrak train servi is back to normal this morning, following a deadly crash. >> one person was killed in prince georges county. a look at the video of choer 4. an acela train and amtrak had to transfer passengers on to another train. it elayed mark service in t area.
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we're learning why the victim was on the track. this morning the clifton olmmunity is grieving the loss of a bright 17-yea conner mcgowan died following that crash on tuesday. this jeep left the roadway, hittinthe tree in clifton. speeding was a factor. yesterday, his friends gathered at robinson secondary school they remembered him as a good lacrosse player aneven better friend. >> he was one of my good friends in school. we would do homework together. right now, i can't really comprehend it. i can't believe he's >> the owo teens inside the car attend robinson secondary school. one has been released from the hospital. the other is still there with serious inries. it's been nearly five months since a gunman injured 17 people
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at moarjory stoneman high schoo. >>now, school leaders are ready to put through changes of his own. >> justin finch is there with wh might happen today. what are the changes that they're considering? >> reporter: they're looking at a lot of changes right now. the fairfaxt superintend enhanced security from se ral sources, all the way down and the findis will be presented before the public. here's a few right now. they're tualking about hiring more staff. including thes cri plans, including a lockdowndr l, at times when the school is vulnerable, at least ance year. also, replacing outdate d
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classroom locks. and there discussing about hiring 18 more mental health support staff. that would raise the number of meal health support staff in middle schools and elementary schools. the meeting is scheduled for tonight at 5:30 p.m. here. and there will be public a commentary well. we'll tell you that more cameras andet metaltors are being considered but not recommended at this time. also more school resource officers. to roll that out would require cooperation with the county. back to you in the studio. >> a lot of parents will keep an eyeanf that one. you, justin. president trump is kicking off his second day of meetings at the nato summit. as the president sits down with leaders of georgia and ukraine, reaction is continuing to pour in over tough words for some of
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our closest allies. despite the criticism, theresa ngmay says there's no stro alliance than the one between t the u.s. a u.k. she said this discussing the president's visit to london later today. thousands of protesters will be e to greet him, as well. more on that meeting and his summit with vladimir putin, coming up. new details about an attempted security bre the white house. he was tling the secret service he would be back. he tried to enter a white house gate for staff members. this happened at 4:00 in the morning on tuesday. he was carrying a bible and had a small dog with him. he expressed his desire to meet with potus. when they deniedim entry, he said, i'll just keep trying. he was arrested founlawful entry. it's unclear what happened to the dog. now, to the latest twist of brett kavanaugh. he developed a paper trail. and now, "the new york times" reports that rod rosenstein is
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asking for help.ts he whe u.s. attorneys to provide federal prosecutors to review kavanaugh's record. it's highly unusual and e inapproprio ask career prosecutors to help vet supreme court nominees. kavanaugh was on capitol hill, p meeting withlican members of the senate judiciary committ committee. no date has been set for his confirmation hearing. stormy diels arrested. the former porn star was taken into custody in columbus, ohio. this is performing at a strip club there. her lawyer says she was arrested for allowing a customer to touch her in a nonsexual manner. he said, this was politically motivated and we'll fight all charges. voting on some controversial parking fees.
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megan mcgrath is going to look at how this is going to affect your budget. >> reporter: if you look at the sign, the pilot program is scheduled to expire on july 30th. but thero m board is expected to vote to extend the changes. the $2 fee on saturday would contin continue. and the nonrider fee, for people that use the lots but don't ride metro. there would be a tweak. the board is also expected to extend the expanded parking hours. that vote is happening later today. these cnges could become permanent after a public hearing and another vote in the fall.
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back to u. >> thank you, megan. 5:07 right now. the cost of courmute could be going up. more tolls on i-66 inside ofhe beltway. single drivers pay extra if they are headed in the direction of rush hour traffic during peak times. the worse the traffic, the higher the toll. d a new proposal, with toll divers going in either direction, during both rush hours. as you can imagine, drivers we talked with, they don't like it. >> absolutely not. period, photograph. >> it's a mp-off. iny mind, that's a rip-off. >> there's evidence that the new ng up your drive on 66. virginia's department of transportation said that rush hour drivers are moving faster by.en miles per hour per ho the head of one of thepi
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largesa changes stepped down. john schnatter stepped down last night. the call was apparently a role-playing exercise to prevent future public relations fumbles. schneider released a statementr apologizing s words. we learned thathe t voluntary firefighter who died in the superb of madison, wisconsin, was weather to twin toddlers. i eel it's not real that she t is just firestation or at the bar. and he'll be home tonight or in the morning and i'll get ather hug or another kiss. >> this blast, it happened around dinner time tuesday night in sun prairie, wisconsin. a contractor had hit a main, a gas ma, sending the gas
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spewing through lines in the ground.f only 1e other 14 people rt, is still in the hospital. scott walker saying that firefighter cory barr was a hero. >> certainly was. it was a race against time for firefighters, trying toave a woman. she was trapped, submerged in a car. >> the rescue o was caught camera. the light spot in the water is the roof of the car. and there's a woman stuck inside. it's unclear how long she wafoin the water firefighter saved her. she was able to stay ive because of a pocket of air near the roof of the unknown how long she was in the water. >> i have a tool and you keep it nexto yourdriver's seat. it's for flooding.
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$12. coming up, allergies. most of them have them, none of us like them. >> there are things you can start doing outside of taking medicine to help.>> plus, the worst happened to a local man and his young daughter, now credited with saving his life. onfamily's story, next. sheena? this little more comfortable than it did yesterday morning. by lunchtime, we're back in the 80s. we could see one or two today. chuck is up in a f
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you're watching "news 4 today." >> wow. take a look at this massive fire at a safeway. this is in phoenix, arizona. fire crews spent the night tr
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ng to contain the flames. it started when shoppers and employees were inside the store. luckily, everybody wasto get out before the roof caved in. according to our nbc affiliate there, it started during a understorm. parts of arizona have been hit by monsoon storms that have caused issues like flooding and power outages. a man was trying to catch his breath, after a six-foot ra snake his fireplace. he heard a loud noise, went to investigate and found what would be some people's worse nightmare. it's true texas fashio he grabs some barbecue tongs and got the snake out of there. >> aren't you supposed to grab a shovel? >> not with the barbecue tongs. >> what was that? >> a shriek. >> holy moly. this morning, a local father is covering from a stroke that nearly killed him. >> and his incredible recovery,
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thanks to rapid response time rt that s with a call for help from his daughter. he was home with his two daughters and he started to ha a stroke. his 3-year-old daughter, molly, picked up the phone d facetimed her mother and told her that something was wrong with daddy. >> why did you call mommy? >> because da da was hurt. >> she showed mehere daddy was. so, i saw him lying on the ground. and i knew right away. i told you i was comin right away. >> well, devon called her neighbor who called 911. thanks to her quick thinking, her dad was rushed to the hospital. he went into surgery. he is suspected to make a full recovery. wow. >> i hope my kids could react ae well as did. if your spring allergies are stills bothering you month later, you're not alone.
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summer allergy season is in full swing. and unlike other seasons, mold is the big problem over the summer months. so are insect bites. with kids out of school and outside a lot more often, health officials say they maerbe bringing ans home with them. >> bring them inside. wash them off. wash the hair out. they bring in the pollen. >> the dirty dogs bringing in nothing but trouble. >> doctors say over-the-counter medicati defense.first line of ask if weekly allergy injections could help with your symptoms. >> i've done that. but you have to door them long-term. if you're suffering, you're willing to try anything. a lot of people are. 5:17. >> we all heard of bike to work day, walk to work day, what about floating to work? >> we need a campaign to bring this year.
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that's what people in boulder, colorado, did yesterday. here's a look at the hundreds of people who hit the waters for tube to work day. tubers got a traffic jam-free commute, but live music and breakfast. >> you can grab your tube. i don't know how far you're going to get down the potomac. not as cool as going down the california. >> i don't see bags or briefcases, anything like that. >> and the little current. >> the other thing you have the know, and this comes from a beer commercial owledge, i think that water is cold. according to the commercials,n cold mount springs. that will cool you down on a summer day, for yre. >> proba feels good. >> how are you? >> hi, sheena. >> hello. >> can we all hear y sheena? h. >> sometimes we're work spouses. sometimes i hear her in my head.
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chuck, should you be doing that right now? >> she's like theou angel on shoulder. >> live on wtop radio right we split the shift around here. it's a good-looking morning on a thursday. already a little touch of color starting to come into our stern skythere. capitol hill in the distance. going to be a mostly-dry day today and won't be above 90 degrees. we have had 17 days in the 90s, including 7 of the fir of july. there's more 90-degree days coming. overnight, quite the flare-up of thunderstorms. othis is going t stay way down to our south. a little ripple of low pressure off the coastline today, we'll pick up a east to northeasterly breeze. here's our high-resolution forecast model. ornothing to about now and lunchtime. there could be a bubbling up of
5:20 am
showers, primarily east o i-95. ver the bay on to the eastern shore, that will be the favorite areas to see quick rain chances. nothing to worry about. temperatures are in the 60s and 70s now. a pleasant day. comi 88 the forecast high for today. and rain chances are not that high, about 20% at the most. here's your five-day forecast. back to the 90s and a lot more humid by the weekend. bad hair daycoming up sunday and monday. >> i don't care aboutsunday. now, clear, earlier road workt the topf the beltway on the outer loop, that's good evening. bowie eabound at enterprise road. in the district, southbound 295, left lane is getting by tha work this morning. and we have this hanging around.
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you see the red andrange here on the map. n northbound route 1 in lorton. chris? >> thank you, melissa. >> thank you, melissa. coming up, you can buy a
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you're watching "news 4 today." >> time is 5:23. facebook is facing its first a fine fowing cambridge
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analytica millions of users' information. they plan to fine the media giant 500,000 pounds, or $650,000 u.s. facebook will have a chance to respond to that before a final judgment is made. but this is the first tangible punishment for the company since that breach took place. you can buy anything on amazon. got stamps. is that lazy? but you know that some things you're better off buying somewhere else. consumer reporter susan hogan is working for you th four things you should not buy on amazon if you're looking for the best des. >> we've all done it. we go to a big box store, and check out prices of computers and tvs and we go home and buy them online. there's no question that amazon has good deals on millions of
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products. but from the, there's things you can find cheaper at other places. like kid shoes. don't buy them from amazon. buy them from yankee candles, you shouldn't fr bu amazon. they're cheaper when you buy m directly fe store. buy one get one deals popped up once a month. coffee lovers, instead ordering k-cups from amazon, would bring up bigger savings. it rivals the price with coupons on amazon. r and don't buy craft papean amazon. buit at michael's. you can get a pack for $2, $7 cheaper than amazon. n't think that amazon is the
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only place you can score a deal. you should price-check at other plac well. you might find what fou're lookina little less expensive. >> all good information, especially t >> pays to shop around. 5:26, everyone. heif you love deals, there's a hanful of deals recommended by the crazy coupon lady. >> we have a link to the site. search best deals. still ahead, a pricey swelry heist inside a home. surveillance shopects that took off with 40 grand in goods. we have a beautiful sunrise here. it's going to be dry except for a few of you that will feel a shower. 75 degrees in washington. we'll talk about where the showers could be and look at your weekend coming up. >> thanks. and guess what day it is.
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whicof your favorite shows a front-runners? we'll fill you in before the big we'll fill you in before the big announcement.
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i had life-treatening bleeding in my brain. but thanks to the virtual reality technology at gw hospital,
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my surgeons were able to look inside my brain and plan successful surgery. it's remarkable that i woke up and ran five miles this morning. i would tell gw hospital thank you for giving me new life. for life's defining moments the george washington univeristy hospital defining micine. "news 4 today" starts now.
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>> take a deep breath. it's thursday, almost the weekend. it's 5:30 on the dot. we're working for you this morning, keeping you moving through the end of the week. good morning, everybody. ho you have you cup of joe and you're ready to go. i'm angie goff. >> i'm in for aaron. all about the sundise be us. the entire news 4 team is here, keeping anye on the roads and the forecast. we're gtang to srt with chuck and sheena, just letting us know how hot it will be out there. >> plenty warm. >> you don't want to go to tha level of hot. >> i want to say hot. >> because of two degrees. >> save hot for 90-degree days. your time is up. you have two seconds to say aen ou get out of here. >> surprise there wasn't a trap door. 69 degrees right now.
5:31 am
dulles, 63. you're walking outside. you'll notice it's comfortable outside. humidity is lower, 70 in washington. 88 f the high. chuck does not consider that hot. if you're going to be out and about, you will consider that hot. chance of shower south and east of d.c. this afternoon. we'll talk about how hot and humid your week is going to be. let's see the what's happening on the roads. >> good morning. a new problem on norbound 295, crash reporters were trying to get information o that one her this morning. other than that, have a couple of things happening. let's take look here. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, just cleared out. we had an earlier situation. on l66king good this morning. one other issue. southbound 95, right lane is the only thing getting by the work zone.
5:32 am
northbound, it's getting slower because it's 5:30. we're continuing to follow this storyhat'sdeveloping. amtrak train service is back to normal this morning followish a deadly cas a personilled last night on the railroad tracks in prince georges county. you're looking at new video. an acela train was invold. and amtrak had to transfer passengers to another train continuing on to baltimore. the incident delayed mark seice in the area. we'll update you as soon as information comes available. breaking news as stormy daniels was arrested in columbus overnight. t daniels' lawyer said thae was arrested for allowing a customer to touch her in a nonsexual manner. he tweeted, this is a setup and politically motivated.
5:33 am
daniels has been performing at clubs across the country, including right here in d.c. earlier this week. and she is at the center of a legal battle involving donald trump. >> she claims that michael cohee paid her off t her quiet about an president ump denies the affair. > president trump is sitting down for day two at the nato summit in brussels. he will meet with leaders from georgia and ukraine, possibly to discuss russian occupationn those countries. this is following the tense showdown over germany's pipeline deal. fternoon, the president will head to the u.k., to meet with the british prime minister and theresa may and queen elizabeth. more on at meeting and his summit with president vladimir putin in a live report in about ten minutes. months after 17 people were killed in a school shooting in
5:34 am
florida, leaders here in fairfax county are getting ready to put the finalouches on a number of newme ures. >> justin is there. what kind of changes are the board considering? >> they're talking aboutp staffingnd changing how they prepare for their safety drills. a whileck the fairfax superintendent reached out across t school system for safety suggestions. here's a few of the recommendations they're looking at, including ineasing the number of safety drills. that will be done by hiring more staff. including some crisis plans. replacing the outdated classroom door locks. and keeping them locked all the time. and hiring 18 mental health support staff.
5:35 am
at would raisehe number of mental health workers at schoolu in fairfaxy. the meeting will start at 5:30 at jackson. middle scho a lot of ideas came in, like safety cameras, and mscreening machines. the public is welcome to speak tonight. we have speakers on the panel. they will take wt they say and move ahead with the recommendations. we're live from falses church, i'm justin finch. >> thank you, justin. a lotf parents keeping an eye on that. these are e top stories 're following for you today. this morning, a family in virginia is planning their 17-year-old son's funeral. conner mcgowan was one of three teenagers inside this jeep on tuesday wh it crashed in
5:36 am
ifton. he was speeding. a girl inside the car was hurt. and a 15-year-old boy is still being treated from injuries. the father at the center of an amber alert in maryland is now facing charges that dwight perry stabbed his girlfriend in the back during an argument. then, took off with his 9-year-old son and 19-month-old daughter. he surrendered at a firestation. now, he's charged with first-degree and second-degree assault. papa john himself is stepping down from the pizza chain he founded. he used the "n" word during a call last may. he con anymored the report of his language and apologized. right now, if you park in a tro garage but you don't ride a metro train, you're paying a
5:37 am
nonrider parking fee. the board is looking at extending saturday price hike, as well. it's cost an additional $2 to park on saturdays. these fees were set to expire at the end of the month.he now,may be permanent. today marks two weeks gazette capital shooting. the city is going to held er benefit concon july 28th. good charlotte will headline the benefit concert. the band is made up ofn brothers that were born in waldorf. five people lost their lives in that shooting. the suspect remains in jail. coming up, he was paralyzed on the football field. but his will to walk will not be
5:38 am
broken. hear from this extraordinary athlete in georgetown. plus, 40 grand ofel jewry from a home. up next,he simple way they got inside that will have you shaking your head. all-star baseball time. are you ready
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you're watching"news 4 today." >> a couple in bethea are missing more than $40,000 worth of jewelry. >> they were saying it was stolen when the company went to run an errand. take a good look at the surveillance video here. it shows the two women who police think may have pulled off the job. a car kept circling the home during the robbery. you can see the car he at one int. the break-in happened a few blocks from a busy downtown
5:42 am
area and in broad daylight. and police say the door to the home was left unlocked. good morning, everybody. 5:42 o your thursday. a comfortable way to get the day started. and honest, a pleasant day to be outside. there's a slight little chance for a shower or two in prince georges county. but rainbo chances are 20% at most. if you're are beach-bound for the weekend, it will be a great weekend from ocean city to hobore
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bold meets sweet with dunkin's new brown sugar cold brew. sweetly balanced with brown sugar.
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you're watching "news 4 today." >> after a contentious first day at mpbrussels, president t is back at the nato summit today. we will sit down with leaders of several countries before heading to london. >> and tracie potts isteollowing the from capitol hill. what is on today's agenda?
5:46 am
>> a couple of things. first up, money for the military afghanistan. that's long been supported by nato, for 157 7 years now. and on the agenda, whether they owill continue fund that through 2024. and also, the future of two tr cos that want to join nato, ukraine and georgia. those are the two big issues in meetings set to happen today. and then, the summit wraps up, and tsident heads to london, where the demonstrations are under way. >> tracie potts for us on the hill, bringing us up to speed. thank you soch also, following the fbi agent who was removed by from the russia probe over text messages will testify during a public hearing today on capitol hill. peter strzok testified two wks ago. the agent exchanged anti-trump texts with a colleague, while
5:47 am
both worked on the clinton investigation, and briefly for robert mueller. republicans want answers about possible political bs in the probe. that hearing begins at 10:00 this morning. keep up with the washington app for the latest. now, to the local county executive race that keeps getting more complicated. council member nancy floreen is now running. she switched parties from democrat to unaffiliated so she can run in november. she will take on republican robin ficker and whoins the nomination. right now, there waiting for rtified primary results. good morning. the changes inhe t parking fees kicked in back in february.
5:48 am
it's part of ailot program. that program was set to expire here on jul 30th. the metro board is supposed to vote on extending those changes. there would be a tweak, according to our news partner. some riders would be exempt from the fee. the board is expected to extend the expanded parking hours with parkingfees, beginning to kick in starting at 7:30 in the morning. thd will be voting later today. all of the changes couom b permanent, tom sim after a public hearing, in the fall. >> megan, thanks so much. more security cou be on its way to the national zoo.
5:49 am
they're going to review a plan to make ch into the zoo.u get it goes from perimeter fencing to close gaps and closes the entrances from 13 to 3. a fourth entrance would be in the parking garage but that's nt up yet. this comes after tional zoo had several security-related incidents. believe it or not, we have the all-star game coming to town. the all-star fanfest kicks off today at the convention center. we have a sneak peek with one of the ndors.hi >> i'm holdingbat in my hand. how much, whose name ion the bat, tell me about it. >> pretty good player.h. babe rut may have heard of him. a great bat. this is one of the bats that dates to early in his career 1920, '21 era. you see all of the markings. it's almost 38 ounces.
5:50 am
it should be $100,000 to $200,000 in live auction. >> that's what'm holding right w? >> be careful. a great bat. your need to see the history. come down and see these things. >> okay. >> wow. >> you could just ld that? like, i teched b ruth's bat. >> we were jaw dropping at the facthe got to hold it. >> does it depreciate? >> you would think it would be behind glass. those are the emmy nominees. look at that. hat's right. do you have a favorite show? who are you rooting for? righ now, we're getting a glimpse of who might be walking away with se hardware later today. at 11:30, that's when the awards will be announced.
5:51 am
sam samira wily is going to host that announcement along with ryan eggold. now, wily's ,sh "a handmaid's tale" is pretty dark but it's trending ef wherverywhere. it comes up against "game of thrones" and "will & grace" is expected to be nominated and atlanta. sometimes you havesmognothing. >> that was based off of margaret atwood's book. it's dark, sheena. >> i heard great things. you arearning me. we have a decent day shaping up
5:52 am
for us. >> good. >> the humidity is not too bad. we have a few clouds around. not a bigdeal. 69, dulles. some of our suburbs are in the 60s. moren comfortable t yesterday morning out there. 67 in clinto 63 in frederick. we have thunderstorms down to our south,ot going to bother us. storms along the new j sey we're going to be dry. there's a possibility of a couple shower forming northst a f d.c. not a huge deal. if you're in those areas, keep your eye to the sky. >> summer camp forecast for the kids if they're head out at 9:00. 83 threes by the afternoon. weet up to the 80s with a shower north and east of the d.c. if you b have ach plan, we could have rip currents along
5:53 am
the beaches because of hurricane chris that is racing for novemb scotia. next week, we are hot and humid with more rain chances. we'll look at your forecast coming up. let's head t melissa. right now, chopper 4 northbound and southbound looking good here this morning. no major issues right w. northeast loughboro road. all lanes are blocked because of downed trees. inner loop and outerf loop the beltway, that's okay. rdon't have aort of a problem but starting to see slow junedo. stafford, right lane by that work zone. and 66 with the virtual sunrise
5:54 am
looks pretty. >> your virtual one is almost as good as the real one. it's a rare tool being used t crack down on child pornography acrohe country. we go to new york to show you how canines are on the trail of child predators. >> we're in nhattan. and we're looking at the newest tool to combat child exploitation cases. it's a traed canine, that is looking for hidden electronic devices. we followed along as the canine sniffed out drives and components to elude police. the canine is highly trained and and. >> it's a rare tool.
5:55 am
it's a futuristic tool for us. in a few years, everybody will have this asset. >> you see this new york city field office. but there's new calls to get the canine technology closer to our area because there's no shortage of casin our area. for now, new york city, scott macfarlane. the will to walk ismo vating a former college football player. >> heroke his neck b he did not break his spirit. terrell williams said he almost lost his life during a georgetown university football game about three y brs ago. hen in rehab trying to
5:56 am
remain positive. b >> what geter will get better, if and when it gets better. h hard work and attitude has paid off. he graduated this spring. he was abl across the stage to receive his diploma. >> that's extraordinary. you never know how tough you are and what you're capable o until you're facing a challenge like that. not moving on, just keep moving. >> those few steps inspired so many people. still ahead -- the cost of your commute could be going up. the rates imposed by an intetate and how much. the four things you should never buy on amazon, when news 4 today continues.
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♪ ♪
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news 4 today starts now. >> i want to thank you for joining u on this beautiful thursday morning. that sun coming up behind us. >> yes. it's been nice morning. we hope that's going to set the stage. we want to get things started with a check of your commute and foreca. melissa is standing by with parts to avoid. parveen, l and sheena
6:00 am
tell us what's going on? >> we can use the rain, as much as it's hard to believe, after the rain we had in may and june, we've been bone-dry. >> i've seen af lot grass dying. >> it doesn't die, just goes r dorment. not much of a rain chance between now and monday of next week. below 90egrees today and tomorrow. 88 degrees, the forecast fda and tomorrow afternoon. there's more rain forecast for today. a ho humid weather on sunday for sure. stor team 4radar. if there's going to be a rain shower, it will be on i-95. you have the best chance of getting a rain shower in the afternoon. starting off with temperatures in the60s,o


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