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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 13, 2018 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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>> >> i don't give a dam what you appreciate, agent strzok. >> heated exchanges on capitol hill as the fbi agent who sent anti-trump texts is grilled in a fiery hearing. and more fiery words from president trump critizing the british prime minister for her handling of brexit in a new interview. one of the most horrific murderases in o nation's history has been reopened as federal investigators launch a newer probe into the of emmett till. build a bear nationwide thourz wait hours in line for pay your age day. and will smith gets emmet's feelgds with the latesiral dance craze.
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"early today" starts right now. good morning. i'm phillip tna. we begs morning with the president's war of words with the u.k. launching into a tirade directly aimed at britain's prime minister saying theresa may ignored his advice on while never divulging details of the alleged advice,ay accusing of wrecking brexit negotiations, even warning she might kill off a crucial trade d with the u.s. mr. trump's words coming just as he sat down for black tie dinner in england, undercutting the dinner's host theresa may herself. while protesters lined the streets of london making their displeasure with the american esident known. let's go to nbc's cal per irwho is at our london bureau for usg. this morn cal, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, phillip. an absolutely interview given by the u.s. president. we understand that prime minister may actually heard about this interview last night at about 7:00 p.m., no reaction from her yet. but expect to hear something pretty soon. the bullet ooints put by the murdoch-owned paper sort of
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layout for you the hit job this really hed about e.u. leaders destroying the culture and the identityf europe by allowing in migrant. hethore int mayor of london for saying, as he put it, allowing crime to spiral out of control. but t headline really that discussion about brexit, this is the issue that has consumed .british politi we have some audio. take a listen to what he actually said about brexit and prime minister may. >> i would have done it much differently. actually told theresa may how to do it but she didn't agree -- she didn't listen to me. >> what did she say? >> she didn't listen. no, i told her how to do it. say.will be up to her to but i told her how to do it. she wanted to go a different route. >> so you would be prepared to walk away if they don't give you the rig terms? >> oh, absolutely. i think what's going on is very unfortunate. >> reporter: phillip, all ofpe this hng before the u.s. president is supposed to sit down with prime minister may for
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followed by eeting a press conference. that's scheduled for 8:45 in the morning. as i said this o the talk the town. look for that schedule to possibly change as people are rightly so very upset, phillip. anwe knew this would be eventful trip. has not disappointed. thank you. while the president's previous trips have routinely visited london and the u.k., they journey through the streets, usually, trump is on a different tour taklig pters to and from events out in the english country side away from the spr demonstrations in the city. still, it doesn't seem he was able to shake those protesters. nbc's richard engel has that report from london. >> reporter: we are now in front of the u.s. ambassador's residence in regents park. it is a large property, 12 acres, and protesters have come outside the outer perimeter. president trump will be staying overnight here during his visit. so they are rolling out the unwelcome mat. >> we'll send a clear message
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that his homophobia, racism, sexism whore mongering are not welcome here. >> reporter: there he goes. that's president trump off for central london leaving the u.s. ambassador to this country's residence. he's staying here during his visit and you can hear from the crowds behind me people have come out to say that president trump is not welcome. in fact, theyay they wi be here all night so that they can disturb president trump's sleep. in fact, the protesters say the reason that president trump is flying around the city, flying around this country in helicopters instead of dving through the streets as most official visitors do is because there are protests. richard engel, nbc news, london. >> and back in the states it was ten hours of intense and heated exchanges on capol hill as fbi agent peter strzok defend l him self against accusations of bias regarding his role in the early stages of the russia probe.
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hocae repub grilled strzok over anti-trump text messages sent during the 2016 campaign as democrats tried to come o his defense. for more on this fiery hring let 57 go to nbc'spo tracis here in washington. >> reporter: rarely do we see something like this in washington, 10 hours of grueling testimony and questions that downhill pretty fast after he was sworn in. peter strzok denisng that text messages created any bias in either the clinton e-mail or the russiainvestigations. he was actually forced to read some of those msages during the hearing that he exchanged with his former colleague, former fbi attorney lisa page. she testifies behind closed doors today and some of the questionsesterday went to whether or not the relationship that they had had any impact on this investigation. >> i can't help but w wondern
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i see you looking there with a little smi how many times did you look so innocent into your wife's eye and lie to her about lisa -- >> mr. chairman, this is outrageous. >> reporter: lawmakers going after not only their witness, but each other. >> mr. chairman, there is no basis for that. he consulted with the fbi counsel. he gentleman is not recognized. >> and the chairman is not being proper. >> the chairma is being proper. >> i don't appreciate what was originally said being changed. >> don't give aam what you appreciate, agent strzok. >> if it's so frustrating answer the question. >> if you'll allow him to, i'm sure he will. >> he a has nevwered the question. >> stop interrupting him. >> reporter: iteaoty testy. still up in the air whether this committee will hold per strzok contempt. there was one question about how many witnesses they interviewed to y on that he refus answer. back to you. >> quite a show there. tracie, thank you.
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the fallout continues for papa john's foljowing company schnatter's admitted use of a racial slur. the miami marlins, tampa bay ra rays and mar lens have ended their association after the training session. this comes after major league baseball stopped the papa slam. according to the louisville courier journal, schnatter's name has been removed from a sign post in a gymnasium in his hometown of jilferson, indiana. former nba charles oakley making headlines after being arrest in las vegas for attempting to commit a fraudulent act at a casino. the state's ging control board allege he tried to reduce a wager during a gambling game after the outcome became known. no further details around the incident were provided. if convicted the knicks great do face one to two years in prison with a fineo of up $10,000.
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he is schedule suld to appear in court on august 7. the nominations are out for the 70typrimetime e awards and for the first time in 17 years hbo does not lead the pack. it is netflix this time. they got the most nominations with 112. hbo came in a close second with 108 nods. ong the nominated shows, "game of thrones" got the most love with2 nods, while wes world and saturday night live were close behind with 21. and sandra oh etched her i namethe history books, becoming the first asian woman to be nominated for ld actress in a drama. minorities accounted for over one-third of the acting nominees this year. rip currents are threatening parts of the east coast. beach goers from the jersey shore to long island are being impacted here. these dangerous tides have been strengthened by former hurricane chriss it sped across the atlantic and the effect on the coast these next few days has lifeguards warning swimmers to takeprecautions. dozens of rescues have already been reported this week. now is a good time to hand t over to nbc meteorologist bill karins. good morning.
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>> yeah, dangerous at the beaches from the rough seas. w thl be the case probably into the weekend, too. the only immediate conce the thunderstorms in the northern plains heading through minnesota. we are s noting any watches in i more but there is ligyning and heownpours, maybe localized isolated flooding. the cold front is trying to push down over a hot and hum air mass that will spark new thunderstorms.'s how it looks as we go through 5:0 omaha, des moines, through central portion tth of wisconsin 's your best shot of getting the storms. saturday afternoon we'll take the storms towardic o, pea ore i can't, kansas city, maybe even st. louis. that's a look at the big weather story of the day. now here's a closer look at your day ahead. you can see where the cold front lies. cooler today in areas of the northern plains. but lookt the central plains. 97 in wichita, kansas city. an uis with heat indices easily into theed hun ohio valley getting hotter this weekend. it's d six of spain's running of the bulls.
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yes, as happens everyyear, more people getting injured. health oicials say two men were treated for bruisesst suned during the race. if you come out with just ae bruise you all right. some had concusons, arm and leg trauma, and o person was gored. i don'know what that is. gored? thople are really taking a chance. thrill of the chase. what's gored? pierced? punctured? >> something you don't want. something you don't want at all. >> i'll take the bruise. >> the bruise at least proves you were there, rt ht? that's wu want. just ahead, serenailliams remarkable comeback at the wimbledon after one year of giving birth. actually, it's bulkier. always discreet doesn't need all that bulk to protect. because it's made differently. the super absorbent core quickly turns liquid to gel, for drier protection that's a lot less bulky. looks like good things really do come in small packages.
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look at my soft hair. i should be in the shot now too. try head and shoulders two in one. serena williams breaks to win the semi final. >> that was serlia wils positively glowing after sug her way back into the wimbledon final. just ten months after childbirth, too. the former world number one
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beating outul j georges in straight sets yesterday setting up a rematch against angelique kerber in the match saturday. this run up isn't as easy as it looks. >> this is not inevitable for me. i had a really tough delivery and, you know, i had to have multiple surgeries and almost didn't make it, to be honest. so i remember i couldn't even walk to my mailbox, so it's definitely not normal for me to be in a wimbledon final. >> leading the news, shocking new allegations are beinged a at nfl star leshaun mccoy. s ex-girlfriend is claiming he had something to do with a break-in that lefer bloodied and bruised. the pro bowler is denying the allegations. we warn you some of these images are disturbing. >> reporter: newly released 911 calls reveal a panic after a break-in at ts home in suburban atlanta owned by buffalo bills star runningack lesean mccoy.
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>> were weapons involved or mentioned, ma'am? >> yes, a gun, i got hit in the face -- >> reporter: the brutal attack by an unknown assailant left his ex-girlfriend who was living there severely beaten and hospitalized. >> he took my jewelry off my -- i mean myie mont bracelet off my wrist. he kept asking for jewelry. i think it has something to do with my ex-boyfr >> reporter: in an instagram post she blames mccoy and calling him a devil and animal. he fired back the totally seless and offensive claims made against me are completely false. furthermore, i have not had direct contact with the people involved in months. court records show mccoy had been trying to evict her from a yeame fore than police aren't saying whether they believe he may have somehow been involved in the break-in. the lawyer tells us that her client is nowut of the hospital. in a statement, the nfl says it is reviewing the the players asion had no comment. gabe gutierrez, nbc news milton, georgia.
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>> turning now to the controversy over separated families, trump administration officials say they have now reuned 57 migrant children under five with families under court order. that's all the children that were deemed eligible for reunification offes. of those still separated 12 have been deported. when asked if th parents would get to see their kids again, they said the united ates is der no obligation to bring parents back to the u.s. for reunification. this as the associated press has found detaining children has become big business. a.p. reports rather federal grants for shelters and child welfare services reached $958 million from 75,000,010 years earlier. more than 11,000 minors are being house in 90 facilities across the country. north korean officials didn't show up for a meeting with the u.s. at the dmz thursday to discuss returning u.s. soldiers' remains from the korean war. that is according to south korean media. that meeting is now rescheduled for sunday, but president trump released a letter fromim
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jong-un dated july 6th, hailing their singapore summit. but that letter is dated before kim declined to see secretary of state mike pompeo during his visit to north korea last week. in a cosmic first, scientists have traced a single nutrino or ghost par cle from beyond our galaxy to a source. a super massive black hole billion light years away, those observing it can be key to seeing otherwise invisible parts of the universe. astronomers have also found a gigadic aster discovered last year is two space objects orbiting each other. each object isee 3,000 f in size marking the third time a well matched pair has ever been spotted. incredible work there. just ahead, why one of america's most notorious murder cases has bee opened 63 years later. will smith took the variety dance challenge to new heights. we'll be right back. you got it from your parents. and they got it from theirs.
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♪ ♪ he t fresh prince may have just won in my feelings challenge. will smith posted this instagrag of him doi a viral dance on top of bridge in budapest. talk about talking it up a notch. justin timberlake and drake himself commeed on it calling will smith the goat. captioned, last day in budapest.
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ioke up, #in my feelings. one of the most horrific murdernases has b reopened, a decade after it was closed. federal prosecutors are re unching the investigation into the 1955 killing of emmett till. the crimeo disturbing that it galvanized the civil rights movement. here's nbc's rehema ellis on the effort to find justice for him. ns reporter: it was one mother's nightmare sheted the world had to see. her 14-year-old son'smmett ti tortured body was found in a mississippi river after he was accused of flirting with a white woman. now, 63 years later, the justice department is reopening the case after receiving unscified new information. there is speculation it's connected to a book published a year ago >> i cooperated fully with the fbi's investigation and i was happy to do so and i gave them all m research materials including my interview with carolyn bryant. >> reporter: in his book timothy tyson revealed carolyn bryant,
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who testified that emmett whistled at her, admitted it was a lie. >> she said that nothing that boy did could ever justify what happened to him. >> reporter: bryant's husband and brother-in-law were charged and acquitted in 1955 by an all-white later they confessed to a reporter knowing they couldn't be retried. both are now dead. c emmet'sousin who was with him the night he was kidnapped told me last yea the family wanted the case reopened. can you forgive? >> oh, yeah, i can't a tord to hate. hate destroys a hater. i can't carry that. es reporter: regar of whether charges are ever filed, the new investigation means emmett till has not been forgotten. rehema ellis, nbc news, new york. nd told... (harmonica interrupts) ...and told people about geico... (harmonica interrupts) how they could save 15% or more (harnica interrupts) just calling or going online to (harmonica interrupts) (sighs and chuckles)
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"news 4 today" starts now. >> good morning and happy friday. >> i'm eun yang. >> i'm chris lawrence. the weekend is just moments away. what a weekend it is going to be, especially for baseball
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fans. >> you played baseball were little. we're looking at what's going on. whatxp can wet out of today, chuck? >> i think you're going to like the friday. sunshine is going to be a big part of the fecast today and tomorrow. the humidity levels are kind of in check, eecially according to d.c. summer standards. 73 ins. annapo away from the city and the water, temperatures are noticeably cooler. comfortable. mid-60s for most of fairfax. prince georges county waking up to 65 degrees. this bubble-high pressure is going to keep us nice and dry for today and as it gets ready to go offshore, the humidity pump will be turned back on in a big way.


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