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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  July 13, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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unveiling new bombshell revelations on how the russians allegedly hacked the democratic national committee and the hillary clinto campaign. and we come on the air this afteivoon with team coverage of two major stories in the nation's capital >> we'll get to the breaking indictment of 12 russians in the mueller probe in a moment, but first a water warning that impacts thousands of people who live in andork in the district. officials say a large ulportion of the city s't drink the water without boiling it first. >> now this map behind us tells the story. anyone who i fallsthe high light blue area that stretches across the city from brooklan to columbia heights and parts of georgetown is affected by. >> news 1 is working for you covering every angle of this story, answering your health questions and explaining how residents have been impacted. had's we start with new mark segraves live outside of
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the palisades reck center with more on how thishappened. >> reporter: good afternoon. this is one of the many spray at is closed. normally water would be pouring down and kid going down the slide. this all started about 8:00 last night when a huge valve at a pumping station malfunctioned. now it took about anix hour to that, but it took the city eight hours to notify residents that their drinking water could be dangerous. the problem started about 8:30 last night here at the bryant street pumping administration which handles about 60 million gallons ofve water day when a huge valve like this one was opened by mistake. that caused a major loss of water pressure resulting in some homes andusinesses losing water completely. the it only took about one hou to fix the problem and restore pressure, but that was long enough to raise concerns that bacteria may have started to grow inside the water pipe.
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it took another seven hours to notify the public that the drinking water might not be safe. >> it took some time for us to get there and we took every precautionary measure that we could, so i want to thank you guys very much for coming out today. >> reporter: you can see d.c. water's general manager abruptly ended the pr s conference as reporters who pressing him on the eight-hour gap that it took to notify the public. they will b testing water all across the city for the next 24 hours. they hope to be able to tell us tomorrow they will b able to lift the boil water advisory as soon as they get the test results back. unti w then,er parks like this one in the district will remain closed. back to you, pat and leon. >> mark segraves, thanks, mark. >> meantime, we're answering your questions about what is safe and what's not. aimee cho picksea up our coverage with how this could impact your health. she joins us nowe. l hey, aimee, what's the story?
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>> reporter: hi, leon and pat. the most important thing to remember when it comes to your health is you'll want to boil your water for atee least t minutes simply using a water pitcher with a filter like this one. this isn'toing to be good enough in thise. cas after we've boiled your water d.c. water says you want to put it in a clean closed like this one and keep it in ao co environment such as near a refrigerator. all of these tips aren't just for water that you drink. they are also for brushing your teeth, cleaning and cooking preparing food and making ice and infant formula aniving water to your pet. now as far as bathing and showering, you should be okay just using tap water as long as you make sure you don't accidentally swallow that water. now as you're keeping all these tips in mind, d.c. water says to make sure you'r lookingut for kid and the elderly. >> tt would be young children under the age of 5, people who have chronic health conditions or a compromised immune system.
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f now a lot people are wondering after this is all over, after this boil water advisory is lifted, how can they make se that contaminated water is out of their system? o they need to flush their pipes? we asked d.c. water that today. they said they don't know the answer yet. they are still working to figure op out. we'll stay onf that and bring you any updates as we get we'll send it back to you in the studio. ni thank you, amy. >> this water w is impacting some of the city's most popular neighborhood for bars andesurants. we'll take a closer look with how businesses are dealing with bit.ead in just a you can also get all of the latest updates in the nbc washington app where you can pull up this interactive map of the affected area. >> now, let turn to the breaking tsws on the russia probe. brand-new indictm announced against russians accused of hacking thenc and state election systems to influence the 2016 election. erika gonzalez is at the live
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desk. >> reporter: hey, leon. what's beingalled the clearest allegation of russian meddling in the 2016 election, 12 russians have been indicted in special counsel is robert mueller's investigation, a special report happening about lunchtime. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein said the group legedly infiltrated the democratic national committee ead hillary clinton presidential campaign of the election. the white house responding by saying no allegations were brought up that any american committed a crime or that what it calls the conspiracy affect the the vote count. it did not, however, condemn russia. the indictment comes on the eve of the summit between president trump and russian president vladimir putin. before the indictments came down mr. trump said that he would, quote, absolutely bring up ddling in that meeting. the president has also referred tohe russia probe as a, quote, rigged witch-hunt that hurts the u.s.' relationship with russia. from the live desk, i'm erika
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gonzalez. >> thank you, erika. now this is a massive development in e russia probe. news 4 and nbc news all over this story. h we'lle live continuous covera right here for the next three and a half hours. now, the mueller indictment cam down at the same time that the president and the first lady were meeting with queen elizabeth at windsor castle. the president also had a somewhat controversial meeting with prime minister theresa may where he tried to downplay a scatng report in a british paper. it quoted him criticizing may' handling of brexit. thousands of britains also flooded the streets to protest his policies and wav dump trump signs and floated a blimp in the shape of a baby with trump's face on it. ody found inside an old town busins. thenvestigation is stopping shoppers and traffic on busy king seet.
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bureau chief julie carey has been there since right after police arrived julie, when did this investigation start? >> reporter: well, the victim s found dead just before noon in the offices of a biness called window universe. take a look at the two-tone brick building behind me. the bodyn was founde second story. officers and investigators are still o front some of the best information about what happenede and the dis comes from another tenant in the building. he wasn't around at the time, ea but he from the landlord who made this frightening discovery. the landlord had come to the storefront just before noon when he saw someone trying to steal a package off the front steps. now it's known if that incident is connected to the killing, but we dow that that is how the body was discovered by the building's landlord. he operates a business just next do a. police havo focused a lot of their attention on a silver s mercedes thatarked in front of the business. that could belong to either the suspect or the viim, and we
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know they have towed a vehicle away from behind another vehicle. alexdria police have not confirmed a perso i is custody but they said the incident is over with, and there's no threat to theo public. backu in the studio. >> atlanta police say they have arrested the man accused of ooting a d.c. restaurant manager over the weekend. police believe jaden myrick shot and robbed the manager of ie mi restaurant. he's still in the hospital in washington and pole are also looking for the getaway vehicle used after the robbery. >> back here closer to hom time to talk some baseball and the excitement that is ramping heup across city for the mid-summer classic. >> mayor bowser cut the ribbon on the big all-star fanfest happening right now at the
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convention center. let's take a look inside. >> reporter: it's home run derby time. this is a video game experience you get to see and enjoy here at fanfest. pete banks is in charge of games and pr. peter, tell me what this exciting game is all about. >> home run der vr puts players in nationals park during the home run derby and let's em swing for the fences like the big guys do it. we're inviting themte to compe on monday in our championship competitio y >> reporte little leaguers love this. >> yes. >> reporter: all right. i want to thank our d.c. little league teams and various teams represented here this morning. to give usak a s peek at fanfest which kicks off, of course, today and runs allhe way to tuesday and, of course, today you get buy one get one free and military and first , respondehey all get discounts. this is expected to bri out
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100,000 plus people throughout the weekend and into tuesday. all right. fanfest, is it thumbs up or thumbs down? >> thumbs up, all right. there are so many activities in addition to the fanfest here'sook at the schedule this a weeke into next week. today they will play the armed services classic tonight at national park starting0. at 7 tomorrow is the color run. sunday is the all-star futures game as well is a the celebrity game, and we understand shaq will be in town being a guest deejay for that. then on monday things really get exciting with the home run derby followed by the all-star game on tuesday at 8:00. >> right now i would pay big money tay shaq trying to run the bases. that could be worth seeing. >> he'll be a deejay. spinning records. >> there you go. >> a lot of closure on the streets around nats park. you'll want to avoid that area until the all-star festivities
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are over. first street, van street andha street all closed down in southeast, and we have got ais completeng of all the street closures and all-star events on the nbc washington app so check that out on our website there. no i'm going to be down there monday afternoon with our guy doug. should be a good time. >> news 4 is just getting started. coming up next, the cdc warning about a popularreakfast food for children. >> plus a heartwarming story you'll see only here on news 4. a young woman comes to d.c. after hurricane katrina and 13 years later she checks back in with us to share her success story. >> and i have to chime in that story is an amazing story you won't wanto miss. plus, i'm also tracking the increase in hudity by sunday when it foals close to 100, and then the heat index only goes up to there. i'll let you know how h it feel
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a live look over the district on this friday afternoon. the sun is out. humidity not tha bad tonight, but, folks, don't get used to it. >> s team 4 meteorologist amelia draper joins us in just a few minutes to tell uhen the muggies return. first a traffic alert for the weekend. >> reporter: i'm here with a look at your traffic and road
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closures for the weekend. outer loop, connecticut bridge, three lanes closed for resurfacing friday night until saturday afternoon around 5:00 p.m. as far as anlternate here it's going to get busy. ehe icc university boulevard or connecticut aveould work for you. westbound 66 between 7 and the beltwayernating left and right single-lane closures there. overnight friday and saturday and here this weekend westbound 66, the ramp to the beltway. temporaryen closures bet 11:00 and 5:00 a.m. both friday and saturday. have a great weekend. i'll see you monday morning for "news 4 today." onsumer alert to tell you about. the popular breakfast cereal honey smacks, very popular but it's making people sick across the cntry. the cdc says people should not eat this kell yogs cereal. 100 people in 33 states have become ill with salmonella. last month a million cases were
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recalled. it'sve belied still out there. >> johnson aumf johnson is standing by its product after $nearly 5 million was awarded to women and the families. they claim this the talc in the baby powder contributed to women contracting ovarian cancer. the lead plaintiffs spoke after the decision. >> i hope no woman hassing to through this. it really changes your life, your family, and it should notp en to anybody. >> now, there have been other lawsuits against the compa regarding this product. the verdicts ineany of cases have bee overturned though during the appeals process in favor of the company. >> you know, so many women used baby powder, you know, on their
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babi own bodies. >> i don't know a family who hasn't used it. >> going back to our parents. >> that's what you always used. >> yeah. well, tomning tohing much more pleasant. a parade like no other hit the streods of laurel. check out all of these corvettem owners f the northeast drove these fabulous sports cars to maryland for this morning's corvettepearade. chop 4 was there to capture the car rally that happened just before the pare, and you can seehihese s vets. they came in all colors. thishe was laurel's first annual community partnership day. >> and i know a lot of tho guys in the corvette club, and you know who one of their favorite people of all time was, jim vance? >> jim vance, loved his . corvet >> he loved his corvette. >> chuck bell does, too. >> oh, really? >> he loves car. >> oh, yeah. >> we're not even going to get into chuck's car story because i think i it's stillthe shop. unfortunately, got into an accident when i started working
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other fe years ago and i believe it's still in the shop tohis day. >> in florida? >> everybody here knows the story. >> poorhuck. anyways, the weather. fabulous today to be out with the top down or just enjoying the low humidity levels. theity levels nice and low again tomorrow. so another nice day, but it is going to be hot during the afternoon. a high temperature around 90, but that mugginess just isn't out there. however, you do start to n hice thidity a little bit on sunday. maybe an isolated shower or othunderstorm, but most us are going to have a completely dry weekend. also some me cloud cover o there on sunday. we do have storm chances in the forecast more so on mday and especially on tuesday. and, of course, we're keeping a very close eye on those with the mlb home run derby and all-star game on monday and tuesday. more on that comingd up aro 445. right now we're at 88 degrees. by 7:00 p.m. we're down to the 86. 9:00 we're in the low 80s. if you're eating dinner
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outdoors later, really nice. if you're eating tside earlier, definitely find a shady location, and it will still be pretty comfortable. clear skies, 78 degrees by 11:00 p.m. and temperatures especially in the suburbsool off nicely. 60s overnight tonight for lows across the area. a hig temperature tomorrow of 92, so very similar to twiay plenty of sunshine out there. barely a cloud out in the sky and so for the most part the weather laving a impact on the weekend. oor ing to the pools, ou barbecues, again, better in the shade and getting the car washed, i would probably hold off because of the storm chances monday and tsday but ifou had your heart set on it go ahead and get it done. storm chancesonday anduesday aren't even a guarantee. we talk about the heed and humidity building, and especially the humidity, so this eis your sunday with humidity. feeling close to 100. es monday it's feeling around 100 deg and tuesday is feeling around 103 degrees, so
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heat advisory criteria out there on tuesday. the good news as quickly a humidity builds in on monday and tuesday it drops right back off ake a nesday so let's look at your shower and thunderstorm chances. again, i really think for most of usunday is completely dry, but as we look to monday afternoon there's a 30%hance of showers and thunderstorms, especially north and west of washington, and then on tuesday we see that chance increase, pat and leon, to about 50%. >> >> we need had a little bit of rain. really dry around here. >> nice and crispy out there. >> thank you. >> we've got the inside scoop on one of this year's most popular movie. >> coming up next at 4:00, we talk with one of the hairstyleists for the movie blantier. there's a wig that she says cost 15 grand >> oh, yeah, that's some expensive hair. plus, we've warned you about a poisonous plant. what a local teen was doing
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for the sixth consecutive year the march on washington film festival will find a home here in washington, and the weekend's opening kicked off last night. >> the festival started with a tribute to sya sanchez at the
4:24 pm
studio theater in northwest washington. sanchez is poet, playwright and teacher. earlier today news 4 spoke with a woman who helped bring the rvie blockbuster blantier to life. orter: you are a celebrity hairstylist from movies like "captain america" and, of course, blantier. >> blantier, and we want to hear allbout youre mov thatmo e. >> how did we term it when you talk about natural hair. >> "black panther" is the love letter to black hair. >> i love it, i love it. ittell me a le bit about what went into the hair at "black panther" because it was a lot. >> it was a lot. basically when i started "black panther" we started to do research and we started first looking at mern dayfrica and then we started looking at traditional africa and also taking the afro punk movement and bringing it all together into "black esnther" ton it, and that's what i did.
4:25 pm
>> oh, my goodness, but let's talkbout angela basset's hair. >> oh, yes. >> reporter: that was quite a task for you, u huh? >> that was the wig they weren't really sure, marvel wasn't sure and now they are really happy and it's the most expensive wig that we have. it probably costs about $15,000. >> reporter: $15,000? >> yeah. allhe locks are handmade and then put into the base of a wig, and iwas a big lon process, but ultimately i think she came out really,eally beautiful, the queen mother. >> reporter: i've got to go see the movie again just to look at that hair. oh, my goodness. >> let's talk about your role at e festival, the march on washington film festival. >> i'm here inf celebration madam c. walker's life and legacy and here as a modern day hairstylist and to continue her legacy of community and fily and what barber shops and salons bring to our black community. that's -- you ow, that's
4:26 pm
actually the nucleus of what it is. >> reporter: madam c.j. walker a self-made millionaire, in a me, in an era that this happened, pretty incredible story, and her legacy lives on. what do you as a irstylist, a celebrity hairstylist, just someone who cares about hair care? >> right. >> reporter: what do you say about someone like that and how you have become very successful s business? >> i look at her as a woman who is kind of like a pioneer like serted out one day with nobody and a lot of times when d starhere weren't a lot of people to follow or role models in the film business so movrwg d with my career and doing each movie and doing the best that i can dond being excellent because i feel like her excellence is what made her great, w,h her producith her education and everything she even did for black schools in raising are the level. l> reporter: a huge philanthropist, f that. quickly before we run out of time. what's next for you? what film are you working on? >> i just finished "captain
4:27 pm
marvel" the first foe mail superhero movie and then"u i'm doin" >> reporter: so all the hair? camille friend, thank you so much. enjoy the festival. >> i will. >> reporter: ten days, 27 ts evhuge. >> $15,000 for a wig. oh, my goodness. i learn a lot. >> work>> of art. t's a work of art. >> yeah. >> okay. >> we are staying on top of breaking news this eveni o. thousandsf people who live and work in the district told to not drink tut water witho boiling it first. coming up next, how long that situation could last and how it's affecting restaurants an businesses you get ready to go out forhe weekend. still ahead at 4:00, she survived hurricane katrina and relocated to d.c. asd. a ch >> i eventually was removed from my family. >> now, 13 years after we first ld her story.
4:28 pm
>> you have to stay resilient
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and we're back at 4:30 with our top story. thousands of people who hive in the district beingoiold to their water before they use it due to a drop in water pressure at a pumping staon lastight. that issue has been fixed, and testing is now underway to make sure no bacteria got into the pi
4:31 pm
s, but d.c. water officials say it could be 24 to 4 hours befo everything is perfectly good to go. now, looking at the map, you can se that this is impacting people from palisades and fox hall inll northwest the way to brookland and woodbridge in northeast. pat? >> the affected area includes some of d.c. most popular neighborhoods for bars and restaurants, but tho areas aren't the only businesses the feeling the brunt of this. news 4's chris gordon joins us li inorgan now with that part of the story. chris? >> reporter: path, bottled water, it's what's keeping d.c. restaurants open during this water aler b some other popular beverages are not available at all. they are resupplying bottled t water here a diner in at amsa morgan. the sign says due to the d.c. a watedvisory we're taking
4:32 pm
every praution to protect ourselves and our customers and will be serving bottledd water elivered ice. we apologize for the inconvenience. we will not be serving coffee, soda or tea. >> so i guess it's like one bottle forwo cut americans an as you finish it you'll be replenished with more water. >> reporter: is that enough for you? >> no, because i w drinking mimosas this morning and would i have liked toor have had m water, not just a bottle of water. >> reporter: atostco customers are stocking up on bottled water. they say there's a line for water inside the store. >> well, the lines are getting longer and people are buying, you know, ieay want gallons but i had to buy single bottles, you know, because the supply is running out quick. >> reporter:d.c. closed public pools and spray parks like this one here at the kennedyeck center. these kids with a center city charter school summer program are disappointed. >> we come here every friday.
4:33 pm
so fun fridays for us, and the kids love to be able to just enjoy themselves because it's ho a and we weren'te to do odatecauseoiling water sittiur upset, bhem to come to the park weatr.>> rorter: we're back liv at amsa morgan, and restaurant managers tell me so far they have not lost any business due to the water alert, but they say th how long i mightteari tha it could tilr beyond. bk to you. >> gll rig thank you, chris. folks, if you don't have it already, be sure to download our nbc washington app because there you'll find all of the latest dates for the boil water situation, and we'll also send out alerts whe it's ended. pat? >> a prince george's county school board member is accusing the boardf chair assault after aesty school boar meeting last night.
4:34 pm
>> wendy rieger is in the newsroom with a look at stories coming up at 5:00. >> the tension in the prince george's county school board rely reaching new heigh so there's a lot of anger and disagreement because of the severance package that's almost $800,000 for outgoing school ceo kevin maxwell. afr that deal was approved last night, there are nthere a allegations of assault and our bureau chief for you. ion sickouts and latlshis on t july. bus and train operators came into work late forcing metro scrambling to get riders to their time, and it's happened yet again. how long can this fight go on without impacting riders? so we'll see you with those stories and a lot more and a nice forecast coming up on "news 4 at 5:00." >> thanks, wendy. now a major development in
4:35 pm
the russia investigation. theun special l's office announced 12 indictments, the closhet link between russians and the 2016 election. >> reporter: all of the schemes carried out and b orchestrate russian officials and now the question is how will president trump bring this up with russia's president. >> reporter: today deputy attorney general announced the 12 indictments for attacking hillary clinton's campaign andm the atic national committee. >> 11 of the defendants are charged with conspireing to hack into computers, steal documents witrelease those documents the intent to interfere in the election. >> repor says there's no allegation in affected the election result, these indictments are the most direct accusation yet that ne russovernment was behind a
4:36 pm
complex hacking scheme that began months before election day. >> it's important for us to avoid thinking politically as republicans or democrats, and instead to think patriotically as americans. >> reporter: rosenstein says he told the president about the eindictmentlier this week. today president trump saying thisinbout the stigation. >> i would call it the witch-hunt. i would call it the rigged witch-hunt. >> reporter: the tg notable. idt trump isoee ndth russia's vladimir putin tment pushing the issue of eleion mdling more urgently to the forefront. >> i will absolutely bring tha up. i don't think you'll have any gee, i did it, i did it, you got me. there won't be a perry mason here, i don't think. but you never know what happens, right? but i'll absolutely firmly ask the question. >> reporter: some democrats are already calling on the presidenl to can the meeting. but just within the past five minutes or so the white house says monday's meeting is still on. w overnight o just a few minutes ago russia's foreign
4:37 pm
ministry said that these new indictments threaten t damage the atmosphere going into monday's meeting. pat? >> blayne alexander, thanks, blayne. a hate crime caught on camera. ou probably have seen the vide a man berating a woman for the shirt she's wearing. new today her response and her tough words for the police officer nearby. plus, a local teenager comes in contact withoi anous plant. why it took him so long to realize something w. wro nothing wrong with the weather air, melia. >> exactly, pat, but we could use the rain. not a lot in the forecast, but i'm going to break down when you could see a few showers and thunderstormsver the next few days coming up.
4:38 pm
4:39 pm
4:40 pm
we're heard the warnings about a poisonous hogweed plant in our area, and now we're seeing its harmful effects. erika gonzalez joins us with a look at how one local teenager
4:41 pm
suffered serus burns from this. erika? >> reporter: pat, a 17-year-old from northern virginia is now in the hospital because of those burns. a warning. some of this video is hard to watc 17-year-old alex childress was working as a landscaper in w spotsylavnn he thought he was cutting down just another bush. some of i falling square on him, but it wasn't until he got home and showered that he realized something was wrong. his mom took one look at him, he says, and knew instantly he had third-degree burns. this interview tha you're about to see is from his hospital bed inside vcu's burn unit where he's recovering. >> i feltike hi sunburn and didn't pay attention to it and i got into the shower and my face started peeling and mom came home and thought it was sunburn and thought i had third-degree burns on his face and >>arms. childress is worried he'll miss college orientation and
4:42 pm
will postpone school if it doesn't affect his scholarship. all in all, dealing with things pretty well. >> glad he's going tbe okay, but what an awful experience. >> to say the least, yeah. new developments in a news 4 consumer investigation. >> so we've been telling you abt the safety concerns surrounding a particular type of guardrail. new at 5:00, a major announcement about removing that guardrail in partsis of rea. and a local woman's story of resiliency. we celebratece her s 13 years after her family fled hurricankatrina. e
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and here's the best part... you st.l own yoho call now! take control of your retirement today! four things to know about that boil water advisory in let's get caught up this afternoon. as we have been reporting there as a problem with the water system last night that made it mobtaor cnants to enter the water. it affects tens of thousands of d.c. residents. now the water sysm was fixed relatively quickly
4:46 pm
long enough for contaminants to enter the water. the advisoryt could to the next 24 to 48 hours while crews make sure the water is safe, so here's a look at latest map released by td.c. water. affected areas, the area has been reduced and that still cuts right through the heart of the district generally north of georgetown and parts of northwest and northeas a you can also look at the map in our nbc washington app. >> as far as the dos and don'ts wereconcerned, officials say you should use boiled or bottled water for drinkin and brushing your teeth and preparing, cooking if you've got ice or prepare what the baby's bottle, same thing applies there. >> same thing applies for your >> the advisory is also causing a big problem for businesses. restaurants are serving bottled water and need to get ice
4:47 pm
delivered from off-site locations. they cannot serve coffee or tea or soda or grocery storesbe hav so busy today. thereto are big lines of people waiting to buy bottled water. erica gonzalez. back to you in the studio. >> now an update to a story w first told you about. 13 k years hurricarina caused a level of human suffering and almost 2,000 people died and more than a million people were displaced from new orleans and surrounding areas. >> hundreds right other in the d.c. area. keisha heal was one of them. a few weeks ago we reached out to her again. a story of strength and bravery. >> i'm speaking to you from the city of new orleans. >> reporter: 12 years old keisha heal set next to her mother in r
4:48 pm
relative's north of d.c. there was a look of dazed shock on her face and she watched then president george bush watch the nation about theat annihn that was hurricane katrina. >> i think it's nice that he's tting everything together now because people really need it. >> reporter: we met her days after she swam for her life out of the flooded eighth ward neighborhood of new orleans with her mothend grandmother on his back because they could not swim. >> i never forget that. >> 13 years later her bright smile ie much m ready now. keisha healec has be an accomplished young woman. she continues to swim forward and head held high and regal despite having a post-hurricane katrina or dole and shortly after our interview her mother was unable to care for her. >> i was a ward of the district. >> she was shuttled from foster home to foster home.
4:49 pm
>> and i ran away andt i did want to go home like back to my foster m's home and i was thinking in that moment that that was it. >> this is going to be my life forever. schools fouranging times in as many years. graduated from high school and set her o sites college earning her degree from bowie stateun ersity. >> i had people ask me where is your mom andad? i'm here by myself. >> heal now holds an administrative position at creative association international, a development organizaon in the district where she received encouragement towards her next goal, masters degree in the university of maryland baltimore she hopes her research will improve the lives of children in foster care. >> if i want to be the type of people that help people and young girls and spread a positive message that i ave to do this for myself. >> you go, keisha.
4:50 pm
she has never been back to new orleans. she says she recently connected through facebook with a childhood friend who sent her a tcture of the streett she used to live and all that's left there was the street sign at the corner. >> she's a tough young woman. very resilient. >> excellent. >> our weather has been really nice. heading into the weekend, we'll have humidity and when will w t some rain because everything really is dry? dry aroundeen real here for the last two weeks. just dry at the surface. n we're worried about drought conditions forming but it's not good news foraw your and garden. pat, the humidity not an issue tomorrow but it does feel a little bit and monday it waswe shattered s and thunderstorms. 88 degrees is the current temperature in washington. we're at 85 in martinsburg and 85 down inredericksburg and i want to remind you though it
4:51 pm
might seem comfortable, remembeu with tempes near 90 degrees the heat inside of a car increases very quickly. ten minutes of a child or pet left inside of a car and the temperature there is close t 110 degrees and you hit an hour and it's feeling like is 3 degrees inside that vehicle. the temperature tomorrow around 1 the 2 for a hig all sunshine from start to finish, and it's hot, but, again, not all take a look here. your humidity levels. tomorrow we'll call it comfortable for mid-july. sunday we're somewhere between comfortable and mig, and then on monday we startowo headds that oppressive area, but we've had low humidity for the last yw days so it's nice that we've gotten a break but know, it wasn't last forever around here, and it's feeling so humid out there on tuesdays well. great weekend to escape to the beach. 85 on saturday. 87 on sunday with a bit of a reeze right on the beach on sunday. they might issue a small craft advisory on sunday so something to keep in mind if you're going to head out on the water with
4:52 pm
the boat. humid at the beach on sunday as well. a bit humid at least. we look to monday and tuesday ande back h at home, of course, the home run derby on uenday, and the big all-star game sonay. i'm not too worried about monday. only about a 30% chance for a shower or thunderstorm down there around 8:0 p.m. and 95 degrees, but on tuesday a better chance at about 60%or som showers and thunderstorms. 94. here's the thing. i don't think that they cancel the game on tuesday. be they did the makeup game son wednesday, but m delayed down there. i don't think it's going to be a washout by any means. you do wantp to k that in mind us a make plans heading down there. take a lock. here's the four-day forecast. again this, weekend almost completely dry. only about a 10% to 20% chance that we see a shower or thunderstorm materialize on sunday, and the best chance is going to be ntth and wf washington. areas like frederick and loudoun and fauquier county and similar chance for thunderstorms on monday. best chance north and west of the beltway. temperatures in th mid-the 30s
4:53 pm
are feeling closer to 100 degrees out there, and on tuesday that 9 hadas really high humidity levels. it's feeling about 100 to 103 curing during the afternoon hours. that's all witht cold fr that lowers the humidity for wednesday and thursday with high temperatures in the uppe80s. >> thanks, amelia. next, a racist attack caught o cameras, and it was all over a t-shirt. today the victim has strongor words f the guy who assaulted her. and new at 5:00,s drama a a local school board meeting. .ne member says another member attacked h new fallout and a response from new fallout and a response from the accused coming up z2vpcz z16fz
4:54 pm
y2vpcy y16fy
4:55 pm
i had life-treatening bleeding in my brain. but than to the virtual realittechnology at gw ,
4:56 pm
my surs were able to look inside my brain and plan for a successfu surgery. it's remarkable that i woke up and ve miles this morning. i would tell gw hospital thank you for giving mw life. morning. for life's defining moments the george washington univeristy hospital defining medicine. the woman who shot this video was harassed for wearing shirt with the puerto rican flag on it. now she's speaking about the officer who failed to step in and help her.
4:57 pm
here's that story. >> you should not be wearing that in the united states of america. are you a united states state citizen? >> can you please get away from me. >> reporter: thisiral videong spar hate crimes. >> offir, i feel highly uncomfortabl p could youlease grab him. >> reporter: also ntraged whe the video shows the forest preserve officer did not step in to help. >> it was extremely surreal to think that someone whose shop basically on them toompletely walk away. >> reporter: it wa her cousin arriving from a 24th birthday a pathe park who came to her defense. >> i'm greatly surprised, nd shocked, have never personally had an encounter with racism to this degree, so it was
4:58 pm
definitely an eye-opeber. >> the t is appeared in court today charged with two felony counts of hate crime. so the forest reserve officer resigned. >> i will go to the forest ndserve. i will go there be happy there and one officer is not the mark of all of them. reporter: despite her experience, shees other park visitors wl be safer there. >> now at 5:00, water parks go dry. >> our kids are really upset. >> bottled water flying off the shelves. >> it's really long in there for e water. >> why water in some parts of the district is a risk for contamination, and when do officials think the taps will be safe again? >> new indictments in the russia probe with president trump overseas and more than 100,000 protest in londonis before sit-down with vladimir putin. >> alltar weekend.
4:59 pm
>> that ribbon. >> not just theame. how you can get in on the fun for free. >> and we begin with that water safety war that could impact you. good evening, i'm wendy rieger. >> and i'm leon harris. >> right now tens of of residents are being told to boil their water before drinkin, his after an issue at a pumping station last night, and as you c here in the blue area here on the map, the affected area stretches from palisades to brookland. >> and the bars and restaurantsn they are impacted. >> with everything that you need to know. >> we'll start with news 4's mark segraves, and we'll have a closer lookt what the problem s.mark? >> reporter: good evening, went an this is one of the spray parks that's closed. normally people will be cooling off here and not today because
5:00 pm
d.c. parks and recks have close it hadosecause of theble contamination. the d.c. water authority issued the boil water alert after consulting with the federal government at the environmental protection agenc and that tookg eit hours. >> signs like these were commonplace all across the tis icket today as a boil water alert is impacting tens of rtousands of us. the problem s here at the breezy point street pumping station which handles about 60 million gallons ofater each day when a huge valve like this one was open by mistake. it resulted in some homes and businesses losing water completely. >> the problem was discovered about 8:30 last night.y it o took about one hour to fix and reore pressure. that was long enough to raise concer that caused the bacteria to grow inside the water pipes. it took another seven hours to notihe


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