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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 13, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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here's money for pizza. here's the wi-fi password, but, if you go online while the boys are online the internet can slow down and they don't like it. you guys don't have fios? oh-no. but it's a 100% fiber-optic network with ridiculous speeds. you could have tons of devices online at once. interested, talk later. bye boys! don't even think about going online. woah... i can't work like this. the 100% fiber-optic network means more speed for more devices at once. so get fios internet, tv & phone with a 2-year agreement and get a free samsung chromebook 3. diolamou. breaking tonight at 11:00, thd the dc water safety warning flows into ano hour. this could last through the weekend. we're live with what you need to know. >> a local gang memberat ini a violent crime spree while on
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parole. targeting innocent victims. tonight, he learned his fate. >> and before the baseball all-stars grace nats park, some military heros show everyone how it's done. >> news4 at 11:00 begins with breaking news. don't drink t water or the coffee or tea or soda unless it comes from a >> the boiled water advisory is complicating life and business in eight d.c.oo neighbo from cleveland park to woodley park and glover park, logan circle, columbia heights and university heights and then as far as north asen fort to and brightwood park. you have to boil your water before you consume it. >> shomari stone is live inside home to explain why the warn dg means extra work for servers and bartenders. gh reporter: well, that's i'm here at the homestead restaurant in northwest d.c. people are goi to restaurants, bars, establishments looking at menus, placing orders, going to
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the waiters and asking for water. little do they know that water is coming fr boiled o bottled water. that's what the waiters are telling them due to this advisory. and it's not just businesses. there are home owners having people over for dinner t tight any boiled their water for the evening. >> and totally frustrated that i have to boil the water in order to cook any of tha meals. vegetables.any >> she isn't used to boiling water on a friday night. >> it takes more time to prepare anything or to think about doing anything that you take for granted. >> reporter: she lives northwest in the crestwood neighborhood. >> everything is going to be impacted with the water. >> reporter: one of the area's warned not to drink or cook with tap water without boiling it because of a contamition ring. >> we're being very cautious.
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>> reporter: at the japanese restaurant, chefs also boil water on one of the busiestgh ni of the week. and waiters serve customers bottled water. >> weurchased water bottles both still and sparkling for consumption. that's the best thing we can do. we're all being careful about it. >> reporter: pet owners are being careful. d von brunn ssn't give cocoa tap water and not looking forward to this weekend. >> it's not going to befun. taking showers, trying to boil e wa getting it into your eyes or mouth. >> reporter: she uses sparkling water to brush her teeth hoping she can use the tap ap. >> i was hoping it would be fixed today. yeah, the sooner the better >> reporter: now, a lot of restaurant owners tell me they're also getting ice from area. the affected as for this advisory, it is important to point out officials are saying there have been no indication that the tap water has been contaminated again.
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they are asking you to boil the water as a precaution. live here in northwest d.c. at homestead restaura shomari stone, news4. >> thank you. >> better be safe than sorry. more information on what exactly you should andbehouldn't doing with this. the city says you should boyed ortl b water for drinking, brushing your teeth, preparing and cooking food, making ice and for preparing baby formula. and as show marry mentioned the same rules apply for water for yo pets. we're told it is still safe for you to shower. you have to be careful and avoid swallowing the water while in thower. >> we know many of you have questions about the water safety warning. wene going to stay o top of this breaking story. we'll bring you constant updates from d.c. on the status of thea t. for more information, open up our nbc washington app anytime. in princeorges county there's a planned water outage tomorrow that will affect some . reside it starts at 9:00 p.m. and lasts
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till sunday at 6:00 a.m. wssc is installing new large water mains. branch avenue agokeek ad, brands o brandywine road and dozens of other streets will be affected. there will and a water station in costco tomorrow res asked to store drinking water before then' oute and wash clothing. they may become stained. >> only on news4, prose ators sa gang member went on a violent crime spree in montgomery county while on parole. cityt targeted innoc vips attacking strangers and tried to silence a potential witness. new at 11:00, asace bensen shows us, the man could spend the rest of his life behind bars. >> reporter: the judge's conditions for gavin taylor to be released pending trial for a narcotics arrest included the order he not engage in any criminal conduct. but one month later, prosecutors
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say this is tail taylor on a ride on bus in silver spring positions himself to sit behind the man he would rob at kni point. it was christmas eve. >> this young man essentially went on a violent crime spree after he had been given many opportunities to reform his life. >> reporter: a mile away in silver spring, the very next day, christmas day, prosecutors say taylor had a femalell frien cab but when the taxi arrived, taylor wearg a ski mask got in and assaulted the driver with what are described as brass knuckles with abl shar e attached and robbed him. >> now he's back in the system and the judge decided to give him a stiff sentence on these violent crimes. >> introduced as evidence against taylor whom authorities describe as a gang member,ec prors produced a jailhouse phone call in which they allege he urges a friend who help himt intimi female witness. >> knows she just pickedon the
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person. >> reporter: after reviewing the usidence that includes the video, the judge sentenced taylor to 60 years in prison. taylor's sentence includesr tim an assault on a police officer who was trying to arrest him for selling oxycontin shortly before tnksgiving of st year. in silver spring, jackie bensen, news4. >> a man is in jail tonight accused of killing someone in old town, alexandria today. this evening we're still waiting to learn more about how the two men may haven connected and what the motive could have been. the body was found around noon in the second floor ofce. detectives is spent most of the afternoon looking for clues in and around the building. they also towed away a silver mercedou. for h the investigation stopped shoppers and traffic along king street. >> i thought it was a wreck or something. you figure in this area heavy track a wreck. you wouldn't think a micide. but it was very surprising. m>> reporter: we know th in
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custody is 34 years old but police haven't released his name and detectives have not shared the name of the person killed either. this is the first homicide in alexandria this year. >> let's change gears and talk about the weather. the break that we'vero gotten the heat in the last couple days has been very, very nice. don't you think? >> it's been very pleasant. tomorrow feels pretty good. what can we look for this weekend? >> oh, well,e've gotome heat in store. humidity rising. the whole weekend will not be bad. but things are changing t it's just th change will be subtle. stepping outside, it's a beautiful night to be out and this is a live look right now. 77 degrees is the current er teure. you can see where mostly clear. winds out of the south. a nicee little bre there. tonight's forecast expected to be in the up are 60s, around inside the beltway. a lot of outside the beltway in the upper 60s. stayingdry. coming up, a look at our next
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chance for storms and we'll plan out your weekend togeer. >> thanks. major new indictments by robert mueller's team annoued today. 12 senior russian military intelligence officers charged with hacking democratic national committe computers among others and leaking damagingai e. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams has been digging through the indictment. >> reporter: as hillary clinton stumped for votes in march, 2016, russian intelligence was burrowing into computers at her campaign and the democratic national committee mueller's prosecutors say, targeting more an 300 people. the charges say it was the work of 12 officers of russian military intelligence. it'she most detailed accusation yet of russian election pleding announced just as president trump was welcomed by the queen of england and some questioned what's behind the timing just as mr. trump is preparing to meet putin monday. of were briefeddent trump about these allegations earlier this week.
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the president is fully aware ofe the rtment's actions today. >> the charges say? late jewel, the rsians tried for the first time to hacking into severs in clinton' personal fice the same day trump said there. >> russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000ls that are missing. >> prosecutors say the russian tup d.c. to release hacked material falsely claiming it was run b americans. and the charges don't name wikileaks but leave no doubt it was another con duity the russians used to heighten th impact on the election. according to court documents, just as the democratic national convention was about to begin, wikileaks messages the russians, if you have anything hillary related ie want in the next two days. they created gus fers 2.0 and wrote to a person in regular contact with the trump campaign asking did you find anything interesting in the docs i posted. while that person isn't named in the indictment, it was roger
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stone a trump campaign adviser. his lawyer says tonight stone had no involvement in the hacking. prosecutors say a kong greggs sll candidate asked for guccifer for stolen documents about an opponent and gotthem. today's charges don't accuse anyone in the u.s. of knowingly helpg the hackers. >> there's no allegationings in this indictment that anyen american cit committed a crime. >> reporter: there's no claim that the hacking affected t election outcome. pete williams at the justice department. >> after a busy day running damage control in england, president trump is now one of his private golf courses in scotland. trump tried to backtrack today over those comments h made to a british newspaper about prime minister theresa may. tens it of thousands of anti-trump protesters flooded london as he sat down for tea with the queen. nday, trump heads toe finland to meet russian president vladimir putin. danger on dashcam.
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the police officer recovering tonight after getting dragged. [ bleep ]. >> it's exactly wha it is. it's [ bleep ]. >> theunion's fiery response to metro's threat to terminate er wo >> and a local army captain living out her dream by takin living out her dream by takin the fiegld
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♪ ♪ summer's calling. the 2018 escalade is ready to move. our best offers on the 2018 escalade are here. join us for the made to move sales event. get 0% apr financing for 60 months, plus $2000 down payment assistance when financed through gm financial on a 2018 escalade. a l of excitement for sports fans. dc getting ready to ht the midsummer classic. >> "uss military stars took the
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diamond at nats park. teams from the army and air orce played in the first ever armed services clack there. >> for woodbridge native army captain meredith pick rdca, it was an honor to take the field of herometown team. >> letting us do this, you think your dream is ton be ie army, no, my dream is to be in the army and play softball at nats park. we're doing that. >> you hope a lot of things for your kids but you never picture one of them playing on a professional baseball field at this level. it's great that the nationals and t-mobile sponsored this. i know these kids in the armed services and their families are psyched to be here tonight. >> nobody expects anything like this ever. it's nice when a little kid sayy than for your service. that makes my day. this is unreal. >> being here andpretting to ent the army in this capacity, i'm a 33-year-old lawyer and they're letting me play softballro in assional
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stadium for the army. nothing is cooler than that. surprises me a guy tries to throw out a girl from left field. no, i'm kidding. all theeople out here, i thought it would be our parents and kids and like significant others but it's cool to see all these random people, retirees. >> really cool. >> one, two, three. >> i think i would agree with her. nothing's cler than that. >> that was amazing getting to play on a real baseball field. >> good for her and her family into if you prefer the soccer pitch to the baseball diamond, this will still be a great owekend. tomorrnight, d.c. united plays its first ever game at audi field. news4 tours the team's new home near fort mcnair earlier this week. audi field is the f shy fresh update from rfk. dc united kicks off the second half of the season tomorrow against vancouver. >> expers have told us that that field is really, really cool.
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new at 11 aortic, graumts dramatic dashcam video showing a troor being drags down an ohio road. check this out. >> and the driver here speeds off in the middle i've traffic stop. and the troop is still hanging onto the car door. when the driver slows down, the tr releases his grip and falls to the ground and calls for another trooper to kee following the car. the driver turned himself in eentually. th trooper we understand will beokay. >> metro says hundreds of bus operators deliberately showed up late for workda yester stranding tens of thousands of riders. metro and its largest union are contentious of contract talks. metro says thi was all a protes the gm talked about suspensions or possibly firing employees who show up late for work repeatedly. se union say if gm suspends anyone for showing up late, all the 9,000 employees they
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represent will take a three-day suspension in, essence a strike. the head of the union has sharp words for wedefeld. >> and he smiles lik he's doing us a favor. he sends out letters csing us his-w orkers. that's [ bleep ]. he's a bully. he's a bully. >> it's worth n notinge of this is coming at a good time with major baseball league all-star events takin i place d.c. >> there might it be folks using that came signed of language to talk about traffic on the beltwa l threees closed tonight for roadwork. crews resurfaci theoads on the outer loop over connecticut avenue. this is similaro the work performed a few weeks ago. crews say then p to finish sunday at 191:00 a.m. >> don't get stuck in that. on a weekend. >> no, not on a weekend liking this. >> no, huh-uh. we have a good weekend in store? >> i'd say so. a few changes. it's going to be a gradual
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change. that's how you wan to go into humid weather. >> we are going to be looking at some reallyth nice w for tomorrow. any plans are safe. that was pun. a play on what's happening at the top. yes, because i don't know if i'm can do that on mony and tuesday. it's going to be hotter tomorrow. isolated showers could start to push in on sunday. and we are tracking some storm chances next week. bot let's talk right now. current temperatures out there, you can see 77 in washingto d.c. 74 in reston. 74 at dulles airport. we're in the 70s. but notice camp springs almost at 69. were headed to the 60s overnight. the good news i tomorrow we'll rebound nicely. it's going to be a beautiful start tomorrow morning. plenty of sunshine all day at that time saturday. it's going to be hot but not humid. that humidity is the factor that really kind of adds a little bit of a stickiness to your day.
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that's the difference between saturday and sunday. sunday is when we add the humidity into play. temperatures will be even higher in the mid-90s. so it's goingo feel sticky out there. here's a look at the field temperatures at 3:00 m. on sunday. yeah, triple digits there for some of us. we're headed back into that real mid atlantic summer kind weather. for your weekend outlook, what you can expect is the pool looking good. barbecue is better in the shade. car wash maybe hold o because we have rain chances in the forecast. when? my goodness, mlb all-star game going down monday, tuesda monday looking a little bit better. 30% chance for some showers and tuesda a day that we have iorms. been watching continuously throughout last week. this is the day where we keep seeing a lot of models pushing in more showers and storms. temperatures netheless will be in the mid-90s. that we are certain of. your ten-day outlook is, 90s three a row makes what a heat wave. as we move into the middle of
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the next week, it will b very dry as we head towards the middle of the week. that's ce. it's just we've got to get through monday and tuesday. but we are looking again at some lower temperatures midweek. iyay that's pre comfortable. right? >> we're going to enjoy tomorrow whilen. we keep our fingers crossed about monday and tuesday. >> that's right. i'vean seen sr things happen. >> you want to see something strange? we'll talk about the nba summer league. no one ever a talksbout the the nba summer league. however, we are tonight because a widard made a name forimself with ain ridiculous dunkg there. >> the highlight that had ev (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening)
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the george washington univeristy hospital (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) sportsdesk.
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>> all right. remember when the nationals opened the season with a four-game winning streak we thought it would be da vu all over again that the nats would be in first place like they were last year fromta to finish. as guo yogi also said, the future ain't what it used to be. 201 has not been easy for the third place nationals. but there is still time despite lyon's grunt to get it right. tanner roark on the mound. nats 5-14 in hisstarts. runners on the corner. batista going to left. brandon nimmo will score. 1-0 mets. later in the inning, 2-0 mets. devon singles. michae conforto scores. 3-0 syndergaard a hit to right. mets beat the nats 4-2.
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we're goingo get better news.ti orioles hos the rangers. seventh inning tied at one. ryan rua, three-one shot. the rangers up 4-1 lead. they have a chance. bases loaded for khris davis. orioles lose their third straight, 5-4 to the rangers. now better. forbes magazine told us the navy yard is one of the 12 coolest neighborhoods in thworld. that was before the world's game arrived. yes, football or as we like to call it soccer is about to move into that cool neighborhood right on buzzard point. the waive almost for dc irstedo set t play its match tomorrow against vancouvn nd w the kickoff comes, look, it's possible wayne rooney could ben the startinglineup. at the very least an option coming off the bench. rudyad a break after the premiere league season but training hard with new teammates, aware his first game
11:27 pm
the black and red comes on a significant night in club history. >> it would be a great movement. my debut. mls. of course, any debut you make is a big moment. and before the game, obviously, once kick off a comes i walk out, focus will be on the game. and i'll enjoy it after the game when we win. >> remain seated fop high devin robinson will mut the mavs, monster heslam. 's 6'8", a 7'1" wingspan. mavs won the game. robinson won the night with his dunk. as my grandmother used to say that was will presve. >> gooerd
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acrosshe country, police departments are focusing on community policing finding ways for officers to connect with the commities that they serve. so videos like the one you'll see here go a long way toward that cse. ♪ >> the men and women of the norfolk police department are going viral with this lip sync video posting this clip on youtube a few days tonight police departments across the country are uploading their own videos trying to outdo
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these guys. >> that looks like fub. >> it does look like fun. >> we should do that. >> we already do the post show. >>that's right. e'll do it after we wrap up here. "the tonight show" starring jimmy fallon coming up next. jimmy fallon coming up next. ho we pe you have a great ♪ ♪whoaaa-oooaaaa ♪as long as the suns up... ♪there's no holding back.♪ ♪whoaaa-oooaaaa ♪and every moment, ♪you gotta make it last. all the thrills of summer. one amazing getaway. busch gardens williamsburg and water country usa.
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visit both parks for only $30 per day.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jared leto, alessia cara,


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