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tv   News4 Today  NBC  July 14, 2018 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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water problems are not over for thousands of peopleg livin n the district, but the boil advisory could come to an end soon. lmost two weeks after a deadly sooting in northwest shington, police say they need your help to find a possible killer. an ongoing dispute between unionbus drivers and officials escalates again. it could cause problems as we prare to host the all star game for baseball. good morning. i'm angie goff. we know alstar weekend is here in d.c. d.c. hosting the tll stare for the first time in almost 50
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years and the weather couldn' look any nicer. lauren rickets is here to show us what we can expect heading into saturday and for the rest of the weekend. such a beautiful sunrise. >> gorgeous out there. sun came up about 5:55. a beauful-looking saturday morning. a string of them over the past couple weekends. day doesn't disappoint at all. let's go ahead and show you what's going on. we have the beautiful sun rise. we'll have plenty o that throughout the day today. those temperatures, that's 71 degrees. we have a light south wind and it's still very comfortable out ty fact, we're going to continue to have low humihrough the remainder of the day. it's not going to be that bad. a pleasant and delightful day. temperatures slow to we'll make it into the low 90s. we're already in the mid 80s through the early afternoon. a beautiful day ahead for us here on this saturday. we'll talk actee thend
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events. we have rain tomorrow. we'll talk thatnd about a time it out for you. thank you. we're sti following breaking news in the district this morning. a boil water advisy istill in part of northwest and northeast washington. it's affecting eight d.c. nakeds from cleveland park to logan park. university heights, woodley park, and bright wood park, boil the water beforeonsuming it. the city hopes to lift the advisory sometime today. until then the water advisory means extra work for servers and bartenders. servers are boiling water and waiters are serving customers bottled water. >> we purchase water bottles still in sparkling for thhe best we can do. 'snsumption. we're obviously being safe and
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careful about it. pet owners don't give your pets tap water, at least without boiling it first. for more information on what exacy you should and shoul not be doing, the city says you should use boiled or bottled water for drinking, brushing your teeth, preparing a cooking food, making ice and for preparing baby formula. agai remember the same rules apply for water for your pets. we're told it is still safe to shower but you should avoid llallowing the water. many of you have questions about the wer safety warning. we'll stay on top of the breaking story and bring you updates fm d.c. on the status of the alert. for more information, open our nbc washington app. a lot of information there. n prince george's county, a planned water outage tonight at 9:00 p.m. and lasts until 6:00 in the morning. they're installing new water mains. branchavenue, randy wine road
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andf dozens other streets are affe affected. residents are asking to store drinking water before the outage and don't wash clothes during the outage. they may get stained. in southeast washington a fatal crash shuts down a bridge. right now police and firefiters have notaid much about what may have caused the crash as we look at the scene or if anyone other than the dreyer was in the car. the crash seen, this is not long after the call wt out this morning. police have the road shut down for their investigation still. new this morning, d.c.el police need tracking down a murder suspect. take a look at this photo. johnson.ejinald officers were called out to second street in northwest where theyou a man shot.
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johnson should be considered armed and dangerous. if you seehi please call d.c. police. your tip could g you a $25,000 reward. a man is in jail this morning accused of killing someone in old down ale alexandria. nearby shopwn os found a body in a second familiar office atw ndow universe on king street. detectives lked for clues in and around thedi builng. we're told the suspect stayed on the scene. for hours the investigation stopped shoppers and traffic in a veryusy area. >> i thought it was a wreck or something. you figure in the area of heavy traffic a wreck, not a homicide. very surprising. >> we know the man who is in custody is 34 years old. his name has not been released yet. the tives have not shared name of the person killed either. this is just the second homicid in alexandria this year.
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prosecutors say a ghog member went on a violent crime spree in montgomery county will spend the next 60 years behind wars. while awaitit trial las year gavin tailer robbed a man at knife point on christmas eve. you're looking at video of himl ing the victim off the bus before robbing him. the next day he attacked and bbed a taxicab driver. prosecutors also say that taylor asked a friend toim help intimidate a female witness. >> this young e manentially went on a violent crime spree after he'd bee given many opportunities to reform his life. >> the sentence also includes assault on a police officer during a drug arrest aroundf thanksgivingast year. metro says hundreds of bus operators purposely showed uphu late onday stranding tens and thousands of riders. metro and the largest union adl in the mid of contractlks.
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metro says it was a protest. they talked about suspending or possibly firing employeesho show up late for work. t the union says if they suspe suspend --he head of the union has sharp words for the gm. >> any smiles like he's doing us a favor, he sends out letters calling us his co-worker. that's].ull [ bleep that's exactly what. it is it's bull [ bleep ]. he's a bully. he's a bully. >> thll, it is wor noting this is all coming at a time when major league baseball all-star events are happening in our area. lot of people depend on metro. while there is road work at could change how you get around this weekend, we want to get a check on the roads as you start your sat hday ande's melissa. here's a loo at your traffic and some road closuens
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for the we outer loop the bridge over connecticut avenue, three lcles ed friday night until saturday afternoon around 5:00 p.m. as far as an alternate re, it's going to get busy. the icc university boulevard or connecticut avenue would work forweyou. bound 66th between 7 and the beltway alternating left and right single lane closures overnight friday and saturday this weekend. westbound 66, the ramp to the eltway temporary closures between 11 and 5:00 a.m. friday and saturday. see you monda morning for news 4 today. russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000t e-mails t are missing. >> well, now it appears russians trie to get into the clinton campaign computers that exact day the president made those comments. new indictments in the russia probe are painting a clearer picture on how they interfered in a 2016 election. we have closer look to get you
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caught up on new s
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major new indictments by robert mueller's team announced friday 12 senior russian military intelligence officers charged with hacking democontic nationalntion computers among others and leaking damaging e-mails. pete williams has been digging through e indictment. >> reporter: as hillary clinton strumped for votes in 2016,n russntelligence was burrowing into computers prosecutors say targeting more than 300 people. the charges say it was the w 1k of officers of russian military intelligence. it's the most detail accusation yet of russian ruection meddling announced just as president t was being welcomed by the queen of england d what's have questio behind the timing just as mr.
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trump is preparing to meet vladimir putin monday. >> president trump about the allegations earlier this week was the president is fully aware of the department's actions today. >> reporter: the charges say in late july the russians tried for the first time to hack into servers in n'clin personal campaign office, the same day president trump said this. >> russia,f you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. >> reporter: prosecutors say the russians set up d.c. to release hackedatial falsely claiming it was run by americans. and the charges don't name wikileaksut they leave no doubt it was another conduit they ined. accoto court documents just has the democratic national conventi was about to begin, wikileaks messaged therussians, if you have anything, we want it. th russians created a fake
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persona and wrote to a person in regular contact with the trump campaign saying did you find anything interesti in the docs i posted. whileso that per wasn't named in the indictment, it was roger stone.r his said tonight stone had no involment in the hacking. prosecutors say a congressional candidate asked for stolen documents about an opponent and got them. but the documents don't accuse anyone in the u.s.'s >> theo allegation that any american citizen e.mmitted a cr >> reporter: and there's no enclaim in the indictmt the hackingffted the election outcome. petewilliams. >> it looks like we're in for another nice day, but when does the humidity start to build and when can we expect another shower in lauren rickets will bring it wow. look at jim go. man, that guy works hard. courtside seats?
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it is summertime f. for many of you that means sitting on ths patioping wine with friends and family but how much do you know about the wine that you're inking? consumer reporter susan hogan is working for you this morning and breaking down the wine buzz words and what they really mean. >> sul fits, sugars, tannins,oe whats it mean when it comes to wine? we're at the wine outlet to find out in ge getown. let'go. so,to docr taylor wallace is he to give us the buzz.
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he's a food scientist. let's talk about tannins. what are they? they're the compounds in dry red wines that make them taste dry. what's interesting is they bind and block sugar from being i absorb your body. >> let's talk about sugar. what's the contend what sho we look for? >> obvio in their sugar content. v less ands fro sweet -- dryer reds have less and sweeter ones have a greater content. >> okay. let's talk aboutsulfites. what are they? >> they are a preservative that the food industryuses. they're naturally present in many fruits and vegetables. you use them in hioner consulta particularly in white wine because it clarifies the wine. >> is that what causes the headaches? >> in some people, individuals are sensitive to sulfites.
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someo individuals are a sensitive to tannins. for the majority you're getting a headache because you're drinking too much glasses. >> let's talk act serving sizesn all wines are create d equally. if you have a 15% alcohol by volume win you get a little less. women only get one drink per day. men gettwo. why this. >> it's based on body weight. >> it doesn't seem fair, but men can handle it more is what you're saying, the alcohol content? you have a great tip when we drink red >>ne. he trick because we all love going out to happy hour and hang thelass of dry red but when we go to the business dinner, you have red teeth. you can take a sip of white win
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and the sulfites in the white bleach your tth back. >> thank you so much. with that, it's a perfect transition into the summer weather. perfect timeo sit back relax, enjoy a nice glass and we all know inhis area we have some wonderful vineyards you can head out to. a lotm of t even family friendly. and there's one person that knows a lot about the weather, and also kno a lot about wine. that's you, lauren. >> yes. >> look outside. once again, looks like -- i feel like we've had this really nice stretch of ather. >> yes. absolutely. and each saturday morning it's fine with me. in may, if you remember, we just had tons and tons of rain. nonstop, yes. we kind of need rain. >> we do. we're going to have some chances as we headnto the rest of this week and mainly onto sunday and
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into the ear next week. let's go ahead and show you what's goi on. we have a nice sun rise out there. the sun came up at about 5:55 in the morning. ut theree are gorgeous throughout the morning. just beautiful conditions. now, the humidity still on the take a look at the temperatures right now. temperature.s your here in the district outside the beltway, those temperatures a little cooler. temperatures are in the 60s. as you wake up this morning, those temperatu gs areng to pop into the mid 70s by the time we:0 head into the hour. again, plenty of sunshine out there today. temperatures headed to right around 90 degrees. another comfortable day with plenty of suhine and very warm conditions. now, all-star events. we got that going on on tuesday. it is going to be beautiful. until then we've got some events going on. we've got the col run that
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begins at 8:00 this morning. if you're headed down to yards park, it'sbe going t beautiful and comfortable. home run derby later tonight. wa and sunny. for that the sun going down about 8:30. and down at the wharf, comfortable. bring the sunscreen. noenty of sunshine out there today. ing happening on the radar right now. that's pretty much the way it's going to be today. tomorrow we will ha chance for showers and storms. temperatures will be in the low 90s. it will be more humid as we go through the day tomorrow. and, again, a chance of isolated thunderstorm. we'll have a little better chance into monday. about a 30% chance. orowers and thunder on monday. temperatures in the low to mid kis. tuesday l like our best chance for showers and thunrstorms as a front moves through. it could bring some of the thunderstorms to the songer side. by wednesday the humidity drops a little bit. plenty of sunshine on wednesday. at's all behind that frontal system with the humidity. temperatures in the upp 80s.
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we stayround a
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in about a month nbc and telemundo ownedti ss are teaming up with hundreds of shelters, nationwide pet adoption drive in clear the shelters. we have lauren from the rescue alliance here. ll us abouthat we're going to be looking for with clear the
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shelters? >> t we're goingbe finding homes for as many animals as possib in the d.c.region. all the shelters are participating. it's a free fee-waived adoption day. >> a lot of dogs and cats need homes. talk about the success of previous years.s >> t of thousands of pets. we've had thousands in the d.c. region. it's a national event. it's a day to spotlight how the animals need them and they're just as good as any animal u'll get anywhere else. >> what should you do first if you're looking to adopt a new pet? >> you need to consider your lifestyle and home. what kind of animal are you looking for so wn you show up you know exactly who to.o age, species, breed, size, a lot of people have housing restrictions and landlord restrictions. precious here was surrendered to us by her owner because his landlord would not allow her in the home. she' too big.
6:26 am
and so those are things people need to consider when they show up on clear the shelters day. >> preciou is a fine example of a slightly older dog. she's ninee' all the craziness is out of her. she's going tohill on the couch. >> she's a super big lapg. people expect more exercise more time with big dogs. it's often somimes the opposite. these guys become super great apartment dogs which we live in a so that's perfect. and just really want that companionship with you. >> my sister adopted three great danes over the year. >> ty're the perfect example. >> big dog. she has a walking buddy but he's a couch potat when he gets in the house. >> they want to spend time with you. walks durg the day and spend time. they're great. >> once you match your lifestyle to the dog, what's the next step? >> next step is you go home and getllhe supplies you might
6:27 am
need so when you come to the clear shelters day, you tak the animal home that day. you want to make sure you have the necessary supplies. food, water bowls, toys. where is their space in your snoem that's really important. >> that's very important. they all need their house. we crate train our dogs at home. people say isn't that cruel? dogs like that -- >> they lik structure and routine. cats, for example, really need richment. think about cat toys. we also have turtles and rabts d other species available. check our websites for our s.optable anim >> we hope this is a smashing success once again this year. it's going to be august 18th, clear the shelters day, and you can start thinking about it n and decide am i a cat or a dog or rabbit? >> i would check all the organizations. they have different times of adoption that day. depending on where you want to go, check up the different times. >> thank you. for all the information youay need and how to adopt precious ready, willing and able to go w
6:28 am
hoh you today, go to our website and check our nbc washington app. thank you, lauren. >> thanks. and it is aay great to walk the dog and also maybe head out to national harbor as take a live look at a very still and calm scene as we kick off our saturday moing. lauren ricke joitsns
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hi. good morning, everyone. i'm angie goff. david has the daye off and want to thank you for joining us. all-star weekend is ihere. d. hosting the major league all star game for the first time in aeaost 50 and as we take a live look at the weather, we could see at this point the weekend couldn't look any nicer. here to confirm, lauren ricketso you'll us more as we head into our saturday. what are we in for? >> we're in for another very, very day out there. it is going to be gorgeous out there. it's aeautifulmorning. and we're going to have a beautiful afternoon as well. plenty of sunshine already this morning. the sun came up just about 35 minutes ago. and it is already warm. low 70s right now. a little patchy fog out in the shenandoah valley. that's about it. 71 the temperature. a nice south wind. we've got very, very nice and
6:32 am
comfortable conditions. the humidity sll on theow side. we're really not going to see the humidity build until we get ugh the day tomorrow. enjoy. plenty of sunshine all throughout the morning. this is what you're waking up to. by account temperatures are i going to the mid 70s. we're headed to around 90da degrees yesterday the upper 80s. that's normal for this time of year. today 90. another sunny day with warm conditions. we'll talk about our next chance of rain which is comingrr to. we'll take a look at tuesday. not only do we have thell star game but also the best chance of rain on tuesday. we'll talk about that coming up a few minutes. >> ay. thank you, lauren. 6:32 right now. breaki d news in thtrict this morning. a boil water advisory is still in effect for part of northwest and northeast washington. right now it's affecting 8 d.c. neighbor from cleveland park to woodley park,lover park, university heights and as
6:33 am
far north as bright wood park. the city hopes to lift the advisory sometime today. and we have more information on what exactly you should and b should n doing. you take a look, the city says you should use boiled or btetled for drinking. for brushing your teeth, for preparing and cooking food a making ice and for preparing baby formula. and, again, remember the same rules apply forha water you use for your pets in any capacity. we're ttid it is safe to shower but remember you should avoid swallowing any of that water. we know that many of you he questions about the water safety warning. we are going to stay on top of this breaking story and bring you updates from d.c on the status of the alert. for more information open up our nbcp. washington in prince george's county there's a planned water outage tonight that affects some residents there. it starts at 9:00. it's going to last until 6:00 in the m sunday. wccs is installing new large
6:34 am
water mains. brandy wine road and dozens of streets are there's a water station in the costco parking lot in brandy wine residents are to store drinking water before the outage and don't wash clothes during the outage. there's a possibility your clothes could get stained. new this morning out of prince geor,'s coun one person is dead after a possible shooting overnight. officers tellhe uswere called to the corner of east forest road and kent drive in landover. police caughtp a gro of people taking a shooting victim to the people. thvictim died at the hospital and so far police have released little information. no word on any arrest or possible suspects in the case so far. this morning the man accused of shooting a d.c. restaurant manager is in custody. police believe he robbed and shot the man as he w and hise waited for an uber.
6:35 am
broeder remains in critical condition. his famy says he opened up his eyes yesterda police are looking for the person who drove the get away car following the robbery. a fieryn board of educat meeting is turning into a police matter now. thursday night the boardoted to give ouoing school's ceo of hi790$,000 as part severance package a board member voted against the proposal and said the school board chairman should step down from making that kind of deal. they said it led to a fight following the meing. >> he charged at me, pushed me against the bookcase bac there with his hand in my face, threatened he was going to blank me i'm blank you up. thankfully three school system policeerfficers were th they pulled him off of me. >> some witnesses have told news
6:36 am
4 that this incident w more of a heated argument than an assault. they are not commenting on what happened. we have been warning you about the poisonous plant in our region. now we're seeing the harmful efcts rsthand. a teen from northern virginia is in the hospital with serious 17-year-old alex childress was working as a landscaper. he thought he was just cutting down another bush. it wasn't until he got home and showered that he realized w somethas very wrong. his mom took one look and burns. he had serious >> i felt like i had sunburn. then i got in the shower and my face justtarted peeling. mom came home and i told her i thought it was sunbur s shed i had third degree burns on my face and arms. >> well, he says he's worried he's going to miss collegent orion next month. he may be able to postpone the start of school by a smes for it
6:37 am
doesn't affect h>> scholarship. major development. maryland transportation s official they'll remove hundreds of guardrails from the roadways. bowe've been telling you the concerning surrounding the guardrail end piece. several lawsuits claim it's defective and in some crash hs killed drivers and passengers. the maryland state highway administration says it will begin replacing them currently installed. there are about 1,000 on the roads. we're toldt' part of an effort to remove guardrails that don't meet crash standards. the mother of a marine who died by running into one of them welcomed the ne. >> my son didn't die in vein and mething positive came out of it. and we're going to save lives. >> the state was unable toe determhether the guardrailed
6:38 am
fail in her son's crash. the maker of the guardrail insists the guardrail is safe. tonight dc united plays the rst ever game at their new field. the field is a flashy, fresh updated park from rfk stadium. they kick offhe season against vancouver tonight at 8:00. good luck. well, there are a lot of things that are too important for a text message. but a three-year-old found the perfect way to use a phone and saveer father when he got a saveer father when he got a blocked artery in his
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we'll help you out with up to a $500 credit toward your early termination fee. go to to switch today. well yerks we often worry our kidre getting too much screen time. now only on news 4 we introduce you to a tech savvy toler.
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her quick actions likely saved her father's life. we methe young face time hero in fair fax. >> reporter: how do y explain to a three-year-old why she is getting all this attention? leave itp to mom. >> they're here because you're a hero like a superhero. >> reporter: it is a lot for molly to take in. her mom says it started while she was at work on july 4the. sh noticed one missed call, then another. >> why did you call mommy? >> because daddy was sick. >> and you were smart and brave. >> using her dad's phone molly at three years old called her mom aot work only telling her what was going on but also showing her. >> ande she told that daddy got sick and she showed me where daddy was, that -- and so i saw him lying on the ground.
6:42 am
>> reporter: deen is an icu nurse. she called 9-1-1. he was aird lif to a medical campus. >> it gives me goose bump thinking the number 27. >> reporter: the doctor standing by in case the artery was still blocked. >> probably if had to pick one artery you don't want blocked in the tbrain, it'st artery. >> reporter: doctors believe molly's quick aions for life-saving. >> who do we facetime? >> grandmother. >> reporter:r tonight tre making progress and taking a couple of steps. he's out of work and the community is helping by raising money through a go fund me. they're all inspired by this story of su>>ival. you were so brave when you called mama and you did such a good job. we're proud of you. >> thank you, mommy. >> you're welcome, baby. >> thank you. >> reporter: in fair fax,
6:43 am
virginia news 4. david culvhi. >> i all of us parents are proud of her. what a story. you can learn more about thater fundra by searching face timeifaver in our nbc washington app. >> good morning. rise and shine. get ready for a glorious we have your headlines and weather with lauren rickets when news 4 today retur news 4 today retur ns
6:44 am
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well, this week we were able to bring you the update on the story w a firsted more than a decade ago 13 years ago. hurrican katrina caused a level of human suffering not seen in this countryn many years. almost 2000 people died after that hureicane. han one million people were displaced from new orleans and surroundingea jackie bensen caught up with a girl who was 12 when the storm hit andas built a new life for herself right here in the d.c. area. >> i'm speaking to you from the city of new orleans. >> reporter: just 12 years old, she sat n mt to herher in a relative's apartment in northeast d.c. there was a look d ofed shock on her face as she watched then president george bush address the nation about annihilationat as hurricane katrina. >> i think it's nice that he's getting everything together now. people really need it. >> reporter: we met her days after she swam for her life out of t flooded eighth ward
6:47 am
neighborhood of new orleans with her mother and grandmother on he back because they could not swim. >> i rem nber that. i'er forget that. >> reporter: 13 years later her bright smile is much more ready now. she has become an accomplished young woman. she continues to swim forward, head held high, regal, despite having endured a post katrina journey that carried still more pain. shortly after her interview her moth became unabo care for her. >> i was a ward of the district. >> reporter: she was shuttled fromom foster to foster home. >> i ran away. i didn't want to go home back to my foster mom's home. i remember thinking in that moment that that was it. that this was going to be life forever. >> reporter: despite changing four schools she graduated from high school and set her sights on college earning a degree. >> i remember during my orientation i had people ask me
6:48 am
w where's your mom and dad? i was like i caught the bus here. >> reporter:as a job at a development organization in the district wecre sheves encouragement toward a master's degree in applied sociology. she hopes h w researcl improve the lives of children in foster care. >> if i want to be the type of person that can help peopl and ung girls and spread a positive message, i have to do this for myself. >> and that was jackie bensen wi that remarkable followup. such a bright woman. has never been back to new orleans, she tells us. she said she recently recorre reconnected with a childhood friend where they used tolive. it hasn't been an easy journey for her. look at what he's been able to
6:49 am
soldier through, and the fact that she wants trd move for and help other people, it just is a testimony to how her own life experiences and challenges can really turn out to bfor the better. they're blessings in disguise. we wish her all the best. i was just noticing your bring. >> thank you. thank you. >>rk sng just blinded me. >> sparkling, yes.rk >> sng like the sunshine. i'm excited for this weekend. >> it's not going to behat bad. maybe a few isolated showers tomorrow. that's humidity tomorrow. we thought maybe it would come back in yesterday but yesterday turned out to be really, really nice. and then today we're still looking at low humidity. we'll take i slox we can get it. >> your hair looks good. >> exactly. we're not talking about the big hair. maybe tomorrow because of the humidity overnight. look at that out there. it is gorgeous out there. not a cloud in e sky. blue skies out there. maybe a little fog. for the mostart we areust
6:50 am
looking good. 71mperatures right now degrees in the district. look at fredericksburg. cool temperatures in the low 60s. low 60sn martinsburg. we'll take the temperature to around 90. as you makut your way the door on this saturday morning, grab the sunglasses.ll yoeed them throughout the day. temperatures already by 10:00 are going to be at 8 0 degrees. again, we're warming up rather quickly. and, again, it is going to be beautiful out there. low humidity. even as we step into the evening, again, it will be warm. and maybe if you're headed out, oh, yeah,.c. united taking on the vancouver whi caps. it's going to be a great night for this game. plentyf sunshine. clear skies at night. comfortable conditions. you can'tsk for much better weather for this for one of our first soccer game here. the first soccer game at the field. i'm excited about it. taking a look at the radar right nothing happening.
6:51 am
that's the way it's going to be today. dry out there.r and y saturday plans, again, not looking too bad. we will have dry conditions if you want to get your car washed, to have exercise. even if you want to eat outside, looking good for that. we have a chanc for some rain. isolated chances. sunday, monday, better chances come on tuesday. tuesday is the all star game. low 90s for .tomorr a few afternoon storms. to the a.m. if you go market or an early morning jog, church services tomorrow morning dry. not expecting isolated showers until tomor wafternoon. they're highly isolated. only about a 30% chance tomorrow and monday. upped to 50% on tuesday because a frontal system comes through the area. that will spark showers and to thundes. look how the temperature drops a little bit. back to the 80s for wednesday. we stay in the 80s for thursday and friday. another chance of rain as we
6:52 am
another chance of rain as we head into next weekend.
6:53 am
(birds chirping, a running brook,) another chance of rain as we head into next weekend. ahh. the new deer park sparkling is made with real spring water. ♪ it's so refreshing and delicious, you don't need slo-mo models to sell it. real spring water, real fruit flavors and refreshing bubbles. just what's refreshingly real. i serve in the general assembly and we work together across the aisle to get things done. and that's the way it is at ctca. whatneeded was a management team. not just to have a long-term strategy for quantity of life, but also an active strategy for quality of life. my psa is under control. ctca gave me an opportunity to accomplish my goals and my dreams.
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appointments available now. a brutal beating led our country to a lot of sou searching and served as a catalyst for the civil rights movement. he government is taking another look at hisdeath. till was killed after a white woman said he whistled and made advances ather.
6:55 am
the case was reopened as the justice department examines new information. erika gonzalez talked about this historic case. >> new information in the 1955 case of the gruesome slaying of em mitt till has revived an investigation. s the newsead like wildfire. >> america and the till family have suffere lot of pain. ad in some ways if we can get to the truth we can find exactly what happened, i think it provides healing for the family but ultimately for our tountry. >> reporter: dir of the national museum of african american history and culture, lonnie bunch, talked to me about the sigficance of the news. >> i had gotten to know till's mother in chicago. the one thing i'm always struck by is she would say to me that her son died on the cross of racial injustice, and that people need to remember not just
6:56 am
his death but that his le helped to transform a country and restart a civilights movement. >> inside the newest mu veem on the national mall you'll find a memorial to tillnd a thorough explanation of the life and death of a young boy that ignited the civil rights movement. outside people reacting to the ground breaking news. >> long time coming i couldn't even -- i'm just excited that i get to see it my lifetime. i'm 57. to be to see finally truth,e closor folks. >> there's many of these stories we've decided to bury years ago. it's time to open everything back up. >> that this generation can know how important that death was to us as far as what our ancestors went through. so let it come out, everything, and whatever comes with it, so be it. >> more than 60 years ago two white men were charged with the murder of till but were
6:57 am
acquitted. the men latere confessed to crime in a magazine interview but weren't retried. both are now dead. >> that was erika gonzalez reporting. de justiartment has not revealed exactly what that new information might be.ho ver, some scholars believe that t bookay have something to do with it eitled the death of emmit hill. at 6:57 we take a live look outside. it looks like the view is just a little bit brighter. away.n is working how hot is it going to get? when does theumidity return? when does theumidity return? we have more when we
6:58 am
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news 4 today starts now. water proems are not over for thousands of you living in the district. but the boilou advisory c come to an end soon we're hearing. almost two weeks after a deadly shooting in northwest police say need your help this morning to find a possible killer. and an ongoing dispute between union bus driver


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