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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 14, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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a local man bought this 300,000 ride yesterday, but authorities say one costly decision is forcing him to search for a brand new set of wheels. >> what a debut. d.c. united wins the audi field opener and the new prize possession. we have live team coverage for you tonight. >> d.c. united fans thrilled at the outcome. we're going to check in with sherry in a moment about. darcie u joins from audi field. >> fans are continuing to make their way home andy t have some big smiles on their faces after tonight's win.
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it is really something special to attend the first game at a new stadium. >>.c. united fans cheer as the team wins its first game at its w home, audi field in southwest d.c. >> fans packed the 00 million stadium. itts sea 20,000. lookik just about every seat was filled. many were excited to see the team's new star player wayne rooney. >> he's a great player. i want him to score some goals for d.c. united. >> some are attending their first professional soccer game ever. thess wanted to experience it with their sons. >> it's an amazing to open the audi stadium and see how it's a world class, state of the artacity in the nation's capital, very kid friendly, itt doeset better than this. >> this is my first d.c. united
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game, and it's awesome. i walked in here, and it was -- the atmospheres incredible. game.s is my first >> fans have waited many years for the stadium to bebu t. the team played for tdecades. not it's leer, fans are impressed. ending the night with a win made it even better. >> it's sweet, we walked around. it's been awesome. sweet place, it's a long time coming. >> it's been a long time coming. everyone i talked to tonight very happy with the stadium, and obviously very happy with the win tonight. and if you take a look here, many of the f walking away with one of these great souvenirs. a scarf, something to remember is very special night. erica, back to you. >> i hope that means you get to go homh some swag, dorothy. >> i'm keeping this one. >> all right. >> thanks, darcy.
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tonight was the debut of d.c united's newest star wayne rooney. fans had to wait a little bit before seeing the inte iational legeaction. sherry burres joins us with that story. > the fans broke out in a chant, we want rooney during the game here tonight. i asked him after the game, i said, what do you feel like when you're hearing that, he told me he was just aso eager take the field as the fans were to see him out there. rooney started the game on the bench, where he heard those fans saying his name, he didn't play in the first half, sholy into the second, here he comes. gets the nod from ben olson, nuk nine, wayne rooney makes his d.c. unid debut. gets the touch righthere, nice passing, then paul arreola who nets the second goal of the game. d.c. united wins the inaugural game. here's what rooney had to say
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after a victorious debut. >> open the new stadium, it's important we got the win. which we said before the game. whatever happens on the pitch, we have to try to come in with a fe points. probably played fantastic football. scored some great goals. >> rooney saying he can't wait to play more minutes, more t gas building coming up. we talk about the atmosphere of playing in theiew a field. back to you opinion. >> lots of great games ahead. live atudi field for us tonight, sherry, thank you. >> want to switchgears now, right now, d.c. waters test positi forcontamination, a water safety warning remains in effect for parts ofea nor d.c. neighborhoods east of the metro tracks servicing university heights, michigan park, queens chapel and parts ofly brookn are being asked to boil their water before drinking or cooking with it. they updated water warning is
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affecting about 7,000 d.c water customers. water taken from pipes servicing thosebo neioods tested positive for coloform bacteria. >> i took bottled water to brush my teeth. i said, this is different. >> my neighbor down the street lled me the night of it, she said, do you have water. i had the cellphone, i said, i have a trickle. >> city officials say coloform contamination is not the most concerning bacteria compared to e. coli. the cityes did for e. coli, but that came back negative. we'll have an orupdate you tomorrow at 10:00 in the morning. the d.c. mayor's office says most of the pools are goingen t tomorrow, following the water advisory, the only exceptions are turkey thicket playground and spray park in northeast, which will remain
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closed. we'll have more information on that for you on our nbc washington app. >> breaking news tonight. a big police scene in one part of prince george's county. a single car crash has left one isman dead. happened in the last couple hours, on martin luther kinr. highway, the driver left the road, hit the curb and flipped. maclaine avenue at mlk highway are shut down. we're going to bring you more information as it becomes available. alexandria police investigating its second homicide of the year, we now know the name of the victim murdered inside the business wheree worked. police say bradford jackson was killed friday morning. his body found inside a second floor office on window univ jackson was a marketing manager there. he t was 65 and lived del ray area in warwick village.
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a new jersey resident ised cha with his murder. police have not released a motive in the case. >> your storm team 4 forecast. i hope you enjoyed your saturday, it was absolutely lovely out there. rader warm, sho i say hot? the weather wasn't that bad. let's take a look at tonight. temperatures are going to be falling to 70 degrees, humiditys isg overnight. we are going to see it pretty muggy in the morning. now we're also looking at the threat for some isolated rain as we head through tomorrow. most of us are going to dry on sunday. but again, we could see some isolated showers, we chance of storms on tuesday. i'm going to have a look at that, and the timing on the rain in just a moment. >> thank you. marylandat 11:00, a high school hit by tragedy. now students are revealing their plans to fight gun violence. and one day after buying th $300,000 car, a local th $300,000 car, a local driver totaled the fancy new
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(birds chirping, a running brook,) th $300,000 car, a local driver totaled the fancy new ahh. the new deer park sparkling is made with real spring water. ♪ it's so refreshing and delicious, you don't need slo-mo models to sell it. real spring water, real fruit flavors and refreshing bubbles. just what's refreshingly real.
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d.c. mayor juster add her first ever veto. it has to do with the tity's grad rates. the seniors would have been allowed to have six weeks of absences and graduate. the d.c. council overwhelmingly the legislation in june. that's around the same time a graduationcandal broke in the district. new at 11:00, a rally for gun control being organized by some maryland high school students ins, annapo students at great mills high school are ol ping lead a gun con
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rally, following the death of 16-year-old jalen willie, willie was gunned down back in marat the st. mary's county school by a classmate. celine will also speak at the rally on july 21st. new at 11:00, talk about a pricy one driver bought a $300,000 car yesterday only to total it today in fairf county. we'll show you what's left of the mclauren 720 s. he was going too fast and slammed into a tree in great falls. the sport car can go from 0 to 60 in under three seconds. and can top speeds at 200 miles wr hour. the driveent to the hospital, but we are told they will survivea theh is on for missing boaters after a collision off virgin waters, strangers were able to rescue several people.
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an tonight we're following breaking news out of chicago at any moment. give us e expected to an update after oicers shot ff
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we're tracking breaking news out of chicago involving -- a deadly police shooting. we can show y live pictures where we are waiting for a police news conference thatous to start at any moment. protesters gathering at the scene withinth minutes of shooting this evening. tempers flaring as people clashed with police. what weo know s far is that an
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officer shot and killed a cen. poay as officers tried to question him. the man exhibited signs of an armed person. officers were hurt, and police say they recovered a weapon after the shoong. a dangerous day on the water for some boaters in virginia. good smartens managing to pull four people to safety, but twor otre still missing tonight. this is the scene on the james river near newport news. emergency officials pulling the boat out of the water. the coast gua says the boaters hit an oyster barth that was being pushed by a tugboat, the collision happened about 7:45 this morning. >> with midterm r electionsht around the corner. some lawmakers in maryland are ising the alarm. after learning a russian bill air has ties to the state's top labiakers. the told them yesterday that
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a russian billionaire bought a software company whichvi ps key services for maryland elections. despite assances from the f that there's been no criminal activity, the lawmakers say there is cause for concern. >> we felt it imperative that our constituents know a russian oligarch has purchased our election machinery. we need to be on top of it, and ensure our constituents that everything is on the up and up. >> lawmakers want to make sure the system has not been breached. turning to the weather now. beautiful nice warm day out there. >> rain chances forecast at some point. we need to know whether we can keep those away a little longer? >> i wouldn't cancel any plans. >> tomorrow for sure, don't
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cancel your sundaypl s, be ready for some isolated showers. maybe one or two. the bigger picture for tomorrow is the humidity. the humidity is going to be rising tomorrow. isolated showers sunday as said, that's possible we're also tracking storm chances for next week, that's the rain that's really going to be making an impact. current temperatures right now in the district. we're at 80 degrees, 77 at dulles airport. can you see we're dropping at some of our suburbs. tonight we're going to head to the upper 60s inside of the beltw beltway. we're waking up in the low 70s, very comfortable. yo may feel a little bit on the sticky side, by the afternoon, the humidity is going to peek, clou will be increasing through your sunday as well. you'll notice that change. as i said, clouds will be increasing tomorrow, but let's talk more about that humidity,s
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tomorrowoing to feel on the muggy side. as we move toward monday and tuesday, that's r when the humidity is going to rev up. were talking very sticky situation, that's also when our rain chances go good news,that system moves out, we head back to moree comfortaeather by wednesday, thursday and friday. it will be beautiful out there with plenty of sunshine. your future cast here notice the tom stamp, the clouds move lunchtime. by 6:00 p.m., notice where the showers are starting to set up, back along i-81 in parts near the mason dixon line there, we aree going to those isolated showers kind of fade out as we head toward the evleing. s keep an eye out for our friends in frederick county. make sure you download our app so you can check the radar wh me. >> it's not just sunday monday when we have a chance for showers. monday's chance will also beed isol tuesday, that's the day, we're expecting more scattered, possibly evenpread showers and storms throughout the
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region, something to really take note of. your storm team 4 10-day outlook 90s again in the 10-day. by the middle of the week, we'll head back down to the 80s,ess humid, and go on the ride again. saturday, another chance for showers and storms. r up and down the rol coaster. >> thank you. what a game for d.c. united. we're going to l go backe with (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪
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(sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) after all the anticipation, all the hype, the countless hours of work preparing for at'
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night t been 18 months in the making paid off tonight in southwest washington. d.c. united finally has a place to call its own. inaugural game at audi field. as a sidebar, we got to witness the debut o one of the biggest stars the sport has to offer. wayne rooney did not start tonight. they didn't need his touch early on, becau emile assad was getting it done. from a distance. emile will behe answer to the ivia question. in the 58th minute, fans getting what they want. what they came for. wayne rooney enter the game. a member of.c. united. good lk from ben olson. black and red pushing it, and it's paul areola scoring the second goal of the game, the first of two nn theht for
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him. 3-1 in rooney's debut. for more on that and the opener at valley field. can't imagine the atmosphere tonight. >> george, this place was electric. d.c. united christening their new home with that victory. the players and seemingly the fans took a little bit ofju ing, this certainly is their new home. yeah, it was a great atmosphere, i think. we have to exce the fans. we can't expect fans to commit and make noise. >> they got there, thenergy to get that building rocking.s but he was -- i think both the
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fans and our team for the most part wfr a little unnervy. this new building, maybe we never thought it was going to be built. and couldn't get our feet wet. it was a great night, i thought the second half was a lot of fun. >> that was head coach playing at rf stadium. hehinks the field is great. >> the most important thing, they got a win, that'she story. >> it's going to be a great showcase over the next few days in the city. this was all supposed to go hand in hand with the nationals team. that hasn't gone as planned. is weekend was a great opportunity to make up some ground in the n.l. east.
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>> austin making his major league deburying to make sure the nationals don't fall under 500. problem in the second, bases loaded. singles to right, to put the mep 1-0. in the 5th, michael doubles the ad right here, with a three-run home run to right, to make it 6-0. gives up 7 in his debut. mets go on to win it, 7-4 this afternoon. nd bryce harper and the nationals need a win tomorrow to go into the all-star break with a 500 record.ig not the best now. how about a littlelf celebry ournament at lake tahoe. he's wearing a beer guzzling helmet. still celebrating that cup.nley he gets a par on the 17th hole here, as j. oshie's having a blast.
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why not, you're a stanley cup champ, you're playing in a celebrity golf tournament. t.j. oshie's doing it. >> can we get one of those around here? >> thankou. let's get one final check -- ance of isolated showers tomorrow. don't cancel the plans. >> thank you, ma'am. thank you for joining us t. toni "saturday night live" is next. see you tomorrow.
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this is customizable streaming tv for your family... whatever size. it's saving money with flexible channel packs. live tv and the latest shows to stream. and all your streaming apps in one place -- even netflix. this is how xfinity makes life... simple. easy. awesome. introducing new packages with customizable streaming tv options. enjoy more choice and faster speeds-- giving you the ultimate value. click, call or visit a store today. ♪ >> good evening. yom anderson cooper, and i ever wondered what's whiter than st. patrick's day, you're looking at it. tonight, a white house making big moves. fbi deputy director m andrabe is out, fired late on friday, a day before he was
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able to receive his pension. here to explain is the man who had to do the firing, attorney general jeff sessions. >> hello! look at me -- i still got a job. [ laughing ] >> uh, sir -- sir, can you give us the exact reason mccabe was fired? >> well, yes, of course. mr. mccabe was in clear violation, um... because of his lack of candor, what -- i don't know. i can't even dance around -- trump made me do it. mccabe, he saw too much. you know? >> okay. so, this was not yr decision? >> look, i'm always down to for me.but this was sneaky even i'm just a simple man who wanted to make things bad forw immigrants, and re i am, taking away the pension of a christian white. it ain't right. >>ell, there are rumors th you might be the next to go. >> well, frankly, i can'tev bei've lasted this long.


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