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tv   News4 Today  NBC  July 15, 2018 6:00am-8:01am EDT

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. we are ready to kick off this sunday. we are ready, stay with us. bold
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test. test. test. test. test. test. fest.
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so listen to this, a zoo in
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new orleans will be back open today after a jaguar escaped. so the zoo was not open at the time this all happened. the jag welcome back killed some pal pa .lpacas and a fox. capitals players t.j.oskii. he was maying in a celebrity tournamentn lake tahoe and this was yesterday. i love that. >> i they also had a little tube and se straws.
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er. >> you just stay hydrated with the bureau too. >> water let's be honest. >> what's wrong with boxed wine? >> we were just talking with the -- >> you might need some water. you might need some beer, make sure you be hydrated with water. because tyt humid is creeping in, taking a live look at our capital camera out tre. and dpagain, we have somecl ds,
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as opposed to yesterday. wee had s full sunshine, throughoutcreasing the day today. isolated chances of showers and storms, we're going heat up through the end of tois week. it's to be a lot lotter than we have had for the last couple of days, 74 in washington, 67 in manassas, so asti you ce through you're day, the humidity kreeccreeps i clouds creep in. but isolated thunderstorms possible later in the afternoon, temperatures today topping out
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in the low 80s. no storms to talk about roilgt no right now. fr we are looking dry right now. still 10:00 a.m., sunshine to the south,e will see some showers and thunderstorms, some of these could bestrong, but i do believeoi they're to be isolated in nature. a few strong storms, afternoon and imevening, maybe a good to download that nbc washington look like we'll continue do see some showers and storms popping throughout the evening and into the afternoon.
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tuesday, is the all-star game, we have got a fhbl system sweeping through, that will sweep. away the heat and hae it's 6:26, reporters notebook will be back. >> if brett kavanagh is con fim firms as the next supreme court justice, ne justice. >> calve now is certainly the buzz.
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what does this mean for moment spokes? >> it shows just how gre the was. he was captainn the basketball team, the issue will be an it seems to be boiling down to will he reverse the v rwade decision on portion, and that's what i think opponents will focus on during his confirmation hearing. >> what do you think is more portant for people, hometown ride or hometown politics. >> iovered a story earlier this week, about the nfl players
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euro union. a lot of people are saying th is sort o hypocritical, pause they're saying players can't be political, who t went school with judge calkavanagh, using e team's social media platforms to say he would make a great supreme court justice. in some sense, coming back around to georgetown prep, there is a little bit of hypocrisy there. >> it must be a feather in t hometown's catch toave
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kavanagh even be considered? some 300 decisions on the court of appeal. >> speaking of elect thion slov involving the -- after a professional and - l.-rich got vote.y narrow chris gourd, many people expected this, idea when this might progress beyond the buzz >> there were 3,600 provisional ballots, that didn't register to
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vote. they h to fill out provisiol ballots. david blair and his lawyers are challenging, tryinget to below that 880 number by derfling, they'rerial to -- he tells me he willdeseed asly es monday. >> we have got nancy flouree. >> whoht bro up term limits and so a lot of councilmembers are out ernment service,
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nancyflooree next -- l. rich is known as a progressive. so you've got eldridge. >> i thinkyt's rea interesting that as democratic as mtgomery county, l. rich is seen as very far left. i think youaw with that recent nonpartisan group survey that show montgomery county lagging over the last 15 years.
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i thin 's a concern in montgomeryco unty as the -- the kind of chairman they need if they're going to generate more business. moving across theo border washington. will d.c. do an about face on the minute muj wage. the new law requires businesses to phase in a 15our raise. tstaurant groups and some servers and mayor rejchted s lawrence. do you think we could see another fight or does it lookke upporters might be willing to throw in the towel and compromise? >> i don't know, they discussed this at the lastmeeting, but there was a break for the summer recess. but it seems likely that you've got a majity of the counstcil
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and the mayor ready to overturn this. that's always a dey proposition, that you're going directly with something that was put with the voters, the voters have spoken and then you come back and sano we think we know better than you. >> i think everybody thought that there is confion,et's not say anybody of any type. there was some confession, i went into restaurants and people told me, i make a living on tips, and people thought they were voting to increase waiters staff to $15 and hour. $3nd change. they don't necessarily realize that this is two parts, yes it raises the minimum to $15 an hour and gives yours t the
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restaurant who may or may not distribute it. >> i y think also see the economic divide was well, their tips they are going to make a lot more than $15 an.ho whereas i think the lower income folks, or folks working in some of the areas where the tips are t all that generous, they would benefit great lly by havi a higher minute muj wage. >> we will continue right after this.
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what's get hind the uproar over tacoma? juncti >> i think it boils down to an issue thatav we seen play out. you have sesh areas that would li to remain as they are. they areer gionally opposes to the big development that we see sprouting up in other areait really points to the differences when you look at your area how development is very, very cal, and certain communies are craving development, they go out of their way do embrace en developmt.
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>> chris, gord there has not been a lot of development in that area for some time. it sounds like developers don't want any. >> it's considered by some to bt qund quirky. that is a for profi business, but that uses that parking lot fordeliveries, trucks and deliveries. under ground parking and then they will put -- tacoma park city council has already at time improved various elements of this plan, this week, some members of the community apposing it, built a huge plaque
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card of a truck, they don't have gridlock, 12 people to hold the po holes to hold this struck up. . . >> what do they want to do with that land? >> they field that it's an imorrtant place gatherings, when they have theirpa de, that when they stand there, it's necessary for the co-op parking. the city counsel and the city matter spoke to me, basically said we haven'tad velopment, this is a good opportunity, walkable space, retail shoppin where you can get ice cream and it h 6 places for underground parking. we covered a story earlier this week about starbucks and straws, the d.c. could go to way
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of starbucks, environmentalists say that americans pass about a million straws a day and they unrstood up in our oceans. i think i could. i think starbucks is fairly committed to going forward with is. i think that the so -called papr straws will likely be a better quality three, four, five years from now. >> will it help to clean up thed river,you think? >> nobody has showed us the mass, i have seene and have seen pictures on youtube, where a straw, plastic strawn it's
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known. and it's an i grew up on paper straws. but the other thing that we're noting is that a lot of people don't recle and those who do will have two cob tantainers. >> the council is going to hold a hearing on this, and if approved, the plastic draw n would tak effect in 2019. washington is very excited and bracing for a flood of baseball fans. as the city hosts the first all-star game in the c. area, the all-star break game is a big deal in any city that gets it.
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>> first of all, we have players here, including grace harper who an tis patesed in the home run duty. this was a town without a baseball team for approximate 3 years. it had a rich tradition going back to the 50s and 60s, so bring baseball back, it completes the cycle of the s nationaldium and the all-star. to think the only caveat that would be all involved would have hoped that the development around the stadi would be a little further along. you've got that big unsightly construction going igon, as you walk down the street,in le up to the main entrance of the stadium. that will be done next year, as people walked up to the stadium, especially since the all-star
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game is not a nashville ga-- >> chris lawrence and pat lawson, that's it for today, news4 continues. hoello, everyone. it looks like it's going to be a beautiful day ahead. >> two great starts in a row, if you take a live look outside, we're looking at a nice, clear start and a little bit of a breeze out there, sunrise,
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very, ver pubeautiful this morning over union station. and lauren rickettstasing by with all the news, you talked president the rising humidity, the tk about showers coming our way. >> we still have a chance for showers,o showers out there right now, but as you see a betiful sun rise, just about fi five minutes to 6:00. but still, looking good out there throughout the day, the midity will rise, we do have that breeze that angie was talking about, and winds are going to be anywhere in 5 t 15 miles an hour. we'll take those temps up today, into theow 90s, going to feelmi closer to thto upper 90s, due to increasing humidity out there. we're going talking more about
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that timing it out for you coming up in about 35 minutes. we are following breaking news in northern virginia where two people died in a crash in reston, virginia, this is near walnut branch, two other people haveeen taken to the hospital. it's shutdown, it's still not clear when all of that wl reopen, but we will see on too much of it and keep you posted for you drivers out there. >>6:34, the major league baseball game duds not happen until tuesday night. >> the fan fest opens at 9:00 this morning at the convention center, and i can tell you it was a good time, i was there on friday, so much to do, play ballpark opens near the spex
6:35 am
n street and first street. it's free this aftnoon at nats park. you can see the best of the minor leagu at 4:00, and right after that, is the legends and community soccer game. tomorrow home run derby, andll fi all-star game is set for tuesday night. at wtmpn't w -- our partners aced her head. >> there were reports of at least one railingut falling b in that instance, no one was hurt. besides those incidents, it was a special night of urse for o'clocker fans, they packed the multimillion dollar stadium in
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d.c.. >> d.c. united is under feeted in their new stadium. in their first team in audi field, d.c.nited fans had somethin to cheerabout, nning 3-1, setting the tone for days to come. >> of course it's the first me,t's going to be a big atmosphere, and we have to create t atmosphere on the pi tch. we can't expect fans to come and make noise. so it's our job to excite them.
6:37 am
>> the inside got thereewit took a f goals to get the energy rocking, and i think both the fans and our team for the most part, we're a little nervy, but it was a great night andhe second half was a lot of fun. >> reporter: nt challenge f the fans will be to keep up the energy when the team returns home in a week and a half. >> on the road this more, three roads from closed for servicing. it's similar to the work performed about a week ago over kensington park way. allright, given a live look joust, it's expected is to be a beautiful day, just a little
6:38 am
hot, your time now is 6:37.we l have your full forecast coming up, stay with us. coming up on news4 today. we're live at 4:00 a.m. at the big game site, nascar. we have a story about a camp full ofol high schoers who want to be future firefighters. coming up on news4 today.
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i'll keep looking. and a bank that helps you take care of business from anywhere. you know, we could use more guys like jim around here. bb&t. all we see is you. >> we just saw the president jong-un.h kim juong-un
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>> it was raised expectations and truly underdelivering. >> now the question is what can we expect with putin? >> i think a bunch of people in washington say nothing. meaning amount of happy thlk. fear is that the presidents relaxes attitude about crime me crimea. russia wants america to pull its troops out. so that's the concern. >> there an argument to be madh d cancel the summit, or at least posone it. this is a summit that pugh turn wanted. of the -- there's that
6:43 am
to be made, if the president is oring to go through this, he should about just one thing, and making that the only thing the discuss in order to -- in order to ever deal with the issue issues. >> you're talking about the justice department -- do you know in fact think this is -- h says that he's going to ask him about it. >> he was asked, he did a preview interview. i'm going to speak to ourss amor, there's two parts of this summit. we don't knoweo how manye in the room, maybe sointerpreters.
6:44 am
>> i mean, he's being urged to have somebody else in that room. >> he is become uring urged to somebody in th room. >> i hav a feeling it will b an issue that is brought up more than other people in the room. chuck hatodd, you very much, a lot to discuss, and of ourse a remipreminder that youn see "meet the press" reekt after noon today. . wee always touched by the lengths parents will go to for their children. a mother wrote in about her son. >> connor is 16 years old.
6:45 am
he always knows the freedom we all enjoy comes at a price. so he came up with a really cute idea to show veterans just how great they a by places a penny on their tombstones. >> a penny doesn't seem like much but wn it comes to a service member who has died in a war, that one penny means someone remembers their sacrifice. i had a chance to meet connor at the world war ii national pal. he u told how he came up with the penny idea. he was just 14 years old an took ap t to the arlington national ceremony with his mom. n iiced that there were pennies on some and nickels on
6:46 am
others and dimes on others. my does minute, he serves in the military, and i have a really good friend who serves in the army. >> connor came up with 5,000 pennies to lay on the tomb stoebs. >> this year with help of the community, connor was able to collect 5,000 pennies ps $1,000 to donate to the national parks service. connor's mothe says that connor has always found a way to thank service members "he knows wha it means to be an american. >> connowas born in russia, and he was just two years old
6:47 am
when he was adopted. >> i know i'm russian, i but i feel like i'm 100% american pause io have been here long and i just got, like, used to it. >> reporter: let me tell you something, he is 100% therican. is the 100% american story. everyone is he from someplace se. >> love that story. ead no matter where you come from, you can something from that 16-year-old saying thank you can be as simple as donating a penny con check out our washington, d.c. itp, just search harris's
6:48 am
heroes. just a simple act. saying thank you to a veteran, it means so much. >> hi, lauren. hi, gud. >> we have been commenting on how the weather is lately. from what i can gather, we only have one day. >> we have isolated storm chances this afternoon, we will have answers today tomorrow and of course tuesd is thest al game. tuesday looks like our best chance of storms. and that's because we have a frontal system coming through. we have isolatednc c as we go through the day today, we have storms out there, with better chances as we head into tuesday. 74 right now in washington at this point, and it's 60s outde
6:49 am
th belt way. 67 in fnorton, 67 in at thens, 9:00 a.m. we're already going to be at gr0 s. temperatures today made it to 91. i think today will make it into the low 90, 92, 93. p by the time we head into the evening, we're going have isolated storms that can pack a little bit of a punch, again temperatures right around 92 degrees. looking at the radar, not a lot ppening, looking to the north, we're going to see isolatedan s of showers and storms later on this afternoon. here's timing it out for you.
6:50 am
maybe by 10:30, some of those showers could make their way into maryland from pennsylvania v . but again, some showers could dry out for the middle part of the day. i think this is a little overdone, but again, that's isolated chance will baroun aro. just keep an eye on the sky if you're headed out later on this afternn, the chance will die with the loss of daytime heat ig later on tonight. make sir y dprab that umbrella, also have those sun as s, fog in the morning, already in the mid 70s, temperatures tomorrow are going to be in the mid 90s. it's goingut to be a 103
6:51 am
tomorrow because of that humidity out there. tomorrow going to be a hot day, afternoon storms possible witness again, here's a look at your ten-day forecast, temperatures low 90s, once again it will feelhe like lower0s on tuesday, we calm down for wednesday, w have plenty of surge on wednesday, even on thursday, humidity starts to creep back in as we head through our we have got more news on theer side of this, stick around. when streaming... gaming... and watching turns into waiting... you know you need fios. the 100% fiber optic network so you get more speed for more devices at once.
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a wrooir igsz
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. obviously the fan fest, but what's what's so annoying. goingnto the workweek, the possibility of it being stormy on game day, hu hurricanes? >> the only reason we need to afternoon up the -- i do believe that we'll have a chance for thunderstorms. today looks for isolated. but we're not seeing any storms out there now, mperatures already on the warm side, 74 tegs, we'll take the temperatures into t 80s by 8:00, by noon, already to 89 degrees, it's going to build for today, an isolated chance of showers,oiomorrow we're to
7:02 am
have a 30% chance of storms, we're looking at a possibility 60, to 70 chance of chain, we drop thathumidity, we tropic those temperatures looking fantastic. we'll take a look at duty, that's coming up in about 15 minutes. there was a cash at fairfax mark way. the forecast fax park way at
7:03 am
bare ron avenue, we will devil keep youposted. the all-star game does not happen until tuesday. bu the fans are under way in southwest washington. d it's at the conference center, a great time to be had by all there, at sock, play ballpark opens. you can see the best of the all-star game. the big game, the all-star game game is tuesday night. and we know that feting around for the festfestivities.
7:04 am
that's not going to be sy. >> that reds means -- van streestree street, southbound traffic only first street and potom halve. talking about other -- around the convention center, parking restrictions, between m vernon and nonstreet. a lot of what y t're fog want is ---all-star game game weekend, we're talking about no tracrecord. it and extended service on the friend li, an hour of service on the dpreen line monday and
7:05 am
tuesday. workers from the local 687 has been in heated -- last thursday, busrivers purposely showed up lates a former process. woers who are late will be suspended or fired. workers a workers. essentiall it would be a price, even though it's america's largest union tost ke. they are calling it a strike vote. this morning a cyber eporter is recovering after a metal railing hit her at pugh there were reports of one othe
7:06 am
aisle in railing was aed too but but one husband hurt. >> too hope the audi stadium, and the world class -- kid friendly, it doesn't get better than this. >> dcb the vancouver. and this morning's tarrant county's water boil o. neighborhoods east of the metro twrak services the totten station.
7:07 am
the dated water warning is affected about 10,000 water mai breaks. boi water drooped the water advisory after tests inca those area back negative. >> so i took bottled water to brush my teeth. my nei called me and said you have a water. i walked to my bathroom and i said i have a trickal. >> city officias will have a new dap update 7:00 today. is playgrou
7:08 am
is -- the play grouped will be okay. a russian billionaire has ties to the state's election ft ware. a russian businessman purchased the voting machines. t knowofficials did president it. the fbi says there's been no criminal actiies. >> we felt it imp ative that a -- purchased ourleion machinery. we need to be on top of it ands
7:09 am
sich wents. it does not look like russia is planning to meddle in the 2018 election. she also urged a local election official should reachor out help if they need it. and a bill -- first ever "t the bill would under mine efforts too -- passed the legislatation last month. mayor's-more than 15 years ago, a man this team met onlun di
7:10 am
kidnapped here. she's working to make sure that doesn't happen to anyone else. she sits down with our i team and tell us how she's working for change.
7:11 am
7:12 am
the news 4 i time intro -- enough out hidden electronic documents. now you're going to hear from a survivor about why it's so important to find those images and track these predators down. >> whahappened 16 years ago, changed the course of elisa's life.
7:13 am
on new year's day a marine who thought was a poi she met online, taking her from a husband in wacture. sh 13 years old. >> there it was, my hands above my head, pleading, bruised, crying. >> it's haunting to say the least. vowers ter: one of the of those images recognized her image from a poster and called police. >> i don't have any word for it under the nation? one of the first cases that technology can bring child sex images across the globe. >> it can't be pulled back, there's nothing they can do to
7:14 am
stop it. using public records request a past rising cases in d.c. and maryland. and rising pressure on authorities to do something to st criminal. >> last year we received over 10.2 million of child sexual exploit chrn. >> the national center of missing and exploited childrene has m a data pace of 14,100 children t help police. new law requires social media k netw and sper net pinternet -- funding for police to help them combat child predators.
7:15 am
maryland's law has passed in 2008 and 11 states he phone the same. >> 11 states is not enough. we're trying to get it help acted everywhere. >> specially trained to -- >> when y into into the house and they takes, all these thi people hide s.d. cards, places in the ceiling and places you could never finds. alicia says police need more money for a many as tools as possible the -- haunts the survivors, even after they grow wh. >> 's its like having that worry? >> it horrifying to know that your image can be shared over and over and over dpen. >> is alicia's kids napper scott
7:16 am
tyree has spent time in prison. he's scheduled to rease from a prison? buckner, north carolina. taking a live outside, a little bit o a breeze, it's 74 tegsz, when can we expect a real cooldown?
7:17 am
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well, as some local laakers get their way, all restaurants and coffee shops in their district will have to say goodbye to plaz sick straws. >> and why not eryone thinks rat those plastic straws are bad. orter: they come in all sizes and colors, single use deposable plastic straws. straws most of them a plastic,nd most of them used only once then thrown away.g accordin environmental groups, americans throw away more than a million plastic straws every day. o many them end up in our rivers, bays and oceans and choking t wildlife.
7:20 am
>> this video shows a plastic straw being recovered from its nose. large companies voluntarily kicking the plastic draw habit. >> you can bring your own straw. there could be a whole new market where you sell metal straws and have it in aka pac and you can carry it with you. >> as for other alternatives for restaurants and mars, paperer straws that can be recycl and even biodegradable plastic straws -- they started to use metal straws. >> it actually a bit of a wow ctor pause a lot of people tonight see it. theyl tap it. they'll see it and they're use it like any other straw. >> you can use a straw made out
7:21 am
of kellyancandy. >> if the new law is approved, it can go into effect in .20 >> hospitals and nursing homes, d.c.k councilmember j evans tells news4, that when this legislation comes up for depate, he will add an amendment to help rvivors who depend on plastic straws for their patients. i mean after seeing the image of the turtle can the straw on its nose. i don't think i reaze there's straw on its notice. >> this isy straw, it's made of pasta. i news vstraws all the timeause it's really difficult for me to
7:22 am
drink. >> a lot of places, like when you go down to sea word, you can get a paper straw. >> this has all happened in the last two weeks. >> always protecting te environmnd it's a beautiful day out there to maybe eatts e, look at that transition, it's going to be a gorgeous y, however a little on the humid side out there. you can see the cloud cov out there right now. we will continue to have peeks of sunshine throughout the day right now.0s, with diincreased hu. as we go through the next hour, we'll have some thunderstorms out ther but shoursz and thunderstorms possible. 92 degrees is going to be our temperature today, pickup
7:23 am
feeling closer to 100 degrees with that humidity. nothing o happeningthe that radar right now, but head to the nort we have got some showers and thunderstorms, we're going to have to watch this, because i believe some of that could creep in just through the mason-dixon lun. so again, that's going to bein some i'm tracking. nothing happening at 7:00 a.m., of urse, we're not seeing anything out there right now, as we get into the afternoon. a few isolated thunderstorms are possiblean we'll keep that around. temperatures are going to be in the mid 90s tomorrow, but feeling like # 03 as we go through the day tomorrow. again, feeling like the mid 90s
7:24 am
today. lower humidity tomorrow and also ontu day. the best chance of storms will be on tuesday as well. we got about a 60% chance of seeing some showers and stomps or thunrms on tuesday, you'll feel it by this weekend, showers and thunderstorms next weekend. more news right after this.
7:25 am
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president is spending is weekend at his turnberry golf today. mean while the world is watching as the president prepares to meet with putin, "meet the press" host m chuck todd wit this -- now to chicago where protesters clash with policemo nts after a deadly ngshooti investigators say earlier that day, police shot and killed a man w they say had a weapon on him. icago police officers sa protesters threw bottles and jumped on top of squad cars. some officer had minor
7:28 am
injuries. 74's degrees outside, but going to feel like the mid 90s onhis sunday, lauren ricketts is going to look at the best chance of storms, that's coming up.
7:29 am
7:30 am
> hi, good sunday mornings, everyone. >> i'm megan fitzgerald. i think we're going to have a great day aahead.
7:31 am
little humid. it's still sunday, the weekend. >> it is, and w have a great week, something to look forward to, i t ink everybody feeling in the winning spirit. >> in d.c. united won yesterday, we have got the all-star game on tuesday, so all of our focus is now on ittuesda. looks like we could have some storms on thursday unfortunately. we'll look at the timing coming up in a few minutes, a little bit of a breeze in the r, we do have some clouds around d.c., expect a mix of sun and clouds, a lot more cloud cover than we did yesterday. temperatures are going to warm as ight around 80 degrees head through the 9:00 hours, we will have that heat index close to the upper 90s this afternoon.
7:32 am
an isolated chance of some showers and storms today and tomorrow, we'll really be heatiheat ing things up for your monday and tuesday. we'll take a look at the timing of anyf those storms, that's coming up as i said in about 15 minutes. the major league w all-star gal begin tomorrow. >> there is plenty of sun to there for people of all ages. this afternoon you can see the best of the minor leagues, right after that i legends and celebrities softball game. the home run derby sit for tomorrow night. and finally the all-star game
7:33 am
kicks off at 11:00. >> our port nevers at wto reports that she also fell on part of her shoulder. >> there were reports of some her railings falling. aside from all that and those incidents, it was a special night for soccerfans, they packed the audi field in washington, d.c. >> the only thing that could make opening night matter is a win. d.c. united was able to do that. a new stadiumouldn't be enough to get everybody ler: d.c. united is undefeetedn their new stadium, and all-star wayne -- in their first game in all-starfield,
7:34 am
settinghe phone in dayso t come. >> of course it's the first game, it's going to be a good, atmospheret the end of the day, we he to get the atmosphere on the pick. we kind of expect the fans to make no te. y got there, the energy got there, it took a couple goals toet that building rocking, but, you know, it was -- i thi both the fans and the -- even our team for the most part, we're a little nervy, and this new ilding, we just never thought it would be built, and couldn't get our feet wet. we thought the second half was a t of fun. >> reporter: the next task f--
7:35 am
on the roads this morning, three lanes are closed for road work. 's similar to the work performed about a few weeks ago, over kensington park way, crews plan to finish sometime later on this morning. we have new information on h crn lake georges county, officers say the driver left the roadway, hit the curb and then flipped. it happened around 9:00 last night near glenardne park way and milk highway. they're still trying to figure out exact h t what causet crash. >> talk about a pricey crash,
7:36 am
get this, one person bought a car on saturday, he totaled it on sunday. >> car lovers, you're cringing. police say t driver was going too fast, slammed into a tree and it happened in great falls.p thts car can go from 0 to 60 in six seconds, the drive wept to the hospital an is expected to be okay. a big donation now will go a long way to help local youth baseball teams and it's all part of the all-star festives in the the nationals all-star field in prince george's county, major league baseball and national -- a scoreboard, nd equipment for the players.
7:37 am
>> well, it waa routine play at turned into a life changing injury, almost three years aftea georgetown football player was paralyzed on the field, he's making great strides to move on and finish school. his inspiring storys straight ahead on news4 today. is all about summer baseball. on tuesday, we're live starting at 4:00 a.m. at the big game site, nascar, and then we'll round out the we, a great story for a great camp. all that and more coming up next toek on newsy. right?
7:38 am
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a> this is fight and grit, it's something thelete has always had. now on a different playing field. >> i want to say it washe fift s orth play of the game. >> it was the sixth season opener, the linebacker put his head down t make a tackle and -- >> reporter: physical therapy is for now his new normal, his new
7:41 am
sport, working several hou a week with katie stewart, he's making incredible strides. it. >> i've got a lot of upper body streteth. >> repor it's who he is, a young man wh insurmountable ction ofation, a ref his will to keep going. >> i don't want the chair to decide what i want to do. i want to decide what i want to do. >> reporter: tha star sho brightly at his school graduation in may. and the 23-year-old has his eyes set on even greater. he believes the sky is the limit, andth this is jus gyppingyp igyp -- beginning. >> it's getting there, it's getting there. >> when you think you can't do something, or you don't want to
7:42 am
do somethin you think of people like him. >> and it just really shows how having a positive mind set. >> he just finished up a few courses.duate >> he doesn't know what he's going to do, but as you heard tfrom nick c jacobs, he's going to decide whahe does, not his wheelchair. it's warming up, fos, it sounds like humidity is creeping back into our forecast, and mobile some showers toward the middle of the week. lauren ricketts is back with our forecast.
7:43 am
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add lightning deals to your cart before they go live they're calledline deals for a reason. ey gofast. once the deal is live, check out with one click. >> you can also shop local deals. ll right, so i just had a thought. i know it's tillsummer, so don't get mad. but it could be a good idea to start your christmas shopping, and then just staff sh i away. then you don't have to deal with
7:47 am
the clouds and then you have a ft for this person and that person. all that formation online from susan, on we're going to our weather. >> you know, looking at the weather today, not that bad, but not quite as gd a yesterday, yesterday, we had that low humidity, tod that humidity builds, temperatures are already increasing right now, we're in the low to mid 70s, some areas in the mid 60s. if you're eating outside, the temperature is going to be muggy out there. some areas getting some sunshine, i think we'llave pops o sun today, but a lot move clouds, and a chance for isolated thunderstorms throughout the evening.
7:48 am
temperat tes today will out right at 92 degrees, with that's isolated chance of afternoon storms. if you' headed to the farm market, today it will be humid. if you want to wash that wecar, e going to have chance for storms today, tomorrow and then the best chance on wednesday. outdoor dining is going to be hot and muggy, and if you're headed out for rain work--popping out this radar, we still have this little piece of energy, now some of these storms could float just in the south of the mason-dixon line, so that's something i'll monitoring into the early portion of the morning, most of this activity coming later on. and a lot of this will start to
7:49 am
the south it sinks to and east. we could see a few showers in northern maryland as we go through the middle part of the morning. we are looking at dry conditions with dry conditions o there. later on throughout the afternoon,30 you can see this afternoon, those showers and thunderstorms possible. just an isolated chance, about a 30%nc cto see some showers and thunderstorms popping up around the region, and the esday and wednesday look like a chance for thunderstorms. the temperature is going to be in the uer 90s, but it's going to feel like100. we're going to have some fog tomorrow morning, teperatures going to be in the mid 70s, we warm into the lower to mids. 70 already by noon, it's going to
7:50 am
feel like 96. a 30% chance of showers and thunderstorms popping up in the afternoon. today feeling out 96, tomorrow eling 103. tuesday we will have a little bit more cloud cover. temperatures will be in the low 90s on tuesday, with that heat dex just about 101. here's a look at tuesda ls future casks like we could see some showers and thunderstorms, and i think the best chance wiluebe onay because we have got a frontal system coming through the area, as we go through the morning, rain chances are increasing, we could have some thunderstorms as early as about 10:00, 11:00. and some rain chances as we head through the all-star game. that something we'reeally going to have to monitor, because of the heat and humidity, we could have some strong to severe storms. behind the front o wednesday,
7:51 am
we're drying out and cooling down, temperatures are going to be 80s with low humidity humidity starts to creep back in as we head for friday, and we will have some rain chances as we get into saturday and sunday, temperatures are going to be in the upper 80s with humid conditions.
7:52 am
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