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tv   News4 Today  NBC  July 15, 2018 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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washington. >> so much going on, that fan fest, well it already opened at 9:00. >> i was there on friday, i canu tell you so to do, a lot of ofn for people all ages, here's the run down for today. at 10:00, play ball opens at the next of m street and first street. and that's free.
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then this afternoon you can see the best of the minors and then the celebrity game, and the home run derby kicks off tomorrow night and then finally the all-star game is tuesday night. getting around the district for all the all-star game festivities, that's not going to be easy a look here on the map, that means it is shut down util wednesday. van street, half street, first street inhe sot, closed as well. traffic only on first street and southeast, and potomac avenue, only westbound traffic. l street iswe closed be 7th and 9 street, 7th and 9th street west toward mt. vernon. a lotf things happening. what you're going to want to do is take metro. it's going to be too tough to
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drive down. extended service on the green lir line, an hoof extra service from the navy yard beyond and tuesday night. > a vote today by the large e ers -- or for anything else for that matter. >> local 689 has been heated ne contract otiations with metro. last thursday, bus drivers showed up to0 minutes late as part of a protest. then metro said workers that ar late wilbe suspended or fired. then the union fired back saying that if any member is fired or suspended, thin all 9,000 members willstrike. it's unclear what will happen in this voting today, but workers are calling it a strike to vote.
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new this morning out of ryland, four people were shot in forth foote road. all four people are expected ty be ok so far no arrests have been made and investigators havo say what may have led to the shooting. this morning a sideline reporter is recovering after a meta railing hit here at d.c. new stadi in left field. that railing fellnd scraped hed head then fell on her shoulder. it was a special night for soccer fans, many were excited to see d.c. united's player wayne rooney. >> you can see how it's a world class state of the art facility in the nation capital, very kid friendly, i mean it doesn't get
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better than this. >> d.c. beat the vancouver white caps. their next game is at home against the new york red bulls. with midterm elections right around the corner, some maryland voers have some serious concerns avenue learning that a russian oligarch owned the soft wish company tha the machine. that purchasee happin 2015, state officials didn't know about it. the fbi say there has been no criminal activity, even still lawmakers say there's reason for concern here. >> we felt ite itive that our constituents know that a russianligarch has purchased our election machinery, and weo need be on top of it and assu assure our constituents that everything is on the up andp. u
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the trump administration says it doesn't look like russia is planning todd m in the ho security kirsten yell son t madet comment yesterday. she said there's no sign that russia's targeting the midterms on the scale tat was seen in the 2016 presidential election. d .'s graduation rates will not move ahead. marias bowser issued her first ever vetoed a bill that would allow people to have six weeks of absence. mayorr'bow veto comes as the administration tries to tackle th recent graduation scandal.
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we're just about 24 hours away in other historic meeting with president trump and another world leader. traight ahead on news4 today.
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tomorrow president tru will head to helsinki to meet with vladimir putin. meanwhile the worlds watching as the presiden prepares to meet with putin. chuck todd will meet withus in a few minutes and he'll tell us what's expected to come out of that meeting. owprotesters clash with
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police officers whoe trying to keep peace at aocal meeting. earlier today police shot and killed a man who they say had a weapon on him. the chicago police officials say proresters t bottles and threw trash at squad cards. ancient mystery uncovered in archaeos have uncovered an ancient burial shaft, the shaft is about eht feet deep and has several artifacts. they want to know what kind of oils were used to t preserve bodies thousands of years ago. a jagua escaped from it's enclosure a attacked other
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animals. the zoo was not opened when all happened. the jaguar killed some an emu and a fox. it's unclear how he got outhe i erirst place, zoo leaders say they have n experienced anything like this. theu zoo opened over a ce ago. from the zoo to a party anim animal. t.j.oshie has good reason. >> remember those hats with the beer on the side with the straws, that's what he's wearing. he thinks the putt for the par on the 17th green, he's playing in a celebri tournament in lake tahoe yesterday, and like he said, the partyever stops. >> you know what? you get pass, you can party as long as you want. good for you. 10:12. if you're planning on hitting
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the links today, it's d a ni for it, but there could be some isolated showers, lauren will help us pinpoint wher you are. and also chuck todd will be here to talk a little politi.. stay with welcome guys! hi! you are gonna love the neighborhood!
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welcome back, we're just about 24 hours awa fro president trump's sit down meeting with president putin.
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chuck todd is here to tell us what w can expec this is not the first time president trump has met with ut , what can we expect from meeting? >> john huntsman will be in the room for half the summit. he actually was very careful, he said don't call it a 1usummit, because they're trying to downplay that. he said there's no preset agenda, it's just time for a detailed conversation., okaynd i tink that's -- what cheuldn't confirm was weather the russian meddling and what happened, he couldn't say that, he didn't say definitively if putin would look the other way in crimea, he ddn't see definitively what would happen in syria. d in the kim jong-un summit,
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nobody knew what he was going to offer canceling military operations with south korea. sogo nobody knows what'sg to happen until it happens. >> the president has been tweeting this morning and he's been critical of thebaa administration, and he's going to ask to expedite getting these individuals. individuals. >> the first time he was askex@k
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this sunday, those ruia hacking indictmentsry >> 12 militafficers by named for conspiring to interferewith the 2016 presidential election. >> president trump says he remains nvunced. >> i call it the rigged witch-hunt and it really hurts our relationship with russia. >> and still looks forward to meeting tomorrow with vladimir puti >> i think that we will have a chance to have a very good relationship with russia. >> the question -- is this the right time to hold a summit with putin? my guest this morning, the u.s. ambassador to russia, jon huntsman. warner ic senator mark of virginia and republicanse nator dan sullivan of alaska. plus, confronting allies. president trump


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