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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  July 15, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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developing right now at 6:00 atny moment we may lrrn whet metro workers will approve a strike as thousands pour into d.c. for all-star break. the water is finally safe to drink throughout the district. breaking tonigh chicago
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police release video of a deadly officer-involved shooting that has sparked olent protests. good evening, i'm erika gonzalez. just hrors away president trump's high-stakes meeting with russian leader vladimir putin. mr. trump and the first lady arriving in finland today. nbc's jay gray joins us live in helsinki with a previe of the sitdown between the two erle jay? >> reporter: hey there, yeah, you're absolutely right. the president and first lady in he tonight. vladimir putin arrives tomorrow. they will meet in the palace just behind us the presidential palace, with the world watching and waiting to see what comes next. president trump on e ground in helsinki now ahead of his meeting with russian presideut vladimir and telling cbs news -- >> i don't expect anything. i frankly don't eect -- i go in with very low expectations. >> reporter: as expected, presters gathering in
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finland's capital ahead of the summit. >> i'm still worried about then situatio in the world and i would like to have better human rights for everyone. reporter: the meeting comes three days after 12 russian petelligence agents were indicted byal counsel robert mueller on charges including hacking, aggravated identity theft and money laundering as part of an effort to disrupt the 2016 u.s. presidential election. the president asked by cbs news if he planned to push his russian counterpart to extradite the accused agents to face charges in the u.s. >> i hadn't thought of that but certainly i'll be asking about it. again, this is duringhe obama administration. >> reporter: analysts say the ongoing election threat should be the president's main priority here. >> the president has to take steps to protect the united states as it carries out its most important du function of democracy. >> reporter: others, though, worry about the format of the meeting. >> you don't even have a note taker accompanying trump andti we only have translators. and so it comes down to a
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question of who said what. >> reporter: complicated, controversial, and now just hours away. >> hey, jay, can you hear me out there? let me ask you aio quick que before we let you go. was there any thought of cancelling the summit when the indictment came out friday?in i we may have lost jay gray. okay, he is in helsinki for us tonigh nbc's lester holt anchors nightly news live from helsinki. he'll have much more on the broadcast. this so we switch gears now, developing tonight, metro's largest union voting on whether to authorize ari . the move coming two days before the all-starame andhe huge crowds that come with it. as derrick ward shows us from prince george's county,be memrs
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of the transit agency are locked lk contentious contract tas. >> reporteas a mve and spirited turnout at the amalgamated trans union headquarters today. local 689 members which includea metro, tra bus operators and others gathered to vote on whether or not to strike. at issue, the gm and the unio >> the poor treatment of our employees, of his employees, just downright bullying. we're tired of it. ng >> reporter: ahe latest issues, the treatment of custodians and their ability to choose their work locations based on seniority. union members say previous agreements. other issues at hand include the use of outside contractors. >> we're not going to let you bully us. you've got hard-working people that run this system. his goal is to contract every piece of work he can. >> reporter: last wk bus operators staged a sick out or action. work this prompted the general manager to pledge that such unauthorized action could get
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workersd.suspen >> individual work actions are not acceptable. >> reporter: this is about vote to authorize a strike. it doesn't necessarily mean there will be a strike. but whatever the outcome, this rnout sends a message. >> if they want things to run smooth, then you come to the table and bargain with us. >> reporter: this week the all-star game comes to d.c. large crowds are expected and they're being encouraged to take public transportation. pley aren't saying whether any strike is ned. >> a metro spokesperson tells news4 they have no immediateen co but metro management will likely respond tomorrow. we'll let you know what happens with that vote. quite a different day as opposed to yesterday, right? the humidity is upe andd a severe thunderstorm warning in our area. expired. since but let's check out that storm right now. now, it's still packing a bit of a punch with all this lightning and heavy rain. you tn seet with the
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oranges and theds the storm that was severe no longer is. oing to push to the southeast and impact areas like marshall, along 17 and pretty soon here. then you goarther north and back towards areas like millwood, that storm is going to be movingnto loudoun county. so again, the severe threat dwindling now. we're just looking at heavy showers. i'll have more on your forecast and a look at your all-star uforecast coming in just a moment. next at 6:00, a disgusting sit at a maryland bakery. a rat. wait until you see how bigghis thin was. thin was. what the owner had to do to pass
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breaking news. police just releasedody camera footage of a deadly officer-involved shooting. this happened last night in chicago. i want to wars you, thi video could be upsetting. eein it you a group of officers approach 37-year-old harris augustus when one of them reaches for his wrist, augustus pulls away and runs. the v has been slowed down here, there's no aio on it. officers shotaugustus multiple times and say they recovered his gun at the scene. the o shooting set hours of protests in chicago last night. the incident under investigation. the water in d.c. isow safe for everybody to drink.
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d.c. water lifting the boil water advisory today for all of its customers, but the utility recommends tha if you were in the affected area, run your cold water tap for about 10 minutes, especially if you didn't use water at all during the advisory. a malfunction at a pumping station led to that advisory being issued friday morning. water later tested positive for ntamination. co
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right now a community in mourning. d smart, well-liked 17-year-old lacrosse player dn a crash last week. tonight friends and family are in fairfax county remembering the life of connor mcgowan. darcy spencer joins us live near that area. cy, how is everybody doing there? >> reporter: erika, as you can imagine as a young person it's really hard come to grips with the loss of a friend, a young person when you're just in high school yourself. these things aren't supposed to happen but that'ss exactly wha happening here today. we want to show you some video to just give y an idea of the mourning that's happening here. a very sad day for friendsnd family members of conner mcgowan. they're here at fairfax memorial funeral home to pay their respects during a ke. conner was 17 years old, a student at robinson secondary
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school here i northern virginia. police say he lost control of his jeep on fairfax station road st last week. he hit a tree and he passed away. two othern teense car were also hurt. now, police say that speed was a factor in this crash. anner was a popular student there at schoo a member of the lacrosse team. i read his obituary today and part of it struck me. it said that brought joy to those around him every day, and it's impossible to imagine a world without him in it. the wake will continue here at the funeral home until 8:00 this evening. his funeral will be held here ii northern virtomorrow. erika, back to you. >> our hearts go out to his family and friends. darcy, thank you. h let's swi gears now. uslly the things at a bakery want to make us try everything. a warning, this video make make you a little squeamish, e in the y if you middle of dinner. cell phone video shows a rat
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crawling all over the cookie display, oh, my goodness. he is a very large rat. this is at the buttercup bakery in baltimore. i ththursday. the manager says he has since thrown everything out. they have passed a health department check.o according te "baltimore sun" the manager suspects that the rat got io the display case after an employee s and forgot to shut the door behind them. that bakery is back open. on that lovely note, we'll turn to storm team 4 meteorologist somara who joins us with much more pleasant news. >> i think there's a lot more pleasant news than we are looking at some showers out there, but the good news is, my friend,e that the sev weather threat has diminished for northwestern county. you can see the storm is stting to fizzle t. we had way more lightning than this. where you're seeing a lot of
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green shading, that was deep red noting heavy rainfall. not the caseanymore. but that line of showers and storms, isolated showers and storms, will continue to push towards the south and east, which means that the rain may get just a little more moderate there. that's going to continue to move just to areas between warrenton county.nce william a little farther north also tracking heavier showers. parts of southernoudoun county down into blue monta get heavier showers and more moderate rain. by p9:00. we are drying things out so this is an improving situation that we're in. lots of clouds left behind where we did see rain today, we'll more than likely see patchy fer ght. by midnight we are dry and some spots a little on ther cle side. now, your rain outlook, the thing is we'y actua in for more showers and storms. monday is going to look aot ke today. partly sunny, some showers and storms, but tuesday, that's the day that we're looking at more
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widespread showers a storms. some of those storms are going on tont strong side. as fars the middlef the week is concerned, that system moves out and behind it we are left with plenty of sunshine and very comfortable conditions. yo forecast for tonight in the mid-70s. as i said, drying out, just some tchy fog to worry about. for tomorrow we'll start off in the mid-70s. after tha fog bur off, we're going to be burning all day. temperatures in the low 90s. chance of some showers and storms again around 3:00 p.m. here's the thing, the humidity that we're feeling today is actually going to go up tomorrow. you couple that with temperatures in the low 90s, check out these feel-like temperatures. so we're starting off in the morning 6:00 a.m. already feeling like 81 degrees. by the afternoon, that's right, we're talking triple-digit heat for your monday afternoon. that's exactly what it'stooing eel like. a lot of us getting in on it this time, not just certain areas. storm team four ten-day outlook does show i as we movo the top of the week, we're in the
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90s. as i said earlier, by midweek we'll bring it back to the 80s. we're drying out with plenty of sunshine wednesday, thursday, friday. and then we'll do it again next weekend,exracking our chance for showers and storms. temperatures will start to lev out around the norm for this time of year. but k yw, erika, we've got the mlb all-star game on w tuesday, acould be in for some showers and astormstorms. it's going to be a day to watch. >> definitely something to kee on the radar, no pun intended. nobody wants to see a delay. let's not even go there. still ahead, after a thrilling world cup, the chants
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t w a game with france just racking up the goals. >> hard tldbelieve the w cup is over. i'm going to have to find another reason to gos to bn the afternoons. i'm a little stressed about that. they played extra time in three matches to reach the world cup final. croatia showed it had the character necessary to win it al something you might expect from a team where the world cup mvp survived cincl war. but f played beyond its years to achieve a moment beyond its wildest dreams. the soccer legend playing the bongos the world cup.
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france, though, getting the scoring started in the 18th minute with the free kick. look closer, it goes up. that's an own goal but it counts. gives france a 1-0 score. 20th minute, croatia tries to come up with the answ. through traffic, this is just a powerful finish. oatia evens - that's a great finish. croatia evens things up at 1. second half france out to a 3-1 lead. look athe finishing touches. he's 19 years old. the first teenager --he have yo ard of pele -- to score in a world cup final. france beats croatia 4-2 and win their second world cup, the first since 1998. what did you do on your summer vacation? all those fans of the nationals are excited going into the cvention center downtown for fanfest. this town is wrapped up in major
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league baseball all stars. it's a nice distraction from the home team stumble. losers of 5 of 7, the nats trying to change that before the break. citi field, you've got to enjoy hot dogs, right, andlso the pitching before the mets. jeremy hellickson looking good.g s six innings, his longest outing since may 8. he got some help from the nats bats. daniel murphy doing it again against his old team. scores two runs. he's batti .377. 4-1, bases loaded. that's a rocket shot to left. two more runs come home and the nats go up 6-1 on the mets. that's good stuff. in the ninth, i herrera a jam, bases loaded, two outs. a pop-up and the nats win it 6-1. washington goes to the all-star break back to .500, five and a
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half out o first place with th phillies. s.> to baltimore, the orioles hosting the rang manny machado receiving his all-star jersey. he gave the fans a parting gift. bis down 4-0.rt machado stas a comeback. bats his 24th homer of the season and gets the orioles on e board. and then to the third, adam jones, anotherol ori who might get traded, he comes up big. he smacks this to left field and that's a bases clearing double and the orioles have a5-4 lead. bottom of the ninth, some drama. orios a one-run lead. this goes to right.s carlos ieing sent. the relay throw and he is out. game-ending throw-out by the orioles. orioles win it 6-5. i mention theall-star festivities. they're a big deal. when you autograph something or having honor of getting your own
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bobblehead. you're en aigger head when you autograph your bobblehead. atie johnson doing that fanfest today. the former nats skipper still fondly remembered for leading the teamts to first division title in 2012. sherree burruss has more on davey's return to d.c. >> reporter: t g all-ste is back in d.c. for the first time in 49 years. the league'ste bri stars now and from the past here in tgn includin nationals former manager, davey johnson. heaid this nats team is going to be just refine. >> tas been a lot of injuries but i'm sure they'll come around in the second half. i've got them picked to be in the world series with the yankees. >> reporter: a lot f people here are not hitting the panic button yet but their hand is hovering. have a message for national fans now that they're at the halfway mark? >> relax, they're going to do it. >> reporter: now a chance for the fans and players to catch theiref breathe the real
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chase for october begins. sherree burruss, news4 sports. across the pond, wimbledon men's final. novak djokovic takg on k anderson. watch this forehand from him. nothing anderson can d there. djokovic is just what he does do, cruising. then serving with match point and kev anderson's return goes into the net. novak djokovic wins in straight sets. it's his 13th grand slamtitle. boy, let somebody else win once in a while. but that was good stuff from novak djokovic. we want to get back to somara because there's lot o your calendar monday, tuesday. home run derby, all-star game. what's the timing of the rain? >> on tuesday we are looking at midday to ear afternoon, so it could be impacting 12:00 to 6:00 p.m. so that's something to keef in mind you're going to the ll-star game that we could be in for showers and storms. as far as monday goes, here's a look at your planner.
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wee waking up to some fog. the biggest difference will be how much hotter it is tomorrowi or fe temperatures in the afternoon are going to be around 94 degrees, but check out these feel-like temperature as we head into monday afternoon. triple digits, folks. so it's going to feel really, really hot again tomorrow. one last look at your storm team 4 ten-day outlook. again, tuesday is whene are actually -- i'm very confident about that rain. >> that is the news for now. thank you for joining us. lester holt anchors nightly news from helsinki, finland, coming up next. wel see you tonight at 1'l1:
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is america's friend and who is its foe? president trump twists diplomatic ties ahead of a avmmit with vladimir putin as the u.s.y flexes itsht military mig in sight of russia. two breaking stories back igme. a n of violent protests on chicago's south side after police fatally shoot a man in broad day light. the body cam just released. > and police officers a shot in separate incidents in missouri and massachusetts. the latest on the violent and deadysunday. seven minutes ofterror, oxygen masks drop as a plane descends. passengers saying theyr feared fo their lives. the


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