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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  July 16, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> first toth our w. take a look at the radar as we track a severe thunderstorm warning for some of us. >> will the weather affect tonight's all-star activities? let's check i with amelia in the storm center. >> maybe a few sprinkles in nats park and by the time home run derby is getting underway at 8:00 p.m. i'm not worried about rain. right now i'm tracking two severe thunderstorm warnings. the first one is down around spotsylavnia and orange county. this is going to go until 6:15.o alreadyh this storm showing signs of weakening, and then we have another pretty impressive thunderstorm up in parts of northern anne arundel county heading tow baltimore. that is a severe thunderstorm warning that's also in effect unti 6:15. currently we're at 84 degrees. i think we'll see our temperature jump up here within the hr as we see the sunshine come out and the storms moving away from the district. so it's t goingbe hot tonight. 9 degrees at 7:00 p.m. and not just hotut muggy as well.
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temperature at 9:00 p.m. around 87 and it's stilltarm 11:00 p.m. with a temperature of 84. now we do have more stormstn the forecomorrow and, of course, we have the big all-star game tomorrow. doug and i wil break down the timing and impact on tomorrow's storms coming up in a little bit. >> see you in a fewinute. thanks amelia. now to the firestorm following president trump's high-stakes summit with vladimir putin. >> an american president on foreign soil standinwith a s. adversary and appearingo take his side over the national interests. >> just days it after 12 russiry mili operatives were charged with interfering in the 2016 presidential election mr. trump rejects his owcogovernment's lusions. >> dan coates c ae to me some others, and they said they think it's russia. president putin, he just said it's not russia. i will say this. i don't see any reason why it would be. >> john brennan was cia director during the presidential campaign and in a strongly worded tweet
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oday he described t president's comments as, quote, nothing short ofreasonousnd accused the president of being in putin's pocket. byne alexander is tracking reaction to all of this for us. blayne? >> reporter: doreen and jim, that's just some of the criticism that we saw after the news conference earlier this morning. a lot of the criticismfr coming right here on capitol hill, brds like shameful and not a good momentng used to describe it, and those are from fellow republicans. >> here inashington all eye are on the helsinki summit, specifically what the president said or didn't say to vladimir putin about russi meddling in the 2016 election. >> president trump had three opportunities to speak to this dand refu every single time to criticize putin. r orter: not only refusing to call out vladimir putin but refusing twl ackge russia even interfered. >> i beat hlary clinton easily and declining to say whether het believed u.s.ligence or a
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strong denial from putin. >> i have confidence in both parties. >> cou have pushed back and d reed with his own intelligence team. e opportunity to do it, and he decided not to the. >> on capitti hill csm cross party lines. republican senator john mccain calling it onethe most disgraceful performances in american memory a from trump ally lindsey graham a missed opportunity and democrat chris murphy calling the whole trip one giant middle finenr from prestrump to his own country. >> the president is doing grave harm to the standing of these united states. >> a summit now more noteworthy for when was lefatunsaid than as done. that's some of thetrong washington reaction. jim and doreen, the question now what did russia think about this summit? today the country's foreign minister is describing the talks as fab and better than super. back to you.
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blayne alexander, thank you. a russian gun rights activist arrested yesterday in d.c. andit charged conspiracy to act as a russian agent. her name is mariana bu and recently earned a mastt american university. she developed onrelaips with u.s. police and gun rights advocate and the gun rights group is the national rifle association. tina's lawyer says she is not a russianation.n morebc nightly news" with lester holt reporting from he will stinky. >> greetings from helsinki. this crowd waiting for the presidential motorca as they leave the presidential palace a few blocks from hering tofade's summit and what was extraordinary was the nuts conference afterwards. th first time these two presidents have stood side by side and answers questions on
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some veryentive topics including russian hacking and inuence attempt on t u.s. election in 2016. when the president said on that, what putin said on that raising a lot of eyebrows. we'll have full coverage when we see you tonight on nbc. nightl ne >> lester hold reporting from helsinki coming right up at "news 4:00 at 6:00." hope you'll stay tuned for that. . >> on to our other big story tonight, the district red for its baseball close-up hosting its first mlb all-star game in decades, folks. big game is tomorrow, but the fun haslready begun down there. tonight baball's heavy hitters will flex their muscle for the home run derbiy. we have team coverage of all of it for you. let's start with lean harris with a look at what's ahead. hi, lean. >> reporter: hey, doreen and jim. there are so many story lines twirling around this stadium here, like, for instance, how many lobster rolls i doug kammerer going to scarf down
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before we get out of here. the over/under is four before we get out of here and other t headlinet we're keeping our eyes on as the weather starts to clear up and makeshings more comfortable. bryce harper, the biggest name in the home run derby. will try to win the event for the first time. max scherzer named this after as the all-star starter, third time tapped as an ace and second time in a row as a nats pitcher, and it wasodot out here and all eyes are really on the rain and secrms ed to roll in here tomorrow. that could have a big impact on this game and, of course, that may have an impact as well. strike looming withmetro's largest union. happening on what could be one of the most critical nights in wn. will it happen and how could this impact all the sll-star feffs more on that in just a moment and first here's a taste of some of the growing excitement among the fans. >> i'm excited to see some home
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runs and hopefully they will just put on a show which is what it's all about. >> reporter: the in the home run derby, bryce harper, i'm a nats fan so all-star game, max and bre. >> go houston, world champs. going to do it back to back. supporting m team and our coaching staff is coaching the game and got my man alex bregman in the homrun derby. >>ir and t anticipation may be build higher once we get wind of what sherree burruss was talki about inside the stadium, gauging the temperature amoyest the pla and the key one being bryce harper. sherree? >> reporter: leon, it's a little wet in here. you talked about therape, but thankfully that has passed. you know what that means. it's time for some baseball. e home run derby is something i'm looking forward to most, and starting to get packed here inside nationals park. you can feel the excitement nd building, the washington fans building hope their hometown hero gets the win. nat fans have waited for its
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first since 2013 to see bryce harper take part in the hom run derby. harper is second in the national league with 23 home runs so far this season. bryce has turned downun opporties to compete in the derby over the last few years, but this is the sond seed tonight, and his father ron will be pitching to him yet again and for harper it's the perfect mo nt to step back into the derby spotlight. >> just being able to do it in d.c. and being able to do itn front of the fans and have some fun and e that and doing it in new york was a lot of fun as well, but, you know, a different know, a nd, you different area, and, you know, i think having my teammates joining me as well, enjoying the moment with them and see what we cado. >> reporter: there's a family connection for harper. en he hits the hom run he does is i love you symbol for his mother hand has had a mom
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tattooed on his wrist and one on the other wrist called pops and his dad will be throwing him the pitches tonight. back to you, leon. >> we want to hear the pop off the bat. thanks, sherree. jim and f doreen, those who care about this thing, vegas has harper picked as the favoriteni t. we'll see what happens. a great way to start off the second half of the >> i'm going withgh vegas. all thank you, leon. >> dad will be pitching for him. no you it awesome. even if you don't ride metro this next story has the potentialo throw a wrench into your plans. the metro workers' strike is looming. darcy spencer is at metro center to explain where both ses stand. >> reporter: many are wore's bruce and train operators could walk the picket line. >> i'm sorry for them there's something else they could have done seriously. there's another way to do things. a strike is not always the answer. >> reporter: support a walkoff and they support worker rights.
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metro workin the really hard and don't get great wages so i would really support them to have a chance to support their mindse and collective bargaining. >> reporter: the mayor says a strike would be illegal. >> i expect thatni the and the metro general manager to have some discussions if a work stoppage of that kind would violate the law. >> reporter: metro is running as normal today, and buses and trains movingfhousands o ngders. how loill it last? we're waiting to see what the union representing bus and train operators will do next. local 689 workers have voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike. theunion's executive board could vote any time to walk the picket line. >> i'm praying. >> reporter: you think it will t worked out? >> yeah. i believe so. >> reporter: if the union strikes thact could im the all-star game at national park on tuesday, and tens of thousands arexpted to ride metro to the game. jack evans is the chair of the metro board andf says there's
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a strike it would shut down transportation in the region. he's hopeful that won't happen. >> so we're all on -- on notic that something could happen, and if it does, we don't have a plan now, but we'llave to come up with one. >> reporter: riders are hoping it won't come to that. in northwest, darcy spencer, news 4. decades have passed sin the last time this happened. you'd have to go all the way back to e wildcat strike of 1978. back then the union voted andwo ers left the job for one week. traffic was a nightmare. a "washington post" article from the first day of the strike called it, quote, a day of general inconvenience and misery. > two local board of education members are expected to head to court next weekft one says he was assaulted by the other. prince george's county board of education member edward burro appeared in court and wants eubanks to stay away from him after saying he assaulted him in
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the back room after burrows pubically called for the chair to step down. eubas helped negotiate the nearly $800,000 severance package for now former school ceo kevin maxwell. their hearing is planned for next tuesday. >> the road d.ahea a family fights for change after their son's death. what's being done nowou thatld save lives in the wake of this tragedy. a search for a missing fisherman in the waters near national airport. i'm a collins with r liveort coming up on news 4. plus, growing excitement ahead of tonight's home run derby, but that's not the only big event in the estimate more on that in a moment, but first here's doug. >> oh, excitement is right, jim. i'll tell you. you can just feelet in ome run derby still almost two hours away. what looks like a beautiful night though earlier looked like it would beme ext hot and humid. those showers that came through out.really helped us
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you can see the storms well to the north up around baltimore and well to the sou u leaving with just some cloud cover right w. we'll update you on what to
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this is a search under way near gravelly point where a boater disappeared. it was found at roach's run. later on someoneee reportedg a man face down in the water. wws 4's pat collins is in arlington tonigh details.
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pat? doreen the focus of the search that passageway and that idge back there was this some sort of accident, a medical emergency or something else? >> a search fo a fisherman feared was in the waters here another nional airport. park police and d.c. police and arlingtofirefighters, a joint effort to recover a body in the water alongside the george washington parkway. it started around noon. theearch still going on. >> this is gravelly point. over there is national airport and many people come out to the take to watch the planes off and land, and they are also some boat ramps here where people launch the water craft and then go out on to the potomac over there.
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on the other side is the g.w. parkway and a bridge that goes over the water here. petite the bridge is a large opening that allows water from the potomac tolow into roach's run. it's a nature preserve on the other side of the g.w. parkway. this morning this fishing boat over here was seen knocking against that bridge down there. no one on police were called and secured that boat here and a short time later a witness on the other side saw the body of a man face down in the waters oh's run. then came the first responders in the water, on the land, and dark.ene still witnesses interviewed. the recovery, the investigatione and grim task of trying to find the missing man and locate
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hi relatives. so far police say they found no evidence of foul play here. the investigation continuesn. jim, back to you. >> all right. pat collins. pat, thank you. a d.v. councilman wants answers tonight following last week's boil water advisory. the city gave the all clear yesterday but councilman mary chay wants to hold a meeting on how people wer notified and sent a left requesting a meeting with several agencies includingt d.c.. a malfunction at a pumping station caused the problem, but it took hours for the public to be notified. so far officials say they are in thene aware of anecoming sick. back to the a excitement the mid-summer classic here in d.c. there's so much more than just a game tomorrow night. >> yeah. this event is totally transformed our town into a
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baseball mecca. leon harris is outside with other events all over the city all connected to the all-star game. elleon? >> i'mng you guys. if you didn't get a chance to come down and enjoy it today, so much more you can experience tonight and tomorrow right across in nats park on firstet st is play ballpark. it's open tonight until 8:00 and tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and over tre they have a downscaled ballfie, pitching machine and food trucks. it's all cpletely free. want to go to the all-star convention to the center. a lot more going on. you have to pay to get inre t $5 for adults and they have auhibits, graphs, clinics for the kids. fanfest open from tomorrow to 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., and coming up in just a bit, we'll
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share with you what we've learned about the uniforms the guys will be wearing at the game the exhibition night, i should say and plus bryce harper's shoes. you can see them a mile away.e' ths a message attached to them. we'll show you coming up. >> all right, leon. we're tracking storms tonight and tomorrow. doug and amelia will be back to break down the timing. plus, murder mystery in the heart of old town as questions a swirl over motive and a witness revealshat happened w
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when a new breast cancer patient comes to our breast cancer center, she's coming for the multimodal therapy ... these were people who were experts in the field. and for us, that was the best choice. learn more at there's a quick line of
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storms moving through our area. let's start off with amelia and dougug >> will this have any impact on the festivity or the commute home ttonight? >> is having a huge impact on the weather tonight but in a very good way. the showers came through a d, tle bit earlier tonight boy, they cooled things off ic dramly. it was 97 degrees with a heat index of 102. degrees only 84 a nice little breeze and feels a lot better. that's some very good news. no you come to a home run derby, guys, and you go to a
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normal baseball game and maybeou you bring yr glove, right? a lot different for a home run derby because here we actually expect to catch the balls tonight, don't we? you're a local guy. yankees w why you're a fan. >> my parent are from new jersey. >> your parents are from new jers. as i said earlier, great to have different kind of fans here because this is the all-star game and what you want to come out and a see. you trying to see tonight? >> hometown bryce harper. >> i love it. he's obviously going for bryce harper. he's got his glove, too. ready to catch some balls? >> three rows up. >> where are you? >> left field. >> right field three rows i'll be watch you guys on television tonight and watching you duringe. the g what is happening weather-wise? those storms coming through earlier. out of here. one storm up around baltimore hand another storm well down to the south and for the most part st're out of the woods as far as
6:25 pm
showers and thundms go. radar showing you in the d.c. metro a region. we'r dry which means nice weather and the sun is starting to make its way back outatnd ill warm things again. 90 degrees in martinsburg and 94 in hagerstown. areas that have not seen the rain, very warm and human let's toss it to amelia because we're talking about tomorrow, too. watchihance for showers and storms during the day tomorrow and kind of like today timing weitz where it could be early and then tomorrow night's game just like tonight's planner looking okay. >> yeah, exactly, doug. the thunderstorms look to be over tomorrow by 7:00,.maybe 8:00 at the late but i think in the metro area they are definitely out of metro area by 7:00. tonight we're really not worried about any rain at home run derby so good news there. here's your planner for tomorrow at tuesday. look at that. temperature is 78 degrees to start o the day. already warm and by noon tracking thunderstorms back in west virginia andvi they are towards us though, and they will be here during the
6:26 pm
afternoon hours with potentily avy rain because of how humid it's going to be. a high temperature around 90nd 3:00 p.m. we're down to 86 eed by 7:00 p.m. very much like what we'reg right now. the sunshine is coming out again and we're tracking thunderstorms off to the east. t t point it's 83 degrees. here's future weather tomorrow. i'm stopping it at 1:00 p.m. notice the heavy rain back here around fauquier and prince william counties between 2:00 and 3:00 wm. moving through the d.c. metro area including washington and arlington and alexandria, between 4:00 and 4:00 and 5:00 p.m. ll the activity long and east alon i-1 the 5 along i-95. >> more humidity builds back in on sunday. >> amelia, thank you. next a family turns their pain
6:27 pm
into purpos >> my son didn't die in vain. he didn't die in vain and something positive came out of it, and -- and we're gesng to save l >> the action being taken in maryland to help keep you safe on the road. >> an accusediller hires a high-row file attorney as friends pay tribute to the well-known figur e
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a major change coming to our roads following a news 4 investigation. >> we over been telling you for months about the safety concerns concerning specific type of guardrail. >> more now on action being taken by transportation officials. >>eporter: the controversy centers around this guardrail known as the xlite. several i lawsuits clas defective. we've shown you how it's actually speared vehicles in accidents with sometimes deadly conseque mes. tonightaryland is working to remove x-lite from its roads. >> i'm fighting it so that no other family h to be here. >> reporter: we first introduced you to steve last fall. his -year-old daughter hannah was killed after crashing into an x-lite in tennessee in 2016. >> a guardrail missed her car an
6:31 pm
she was killed instantly. >> he learned his daughter was not the only one to die this lway. for thet year and a half he has met with state and federal officials all over the country, pushing to have the guardrails removed. >> i just never thought that i would be going through this even y life. >> reporter: earlier this year this maryland mother joined his fight. sandra johnson carter's son michael died after hitting g-li x-lite on eastern shore an she started her own campaign to have them removed from maryland roads. she found tt support from one maryland lawmaker but won't need that anymore. the marylandni highway adration has now decided to replace all x-lite currently installed in the state. >> there are about a thousand of them. a small percentagef e 52,000 plus we have out there. re reporter: administratorg slater says the work will begin mediately.
6:32 pm
x-lites on roads with a speed limit of 55 or faster will be removed. slater delivered the news to johnson carter personally during a meeting at her home. >> they were sympathetic and warm and kind and they made itt ab- they made it about me, my family and my son and remove the x-lite. >> i did a lot of listening. you know, io wanted talk to mrs. carter and really learn about michael, and she i an amazing woman, amend -- and he was an amazing young man, and it was really important for me to hear her perspective on michaes death. >> slater tells news 4 that the sha was unable to determine whether the guardrails failed in carter's crash. he called the state's decision to remove x-lite an engineering--based one b carter's mom believes a combination of factors led to
6:33 pm
the ll. >> i believe that motorcycle's death and steve's work may have heed in the decision. i don't think i would be here today at all without news 4 helping making phone calls, following up andtaying on the story. >> reporter: she's now shedding tears of joy instead of heartbreak for the firstime nce her son's death. >> the no one else will die the way my son died. maryland roadways are going to be safe, and that makes me happy. these are tears of joy. >> reporter: so maryland now says it could take a couple of years to replf e alle x-lite. virginia is also in the process of removing x-lites from road where the speed limit is 55 or mc. does not use the x-lites. theer insists that the guardrail is not defective and
6:34 pm
says many factoo play i the outcome of the accidents. in the meantime this guy carter's 19th birthday is coming up next week, and to honor him his family has started a fund-raiser to provide clean water to families in need.go we'va link and the nbc washington app for search marine. >> great work, susan. >> thank you. >> glad to see that change. new details and some new questions after a murder in old town, alexandria. the medical examiner says the victim died from multiple blunt and sharp force injuries, but police aren't saying if a knife or other weapon was used. those who knew the victim are remembering aen friy presence biking around town. northern virginia bureauhief julia carey has this story. >> a card and flowers left in front of the office where a familiar figure in old town was found dead on friday. bradjackson's friends find it nearly impossible to comprehend.
6:35 pm
>> like a man about town. the kind of guy who would say hello to everybody on the street and, you know, always a joy to see him. >> the 65-year-old jackson used to work on the dandy, the excursion boat on the waterfront before he took the job as a marketing manager at window un inside the second story office friday a violent scene, furniture overturn and blo everywhere. >> i would just like to know what would drive someone to. th brad didn't have any enemies. brad was a carefree loving h person,ds down. that's it. >> reporter: the accused killer is a man from new jersey. when he fled t building friday, he jumped io the silver mercedes. the shopper who owned it had just gotten out to pay for parking. >> we didn't hear anything unusual until a woman started sleeking, and she was very upset. >> reporter: three menrom nearby shops came running and followed the trail of blood to the upstairs office where they made their terrible discovery. tnesses say the mercedes owner kept locking the car until police got there to arrest ma
6:36 pm
>> i think she probably did the right thing by creating attention, you know, drawingat ntion to herself. i mean, she must be very brave, right >> reporter: brad jackson's grievi friends left with looming questions. did the suspect and friend know one another, and what prompted such a vicious attack? >> has to be premedicated. i don't know that someone woulde go into somewike that and do what they did. >> the accused killer being represented by a promine defense attorney and his office issued a statement expressing sympathy from the famide and he they will be exploring the suspect's mental health condition as they get red for the case. julie carey, in us 4. a local woman accused of tellg an b.e.t. employee is fighting extra digs. kelly mayhew died in 2015 after eceiving silicone injection to enhance her body in a house in queens, new york. detectives say the woman responsible donna francis fled the country.
6:37 pm
she's charged with criminal negligent homicide. the news 4 i-team you'll recall traveled ton last year where they found francis living. she wouldn't respond to our questions. extradition hearing got underway today with a psychiatrist discussing how u.s. prison conditions mig affect frances' mental health. harsh blowback for the white house after president trump's summit with russian leader put puel. ma americans hope to see the president confront putin about russia's interference in the 2016 election here. putin denied that interference, and the president took his word for t. he just said it's notrussia. i will say this. i don't see any reason why it would be. there was no collusion. we ran aairilliant ca, and that's why i'm president. lawmakers from both parties criticized the president afrerwards but t was an especially fiery response from republican senator john mccain
6:38 pm
who called tha news conference in his words one of the most disgracerml perces by an american president in memory. still ahead, how bumpy start for bargain hunters on amazon prime day. >> mgm national harbor is
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
you could say it's christmas in july for those of you with amazon prime accounts. that is, if you actually c log into your account. amazon's annual birthday salest event began 3:00 today and runs for 36 hours, but some users c't access the website. amazon says it's working on that issue. prime day deals are available to members of amazon subscription service called price. some items will be on sale for the full 36 hours. lightning deals though are short lived and sales that pop up on rotating products.
6:41 pm
>> mg national arbor is growing, now operating a second floor of gaming. now, this expansion comes at a crucial time as maryland voters consider if additional gaming revenue should go to our bureau chief tracee wilkins has been covering mgm from the very start and has your first look inside. >> reporter: if youike poker. >> i like the expansion. i'm looking forward to playing and getting into a game. >> reporter: you're going to love what mgm national harbor has done. w >> so whatve done is we've added a additional seven pok tables to the second floor. currently we have 46. >> i like this overall. >> the new00 38,0 square foot space is on the second floor above the current casino. it costs $48 million toe, cre and in order to operate it, mgm has hired some 250 new employees. they say most of them are from prince george county. >> 46 poker tables, a cage and then the sck bar and a bar.
6:42 pm
that requires that because we're open r:/7. >> repor there are also 262ad tional slot machines in this space and mgm is winning the revenue race and with the expansion it's just a few games away fro largest competitor maryland lives. >> but based upon the demand of our customers, we knew we could grow that and knew we wanted to liver a better experience for our customers. >> reporter: successful gaming is important especially if crease the de to amount of money coming from the rgaming textenue for schools. protests around maryland pushed the issue to astatewide referendum this november. >> my daughter is five years old so hopefully the impact of mgm making a community will be able too contribute te school system that will impact my daughter as well. >> as is sta mgm national harbor is the number one tax generator for prie george's county and the top gaming tax generator for the state of maryland. withhe addition of this new money, that means more tax money for the state and the county a
6:43 pm
well. at mgm national harbor, tracee lkins, news 4. a lot of people are betting on bryce tonight in our week of baseball. >>hat's right. let check back in with leon and doug with a look at what's ead. hi, guys. >> hey, there. you know, everybody is interested in bryce. you hear his name floating around all ovee, the pl but we found out something about tat he's going to be wearing tomorrow and tont you really have got to see. >> and you just showed me. that's romeeally cool stuff. we've got that for you coming up in a minute and everybody asking me about the weather tonight and of courseom torrow. what are we looking at for tomorrow's game, the all-star game? i've got it for you.
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right. we're out here amongst the fans and not a bad time is being had by a single person. you guys having a good time? >> great time. >> these folks are amazingly well behaved to be sitting in front of a liquorlaus for the couple of hours. nice going. i'll give it to you, man. see what you look i liken 45 minutes. we've been watchinghe folks over here having areat time. shamari stone is out on the south capital street side over by t home pla entrance and he's been talking to fans and watching the scenes from that side as well. how does it look over there right now? >> reporter: well, right now peop are slowly making their way inside nats park and ossing the street incredibly excited. they care about two words,yc le. harper. that's it. they are confident some say that he's going to win tonight. even if hesn doe, they are just happy he's an all-star and
6:47 pm
in the home runer. run the video. this is the moment all fans have waited all seasonth to be. tell me the home run derby is the best. they love home runs, a win-win for the nats fans because they get to see the spectacular hits and cheer for the hometown favorite bryce harper. batter's up. >> hs the show and star. he's d.c. he's t icon for the team, and we want to see him do it. >> now the home run derby starts in about an hour, and i'll have live reaction tonight at on "news 4 at 11:00. back to you, guys. >>omshari, thanks. these are the jerseys that the national league team are goingt e wearing tonight in the long ball competition. as you can see here, their version of this jers is red and it features the capital do, and the thing is all the
6:48 pm
jerseys used tonight, they are all basically based on the home teams -- based on the home team's colors, that's what happens in the all-star games. the american league teams wilom be wearinghing that looks a lot like this, however, it's blue and itead of the capital dome they will have the washington monument on that right side. >> pretty amazing. has our names on the back. no itju doesn't. st kidding. >> it has our status on the that's what it is. >> got to be a great night for the game, guys. got here a little bit earlier. it was 97 degrees, 97 heat index of 105 and extremely hot and now it looks like things are better. want to talk about bryce's >> zs something you've got to see. very, very cool. can't see it because your ve monitor is there. here's what bryce have going to be wearing ton in the home runy de it looks like it's a representation of the flag, and it is, but the script you see, it may look like the declaration of dependence. >> that's what i thought.
6:49 pm
>> it's not. the it's the declaration that declared washington, d.c. the capital of the united states because this happens to be the anniversary. that. the other shoes, the blue and white ones. these are what he'll wear in the all-star game tomorrow. this has the picture of the d.c. skyline. you see the monument and you can see the lincoln and jefferson and the white house there. we've got to show you what's on the inside. that looks pretty goal. the inso of the shoes if we have that shot, i don't think we do. insole of th shoes is cherry blossoms. >> really. >> what does that tell you about whether or not he's going to leave this teat the end of the year in. >> he wears a different pair of shoes every game. don't know what thatells us. >> i'll take that as a good sign. >> let's hope. let's hope weet him back here next year. do have to talk weather. really is quite nice right now. as a matter of fact,at teures came down by about 50 degrees in humidity and feels 20 degrees cooler right now. that's why everybody is enjoying the night now because the weather is that much better. take a look right now. 84 degrees the current number
6:50 pm
and temperatures possibl up next hour as the is up is starting to make its way back out to 87 degrees a 86 by 9:00 and 82 by 11:00. definitely warm andd, but a lot better than it was because of this. we had t storms that came on through and still storminess around the fredericksburg area and southern portions of c culpeppernty and fauquier county and baltimore and some back towards the west. we're not totally done but most of the area looking dry tonight. temperature weitz and t heat index 95 in annapolis and only 86 right now in the d.c. area, so a lot better. 'll toss itnside to amelia because we're talking about the big question which has been tomorrow. u'at are we going to be getting tomorrow, and yove got that for us right now. >> the timing is looking very similar to what we experienced to my and stormsing through a little bit earlier, and by the time t festivities get underway we're looking good. 5:00 p.m., heading o there earlier, going somewhere like the saltline afterwards know you
6:51 pm
could be dealing with thunderstorms by about 5:00 6:00 p.m. after 6:00 i think our chance for thunderstorms in the district really does drop off. the game gets underway just after 8:00 p.m. and the hidity logue. we have a temperature of 81 and for the full ten-day forecast
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
here we go. count down. you had a big soccer weekend, but now it's all baseball from here. >> it's all baseball, and you ange your ring tone to "take me out to the ball game" i knew something was up. hey, we've got baseball in this town. dingers, taters, goners, round-trippers. insert your own word to describe a home run. s alls what tonight about. the home run derby, and nationals fans can backryce harper as he makes his first appearance in the derby in five years. morrow support for max scherzer who will make his second consecutive start for the national league in the middle of
6:55 pm
all that fun is sherree burruss. >> all-star week is in full swthg wit home run derby starting here in just a couple of hours. nationals bryce harper hoping homefield advantage will help him get the win herrtonight and him, his tomas, max scherzer and sea doolittle they are enjoying having this mid-summer classic in their home ballpark. >> knowing you're in your home ballpark and feel right at home. definitely weird staying at a hotel in d.c. b being able to come to the ballpark and know tthat your locker is goibe there in the same spot and guys on the clubhouse, some of the trainers or clubhouse kids or all goingike that are to be in there, and, you know, just a lot of fun. >> always been at special mom just watching that from afar and being on the other side, so i can onlyt'magine what like to have the nats fans here supporting all of us, bryce and tle as well, so it's just an unbelievable honor to be able to have r thatognition and to be able to go out there and start this thing again because this is just aream come true.
6:56 pm
really cool stuff happening here in d.c., and it's a cool time to be in the city, and it's -- we've fallen in love with it, and i think i awesome that the city and this neighborhood gets to host this >> dle is on the ten-day lievent. d.l. so he won't be playing in e all-star game tomorrow, but he'll be cheering on his teammates predicting that harper wins a home run derby. from nationals park, sherree burruss, news 4 sports. >> she's in the middle of our cool neighborhood and cool city. bryce harper about to take part in the home run derby. tough season with that .218 average and second team in the derby. econd in the national league to tonight's number one seed jesus aguilar who has 24 dingers. harper will face freddie freeman and davy martinez expects harper eto get out of first round and more. >> he's my pick, my guy. i'm not picking e nobode. everybody wants to pick somebody else. i'm sticking with bryce. > any idea how many he might
6:57 pm
hit. what's your guess? >> gosh, that's hard but if he's on he'll hit a bunch. >> i think these the second time he's done it. he'lle pumped up for the imetown, home crowd, a think there's going to one a.l. guy doing, it bregman. harper, and we're cheering for bregman. >> hey, you know, speculation that manny machado's future in baltimore has dragged on like an extra innin ball game with multiple rain delays or one of our staff meetings. either way, sometimes we've wondered has manny march doeed plis last game as an oriole including yesterday in the win over the rangers thated inclis 24th home run. now we're closing in on what likely will be machado's last all-star game as an oriole. >> i think the feeling is great. i'm an all-star, ang i'm pla in the all-star game, and, you know, have a uniform on and representing the orioles, and i'm doing everything possible. i'm not real thinking about anything that's going to move forward or has happened or
6:58 pm
whatever it is. i mean, i can't control any oth stuff, but i did control and enjoy myself today. >> yeah. change your ring tone to "take me out to the ball game" and spit sunflower speeds, whatever. we're in basebalmode. >> thanks, dave. >> before we go. thanks to doug and leon and our cruise who are sweating it out and working for you all day and ahead of tonight's home run derby. guys, are gou bothng with bryce harper? he's only theecond seed. >> well -- >> what have you got? >> i want to be able to start my car safely. >> yes. >> so i'm going with harper, okay? >> i think -- kyle schwarber is the number one seed. i think he'll tire out too. watch out for philadelphia's reese hopkins, a hitter.e >> really. >> i hope britz can bring it back. 17 in the first round for bryce. >> we' see. >> vegas always knows and even pick the number he hits. >> got to go with bryce. we're betting on him. thanks, guys.
6:59 pm
mu more coverageahead on "news 4 at 11:00."ta "nightly news"s in just 60 seconds.
7:00 pm
tonit, shock waves. from an extraordinary scene, president trump standing shoulder to shoulder with vladimir putin refusing to say he believes u.s. intelligence over putin's denials. us>> he just said it's nota. i will say this -- i don't see any reason why it would be >> the president instead heaping g aise on putin and blam america. >> i hold both countries responsible. i think that the united states has been foolish. i think we have all been foolish. >> tonight, e former director of the cia calls the president's performance nothing short of so treanous and putin saying he wanted trump to win. >> yes, i did. ye i did. >> tonight how the russian leader answered this -- n do you -- does the russ


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