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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 16, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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news4 at 11:00 begins with breaking news. that breaking news, a little girl shot and killed in the district tonight. er home playing near when the shooting started. good evening. >> tha community is outraged.
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that's where we find ag fitzgerald. >> reporter: neighbors around here are fed up. we're talking about a you girl who had just had her 10th birthday, gunned down playing outside just steps away from her home it happened on 53rd street here in northeast. investigators say that a car pulled up. four guys got out and they started shooting. right nowthey're trying to figure out a motive here. here's what we know. it happened just after 8:00. me 15-20 people in the community were outside enjoying the night when these men wearing masks walked into the courtyard of the community and started shooting. keep in mind, there's a playground not far away. when investigators arrived, thel found four p suffering from gunshot wounds, including t.t little gi mayor bowser and the police chief were also on scene.
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>> the people that did this, they did this indiscriminately. they came out in this community without regard to han life and opened fire. and we have to stand up as a community to say no more. ar- 10-yd girl lost her life today. all the hopes and dreams that her family had for her is gone. >> reporter: police are looking for a black suv. they say it was an infinity with paper white gs they're asking anyone with information about this to come this is the 83rd homicide this city has seen this year. back to you. >> just awful. thank you. we will keep working this nvestigation throughout the newscast and of nigvernight ton. look for updat as we get them. now, new reaction to that high stakesummit overseas today. president trump undermined the u.s. ielligence community, saying that russia did not try
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to interfere with the 2016 presidential election. >> well, protesters greeted the president when he got back to the white house tonight. richard engel is in russia ghnight with the fallout. >> reporter: to state sponsored russian tv is pouring praise on president vladimir putin, calling him a master of rhetoric, a more skilled negotiat than president trump. russia's foreign minister gushing, calling the meeting fabulous, better than super. the rt network, accused by u.s. intelligence of a propaganda campaign to sway the u.s. election, its editor in chief telling us russia and the u.s. now mt as equals. >> every president has had to have a chance to con ader hims winner. let's give president trump that chance and let's give president putin the same chance. >> reporter: president trump gave him that chance despite those new indictments for election meddling. indictments so specific they listed names, even addresses.
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we tveled to o of them in moscow. this imposing building is officially a military university. the indictment says insi of it was the headquarters of unit 26165, the unit charged with primarily responsibility for the hacks on the democratic party. it's located in a high securita of military buildings. the army's general command is just a few blocks away. but russian officials dismiss the american evidence. >> maybe they did it, maybe not. i don't know. by cannot trust your organizations like cia and so o and so forth. >> reporter: for putin, this was more than just a good meeting. it was amoment. as a kgb agent he watched the coapse of the soviet union and has been waiting for russia to make a comeback ever since.
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many here feel that time has come. an american univertety grads under arrest tonight for helping russia under the radar. the fbi says maria bettina is an unregistered agent for russiar a lobbyist. they say she was working to influence conservative politicians and the national rifle association on russia's behalf. new at 11:00, the arrest of aormer commissioner caught on cell phone video. india blocker pepper sprayed a group of children saturday here on woodlandn terrace i southeast washington. according to a police report, blocker pepper sprayed several children and adults. witnesses say she became upset a fter kids sed arguing at nearby playground. a 10-year-old boy was one of the victims. >> it was right in my eyes. i couldn't on my eyes. >>eople running pouring water on their head, pouring milk.
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ed we contact blocker for a comment. she claims she is innocent and that she didn't pepper spray anyo. she faces a charge of simple assault. a> we're keeping watch o possible metro worker strike and how it could affect you. the union behind the thrt says it will meet with metro leadership tomorrow. union members voted overwhelmingly this past weekend touthorize a strike. that means the union's executive board can callt for one a any time. the union has not release add li -- released a of demands. it was a huge night for nats baseball fans. did you see it? bryce harper wins the all star home run derby tonight. >> shomari stone is live outside of nats park. fans have got to be loving th. >> reporte fans are ecstatic. many have already left the st ium. some are still there taking
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selfies. think about it. here you have the superstar of the nats winning the home run derby here in the district? i mean,hi it's som that one guy told me, he said, i cannot believe it, it is just awesome. they celebrated when harper hit the home runs in hisrk ball nats stadium. fans tell me they're happy and feel a sense of pride that he represented the dmv on the na one fans me she feels just as happy ashe did when the caps won their championship. the fact that bryce harper won this here in d.c., they say is a great thing. jamal, you're a nats fan. what was it like seeing bryce harper nail the home run? >> it was exciting. it was insane. it was nothing that i've e r experienced before. it was outstanding. it was an honor to be in his
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presence. i've never been to a game before live. to get a chance to be there and experience it w fantastic. >> it was electric. it was the loudest it's ever been in the stadium. >> reporter: your reaction? >> bryce is all about it and i think he's going to do really well tomorrow night. the rest of the season is going to be great too. >> reporter: hopefully it is. we're now joined by my colleague sherry inside nats park. what's it look like inthere? >> reporter: it was electric in here. i can't begou to tell how exciting it was. you couldn't take your eyes off theheatters while were going, particularly when bryce harper was up to ba w if ye walking around the concourse, all you needed to do was listen. you could hear the ahs with every hit of the bat. bryce harper certainly taking ns on an emotional ride,in withe home run derby this
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year. bryce making a late run, hitting nine home runs in less than a minute to pull even. the park absolutely going nuts. harper earned his 32nd bonus time and he needed just one home run to win it. it took just two pitches for harper to do that deep to center. bryce with the epic two-hand bat flip. it truly was absolutely incredible. the fans going nuts. but harper just joking that, yes, n he's the champion. he is not going to do this he's just going to go out on top,gu . >> you can't top that. thank you so much. >> so cool that harper's dad was his pitcher tonight. a warning, though, if you're headed toward nats park tomorrow. getting around is going to be a challeng
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here's a look at the road closures and restrictions near .he ballpa parking is restricted on the roads highlighted in yellow here.oa the in red, they're closed. and purple roads are closed even to pedestrians. our live korcoverage contin when you wake up tomorrow. team coverage from nats park. news4 today starts at 4:00 a.m. stormsre in the forecast tomorrow and they could affect the big game. >> doug kammerer is here to time em out for us. >> we saw the storms across the area today. they came through during tte oon just in time for the home run derby to stare the storms wready out of here. it helped out a lo he think tlp cool things off. tomorrow we'll track a front back tost the it moves through during the day. i think you'll need at times.ella we will take you hour by hour
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and i'll let y know what i think about the game tomorrow. also ahead, a mother's mission after the death of her son. >> something positive came out of it and we'r going to save lives. >> the changes happening on >> the changes happening on local roads toeep you k
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i had life-treatening bleeding in my brain. but thanks to the virtual reality technology at gw hospital, my surgeons were able to look inside my brain and plan for a successful surgery. it's remarkable that i woke up
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and ran five miles this morning. i would tell gw hospital thank you for giving me new life. for life's defining moments the george washington univeristy hospital defining medicine. a major change is coming to come of our roads following a news4 consumer investigation. >> we've been telling you abo the safety concerns surrounding a particular type of guardrail.
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they're called x light ardrails. >> consumer investigative reporter susan hogan has the action being t transportation officials. >> i'm fighting so that no oer family has to be here. >> we first introduced you to steve last fall. his 17-year-old daughter hannah was killed after crashing into an x light in tennessee in 2016. >> a guardrail pierced her car and she was killed instantly. >> he learned his daughter was not the only one to die this way. for the last year and a half he has met withed state andal officials all over the country, pushing to have the guardrails removed. >> i just never thought that i would be going through this ever in my life. >> earlier this year this maryland mother joid his fight. sandra johnson carter's son michael died after hitting an x light on the eastern shore in february. she started her own campaign to have them mremoved fro maryland's roads.
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she found support in one state lawmaker, but she won't need that anymore. the maryland state highway administration has now decided to replace all l xhts currently installed in the state. >> there are about a thousand of them. s it's all percentage of the y.,000 plus that we have out there to >> sha administrator greg slater says the work will begin el immedi he tells news4 that x lites on roads with a speed limit of 55 or faster will be removed first. he delered the news to johnson carter personally last friday during a mting at her home. >> they were sympathetic. they were warm. they were kind. they made itbout me, my family and my son in the removal of the x-lites put the icing on the top of the cake. >> i did a lot of listening. you know, i wanted to talk to mrs. carter and really learnab
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t michael. she is an amazing wan. and she was he was an amazing y. it was really important for me to hear her perspective on michael's crash. >> reporter: slater tells news4 that the sha was unable to determine whether t grdrails failed in carter's crash. he calls the decision to remove the x-lites an engineering based one. mrs. carter believes a combination of factors l to the call. >> i believe that stemike's dea and steve's work led to the decision. i don't think i would be here at al without news4 helping, making phone calls, following up and staying on the story. >> reporter: she's now shedding tears of joy instead of heart break for the first time since her son's death. >> no one else will die the way my son died.
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maryland roadways are going to be safe. that makes me happy. these ar tiers ears of joy. >> maryland says it could take a couple of years to replace all of the x-lites. virginiao is an the process of removing x-lites from roads where the speed limit there is 55 or faster. d.c. does not use the x-lites. now, the maker of the x-lite insist that is the guardrail is not defecti and says many factors play into the outcome of the deacs. carter's 19th birthday is coming up next week. to honor him, his family has startedam a pro to provide clean water to families in need. we have a link. search marine fund-raiser. >> susan hogan reporting. doug is back with a moreut our weather and more about the timing on whether the stormy weather tomorrow could affect the game. >> the timing today was
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absolutely perfect for the home run derby. >> it cools you down. >> it was so hot. we werit out there our sweat towels just sweating. the heat index at one time was close to ar5 in of the area. those showers came through this afternoon and boy did theyel really to cool things down. within an hour the feels-like temperature fell by nearly 20 degrees because of those showers. i think we could say t same tomorrow. 98 d.c., officially the hottest day of the year in d.c. 97 in leesburg. that heat index was well above out there right now we're just dealing with some clouds and a lot of clear skies too. you see venus around the area. we saw a nice crescent moon earlier. 82 degrees. wind out of the southt 7 miles an hour. that southerly wind keeping things warm andmi 83 in annapolis.
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72 towards manassas. tomorrow morning you're going to notice a very mild and warm and humid start. on the radar, nothing to we don't have any rain right now. but as we look towards the day tomorrow, you see the showers today? it wasn't a ton, but they came right through parts of northern virginia, pts of maryland helping to cool things down. back to the west, i'm watching this front right here. see a lot of cloud cover and showers and thunderstorms. irhind this, nothing. that's the that comes in our area during the day wednesday and thursday. but we'veet got to through the front first. that means a good chance of showers around thunderstorms during the day tomorrow. if you're going to be out and about on tuesday, 8:00 p.m. tomorrow, a few clouds but some sunshi during the day. that will help to get temperatures into the upper 80s to around 90. by noon we've got some cloud cover. notice where the shors are, back along i-81. watch how fast they move into the.c. metro area. by 2:00, frederick, leesburg.
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4:00 in and around the d.c. metro area. a couple of those stroorms coul be strong. by 8:00 we're on the dry side. i really do think tomorrow night's game will be okay. do not worry about it too much. if you're heading out there early for some of the festivities, you might want to take the umbrella. high temperature of 90 degrees. hot and hmuggy with afternoonor . for the game tomorrow night, 8:00 start, looking good for that. 88 wednesday, 87 thursday, 89 friday. lower humidity towards the end of the week. good chance of showers and storms coming up, sund monday and early portions of next week. we need the rain. even thoughe saw some showers today, the airport has not seen any rain at all. >> still bone dry i a lotf
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places. >> really are. coming up, bryceec ifying the home crowd tonight. we'll hear f tmhe (snd of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪
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why would ya? geico expect great savings and a whole lot more. (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) (car door closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪ talk about a big finish. did that crowd get a thrill or what? >> it did. that's baseball.oo you get stains. >> absolutely. >> that's right. food stai, still something. hey, once upon a time batting practice was just batting practice. calling the home run derby were
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some of the games biggest sluggers. premium payment made to see swings for the fences by the likes of bryce harper, who has home field advantage. harper you might sayon the derby very early. taking on freddie freeman, wow, this is 460 feet. harper comes through beating freddie freeman in round one 13-12. the home crowd,cuhey like an to cheer. in the semifinals, taking on mi mike muncie. he's ming onto the final. in the fin-- he tied the number.
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he's a little fired up there. that's firedup. 32nd bonus time for bryce. harper needed just two pitches to hit nner. yeah. the two-handed bat flip. the trophy delivered bycherzer and do aittle. this i great d.c. sports night. >> reporter: d.c. must stand for district of champions now. something must be in the wer here, bryce harper getting things going. he wanted to represent d.c. so we saw his emotion. you could tell when he hit that derby winning home run really how much this meant to him.
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bryc is a normally soft spoken quiet guy. >> i walked over, i knew i had 30 i said max i've got to hit nine. no, you've got to hit ten. you're e're fired up. i'm happy to be able to share that moment with my family and this crowd and these fans. man, i mean, they did a great job tonight. s >>erzer thanking his teammates and heow hoped that all the players in the national league got all those home runs out of the way so come the second half of the season there'sone left when they face the nationals. >> district of champions. i like that. i've got to get one of those d.c. bandannas too. that would look good on me. >> why not.
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>> tomorrow night. >> tomorrow night. >> thank
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♪ when i first came to ocean bay, what i saw was despair. i knew something had to be done. hurricane sandy really woke people up, to showing that we need to invest in this community. i knew having the right partner we could turn this place around.
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it will be here before you know it. back to school time. montgomery county held its annual supply give away toda a at montgomery village school. >> me mom doesn't hav to waste all her money.
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>> we like her. how considerate is that. volunteers make sure any kid who needs supplies can get them for free. a lot of supplies were dated by kids after last school year. this ishe 19th year of the give away. very cool. d.c. flagna band
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