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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 17, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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a. >> wow, is it, and check out the scene at nats park, o the site the major league baseball all-star game to the. thekecars dng as the rain comes down in buckets. now the big question is will it impact the game tonight? we know the sun is out. boy, is it going oo be humid there. >> more green behind it and not lightning. and thanks for joining us. >> i'm wendy religioner. >> and i'm jim >> 2.3 inches of rain in about an hour and that rain that you can see behind >>srolling out. amelia draper is in the storm center. amelia? >> to get 2.8 inches of rain is edible. we shattered the old rainfall record of .8 inches oft rain. his though. set all the way back in 1899 so some flash flooding out thereto that was very serious in part of the city of alexandria and the g.w. parkway. thankfully we're starting to see the floodwaters come down as the
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thunderstorms push a the bay out of ouril area. though tracking rain around st. mare's county and up around the annapolis area. looking farther back to the well. only some widely scattered showers and thunderstorms out there in parts of culpepper county and just north of the area. the main weather erent is overg to could still see scattered showers and thunderstorms until about 7:00 p.m., but for the most partine're stato dry out. in southern maryland, dealing with heavy rain. there was a severe thunderstorm warning that has expired in sohern maryland but take look. these are the latest rainfall amounts. 2.8 inches in washington. that's crazy. gout 3 inches up in baltimore so doug thed news is for the all-star game. it'sooking pretty nice but how is the humidity out there right now withhe sunshine coming back. >> it's really starting to creep up. haven't been sweating much until the last five minutes. you can see the sun beating
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down on us now. the temperatures startingo go up. the humidity will start to go up here, too, so it's going to be a very warm and humid afternoon for the next three or four hours and then we'll watch the front come through and during the game you'll feel the air changing. going to be a nice night for the game so if you're heading out to quitel-star game, it's nice for you later on. a lot of people heading in. supposed to take batting practice earlier. had to cancel that becauseake a loo at what's happening in the field. had to cover the field up and, of course, all of the rain that we saw, the airport right across th river. the airport 2.8 inches of rain, what we's only about saw here, and it was coming down in buckets, and that's why we t had flooding concern. that's why the crew, the hard crew had the field tarpd over. they have ten the tarp off now, and they are starting to get it ready for the festivities thatill go on tonight. all of this rain came down. you had the red carpet and of the celebrities and players coming on.
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the red w carpett off fine and did have to cancel it earlier, shut it down earlier because the rain did start during the red carpet event and now they are starting to get things back to acrmal. getting things to normal here at the saltline as well. we'll be back with more ontohat expect tonight where the storms go frond here a what's coming up over the next couple of days. >> thanks,ou remember to get the nbc 4 app so you can get the hour-by-hour forecast and any realtime weatr alert in your neighborhood. >> now to new details and dramatic video in a sseless shooting that claimed the life of a little girl in d.c. and left several others wounded. 10-year-old makiyah wilson had just gotten out no a courtyard of an apartme complex when a barrage of bullets rang out. surveillance cameras captured the disturbingoments as a car here pulls up and people get out and guns fire in different directions. news 4's pat collins is live at the scene in northeast wh
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thet on this disturbing crime. pat in the. >> reporter: what happened in this courtyard horrific. what you're about to see you may find disturbinis it should berbing. it took the life of a 10-year-old girl. ar to finish it took less than 20 seonds. cr camera video shows the hauntingma iges of the murderous attack. the killers' black sedan car and the maed gunmen jumping out and the barrage of bullets and then back into the car and the escape. it took the life of a 10-year-ol girl. the victim makiyah wilson shot and killed on the doorstep of her home. this womanasther when it happened. she asked not to be identified. >> it was like a war. i never heard nothing likehat in my life, never.
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>> reporter: and the little girl? >> died in her doorway. >> reporter: in her sister's arms. >> in her sist's arms, yeah. >> reporter: each one of these yellow circles represents a shot that was fired in thisourtyard last night. one year, another there, a bunch way off to the right. more to the left and even more in the back. they say more than 60 shots were fired in this courtyard. >> cowards showed up on our streets in d.c. a used illegal firearms to murder a young precious little girl. ic >> reporter: p out working the scene today looking for clues that might lead them to the killers. ay the scene today councilman vincent he says the motive may be some sort of neighborhood beef. >> reporter: they probably don't know who they kled until they
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saw the news. you know, have you to wonder how these people felt whe they realized they had shot and killed a 10-year-oldl. g >> reporter: police have posted a $25,000 reward here, but it shouldn't take money to someone to come forward in this case. wendy, back to you. >> just leaves you speechless. thank y. thankyou, pat. president trump is rewording his statement on russia after facing tremendous backlash from both s of the aisle over his remarks in helsinki. republican a democratic lawmakers accused the president of not being tough on vlatimir today he called that summit even better than the meeting he had with nato leaders, but in an effort to clear up somef his comments the president tried to focus onne phrase. >> i have full faith and support fors americ great intelligence agencies.
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myave great confidence in intelligence people, but i will tell that you president putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial. i accept our intelligence community's conclusion that russia's meddling in the 2016 election took place. >> dan coates came to me and s. some oth they said they think it's russia. i have president putin. he just said it's not russia. i will say this. i don't see any reason why it would be. the sentence suld be i don't see any reason why it wouldn't be russia. >> reporder:. the pre didn't answer any questions about whether he condemned putin. he did tell n reporters sanctions are being lifted at this point. still ahead, we'll talk with a former fbi age about the president's changing urcomments. >>ng to our big night for baseball.
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folks, the tarp is up and counting down the all-star game tonight and just about three hours away at natsk. p news 4 is bringing you right to the action and our chris gordon is live with then fans southeast tonight and the sun is shining behind you, chris. >> jim, i got to visit with a lot of fans today outside of nats park. some of them came evenhough they don't have a tickets for tonight's game. they just want to be part of it, isse to the action and the plenty here to keep them busy. >> it'she smash brothers. >> reporter: home run derby at play ballpark gives kids a chance to hit the ball over the fenc just likeheir all-star heroes. >> just wanthe ball. >> reporter: who is your favorite player. >> harp sneer last night was kind of an inspirational night for you. >> yes. >> reporter: and you delivered today? >> yes, i did. >> reporter: these fans are standing in line hoping to get lucky, lucky enoug to find a ticket for tonight's all-star game. >> no tickets probably available
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for the rest of the day. >> the last time washington hosted an all-star ame was 1969. so much has changed. nats park has spurred growth from t stadium to the u.s. capitol, everywhere you look you see construction cranes building high rises with offices, restaurants,retail and residential units. just a few years ago this was an industrial area with few night spots. >> this stadiume has been h for a few years now, but you definitely see and look around to e see thenomic area that 20, 25 years ago was an area you didn't want oo comeut to and, you know, spend your money. >> reporter: fans say washington is proving to be a great all-star venue. >> the city is pretty welcoming to all fans, a lot of great monuments and restaurants and sites to see. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00, fans tell us the one thing they say that washingtons missing to become one of the top-notch baseballities in the country. wendy, back to you.
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>> all right. chris gordon, thank u, chris. and a local baseball hall of famer says he'll help build ten baseball parks for children, and at least one of them will be in the d.c.a. a we're talking about cal ripken jr. making thatthnnouncement morning. his foundation is working with major league baseball to get inner city kids interested in the sport. along with the fields ripken says the program will be pairing children with coach kez and mentors. >> there's a pattern ofth stori come back is that sports does make a difference, and a coach, a mentoroes make a difference in all the other aspects of their ves. >> the new fields will be built over the next five years. p they are madesible in part by a donation from anga zation called group 1001. ripken getting cesolicited ad from one of the women who inspired the move "a leaving their own." mabel blair, 91 years old, pitched in the all-american girls professional baseball
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league. she says ripken is one of her idols,nd when she met him she told him to get rid of his facial hair. >> and that's her cane he's signing. that cane is made out of a baseball bat. do you lov it. i just love i >> she should be signing something for him. >> exactly, exactly. >> good for miss blair. well ourll-star coverage not done yet,st folks. ill ahead at 5:00,rr sherree bus takes a walk on the red rpet to catch up to mlb's best ahead of the game. >> it staed as a pickup game of basketball right here in loudoun county and ended foul call and a call to police. the story is now going viral. i'm david culver inteing. just ahead, you'll meet the guys behind it. >> orating too close to home for some resident. news 4's julie carey caught
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we're keeping an eye on the radar right now after heavy ins that roared through our area. more than 2.8 inches in just an hour. doug is backnust a bit with a look at what we can expect from the rest evening and more video coming in some of the flash flooding. >> wow. >> this was at parkairfax in fairfax county. >> take a look at these cars, folks. several vehicles were submerged. you should know parts of our
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area are still under a flood warning until 6:30. so far no reports of any injuries. incredible. >> this is also kind of incredible. a local game of pick basketball is going viral tonight, not because someone did something fabulous but because a foul prompted someone to call the police. >> it occurred on the basketball court. su is still in the gym. >> our bureau reporter is still live outside l.a. fitness in sterile, and you caught up with some of thelars. what on earth? >> reporter: yeah. that's the question tonight. it's a pickup game of basketball. are a bunch of buddies. get together several times each month and, sure, it gets kind of rough at times, but this, this was a first. how often do you get a cop called for a foul? >> never, never in my entire life got a cop call forbalaying
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bask. >> first time. >> first time in the history. >> anywhere. >> playi w anywhere. was recording? >> i was recording actually. e> the hardest foul in america. >> the post-g captured on socied m. thomas jokingly questioning his fellow players. >> you called the cops if you getu fouled? alling the cops if you get fouled? thomas and marcelod buoy s it happened during the tenth game. 10-10. game on the line and people with high emotion. >> this is at a recreation centhe. you're at.a. fitness. this is not at the capital one ara. >> it doesn't matter, pay to play, people play basketball in any reck center like theyd p for if. >> reporter: run of the players got knocked to the aiound. >> he i'm calling the cops. everybody started laughing. >> reporter: have you ever born called a basketball foul. >> the deputies filing an incident report. the call coming in as an assault. that gave the subjects one mane to keep the game civil or else they would be removed from th gym for the day.
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in less than 24 hours thomas' video getting tens of thousands of likes andet re-t >> do i want to say that the guy that called the cops is a good guy. know him very well. it's not anything where there's tension or doesn't lik fence. i know how you can use. everybody is playing, a good guy and got emotional. >> when we see him might joke about this. might be a little mad atepus. >>ter: at some point we're hoping to talk to the guy. they are all friends and get alon a and things got little rough but they do expect to all get back together at some point this week keep the game going. >> what is he going to do next, call hisom? can you call his mom and tell him to stop hitting me so hard? wow. >> you know, that's my first reaction s callmom. >> i know. >> david, thank >>you. eporter: cuban-americans aren't on the basketball court that often, so. >> thank, david. >> well, we are just a few hours away from the mid-summer classic at nats park, and before the
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gamepecial red carpet introduction for the all stars. sherree burrus had a front row seat and joins us now from the field. sherree, who are you wearing tonight? >> i'm wearing saks fifth avenue and all the stars were on the red carpet and did y know they have never cancelled an all-stau game b of rain. trying to spruce things up before the game. no raining on this parade starting with the red carpet. s >> weuld keep it. the red carpet, i think it flows well with nationals park so maybe keep it for a couple ofda . a lot of fun, trying to enjoy the best i can and enjoy the day as well. just have some fun. >> reporter: d.c.'s got great sports fans and seeing it all year long and this is great chance for everybody to o come and support baseball and what an event. the fans are gng nuts and
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playing music. an awesome experience. >> gotittle brooke here. >> this is fun. it's just fun, to be here and something you'll never strget. >> f i was bumped about not playing in the game. it's been so cool to kind of share this with the hometown crowd, you know. this is my second all-star game but inf a lot o ways feels like my first. been so much fun. having a blast. >> what about bryce yesterday? >> something you'll never forget. the way he finished it off. >> that was so much fun and i'm so happy for him. he came to win and -- and to win in that fashion on that stage for the home fans, such a cool moment for him and t city, so i'm excited to see what he has planned for tonightn the second half. >> max scherzer will be starting for the second straight year for the n.l. team. the pitching, and bryce harper got things started with the home run derby. jim,'m sure we're hoping max scherzer also represents well for d.c. here toniuyt. >> those clean up nice. are those slippers on bryce
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ppere? >> they were ss, yes, and they have like a flag and rocking that red, white and blue again. >> he was rocking them. >> he's always representing. >> thanks, sherree. >> let's check in with doug now who has been at the park all day. it's rained. it's sunny. it all.een >> reporter: that's right. we've seen it all, is and now it's on the hot and humid side d really with th sun out now it's definitely starting to feel a little bit more on the humid side, too. we're outside at saltline right now at what has become a very oner.aft yes, a little bit on the warm and humid side. not bad earlier. th had the doors closed. everybody was inside because it was simply pouring a while ago, and we're waiting. of course, this will be a place that's packed throughout the rest of the evening and right on into and after the game where we're right across from nats park. there it is right there. the first base gate and can you see right there. b you can on tv. it's okay. severing fine. these guys playing a little corn
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hole out there. >> paul, come here. paul, come on in, paul. spa paul is with saltline. doug, had you one job today and that's to keep things dry and i saw you putting on all the clothes. >>at is ighted raining. >> range hard. >> just a little bit. >> and you had to go into n.tion. totally in act you got everything. >> had to circle the wagons a little bit but tha day down here on the river front. we're ready for it and have some goodth w here. >> we're fine and you can take off the waders. >> i aeady got a shower, but i'll freshen uptle bit. >> thank good ney. thanks, paul. efwant to introduce you to alex. you've seen mee and i've been down here. this is harris creek oyster company, a local guy, a gonzaga guy. you guys have been dealing with oysters for longime and doing thisince saltline opened. >> yes, sir. started august of last year and love working with the saltline and a gre group of guys, chef
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kyle and the whole group are amazing. they car about sustainability and the best freshest quality products that you can get so we're just happy to be working with sh a great company. got to do one and then i've got go do the weather. i'm an oyster guy. never used to like oysters butm wife got me into it and now i love them. let's talk about weather. let me swallow that thing. still have the storm out st. mike al's. those storms are heading his way and let's show you the temperatures. currently in the s and s and here's the local radar. notice where the storms are making their way over towards around st. michael's and we have the showers around easton and cambridge right now, and they will continue t t makeir way off towards the east away from our area so you notice where we arht now. we are high and dry. however, we still have a flood warning i effect until 6:30. that includes d.c., partsfaf fax county and arlington county.
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this is the area that has seent some o flash flooding, and we've seen numerous pictures and water rescues from today. seen upwards of 2 to 3 inches of rain in a very short amount of time but it's out of here. take a look at the numbers. temperatures in the area in the 70s and 80s. 78 degrees and 80 in gaithersburg and 48 ineesburg. th warmest temperatures back to the west where the rain had already come through. w about tonight. 78 degrees right now. up to 79 at 7:00. we doxpt temperatures to go up. yes, it will be warm and humid tonight but lowering humidity as we go on through the nexe cou of hours by 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, a very nice night for the all-star game so don't worry about that. the next couple of days. 88 degrees tomorrow. really nice weather tomorrow into thursday and idao f high temperatures at or a little bit around average. high tperatures and lower humidity so that's good news, too. 87 on your sunday. cnday, tuesday and wednesday. we will see ance of showers and thunderstorms but all in all
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it's not looking too bad at all. okay, guys. you know i couldn't go out with one oyster. let me get the o biggest guyn here, ande'll go from there. are you oyster lovers back in the station. >> we'll bring you some. >> you've got to dre for me.p i need lots of cocktail sauce and lemon juice too. >> i need them to be deep fried. >> with a little bacon on it fo> me. ried oysters. that's pretty good, too. >> i need something. we ndeeet>>om shing probably w anything back but i just wanted to be nice. >> we know that drill we weren't holding our breath. >> hey, we have a tribute today to the legacy of civil rights icon nelson mandela. formerdent obama said something write interesting in his speech that marked mandela's 100th birthday. also ahead it's a disease affecting about 10% of all women. when we come bark the new research that suggests some women are at a higher risk of
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having endometriosis because of their childhd experiences. oo
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we're working for you tonight with an impcatant drug . if you or someone you know takes medicine to treat high plishhe t failure, this is for you. the u.s. food and drug administration says a substance that can cause cancer
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co kaminated one of the active ingredients in those drugs. so check the label tonight. if major pharmaceuticals or teva and it contains value saturdayan. you may fall under a israel. >> there's a research who suggest women who have suffered physical or sexual abuse as a child may be at greater risk for a common tonight called endometriosis. lperts think earlye trauma may create a heiftened state stress in the body, causec dro inflammation. endometriosis isease where the tissue that usually grows within the uterus imment and grows and interferes with other parts of the body and can cause infertility. a history of abuse can increase's risk by an about-face from president trump. the reaction after he says he
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misspoke when h was speaking about russia meddling in our elections. >>'mulie carey in loudoun county. this is one of two homes recently raided as police work to close down a proitution ring that was cycling women in and out from out of tow
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when a new breast cancer patient comes to our breast cancer center, she's coming for the multimherapy ... these were people who were experts in their field. and for us, that was the best choice. learn more at ♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper package tied up with strin♪ ♪ these are a few of ♪ ♪ and the latest on storm team 4 rad g is showingd news for your tuesday evening plans.
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it was the heaviest rain moving out of area over towards cambridge and salisbury right now. only a few ilated showers i parts of virginia heading down towards the fredericksbg area and shows signs of weakening. however, a shower or thunderstorm is still possible until about 8:00 p.m. and it's still going to be humid out there during the evening hours. lower humidity d levels't move in until overnight tonight and they will greet you tomorrow morning. wendy? >> thanks, amelia. you know, it is amazing what a few minutes will do in rain like this. this was the scene just a little while ago at the g.w. parkway. heavy rains that med through flooded this pkway leaving the cars under three feet of water or two and a half feast water. shomari stone just arrived thei s gone and what do the problems look like? ny kind of recession of the water? right now the water has receded. imagine how this driver must feel. a being loo. you see this mud that is on the seat here and right down here on the floorboards.
5:33 pm
flridwaters. ther told me that the water was all the way up here to thpa glove cment. he was driving and definitely concerned. we could have been down the block. you're going to be closer to the scene so you walk in and just get a feel, a sense what haveri this dr experienced right overn here the floor board. look at all of this water. right here imagine putting your cup in this thing right here. this cup holster. this driver told me that he was heading here on the g.w. parkway when all of a sudden it was just sudden. the water was just incredibly he have and it started coming down. let's roll some veo to show you what other drivers experience. nowore than 40 cars and suvs were submerged in water during this last floomptd vide heavy rain powered on the g.w. parkway and parts of northern virginia. this scene is past the airport access road atea rn national airport. again, firefighters rescues 40
5:34 pm
people. the good news, however, is that no one wasio serly injured, but there are backups on the g.w. parkway on the othere. sid let's roll some -- come back out here live so you all can say. just to let you know.ou if ylanned on take jefferson davis hohway t the airport, it's very backed up and took us a while to get to this point to bring you this live report that you're seeg right now. >> hey, hows itoing. thanks for watching. all right. th pks. there aple who right now who planned on taking their flights outaif the ort, and one guy told me his flight is delayed. he plans on cancelling. the gentleman who owns this car no showing his face on camera because he's a l tle embarrassed after what happened and this car has to be towed out ot here. it's a loss. back to you in the studio. >> what a mess down there. shomari, t wnk you. >> want to take a closer look now at president trump's evolvingomments surrounding russia. during yesterday's news conference in helsinki, thet
5:35 pm
presideemed to lend credibility to vladimir putin's denial of meddling in our 2016 election. the that's despite the assessment our nation's top intelligence agents. >> what mr. trump did is betray the mennd women of the fbi and nsa andan cia and other betray the american public. >> joining us now is author of "messing with the enemy" and nbc national securit analyst. we just heard from former cia director john brennan. rlier today the president tried to clarify his comments. what is your take on his statements today versus yesterday? he may have changed one word today but didn't walk back other comments he made yesterday supporting vladimir putin's version that he h nothing to do with the election interference and this comes a few days after we saw the
5:36 pm
mueller interindictment wch was incredibly detailed about the cyber attacks, who perpetrate it ha and what russians were involved down to the names and locations. today i think he' t trying do some damage control for what is not only an insult butng very conceror the u.s. government whether it's congress or the intelligence community. >> we heard a lot ofreaction yesterday and today from lawmakers but besides putting out statements what can they actually do? >> i think this might be one of those times where congress needs toome together to sort through what their options are legally to make sure that, one, the special counsel mueller investigation does see its way through and see its course and also to put some checks and balances in terms of sanctions and other policies towards russia. the predent took a very pro russian stance in helsinki and being very negative towards nato d our main ally the united
5:37 pm
hangdom. >> we invite you, you, clint watts. we vipt you invite you to keeptn "nightly news." >> former president obama t appear focus on recent comments by president trump in a speech that obamaelivered overseas. he spoke in south africa today have wouldration wha have been nelson mandela's 100th birthday and discussed the quote strange and uncertain imes we find ourselves in and in a speech lasting an hour he did not mention mr. trump by name. >> strong man politics are eascendant. thn power seek to undermine every institution or nm that gives democracy meaning. unfortunately, too much of politics today seems to reject the very conseptember of objective truth. people just make sff up. you have to believe in facts.
5:38 pm
without facts there's no basis for cooperation. if i say this is a podium and you say this is an elephant it's going to be hard for us to cooperate. >> mr. obama also said he believes racial discrimination still exists both inaf south ca and in the united states, and he said the struggle for justice is never truly finished. >> you know aceut the us, but for the next three years officials in the district will also be counting cats. a look at behind this unusual initiative. and a 4-year-old in a superhero ce is using his power to help feed the nation's homeless. >> that's tough there.
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after today's record rainfall to 2.8 inches of rain in washingtonn an hour's time, parts of the district, alexandria, fairfax still under a floodarning in effect until 6:30. the good lot of the waters and flooded roadways are now being able to flooding lot of that from earlier is starting to dissipate, and you can see more good news onm storm t 4 radar. we're virtually dry across the area. just trackinsome isolated showers out there, but there is
5:42 pm
a chance for isolated showers and thunderstorms, wendy, until about 7:00, maybe 8:0 p.m. tonight. more on how this cld impact the all-star game coming up in a bit. >> thanks, amelia. >> if y own a cat in d.c. you know it needs to be counted. something calle the d.c. cat count, a new effort to manage the cat population in our area. the goa to create a database for animal shelters for the welfare organizations and even wildlife scientists who can all share in this. the from there the group hopes to creat humane management populations and this isn't just about th farrell cats and wildcats. domestic cats, even the little kitty in your anuse, they to know it's there so it can be counted. >> now to a storyut abo doing good. no matter your age. take a look at austin perriis. he and dad are travel all over the country to bring meals to the e.meless. >> c >> austin started to ask questions about homelessness when he was watching television with his dad. he says he likes to give to
5:43 pm
others. >> it makes me feel great when i go around to feed the homeless. even if you help one person, and don't forget to show loo,. >> g austin. >> austin and his dad started their mission down in birmingham, alabama. local church eds are hosting them along their journey. they have already been to l.a. and new york and next up is miami. he is covering some ground with that cape, huh? >> a cute little kid and his heart and head is in the right place. >> sure are. >> still to come, a first look inde the n dinosaur exhibit at the museum of natural history just in time months before it's set
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the fast and furious rain area, burksf our boy, did it come town in buckets this afternoon as you probably well know.
5:46 pm
we're looking like we're in good maphape for the big all-star game at nat park. doug and amelia are back in a couple of minutes with an updated foreca n. this the kind of activity you expect to hear in the northern virginia suburbs. >> yeah. two men recently busted for running a busy prostitution ring that treated women like they were inventory. court documents show the women were ordered from a supplier and then picked up in d.c. >> they were then driven around northern virginia and later paid a portion of their earnings. all new now at 5:00. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey uncovered the troubling details and spoke to the man accused of running that operation. this sterling rental home more run down than those around it, but most neighbors had nea what was going on in plain sight until they heard of the recent prostitution arrests. >> this was real out of the ordinary. >> reporter: louis bonilla
5:47 pm
ndrnandez accused of running the business a another man lives in nearby herndon who investigators say it was often a etdriver. we m the alleged ringleader when he answered the door. you've been accused ofringing in at least ten women. >> i won't say anything. >> reporter: to prostitute inth women. >> do you have the women, do you have them? >> reporter: investigators have some of their nam though. these court documents tell the story of theumlleged traffic scheme. bonilla hernandez would pay $300 a supplier man from in queuss, new york. ual will you one at a time they would sent to philly,rt rn virginiar take them to their home. hed advertise on a automotive business cd and would use a gold camry to drive the women to the clifnlts investigators say the women worked monday to saturday and then on sunday the inventory would be switched out. tanew woman would arrive at the
5:48 pm
greyhound buson and be picked up by bonilla hernandez and he denies his role. why would y doing this? >> i haven't done anything. you need to show why are you saying. prove it. you need to prove it. >> reporter: are you s aing police wrong? >> yes, they are. >> reporter: but the loudoun sheriff's office has video surveillance. own at a gps tracking event and coming up at 6:00 we'll hear from an organization dedicated to helping women escape their traffickers about why this kind of operation can trap women. in sterling, i'm julie carey, >> a virginia man's dream has come through a little later in life, but just in time to share it with his kids. this giant tree house was built coming up and you can see it from the prince william county parkway. it took ortiz four months to build this and a little more than four years ago. came to the und. from peru designed the treehouse himself thanks to an associate degree in n chitecture from north
5:49 pm
virginia community college. they had a treehouse. all right. ba to all the exciting down at nats park tonight. we're just a few hours awayow from the 89th all-star game. >> much to do and see at the ballpark, and if you look closely you may notice something odd up in the sky downtown. >> yeah. >> tommy mcfly. not tommy mcfly. >> you're investigating, what's up, tommy? >> reporter: i'm the odd thing on the guy. at the sky if you've ever been to a nats game at night you would have seen that giant crested moon hanging from a crane and maybe thought what's up with that? well, we found out it's the j bj real estate company and hung the art installation to get us talking and they have and now they are challenging the players to hashtag hit it to the mo. if the bry harper couldn't do it during his performance odds
5:50 pm
are other players can. anything can happen and miracles can happen. eaking of miracles. i want to bring in doug because we had a craze rainstorm. >> awese. >> and you were like bipity, bopity, booping and it was tgo. ned out to be a really nice night. team, how long you been her >> yes, the radio show this morning. >> and then were you on the red ca >> bouncing all around and checking it out. so crazy to see the neighborhood come alive. i work down here every day ande just to all the people from all across the country and all the activions here. really awesome for this neighbor. nats are for the look w we've been over the last couple of weeks. >> we had the capitals. i mean, we rode that wave right on through the stanley cup players andi a field opened up and now the all-star game and d.c. is a pretty happening spot. >> i was on the mound lat and
5:51 pm
harper batting sixth. even doolittle n playing, he and his wife showed their support. we asked what his wife was wearing on the red carpet. target. 100% target. >> i wasing with him a little bit earlier and had his stuff on at 2:00 today. >> yeah >> already had his full uniform on today and not even pitching. take a look to show you what's happening o there weather-wise. it has become pretty nice. after a high temperature today into the upper s to around 90 degrees. that humidity was a real factor. now looking really nice. see the storms making their way ll out into thastern shore here hand they will continue to do so. still some shower hand thunderstorm activity down around fredericksburg and that's moving south and east and you'l tice now d.c., north and westward, nothing there. now we still have a cold front that has toom through. can we rule out a shower? no, but we really think thehe rt of game, the all-star game is going to be a-okay. take a look at what we're thinking. back up to 81 degrees right now. 79 degrees by:0
5:52 pm
again, an isolated shower chance and had a couple of sprinkles and 77:0 by and still humid around 11:00, but, again, it rely is going to feeling quite nice so a really good night for the game. heading out tonight here, a lot of people out here right now. we connue to see more and more showing up. going to be a nice one for you. let's talkbout tomorrow. after the game tonight, hey, not much going on tomorr right? we actually have some nice weather and can bipity, boop the weather right on out of here. >> tonight it's still oppressive out thereto when you look at the dew point temperatures that ar in the s right now. still very muggy out there. but it's going to be m comfortable out there by tomorrow morning when you step out your front door and then look athu thisday and friday. we continue to track comfortable humidity levels for mid-july as we head on into the weekend. it starts to feel a little bit humid out the on saturday and more humid on sunday. but tomorrow is lking fantastic from start to finish.
5:53 pm
pleasant at.m 7:00 with all sunshine. barely a cloud in the sky andy low humid with a high of 88 which is exactly where we should be this time of, ye so tomorrow is going to be a great day to head to the pool. thursd is looking fantastic, and friday is looking awesome again. so a string of really nice weather today. we made up our rainfall deficit in justver an hour for the month of july so these next few days dry weather will be just fine out there. 86 degrees for a highmp ature on saturday with a little bit more cloud cover, and then on sundayoartly mostly cloudy skies with a chance for showers han thunderstorms, especially durg the afternoon hours and i can't rule out some rain sunday morning as well. otherwise humid on sunday with a temperature of 87, and then there's a chance for more showers and thunderstorms monday, tuesday and wednesday. mainly during the afternoon hours of next week. our temperatures stay in theup r 80s with high humidity levels, but, again, jim,
5:54 pm
tomorrow through friday looking really nice. >> we deserve it. >> and back to doug. >> guys, i'll tell you what. yeah, back to doug. what do you think, are you ready? i see allndats fan a good buddy of mine who happens to be a detroit tiger guy. this is the g all-starame and can root for anybody we want today as long as we're on the right side. how you guys doing. a red sox fan here. we've got phillies here. we'll even accept them tonight. everybody going to the game? at yeah. >> weather looks g back to you guys. i'm going to go hang out with these guys who is buying? >> he's scoring more free food d beverages down there. >> oh, my gosh. >> than anybody i've ever seen. >> this guy is an eating machine. >> coming up,hu renovations down the t-rex exhibit at the
5:55 pm
smithsonian couple years ago. >> close to roaring back to life. yeah, we said it. a sneak peek after this. >> the return of a t-rex to d.c. ai'm aimee cho the
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
it used to be one of the world's most prolific predators, the tyrannosaurs.
5:58 pm
a t-rex exhibit closed in to 14 fo renovations at the national history museum and news 4 owes aimee cho gives us a sneak peek at what to expect. >> reporter: this is the home of the new t-rex and even though dinosaurs went extinct millions of years ago they can still teach us all a thing or two. it's hard to imagine but once upon a time creatures like this used to walk the earth, and us a look at the bones of this t-rex utu can't help b wonder what life was like for itll those years ago. >> that brand-new hall will blow people's mind. >> the dinosaurs are coming home. >> reporter: kurtdiohnson is the ctor of the museum and says the hall has been closed so the t-rex can get a little tune-up. during that time they learn more about the history dinosaurs, lessons that could shed lightn things like climate change. >> people are edgy about what happens next and the best f wayo plan the future suns what happened in the past. >> reporter: though the exhibit won't officially open until jun
5:59 pm
of next year many visitors already roaring with excitement. >> pretty excitement to me because they are just so huge and scary, so it's amazing that we are on the same planet as they are. >> we love dinosaurs, i grew up watching dinosaurs and i grew up tching "jurassic park," and i think it's part of the history. >> and i love i when kids cry when they leave and say i don't want to go, i want to stay, so i love that, too. >> reporter: at the museum of natural history, aimee cho, news 4. >> news 4 at 6:00 twins withea brng news. >> flooding was fast and furious tonight as the water recedes. we're getting new images of the damage allcr as our area. take a look atce these ss from the g.w.ay parkw dozens of people stranded at the height of the storm. more than three dozen people had to be rescued here, but the parkway is back open right now. >> from the roads to the rails, take a look at this video from the capital south station as ceiling on to a metro platform
6:00 pm
there. >> the rain also drenched nats park ahead oftonight' big all-star game. 2.8 inches of rain we g in just over one hour shattering a record from way back in 1899. the down filled the dugout with water and created a waterfall down from th upper deck. >> it was a head-shaker, folks. we have a team of reporters covering the aftermath, an what's ahead for tonight? let's begin with shomari who is along the g.w. parkway that's a low-lying area. you saw a lot of people in trouble. >> reporter: well, it was really bador drivers here on the g.w. parkway by reagan national airport. come down here and take a quick look before we show you video. you look right here, youan see there is dirt and it was coming up at lea two to three feet. take a look inside here. all of this water, this is one of at least 20 cars that were flooded out. there's so much w


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