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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  July 17, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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there. >> the rain also drenched nats park ahead oftonight' big all-star game. 2.8 inches of rain we g in just over one hour shattering a record from way back in 1899. the down filled the dugout with water and created a waterfall down from th upper deck. >> it was a head-shaker, folks. we have a team of reporters covering the aftermath, an what's ahead for tonight? let's begin with shomari who is along the g.w. parkway that's a low-lying area. you saw a lot of people in trouble. >> reporter: well, it was really bador drivers here on the g.w. parkway by reagan national airport. come down here and take a quick look before we show you video. you look right here, youan see there is dirt and it was coming up at lea two to three feet. take a look inside here. all of this water, this is one of at least 20 cars that were flooded out. there's so much water here.
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you can jus see it all. this guy was driving, and all of a sudden he says that there was low visibility. he pulled over, and that's when he sai the water just started rising. he now left the car right here, a com total loss and is waiting for a tow truck. let's roll the video to show you what other drivers experienced. that heavy torrential rain was just pounding the g.w. parkway in parts of northern virginia. drivers tell me that they were trying to get to the airport. missed their flights after this happened. now, you know how we say turn around and, d'trown. that's quite frankly irrelevant here because these drivers say it was completely dry and all of a sudden that rain started pounding and they had nothing to do. tthey didn't know w to do. it's also worth pointing out that around 4 people were rescued from 25 cars. the good news it is that no one was injured. the badhe news, t cars, a lot of these drivers are telling me it's a total d loss. th't want to drive them.
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they are flooded out and it's also worth mentioning that some of the drivers were uber drivers and insult t injury now they can't even help people and with their jobs with uber because their cars a destroyed. we're going to bring you another live report about this tonight at 11:00 on nbc news washington news 4. thanks for watching. back to you. >> all right. shomari stone, that's a mess glad the water has gone down. theck out the scene at nats park. skies are darkening as rain slammed the site of the all-star game tonight so will the weather affect the game? doug continues our coverage with that part of the story. what do you think, doug? >> yeah. the answer to that is a big fat no. it's really going to be a nice night for the ball game. still a little humid but not bad out here at all right now and that's goi to be the case as you head in towards nats mark. we've seen a lot of fans going in. we ear on the back side and this is the fir base gate, the gate where everybody is at is on the other side. we're right by the saltline who
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have everything set up, a nice bi area out here set up and with the rain that came down earlier. everybody that w outside h to get inside really fast. take a look at the video inside nats park a little bit earlier. looked like it was about midnight as f as the dark skies go and the rain coming down. it was really coming down here, upward of 2 to 3 inches in this area as well w.once again we broke that record at national. we also broke record at dulles and at bwi. a lot of rain anareawide this is coming from a time frame over the last three weeks where we've seen zero rain recorded at national airport. needed to see some rain and got it right now and also needed to see it get on out of here just me, ime for the all-star guys, that's looking fantastic. can't wait to go. at least a b little because i've got to do the 11:00. >> getack here and bring some of the oysters while you're at . it, >> he's had several meals and
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has been out there for only a couple of hours so far. >> other parts of our region are still under a flood risk right now. >> let check in wh amelia draper in storm center 4. who is still affected? >> still seeing a flood warning in effect for parts of the district down theat at park, parts of arlington, alexandria and fairfcounty. it will run for another 25 minutes or so. again, it lex pier at 6:30. here's the late on storm team 4 radar. like doug was saying, most of this activity is oe of h and heavy thunderstorm activity over towards the eastern shore and isolated showers down around fredericksburg and there areis ated showers and thunderstorms up in pennsylvania so i can't rule out a o shower thunderstorm until 7:00 or 8:00 of. and i really think most us are completely dry but not just for the rest of the week but take a look at this flood ecrning. in e until 6:30.
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we'll be in the 0s during the game. still humid and more on when thw humidity levell drop. an error was made earlier by myself. weroke a recor that was set back in 1945, not 189 thatas yesterday's record, doreen, so want to put that out there. >> still a record though. >> yes. >> all right. thank you, amelia. tonight there's dramatic and awful new video of masked mental firing a barrage of results and witnesses say it felt like a scene from the wild west. oneullet hit a girl who mild inther mo's arms. this rat will the commune to the core and gotten the mayor's attention, too. news 4's pat colli is with police as they try to suspect in on the video. pat. >> >> a 10-year-old girl gowned down on his dore step and tonight bone-chilling video on
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how it went down. police just released crime camera fid of a brazen shooting on 53th street "new york post." it shows the killers' car pullo up caught yard and masked gunmen getting out and a bofrage gunfire that followed. it took the life of a 10-year-old girl. the victim, makiyah wilson. she had t justned 10 years old. this woman was here when it happened. she asked not to be identified. >> but the little girl died in her doorway. mom not. the mom at work, and her sister's arm and the everything. it was sad. justadd. >> at the murder see investigators looked for slugs and shell casings or anything that might lead them to the killer.
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at the murder scene policera of every, working the neighborhood. here now -- hear now from assistant police chief janell dickerson. >> illegal firearms showed up on our doorstep to murder this precious little girl. >> you're going to find these guys? >> we'll do everything in our power to find these guys. >> reporter: at the place it happened her teacher showed up with flowers and words of comfort. you see, wilson was a fifth grader at the d.c. college scholar student. there.made her presence it's just that it's terrible to be that way to be extinguished. >> such a tragic loss for our school, for the communit >> reporter: police say four adults were wounded in the theyhey are expected to be aycident. okay, and there is a $25,000
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reward posted in this case. jim, back to you. >> such a tragedy. cpatlins. pat, thank you. >> now to the fallout tonight from president trump'sumt with russian president vladimir putin and his failure to confront putin over election interference. tonight the president says he mipoke when he was asked whether he believes putin's denial or his own intelligence community. realized that there is need for somelarification and key sentence in my remarks i said the word would instead of wouldn't. >> president putin, he just said it's notrussia. i will say this. i don't see any reason whybe it woul >> just to repeat it. i said the word would instead of wouldn't. a the clarification follows storm of bipartisan criticism of that summit. jennifer johnson has the latest.
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>> reporter: facing negative headlines from coast to ast, president trump today in damage control mode telling americans what he wouldn't tell vladimir putin. >> i acceptur intelligence community's conclusions that russia's i meddling 2016 election took place. >> reporter: while still saying there was no collusion, the president said he misspoke yesterday when he said he saw no eviden and no motivation for russian interference. >> i don't see any reason why it would be. the sentence should have been i don't see any i reason why wouldn't be russia. >> reporter: lawmakers on both side condemning the president's words in helsinki. >> in my mind the weak e.motor pathetic display by an american ident that i've ever witnessed. >> it was a stunning betrayal of the country and inexplicable at so many levels. >> reporter: president trump sided with vladimir putin over his own intelligence agencies
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who all concluded that russia meddled in the 2016 presidential eaections. >> they i didn't in elections, it's really clear. should be no doubt about that. >> reporr: lawmakers lacking a explanation and concern how this will play out globally. >> if the presidentas willi to dismiss american concerns in public, what in the heck did he say in private? president trump is harder to -- to defend than he is to explain sometimes. >> but the president writing the fake news is going crazy. >> nbc l trned that president had a meeting with the topri national se advisers at the white house. that meeting taking place before he spoke t reporters this afternoon on capitol hill. jennifer johnson, doreen back to you. >> jennifer, thank you. former president barack obama is warning against the politics of fea division. today he delivered the 16th nelson mandelatu l in johannesburg. he did not mention president
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trump by name b noted these are strange and uncertain times, and he urged citizens of the world to defend democracy. >> unfortunately, too much of politics tay seems to reject the very concept ofve objec truth. people just make stuff up. we see it in the growth of state-sponsored propaganda. we see it in internet-driven sbrications. it in the blurring of lines between news and entertainment. we see the utter loss of shame may among political leaders where they are caught in a lie and they just double down and they lie some more. >> the annual nelson mandela speech focuses on bridging the divide and endssg oppreion and inequality. when we come back tonight, hidingn plain sight. new clues after police bust a prostitution ringn the suburbs as we hear treasury secretarily from one of the men who has been
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charged. >> plus a lal game of pickup basketball goes viral, but it's not because of a wild dunk. we'll show you how a hard foule prom call to police. >> a final tune-up for the playnis before t's all-star game. the national logue now taking batting practice. i'm sherree burruss live atna onals park. coming up, we go back carpet and hear from the 2018 carpet and hear from the 2018 ho run derby champion brmeyc
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big night around here.
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at the moment nats park is cryivy out from the hea thwnpour we had a little while ago. video from just a couple hours ago. >> you can see just how hard that rain was.oming do it was a real record soaker out there. we have team coverage of all things all-star related. >> more on the weather in a moment but we'll start with chris gordon and the growing excitement for the fans. hi, chris. >> hi, doreen and jim and washington is hosting the or all-star game the first time in a history that goes back to 1937 but some fans say washington has one important thing t prove before it's considered one of the best baseball cities in history. >> all-star summer has reached its peak. the kid in this fountain pool and voters on the anacostia are all part of it a the capital river walk is decorated in all-star red, white and blue. washington went without a for 33 years and then the joy of
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baseball returned. >> and the best day of my life was april 14th, 2005 when baseball returned. i'm a native and used to go to griffith stadium with my father and older brother. d.c. stadiumnd rfktadium. i love it. >> nats park spurred development all around it fro the stadium to capitol hill and construction cranes are putting up buildings ndth offices and restaurants and retail a residential units. now the nats are hosting the mlb all-star game. some season ticket holders seem to be getting a little giddy. they look much younger in person than you do on tv. mwah. go nats. >> reporter: fans without a ticket to the all-star game may be out of luck, evehe ifare willing to pay premium prize. >> 800. >> $800 per ticket? >> yeah. >> and you're lookingor two. >> yeah. >> will washington have to win a
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world series like houston order to get the respect of being called a real baseball town. >> i think you will. i thinkd.c. does have to win a world series. >> washington is a baseball wn, an original american league team, won the world series in 1924. >> reporter: winning, that's whs nats f say they need after this all-star break. they want the team to get off to a very quick start in the second half othe season. doreen and jim. back to you. >> we want, that too. thank you, chris gordon in nats park. >> got it. it appears baseball fans won't have to worry about a e metro strik at least for otonight. metreadership says it met with union leaders today and had a, quote, constructive and frank discussion. and another meeting is set for tomorrow. metro will staypen until 12:30 toght to help baseball fans get only from thell-star game. if the game runs late metro will stay open half an hour after the end of the game. a strike is still possible if the days come -- that metro and
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the union cannot hammer out a deal. our team covere continues now with doug who has really nailed this forecast. >> that's righ >> and he's been nailing a lot f food, too, from what i've seen. he's near nats park with the forecast ahead of tonight's ime. you're going to be a food coma by gametime. >> oh, no, no, no. you can't get in a food coma until you actually sit down on a couch somewhere and then you're able to do one ofhose things. i think i'll be standing for the next couple of hours. amazing earlies. g we've been out here since about 2:30, and when the rain was coming down, everybody here in the restaurant area all asking me about the weather tonight. how much longer is this going to go on, will this affect the game tonight? no, the game is looking great. come out here and come to some of the restaurants including mike's. he's the chef here and we've iaeaten the p before. r g tisoifntfe dreyp tes
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exciting. you've at nats park, your first year. had so many things within the last couple of months that really help the restaant out and help this area. >> oh, for sure. to be part of washington sports in generma song and to have the backdrocht ballpark here as part of the reap why we ca down herend tried to be part of the new scene, and it's just been exciting with the home opener, and obviously a hometown hero last night hand having the game this evening. it will be a blast and wreve y had a blast and business has been great and everybody is pumped and greato meet a lot of people from around the country. everybody is coming to the nation's capital>> for this. ow you guys -- i haven't seen this yet but you've got a new rooftop bar which means i have to see it eventually. >> got to check the weather up there and we've gotoverage. beautiful rooftop bar right ove the restaurant serving great cocktas, full menu. >> let's take a look at the pizzay that we've got real quick. >> got some seasonal piesere. got ourselves curveball because it's bhibecuedcken
6:20 pm
pizza,et s persons and smoked m o'zoo zoo and barbecue sauce, curveball. >> and this is the garden state. >> new jersey. >> from new jersey. m a jersey boy at heart and 've got roasted corn, cherr tomatoes, italian sausage made inhouse and parm and a little bit of mozz. >> hold that right here because i've got to theo a little bit of weather. hold that pizza, mike. you know what's happening next.r tracking those storms as they move on through here. thosetorms are now all well to the east, towards the dmarva and over towards ocean city and not much going on. seeing isolated showersopping . a couple down to the south and one in parts of anne arundel county. look around d.c. see a little bit in the way of a sprinkle orth two. 's a sprinkle and fwhaes it. the game tonight looking great. let's take a look and show you what we've been dealingh. w temperature-wise, 82 right now and 1 in gaithersburg.
6:21 pm
those numbers will come down but not all that much. it's warm and humid. this is exactly what we expect for the night tonight m as wee on through. 82 degrees and down to 76 degrees by the time the game is getting out of there. people heading home or towards the saltline if you want to stop by. great weather the next couple os low 80s and low humidity and notice, guys, we don't have a single t990 ont ten-day forecast. that right there pretty nice, so, gu, all in all. not a bad forecast now that the rain has moved on out and you got the one i wanted. >> i'm glad you didn't let anybody touch it. >> had security guards here, and i'm going to send it back to you. >> and you bring, doreen and me back to one of those even larger, doug. >> you can keep the oysters down there. >> but the pizza looks great. >> does look >> thanks, doug. >> he's in heaven. coming up, a sub prime start to one ofam on's biggest starts of the year.
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what went wrong as we look at the big deals that are still out thye. >> a famut with a warning for parents after their toddler got trapped in their
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millionf people counted on amazon for prime day deals m only to be with error messages. amazon was apparently unable to handle all the online traffic. if you didn't get to spend your money onam on, other retailers, they want your business. ifheou spend t 100 bucks or more online at target, you get a free six-month membership for same-day delivery, and walmart is offering o30% smart home products. executives from facebook, twitter and youtube are now testifying on capitol hill. the politicians are grilling the companies aboutll theired lack of transparency and potential bias. some lawmakers say the sites' filtercontent based on political bias but the social media networks deny that. >> i think that the host of content producers whose speech has beend filte by facebook would complain as loudly if they could simpl switch to a
6:26 pm
competitor. >> we're keenly aware that users have choice, thatrs adverti have choice and that's why we work hard to make sure that facebook is a place where both users and advertisers want to be. >> protesters disrupted the hearing today by holding up signs during the testimony, but police quickly moved in and caed them out. the district is part of a troubling trend. more american women die o pregnancy-related complications in the other count developed world. in 1993 there were 12 materna deaths per 100,000 live births. by 2013 that number had increased to 28, and women in the district are especially at risk. in d.c. the maternal mortality rates were nearly double the national average b5ween 2 and 2014 with nearly 39 deaths per100,000 births. the rates have declined since then, but they are still above the national average, and black women aret dying higher rates
6:27 pm
than white women. a panel experts will meet this fall to tryo better understand what's causing the d.c. trend to be so high and how to overcome t.maryland and virginia already have similar panels in place. a colorado family's new washing machine caused a scare of a lifetime. lindsey mciver and her husband bought mat sheen last week and told their two pre-schoolers not to touch it and then didn't think anything of t.early the next morning their 4-year-old son woke them up, his 3-year-old sister was locked inside the air tight washing machine and it was filling with water it took some panicky button pushing to figure out how to stop the new machine an unck the door. the mcivers bought a child lock. they are sharing their sto in hopes other parents won't make the same mistake. >> wow. omwhen we c back tonight on "news 4 at 6:00," parts of our region still under o threat flooding. >> hey melia is back to tell us who is affected and how long it will last. >> a prostitution bust, a
6:28 pm
operateth operating out of suburban homes in loudoun and fairfax county. now new fairs has details about how this group was cycling women inin kwoens and tg them intocu omers' homes. omers' homes. >> ivanka trump
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i had life-treatening bleeding in my brain. but thanks to the virtual reality technology at gw hospital, my surgeons were able to look inside my brain and plan for a successful surgery. it's remarkable that i woke up and ran five miles this morning. i would tell gw hospital thank you for giving me new life. for life's defining moments the george washington univeristy hospital defining medicine.
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welcome back. the sunshine back, but earlier
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today we had extremely heavy rainfall and flash flooding in the area. take a look in fairfax. a lot of the water today that was high is going down if it hasn't already recede, and rainfall amounts are impressive. we broke in the rainfall amount today in washington with 2.8 inches today, and the old record was right around 2 inches setba in 1945. we needed this rain. this was over our- this is under our rainfall deficit, and we made that up in about an hour. dulles picking up about an inch and baltimore setting a with over 3 inches of rainfall there. as we look to tomorrow, it's ali su and low humidity. 7:00 a.m. where it's 70 degrees. by 3:00 we hit a high temperature of 88 so really comfortable, a really nice summer day overall and when duk doug has the ten-day forecast more rain moving back in weekend.tely for the jim and doreen. >> tomorrow looks great. the lawns will be happy, yetoo. >>. >> thanks, amelia. >> a northern virginia man
6:32 pm
denies that he was the ringleader of a busy prostitution operation based o of two suburban homes. >> police tell us the elaborate scheme went out of state with women being treated like inventory, fwlout from new york and delivered to a client's door. >> bureau chief julie carey found out that kind of human trafficking makes it difficult for women w want to break eree. >> reporter: his is louis bonill hernandez and investigators say he's been running a prostitution ring out his home in sterling. that's where we found him fiercely challenging thele tion. why were you doing this? >> i haven't done anything. you need to show what you're saying. where's the proof? prove it. are you staying police are wrong? >> yes, they are. >> reporter: bonilla hernandez herndoned along with a man who was reportedly the driver in the operation. redents in both neighborhoods surprised at what was going on. >> this waseallyut of the
6:33 pm
ordinary. >> these court documents tell the story of the alleged human traffic scheme. bonilla hernandez would pay $300 to essentially rent a woman from a supplier in queens, new york. usually one at a time they would be sent to philly, suburban virginia nd northern to bonilla hernandez's home. he allegedly advertised the prostituti on a card that looked something like this for automotive serviceso but a contains the code word promising a sex act or $30. the men would often use a goldve camry to d the women to clients' homes. on sundays the inventory would be switched out, a new woman would arrive at thereound bus station to be picked up. one northern virginia organization devoted to fighting human trafficking and says by shuttling the women in and out of unfamiliar cities it's more difficult for them to. break fr >> she walks out the front door and doesn't even know where she is. she's in the neighbo where is the closest public transportation? where's the closest police station and closest phone, you
6:34 pm
know, and that is just -- it's a cycle. it's a vycious of going back and forth. >> reporter: if convicted the two suspects could can be the ones trapped behind bars. in sterling, virginia, i'm julie carey, news 4. a gofundme page has been set up now for the victim that have gruesome murder last week in alexandria. 65-year-old brad jackson was found dead inside a second-story ailding on friday. policeested a man outside. they tell us he was trying to make a getaway in someone else'w carn they arrived. jackson isn't clear if knows the suspect who was arrested. the gofundme page to help pay funeral expenses was set u by jackson's son. the white house is in damage control mode after widespread bipartisan criticism of president trump's summit with vladimir putin. the national securitld council meeting this morning to talk about russia and the summit fallout,nd in a shift from yesterday the president sayse
6:35 pm
accepts the intelligence community's finding that russia interfered with our 2016 election. i accept our intelligence community's conclusion that russia's meddling in the 2016 ooection place. >> vladimir putin meanwhile returned to russia to widespread praise. mark you will r has officially won the democratic primary. his opponent is not ready to concede. david player says he has until thursday to ask for a recount. montgomery board voted ulrich's 79-point victory. he'll face republican robin ficker in the november election. nancy florring plans to run as an independent. >> the fst daughter delivers a
6:36 pm
message to student in maryland. tonight hear what some of the teenagers say surprised them the most about itrumpet. >> a game of pickup basketball. tting a little rough. getting the deputies involved. i'm david cull remember? sterling, va. just ahead, you'll meet the guys behind the video that isoing viral right now. >> seems like everybody is ditching straws these days and "first on 4" tomorrow morning susan hogan isli revea a big company about to go straw-free. how it will also impactour y
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
while the world reacts to president trump's meeting with the president of russia his senior advis and daughter ivanka trump visited prince george's community collee spending tt a high school s.t.e.m. camp. the first daughter did not take questions from the media but did answer questions from student who were participating in this
6:39 pm
federally funded camp. our bureau chiefin tracee wi was there for the visit. >> you want to make sure that the wires are straight. highe prince george's school students are buildinger comput cables from scratch, and today they have a special guest helping out. >> you should have your wires exposed right there. >> yeah. >> reporter: ivanka trump, president trump's daughter ands or adviser visited the cyber program at community college, national programs creed by the national security agency andna onal science foundation. >> white, green, green,>> white eporter: its goal, build a stronger s.t.e.m. workforce. >> if you emerge from this week sharing even a small bit of the passion for s.t.e.m. fields and cyber security, then we are all the better for it. >> it's absolutely amazing to have someone of her level to come and visit a camp like this. it shows commitment from the very top. >> there we go.
6:40 pm
>> reporter: for many ofsthese ents like kennedy, a lover of s.t.e.m. with the goal of becoming a dentist, it was har separating the headlines and the politics of today's white house from trump's visit. >> i don't agree on the things that donald trump has to say about people in this community and how people -- like, i think everyone is equal in ameca and in this world. >> reporter: brys, aover of math had a different take. >> she kind of changed my mind or shifted my mindset on how i judge and portray the trump family and h the whitese staff. >> reporter: this particular summer camp actually has a waiting list every year. students in prince george's county are allowed to h participate and there are other classrooms like this across the county. in prince george's county, tracee wilkins, news 4. >> the next smer camp in our area happens next week in columbia, maryland. they are held all across the country for free. the national security agency and the national science foundation
6:41 pm
provide the necessary funding. for more information visit nbc washington app and search gen cyber. we're asking for your help to support our schools. it's almostime for our annual backpacks for kids initiative. this year we hope to give out at least 4,000 backpack to elementary school students in our area, and if you would like to help bring new backpacks, school supplies or a donation to the woodmore town center inlen arden next thursday. >> the museum's dirtor calls it the most visited hall and the most visited natural history museum. today the smithsonian gave us a sneak peeke ins the feature t-rex exhibit. it's been closed now for renovations for the past four years. crews have been expanding the hall and putting the dinosauto a more historically pose.te smithsonian officials tell us even though dinosaurs went extinct millions of years ago, e can still learn a lot from
6:42 pm
them. >> this is our story. it's a story of the history of life on plane earth, and we live on planet earth when we're alive and this is our story everything that has come before us is useful for us toss understand as we think about what happens next. >> the new t-rex exhibit is set to open in early june of next year. >> out of line and why a hard foul prompted a call to police during a pickup game of basketball. >> we're staying on top of any more storms tonight after heavy rain shattered rainfall records in our reg op. doug isack to b
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
all right. all you real ballers out thereto already know when you're playing pickup hoops you only call a
6:45 pm
foul if you're getting hacked. >> ll, that's why one guy's reaction to a hard foul has resulted in an ocuproar onl media. northern virginia bureau reporter dav cver explains why the cops were called to the hard court in sterling. >> have you ever been called for the social media foul. >> reporter: tonight this is getting thousands shares and retreats. it all started with a tense game on the court. >> it was 12-12. game on the line and people with khigh emotion, yw what i mean. >> this is at a recreation center. you're at the l.a. fitnes a this is not the capital one arena. >> man, i'm telling you. it doesn't matter if you're getting paid to play sports. people are getting paid in any thck center. >> reporter: one oplay, one of their friends, got fouled by another player. once he got hit he got on the ground, usually a tough guy. expected h to get up. he got up and walked outside. >> reporter: and he
6:46 pm
calling the cops. >> he said he was calling the cops and everybody is laughing, looking around. he's not calling the cops. >> reporter: oh, he he did. >> dulles townte c occurred on the basketball court and gym.ect is still in the >> reporter: deputy sheriffs responded and filled out an incident report for a assault, the deputy wrote that the physicalness center manager gave the subject one more chance toa keep the civil or else they would be removed from the gym for the day. >> i doant to say that the guy who called the cops is a good guy. know him very well. he's good guy. a not anything where there's tension doesn't like somebody. i know how it can look, basketball, everybody is playing. definitely a good guy. l got atle emotional. >> i'm sure he might be a little bit mad at us. >> reporteud physical decides to sit the next game out, they invite you to join them on the court. >> if you think y're pretty decent. i'll dunk on you but not call the cops on you. come out and play. it's fun.
6:47 pm
need as many people as possible tour enjoyime. >> reporter: david culver, news 4. >> i want video of the foul. >> do you think that coming back now? >> he's been shamed. >> oh, my. all our coverage of the mid-summer classic continues with doug. >> he's moved from the saltline to the field at nats park as we gear ull for the action tonight. doug? >> oh, guys, ir took o sherree burruss' camera. to come inside. this is so cool. been to a lot of events, the winter classic and summer classic right here and excitement here really ranked right up coing there was such furious rain and can feel the excite president. excited to see max schurzer and brycer back out there so certainly something to be seen. >> and they were right ere. >> right there. >> you and i were talking and we see a weale nationale team coming. trying to get my phone and open ak phone. >> selfies. >> trying to figure out what i'm
6:48 pm
doing here. even right now i can't getn it the i time. look, everybody. look, everybody. it's right there. that's the team. that's the team. yeah. i g it. i got it. and then scherzer kind of stopped right in front of us, you know. didn't say anything to us. >> i know this is not a regular season or postseason game but everybody is >> this is great for the city. a lot of people worried earlier. you were here because the rain was coming down, boy, it was coming downo much, guys, that we had flooding along the g.w. nrkway. i've seenerous pictures of flooding around the area. this flooding came through rainse of 2 to 3 inches of in about an hour. numerous card trapped. smokery was there a little bit earlier, who people having been rescued as aul r of high water in the area and flash floodingor sure a we're looking at a much nicer night
6:49 pm
now. the dougout were flooded and that's all because of the rain we saw earlier. take a look at rainfall. you can see it's all outow with the exception down around noticeavnia county and around hagerstown. that's the front. we'll see that come through so we can't quite rule out another shower. however, we really think tonight is going to be aht good nor the game. we're not too worried about that. that's going to be makin way down 270 and should most likely dissipate andaybe move just to the north. let's hope so because we want to see a great game. speak of that. as you maker way out. 82 degrees and 79 degrees at 7:00 and it's humid. we're sweating a little bit right now, butn allll not bad. we would love to see a breeze and haven't seen much of take a look at that ten-day forecast. next couple of days, t 88orrow and low humidity and 87 thursday and 89 friday. we don't have a sickle day at 90 or above.
6:50 pm
that's kind of amazing for time of year towards the end of july us a make your way into early next week. showers and thunderstorms will return. earlier today we said we needed the rain now we're up to almost three inches of rain and that's all fromne daynd that almost affected the red carpet. out on the redart and altuve was coming up. he was mvp last year and looking at this guy and the rain is out to come. i hope they know to get everybody in. >> he did not get rained on ore mae were just ahead of the rain. we were able to avoid the sprinkles and still a very cool thing to see. awesome. >> yeah. >> going to bring that to you and bring it here to bryce harper. coolst so >> look at that. >> and the baby. >> and the baby, a the family.
6:51 pm
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6:54 pm
>> all right. we're about an hour away, guys. you guys ready. the stadium filng up yet? >> the american league is taking batting practice right now so we're admiringdg aaron >> aaron judge. >> he's enormous. >> a big dude. >> manny machado is in the cage k. >> yeah. >> right now taking some swingso this is pretty to be down here right now. >> this is the coolest thing. you've got an hour before the game starts. this is not like a normal nats game an hour before, people are milling around. everybody is watchinghese guys right now taking batting practice. machado, one of the biggest guyt in s right now. where is he going? talking to matt kemp on the dodgers. >> okay. >> not sure if that's any indication but thenal league was out here taking bp before. one guy not batting but certainly going to be pitching for the second straight yearly for the nati alleague, max scherzer and we caught up with him first on the red carpet.
6:55 pm
you see him here with his wife erica and daughter brooke. fans absolutely going nuts for max. can you imagine what this team is going to be like when he does finally takehe mound here tonight. scherzer getting start for the national league forhe second raight year and he's ready for the tough competition. >> this is where guys areafoing r it. we're going to be playing hard an all the pitchers are throwing hardbl as they possiy can, and probably the closest thin you get to the postseaern in of like the atmosphere and the intensity and everything, and a lot of times i've always looked at pitching in the all-star game as a prelude t y how pitch in the postseason. >> scherzer was one of the first guys on the red carpet and also bryce harper styling. >> he looks good. >> he'sll r doing well repping that red, white and blue. there's a monument, an american flag on there and he had the ippers, b.h., a flag,
6:56 pm
can you pull that out? not.finitely his game was so strong. his hair, the flip. >> coifed hair. >> i'm not a fair guy but he looked good. >> bryce certainly soaking this all in and enjoying the all-star festivities. >> we should keep it. i mean, the red carpet, it flows ll with nationals park so maybe keep it for a couple of daig. >> on ah from yesterday? >> a lot of fun and try to enjoy the best i can a eoy the day as well. just have some fun. certainly everyone is still kind of buzzing from that home run derbiy. >> yeah. >> have to soak this in. it's been how l wg since left on this? >> you were on the moon. man was on the moon the last me the all-star game was in d.c. >> home run derju. saw aarone, he put it out there, too. the yankee guy, only 7". >> yeah, casual. >> he's immense. >> just s you know, we're all best friends with aaron judge now. he looked aus and gave us a smile. >> yeah.
6:57 pm
>> it's a start. >> well, and doug, if you take a look at promised. remember last night i'm rocking the bryce harper d.c. banner, and not everyone can pull this off in a salmon shirt like i can. i can't do the hair flip but i've got the shirt. >> yourhriends w aaron judge, this all-star week, what are you looking at? max scherzer said this is one big party but it's important to keep the party going for baseball. ou know what, long after the all-star game iver and beron the bright lights of the mid-summer classic and bandanas, bringing joyy baseball by introducing and making the game accessible, a passion of cal pken sr.
6:58 pm
it's about getting baseball and softball into the inner cities chances for underserved kids. >> you start to hear the stories that this kid was really troubled. he wouldn't go to school, wouldn't do this and that and it was hard to reach him, but you reach him through this program, and you reached him through sports, and then that changed his life so there's a lot of similar stories like that. >> involved in promoting baseball, and i've been trying the bryce harper hair flip and i keep getting you whiplash. >> going to get you a real bandana. >> what have you got, paper clips up thcle? >> papers. >> you went on amazon last night, not available until d. august 3r >> you got a jump ton. >> you can look this way, too. e like it, you keeping it low over the ears like bryce would do. >> ver>>good. ou got a prediction about tonight's game. >> max scherzer shuts them down. bryce harper with the bandana comes through with the big run and national league wins. >> right. >> keeps his promises.
6:59 pm
>> right. >> that's going to do it for us. the game starts in just about an hour. "news 4 at to
7:00 pm
>>ght, president trump goes for a do-overaf ter siding with putin and blaming america. mr. trump now saying heisspoke and says he accepts u.s. intelligence that russia interfered in the election. >> i have a full faith in our intelligence agencies. >> the moment the lights went out at the white house. can the damage be undone? a suspected serial killer caught w returned to the scene of the crime, spotted by a news photographer. >> this guy looks right at me, like he just looks right at me. i'm thinking, is this the guy? >> setting off a child chase and a dramatic arrest. a fatal collision in mid-air, two planes crash into each other over the evergde


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