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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  July 18, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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allegations. we'll have more on that story a bit later this morning. we first want to get a look at your forecast and the commute for this morning. melissa mollet stanby and chuck bell and sheena parveen are here to start us off with a look at the weather. >> yes indeed. clearing skies overhead after a teamer and a super soaker yesterday afternoon. so much nicer today. >> it almost looks fake compared to yesterday. >> little darker, too. the sunrises a getting later and later. >> you keep reminding me which i don't like by the way. >> you hate that. i don't want to use the word hate but i hate it when you mind me that our daylight is getting shorter. >> pretty morning. >>t's a pretty morning, chuck. it is actually really nice outside. when you walk outside, it feels very comfortable, too. low humidity, comfortable 70 degrees in washington. that northwest wind is going to our humidity very low at a comfortable level. look at the suburbs. temperatures in the suburbs in
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the mid-60s. as you wake up and walk out the door, the air is more crisp this morning. tomorrow some of the suburbs could be in the upper 50s for the morning hours. if you plan to do any grilling today, it's going to be perfectt weather in evening. sunshine, temperatures and about the mid to upper 80s across the area. make sure you have on the spf. otherwise, we have a rain in the forecast as we head closer to th weekend. chuck is back with a look at the rest of that in a bit. let head over to melissa, get a check on the roadways. >> inner loop after route brand new problem popped up in college park.r chop over this when it happened. right now, everything is coming by on the left sideof the roadway. rest of the beltway looks quite good. here is the problem. as we zoom into that,hat delay is starting to build. hopefully they can get to the shoulder at some point lretty soon.
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eastbound -- st have the police activity on the shoulder this morning. in the district, southern avenue through 25th street blocked by the crash. >> elissa, thank you. new details in the murder of a 10-year-old girl in northeast d.c. >> makiyah wilson's family says she was full of life and loved sports. now they're planning her funeral. justin finchs li outside d.c. police headquarters with new details on the shooting. justin, good morning. >> reporter: aaron, eun, police have called these four suspects out there cowards saying the covered their faces as they pulled this crime out on monday night. firing into crowd here. hat's why they released th surveillance video in hopes that someone recognizes them. it shows a black sedan swerving into a courtyard about 8:00 p.m. on monday. then four men jump out. they're wearing masks as they fire into the crowd with children playing nearby,
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cluding 10-year-old makiyah wilson who was shot and killed. that sedan then pulls away. police note, as it pulls away, it does have a missing rear eobumper. foure were shot, including makiyah who died in that crime that was carrie out in just seconds. kiyah now hearing about from those who loved her most. she was always iling, loved sports and the yard and always had a smile on her face. st turned 10 back in may. her grandmother said it's hard to believe her granddaughter is now gone. >> so hard to put it in words because it don't feelreal. it's so senseless. don't understand it. all i can keep saying is, why? >> reporter: makiyah's family also telling us that she died ir sister's arms just outside of her own home. a reward now is being offered for tips that will lead to an arrest and conviction in this case. that reward is $25,000.
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we're live outside police headquarters, justin finch, news 4. baudk to you in the so. >> justin, thank you. now to breaking news out of thailand. angie goff has the latest. what's happening? >> we did just ee the boys, the t thai soccer team leave the hospital after the dramatic rescue last week. tw they're getting prepared for the first timey're going to be speaking to the edia. speaking publicly to everyone. heregoe this is video just takeninutes ago. you can see some family members and some of the boys, members of the team. the dozen boys rescued getting into that vanheaded out to their next stop where they will hold that joint pre conference along with their coach. some of the rescuers were told will be there. all theuestions they will be asked they know about already. they've been vetted. there's aood reason.
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the officials say that they want them to be emotionally prepared for this. it's still very, very new. it's only been a week since we saw theseh images, whicwe followed for over two weeks. they were stuck in that cave for 17 days that flooded-out finally, we able to head to the hspital and be treated. some have lung ssues. were sick. they're all feeling okay now, good enough to go home. which is the great news. as soon as they get to that press coerence, we'll break in and bring you the very latest. as you know, there are still a lot of questions. but so happy they could be reunited with their families again. now, ack to you. >> nice to see them looking in pretty good shape out of the hospital. angie, thank you.g also break this morning. e've learned an american soldier was killed in afghanistan by taliban figers. according to a news producer
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stationed in that area, taliban fighters took positions insiho a building yesterday but american troops came close. the fighters opened fire. another soldier was wounded. the fbi is part of the search for a missing 9-year-old girl in d.c. take a look at her picture. this is crystal moore. she wasast seen leaving her home on 17th street in northeast yesterday morning, not far from elliott high middle school. she was wearing white and bro checkered parnts and a black shirt. she's been missing in the past and has been known to use tro. human trafficking and prostitution ring. one in sterling, another in herndon. investigators say luis bonilla-hernandez and eliazar duran-mota had a scheme that treated women likeryinvento paying z is accused of $300 to rent a woman and
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delivering that woman to a client's door. they raideder sterling home yesterday. both men posted bond at this point and released from the county detention center. anyone who has taken the beltway to 270 knows traffic can be pretty bad. transportation leaders want to know ou would solve that. it's at clarksburg high school. if you can't ke tonight's meeting, there's another in capitol heights. we made it through the mel-star game without a strike by the ro -- workers voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike. the two sides sat down yesterday. they called it a constructive and frank plan to meet again today. new developments in the helsinki summit backlash. several democrats want the translator who sat in on president trump's one-on-one meeting vladimir putin to testify before congress. this comes asid the prt
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tried to clarify his comments from that controversial news conference. >> i accept our intelligence community's con chugs that russia's meddle in the 2016 election took place. could be other people also. a lot of people out there. >> now,nt the presi read from prepared remarks at the whiteh se yesterday insisting that he misspoke when commenting on imrussian president vl putin's denial of rush russia's election interference. the president said i don't see why it would be the russians. president trump said he meant to say i don't see why it wouldn't be. he told reporters, he believes this settles it. he took to twitter defending the summit again. he said the meeting between president putin and pie self-was a great success except in the fake news media. unquote.
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even in sates that he won in 2016, you can see the front papers at the museum in here i d.c. from the des moines register, this head hine praising putin. the indianapolis star, we saw headline trump team okay with putin denial. now to a developing story. the las vegas massacre is still fresh on the minds of many people, especially victims and their family. from mgm.'re facing a lawsuit the owner of the mandalay bay hotel where the shooting occurred isounter suing the victims. mgm wants art federal c to throw out the nearly 1,000 ca lawsuits se mgm says it's under a federal ant terrorism law. the fbi hasot deemed that shooting a terrorist attack. > this had nothing to do with terrorism and there's no motive for the shooting. >> mgm released a statement
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saying in rt, years of drawn-out litigation and hearings are not in the best interest ofvictims, the community and those still haeg. the victims accus them of not having adequaci security po and having improperly trained staff. 358 people were killed and nearly 3500 more were injud when paddock opened fire into a concert from a hotel window. two dods people are recovering after getting too close to mt. kilauea in hawaii. i lava bomb exploded out of the water hitting a tour boat. >> new video shows the moment it happened. take a look. >> pretty hard to see much there. but you can hear the terror and the panic as people tried to get away from the lava rocks. the basketball size lava bomb punched a hol through the boat's roof. the coast guard has barred tour
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boats from getti too close to the volcano. it'been erupting for more than two months. 11 minutes after the hr ight now. a rough finish to last night's all-star gameonly worsened for a pitcher who closed out the game. >> fans on the internet found a series of troubling tweets from milwaukee brewers pitcher hader. he used racist and homophobic slurs. after the game he apologized saying he was 17 years old at the time and that does not reflect who he is today. as for thegame, there were a record ten home run hits during the game last night. it tookx an etra inning to decide a winner. the american league won 8-6. still ahead, the trend continues. another company will get r of straws. it won't only our area ht hard. look at the wild scene in new york. chuck? >> all those storms of yesterday are gone. to go outfect weath to the pool. temperatures will be in the mid-80s this afternoon.
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little backyard barbecue in the season. temperatures back in the 730s by 8:00. sun is not down until
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it's been getting hot out west as of late. sometimes you have to do what you need to do to stay cool. take a look at this video out o l.a. that's a bear in a pool. >> yeah, it is. >> pulled up to the steps and chill out for a little lait. just in the cool water and he popped out of there, moved . decided to go next door, check out things. >> looking for snacks. >> maybe this pool was too small. >> that's a nice looking pool,w wo he picked a good one. >> wildlife officials were eventually able to hit the bear nqwith a tlizer dart, carried him away. they plan to release the bear at
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another location. >> a bear story with this one was too small. >> goldilocks? >> yeah, that one.i ouldn't think of her name.o >> y. it's now 6:16. asu typical day ater camp became a little more interesting. >> high schoolers participating in a s.t.e.m. camp got a visit from the firs daughter yesterday. ivanka trump, the president's daughter and senior adser stopped by the gen cyber t.e.m. camp. any questions e from the media but did talk to the kids about their future. the next one will be in lu ia, maryland. they're held all over the country for free. ki we're for your help to support our schools. almost time for r annual backpack for kids initiative. we hope to give away 4,000 backpacks. if you'd like to help. bring aew backpack, supplies or donation to glen arden,
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new video showing a terrible situation for any biker. a woman fell into the gap opening of a tabridge. a look. she rides right past the warning gates on the bridge in wisconsin and drops into the gap. there were people nearby who helped her, pulledher out safely. she only had minor injuries to her face. makes you wnder why she even went up to that bridge. see the red >> cross bars were down. >> warning. don't go there. >> wow. stormy weather didn't just affect our area yesterday.ds >> hund of flights were in the due to weather big apple. not something you see every day over new york city. it was part of a s powerfulrm that took over the area followed by thunder and lightning. some aports had to push back flights for up to five hours. you don't want t flyrough that. erie. >> that can be in ayour apartmet
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building and wondering whre 's going to go. you don't want to see that in a populated area. >> you know what you want to bsee? thishind us. >> that's a live picture. >> isn't that nice. such a different day than yesterday. >> that's nice. we'll take it. >> enjoy it for the nex three days. nice weather. enjoy it. we could be in a rainya pttern starting this weekend and into next week. yeah. we need the ra we got it yesterday. we certainly did. had record rainfall at reagan national. 2.79 inches. that's a record for reagan national. of heavy rain fell quickly yesterday. it didn't stick around too long. sunny, low humidity through we're going to have nice weather. into the weekend like i entioned. changes in the weather pattern that could kick over into next week. i'll show that you in a second. 70 degrees in washington. 66 leesburg. 63 in frederick. 70 in clinton. the humidity is lower this
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morning. many suburbsoleel very c compared to what we have seen the last couple of days. it because that area of high pressure. this high has dropped inand the northwest wind is bringing in the drier air. the comfortable temperatures. the sunshine too. if you're walking the dog, beautiful day. this is ace, a handsome guy at the humane rescue alliance. find out how to give him a home. mperatures by 8:00 a.m. in the 70s. ly lunchtime, s.80 sunglasses. highs reaching the upper 80s. saturda august 18th big pet adoption. clear the shelters. finout more on the nbc washington app. for the rest of the week we'll be dry. we'll be watching tharea of low pressure in the gulf. it will be reemerging in the carolinas. by saturday, a coastal low. could be giving us rain. another weather systemnt approaching the end of the week. forecasts.en
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sunday, the higher chance is going to be in the evening. your merry fie garden center. tip of the day. plant these or cool cud letters in your garden. nice through friday and the rain a chances into the weekend.ek next we's forecast coming up. et's head to melissa. good morning. melissa. >> good morning, sheena. first alert traffic alert this orning. this is the t the beltwayment inner loop after route 1 here in college park. it's al dis tractor-trailer. may have hit something. now the brakes aren't functioning. re stopped. chopper 4 over the top of the beltway here. it's about a 2 1/2ile backup southbound on 95 into the innerg loop feeli the pain for sure this morning. rest of the beltway looks okay. as we zoom into this one, that elay snakes back to 95. taking a look here, live look at 66 inbound after 123. crash on the right side of roadway there. in the district, southern avenue near 25th street. roocked each way bye crash.
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more on theblem and the ea backuping three miles coming up. thank you, melissa. also ahead, more companies jump n the bandwagon getting rid of straws. >> the newest places ditching straws all in an effort to helpo the enent. 21 now. we6:'l
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it's been seven years --
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spacex is hoping tohange it with the dragon spacecraft. they're preparing for a test launch and ship the spacecraft to florida. the rst launch will be unmanned if everything goes well. an astronaut could launch in that spacecraftce in der. >> the dragon spacecraft, very cool. i marriotternational says it's going to remove all plastiw sand stirrers from hotels around the world. >> this comes one week after starbucks was ditching plastic straws. susanogan has mo on marriott's big announcement. >> reporter: think about it. this is a big deal. because one single plastic straw will ner decompose. marriott has more than 6500 properties across 30 brands worldwide. once fully implemented, the company will be eliminating the use of more than a billion straws per year and about a ll quarter n stirrers. his is also about changing our t havior too.
6:25 am
when you're a gues the marriott, you will no longer automatically get a straw wit your drink. if you request one, it will be made of paper. >> we've been working onhi more than a year now. it's something we believe will be vitally important the hotels as part of sustainability goals for 2025. we want to reduce land fills by 45%. this is a key component of that. >> already the marriottes propertiave switched to paper straws. we got a first look b at t switch at the w hotel in d.c. as for the plasticstirrers, they're being replaced by bamboo. marriott tells us it will be one year to makethe full transiti transition. back to you. some otherig companies announced plans of eventually going strawless too. >> american airlines, hyatt hotels and seaworld to name a few. mgm resorts including the one at national harbor will serve single-use straws per request. in the weather forecast for today, there's our nearby
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neighborhood. the national cathedral in northwest washington. it's a beautiful morning outside. here's all you need to know. hnorthwest wind. that means fallmidity and no more 930s for a while. are y calling the cops if you get fouled, berto? >> a foulhe onourt leads to the cops being called. hear from (sound of footsteps) (sound of car door opening) d (cr closes) (sound of engine starting) ♪ ♪
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your time is 6:29 as take a live look outside at the radar on this wednesday. look at that rgeous sun in the sky. much drier day than yesterday is on thezo ho aleter weeks with li rain, a lot of you saw a lot of it in not much time anuof se, as it came down, thousands started heading to nats park for the all-star game. >> the american league came out on top of last night's game.y teat the national league 8-6. coming up, we'll tell you which record was broken last night and why a player from anne aruel county i getting negative
6:30 am
attention this morning. krst, we want to ch on the roads and your forecast. >> tracking trouble. let's check in with chuck and sheena first for a look at the forecast. you're bearing good news for a few days. >> oh, yes. we had records yesterday ithe weather department with a lot of rainfall. record for at least reagan. >> all three airports had record rainfall for theate a reagan set a -- it wasn't an hourly record but ae most in a single hour since 1969. >> that's a lot of rainfall. it moved through my area quickly but it was >>avy. 2.63 inches of rain in one hour yesterday at national airport. so crazy amounts of rain. ove3 inches at bwi for the whole day in total. temperatures this morning, though, you're going to notice the change. the minute you walk outside this morning, you're going to say that feels pretty good and you'll feel that way the rest of the day. low humidittoday. afternoon highs in the mid to region.0s around the nothing to complain about today.
6:31 am
zero% chance for rain tomorrow or friday. the weekend is a whole another storyt for now, check the roads with melissa mollet. she's tracking trouble. >> take a look. top of the beltway. inner loop after rout a tractor-trailer is now on the yght shoulder. chopper 4 showi the dee tase. the two miles at the top of the beltway, they stretch up 95. thank you, chopper. it's slow headed southbound. bw parkway a great option this morning if that's the way you were wanting to go. rest of the beltway looks ookay >> eastbound 66 after 123, just have two lanes getting by the crash there this morning. southern avenue in the district southeast near 25th street blocked each way because of the crash there. tron? >> melissank you.
6:32 am
6:32 now. a chaotic commute for drivers,d zens of them yesterday. record rainfall flooded george washington paway. dramatic video showing firefighters rescuing people stranded in their cars. >> storm tea 4 reports more than 2.5 inches of rain fell in less thanho an . a man who does not want to be identified says he immediately pulled over when he saw the water rising. >> ever just stopped. you could see a rer orming. two, three cars ahead. next thing you know, water started coming inside the car. >> that is a lot of water arlington county fire officials tell us about a dozen firefighters rescued 40 people from 25 cars and sus. >> the rain caused problems a viewer tweeted this video from the capital south station. you can see the rain from the ceiling here. kind of a startling thing to see. we're told it did not affect rail service. >> it's now 6:32. here are a look at the other to.
6:33 am
stories a young socr team in thailand is going home. they appeared before the p lic morning and are due to have a pr s conferenceshortly. they were released from the hospital about an hour ago. 12 boys and their coach were rescued from a flooded cave last week after beingtrapped there for more than two weeks results in from a survey monkey, national security poll. more than half consider russia either unfriendly or enemy of the u.s. 5% would call russian ally of the u.s. more than 5300 american adults were surveyed between july 9th and the 15th. the survey monkey poll has a margin of error of 1.8%. a former maryland basketball coach sentenced to 35 years in christoeis admitted to e-mailing children for sexually
6:34 am
exploitative image. he worked in prince george's county. he secretly recorded children during fieldnd game trips and blackmailed them for photos. precutors say he victimized more than 50 children across the county. loudoun countis morning. two men charged with taking part in multistate prostitution operation and bringing it througnorthern virginia. deputies were on the case more than a year. both men are out of jail this morning. >> chris lawrence joins us live from a home in sterling that was allegedly part of this elaborate scheme. chris, what's going on this morning? >> reporter: yeah. here's the latest, eun. both of the men have bonded out jail. they're still facing felony charges. my colleague jaulie carey spoke with one of the men here in sterling. e's what he said. >> why were you doing this? >> i haven't done anythin you need to show what you saying. where the proof? prove it.
6:35 am
you need to prove it. >> are you saying police are wrong? >> yes, theare. >> reporter: that was luis bonilla-hernandez vigorously denying the charges against him. the second man is eliazar durn mota. they would pay money to rent a woman and the woman from queens would be sent to philly and suburban maryland and northern vironnia. one by they would drive the women to clients' homes throughout the week. on sundays, they would quote-unquote switch out their invend ry. sehe one woman back. the constant shifting around gives you an idea of how difficult it would be for any of the women to ever break free. >> you walk out the front door, she doesn'theven know she is. she's in a neighborhood. where is the closest public transportation, where is the l closest e station or phone.
6:36 am
>> reporter: police say the men would allegedly advertise using a business card with a word on it. it was left at aot of ought hoe tiff shops and like that -- automotive shops and like that. you could pay $30 to get a sexual act performed. live in loudoun county, chris lawrence. it's 6:36. new this morning, if you brought a -- bought a big ticket for the mega millions drawing, you didn't win. the tickets match all s numbers. now, friday's jackpot expected to surge to $422 million. remind me to get a ticket. if anyone wins that big prize, that wouldthbe the s largest mega millions prize ever. good luck. >> got to play. >> are you going to play? >> i'm going to play. >> once it gets to a certain amount of money, you feel like you have to. >> duls town circle.
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occurred on the basketball court. suspect is still in the gym. it's 6:37 now. it's one thing to cry foul ar anoting to call the cops. how a game of pickup basketball turned into a police investigation. plus -- tapping together. a d.c. group getting their chance on a national gesta they're giving it everything they have. they have. we'll tell you howth fared. bleeding in my brain. but thanks to the virtual reality technology at gw hospital, my surgeons were able to look inside my brain and plan for a successful surgery. and ran five miles this morning.
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i would tell gw hospital thank you for giving me new life. for life's definmoments the george washington iveristy hospital defining medicine.
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two-time nba champ and -- kevin durant is picking up the muhammad ali sports humanitarian award. given annually to a person who created a positive impact on their dcommunity. ant has made a difference with his $10 million commitment
6:41 am
to build the durant center in suitland. the golde state warrior small forward is also picking the tuition for four rising freshmen in oakland. durizt will be re at tonight's espy awards. congratulations to him. he's always been one to give back to the coimunityout wanting any recognition. he does it because he feelse its ight thing to do. >> great ambassador. >> and good role model. the latest viral video happened in our area. it's pretty ridiculous, actually. >> we're all shaking our heads. a group of pickup baske l.a. fitness in sterling ended up with someone calling the police. >> have you ever been called for a basketball foul before this? >> no. >> this is the first time? >> that's my first time. >> called for a basketball foul. you heghd that somebody called the cops for getting fouled too hard apparently. he we spoke to two guys at this game. said the foul happened and g eir friend was so upset, he said he was calle police. they thought he was kidding.
6:42 am
he wasn't. >> so seemed pretty serious. we're like there's no way he's going to call the cops. w he does call them, they're not going to sup. then they showed up. they were pretty isappointed, too. >> no charges were filed here. the guys say they have no hard feelings toward their buddy who called the police. he became a little too emotional during the game. you know, police have real work to do as well. do you know what i mean? cool things off. take a break from pickup basketball. >> how do we knowe didn't get fouled like the guy in the world cup. remember that brazilian basketball player. i'm telling you flag baskeall will be a thing too and flag soccer. nobody is allowedto touch anymore. sunny, low humiditoday. chuck will show you when the rain chances return in a few minutes. >>nd a first 4 traffic alert on the beltway.
6:43 am
crash on the beltway inner loop after route 1 just cleared out of way. look at the delays. southbound. 95 bold meets sweet with dunkin's new brown sugar cold brew. sweetly balanced with brown sugar.
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theavare going to to answer for it whether it's down here or up there. >> right now at demanding justice after a 10-year-old's death. a little girl shot outside of her o home. plus, lava, trouble in paradise. new video of the explosion that sent tourists to hospitals during their summer vacation. the all-star excitement is r now a player from our neighborhood is in hot water. the inappropriate tweets uncovered while the maryland native was on the mound. first this morning, president trump is walking back comments about russian election meddling that he made during monday's press confence in
6:47 am
helsinki following backlash from both parties. >> the president says he misspoke and supports the u.s. intelligence community. krist welker is at the white house with more. kristen, good morning? >> good morning,nd aaron eun. it was remarkable. president trumparely apologizes, rarely walks back anything or admits to making a mistake. but in this case, yesterday, tuesday, hear from the white horue. president acknowledging that he did, in fact, misspeak. attempt to gi cl the explosive comments he made during theit su with vladimir putin about russia's interference. president trump now claiming he misspo s we said he didn't any reason why it would be russiahat interfered. he meant to say he didn't see any reason why it wouldn't have p en russia. today president trying, quote, it could be other people also. there's a lot of people out there. effectively junt cuttiundercutte
6:48 am
just walked back. this morning, the president is a already u responding to critics tweeting. so many people at thend higher of intelligence love my press conference performance in helsinki. putin and i discussed many important subjects at our ng mee big results will come. it is another busy day here at the white house. we'll have a this and more on "today." aaron and eun, back to you. >> we'll s you then. kristen welker live at the white house for us. thank you. it is 6:48 right now. the woman acsed of being a secret russian agent will face a judge today. fbed agents arre maria butina on sunday. investigators say he 29-year-old gun rights activist worked to influence conservativc polns and the nra on behalf of russia. her lawyer says she's innocent. newetails in the senseless killing of a 10-yeaiyold girl. m wilson spent the last
6:49 am
day of her life at the pool enjoying her summer vacation. she went to get ice cream steps from her home. she was heading back inside when the shooting started. >> justin finch is live at police headquarters with a look at surveillance video of that shooting. justin? >> reporter: eun, aaron, that's righ f st we only had still images. video have surveillance from police that show the four suspects and the get away car that was used in th shooting that left 10-year-old makiyah wilson dead. let's take you to the black infiniti sedan swerving into urtyard surrounded by homes off the 300 block of 53th streed in northeast. you jl see four menp out with their faces covered and they begin to open fire. nearby, there are people, including children, including 10-year-old makiyah who was shot and killed. the men then pull away in that black sedan that's missing a ar bumper, police point out.
6:50 am
her graismother said at point, it's surreal and she rekar recalls that frantic call she got. > her mother called me at 8:00 screaming that she was dying. i had to get here. by the time we got here, they had already taken her away. >> reporter: there were four others also injured in that shooting, including makiyah's older sister. we're live at police headquarters, justin finch, news 4. back to you in the studio. >> justin, thank you. you can hear the fear and panic of people trying to get away froma lsroavinro ngck spot when a b lavab exploded out of the water hitting the boat. the basketball size lava bomb punched a hole through the boat's roof. 23 people were hurt. >> the coast guard barred tour
6:51 am
boats from getting too close to mt. kilauea w. he volcano has been erupting for more than two months. >> i wouldn't want to be anywhere near there in the ter. my goodness. as the nationals played host to the all-star game, a player o grew up a few miles from here is the talk of twitter this morning, not for a good reason >>angie goff has more on this. >> eun, aaron, a rough finish to the all-star game got worse for a pitcher. milwaukee brewers pitcher, josh hader. this is a look at him last night. fans found a series of troubling tweets from him during that game. we're about to show some of them to y and some are shocking, too shocking to actually say on 'sthe air. he look at a few. the tweets from 2011 used racist d homophobic slurs. one says kkk. after the game, hader apologized saying he was 17 at the time and that does not reflect who he is
6:52 am
today. some of the tweets dating1.ack to 2 said he walked off the field and his phone was blowing up. it was more about these tweets than about the game itself. back to you. >> all right, angie. thank you. the homeeuny champion -- >> there was more excitement at the all-star game.. das more than ready to play host for the midsummer classic after nearly a 50-year break. big night on t plate for the batters. there was a record setting ten home runs in last night's game. >> the american league won the 8-6. houston's alex breg man was named the mvp. we want to check in with melissa mollet. >> first 4 traffic alert. t of the beltway. you're looking at 95 southbound near powder miroad. inner loop after route 1. that's cleared. we have real backups here. chopper 4 showing us about a five-mile delay. you want to take bw parkway in
6:53 am
ead. it looks great through that section. you can see here this morning, 95 headed on to the inner loop is going to be a g issue for a lot of folks. rest of the beltway looks okay this morning. bound 66 after 123, still have a lane blocked. just got off the phone with police there. they are saying that a motorcycle crash is on the right side. they have a tow on the way to that. southern avenue near 25th stet in southeast blocked each way by a crash there. travel times here, 66 from fairfax county parkway to the beltway. 12 miles per hour there. take you 45 minutes. that's a real delay there because of that crash. quantico to the beltwayn 95 in virginia, looking actually pretty good. p going 37 mil hour. taking a look at 270. southbound there. no majorempro about 50 miles per hour and the top of the beltway, just a little bi slow on the outer loop. folks looking to thed delays a that's slowing them a bit. listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you
6:54 am
hop in your car. fine looking day to be outside. we set records at all three of our local airports. all three recording dailyll rainrecords. most impressive, though, 2.63 inches of rain in one hour at national airport yesterday. that was thest grea rainfall total in a single hour since july 22nd of 1969. there is a zero percent chance for rain today, tomorrow and friday. high pressure building in. the cold front that sparked the thunderstorms is well off to the south and east and moving away. humidity falling, sunshine appearing. this is all just groun clutter on storm team 4 radar. there is no rain out there. temperatures dropped into the 60s and low 70s this morning. tomorrow morning and again on friday morning, ih think m the shenandoah valley and northern maryland will be in the 50s. look out here. western maryland, 54 in oakland. that is what's coming to t shenandoah valley and maybe some
6:55 am
of the far western and northern s for the next couple of morks. today, though, here's the planner. full sunshine. sun not down until after 8:30. afternoon hhs in the mid to upper 80s. then for tomorrow, again downtown near 67 tomorrow morning. but suburbs in the 5s. already start to go think about the weekend at the beach, notil necessgood news for you. saturday and sunday, rain chances at the coast and hereen ten-day forecast, rain chances here at home on bothrd sa and sunday. more rain likely monday and tuesday next week. enjoy the sunshine while we have it. ♪ this is a d.cbased dance oup tapping their way into the judges' hearts on world of dance last night. jam project is advancing to t next round of the competition. looking good. they're not the only locals. >> this is lucas from leesburg.
6:56 am
he advanced to the next round also. 14 years old. also a tap dancer there.rl wod of dance airs tuesday ights at 10:00 on nbc4. lots of talent. it's four th to know before you head out the door. ise young soccer team in thailand going home. the boys appear in front of the public this morning and are due to give press conference shortly. they were rescued from a f cave after being trapped for re than two weeks. look for the latest on "today>> the las vegas massacre victims are facing lawsuits from mgm. thpany wants a federal court to throw out the nearly 1,000 lawsuits against the company because mgm is protected under a federal anti-terrorism law. the fbi has notemed it a terrorist attack. national survey monkey security poll shows that more than half of americans surveyeds consider either unfriendly or enemy of the u.s. the nbc news survey monkey
6:57 am
online poll has a margin of error of 1.8%. look for the latest next on "today." metro will continue to aid a strike with the largest worker union. they voted to authorize thave strike the weekend. the two sides metapr talks yet which they said were constructive and frank. it's going to be gorgeous. it's nice outside right now. low humidity,sunshine. mid to upper 80s. the rest of the week fantastic. more rain iseaded our way for part of your saturday. even late in the day sunday and potentially all of next week. >> taking a look at the beltway. inner loop aft wrroute 1 is where we hadkhe crash. the bw parkway. the bw parkway. >> thank you.
6:58 am
♪ the bw parkway. >> thank you. ♪ start the day with the chicken you love. get the feeling of chick-fil-a, for breakfast. ♪
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good morning. breaking news. heading home. that boys soccer team rescued e ter 18 days now leaving hospital just moments ago. and speaking out about their ordeal for the very first time. we're there live. about-face. president trump acsed of cowering to vladimir putin tries to salvage the summit saying he really meant to say this. >> he just said it's not russia. i'll say this, i don't see any reason why it would be. >> the president saying he misspoke. >> the sentence should have been i don't see any reason why it wouldn't or it wouldn't be russia. >> how is that explanation playing? and the inside story of the president's apparent change of heart. wild weather. powerful storms up andthe


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