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tv   Today  NBC  July 18, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning. breaking news. heading home. that boys soccer team rescued e ter 18 days now leaving hospital just moments ago. and speaking out about their ordeal for the very first time. we're there live. about-face. president trump acsed of cowering to vladimir putin tries to salvage the summit saying he really meant to say this. >> he just said it's not russia. i'll say this, i don't see any reason why it would be. >> the president saying he misspoke. >> the sentence should have been i don't see any reason why it wouldn't or it wouldn't be russia. >> how is that explanation playing? and the inside story of the president's apparent change of heart. wild weather. powerful storms up andthe
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east coast leading to widespread nd oding, dramatic rescues this rare funnel cloud over new york city. while out west, out of conreol wildfireaten yosemite national park. those stories plus silicon valley stunner. why google is facing a potentiad reco breaking $5 billion fine.y lotterver. the mega millions jackpot sky rockets overnight to nearly half a billion dollars. bombs away. baseball's best put on a show. >> here is sprger into right center field. >> the dramatic end to the record breaking all-star game wednesday july 18th, 2018. >> announcer: from nbc news, this isy" "toda with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from st iio 1a rockefeller plaza. >> hi, everybody.
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good morning. thanks for being with us on a wednesday morning. here are the pictures the whole world was waiting to see. thailand,tle boys from they are headed home. >> it's so funny. i bet they have no idea they are stepping into this world,nt the are inational celebrities about to step into h theds of their parents. >> they are going to give an account of their ordeal today. they are out of the hospital and looking t'od. get to janis mackey fraye frayer. good morning. what's the latest?s >> reporter: t the day so many were looking for to see and here the boys and their coach. ngafter missi 10 days in the flooded cave, now out of the hospital and going to be right he in front of us healthy, ng stro alive, and talking about it. you mentioned thathey may not realize what they are gettingto and that's true. they were excluded in the
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hospital. they were excludedn the ve. they were sedated when they were coming out during the rescue mission. the diversyhey said probabl won't remember much of that two-hour journey it took them to get out.y so te going to be coming into this perhaps a little bit wide eyed and realizing exactly ho attention has been focused on them over this last little while. there's talk of a museum. there's halk of alywood movie. but right now everybody om wanting to hear from these boys and this remarkable story of survival and today reunion. >> i know they are looking forward obviously to going backi home and to school but we understand they are also planning t become monks. >> this is what they are going to do in the next week or so. they are going t a monastery. they are going to be ordaine as monks. they will safe their heads. they will stay this for at least a week. they are doing this as an offering of gratitude for all of the prayers that have been said
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to them during the time they were missing aha during crucial three-day rescue mission. they want to say thank you to the world for caring abouthem. it's a nice punctuation on what has been an incredible story of hope and revival and now reunion with their families. hoda. >> all right. thank you so much. >> so niceo see smilingaces and we'll hear from them in a bit. now to washington and the president trying to e an international firestorm claiming he misspoke when he appeared to side with vladimir putin over u.s. intelligence officials on whether russia was trying to 01 influence the election. once again this morning the president is on twitter and he's hailing the sum as a success. we have complete white house coverage. we'll start witen kri welker. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this is a remarkable momentor president who rarely admits to making a mistake. in this case the president
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almost had no choice. the pressure forat conciy remarks came from democrats, republicans, many in his own administration blast his performance in helsinki from everything from a misstep to treason. under fire for his explosive comments overseas, president trump now attempting to clarify these words bows his election interference. >> my people came to me, dan coats came to me and some others. they said, they think it's russia. i have president putin. he just said it's not russia. i will say this. i don't see any reason why it would be. >> the president reading from prepared remarks tuesday now aiming he misspoke. >> a key sentence in my remarks i said the word would instead of wouldn't. the sentence should have been i don't see any reason why i wouldn't or it wouldn't be russia. sort of a dgable ve.
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so you can put that in. i think that probably clarifies things pretty good by itself. >> critics say the president repeatedly sided with putin at the summit over his intelligenc experts. >> i have great confidence in my intelligence people, but i will tell you that president putin was extremely strong and arwerful in his denial today. >> mr. trump's r on tuesday briefly interrupted when the lights went out just as his clarification was getting you said way. >> folks, they just turned the lights. that must be the intelligence agents. >> meantime on capitolhill, a surge of criticism including from top republicans. >> russia is a menacing government that does not share our interest and does not share our values,nk and i t that should be made very, very clear. >> a person with direct knowledge tells nbc news top officials huddled for an unscheduled meeting to address the fallout. vice president pence and secretary of ste pompeo had a conversation with the president urging him to clarify his cc
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comments,ding to a source familiar with that conversation. >> iep a our intelligence community's conclusio that russia's meddling in the 2016 took place. >> reporter: but in the same breath the president delivered this aside, undercutting wha just said. >> could be other people also. there's a lot of people out there. >> cameras capturing mr. trump's typewritten script including the president's added note, there was no collusion. >> there was no collusion at all. >> the president is up this morning and tweeting. kristen, is he sticking to what he was saying yesterday? >> savannah, no. 's digging in on what he said initially. the president in a tweet storm this morning is anything but apologetic. so many people at the higher enl of igence loved my press conference performance in helsinki. putin and i discussed paper important subjects at our
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earlier meeting. we got along well which truly bothered many haters who wanted to see a boxing match. big results will come. publiclity is at least there were no voices in the intelligence community that came ou against helsinki. nato only adding to confusion. we'lo have another chance hear from him today, savannah, when he holds a cabinet meeting this morning. savannah, hoda. >> tkristen,nk you very much. the president's about-face came on the sameay former president obama delivered a speech to deliver a sharp attac ontoday's politics without mentioning his successor' name. take a listen. >> look around. strong man politics are ascending suddenly, but thosewen r seek to undermine every institution or norm that gives democracy unfortunately too much of politics today seems to reject the very concept o objective
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truth. people just make stuff up. we see the utter loss of shame among political leaders, where ehey are caught in a lie and they just dou down and they lie some more. if i say this is am pod and you say this an elephant, it's going to be hard for us to cooperate. and as with the denial of rights, the denial of facts runs counter to democracy. it could be its undoing. >> obama also defended the free press warning social media was being used forsp tacle, outrage and misinformation and called anyone intenng on put people down and puffing themselves up as small hearted and . >> with the president facing criticism in washington, how are his supporters feeling? nbc's morgan radford on the road
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in milwaukee this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're standing in theeart of kenosha, wisconsin. many local republicans say this week they feel the president was bold and he was remember, this is a county that flipped. they had not voted for a republican president since nixon, and that was now until trump. many here say they made the right decision. >> great to be with you. >> fueling outrage byli puby supporting russia over u.s. intelligence agencies. the president is now trying to backtrack from his controversial statements in helsinki after taking some serious heat even in traditionally supportive places. >> this has got to be the most incredible thing i've ever witnessed. >> he should have defended us. >> so what do his supporters >> when he kind of backtracked those statements today, did that surpriseyou? >> well, he didet some republican backlash on that. i think they didn't hear the whole story before they started coming after him.
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he was just trying to them a little bit. >> some are praising his approach to vladimir putin. >> what they have been doing in years being enemies to him and not talking to him or anything hasn't worked, so why not try something new. >>n kenosha, wisconsin, a county that flipped from blue to re in 2016, many here say the president is still their guy. >> i know there a lot of backlash going on now, especially when he said, well, i said i didn't -- >> a lot of people aren't happy. >> utyeah, i'm totally in support of him? >> why? why are you supportive? >> because he's an entrepreneur. he's a sissman, working class person's president. he's trying to moue thisntry great again. >> even local republican leaders like erin decker. ren't waveri >> do you support the president? >> yes. >> do you continue to support him despite this week?
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>> yes. >> the president misspoke intelligence reports appears inside the beltway easing down some republicans. >> i'm justlad he clarified it. i can't read his intentions. >> close ally and former house speaker newt gingrich who criticized the president said, d president trum the right thing today in clarifying his comments. while lawmakers worry about ic ams place on the world stage, some trump voters aren't contender. >> i'm not one bit worried about the rest of the world. they ain't word about us so i'm t worried one bit about what the rest of the world thinks. >> morganke you t to those people obviously. ehey weren't concerned with the backlash, w they concerned with the republican backlash against the president? >> they were noho . in fact, they doubled down because they said their allegiance is to the thpresiden. were upset with their elected officials because they felt like they were not getting the job t they were sentre to do. they weren't completing it because they weren't standing behind the president 100%.
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hoda. >> an, thank you. we do have a programming note. tomorrow on "today," we'll talk about all this and m with president trump's press secretary sean spicer. he'll be here for an interview. big news from the tech world. google facing a rord $5 billion antitrust fine from european union. the company accused of abusing it android dominance by bundling search engine and chrome apps into the operating system. that fine comes after a y the-year investigation european union. baseball's biggest stars were out atonur na capital last night. who better to talk about this than you, craig. >> fans that paid big bucks in d.c. got their money's worth. the 89th all-star game quite the show. slugfest. two teams combining for all-star record. ten home runs. g we'reoing to skip to the bottom of the ninth. american league up 5-3. that's when they tied the game
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up, shot over the wall in right. here it is. that sends the game io extra innings. in the tenth houston's solo shot to the left, the game's most valuable player. the american league doing the american league has done a lot, going on to win 8-6. the game,mp of course,tant because the winner gets home field advantage in the world series. american league last 22 times the game has been played, they won 18 times. it's a dominant league. >> you think? okay, thank you. why don't we turn a and get check of our weather. we've got al roker at the weather wall. >> thanks, guys. thanks for getting your weather from us. wild weather in the northeast, 3 to 5" in parts and a funnel cloud over new york harbor. massive flooding throughout the region. a real mess out athere. look. this is what you can see. this as the subway is getting fo flooded in new york city. all sorts of flooding throughout
7:15 am
the region an of urse, that funnel cloud. out west you can see it hail, a re
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good morning, everybody. sun is shining again here in the washington area and there is a zero percent chance for rain today, tomorro or friday. the weekend, that's another story. for now though, the sun's tempes in the mid 60s in the shenandoah valley. closer to70 along the i-95 corridor. all sayshine all long. high in the mid to upper 80s. more the same for thursday and friday. had to increase our rain chances for both saturday and sunday though. this is the last year.go yo a mention last night.
7:17 am
you were probably asleep. >> i was asleep. >> take a listen. >> what's the deal with the weather? i mean, i know al roker has made weather sexy again, but your fascination with weather. >> my pop got me into it as a kid. my whole family follows it. i'm on another level in the off-season. like to track storms, follow-up with jim cantore and guys with the weather channel. -of- blast with it. >> was that mike trout? >> you made weather sexy again. >> on the field having an interview. >> that's crazy. >> thank you. my director jimmy gains makes sexy with our big weather wall. i'm just a nduit. >> some say weather has always been sexy. >> me andusn timberlake. hey now. >> coming up, is this woman a russian spy? what we're now learningbout the alleged secret agent arrested in washington as she heads to court today. >> plusn eye-opening new
7:18 am
rossen reports to protect your privacy. >> hi, good morning. i'm jeff rossen. is facebook readiva your p messages? is amazon alexa recording you all day? what about uber, are they tracking you even when you're not using the app? we're answering all your questions and showi you howo stop it next. >> but first this is "today." >> yes, it is. >> on nbc.
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so, next time don't half-wash it. downy and it's done. 7:26 is your time. >> policere offerin a reward for the arrest of the person who shot makiyah wilson sunday night on the 300 block. several others were injured. it's on his rear bumper. >> avoiding a strike with the woers union.
7:27 am
melissa mollet is out there. the right lane is blocked by the crash. inner loop and outer loop in bound 395, inbound 66. >> thank you, melissa.up the forecast iext. ♪
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♪ start the day with the chicken you love. get the feeling of chick-fil-a, for breakfast. ♪ >> around 70. mid to upper there will be chances yet. if you think you're going to stay home and avoid it, think
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again. saturday and sunday. >> chuck, thank you. other local news update coming up. >> for now back to the "today" show. >> we'reck
7:30 am
7:30 wednesday morning july 18th. we want to put a smile on your face and here it is. members of tha soccer team rescued from a cave in thailand. they are playing soccer. they are released from the . hosp look at them. >> cute. >> isn't that nice to see? >> good place to start our headlines this morning, craig. >> that's ght. as we mentioned, we are hearing for the first time from those kids. the 12 boyst 25-year-old coach s conferencea n right now. they are said to be generally in good health aside from some minor infections. doctors, social workers andgi psychos are on hand at that news conference to filter questions and ensure the boys wellreeing. >> thedent said he
7:31 am
misspoke on monday when he said he saw no reason to believe russ had motive to interfere in the election. the president faced backlash from both sights of the aisle and and to clarify. >> in a key skn iny remarks said would instead of wouldn't. the sentence should have been i don't ie any reason why wouldn't or it wouldn't be russia. >> the president also said he now acceptedhe intelligence community' conclusion that russian meddling took place but could have been someone else as well. the democrats said clarification came 24ours too late. trying to figure what caused two small planeso collide in everglades. florida three people were killed. it took helicopters and airat both were painted with the logo of dean flight school which has
7:32 am
a checkered safety record. there were 29 accidents or incidents involving that school from 2007 to 2017. and lottery fever is heating up across this country. the mega millions jackpot is now up to $422 million. that's because no one matched all six numbers in last night's drawing. the next megailons drawing friday night. plenty of time to get those tickets. by the way,no you should the odds of hitting the jackpot a hear one in 300 to a miion. >> why do we get the odds. >> the dream. >> headlines, an alleged effort to push moscow's agenda and landing a russian woman in court. >> maria butina accused of being a foreign agent who lobbied organizations inclunra. the 29-year-old came to the united states on a student visa. according to the fbi, her plans ncluded much more than earning
7:33 am
a degree. 29-year-old maria butina is a former furniture store owner in siberia. the passionaten dow rights advocate coming to the country for college. now the red haired russian is accused of bei a secret agent. butina set to appear in court this afternoon accused of pursuingies with u.s. politicians and politically powerful american organizations to further russian interests. but the fbi says the russian national was not working alone. in court, pape the fbi says butina and a russian official took steps to develop relationships with american politicians in order to establish back channel lines of emmunication. description of that official matching aleksandr torshin, the russian politician with close ties to vladimir putin was sanctioned by the u.s. back in apri butina attended the national prayer breakfast i 201 and 2017. and photos she posted on social media in 2014 and 2015 show her
7:34 am
with rick santelli tore um, bobby jindal and scott walker, all future 2016 psidential ndidates. both jindal and walker sayingju they wer ordinary photo ops. the faeb said bbi said she work establish a relationship with an organization, later known as national rifle association. >> the basic for any freedom, of course, is gunrights. >> in a tweet one day after the 2016 election, torshin boasted he and butina were the only lifetime members of the nra from russia. the nra, a major supporter of president trump during the campaign, has not responded to our request for comment. a this is area where we have deep concern. not only in terms of the nra as a potential back channel butnv also to iestigate and ensure the russians weren't funneling money through the nra. >> in 2016a butin bragged about
7:35 am
being partru of the t campaign's communions with russia. a year before she pressed then candidate trump about russian sanctions. >> do you want tcontinue the politics of sanctions that are damaging both economy, or you have any other ideas? >> i don't think you'd need the sanctions. i think that we would get along very, very well. >> craig, what do we know abo the timing of this arrest? >> according to senior law enforcement officials they arrested her on sunday because there was some concern, growing concern she was about to move out of the d.c. area. in a statement we ould not butina's attorney called the charge itself overblown, denying the client is, in fact, a russian agent, claiming she's a student cooperating with various government agencies and she's been doing so for months. >> allright, aig. thank you. >> why don't we switch gears and talk to al
7:36 am
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good morning. 71 degrees right no we'll see a little humidity today. many are in the upper 60s. ednesday, sunshine, low 80s by noon. by 4:00 p.m., 88 degrees. humidity staying up. really nice. tomorrow 87. lo midity. 88 by friday. still dry into the weekend we're going to throw inn some r chances saturday. part of the area seeing some rain and a late day chancen sunday. >> that is your latest weather. >> thank you so much. we have a lote mor to come to, including body miller speaking about hgedy for the first time. >> ever have a doctor dismiss
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[ screams ] ♪ [ laughs ] ♪ whoa, whoa, whoa. youre ne item would be me your price tool? it helps people save on car insurance. why wouldn't it save me? why? what would you bring? a boat. h. we're back 7:42, rossen reports, more of th special series, are they watching you? >> yesterday we showed you how ads are targeted directly to you. it's all about who i spying on you and how to protect your privacy. ational sen correspondent. hi, jeff. >> chances are you're being watched rhtnow. >> hopefully. want got cameras, jeff, we people watching. >> it's a little different for us. i'm talking abo you, somebody may be watching you. in most cases we're allowing people reading your private
7:43 am
messages, yes, private messages. maybe even listening to you inside ymer this morning we're telling you what's ,true what's not once and for allrom amazon to apple, facebook to uber. we sendndexts day night. but when you send private messages through facebook messenger, reports that facebook can see them. so is facebook really reading your messages? ye facebook telling nbc news it may read your conversations looking r images of child exploitation, malware and terrorism using automated systems but won't use them forr ed ads. but there's an easy solution. encrypt your facebook >>message had no idea you could do this onbo faceok. >> almost nobody does. >> okay. so i just wrote you a regular message on messenger. hi, jim. how do i turn this into encrypted. >> click on my picture. >> your face there. >> so secret conversation, just clic >> okay. >> now the message you type to me is going to be private.
7:44 am
>> i see that block next to your face. nowhen i write hi, jim, sending it again. >> now i see it's a secret conversation. it says right at the top of the message. >> facebook cannot see, this no one can. >> only you and me. >> this next app maycke traing you, too. uber. so many of us relying on it toh know we are when we're using it. so the question, is uber watching your every move when you aren'tn the app? no. >> uber was doing this. when people fou out, they were pretty upset. uber went in and fixed it, said, okay, we're not doing itn anymore. it's still on the phone, you may be using it by accident. you can cck your phone. i'll walk you through. >> here we are. i'll call this up here. >> go to settings. >> settings. >> prolacy. >> scr down here to privacy. >> now go to location services. >> rht on p, location services. >> now find the app itself. >> find up.r ap hold on. there's ube right there.
7:45 am
>> what's it say. >> while using apps. >> that's what it should be. if it says always, change it to what you have. >> w tle using app. >> not just apps spying on you. smart home devices designed to listen tower demands may be listening all the time. it alexa listening all the time? yes and no. it's always ltening for the awake word, alexa. the company says it won't report until it hears it. >> the problem we run into,e' th so many times you're talking about something that have nothing to do with the wake word and it turns on and recording. >> if the volume is down, you don't know it's >> the device will wake up in rare occasions if a word and background conversation sounds like alexa. it even happened taos on the very day filming thissegment.
7:46 am
>> you're out with your crew. you weren't even talking about turned on ll and it and started recording you. >> you have the history in the phone. >> i'll hit play. if you notice it says go back to that first pae. you w talking about something specific to what you filmed, nothing to do with amazon. >> and it recorded me. >> yes. so now i have that recording. those types of recordingset picked up all day long. >> amazon says it continues toe impr wake word accuracy and mininsze false reses but there is a way to delete those conversations off amazonrs serve right on your alexa app. just open the app, hit settings and scroll down to history. all your recording and transcripts pop up. ick on any one of them right there and hit delete voice recordings. t's that easy. we're not doneyet. here is something else we all wonder about, imessage on the iphone. we're going to answer this question for you. are there really private?
7:47 am
can someone read youimessages, what do you think? >> i think they are encrypted. t, al.t's ri they are encrypted. apple says your imessages are encryptednd to end, which means only you and the person you're messaging can see them. apple couldn't decryptag your me if they want to, even with a court order, only you and the other person. there is one exception. listen . >> a text message right now. >> if you have your icloud back-up on, the meso ges go the cloud. they are still encrypted apple gets a copy of the encryption key which can unlock your messages and is stored on apple servers. this is not to say apple has thne anything with it but they have. e is a way. come on in here. i'm going to show you how to do it. you want to shut the icloudp back-u off. come on in. go to settings. up top is apple id. here. see jeff rossen right there. click on that. go to icloud and scroll here.
7:48 am
see my imessages. going to shut that right off. disable. now they can't get your messages. they can't get them. etty cool, right? reports. step by step guide o for all us. they are on the desk. >> should your mail be on the cloud or not? >> i don't have my mail on the cloud. i only put photos on the >>clou hank you. to quote my mother, what is the cloud? >> that' a whole other story. >> the cloud, what is ,it? >> je what is the cloud? >> i'm on it. >> thank you, buddy. coming up, a revealingirst look inside meghan markle's new life as a royal. but you're turning onto the street when you barely clip a passing car. minor accident - no big deal, right? wrong. your insurance company is gonna raise your rate after the other car got a scratch so small you coulda fixed it with a pen. maybe you should take that pen and use it to sign up with a different insurance company.
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7:56 am
this is a "news 4 today" news break. 7:56 is yourime now on this wednesday, july 18th, 2018. good morning to yo'm i eun yang. right now we're going to check on your morning commute with melissa mollet. >> good morning. a couple of new problems on the beltway in bethesda. crash on the left side this morning. as we zoom in a little bit to the bottom of the beltway, springfield inner loop after 95. right lane is bloed by the crash there. bw parkway after l198, righte there is blocked by the crash. >> melissa, thank you. we'll take a quick break and we'll check your forecast when we come back. stay with us.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
good the temperatures are very pleasant this morning. 73 degrees in washington. 70 frederick. 72 in clinton. what's making it feel so much more comfortable is the lower humidity that will be with us all day today. sunny skies. mid to upper 80s. low humidity again. friday looks good. into the weekend, the rains chano return and it looks like we could be stuck in a rainy pattern for mostf next week, eun. >> sheena, thank you. another local news update for you i 25 minutes. for now, back to the "today" show after the short break. have a great day.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, heading home, the 12 youngla soccerrs and the coach speaking out about their odieo oordealfter being trapped in a cavelm for aost two weeks. we'll have the latest. breaking her silence.r body mil opens up about the tragic death of her daughter. this morning her urgen warning to all parents. mhan markle's major milestone. >> there is a learning curve but doing ms to be wonderfully well. >> we go inside her first 60 days as a duchess, from her style selecti to cuttingt up with the queen. what her new royal lifestyle is really like today wednesday, thjuly 18, 2018.
8:01 am
>> we're with co-workers from san diego. >> from family in iowa. >> fellow teachers in detroit. >> good morning from wisconsin. >> good morning from barracksfield, california. >> we watch the "today" show. >> after our show. >> cheers. >> representing nebraska. >> "today." >> hi, everybody. good morning. welcome back to "today." it's a wednesday morning. so happy to have you with us on our plaza, watching at home, nice to have you. >> nice to see local anchors giving toast. >> keep those coming. twitter, facebook, facebook page as well. >> why not. >> let's get to news at 8:00. boys soccer team rescued thailand reached another
8:02 am
milestone. it's a biggie. they are heading home from the fspital and speaking out the first time about their ordeal. janis mkey frayer has been there from the beginning. a happy day. g, reporter: good morn savannah this is the moment they have been waiting for to see the 12 boys and their c coaching into the room smiling into the cameras. they are looking happy, they are lookin healthy. they are feeling thankful to rescuers and to the world forin he them get out of that ordeal. they are talking about it. they talked about how they had only planned to go in for an hour or so they were exploring that day. it was a team bonding mission. theyidn't have any food and most of them were barefoot. they talked about licking water off the wallsf the cave. digging holes to try to get to no water. nobody having a watch. so they had no concept of time, sed ow many days had p before those british divers finally found them. they did talk about their
8:03 am
worries. they worried that their moms were going to give them trouble for beingaway. they worried about thinking about food, because they thought if they thought about it it was just gng to make them more hungry. they tried metation. it kept them calm, con erved theirgy until the divers were able to locate them. we saw that remarkae three-day rescue mission to get them ouhe this t end of one milestone for these boys, the beginning of another. they are going to be reunited liwith their fa. we visited with some of them earlier today. there are big time preparations under way. one kid isetting a bigger room. they are preparing food, going to have a party. there's sense of relief and deep gratitude these boys are able to come home. savannah. >> janis, thank you so much. not only great to see them smiling, i love seeing them play soccer. learned a lot from details at the news conference, licking the water off the walls. >> i guess the idea of not having concept of tim b might
8:04 am
han helpful, you're not constantly thinking -- >> there's no watches, no natural light. you'd have no idea day after day how long you'd been there. happy to see them home. >> we are indeed. turning now to just a day after defendi ssia's vladimir putin on electesn meddling, ent trump tried to clarify a controversial remark. the president w criticized by republicans and democrats for saying he didn't see any reason why russia would ierfere in the 2016 campaign. on tuesday he claimed he misspoke. a key sentence in my remarks, i said the word would instead of wouldn't. the sentence should have been i don't see any reason why i wouldn't or why it wouldn't be russia. >> however, justat moments the president seemed to undercut his own statement saying there could have bn lots of other people who engaged in election interference. >> hwee is anme but potentially dangerous sight off the coast of greenland. check thisout.
8:05 am
an iceberg the size of small mountain drifted near a village. it towers over tallil ngs. one piece of ice broke away and splashed into theater causing large waves on the coast. the fear isigger chunk could cause mini tsunamis and swamp the settlement of 170 people. everyone is hoping for a strong wind that could push therg ice safely out to sea. >> can you imagine, that sight out your window. let's do aboost. >> shall we? a chicago school teachers was on shflight to florida to visit her parents. was chatting about her job, told about how she used her money to buy supplies for kids who cldn't afford them. a man sitting behind her was listening. he handed her $500 for the kids. other passengers started putting
8:06 am
in 20 here and there. she posted her storyonline. just to encourage people who help out when you can. you never know who is listening. kindness is contagious. when you see somebodyo d something you're like, yeah, i should do that, too. >> much moread ahe including a first look at meghawmarkle's ife as a member of the royal family. >> but first the wife oflympic skier body miller breaking their silence on their daughter's drowning. he is doing november 17th is national take a hike day. not like, "get outta here" take a hike. but like a real hike. with deer and stuff. at a-a-r-p, we're all about hikes, bikes... swims... and... whatever this is... because we're here to help you become your healthiest self. it's why we offer health tips for your body... ...and your brain. yeah, your brain! today is your day to make fitness happen... and a-a-r-p is here to help take on today and every day with a-a-r-p.
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8:09 am
welcome back. the we of olympic gold medalist bode miller is opening up for the first time since the drowning of her daughter. >> morgan miller has more and guel almaguer, good morning to you. >> the miller family is determined to turn their loss into a learning moment for other families working on educating parents about the dangers of children and swimming pools. >> this morning we're hearing the words okea heart b mother after the tragic death of her an miller, wife of olympic skier bode miller making a heartfelt plea to other parentf warninge dangers of infant
8:10 am
drowning. it's been 37 days since i've held my baby girl. i pray to god no other parent feels my in a new instagram post that includes a photo of their daughter, the grieving mother writes, "we talk about vaccinations, car seats, organic foods, screen time, et cetera, at length, but not the number one risk your children's lives face. a silent killer. it takes seconds. she also shared the story of another mother who lost her son to drowning the very same day. nicole hughes 3-year-old levi drowned in a pool just seconds after leaving his mother's side while on a family .vacati it was june 9th when 19-month-old emeline miller was found in the pool. she was rushed to the hospital with a faint pulse. her heart gave out the fy.lowing
8:11 am
the former olympic skier and his wife, a professional bea volleyball player, have since shared photos of their daughter on social media hoping to raise awareness. >> every day, every hour is different. there's nhing that's going to be normal about their lives anymore. dthey will have to fin new normal. >> midwives whoelped birth her have been working with the couple to start a campaign for water safety. >> the purpose of this foundation they are creating is tohare and spread light on prevention. >> sharing the story ofne tragedy in an effort to prevent countless others. >> hi dada. >> in addition to the foundation started by themillers, nicole hughes wrote about her son's drawn and started levi legacy nprofit and water safety campaign. >> in los angeles, miguel, thank you. >>e can't say it enough and they are very brave to be talking about it and hoping to
8:12 am
help others. switch gears now and al has a check of the forecaho. >> let's sw you what we have going on right now. today we are good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. a refreshing breeze has moved in and now we can feel the lower humidity. temperatures in the upper 60s
8:13 am
and low 70s. there is no c for rain for today, tomorrow or friday. unfortunely our next chance for some rain comes in over the rdweekend. sa's rain chances moved to 50% and sunday's at 40%. good news is there the next five days. >> and that is your latest weather. guys. >> look who is joining us now, our iend, special anchor maria shriver. she's got a story you're going to want t see in a minute. but first "pop start." >> meghan markle not just adjusting to married life but royal life as well. kelly cobiella has all the details for us. kelly, good morning. >> hey, carson, good morning. can you believe it? it's been two months almost to the day since meghan markle became the duchess of sussex and she's learned all sorts of things like when to curtsey and why s can't wear a pant suit with queen. life as a windsor, arl whind
8:14 am
of outfits and outings. the latest event tuesday honoring the legacy of nelson mandela, the latest outfit canadian designer. ghan has been a duchess 60 days. what it's really like being a royal. her close friend actress priyanka chopra telling, peop she's doing amazing. it's so nice to see. >> what we've learned about meghan's transitn into the amlocal fily it's pretty smooth. there's an adjust but he seems to be doing well. >> the duchess has a of firsts. her first family christening. >> the royal highness duke and duchess of . suss >> her first overseas royal tour. her firstimbledon with sister-in-law kate. she very much let kate take the lead. veteran royal photographer told people, there's no rivalry. she's aware kate will be queen one day ands her position
8:15 am
different. still right now a eyes are on markle's ery move. at her first family wedding what some said was f ahion fail in flirty oscar de la renta. meghan made headlines for cost of her dublin wardrobe four outfits in 48 hours with a $36,000 price tag. as for who pays that bill, charles. the clothes part of the royal job, watchersay but they come with a set of rules. ca her first trostorm solo with the queen meghan had the monarch laughing. she finds it hard to understand why the queen prefers women in dresses and skis instead of trouser suits. >> sometimes she asks harry, why do we do it this way? what are the rules? she's curious but unfailingly polite and respectful and titing all on board. ss all rter: the duc smiles since her wedding with
8:16 am
prince harry,er inner circle and adoring husband seems to be winning hearts. the next big test is the royal tour in the fall, tonga, fiji on the itinerary. a royal marathon for the duchess sussex. guys, carson, when kate and william went down under they were gone for 18 days and covered nearly 27,000 . >> there you go. "pop start" correspondent kelly cobiella doing a fine job overseas. "pop start" going royal take. move onto the trailer for queen biobic. it's on now. a lot of fans singing their old favorites. >> no one would play us on the radio. >> we've got to get experimental. ♪ ♪ >> one more. >> how many more galileo's do you want? >> ror, there's only room in
8:17 am
this band for one hysteri queen. >> mark these words, no one will play queen. >> i want to give the audience a song they can perform. >> what's the lyric? ♪ we will we will rock you ♪ >> we've always said there's that whole idea in a blink of an eye, is it going to be good? it's going to be good. "mr. robot" plays freddie mercury. did you notice another familiar in the trailer. do you know who that is? recognize that guy? >> no. >> that's mike myers. he plays ray foster, the emi executive for queen. "bohemian rhapsody" will hit theaters on the 2nd. al, decline, sheinelle, went off the al is a master at getting people to gravitate toward them. this is the moment vice
8:18 am
president joebi n's inauguration, perfect example. just as you were getting startet with day's radio show you waved in the great, the legend howard stern walking by and he wasted no time controlling how the interview would go. al rokeruld think would keep the weight off. look at you. you look good. you're a good looki man. you really kept it off. my guess is he would right through the stitches and gain all the weight back. >> you don't follow him on instagram. he's very disciplined. >> that's what i do, i follow al on instagram because that's citing. >> scallops. >> watch al roker make scallops must be so great. pretty so said dylan much is waiting for me to die so she can get -- she was hoping i would gain the weight back, have a heart attack and she would get the desk. >> all those shows are lined up there. everybody wants howard to swing
8:19 am
by. he said hi to you. >> top that today? >> i have no idea. >> nothing about that sw was suitable for television. >> not really. but it is on >> speaking of uncle al, it's a theme today. today's daily click, you've got take youtube channel. this is al and celebrity guests making, i guess they have signature deli ndwiches. >> yes. >> today's episode features cheech and chong. >> no way. >> the pair opened up abo what the best part of their career has been. >> what's the best thing about doing this, you guy being together? >> our fans, you know, meeting peop. all agesnow. they love us. l it'se thing. they love who we are. not so much what we do but who we are. that really is a joy. >> can't ask for more than that. >> that's really great. >> we got arrested one time. even when we got arrested, the cops had a fight who was going to take us into the police
8:20 am
station. >> because they had all our albums. >> cheech and chong look amazing? some of my earliest memories o of the fan. >> he's 80. >> cheech and chong eing sandwiches. >> when you use how high are you for cheech and chong it's different. >> i thought you were asking. >> that'st exactly w i was asking. >> that was a natural high. >> no. are you crazy? >> okay. >> who are you, howard stern? >> okay. >> what sandwich didnd cheech chong make. >> i don't remember. you know why he was called cheech. when he was called cheech? when he wasrought home from the hospital his ule sai that. youtube/today, part o summer of original videos. >> hoda has been on. >> i made a sandwich with you.
8:21 am
>> what's you signature sandwich? >> i don't remember. >> first of all, maria is here because we just love her but she's also here for a series called, for your health series. looking into genr bias i medical care that can actually put lives at risk. >> that's right. what we uncovered is eye-opening from the wayines are researched and tested to the way doctors diagnose and treat diseases. experts say there is a bias against women in our health care system. it means many female patients aren't getting t care that they need. all her life laurie edwards said she struggled to breathe. she suffers from a chronic but growing disease that up was never properly diagnosed with doctor after doctor telling "her" symptoms were all in her head something many female patients endure. >> it's very easy to say you'red just stresse out. you're just another anxious, young, type a female type
8:22 am
studen a ta deep breath. maybe you need antidepressants, maybe you need anxiety medicine. >> more and more research shows a shocking bias against women in medical care that can jeopardize their health. now there's a timely push for change. >> this is the #metoo of health care. >> dr. noel runs one of the country's largest cardiac care centers for wome in a recent report she found the heart disease is the number one killer of women. only 40% of their routine care includes a heart risk check. women are nearly tce as likely as men to die in the year following a heart attack. she says too often doctors treat women atis for heart disease very differently than men. >> yng women were more likely told to loseig . where the young men, who were iktually more overweight, were morey put on effective preventive >>therapy.
8:23 am
s that because the doctor doesn't think of a woman as getting heart disease? >> people are always sort of judging wom according to their weight. the irony, of course, is that eight loss doesn't reduce cardiovascular disease. >> and there's more. the women are twice as likely to cffer fromonic pain as men. studies show women's reports of pain areore likely to be dismissed. it wasn't until laurie was in her 20s and in the hospital with lung problems that her disease was correctly diagnosed. >> i'm in a great place, b how much better would mym long-ter prognosis be if i had been doing all these things all the time. >> gender biases exist in medicalchrese too. while clinical trials funded by nih are now required to include female subjects, those funded by private medical cpanies are exempt. in lab studies, mostly male animals have been used meaning many drugs are never evaluated rkr females at all before coming to .
8:24 am
perhaps it's not surprising that women are up to 75% more likely to have an adverse drug reaction than men. >> they are actually really imenrtant differences betwe men and women. that goes all the way down to the level of our cells. every single cell o in body has a sex, xx, xy, female or le ma. that actually translateseno difft chemical reactions. that can have importantti drama effects on how we respond to treatment. >> what can women do? first experts say when prescribed amedication, your doctors if the drug was ever studied in women. does it have potential side effects f wome if they don't know, go somewhere else. second, if you're aold to ge medical test, ask how accurate it is for women. many common diagnostic tls re designed only around men. third, when it comes to assessing your body and health, listen to your gut. >> my message to women is to be
8:25 am
willing to look for a second or wird opinion and to be willing tok away from the partnership that isn't working. >> so enlightening. you're hoping that progress is beine in this field. there is some? >> there is some progress. this is really important that nih is doing educational outreach to physicians and pharmacists and medical journals are now requiring researchers to inclese fem in their studies. while many people do think that having a female doctor makes them more sensitivean and do say that the issue also is that many of these female docrs so have their own biases. so it's really up to the patient to be educated, to be informed and to ask these questions. many womt think t a physical is a mammogram and a pap smear d it's not. >> wow. >> i think that's such a biggie. >> you're not crazy. >> maria, thank you. >> well, i might be. just ahead the makeup trend making it easier for women to
8:26 am
find their perfect nude foundation. >> grill masters here to share their secret for the perfect chicken dinne this is the news 4 news break. it's 8:26 on wednesday, july 18th. i'm aaron gilchrist. let's get a check on your commute with melissa mollet in first 4 traffic. >> in bound 395, hov lanes at washington boulevard, you c see we are jammed. we have one lane getting by. big delays m on the as well. beltway, no huge trouble spots. earlier traffic stops are slower. 0 southbound near montrose, you're going 16 miles per hour. >> melissa, thank you. we'll have a choke on your forecast when we come back. stay with us.
8:27 am
8:28 am
good morning, everybody. it is brightny and s outside this morning. it's going to stay that way all day today. no crance for . temperatures in the low 70s now. it will be seasonably warm. mid to upper 80s the next calm days. perfec weather for spending
8:29 am
time outside. unfortunately rain chances are back just in time for yr weekend. chuck, thank you. you can get the latest news and weather any time in the nbc washington app.
8:30 am
♪ the sun is shining it's a lovely day a perfect morning to be on with carson, al, savanh and hoda k noeltse love craig melvin ♪ ♪ celebrating our 15th year monster friendship lasts. and cheers ♪ ♪ critics say they are all such great puppeteers
8:31 am
♪ we live on avenue here our friends do, too ♪ ♪ we want all of you to come avenue q. >> fifteen years. >> avenue q ♪ >> special performance from avenue q. we want to thank them for shout out t." thank you for being here. happy 15 year anniversary. fade completely -- they away. >> speaking of great musicals,fr amandaied from "mamma mia!" >> how the beauty b inclusive and how to find the shade just right for your skin.
8:32 am
>> guess who is back, grill dads, whipping up ultimate summer meal. how doesemon chicken soune we going to make it. >> what have you got? >> a fun shout at the top of the hour. kerry sanders did a all right os the unusual job i've ever heard of. imagine delivering pizzas under water. we'll show you what we're talking about. then a woman who grew up in an amish community, strict, no electricity, no english, german, with w managed to get out just the clothes on her back. she's going to talk about what it was li, in particular the dating routine in this community was bizarre. th the first time she's spoken publicly on television about it so i hope you find it fascinating. >> do you have a translator. >> she speaks english now.
8:33 am
she's gone ono college, has her mba. >> the pizza under water. >> jacques cousteau's good morning. 73 degrees right now in washington. we have sunshine. low humidity through the day, too. a lot of the suburbs now in the low s. still 67 in gaithersburg. the ugh the day we'll be i 80s. 82 by lunchtime. lowumity throughout the day. highs in the mid to upper 80s. tomorrow morning some suburbs
8:34 am
could be in the upper 50s. by the afternoon, 87 and sunny. dry through friday. rainday and sunday the chances return and they could be sticking around almost all of t >> andt's your latest next week.
8:35 am
8:36 am
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8:41 am
shade for you. baby, good morn gg. >>d morning. >> it's really cool to think about this. we don't all come in onecolor. >> we don't all come in light, medium or deep. exciting thing to witness. the 40 women you see out there have really brought a new collection called flesheauty to life. we have to thank flesh beauty for giving us their range
8:42 am
lirally in both women and men out there. >> 40 models wearing 40 different shades. >> colormatched. they have launched to lots of fanfare. these are thicksticks. i love how portable. on the heels of rihanna, big celebrity and helped grab headlines with the beauty, it was important because of sales. that validated consumer demand. we are all speaking up saying we want this option. dior when the royal wedding happened everybody was inspecting every pore of meghan markle. >> her fwless skin. i don't think she was wearing any makeup she looked so good. >> she was rumored to be wearino a ppe of that. >> one of the dior. >> she's perfect example of not typical cookie cutter. >> not caked on. been at f these have this for a while. it's popular but tried and true. >> i've been covering
8:43 am
20 years. i do want to give credit to old school folks. kmakeup forever b since 1984 has been shade inclusive. back in 2015 they offered 40 shades. and trade fx, these companies have options. it's great to see a these companies jumping in the fray. >> the drugstore brands. is that >> i have to give credit. some brands are overachiever. jouer, 50 shades, not 40. something for you to know, coming nexs month, this a sneak peek, estee lauder is ofring 56. >> not to be outdone. drugstore. ioned >> this is tricky because you can't try it on. >> first i'mxc eed cover girl and maybelline offer 40 shades because it's under 10 bucks. they have shade finders. what i suggest because they dot have them in the store, go
8:44 am
online and narrow it down. a lot of shades have warm or school in the descriptor. if you want to look at the inside of y risk. typically if you're cool you have purple blueish veins you look best in white or silver metal. if you're warm you tend to skew warm, likeyou. >> i was going to say i'm cool. >> no. you're hot. u have greenish in there. you have a little down the road, some people can be neutral. those are helpful words to kn. in the article i put information about testing on jaw line, look outside, lights inside can be too harsh. leave it on, doesn't always look like it does on your skin when it oxidizes. be scenario test it on your skin and let it sit for a few hours. >> if you haven't found a match yet, two important for you.
8:45 am
l lancomb has 50 shades, bare minerals has an cpp that take photos of your skin and to your doorstep can send one of kind personalized shade.i don't want to forget we have findation, they will find a similar match in another brand for you. if you're interested in finding something, please go to the website. it's insane. if you want to get into this, you can really get into ks. thor the information on our website, check out up next, time to eat. the grill dads here to liven up plain ingredients and you only plain ingredients and you only need fiv
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all right. let's do this everybody. welcome back on "today's" food. we are grilling with o and only grill dads ryan and mark. they have a food network show. you'll watch it in july, comfort od tour. they hit the road in search of what else, comfort food. right now they are going to show f couple of dishes their own. mark, i want to mention your coin is downstairs, executive producer matt, the guy to the left, you might as well be related. >>rother fromnother mother. >> worked together outside the food business now in the food business. your show is good. i'll watch food network atight and write places down. >> base your vacation on it. >> we're going around finding best comfort food, whatomfort means to different people. >> this not comfort food. this is comfort food. summer comfort food. it's different. this is lemon chicken.
8:49 am
super simple, not a lot of ingredients. >> with your paillard, pounded out chicken. >> which we'll do i second. first thing make a marinade. lemon juice, lemon zest from a whole lemon. a little salt, a little. pepp >> some people use an orange. nhat is it about citrus that's so good chicken. >> wakes up the acid, gives it a sharp flavt, wakes up a little bit. lavor r-acts the grilled really nice. >> how long will it marinade. >> four hours. you don't want to do more because it will start to cook the chicken. the main part. paillard. take the chicken butterflied, if you have a good butcher they will do i for you. them -- >> pound it out. >> that's all right been marinated? >> no. quarter inch thick, nice and even all the way arou t. gom here in the bag.
8:50 am
going to marinate for four hours. >> that's easy. >> do this ahead of time before people come over. now we have chicken here, marinade off so weon't have flairups. will you grab the lemons for me. >> these are so thin, you don't have a lot of cook time. >> tee to four minutes per side. wait a few minutes, turn them and get beautiful grill marks. >> this is som shing simple and delicious. >> lemons, throw them right on. grill marks. the heat from the grill wakes up the juices in the lemon. w heree go. voila. > three minutes a side and chicken paillard. >> serve it with arugula salad or on its own. what are you making? >> how are you doing, man? >> doing good. what we've gottoday, not just grill dads that do meat. we like vegetables, fruit, et cetera. this is a beautiful comfort food
8:51 am
salad. it will surprise guests at barbecue. this is grilled peach salad. we're going to make dijon vinegarette, really good, champagne vinegareowe, flers. >> wow. >> we're fancy, man. >> we have our tasting table over there. >> i wasaying do you remember that song, millions of peaches. >> president oatthe united . >> there you go. >> so what we're going to do is put some oil on these peaches. >> a little oil on the peaches. >> take my tongs. >> are the soft peaches like t abouto bite into it. >> you want the skin on the peaches. you reason, you want the it itself.n of the f put it down. doesn't matter, you can start either way. >> less heat or normal. >> obviously, normal heat, 350, 400. depends what your grill is. you've got to watch for grill marks. co down here and make a marina
8:52 am
marinade, a dressing. this is simple, olive oil, dijon mustard, champagne vinegar, lemon,an sal pepper. >> not a lot. >> it's cool, super cool, easy. we're going to plate this. this is a really nice spring mix. we're going to do grilled peaches we've done. >> whole like this. let people fight and grabhat ey want. >> al, how are the peaches? >> then borratacheese. you don't have to you can use fresh mozzella. >> why would you have fresh mozzarella when can you have borrata, which is creamy and delicious. >> you don't have to put this on there. ou have to. >> put this on as well. this is something i think will imprs everybody. >> where did you get these edible flowers. >> in grocery stores, any health food store, et cetera, those
8:53 am
types ofplace, "they will do this. you want to eat one? >> there we go. le all right. again, just dri a little bit of our -- it's really good. is honey dijon champagne vinegarette. >> a little rou around the edges. look at the salad. it's gorge. way to go, guys. >> i always finish everything with a little bit of olive oil and a little bit o finishing salt. there you go. oing to get on our harleys and ride out of here. you want the recipes go to and look for the premier of comfort food. thank you. >> thank you. >> we're back in a mometh. but first is "today" on nbc.
8:54 am
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we've got a lot coming up in the fourth b hour can we wish a happy birthday to katie ryan. in the graphics, happy irthday to you. we're going to talk about dishes, cook with theabsenti twins and kristen this is a "news 4 today" news break. 56 is your time now on this wednesday, july 18th, 2018. good morning to you, i'm eun yang. rit now we're goi to check on your morning commute with elissa mollet and first traffic. how's it looking? >> good morning. taking a look at telegraph road, had a car fire. nown response is the right and you're getting by there on the left side of the roadway. right now the rest of the beltway looking pretty normal.
8:57 am
inner loop as you're crossing the american legion bridge is slow. high yachts townid it response you can see slow southbound on 270. >>a, meliss thank you. we'll take a quick break andor check your fecast next. ♪ ♪ summer's calling. the 2018 escalade is ready to move. our best offers on the 2018 escalade are here. join us for the made to move sales event. get 0% apr financing for 60 months, plus $2000 down payment assistance when financed through gm financial on a 2018 escalade.
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zwriem and temperature from t.d. bank. good wednesday morning. it's lower humidity sunshine and temperatures in the mid to uppe0 s. fridayy, eve comes to an end and the showers and the forecast. could be rainy saturday foruch of the area. the next week the rain chances continue, eun. sheena, thankyou. get the latest news and weather any time on the nbc washington app. have a great day.
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good morning, welcome to the i'm megyn kelly. it's wednesday which mea a very special guest is here, savannah guthrie. please welcome savannah. >>oo to see you. >> hi,everybody. your audience looks so cute. >> think we should call it savwednesday. >> when you say wednesday with savannah it's like mor mory,


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