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tv   Today  NBC  July 19, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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test. good abrupt tough and an change of tone just 48 hours after controversial news conference. president trump now holding abvladimir putin accountle for russian meddling. >> as the leader of the country, you would have to hold him responsible, yes. and thespresident's own fbi director defending robert mueller's investigation. >> i do not believe special counsel muller is on a witch hunt. >> we will get reaction in an exclusive live interview with
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sean spicer. > spending their first day out of the hospital prayi and giving thanks. out of the blue two children attacked by sharks at new york beaches. e first i that state in 70 years. >> i saw her stand up and what wasus obvly shock, >> this mor the 12-year-old victim opens up about a day at the beach she will never forget. >> i could have lost a leg, but i didn't. >> all that plus bizarreea accident nrly two dozen soldiern hurt oveht after a helicopter mishap at ay militar base in california. united 141 survivors of the usa gymnastics sex abuse scandal join together for an emotional moment on stage at the espys. >> the truth does matter, yer ma and you are not alone. and the big shot and the boss, bruce springsteen surprises billy joel as the
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piano man makes history. today thursday,uly 19th, 2018. >> announcer: from nbc isnews, ths "today" with savannah gu guthrie and hoda kotb. hey, everybody. . lcome to "today" thank you for joining >> we've got a lot going on again. >> we certainly do. president trump is having to re-plain hre re-explain his position on russian meddling but the fbi director is making clear how he feels in an interview with lester holt. nd the president's former press secretary sean spicer is here for a live interview. first let's get to kristen otlker. she's the latest.
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>> reporter: good morning to both of you.t presidump is still attempting to clarify his stance on russia amid ant uproar t he hasn't been clear or sharp enough. in a new interview the president said what his intelligence community has been insisting all along, that russia meddled in the 2016 election and that putin is responsible. but many lawmakers say the esident's message is still muddled. overnight president trump defiant in the face of sustained criticism thatou he wasn't enough during his summit with vladimir putin. >> i will tell you i don'tnow what t fuss is all about. i think we did extremely >>well eporter: in an interview with cbs news, mr. trump taking a tough new tone with putin now insisting he believes his own intell wence agencies say russia meddled in the u.s. election. >> if you believe u.s. intelligence agencies, is putin lying to you >> ion't want to get into whether or not he's lying. i can only say i do have confidence on our intelligence s agen >> reporter: and mr. trump
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saying he holds putin accountable. >> well, i would because he's in charge of the country just like i consideryself to be responsible for things that happen in this country. certainly as the leader of a country you would have to hold him responsible, yes. >> what did you say to him? >> very strong on the fact that we can't have meddli i. >> reportes the latest attempt at damage control after he president appeared to bre from his own intelligence community when mr. trump asked rif he thinkssia is still a threat. >> is russia still targeting the u.s., mr. president? >> reporter: tt appears to contradict his own director of national intelligence who said last friday -- >> these actions are persistent. they're pervasive and they are meant to undermiamerica's democracy on a daily basis. >> reporter: but press secretary sarah sanders said the president's no is being misinterpreted. he was only saying no to answering more questions.
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hallie jackson questioning the apparent about face. >> the first thing the question msays is thank you veryh and then he said no, i'm not answering anymore questions. >> why should this president have any credibility in what he says if in fact 24 hours lat or in this case three hours later the white house comes out and says just kiddin >> first of all that's not what i said. i was interpreting what theid prt's intention was and stating the administration's policy. >> reporter:bryesterday's fing also making headlines over reports the white house is considering allowing russia to interrogate americans. >> does president trump support that idea? >> the president is going to meet with his team and we'll let you know when we have an announcement. >> one of the americans, michael mcfalho has openly condemned putin in the past had thisre tion last night on msnbc. >> wt i was totally flabbergasted was the white house would not defend me.i' an american citizen.
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i work for the government for five years and it woul have been so easy to ban it back. >> reporter: democrats now r demanding to hrom the interpreter who was in the room with tmp and putin during their one-on-one meeting that lasted more than two hours. >> the russians seem to know what was said a what was agreed to. i think it's important for congress to know that as well. >> reporter: while the white house seemed to indicate it is ansidering that offer of joint investigation, the state department called the allegations against americans absurd andmi dssis tedhede in a with lester holt fbi director ristopher wray also brushed off the idea while saying there is no doubt russia interfered. >> my view has not changed which is that russia attempted to interfere wh the last election and that it continues to engage in blind influence operations to
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this day. do not believe special counsel mueller is on a witch hunt. i thi it's a professional investigation conducted by a man that i've known to be a straight shoor:r. >> reporray a dismissal of the witch hunt seems to be a rebuke of one of the president's favorite talking points. lester will havee morand with h national w w intelligence director dan coats. that brings us to the president's formerhite house press secretary sean spicer who has written a new book about his experience. it is called "the briefin. >> good morning to you. >> good morning to you. i picked a quiet week. >> is this a week you're glad you're notd in your h job? >> i've said before it was an honor to serve this countrynd this administration, but there's not a day that goes by that i don't miss standing at that podium. miss the people tremendously. >> it would be a tough job this wet'. >> i think been a tough job every week. >> do you thinksi the pnt
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blew it with vladimir putin. >> i'm glad helarified his comments. >> is that a yes? >> i think it's v to be clear that russia meddled in our elections and also clear there is no evidence of collusion which the president has done. whey said though was i'm glad he's been clear abket it. he t about it last night. he talked about it at thet cabimeeting. >> why wasn't he clear about it right there in front of vladimir putin? was he afraid? >> the president is not afraid of anything. i think theottom lines he clearly said that he meant to say something different. i'll letnd sarah the white house deal with that. >> it's interesting to have him come out the next day and was a double negative, if you take this one sentence, i should have said there's no reason d russia wouldn' it. i mean, that might work if that were the only sentence in question. but here's the situation where he fails to call out vladimir putin when given the direct opportunity. calls him strong and powerful. says heinds the denial to be
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strong and powerful. and literally blames america in front of vladimir putin. can you defend that? >> i'm not going to defend anything. that's not my job anymore. i can tell you i know what the presiden believes. i know he understands russia meddled in our election. i also b as a deal maker, as a nonpolitician he wants to get a dea with russia where we have an agreement in our national and economic -- >> don't you want to see him >> he is strong. he's increased the sanctions with respect to crimea. he has expelled other diplomats. he has been tough on russia. >> but not at the very moment en he actually has the world upon him. he's got vladimir putin right there. >> and he went and clarify today. all i can say is that he did on euesday go out at that cabinet meeting and makt clear what his intentions were. in the interview last night he made it vy clear h holds putin accountable and that he blames russia. >> but even in the clarification
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he did say it might be he. >> it could. >> okay. do you think that the mueller probe is a political witch hunt? >> as of now i've s evidence that it is. i think that it's been going on a long time. i think there's two issues. one as i mentioned earlier, there's the collusion which we've seen no evidence of so far. >> with the investigations ongoing. >> direct. >> there have been three guilty pleas. >> that have nothing to do with actually collusion. they hav to do with lying and not registering properly. >> so why would you lie to federal investigators? >> i don't know. i wouldn't. but with respe to the meddling, that's another thing. and i've seen you see now multiple russians indicted by special prosecutor mueller. >> let's talk aboutr time at the podium. >> sure. >> was there ever a time that the president asked y to lie? >> no. >> was there ever a time that he wanted you to say sething that you felt was untrue or on the line? >> look, in the book that comes
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out next , i go tough a lot of the bigen m. i'm a small kid from a small state. my parents were not politically active. the rise to become whies house secretary was an honor. i walk through that. i talk about all of the big moments. there were times when i would give theicresident a in counsel as a spokesman and say i nd nk this would be better the president would either agree with me, but that's been similar. >> is the president a truthful person? >> i believe so. >> you never felt like he had you go out there and stick your neck out for claims he knew to be false? imate k, he's the u salesman. i think he talks about it in his books how he uses hyperbole to sell issues. that's how he is. he's a salesman and a negotiator and a businessman first and foremost. >> do you regre sticking your neck out for some of his moresh outlan claims, i'm thinking the inauguration, the three to
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five million fraudulent votes, having paid comey in the oval office. >> appreciate you keeping it to just three. >> there could be more. >> it's a 250 page book. look, are there things that i wish i could have a do over on? absolutely. but you bring up the inauguration. the president wasn't pleased with me either. i walk through that in the book and i talk about how look, there are dayshen i stepped in it. would i take a do over? absolutely. i used this book to walk through and explain to people, it's not sy. i think it's one thing to look at a guy standing at a podium and say i can't believe he said this. i wanted to explain what ns going behind the scenes. on that particular day the president wasn't happy either. >> but he's the one who wanted you to go ohe -- >> savannah, i'll be honest, it's all in the book. that. i screwed that day up. the only two people at the end of the day that were happyith me, and i don't think happy, b
7:13 am
supportive, my wife and my mom. >> he's e one who said get out there. you thought you were going to set up youffice that day. >> he want today corrected. i went out and interpreted it and did it in a way i know he wasn't pleased with. >> there's a lot to talk about. the book comes out. it's called "the briefing". sean spicer, thank you very much. also this morning we are learning more about wh next's n for the boys from the thai soccer team. one day after they were released from the hospital and share new detail about their 18-day ordeal. janice is in thailand with the latest. good rning. >> reporter: good morning, hoda. this is day one out of the hospital and it's a day to celebrate. there's a bit o rain. they're spending time with their family, eating a lot and coming to with being in the
7:14 am
spotlight. the first day back at home started here to pray for protection and offer thanks for a second chance at life. i'm so happy to be at home and sleep in my own bed sayho dom turned 13 inside the cave. what did you guys talk about? we talked only about food dom tells us. the more we talked about it, the hungrier we got. their extraordinary sto of ing lost and found. rescue, now reunited has kept the entire world rooting for this team. yesterday reveang how they survived, that they licked water from the cave's walls and used rocks t and dig away. until day ten when two british divers found them, what the boys scribed as a miracle. when it was time to get out, the team determinedho would go first. choosing not the strongest or weakest, b the boys who lived the furthest away.
7:15 am
we were thinking we would have to ride our bicycles home, said the coach. none of them realizing that ambulances, helicopters, and the world's attention were waiting. families are now being urged by psychologies to shield theoys from fame. the government says don't talk to anybody. but across this town there are 13 heroes welcomed. reunions with family and friends, joy and relief. and for 14-year-old adul, the fe ct of friedcken that was a months in the making. next month the team will go to a monastery and they will stay there at least a week. the parents have told me they want to have a normal life. they're not superstars. they're not heroes. they're just normal boys who gon lost a cave. but boy, do they ever have a story to tell. hoed dar hodau. savannah, back to yo
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>> we have the weather report in thailand. it's rainy. what about right here? >> we coulse some of that cooling rain in texas. big area o high pressure. jet stream to the north. it dips in the northeast. in the central plains, 33 million people at risk for heat advisories, heat warnings. trip i wile trigit highs today. we could see records in dallas. tomorrow the heat ctinues again. look at these triple digit air we could see records in dallas, shreveport, and also san annio. as weove into saturday, again, 2e temperatures stay 10 to degrees above average with records possible in san antonio, abilene, and waco. look at what happens next week through the centralth and sn plains. we're talking about into monday, triple digits in austin, monroe looud
7:17 am
louisiana and dras allas as wel. your local forecast coming up in the next 0 seconds. m goning, i'm meteorologist chuck bell. a bright sunny sky over dte. erature now 73 downtown, but still in the comfortable mid 60s in most of the western suburbs, low 70s alongside the bay. if you're planning out your thursday to be outsid it's a great day to do it. low hum
7:18 am
low midity, afternoon a couple degrees cooler. cooler weekend but that's because ofain and increasing rain chances. >> that's your latest weather. coming up, two children victims of rare and frightening shark attacks right here on th beaches. we're going to hear fm one of them. >> bad sportsn youth sports. not ds, but their parents. what some d refs areng to turn the table. first this is "today" on nbc.
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my tip is; be careful what you wish for. that chest tube hurt a lot more coming out than it did going in. (announcer) you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now. it is 7:26. hop yuour thursday is off to a great start. two women were killed when a csx train hit them in germantown last night. it happened around 8:00. investigators haven't released the women's names and it's still not clear why they were on the track. take a look at this video. it's from a sexual assault investoration inwest d.c. place say the man running in this video had just assaulted a woman inside her home. it happened near 8th street on sundayight. police say the man assaulted the woman at knife point and then took off. they're asking you to call d.c. poce if you recognize him.
7:27 am
we want to get you out the door in one piece. let's get to melissa with traffic. >> inner loop ramp to college park, blocking the left lane. the rest of the belt way is looking pretty typical. norn northbound 395 earlier crash. as far as the metro goes, this has finally cleared. had a signal problem at smithsonian. no more delays to reston. we'll get a check of the forecast up nex stay with us.
7:28 am
most of you will step owl the door wheh temperature in the upper 60s. this afternoon they'll be in the upper 80s with plenty of sunshine. highs in the upper '880s again tomorrow.
7:29 am
no rain today or tomorrow but i can't say the same aut the weekend. both saturday and sunday are likely to be impacted by rain drops. th thank you, chuck. we'll get a local news update coming up in 25 minutes. for now back to "today".
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we're back. it's 7:30. billy joel celebrated his record 100th concert at madison square garden and he got a littleelp from a surprise guest, bruce springsteen. >> can you imane if you were at that concert? >> the h10 show. here you get bruce spring>stein he president still managing will fallout from his summit
7:31 am
with vladimir putin. in an interview mr. trump noel insisting heves his own intelligence agencies who say he believes russia meddled in the ection. >> do you believe u.s. intelligence agencies, is putin oying to you? >> i don't want get into whether or not he's lying. i can only say i do have confidence in our intelligence agencies as currently constituted. >> president trump also says he told putin to stay out of america's elections. an update on a story we told but last month. 12 alleged gang members were indicted wednesday in tt fatal stabbing of the 15-year-old. the brutal machete attack in the cbronx that wasght on camera. authorities believe he was the victim of mistaken identity. five of those indicted were charged with first degree murder. they could face life in prison. breaking overnight. at least 22 people were injuried in a tent collapse at a central california military base. it happened late last night about 50 miles south of big sur. officials s f the windrom a landing helicopter kicked u and collapsed the structure.
7:32 am
some of the injured soldiers were airlifted to a hospital in fresno. tired of getting stuck in r traffic on y way to work? we've got a possible solution for tyou this morning. a m in britain has invented a jet suit who said anyonele can n to fly. he took a trip outside a london store where you can buy the suit. five miniature jet engines mounted on his arms and back. it can f 32 miles an hour and here's the best part. it will only cost $443,0ho. >> iht the better part was it seemed very slenderizing. >> something else that has a lot of people talking, two separate shark attacks at beaches here in ew york, the victims bot children. this morning one is opening up about her ordeal. kerry sanders is out on long island with more on this. >> reporter: good morning. the beaches where tuscted
7:33 am
shark attacks happened have reopened, but probably there people who likely to go in the water are going to be a little bit less than because of what just happened. thankfully in this case the two young victims here survived without losing their limbs or their lives. this mning she is scheduled for surgery. the 12-year-old attacked by a shark in the atlanc ocean in a popular beach on new york's fire island. she knows what happened to her luld have been much worse. >> i could havet a leg, but i didn't. so that's epod. >>ter: lola was standing in t-deisep shadow but at first could not believe it was a shark. >> i figured, you know, oh, she got brushed by something and it scared her and f she waking out until i saw her come out of the water. >> reporter: and then you saw blood. >> really i saw puncture wounds before i saw the blood. >> reporter: she was initiallyn treated a released from the hospital but after a surgeon aviewed photos he decided as
7:34 am
precaution she should come back. >> she will have scars. but the most likely outcome is thathe will recov fully. >> reporter: just minutes after lola was bitten another attack happened just four miles away. a 13-year-old boy also bitten on the leg and treated by >> they confirmed also not only was it a shark bite, but they fothd one of the tee still inside the boy. >> reporter: soon after the attacks local fisherman caught this shark nearby and another one also hooked and draggn shore. wildlife officials say there's no evidence linking either srk the attacks. that means everyone needs to be on alert i the water. > we don't expect sharks to be here >> reporter: and when you find out they are? >> very scary. >> so letting her back in the water? >> very scary. i don't think we'll be doing that. >> reporter: will the family go back into the water?
7:35 am
>> yes. >> not me. me and lola will. >> we know these thing are rare, kerry, out there, but how rare is a shark attack? k> incredibly rare. you have to go b in the records for the water here t 1938 for a confirmed shark attack. was 70 years ago. >> makes me feel a little bit. let's go over to al and get a check of the weather. >> good morning. we're looking at severe weather to talk about in the northern plains. we've got a risk of severe whether in des moines i io westerinois and parts of missouri. tomorrow that slides to the south a eas 14 million people at risk from indianapolis down to nashville. could see a tornado or two. it's a quick moving system that's going to eventually affect the east coast but today stro strong storms and tomorrowpuhey their way into cleveland, pittsburgh. rainfall from 2 to 4 inches of rain from minnesota all the way
7:36 am
down to and kentucky. then watch this system start to develop toy, a low pressure system that's going to move off the coast but make its way up the coast and that wiletbring some w weather. before that we're looking 2 to 3 ches off the atlantic coast. making its way this weekend, we'll keep an eye on this. here's what's happening in your neck of th woods. good thursday morning. another gorgeous day is going to look like yesterday. 73 degrees right now. plentyf sunshine. suburbs in the mid 60 74 gaithersburg. 63 in frederick. things will be warming up like yesterday into the 80s. low humidity. plenty of sun throughout the afternoon. 87 for a daytime high. tomorrow still dry day to end out the week. humidity still comfortable. saturday and sunday we have rain moving into the forecast. >> that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you.
7:37 am
now to a powerful scene during last night's espy awards. >> one of the most memorable scenes in an award show we've seen in a long time. not guilty compare to t moving messages delivered on stage and the heroes thatembody everything sports should be about. bravery a heroi taking center stage at the espy awards. hundreds of athletes who accused former sports dr. larry nas of sexual abuse honored wh the arthur ashe award for courage. 141 survivors filling the stage, unified with a clear goal. >> we are here on thio stage present an image for the world to see.a portrait of survival. a new vision of courage. >> i encourage those to hold tight tondour faith stand tall when speaking your truth because i'm here to tell you
7:38 am
that you cannot silence the strong forever. >> olympic gold medalist aly raisman offering a message of support tovo sur everywhere. >> if we choose to listen and we choose to act with empathy, we can draw strength fm each other. we may suffer alone, but we survive together. thank you. >> the espys also honoring three coaches from marjory stone man douglas high school who died trying to protect students during the. parkland shooti >> in their own ways, each will never be forgotten. >> aaron feis, scott beagle and chris hix sharing the award for best coach. accepting ther, ho members of the hero's family and a coach. >> the issue of gun violence and what happened at our school isn't a political issue.
7:39 am
it's auman issue. >> stressing that he hopes the parkland strategy would help lead to real change. >> more dialogue, a deeperde tanding amongst students, educators and parents and officials and ultimately action towards a solution for safe schools all across america. >> i stayed up and watched most of the broadcast last night. prably the most moving espy awards i've seen in a number of years. also chloe kim, best female athlete. >> you can't get the image of all those young ladies standing on that stage and the shear volume of people. coming up, we've got the story behind a pretty bizarre statue of jeffgo ldbloom that popped up in london. >> then aon candidrsation with ava famously prite ceo o
7:40 am
snapchat. what he wants all parents to know about his app. plus a hollywood icon here in studio 1a. pierce brosnan. >> howne is fighting back about unrulys momd dads at sporting events. does his solution cross the line? right after this. it's a burrito filled with plants pretending to be meat. here we see the artist making an attempt to bare his soul. it's just a gray dot. there are multiples on the table: one is cash, three are fha, one is va. so what can you do? she's saying a whole lotta people want to buy this house. but you got this! rocket mortgage by quicken loans makes the complex simple. understand the details and get approved in as few as 8 minutes by america's largest mortgage lender.
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but thanks to our forester, neither did our story. and that's why we'lllways drive a subaru. backk now, 7:44. gang is all here. there' new way referees are calling foul on angry and aggres>>ve parents. his is one of those problems that just keeps getting worse and worse e it's badugh that a lot of refs have to deal with raging parents on the sidelines and even worse when many oft them trolled online. this is causing a huge referee shortage across tut country, now one ref is fighting back with a pretty controversial sh from turning a softball i touro a field of
7:45 am
screams to theecing from the sidelines of a soccer game, one woman even caught on camera shouting b profanitiefore forcefully kicking a ball at a teenage referee. these videos posted on the fabook page offside created by a youth soccer referee in oklahoma trying to blow the whistle on parents behaving rydly. >> it happens eingle day in every single youth sport there is and that's a shame because we're taking away the innocence and the meaning and purpose of youth sports. >> while parents and spectators often t referees on line, ryan has made it his mission to turn the tables. knee now offers $100 for each clip he posts, his way of shaming those that demonstrate
7:46 am
unsportsmanlike conduct in the stands. >> we're the officials. you cheer. let the coaches coach and the ayer play and we'll ref. >> 60% said sportsmahip is getting worse with nearly 40 % saying it's the parents that causing the most problems. the national association of sports officials reporng that more than 70% of new referees in all sports quithe job within three years. many blaming the verbal and sometimes physical abuse towards officials. barlow says he's notic positive changes to his approach to curbing sideline violence. >> i had one girne that t into a referee. i have another wan in a video who promised to never ever, and she updates me probably every three or four months, i haven't yelled at a referee in ten games, you'll be so proud. >> he's alsoed s a program called stop, stop tormenting officials permanently. postingiative includes
7:47 am
signs like these at youth sports complexes. the public shaming efforts drawing some criticism from those who think he has gone too far. >> when people see themselves they change their owndynamics. you have to hold people accountable. that's allst is. >> heot alone in his quest to end this type of abuse. thoseideos have been pouring in. last year the south carolina youth soccer association started a silent september where the cr rds had toain quiet during games. >> i don't know about that. >> it's a big problem i'm out there every weekend watching youth sports and it's incredible to see the parents. last week there was a kid arguing balls and strikes and it wasnbievable. they're emulating their parents. >> you were a ref, weren't you? >> i was ref for young girls and i remember hearing parents d il and i remember how afr was. i can't imagine if it busted out into a brawl like that.
7:48 am
i wonde if t shaming thing is going to change it. >> he's turned into a local celebrity. everybody knows his cameras are out in full force, but sometimes has to get security. >> if you're not proud of your behavior and you don't want it online, then m'tbe you shoul be acting that way. by the way, scottie, we know you are a big hit on snapchat. savannah got an interview with the ceo of snapchat. it was a long way s ofing she is coming up with that interview. what he is saying about big changes to the snapchat app. first these messages. and let's make it work. they hold strong with a peel, stick, and press. and with that college life begins. i said, college life begins. oh dear, let's take that down damage free. stretch release and look no marks no mess, much more you.
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7:56 is yhir time thursday. good morning to you. i'm chris lawrence. let's get right to melis and your first 4 traffic. >> taking a look at the roads, northbound park way before98 deer struck. we have the vehicle and deer on the right shoulder. we are delays northbound and shou southbound. leesburg, a crash blocking the left side of the roa lay. outep as you're approaching georgia and inner loop as you're approaching the woodrow wilson 'lbridge. get a check of your forecast coming up next. stay with us. wow. look at jim go. man, that guy works hard.
7:57 am
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7:59 am
good morning. temperatures mostly about the mid to low 70s. still some suburbs in the upper 60s, but a really comfortable start. if you're heading to the another gorgeous day. spf 30 or higher. sunny skies with highs around 87 degrees. morrow we're still sunny, but that will be the last day. rain moving in ove w thekend and through next week. >> we need thatrain. another local news updatng cop in 25 minutes.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on today. coming up, damage control. president trump changing course now saying he holds vladimir putin responsible for interfering in the 2016 election. >> certainly as the leader of a country you would have ho hoto >> we are live at the white house with the very latest. watch behind the music. >> i've got an idea of a song in my head. >> a first look at the new ed sheeran documentary showing fans what it's like when the pop star is literally thinking out loud. >> i guess this is the first time on camera you're going to see a song being written. and here he goes again.
8:01 am
hollywood icon pierce brosnan is stopping by studio 1a to talk about his big return to the highly anticipated "mama mia" sequel. what he's ready r toeveal about the highlighted cast, thursday, july 19, 2018. ♪ touching hands >> happy birthday to my grandma in india. ♪ sweet caroline >> welcome back on this trnrsday mog and thank you for coming out today. we're got a great crowd outside.
8:02 am
>> good-looking cro. get out there. you know who else is starting her day in a pretty great spot? dylan dreyer. she is liv in scotland at golf's open championship. how is it going? >> it is absolutelyorgeous here, guys. it feels more like california than scotland. i haven't seen an ounce of rain. i'm about to get a sunburn and we've got pro golf behind us, so it doesn't get much better than that. 'll have much more coming up. >> there's a chance dylan is going to manage to squeeze in 18 holes. >> i know she had tough road getting there. she was delayed a lot. president trump is once again sending mixed signals about who he trusts more, vladimir putin or his own intelligence officials who warn that russia is still meddling in u.s. affairs. nbc white house correspondent kristen welker has the latest. good morning. >>ood morning to you.
8:03 am
criticism,alanche of president trump is trying to take a tougher tone with russian president vladimir putin, but critics including some republ pans say thesident is still sending mixed signals. after bre with his intelligence community for the second time this week, president trump is again changing course telling cbs news tuesday he holds vladimir putin responsible r russian election interference. >> certainly as the leader of a country you would have to hold pom rible, yes. >> what did you say to him? >> very strong on the fact that we can't have meddling. >> reporter: wn asked if he thinks putin is lying by denying russian meddling, the president flecting. >> i don't want to get into whether or not he's lying. i can only say that i do have confidence in our intelligence agencies as currently constituted. >> reporter: tho new comments coming after mr. trump appeared to contradict warnings from his intelligenef about
8:04 am
russia's intention interference. >> is russiatill targeting the u.s., mr. president? >> rorter: but last week t director of national intelligence, dan coats, warned russia is actively interfering in the u.s. >> these actions are persistent. they're pervasive, and theyre meant to undermine america's democracy on a daily basis. >> reporter: press secretasa h sanders claimed the president's no is being misinterpreted. hallie jackson questioning the appare>> about face. he first thing the president says after the question was asked was thank you very muchhe and he said no, i'm not answering anymore questions. >> why should this president have any credibility in americans in what he says if in three hours later the white house comes out and says just kidding. >> first of all that's not what i said. i was interpreting what the president's intention was in stating the administration's policy. >> the president's critics including some in his own party
8:05 am
weren'tat buying explanation. >> it sure looked like he was saying no. it took him a while to respond the problem is that's consistent with what he's been sayi, you know, again and again and again. mistrusts ourntelligence services and believes the words of putin. >> reporter: sanders also made headlines wednesday when she suggested the white house had sibeen cring an offer by the russians to launch a joint which would include interrogating some americans. but the state department underscoring the enormity of the political problem, this new "time magazine" cover which shows anf imagee two leaders with the caption the summit crisis. da. >> krist welker at the white house. thank you. fbi director christopher re wray a pointed bydent trump says he does believe russia interfered in the last election and will try to do it again. in anxcsive interview director wray also brushed off the president'sf criticism
8:06 am
some fbi officials and says he has a very professional relationship with mr. trump and focuses on doing his job. >> there have been stories you have threatened to resign. haveou thiis the h line? a>> i'm low-key understated guy, but that should not be mistaken for what my spine is made outll of. just leave it at that. >> okay. >> wray also said he does not believe special couel robert mueller's russia investigation is a witch h lester will have more of his interview this evening onni "nb tly news." a fast moving wildfire in oregon has now left at least one person dead and forced others from their homes. officials say the victim was apparently trying to u a tractor to build a fire line. the so-called substation fire east of pedtland sta tuesday. it's burned more than 50,000o
8:07 am
acres far. it's the largest of some 160 fires burning right now in oregon. the smoke is so thick that people were advised to keep their pets indoors. meanwhile in california fires have led to a mandatory evacuation order near yosemite national park. baltimore has become the first american city to ban sodas from childr's menus in restaura ms. kid'sus can only offer mosquito, 0% fruit juice and water. the goal is to help families make healthier choices.of 1/altimore schoolchildren are obese, but there is a loophole. youngsters can still have sugary drinks if an adult who is with them orders it. >> that was odd. there are always some great surprises on the first day of summer camp, but not many as wonderful as this one. you're going to see a person disguised as aiant flower at a
8:08 am
wisconsin girl scout camp. melissa has been serving overseas. she's sneaking in to surpre r 6-year-old daughter sydney. the first day of camp came to an end. ydney saw her and sprinted across thefield. american lower an she reazed it was her mom. look at that. that long-awaited hug and thepr ame where the mom was describing waitingrtnd her h was pounding was as good as that hug, but they are together. >> how cute. are your kids always on snapchat? well, up ne our interview with snapchat's ceo speaking out about change, controversy, and the future of that wildly popular app. alsyl will take us behind the scenes of this morning's start of the open championship. she is in scotland. first these messages. and now is the best time to buy. preparing classic campfire trout. say what? trout. trout. all right. you don't think i need both? why does he have that axe? make summer go right with ford
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to getting a deal on your next trip. aarp is here to help you stretch your dollar further. our furry friends will have their day, but today is all yours. take on today and every day with aarp. we are back with an exclusive >> a we back with an interview that will decfinitely have you talking. >> if your kidsph are on their one, there is a chance most of that time is being on snapchat. good morning. >> this is so much f to be here. so snapchat is known as a platform for kids to share anythi and sometimes everything with their friends without worrying about likes and
8:12 am
dislikes. meanwhile the appes founder t share much and nstee clear of interviews. since it turns one year-old today, i convinced him to share a bit with me. filters, disappearing photos, lotentially confusion if you're not of the soc media generation, we're talking about snapchat. its founder walaunched saspchat and grown to 191 million daily users globally with over 3 biion snaps created eachday. it's been a dramatic learning curve. >> how have you changed as a leader? >> i think i was slow to understand what leaders really do. there's a lot of tactical stuff you have to get great at a you have to think about leadership as the core of your job. >> he recently made major changes like where your friend's stories are and finding celebrities. >> let's talk about the redesign. do you regret it? >> we wanted to keep a smaller
8:13 am
list of friends and at the same time provi all this great content. >> but the coy's stock has been unstable ever since. after kylieenner criticized the redesign calling it so sad, the sto tanked immediately wiping out $1.3 billion of snap's market value. >> we feel sorry that kylie was upset about it but it was right thing to do. >> the tra imark features that whatever people post disappears in 24 hours. fun for teenagers. not always fun for parents. what do you think about parents who think it's affecting us? >> the great thing for parents that want support their children is the idea that you feel comfortable being yourself. >> he didn't directly address the instead he points to the facebook data scandal as vanishing to defend photos. >> six years ago people thinking that data min -- n> there's still nothing to stop others from scr shotting and aving your pictures and
8:14 am
messages. while snapchat has had its ups and down, he has seen quite a few ups welcoming a baby boy with new wife super model miranda kerr and celebrating another milestone, going back to stanford to finish h degree. what made you decide to graduate? >> having a baby. in h myead i was like how areine go to try to convince him to go to schoas. >> as far the company goes, he has big plans. forays into gaming, new news partnerships and snapchat spectacles. >> you have a pair right here. >> i do. if you push this button, right now i'm recording you guys. wave at me, i'll show you he videlater. i took some stuff earlier w show you. you put them on your face. this is fro this morning right here. they just look like normal sunglasses. he's pretty secretive about wh's to come but he talks about a.r. being in a pair of glasses being overlayed into the real world.
8:15 am
>> a.r. f stands al roker. >> i understand about 10% of that. awesome. ou >> welcome to first day on the set. >> so much fun. >> everyone was, like hi savannah, i've been here all morning. thank you so much. a.r., over toyou. >> let's show you what we have weather wise. we are looking at some severe weather that's going to be firing up in the mid plains toy. record hea is going to be starting in texas and the continueplains and into the week. look at these temperatures today. tri triple digits well into thete s. nice and comfortable here in the northeast with plenty of sunshine. low humidity inid the atlantic states. severe storms firing up in the northern plains and plenty of t sunshine alo west coast. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >>'m meteorologist chuck bell.
8:16 am
sunshine from start to finish. we've warme just a little. 75 in tn. 69 at dulles airport. still mid 60s in parts of the shan shenandoah valley. bright and sunneeang in the mid to upper 80s. for the weekend unfortunately clouds are bnd rain chances are increasing. >> don't forget you can take us with you. go to xm channel 108. today con fidential. >> deep breathe. he keeps us all breathin >> yes, he doe >> carson -- >> here's the deal in london. a giant statue of jeff goldbloom. it popped up wednesday afternoon.
8:17 am
it's dubbed jurassic jeff. it's there to celebrate 85 years of urassic world". it's from the scene where his character sits on his side withe his shirt after being injured by one of the dinosaurs on the loose. 25 years later this is considered the most from the film. fans were very, very enthusiastic about jeff's arrival. shannon writes g, my favorite person ever. joey, hey, jeff, i heardou were in the area chilling and i dropped by to say. hi dan takes the wind recreating another famous scene. have a loo at that. how about that? jeff has even given his approval wring 10 out of 10 goldblooms
8:18 am
leading ten stars. if you are wonder whoin who is behind this, uk streaming service now see the actually commissioned the larger than life statue even though the movie has zero connection to the city of london, jeff is from pennsylvania. i believe the film was shot in costa rica, but it'sll in london. >> carson, you p got your start? >> i'm going to keep going. you teased it earlier. this is very cool. ed sheeran, apple is releasing a documentary. it gives behind the sces look at how sheeran writes his songs and what goes into them. in one scene we're to see him go back to a place where it all began, his high>> school. this is the high school i nt to. my teachers called me stanley. there are a lot of teachers who didn't quite get it. i think mr. hanley never had a
8:19 am
doubt. when i first wrote songs they were terrible. i tried to write two or three songs a day for a while. >> talk about a boost to the music department. you're thereay one and here comes ed sheeran back to his school and gives a little p talk. the film directed by his cousin, song writer, a must see. it will be available to watch on apple music. that's on august 28th. up next the crown isre asing more photos from the production of season three. earlier this week we showed you glimpse of the new queen with olivia coleman taking over the role. nowetflix has released the first look at the new princess margaret. now helena bonhamte cis taking it on. this is the first look of her in character. we also got a glimpse of vin n daniels, princess margaret's husband. scheduled to launch season
8:20 am
three. >>an't wai >> yatch it too? >> oh, yeah. >> most expensi television series ever. >> finally, jimmy fallon got to feeling nostalgic. last night he had viewers retweet aboutheir worst summer jobs and here's a couple of our favorites. to befirst summer job was a drive-thru attendant at a local fried chicken spot. my proud dad drove through three times a day ordering hcorn muffins saying that's my daughter. i spent a summer working and when i asked my manager was scheduled for stock room shifts my manager said you don't have a front of store face. i had a summer job where i would take made in china stickers off of things for my grandma so she would resell them for mor at her craft show.
8:21 am
i got ten cents a sticker. when i was ten my grandfather gave me $10 to be a human scare crow on the farm. i stood t there in sun shouting at birds for an hour until my mom yelled at him. >> that's going to be hard toto here at the table. summer jobs stick out? >> i was a telemarketer. i can remember my pitch. i'm calling to l you knowhe troopers are currently in the process of conducting an annual fund drive. >> i doav one. we talked to dilly dilly, the open championshipetting under way. we'll check back in with her in a minute. first a video of phil mickelson having a little fun during a practice round on tuesday. this is known as a flop shot. he's the king of it. that's his buddy gary evans on the europe an tour who trust him enough to stand right in front of him. phil takes a full swingfr there 2 feet away to get that
8:22 am
ball to just jump straight u an straight down. that is a near impossible shot and they must be good friends. > loo where he's holding his hand >> not on his fe. let's check in with dylan. she is with us now from historie carnou >> good morning, guys. apparently i cover british sporting eves now and i love it, but only this time i am trading in my fascinator from royal ascot for this which i am very comfortable in. 156 golfers are expected to tee oday at the world's oldest running golf tournament and many say that this here at carnoustie is also the hardest golf course in the world. now, one thing i want to note, this tournament goes by many names, but do not call it the british open. open championship known he
8:23 am
simply as the open. it's the world's oldest golf tournament. the highs and lows. memories made a these british linksri captung drama and glory over decades. arnold palmer, jack nicklaus, tigerndwoods, a last year rdan spieth. like many other legends before them, lifting the famous claret jug, golf's oldest trophy. 14 courses have posted the tournament in its history from the home of golf a st. andrews to this year's venue, scotland's rnoustie where the open tees off its 147th edition. come on, let's take a looknd ar. as i walk around the course, excitement is building up. ho're over at the practice range. cool is this? practice balls are ready to go. lots of guys out here taking a swing. let's see who we can find.
8:24 am
at the open, what is the vibe? >> it'sgreat. this is a pretty special major with ll the history and tradition. being over here on links golf, some of my favorite style of golf. the big prize waiting for this year's winner. >> here it is, the cret ju i would get in a lot of trouble if i tried to lift this right now so let bringn someone who's lifted this high. justin leonard, how are you doing? >> i'm doing great. ho are you? >> good. you won this trophy >> it really is amazing. just to be around it the memories start coming back. >> but this course has broken oreams b carnoustie is so difficult people call it carnasty. this is that famous 18thth hole. sand do you knows since the terrain, ry, broken sea breeze and scottish weather unpredictable. this susummer's uly dry and hot conditions are ming it unique challenge. new grounds for defending
8:25 am
champion jordan spiethetning the claret jug at the start of the week. excitementiously has and a very different type of golf than we're used to playing. >> three-time champion tiger woods back at the open after a three year absence. who's your favorite player? >> tiger woods. >> have you seen him yet? >> yes. >> has he signed your hat. >> no. >> oh, wve got to work on that. seeing all these golf pros made me want to hit the links myself course.rby look at this. it's almost 8:00 at night and the sun is still upi ould start a round of golf right now. but while it's all a bit of fun for me, the next few days w tl he pros to their limit leading one to victoryt so it has rained here in months. that round of golf i'm squeezing ininomorrow mo it's going to rain. i guess that's true scottish style, guys. >> golf channel has live coverage ondthe open today tomorrow. you can catch it here on nbc this weekend.
8:26 am
got a fun interview straight ahead. we're talking about pierce he'she house. nbrosnan. talking "mama mia". he's ready to sing and dance. good mornitg. s 8:26 on this thursday. i'm chris lawrence. let's start with a loo at the roads with melissa with your first 4 traffic. >> taking a look at bw park way northbound before 198. ha do have a vleeh t t abloc hking the right shouldes morning. we also have a sitoution sout in the same area. westbound 50 before mlk junio highway, crash on the right side. taking a look at 66. you see those swowns after manassas inbound. is >> thanks, mel. we'll get a chack on the forecast when we come back. stay with us. ♪
8:27 am
♪ start the day with the chicken you love. get the feeling of chick-fil-a, for breakfast. ♪
8:28 am
good morning, everybody. it's going to be argument great day to outside. low humidity, plenty of sunshine a afternoon highs, mid to upr ai 80s. it does lead to a pretty high
8:29 am
chance for some rain over the weekend. not a total washout both days, but you need to bexi fe with your outdoor plans. >> flexible is the word of the day. get then t
8:30 am
it's it's thursday, iis july 19th. it's a beautiful day on the plaza. in our neck of the woods. obviously we were just talking about the open championship. that was america's justin thos teeing off just a few short moments ago. >> right down the middle. >> a reminder you can catch live coverage of the que t for historic claret judge on the golf channel todaynd tomorrow. wie kn we know what carson is doing.
8:31 am
>> kevin kisner has the early lead. you know where i'm going to be the next few days. >> would you all like a crowd moment? wait a moment. i've got ada bir month coming up for matt and katherine. hi, guys. know you guys are newly married. here's the dea katherine wants a dog and matt, what do you think? >> some day i hope. >> so she says ourth by wish this year is to give sunny a hug. so would you lthe ? >> yes, please. >> how are we going to make this happen, carso >> you want to see sunny do a trick? >> how about you say sunny, pound it? >> sunny pound it. is sunny, pound >>it. yes. >> he's gettinger a dog. >> probably. >> happy birthday. thank you for coming to see us. >> they're getting a dog.
8:32 am
>> sunnyust sold it. he just closed the sale. just ahead, a man who really needs to introduction. we are excited to have the great pierce brosnan here. the man does not age. he's back on the big screen in the new "mama mia" and some of his other famous roleins as you might not think to throw an avocado on t ill, but you will be glad you did. a very simple but sophisticated dish to add to your dinner rotation. >> let's show you what we have for your weekend. we're looking at beautiful weather for tomorrow in the northeast and the midatlantic states. heavy rain in the hine out west. on saturday heavy rain moves into t ohio river valley. record highs continue in the southwest with tripledigits. lots of sunshine in the pacific northwest and then sunday,
8:33 am
sunday, going to be soggy in the east in the upper ohio river valley. record highs will continue again in texas and the southwest will continue to be a scorcher. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. another gorgeous day in the forecast. 75 right now. but we'll be very similar to what we were yesterday in about the upper 80sonhis after 69 right on gaithersburg. 71 manassas. plenty of sun across thursday. by lunchtime low humidyy. 82 the afternoon. 87. nice and sunny. tomorrow's eally going to be the last dry sunny day. over the weekend we have rain moving in. we cou b see quite a later in the day saturday through sunday and into next week. >> and don forget, you can always take a previewou at y travel. take your siriusxm radio. we're almost all the way hround theorn and we are done. back inside.
8:34 am
>> al, thank you so much. this morning on your health, a hidden epidemic that experts say affects millions of americans. e on ria sliehriver has m is. >> one in three women and one if four men have been victims of physical violence by an intimate person. this can leave them with severe brain injuries that rarely diagnosed or even treated. a top brain clinic has made ite thr mission to bring national attention to this problem. it looks like a sports medicine clinic with player graphics on the exam room walls. but at the barrow neurological institute in phoenix meant aren't aletes. they'r survivors of a very different kind of hit to the head. >> one of my abusers actually grabbed me by the neck and was pounding my head into the wall
8:35 am
until there was a hole in the wa you will. >> i was hit in the back of the head with pipe. there was not a day i was not abused. >> about 81%e s through the domestic violence program have had so many head injuries they've lost count. >> here clinicians and social workers are doing something revolutionary. running the country's first and only brain injury clinic for victims of domestic violence. >> we believe the trauma the domestic violence survivors are saying is arguably much worse than we see in the athletes. that's the whole idea behind the program is to give the love and care and attention they haven'tr gotten and f many of these women that's freedom. >> since opening in 2012 more han 300 survivors have be referred here. mainly through partner domestic violence shelters where women like debra were first screened for signs of brain injury. >> i'm like oh, that's why i've been having so many problems
8:36 am
with my memory. that's w i keep getting told that i'm stupid and, you know, go for nothing. >> he said when you came in her you had no confidence. you thought you were stupid, you were crazy, you were nothing. what do you think of yourself today? >> i feel powerful. i feel like i can do almost anything. >> sarah, not her real name, says she was beaten daily as part of a human trafficking ring. she escaped but her perpetrators are still free so we're hiding her identity. her brain s badly battered it affected her memory and bance. and caused severe depression. how have they healed you here? >> they've healed me from the inside out. they made me who i havebe me. going from not wanting to live to i have afuture, i have a bright future now. >> over several months of
8:37 am
treatment, survivors receive physical, cognitive andlo psyccal therapy as well as help finding jobs and safe housing. yod to me this is my life's work. >> this is the defining principle of my life. this work, these people, that moment that a woman finally understands that it's notir the fault. >> with her service dog, debra can now walk without a walker. she think clearly again too and wants to become a writer. is now you have hope. >> yes. and i want to be able to share that with other people so that they know this isn't somethi something -- this is something you can recover from. >> she has discovered her talent for painting and hopes to become an advocate. >> we can step up and get morer pr like this out here and save one woman at a time. >> do you believe you're >> i believe i'm saved.
8:38 am
>> this just blows me away. >> i this is so ground breaking, this program. it's the first of its kind. it hopes that other hospitals and stuff will copy whathey're doing and it's so moving. i can't tell you these women, they're so optimistic and they've been so badly damaged. ody's he first time an looking at their brain. and treating them with respect. >> when you think about it, so many of these women have takenf blow aer blow after blow. we talk about concussions and head injuries in sports. now it seems so obvious. thank goodness for this woman who starts this. >> i talked to the woman who runs the domestic violen violence center and she said i've been in this for 30 years and i'm embarrassed none thought to look in the brain. >> it's not just football player. yes. they're excited they're being treated the same as the super bowl players. >> the woman who wts to be a
8:39 am
writer has an amazing story to tell. >> amen. >> thanks for putting the spotlight on it. >> we have moreahead. including a famous hollywood superstar piee brosnan. first this is "today" on nbc. right? i do. it's a busy, busy place. whenever you're ready. it happens every time. i've got it. and every time, she wins. you always do this. no, no. i insist. it's on me. alright. but you have the bb&t app with zelle who are you texting? oh, uh no one. i really should go back.
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8:41 am
we are back with pierce w >> are back with pierce brosnan. >> as you know he plays sam, sophie's stepfather and one of her three poss fathers.gical now sophie is pregnant and out.ow it is secret g let's take a look. >> l's con set trait on the here and now and me stepping up to becoming a good grandmother. >> a great grandmother. >>'so. saying -- wait. how do you know? >> we >> so?d. >> i only told sam because he's my stepfather a also 1/3 of my real father.
8:42 am
>> i just told bill. he's m friend. >> and i told harry. he's father number three. >> i told ma,pl many p >> pierce brosnan, good morning. so ten years after"mama mia" you get a phone call and they say to you we're going to do this thi again. what was your first thought? >> i say hey, i want to do it i mean, i had so much fun the last time out. >> without a script or anything. >> i said is meryl in it and they said yes if meryl's in, i'm in and everybody wa tin. >> i hav say, having every single person return and then get a plus factor like cher,d it's just k of a no brainer. >> absolutely. and then, i mean, cher was magnificent. the air kind of crackled with anticipation waiting forher to come. it's a mighty comfortadg. when she the first one, as
8:43 am
a director, she brought us together as a company o actors. >> people tell me how chernd wa ki of a little nervous. wastthe a ? >> she was. we all do as performers get nervous. it's part it. you need those nerves to carry you through. you could see her just quiver on the day,n tha particular day she was coming on to the set the first time and the forecast was ethere. she cn beautifully. and embraced us all and we embraced her right back. >> do you think of yourself as a naral singer/dancer type or was this a stretch? >> oh, good god no. no. the first time around it was pretty tough going because "s.o.s." is a big war o horse a song. i do sing it in this, not as much you'led be pleas to hear. i do it and it's a very touching moment in the movie which i
8:44 am
can't tell you too much of the story. >> everybo says it's a really emotional part. >> there's many emotional parts all the way through it. it's just a joyous movie. in you're unhappy going into the theater, you'll be a happy person coming out. >> amand was here and she said aen abba was there there was table read and she said she wanted to die. how was it for you in. >> it was terrifying, utterly terrifying. table reads are most awkward things anyway. i do remember the day because i was sitting right beside meryl and we're all sitting around and it's a large company with the script and saying the lines and playing the scenes and then you have to come to sing "s.o.s." and the rest is all history. it's up there on filmnd it's a magically piece of
8:45 am
entertainment. >> can i just say we have a shot i think of the three fathers from ten years ago and now. take a look. >> all i want to know is what is your cold cream that you usew ad s it that you do not seem to age? any of you. look at you. awe you will look great. ten years. >> thank you very much. i have a great wife. she keeps me online and i remember doing this show years ago and she said put on some moisturizer before you go on the show. i put it on and i got on here and it was glitter. it was glitter. katie couric said what do y got on your face? oh my god, it was lik i was on "star trek". >> when you're looking at the clips, nothing looks more joyful. to be one of the people onset, was it as fun as it looks? >> oh, it was great. everybody brought the girlfriends and their boyfriends and husbands and wives. and we were on this beautiful island off the coast of split
8:46 am
croatia and this tiny island waa d by us and they just made us so welcome. you finish work and you'd see everybody along the waterfront anrybody was having a wonderful time. >> sign me up. >> exactly. >> pierce, thank you so much. "mama mia, here we go again" it opens tomorrow. coming up ranext, a b new way to love afcad vocado b we're going t out the grill for a recipe you really need.
8:47 am
8:48 am
a fancy yet easy to make meal to impress the entire fami. mark jeffe is the executive chef. this is your "today show" debut. >> great to >> let's start with the avocado.
8:49 am
to have thagoing goes into this. >> the dish doesn't get more california than this. lake tahoe is three hours away from san francisco, so we get amazing seafoodd.ear ro one of the things i wanted to showcase is actually a >> that crab looks like it was alive an hour ago. >> it was. just for this show it sacrificed itself for us. right now it is finishing its utason and we're getting into blue crab, i wanted to show t you this proceso we're going pairing it up with a grilled avocado. i'll take you through the ste he here. really simple. we're going to work our way through thi avocado. crack it open. >> you make it look easy. >> it's not my rarst time. >> it with the towel. take the pit out so you don't
8:50 am
cut yourself. we're going to brush this with some olive oil. >> why do yourill it? >> it's going to bring out different flavors. normally you've got fresh avocado. you're used to tasting that. this is a great way to have a warm avocado which you don't always get. >> it's not always grilled deep down. >> just a little pepper. >> how hot is that pan going to get? >> medium high heat. what we're going to d is putt on here now. the trick to getting great grill marks is really making sure that you let it sit. everyone wants to immediately as soon as you get it ore t you want to touch it and start moving it around. resist that temptation and you'll get beautiful marks like this. >> don't flip it at all? >> if you're going o flipit, it's about two minutes in each direction. turn it at a 45 degree angle and you're good to go. the next thing you do, after about three minutes, you're looking like this. we basically have this scrab. thishe finished product here. >> what's going to go in with the crab? >> lemon juice, lemon zt.
8:51 am
we'v got mayonnaise and mustard and taragon. the secret to getting all the crab out is buy it already picked. >> amen. >> there you go. >> so you pullhehis tog work that through. >> i want to make sure we have time for this. >> of course. all you're gng to do is stuff that avocado. you can change it out for shrimp, chicken, any salad you a nice health and freshy. >> it's really good. >> rich, >>wonderful. t's better than you think. >> good. i love that. >> let's start on the salmon burger. cl california. >> yeah. here we have a h greatlthy alternative to your classic burger. what we're doing is essentially making a salmon burger. what we're going to do is take shall lots, capers and dill along with some bread crumbs. an egg and a little dijon mustard. if y want to work this together for me.
8:52 am
>> that's the least i could do. >> i appreciate it. >> and then you just really simplynce it all folds together, you've got -- it in burger patties. >> what kind of salmon do you use? >> i likeo use organic salmon. what you need to do is have the skin off and then you can talk to your fish monger and have them mince it you and put it in a food prosser. >> this is how you know it's good. over his y has it all face. >> that's the ultimate compliment. >> i appreciate it, carson. a little bit of salt and pepper. >> what's holding that together? what's your binding? >> bread crumbs. >> eggnd bread crumbs. >> in your mouth it's so good. >> that's a good u sign. nt to hear that hissing as soon as it hits the pan. cook about three minutes on each side. it's one of those things you eat
8:53 am
medium. you don't have to cook it all the way thr like a regular burger. >> you hit it out of the park on your first go around. if you want the recipe, head to we are back in a moment. isrson daly approves of th this is "today" on nbc.
8:54 am
8:55 am
and we're back where r eminder about the delicious avocad >> no. >> oh, charley puth is going to be here. 'll be here live at the plaza tomorrow. guys have been moaning and groaning about this. i'm trying to fast right now. that's why i'm not eating it. >> we've got a good fourth hour. we're going to do comhristmas i july, why wouldn't we. kathie lee will be in rare form
8:56 am
because that's what he does. >> . good morning. it is now 8:56 on this thursday morning. let's start with a look at thes ro with melissa in your first 4 traffic. >> taking a look. 270 southbound a little slow as you're approaching ts morning. top of the belt way normal slow downs. bottom of the bell way here righ now. bowie westbound 50 before mlk
8:57 am
junior highway we have a crash blocking the lanes. van dorn street looking good northbound and southbound. >> thank you,ce mlissa. we'll get a chaeck on your forecast when we come back.
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning. temperatures in the 70s for just about everybody. as we go through the afternoon beautiful day to hea to the pool maybe. sunny skies. you'll need spf 30 or higher. temperatures right around 87 for a daytimehigh. tomorrow will be sunny and dry but the last day in the 10-day forecast. we have rain into the weekend and next week. remember you can get the latest news and weather anytime on the nbc washington app. virtual reality technology at gw hospital, my surgeons were able to look inside my brain and plan for a successful surgery. it's remarkable that i woke up and ran five miles this morning. i would tell gw hospital thank you for giving me new life. for life's defining moments the george washington univeristy hospital
9:00 am
defining medicine. good morning,everyone. welcome to the show. i'm megyn kelly. we begine this morning with hot topic of designer babies. have you heard that phrase? a top agency just declaring it is ethically acceptable to design your babynd that has a lot of folks raising eyebrows is morning. that among other headlines making the rounds. here to help me does it all craig melvin, jenna bh hager. have you heard the term designer baby? it's one a human embo i genetically


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