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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 23, 2018 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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all is as a result of gunfire and is a total of 15 including the suspect or the alleged suspect and 14 others. one of those 14 is deceased, one is critical. >> this morning police are se searching for a motive in toronto. a late night warning from esident trump to iran's leaders, never, ever threaten the united states again. spacex takes another forward in the space race for high tech reusable rockets. incredible story abo the bombs that go way beyond the diamond. get ready for the lumber jack world championships and n
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it for the feint of heart. "early today" starts now. good to be with you on a monday morning. i'm frances >> i'm phillip mena. the east is gettingh slammed w rainfall as the southwest is baked. dumping rain in d.c. and creeping up into the northeast with flash flood watches issued for philadelphia and most of new jersey. meanwhile, the southwest sizzled with record high temperatures soaring over 100 degrees. nbc meteorologist bill karins tells us when to expect some relief. welcome back, bill. >> goodg.morn flash flood watches expanded into areas of the east and central carolina. 15 people under the watch area.c we've gotten ded overnight. numerous flash flood warnings ans river flood warni in areas of eastern virginia and the heavy rain is going to shift
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up towards richmond. d.c. has areak rightw. we've had a lot of heavy rain to the east and west of raleigh. looks like y going to get another batch here. there's some heavy stuff off the ocean and off the coast of new jersey that will eventually spread through new rsey. th weather pattern is not going anywhere. they call it stagnant. will be here for much of this week. >> thanks for the heads up, bill. we have breaking news for you overnight out of toronto. d fireafter a gunman ope in a busy noun town area of toronto. one woman was killed and 13 more were injured. the gunman was pronounced dead at the scene following an police. with th the man with the handg stormed this area at 10:00 p.m. with many people out and about full of restaurants and shops. >> i thought it was fireworks first because there was rapid fire a then a pause and some more fire. >> the city's mayor devld ence of the city's gun
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problem. >> guns are too readily available to too many people. we have a gun problem and i hope every step is going to be taken by allf those who have spons zblilt with no clear motive, police are plead fg the public for any tips or information. they he not yet ruled out more. war with iran is m theher of all wars. president trump firing back in a tweet saying, quote, never, ever threaten the united states again or you will suffer consequences the likes of which no one in history has suffered before. we are no longer a country that will sta for your demented words. cautious. mike pompeo taking swings at iran's top brass during a speech in california. >> the level of corruption amonr anian leaders shows that iran is run by something that more resembles a mafia versus a
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government. >> the wds of womes on the heels of president trump's meeting wit vladimir putin. nbc's tracie potts joins us from shington with more tracie, good morning. >> reporter: frances, good morning. new numbers from the nbc news wall street journal poll. 26% approving 51% a slight majority disapproving of how president trump is handling russia. that is breakin down par lines with most republicans proving. it shows that his overall job approval is steady. people like how he's handling the economy but since the summit last monday, a week ago, they do not like how he's handling russia. also over the weekend, the justice department has released a warrant, a secret scout warrant that they useo do surveillance on former trump campaign adviser carter the president also responding to that and sob is p cartere who says he was not working with
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russia. >> i've never been an agent of the foreign power in any -- by any stretch of the imagination. >> reporter: the president responding tt this was political. take a look at his tweet. the president saying it's looking mor and more like the trump campaig for president for being legally spied upon. he makeseference to crooked hillary, the dnc, and says republicans noud to get now. he calls it an illegal scam. so, frances, he's responding to this warra that was released by the way under the freedom of infothation act. in words, the media pushed to get that warrant and there were largeections redacted, blocked out. >> tracie potts for us. tracie, t tnk you. >>ning now to the duck boat tragedy in missouri last week.f onee deadliest u.s. tourist actions in years. the coast guard plans to lift the capsized boat from table
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rock this morning. they are scrambling to find out why the boat carry 3g 1 people went down during a powerful 7 storm killingeople on board. all patients have now been released from the hospital. the community continues to mourn the victims and one man now says he called out design flaws that may have turned the boat into a death trap. we have the latest fromnbc's maya rod league guess. >> reporter: bransonissouri is facing its pain d.instea a that's all we talk about. the people hurting for the people who have lost so much. >> reporter: at a memorial service, crowds mourn the 17os lives here on thursday when a duck boat capsized and sank on ere e rock lake during a s storm. >> my wife and i, we won't alloo us our children to get on the ducks right now. >> reporter: steven lewis is an inector for the ducks.
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he was hired last year to inspect the vessels ashey prepared to buy the business. in his report s hes he warned them that design flaws made the boat to sinking. >> one issue is the canopy a ll as the curtains when it comes down to size. when the curtains are down, there's no way for people to es bpe. itecomes a people cateher. >> rep the owner insists safety is their number one iori priority. now they're hoping surveillance video will shed more light into what happened before we had a chance to see what's on the video. >> clues aseeoved ones to understand what went wrong. >> the last 15 minutes, it's horrific. >> reporter: the coast guard says svage operations are set to begin today at 9:00 a.m. to
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bring the boat back up from the bottom of the lake. today the minnesota vikings and the nfl are mourning the loss of offensiveine coach tony sparano. he was fou dead in his house sunday morning. he spent 20 seasonshe on sidelines coaching in some capacity. he's most known for the -- being the first coach to take a team to the playoffs following a one-win news of his passing is rocking the nfl world causing man to show their love to the coach. so far the cause of death is unknown. he was 56. leading.he ne in an effort to reuse rockets, the latest version of exsp falcon 9 took flight for the second time. for this g around they launched a canadian lecommunications satellite from cape canaveral. it cameack less than nine minutes later. this was spacex's 13th launch this year.
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>> tiger woods nearly clawing his way to the top of the british open this year. >> i know that it's going to stingor a little bit here, but given where i was to where i'm at now, blessed. >> after leading for most of the to a missed birdie will set him hen the top ten for the first time in five years. jordan spieth finished ninth after a blunder on shot number two. he gave up his lead and finished at four unde frances moliniri. he finished at eight under and oon. >> it is good see him wearing red. he thought he had it. maybe next time. let's bring in bill karins, what's going on with the weather. >> going to try to time out the
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timing of all of then heavy r we're going to get. the tropical humidity, not le timing with a hurricane and thunderstorm complex. hit and miss. carry the umbrella, from louisiana to maine. all of the little dots are p.m. where the best chance of showers and storms will be. it looks like the area of central pennsvania and central new york, eastern carolina the hottest areas. this is 7:00 a.m. an tuesday we continue with the tropical feel. that's a look at the big weather story of the day and here's a closer look at your day ahead. if you're not in the tropical humidity, you're in the heat. it's amazing from georgia to texas. you said it wa 108, 109. the heat is expanding into areas of the southwest. one of the big stories the rest of the week will be the heat g wang from texas to the south woegs and northwest. >> bill, thank you.
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comb the roads searching for molly.o according police the 20-year-old is 5'2", weighs 120 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes. anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff's office. illary clinton is speaking out for the first time about president trump aceummit in helsinki. the former secretary of state called the meeting deep lisin disturbing d a speech in new york city. >> we're hearing crick kits from the white house. in any way contradictory or replacing the putin agenda with whatever trump was doing. so it's alarming and it's alarming on many, many levels. e final thing i would say is make no mistake, this is a direct ottack on democracy. > the president sparked a political firestorm on both sides of the aisle last week after appearing to deal with the
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threat. >> ritz crackers is recalling thousands of its this is not the result of any known illness and consumersesith ons can contact them with the number you see on the screen. voluntary recall affects ritz products that may contain whey powder. some countdns are already starting. back to school shopping is expected to be hotter than eve thar. the national retail federation says spending for school and college combined will reach near $83 billion. spending onop clothing t the list followed by electronics, shoes, school supplies.rd acg to the nrf survey, parents of elementary through high school students plan to spend an average of $684. those planning to head off to college will spend $942. >> i f have ling it's going to go up and up and up. >> nothing like opening that f x sh crayons. >> that is a special feeling.
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i'm a leader. >> i have no choice. came to save my own and the people that i love. >> wow. that's a quick look at the highly anticipated first
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"aquaman" trailer. it starts with the theaters in the christmas season, decber 21. >> i think they should have let vincent chase. >> entourage. playing "aquaman." and here we are with one. >> mor than 0 jack and jills gathered in heyward, wisconsin. they competed over 21 events and it washe 59th annual lumber jack championship. it id men's and women's logll g, axe throwing. there was a prize of over $60,000 and theed cov title of world champion. this makes lumber jacking as a cool job. i wonr if it's that cool. >> at least everybody thinks it is. the log rolling iy rea impressive. the trump blimp in the u.k.
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hasn't made itni to thed states yet but the president has inspired something else here. a group of activists sailed this 33 inflatable trump chicken from the san francisco bay past alcatraz which was home to the nation's mos notorious criminals. that massive balloon was wearing stripes. it's made its way to the white house. so that will beething if they put the trump chicken and ele trump baby together. >> i'll you. macy's day parade. here you go. that will be somethi else this year. one of the most behind rookies to come into the nfl in years is officially a nework giant. say quan barkley has signed a four year, $31 million deal. the giants drafted him number two overall this past april. former heisman trophy winner johnny manziel has a new team. johnny football has been playing the canadian football league. he was a backup quarterback for
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this is germantown, maryland. according to the workers there, look at it, it gave way. thankfully no o was hurt. there was a metal pipe, of course, that actually had a leak nd that was the area of the crater. it stopped traffic on both sides and rivers and streams are swolle r from heavyns and that obviously didn't help. let's get into the week ahead forecast. not a lot will change.s dangerheat. 63 million people under heat advisories, warnings and watchem texas all the way up through much of the west coast. monday, tuesday, we keep it going into wednesday. obviously the rivers are getng to more and more full so we worry about flading. still stey in areas of the west. by the time we end the week we'll dry out the southeast a little bit. when we come back, we have a story about the bonds of baseball. the story of the day next. but there's one... that blows them all out of the water.
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ews 4" begins with a storm team 4 weather >>alert. look outside. we're in weatherod alert me this morning. it may look a bit dry. but that will changetoday.
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storm clouds all over the district saturday into sunday. that didn't stop some people from grabbing the umbrellas and trying to make the best of it. you know that umbrella will no doubt come in handy again today. we're lookingnoter round of wet weather. >> i'mngie goff in for eun. justice we're looking for some trees to come down. it made things a dreary mess. >> i think we want to start with chuck bell. he has been keeping an eye on all things weather. related throughhe night and wh we can expect in the day ahead. >> you are correct, sir. in addition to everything else, it's monday. more rain in tide water, rg


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