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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  July 25, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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have the trump and royn families itendance. with a storm ins team four weather alert. hope you're notic of the rain just yet. >> good news for you folks. there is a lot more coming as you can see. good afternoon, i'm leon harris. >> news, the storms are moving in just in time for the evening commute. this is fifth straight day we have t been in our weather alert mode. all dayhe skies have been dark and many of you have seen rain in a lot of o area. today more flooding concerning are appearing achoper 4 -- let's begin with doug and amelia in th storm center. is there any relief onay the? >> there is definitely relief on the way. really starting during the day tomorrow. today we're looking at a good chance of heavy rain in parts of the area, but a little less concerned about the flooding potential tonight.
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even though we have tha watch going to 2:00. >> we're probably going to see a line of tnderstorms movin through the area with heavy rain, maybe some lightning and then relief tomorrow. >> one thing they're not going to do today, though, as much as they have the pastf couple days is called training, that means going over the same over and over and over again. these will start to have a more west to eastion as we move on through the day today. just some sttered shower activity. mostly towards frederick, along 270 and 70 there. look towards the south, i want to zoom on into this area here because we are seeing pretty good showers around the airport, out towards dullesrt air a shower right over the beltway, but look downe, big time shower activity h this is an area weasould see flooding. we'll continue to monitor. all of us under this flash flood
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watch until 2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. not quite done yet, but almost to the end of the tunnel. >> caused water levels in streams and riversise all around the region. >> we're going t head to frederick, where we are seeing the river is starting to rise and te on some water there, chris. >> reporter: well, wendy, the ood warning has been lifted for today, but were told that the river could pose a flooding danger if there is more heavy rain. within the past half hour, it has started to rain and we've heard thunder. we want to show you video from chopper 4, which flew over the river this afternoon to show us the condition from pine cliff park south, along route 70, traceing 270 past the national battlefield park. we are told this is the first area that usually floods.
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the river c 2sted at feet. that's above flood stage. michelle early is whphotographer o loves nature. she says she can see the difference today in the stver. >> the fhing that i notice is that the water is so much higher than it normally is. the color is a lot more brown d more muddy than it also normally is. it's a dangerously living level. >> reporter: the river flooded g some fields alts banks. it could cause more serious flooding if heavy rns continue. >> it's flowing very fast. usually it's not this fast. you can see structure out in the middle. y. it's really moving toda >> reporter: well, as you can seh see, t like it. they're on what would have been the boat ramp, which is now covered with water moving towards the river here. we are told that the city of
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ederick wants you to stay out of the river because it is dangerous right now. there is a flash flood warning still in effect. so if you're driving, do not drive through standing water. frederick latest from park from the banks of the river. back to you. lots of thing o to be your toes about. check the weather before you step outside by opening up the nbc washington app. th hour byour forecast is in the palm of your hands at all times. new video showing a shootinj suspecp from a metro platform. >> you see here the man jumps from the upper level platform at the gallery place met f to get awm police this morning. >> a second angle shows police were taking him into custody. police say the suspect shot a man last night just a few blocks from the d.c. police headquarters. this is a pto of him from last year, but a metro police officer spotted him this morning and
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police say he had ati semiautoweapon on him. sentenced for supplying lsd to another student who killed himself. he pled guilty. three days later tristan took that drug and jumped to his death from his fifth floor dorm room. later on news 4 talks to his parents. a tiny white casket making its way l through atle girl's neighborhood where she lived, played and where she died. >> lournersing the street at the house of praise church today to prepare to say fly to makiyah wilson. words ofge encount and calls for justice. >> meagan fitzgerald takes s
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inside today's emotional memorial service. >> reporter: this is how an entire community says good-bye a 10-year-old girl who was gunned down on the steps of her own house. her casket carried by a horse-drawn carriage making its way to the neighborhood where makiyah wilson grew up and where she died. >> i think of her almost every day. because that was my cousin. i've been trying not to cry. ♪te >> rep songs were sing and t -- sung and the life of a beautiful little girl was remembered while ministers, pastors made a desperate plea o the congregation, asking the community to help police find the four gunmen who took away an innocent life. >> this is an outright violation -- [ inaudible ]
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>> reporter: the family says their prayer is that soon little girl gets the justice she deserves. >> she wanted to do basketball in fifth grade. i think she had a right to do that because i'm doing basketball and i think she could have done it. they're just messing with peoples dreams. >> reporter: reporting live, meagan fitzgerald, news 4. a violent confrontati that police say ended with a metro worker stabbing anngry ride i now a case of homicide. they have identified the victim as 28-yeayold jer bond. investigators say bond got into onconfrontation with the sta manager over a delayed red line train at friendship heights. at some point police say the station manager stabbed bond with a pocket knife. news 4 talked withne of bond's hou housemates this afternoon. >> he seemed like an okay guy
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i never really saw that side of him. i didn't see that side of him. i mean, guess if you're upset and driving in a, you know, trying to get a to work everything and all that, but, wow -- >> police areooking into whether this was a justified homicide. in the meantime, metro is not commenting on whether it allows veits employees to carry k police are looking into whether this may have been justifiable. in the meantime -- moving on. orr gymnastics dr. larry nassar is appealing his sexual assault case, saying the judge made up her mind before the court proceedings began. he wants her to be disqualified and he wants t get a new trial. in the same court filing, nassar claims he's being physically attaed while in prison. nassar was the sports physician ym michigan state university and usastics. he is serving decades in prison for a host of sex ass
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child pornography charges. demi lovato is awake and with her family as she recovers from an apparent drug overdose. more on her battle with addiction and journey to conquer it. >> she has spoken publicly about addiction and recently celebrated six years of sobriety. news of an overdose is heartbreaking to those close to her. that is the dispatch call issued to lovaod's hollywo hills home tuesday. lovato, who turns 26 nt month, has talked about her struggles ipolar disease.alcohol addictiob she spoke abo it with "today's" hoda kotb back in 16. >> some days i forget that i'm bipolar, and other day are times where i have to buckle down and call people and check
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inith my therapist. but i would say that it gets easier. some days i think about drinking and other days i don't. >> lovato first went into rehab back in 2010, relapsed and entered a sober living facility. since then she has supported others struggling with addiction and she even co-owns a treatment center that once helped her get well. wendy? >> erica gonzalez. if you or someone s you kno uggling with addiction, help is available. the nber for substance abuse is 1-800-622-help. the line is staffed 24 hours a day, every day of the year. >> changing gears here now, the grass has been cut, the sleds are out, redskins' training cam is abo to get underway in richmond as the team gets rea for their first practice tomorrow, our sherry burress gets youead from richmond. >> reporter: they will be calling richmond, virginia,
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home. putting on the final touches before the team takes the field for the next two wes, getting ready for the 2018 there is only about an hour 45 minute drive here, but we aret, eady to go. the head coach getting ready to speak. we'll bring you the latest at 5:00. rom richmond, virginia, sherry burress, news 4 sports. tracking storms for the afternoon rush. >> we'll tell you when more storms are expected on this weather alert day and how long this round of rain going to last zblchlk . when i comes to choosing a o rdware store for your next project, whoyou go with, the obig chain the mom and pop? susan hogan is here to explaino size d matter when it
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arriving just in time no your evening commute. >> we are watching the radar right now for -- full craforeca coming u here in three minutes. life on mars? there just might be. a here the live desk with what's being called a thrilling and excitingisvery. italian researchers say a large reservoir of liquid water has been found near the planet's south pole. since water is anssential ingredient for life, speculation
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we are not alone has gotten a renewed boost. however, not all are convinced about the findings. one nasa scientist referred to the results as, quote, plausible but not quite yet a slam dunk. >> they're able to figure out water is only 3 feet deep. we can figure that out from here. >> the whole we're not aloneth ry, might be sharing the universe with bacteria, mold. it's not like t y're going to fly here, you know, and open up a coffee shop. >> we're already not alone. sharing that with our -- >> withthat in mind, let's face it, folks, not everyone is a >> when you need to do home repairs you've got a couple of choices, the big chains or the smaller local hardware stores. >> susan hogan working with you to help you make a smarrtchoice to s your project. >> washington consumers checkbook recently comparesed 4 hardware stores in our area, big
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and small, to see which h ones hammere the goods. >> all set, s? >> yes, thank you. >> looking for a hardware store that checks all the boxes? e. rice values nailed it. gave them top marks for quality and price. however, ratings of d.c. area stores while big chains like home depot and lowe's lower prices, up to 20% less, the smallerndendent hardware stores came out on top for customer service, especially when looking for the one-on-one for the projects. >> is it you have a really big project, ask for a contractor's discount or a volume discount. some will offer you,kn you ow, w you're f they k heing to spend a lot in that visit or over course of a month. that's one way to get your prices back down to kind of where the big box stores are. >> when it came to refunds,
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checkbook found most stores hav reasonab return policies. word of advice, though, be sure to ask ifhey accept returns. even on items that maye out of their original packaging. >> have a good day. >> reporter: susanhogan, news 4. >> all set, sir? >> want to see where your neighborhood hardware store landed in the rankings, ope up the nbc washington app and search "hardware stores if you're still waiting for your final c reportd from prince george's county schools, you are not alone. a technical error delayed mailing those report cards. they're expected toiv a at your home by next week. starting to feel like we're living in a rainforest. >> i would say we're living in the pacific northwest but it's not lovely >> hot and humid conditions. even when it's not raining tomorrow, the humidity is going to be way t upre. i see your face. i know. >> doing a mr. yuck face.
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>> that's right, mr.u muck -- member -- anyway, let's take a look and show you the rain going on right now. a l of it on the radar. storm team 4 radar showing you where that rain has been all day, back towards the blue dge, portions of west virginia. into through parts of maryland and northeria virg but, again, the bulk of the rain, the heaviest areas of rain have been backhe towardsest near winchester. we do have some spiring up in thr throughparts of virginia towards southern maryland. you see what's happening, though, heavy rren t this line which is now popping in into parts of loudoun county and down towards prince william's county. another one right around the sterling area, around ashburn, just towards herndon. let's zoom on in.
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right along route 7 here in and around the sterling region. yeah, these do have a little bit of lightning. a little lightning, maybe a coupl couple rumbles of thunder, but they pulse up and then right dckn. not becoming severe. right over sterling, 28 where it meets route 7 here, the dowliown ster area. if you're in herndon, probably seeing that rain just off to your this whole system coming together across our region. you notice there are a lotf showers and thunderstorms around the region here. we continue to see this whole thing moving off towards the east. behind it, well, we get some s.tter conditi tonight the flash bloflood watc continues until 2:00 a.m. we think most of the rain should be out of here around the 8:00 or 9:00 hour. satellite behind us showing nothing.'s what we need over the next couple of d we want sunshine. a mix of sun and clouds tomorroc and ance of a shower tomorrow. timing it outbo through
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7:00, 8:00, notice 7:00 the line forming and sticking around the same areas into parts of loudoun, fairfax county, fredericksburg. a lot of people asking about t d.c. united game. i think this moves by in time for the united game. might be a delight delay there. if you're headed to the game, make sure an hour or two ahead of time you are going to get some rain so watch out there. tomorrow morning waking up to conditionings. here we are at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon, a couple of showers, not many. we are not worried about a flood thre. a chance of a shower or a thunderstorm, maybe a strong storm late friday with a high of 92. heat index on friday up around 100 and a little calmer for the weekend. not too bad at all. much more on the weekend forecast and the ten-dayfo recast at 4:45. >> sounds good. we'll see you then. in the mean, we're working for you and your health. >> coming up next, we've got a new reason to keep your blood pressure down and experts are saying you should go even lower.
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>> aut the las thing anyone dining out wants to see is a dirty restaurant when they arrive. the new way to fd out if that new joint down the block hasf clean billalth.
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that's yes for less. every trend. every room. on any budget. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less. we have yet another recall to tell you about. this one involves cheese dip. kraft hines recalled 15 ounce of the glass jar of salsa con queso. the affected dips include those that have best bdates -- there have been no illnesses reported. >>ood news there. some important health news for you now,s t regarding dementia. new information about how keeping very tightonol of your blood pressure may help protect your memory and thinking
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skills later in life. nbs erica edwards explains. >> blood pressure is a touch high rthere. orter: doctors have long suspected what's good for your heart is also good for your head. now there is scientificproof, drastically lowing high blood pressure has brain tenefits. for first time, we actually have evidence that you cel either or avoid altogether minor cognitive impairment and dementia. >> reporter: the research project involves nearly 10,000 older adults. those able g to their top blood pressure number down to 120 we're nearly 20% less lely to develop the memory and thinking problems that often preced alzheimer's disease. it's too soon to say it can prevent zheimer's. >> i think this is a start rather than a finish. this is the first big study to show that risk factor controls has some leg. >> reporter: aeparate stu shows promise for an experimental drug from
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pharmaceutical companies biogen. patients showed cognitive improvements and year a half into treatment. >> a combination of lifestyle with therapeutics is the future for alzheimer's patients and people with dementia. >> reporter: erica edwards, nbc news. she's a gir afe and internet sensation. >> more than 1 million people watched her give birth on a live stream. appears congratulations arede i again. >> monitoring the monocacy, that river in frederick is getting t clos flood levels. storm team 4 will be back aer thftis
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hello, evebody. still tracking these storms as they move on through the area right now. still summer out in the d.c. metro are starting to see more push towards the east in the heaviest rain. in through parts of prince william county over towards parts of fairfax county and montgomery county asl. w zoom on into this area. you can see what i'm talking about here. s very stronrm right now, heavy rainfall there. a couple of showersround the oxon hill area. making their way towards sterling. this one moving across the river towards poolsville. lot of rain and thunderstorms
4:31 pm
continue again, in that flash flood watch until 2:00 tonight. much more on what to expect in the next few days and your week forecast. you at 4:45. there are new questions -- a trade war averted. a big rally on wall street this afternoon after reports that europeans have made on trade to the united states. we have video to show you now from the rose garden where president trump and the eu commissioner addressed reporters. agreed to lower industrial tariffs, import more u.s. soy beans and work on more u.s. liquid natural gas exports. this is still a story. we're trying to unpack it here. as soon as we've details -- >> there are questions after the releasef that secret
4:32 pm
recordings made by president trump's former personal attorney, michael cohen. we hear them discussing money related to an alleged affair with a former "playboth model. amonissues, did the president try to conceal that hush money or make sure it was on the record? let's get more from nbc 4'sex blayne der. >> reporter: that tape is certainly stirring up a lot of debate, not over just what's being said in the recording but the intent behind we're g to play part of that tape forou and let you decide. the head othe european commission at the white house ted as president trump's trade war heats , but there is another battle brewing over his own recorde words. >> mr. president, are you worried about what michael cohen going to say to prosecutors? >> keep going. >>ed are you worri about what is on the other tapes, mr. president? >> reporter: tapes recorded in 2016 by the president's former attorney michaelnd cohen a first aired by cnn. cohen and candidate trump discussing money to silence
4:33 pm
"playboy" model karen mcdougal and her claims ofn affair, which the white house has denied. >> when it comes time to thefi ncing, which will be -- >> listen, what financing?ha we'l to -- >> we'll have to pay this off. >> reporter: at issue, whether there was an effort to conceal the payment, a potential violation of campaign finance laws. >> no, no, no, no, i got - o >> reporter:n twitter president trump lashing out at his one-time confidant. what kind of lawyer would take client? on capitol hill, some lawmakers critical. >> i don't care about the president's personal life but i think the issue that matters is hishf trness. >> reporter: others sidestepping it altogether. >> frankly, there are other things to worry about hahere. >> was blayne alexander reporting. again, we are following this breaking newsrom the white use that the president is scoring a trade victory with the european union. new reaction on what this means for u.s. consumers. that is coming up. leon? they just came up in the car
4:34 pm
and just, you know, bullets were everywhere. >> how about that? bullets don't have a name. sobering wordsor a child attending the funeral of 10-year-old makiyah cewilson. po footages shows gunmen jumpingut of a carnd opening fire outside makiyah's home in washington. four people survived that day that were shot, but makiyah died that day on her porch. makiyah's death, as you kno is touching people. veryone feels the same, no -- there is so much frustration, even anger, over the fact that the killers aretill out there. whg are your listeners talk about on this story? >> our listeners are saddened that this has happened yet again. theypset that the killers are out and they haven't been arrested as of yet. they feel -- there are so many emotions coming when you talk about a 10-year-old, their daughter, their neighbor, a child acrosstr thet. they realize this young girl
4:35 pm
ill never live out her full potentia a mixed reaction, a little bit leaning on the police saying they should have de more a the other side saying, you know, police did respond. they're doing programs. it's just wanting immediate answers. a lot of our listener weighed in. this is one them. her name is erin out of southeast. >> i think is disgusting. it's sad. somebody knows what's going on. somebody knows the people and know thahe they were people that were there, so somebody should say something. it's sad. >> our listener are hoping that the reward of up to $25,000 being offered by police will help themck this case and bring those four suspects to justree. >> pres going to build up enough, somebody's got to say something. let's talk about another case, echos of the trayvon martin case. stirring up so much emotion here. aunman killed a man over an argument about a parking spot. the shooter had a concealed carry permit and was not charged
4:36 pm
because of florida's famous now stand your ground law thativ people the right to protect themselves with lethal force. >>ma trayvon in, his death brought the law that florida has, stand your ground law, to the nation. for those that dutn't know a it. this one striking that same chord. our listeners calling it pointblank murder and feel he should have been arrested right away. it was controversial topic when we opened up the lines. dana, here is what she had to say. >> i have strongeeling about this. i understand you have the right to protect your family, yourself, all that. when you shoot somebody, that's final,hat's it. a fight over a parking space, is it thaterious? florida, you know, they're not the only state to have that law, but it makes people have to question, you know, atpohat t should somebody say that this law should not protecrethem when theilling and
4:37 pm
shooting innocent people? again, you know, aren't proven innocent until proven guilty? >> our listeners are hoping this law will be changed. the state attorney's looking at this and our listeners will be watching this closely. >> the shooter is the one who ins 28ed the whole altercation. >> yes. >> we' talk to you next wee about this. take care. wendy, over to you. >> does your favorite rhetaurant make grade? there is a new way you can check a restaurant's health inspection score before you spend your ney there. right now on storm team 4,r rae're looking at storms mainly to the west of i-95ith heavy rain moving to the east. doug will me them out. plus tomorrow, we finally get a break. what about the humidity levels? what about the humidity levels? wh can you
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the next time you check out a business on yelp, you might
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find more than the star ratings. >> the review site plans on including more of businesses' health inspection information. the health scores are based tn a scale ofo 100. since yelp's inception five years ago, health scores to some 200 businesses and plans to more than triple that number. themost-watch giraffe back in the spotlight. april is expecting a baby calf again. these are live ptures of april at -- in the dark, apparently. >> april wants some privac >> i think so. april makes her hale at the an adventure park in new york. you'll have to go up there to streaming the video live online. she gave birth last year to taj, the unborn calf she's now carrying has the same father. the average gestation period for a giraffe, 15 months. last year, april went even
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longer. you go, gapril. d luck, dude. that's a long fall. >> coming up, weather alert. tracking m stormsing in right now in time for rush hour. storm team 4's dg and amelia are back next to tell us when this is going to let up. a local burger chain uer a local burger chain uer fire fndor
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>> four things to know this afternoo a jump to escape police and then a takedown. a wild morning commute dn the. metro. a man jumped from at the gallery place metro station. he was wanted for a shooting last night around d.c. headquarters. officer found a gun on him. the incident delayed hundreds of commut-ys. 10r-old makiyah wilson laid to rest today. a horse-drawn carriage tasking her casket throughor hereast d.c. neighborhood and to the church. tkiyah was shot and killed earlierhis month while she walked to get some i cream.
4:46 pm
her killers have not been found. boost for the we are not alone -- a reservoir of underground water onwa mars. ter is essential for life. one nasa scientist referred to the results of this as plausible but not quite yet a slam fewer dpefears of flooding red rick because of the monocacy river csting. that river and many others will be closely watched tonig as the rain back in. back with your forecast in two minutes. cross the country, there is no mercy in sight from mother nature. rain in the east while temperatures are soaring out west. >> reporter: mother nature sounds an early morning alarm. >> we were trying to keep up with the water all night and it started coming inaster than we could keep up with it. >> reporter: as pennsylvaniaee
4:47 pm
residents rescuers in boats at their door. flash flooding could continue to allow roads and bridges throughout the area, even closing hershey park again. when was the last time hershey park closedwo times in three days? you can sell the significance of this rainfall. >> reporter: the r rains in colorado caused flooding and mud sides. and south of denver, a sinkhole swallowed this car. th driver got o just in time. >> she actually got lucky didn't gor car straight down. >> reporter: also not going down, the mercury out west. gecord-setting temperatures in some areas reachell into the triple digits. it's so hot in phoenix thi box of crayons melted in just 30 minutes. that heat fueling wildfires. like the o forcing the closure of yosemite national park during th peak of vacation season. >> visibility is severely imotcted. you've the air quality
4:48 pm
issues. >> reporter: even in texas, a where theyre used to the heat -- >> why are you cryin >> i'm hot. it's too hot. >> reporter: they look for relief indoors like millions of others from coast to coast. >> we can all relate to that child. how many stories like this do we have to see before the message sinks in? you can't leave your children, you cannot leave your pets in a hot r, even if you crack the window. you can't do it. this ise cell phon video of firefighters rescuing a dog from a car in sacramento. the dog was sitting on the floorboards trying to stay cool. he did refuse to get out of the open.ce they got the door eventually the owner came by. the car was 114 degrees. firefighters shared this video acrosshe country, hoping to make the point you cannot leave pets or people in a hot car, even for a fewinutes. it's deadly. >> in california, it's
4:49 pm
especially deadly right about now. this is crazy. >> i mean, the melting crayons, was that something? >> that was a very,ery graphic y to put it, graphic way to show it. was. reall that is what's happening out there. this is all related. the heat out to the wes gives us the cooler and the wetter weather in the east. it's a azing what happeoss the country. see it behind us, look what's happening downtown now. that's a storm that is happening right now downtown right from the capitol to parts of the southeeat and the nor as well. we're going to continue to watch these showers and storms develop all day long. the flood threat has been here ayr the last couple of days. the fifth in a row we've been in weather alert mode. yoay notice yeste we did not have a lot of yellows, oranges and reds. today we do, but they're moving and that's some good news, at least they're moving a little bit m here. noing very fast. that's why we still have that flood threat. the rain back towards west virginia.
4:50 pm
some heavier showers and thunderstorms along the blue ridge. moving into parts of loudoun coun, fairfax county and montgomery county. the storm right there, that's the one you're looking at right there towards nats park. i want to zoom into this area around ma glassis. here is dulles rport, where our radar is located. the very heavy rain happening in loudoun county, back towards the west -- this rain has actually prompted a flood warning now. not f a flashod warning but a flood warning for creeks and streams from montgomery county, loudoun county, western fairfax andeost of pri william. amelia, that's why we continue watche this flash flood in effect until 2:00 overnight tonight. not quite done with the rain just yet but we're close. >> so close. i think we're all looking forward to tomorrow. as we move tards midnigh tonight, looking mainly dry.
4:51 pm
i oan't rule an isolated shower or thunderstorm during the afternoon hours, but for most of us it's a dry day. for everybody we're noticinhe sunshine, still humid and warm, but it is summer in julyere in washington. starting off the day with some clouds and the temperature around 72. by lunchtime, the sun is back. mostly to partly sunny skies. 3:00 in the afternoon, we hitou high of 88 and 7:00 p.m., 82 degrees. it is going to be a little bit muggy out there tomorrow. when you factor in the humidity, 88ng is fee more like mid-90s, like 95 tomorrow afterno. on friday, although we're try during the day, it's a hot one out there. 92 degrees feels like 100 when you factor in the humidity. saturday, lower humidity means, well, 86 for a high actually feels like 86 degrees. so if you're finally looking to get out and do some grilling with the family, tomorrow you're lookin good. friday, we are going to have some scattered evening saturday, most of us are looking
4:52 pm
dry, but friday i'm seeing the potential for severe thunderstorms if they do materialize mainly between 4:00 an 10:00 p.m. the biggest concern being heavy rain followed by some gusty winds. with all the rainfall we've hade round is super saturated, that will bring over any trees irly easy. again, if these storms oaterialize. doug, we a can't rule out hail. not a huge weather eve on friday, we have beyonce and jay-z there. that's especially why we're mentioning the thunderstorm chance. ta i want to show you this, guys. a look at this. that is so cool. that right there a rain shaft of a storm coming right through downtown happening right over the capitol rig now. that little shower, that's all it is -- >> lite? >> maybe a rumble of thunder or two. take a look at that. can't be more than five miles wide but it is strengtheni r. 81 degreht now dropping into the 70s. next couple of days, though, as
4:53 pm
amelia mentioned, better chance tomorrow, better chance of storms on friday wi a high of 92. most of saturday looking pretty good. sunday looking pretty good, too. we move back into a very stormy pattern as we head into next not all-day rain monday through friday but a chance each day. >> tt shot looked like a mushroom cloud of rain. right.'s exactly how cool is that right there? >> wow. we're just getting smashed here. >> if only. >> not w in a go. >> as the new school year approaches, news 4 wants to sure your kids are prepared. almost time for our annual backpacks for kids initiative. this year we hope to give out at least 4,000 backpacks to elementary schools in our area. if you want to help, bring a nel backpack, sch supplies or a donation to the woodmore center in arden,ou thanking in
4:54 pm
advance. file this one in the what were they thinking file? a local bger chain facing backlash. >> z-burger apologizing after an incredibly offensive picture was its account. coming up at 5:00, how motherhood may affect a mothe
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
this one will have you asking, what were they thanking? the owners of one of d.c.'s best known burger chains is talking to news 4, apologizing for an offensive tweet. z-burger said it is ending its contract with the company that handle its social media. news 4's sh-- >> reporter: peter owns z-burger, the d.c.-based restaura chain has come under fire after a controversial tweet. he says he hhe firedutside company responsible for it.
4:58 pm
they've hurt my business and we have a lot of angry customers. >> reporter:he trouble start with a tweet from z-burger's account on saturday. he says it came from north carolina-based valor media, a company he hired to run z-burger's social media accounts. >> i thought they were going to do a great job for ouranco >> reporter: the photo shows murdered journalist james foley before isis beheaded him in 2014. it also shows a man holding a hamburr with the caption, quote, when you say you want a burger and someone says, okay, let's hit mcdonald's. the tweet wasp for about an hour before it was deleted. >> once i find out what the picture was, i was devastated and i almost fell out ofy chair. >> reporter: michael valor who runs valor media posogd an ap on twitter, saying. >> z-burger had absolutely nothing to do with this at all. >> reporter: he will personally review z-burger's tweets from
4:59 pm
now on and he'll donate to the james fey foundation. >> we are very sorry and we want to apologize to the family and their friends and anybody that knew mr. foley. >> rorter: in northwest d.c., shomari stone, news 4. now at 5:00 -- >> sick of the rain yet? >> another wther alertday, but relief is in sight. first we have to get throu tonight. amelia and i tracking the storms and heavy rain coming to your neighborho u. >> most o still under the flash flood watch. plus, we'll have tur latest on weekend. then, remembering makiyah. >> we're trying to hold strong orcause this is a hard thing us >> the tribute for a precious 10-year-old girl. and worki for your health. new research onotherhood and your risk of developing alzheimer's. news 4 begins with a storm team 4 weather alert. >> yes, let's make this weather alert day number
5:00 pm
m team 4 radar lit up again, and tonight we have rain and storms moving in. good evening. >> here we go, folks. >> it's crazy because doug says these colors are on the move, and, boy, we are almost there, folks. take a look here.r a storm oe district right now. wow. that is dark there. is is the view from one of our city cameras. these pop-up showers houpening all our region today. >> and we have live team coverage yet again on what is to come. let's start with doug and amelia, who are monitoring the conditions yet again from the storm center. do you guys feel like you'repe tr in there? >> yeah, you know, it's been amazing. we continueo see flash flood watches, every day this week, we've had flood warnings foree and streams. we have that again for parts of the area. >> a flood warningust issued for parts of northern virginia. that's going to go until 10:45 this evening. >> this is the final day of thi intense rainfall.


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