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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  July 25, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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doug and amelia startin things off for us from storm center hey guys. >> coming to an end overnight tonit and into tomorrow. we're no longer going to have to worry about this, but the next couple of hou we definitely are. >> flood warnings postedun for es up in virginia and in through northern maryland. >> this is a reston camera, just nasty out there. the dulles toll road lucky nasty. just a nasty, nasty night for sure. one air that has seen rain for the last two hours. that area under a flood warning as well. look at this line that has developed now. we saw a line earlier back to the west that has jumped through the bridge wing, carole county, montgomery county, prince william and fredericksburg now coming into charles county. extremely heavy rainfall. back to the west, moderate rain around winchester, martinsburg and iyo 81. see what's happening here.
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very heavy rain along the beltway. oneeally big sto here, really big shower, heavy downpour along route 50. i want to take you towards 50 in towards fairfax, under the gun. you just follow 123 right down towards woodbridge. a nasty night for sure. here we are at 6:00. a perfect time for the evening rush. those flood warnings in effect for much of the area.d- brw flood warning just issued for d.c., prince george's county, arf of f county, alof prince victiwilliam, too. this is what we're talking about, guys. flood w meaning the creeks and streams will continue to rise tonight in these areas.o goinge a long night. get ready. if you are outside, i can't say it enough turn around, don't drown. please. >> there you go. we can't say it enough. thanks, doug. new developments involving metro,ncluding this takedown on the tracks you see here. cell phone video shows a man who
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jumps off the platform at gallery place as police close in on him. now we know why this man was running. >> more on that in just a moment. but first, new cluesft that deadly confrontation between aro m station manager and an angry rider. the employee says it was self-defense. news 4's pat collins joins us with more on yesterday's vioennt scene at fhip heights. >> rorter: reen, the metro passenger killed in that deadl confrontation here at friendship heights has been's identified. eremy bond from rockville. so what was he like? e ll, we're going to begin with some words from his housemates. i never was fearful of him or anything you know? >> was he a big guy? small guy? >> about my height? >>y? rea >> around in there. a little thicker but not like -- not really intimidating, no, uh-uh. >> did he hav a bad temper?
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>> not with me. not that i saw. >> reporter: jeremy bond lived at this home in rockville. today i spoke to his housemate mike. >> wow. one of that should have happened. >> reporter: it was shortly after midnight tuesday morning.j 28-year-oldemy bond stabbed by 29-year-old station manager shontay taylor. according to the police report, bond was upset that the rede lin train was running late. heo went i the station manager's kiosk. they say he struck the station manager in the arm and then she stabbed him in the chest with a pocket knife. the chief says this could be justifiavee. >> we bel right now that there may be a viable claim of self-defense in this case, andn that's of the things we have to look at. >> reporter: according to court documents, last november jeremy bond was arrested in rockville. he said he was nearly hit by a
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car. they say he busted out the windshield of that car. he was charged withic mus destruction of property but those charges droppedft he paid for that windshield. police continue to investigate this stabbing case. so far no charges have been filed. tonight, the same question as last night, are metro employees allowed to carry knives on the job? same answer tonightet from, ti comment. until this investi is over. leon, backyo to >> that is the question on everyone's lips. thank you so much, pat collins. all rig. get back indoors now. coverage on metro continues with ncident atd separate a d.c. metro station. look close here at this video. dramatic video herehowing a man who jumps from the platform of theallery place metro this morning. police say this is a man who shot a man lt night near d.c. police headquarters.
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news 4 mark segraves spoke with a witness who saw it all unfold. >> reporter: if you look closely, you can s the man in this surveillance video as he's falling. it turns out he was wanted for shoong another man yesterday afternoon just a few blocks from the d.c. police headquarters. w it about 6:00 yesterday evening. police say29 the ear-old suspect, who has no fixed address, shot a man on this corner. only a vf ue descriptione suspect was sent out but it was enough forol metro pe to spot him on surveil nce video minutes after the shooting. this morning, two metro police officers spoed him. >> they were able to confront him, have a brief at that point in time, he flees and jumped over the wall. >> reporter: the suspect landed angerouy close to the third rail. kit kim was standing on the platform and saw him fall. you can see kim and another man going to the suspect's aid. i saw another train that was about to come because you could
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see the light in the tunnel, and i thought maybe i would have about ten seconds to maybe move this man. >> reporter: now, that suspect had a semiautomatic handgun on him when he w arrested. he's now been charged with assault with intent t kill, carrying an unregistered gun and ntunlawful entry the metro station. from gallery place, mark segraves, news 4. it's the recording that has a lawyer for president trump's former personal attorney drawing similarities to formerpr idential hopeful john edwards. tonight, new questions about what michael cohen and the president dcussed in a taped conversation about an alleged affair. among the issu, didhe president try to conceal hush money or make sure it w on the record? here is blayne alexander. >> reporter: today, president trump standg with the head of the european commission touting a possible cease-fire is in the trade war h created. >> we agreed today, first of all, to t workether towards
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zero tariffs, zero nontariff barriers and zero subsidies on non-auto industrial goods. thank you. > reporter: but right now it's just ta >> we're starting the negotiation right now, but we know very much where it's going. >> reporter: and there is another battle brewing ove president's own recorded words. >> are you worried about what is on the other tapes, mr. president? >> keep going.u. thank >> reporter: tapes recorded in 2015 by the president's former attorney michael coh and first aired by cnn. cohen and candidate trump t discussing mon silence "playboy" model karen mcdougal and her claims of an affair, which the whi house has denied. >> when it comes time to the financing, which will li. >> en, what financing? >> we'll have to pay for this -- >> we'll take ce of it. >> no, no, no. >> reporter: at issue, whether there was an effort toeonceal payment, a potential violation of campaigns finance laws. on twitter president trump lashing out at his one-time
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confidant. tapekind of a lawyer would a client? nt trump's presi moves on trade facing new scrutiny. president trump reportedly agrees to hold off on steep new tariffs on foreign cars as long as those talks continue. so indications that they arizing tensions at least beginning the talks for now. meanwhile, the auto industry was speaking out already against those possible tariffs. one group estimates that if those were to go into effect, the price of a foreign car could increase by nearly $6,000. leon? >> wow. that's a big chunk. thank you, blayne. blayne alexander. vladimir putin's invite to visit washington is now on hold. this coming as secretary of enate mike pompeo faced questions frome foreign relations committee. pompeo had a somewhat testy exchange with thee' comms top democrat abo the
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president's closed-door summit with putin. >>te did h you what transpired in the two-hour meeting? >> i had a number of reconversations withdent trump about what transpired in the meeting. i was present when he and president putin both gave us a sense of what the discovered. senator, i understand the game you're playing. t we don't know what the truth is, and only way we will know what the truth is, what transpired in those two hours, is by understanding that at ou least if were briefed by the president what he told you. >> when asked,ompeo said he has not talked with the translator who president trump and vladimir putin. today, a suspected speci agent for russia was in federal court. maria butina'sttorney wants her released from jail until a possible trial. butina is accused of gathering intelligence on american officials and political organizations. her attorney pushedack on accusations she tried to trade sex for influence. hundrs of people gathered today to say good-e to makiyah
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wilson, the 10-year-oldotirl shnd killed last woke steps away from her home in d.c. she was headed to get some ice cream. her mother today following her small casket as it maids its way to the church. news's meagan fitzgerald has more from the emotional service: >> reporhe was a little princess. a and community made sure she had a fairytale farewell. makiyah wilson's family followed behind as her casket was carried in a horse-drawn carriage, leaving the church and headed to clay ter race, the neighborhood she gw up and where she died. an entire streets as her procession rolled by. >> i think of her almost every day. that was my c littlesin. i've been trying not to cry. >> reporter: hundreds of family members and friends trying t stay strong while makiyah's life was remembered.
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>> makiyah hadov a great for sports, music and video games. >> reporter: makiyah wilson had hopesnd dreams for a future that was sure to be bright, but on july 16th she was shot and killed when g fourmen opened fire in the courtyard of her home. >>his is an outright violation and you should be -- whoever they are,e can't sleep, we can't eat. >> reporter: at her funeral,de faith l urged the community to help police find the men who ended makiyah's life. >> some of you know them. no, no, no, not you but others. >> now is the time to stand up and name them. there is a reckoning that has to take place. >> reporter: that's the prayer for a family devastated by an unimaginable loss. they want justice for makiyah. >> they're just messing with
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people's dreams. >> reporter: reporting in northeast, meagan fitzgerald, news 4. rising fears of over rising toodwaters. e a look at this live picture from our drive cam in poolesville. you can see from the picture, "sugarland" road is flooded out fine tuning the forecast to tell us whate can expect next. a college student sentenced to prisonor selling drugs to a fraternity brother who later killed himself. reaction from the victim's family and the stern message from the judge. he role t you know when you're at ross shopping for backpacks... ...and mom also gets a back-to-school bag?
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that's yes for less. find the latest trends and styles at prices that are a perfect fit. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less. chopper 4 captured some heavy rainfall >> yeah, from the sky to this unwelcome sight. this is flooding in frederick. a mess inside and outside as well. >> frederick and the rest of the region covered from all sides. first, we're going to start with chris gordon live along the monocacy river in frederick where the water has receded and ought a little bit of relief, is that right, chris? >> reporter:nd doreen leon. the monocacy river could pose a danger of flooding if there is more heavy rain, we are told, but as you can see, light drizzle today. so far, the real heavy stuff has avoided fredeck. the monocacy river crested at 20
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feet, that's above flood stage. michelle early is a photographer who loves natur she says she can see the difference today in the monocacy river. ng >> the first that i notice is that the water is so much higher than it normally is. the color is a lot more mrown ande muddy than it also normally is. >> repter: this vinyl record store located in a basement in downtown frederick flooded last y. its owner lost more than 5,000 worth of merchandise and had to be closed for six weeks. >> this time in particular, i was devastated. i was p notrepared to recover. >> reporter: he says the cosmetics store next to him moved after the flood but he re-opened. now he faces the possibility of >> it's pretty incredible that ck n you're down, people you up. that's a good story, you know? hopefully we'll be able to prevent it from happening ever again. i can't ask for a helpin.
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i can't mentally go through it again. so we've got to prevent it from happeng. reporter: he has local people through a benefit concert for him and a local t-shirt company made these with his store name. it says vinyl acres survives flash flood. he kno he's getting by with a little help from his friends. leon, back to you. >> here is hoping. chopper 4 flew overst- main et re-opened just this pastek wed. from above, things appeared pilatively dry out there. this des the city seeing an estimated 8 to 10 inches of raid over the last few days. that may sound like a lot, because it is, the good ne is it's been spread out over a week compared to the devastating storms that hit all at once. >> think about how nervous and
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concerned all those people are after what they've just recently been through. >> absolutely. our team coverage continues now. doug and amelia, we've beenr i weatert mode for five days. it's sll goingon. when do we get some relief? >> that's finally coming during the day tomorrow, guys. but tonight, you mentioned areas, thatrea is going to get some very heavy rain over the next couple of hours. new flood warnings for parts of our area. >> that's the thing, they're just warnings. not fla flood warnings. flash flooding is when water rising extremelyr quickly o a short period of time. that's what caused all the damage there. >> right. re is some of the flooding that we've seen out around the poolesville area fm our drive cam a little bit earlier. some of those roads down there are definitely -- our photographer actually had to leave this location to go to ar wateescue happening in montgomery county right now in this same area. onll get you the latest that. look at the roadways down there,
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guys. rn around, don't drown. out there towards reston, still just a nightmare o an evening commute across our region. plenty of rain around the area. look a the rainfall right now. heaviest rainfall from carroll county where there is a flash flood warning. i'll zoom into a couple of locations. first off, down around fairfax county, montgomery county, bethesda seeing heavy rainfall. woodbridge, very heavy rainfall there. buoy towards lanham and fedex field. rain continues to not done just yet. a little bit more to go. we are dealing with the heavies right n but the rain continues through the night tonight. tomorrow, however, a completelyy different s i story i think we'll actuay want to here. amelia? >> not a weather alert day tomorrow. get this, the sunshine is back. we'll start off the day with some clouds out there and then
6:20 pm
we continue to see increases in sunshine. partly to mostly sunny skies for the mid ay andernoon hours. big difference from today. rowever, it is still muggy out there tom we start off the day 7:00 a.m. at 72 degrees. by noo we' around 80 and a high temperature tomorrow of 8 7:00 p.m in the evening, we're at 82. a small chance for an isolated shower or thundstorm tomorrow mainly east of i-95, but for most if not all of us looking like a completely dry day. winally, right? grilling tomoright is looking good. friday, however, scattered evening thunderstorms out there, mainly between about 4:00, 5:00 p.m. and midnigh some ofhem could be on the strong to severe side. >> come on back towards -- come back to me real quick, go back to weather 2. a flash flood warning now fairfax county. amelia, if you can figure out whic time that is. let's go to weather 2. fairfax, d.c., bethesda in
6:21 pm
through prince george's county and arlington county. again, a flash flood warning. you can see that area in red right there. this is still 9:15 tonight. a flash flood warning. let's, again, talk about the difference'r here. under a flood warning. we've been under a flood warning for the last hourwo or in this area. flood warning means that creeks and streams are going t rise fairly slowly. a flash flood warning means it flashs in a one area, of course, we're going to be concerned about, rock creek park, if you're going be in that area, lots of numerous creeks in fairfax in towards the arlington area that you want to continue to watch out for. rainfall make its way h ine. some locations picking up well over 1 to 2 inches of that is all moving into d.c. which only needs a little bit of rain to get the flash flooding. again, a flash flood warning now in effect until 9:15. i'll say it again, never drive through flooded roadways, guy we've already showed you one road that is flooded.
6:22 pm
numerous others that will be flooded throughout the evening. much more on this. we'll continue to keep you posted from the storm center. >> turn around, don'twn d can't say it enough. >> we remember the situation on the gw parkway just a few days ago. from flooding to fires. extreme weather from coast to coast. traffic trouble. why ride-sharing companies may be making our notorious gridlock even worse. does your favorite restaurant make the grade? find out what will soon be added ew some revi
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demi lovato is sai to be awake and recovering in the hospital after an apparent drug overdose yesterday. a rep for the pop star says she is with family and is grateful to fans for all of their support. lovato's peranrmance in ac city tomorrow has been cancelled. there have bn reports that lovato's friends used the anti-opioid agent known by the n.and name nar an over the counter tool used by many first responders when someone experiences an overdose. ause receptors in the brain to
6:26 pm
tell the body it essentially doesn't need to breathe. narcan works to clear those receptors. experts say adverse effects from it are limited. in d.c., the owner of a popular burger chain is apologizing. >> cut tiesom with any that was doing social media work for the company, for the restaurant. this comes after an offensive tweet posted to z-burger's account that included a photo of murder journalist james foley, who was beheaded by isis. z-burger's owner tells us that when he saw it,el he almost out of his chair. the man who runs the ad company behi also apologized. >> z-burger had nothing, nothing, absolutely nothi w to h this at all. >> we do want to apologize to the family and their friends and anybody that knew mr. foley. >> z-burger's owner tells us he
6:27 pm
will personally be reviewing future posts and he pla to make a donation to the foley foundation. flash flood warning in fect for eastern portions of prince william county, one now for fairfax county, arlington county, prince george's county and montgomery the national weather service, amelia on the phone with them talking about flooded roadways. we have shown you a couple of them in through montgomy drown. never drive through flooded roadways. we're going to be here with this. this flash flood warningl continues un15 tonight. coming back into the d.c. metro area. be careful tonight. we'll be right back with the latest. . george mason university studentft sentenced the death of a fellow fraternity
6:28 pm
rfother. in f. what until you hear what the ojudge had t say during sentencing that left those in e courtroom stunned. plus, the science behind womenmer's disease in why motherhood could play a
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taking a look at our radar right now.
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tremendously hvy rainfall making its way in through parts of the area right now. ash flood warning continues to be in effect. roads closed t around tyson's corner area, prince william's county and fairfax, down towards burk, the clifton area, parts of prince william county. look at this line. just formed. this is a new line. zoom into that line for me, if you can. d.c. right on down. this is just to the west of 395n this has just formed here. this is extremely heavy rainfall making i way in through downtown. watch this over the last couple of minutes here just fm over the last half hour right in through this region right here. hat is going to continue to give us some very heavy rain in d.c., in through alexandria. that's why thishole region is now under a flash flood warning unti9:15, 9:30 for parts of prince william county. bese careful on t roads, guys.
6:32 pm
this is going to be a dangerous situation for the next couple of hours. if you don't have to go out, just stay inor the next few hours. >> good advice there. right now a george mason university student is starting a three-year prison sentence. >> al alejandro admitted to selling his fraternit brother lsd back in september. prosecutors say three days lat he took those drugs and jumped to his death from a fifthloor dorm window. bureau reporter david culver just spoke with the victim's mother and father, a story you'll only see on news 4. >> reporter: jill and bernard aving a fairfax county court emotionally exhausted after hours of conform testimo forced them to relive their son trisn's sudden death. >> tristan would want us to forgive and forget. at's going to be really, really hard. you come in here thinking you're going t beatisfied and you're not. you just hurt for the other
6:33 pm
person too. >> reporter: last fall, tristan began hisea sophomore at george mason university. he had a lot of friends and often socialized with his fraternity bmbthers. on sep 27th, he sold him lsd. three days later, tristannd others took the drugs. tristan started getting wild and at one point turned to a friend to say i love you, before running down the hall and jumping through a fifth floor window. >> my son's been gone for ten months. just now i'm finally getting some closure. here are still questions out there that i need answers for. >> reporter: befe delivering r sentence, the judge very direct, looking at the defendant, telli him, what you did was a very stupid thing. she said as a sult, the medina family is suffering, your family is suffering andow you will suffer. she sentenced him to three years in prison. that young man now is gone.
6:34 pm
and he is in tjail. family appreciates the fe deant, this young man, too. there has to be accountability for this kind of behavior. >> reporter: the medina family going home feeling tha justice was served. justice stopped short of bringing bac a life lost. in fairfax, david culver, news 4. >> a truck driver involved in a deadly crash in fredericksburg is going to jail. james lee is sentenced to 11 years on a guilty pleao voluntary manslaughter. crashed into several vehiclesd stopt a light. one driver died there ate. the sc a passenger died a few days later at the hospital. the police reportays lee never hit his brakes until his truck hit the first week. working for your health now. motherhood may iact your risk of developing alzheimer's. new research finds that women
6:35 pm
who have three children were 12% less likely to develop dementia comp to women with only one child. the reason why still unclear bud it c be linked to hormonal changes that happen during pregnancy. researchers add a mother of three has to be good atki multit and that can build up what are called brain reserves, which delay symptoms of alzheimer's. researchers looked at women who had miscarriages and found one miscarriage increased the risk for developing alzheimer's by 9%. three miscarriages increased a woman's chance by 47%. women who have miscarriages may have some underlying health osks that may aurn out to be a risk factor for dementia. here is why this important. more than 5 million americans have alzheimer's disease. nearly 2/3 of them are research suggests that hormone therapy could protect atoman agai dementia if it's given at the right time. alzheimer's isro aessive disease of the brain that leads
6:36 pm
to memory loss. there is no cure. f thedings were presented this week at the annual alzheimer's confence in chicago. the study did not look at women who did not have children. the report card's tn mail. that's the word from prince george's county school. a technical error delayed mailing some of these report crds out. newies are being made and they're going to be sent out and they ared expec arrive by next friday. >> as the new school year approaches, news 4 wants to make sure that your kids are prepared. it's almost tim forur annual backpacks for kids initiative. if you want to hel out thi year, bring a new backpack, school supplies or donation tos woodmore town center in glenarden tomorrow. we will be out tthre. year we hope to give out at least 4,000 backpacks to tudents in our area. if you can helpout, come on out and pitch in. >> here is adam tuss with a look
6:37 pm
at what's next. >> reporter: i'm adam tuss. uber and lyft have changed the way we get around, but are those compies actuall puttingy
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
we are see g numerou reports of flooding around the area right now. i want to take yig live now to our drive cam. out there, isaac w walto along the poolesville area. you see this creek over the road right here. this road, one of many that has to be shut down as a result of rising water. some water rescues but water -- high water everywhere. we've got it on route 625, west church road, around the cascades parkway area. that and sterling park. this line right shere, t is some incredibly heavy rainfall. d.c. right through fairfax, right on down towards woodbridge. shder a f flood warning now until 9:30 tonight. once again, numerous reports of
6:40 pm
flooded roadways. please never drive through those floodedoaays. turn around, don't drown. i can't say it enough. every single time we have a situation like wthis, see somebody try to drive through and get these water rescues. stay safe tonight. watch out. the rain sticks around for most of the night tonight. >> all right, doug, thank you. we are all looking for ways to find a better commute. for many of us, companies like uber and lyft have helped. now a newse report says t companies could be slowing everybody down by putting more cars on the street. transportation reporter adam h tu details from the district. >> reporter: no matter if you like uber or lyft, you can't deny that they have changed the way that all of us get around, but are those services actually putting more traffic on our wads? dependsho you talk to. you can't go far -- without spotting on uber or lyft. seems like they are everywhere. but is that a good thing?
6:41 pm
>> there is a clog factor going with all these sred vehicle services. >> reporter: and that's the issue at the heart of a new report called the new auto mobilityca the future of ame cities. ride share companies like uber and lyft hav added 5.7 billion miles of driving to the country's nineitargests, including the district in recent years, and 60% of u people who those services would have either taken public transportation, walked, biked or not even made the trip if those ride share services weren't available. that leads to stories like this one from this commuter. >> an uber will just stop anywhere, let people out, blo traffic up. >> others pump the brakes on how severe theber and lyft co estion has become. the former head of the d.c. department ofnsportation now shares his expertise on urbanism all over the world. >> i have no doubt there is good and bad in the overreliance on uber and lyft, but i will say i know people giving up their cars
6:42 pm
because of uber and lyft functioning almost an insurance policy. you need to get somewhere -- so that's very positive. >> reporter: in the meantime, many say ride share is just a part of their life and a large rt of this is up to cities to make it a fit together. in the district, adam tuss, news 4. boy, this weather is breaking all kinds of records. ain and flooding on the eas coast. west.nd fires out we're going to take a look at the areas hardest hit. >> doug is back with moren the changing conditions here at home, how much longer we'll have to wait forelief. more about that flood watch after several days orain and f st you know when you're at ross and you're like... hello. ...and then the price is like, helllooo! that's yes for less. find the latest trends and styles at prices that are a perfect fit.
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heavy rain that's hitting many of us of westthe live picture willow road in poolesville. nobody is going anywhere with doug and a back with a closer look at the conditions a after more thaot of rain has fallen in some places. >> only takes 2 inches of water like that to pick up your car and swoeep it. whatever you do, don't drive across the country, there is no mercy from mother nature right now. >> that's right. wove got rainn here i the east nd temperatures have been soaring out west. nbc the extreme weather from coast to coast. >> reporter: mother nature sounds an earlym. morning al >> we were trying to keep up with the water all night. it start coming in faster than we could keep up with ites >> reporter:ents in pennsylvania need rescuers at their front door. up to 8 more inches of rain predicted in parts of the northeast, flash flooding could
6:46 pm
inue to swallow roads and bridges throughout the area, even closing hershey park again. > when was the last time hershey park closed two times in three days? you can sell the significance of this rainfall. >> reporter: the relentless rains in colorado caused flooding and mudd slides. south of denver, a sinkhole cswallowed aar. the driver got out just in time. also not going down, the out west. record-setting temperatures in some areas reaching well into thtriple digits. it's so hot in phoenixhis box of crayons j melted int 30 minutes. that heat fueling wildfires, like the o forcinghe closure of yosemite national park during the pea of vacationn. seaso >> visibility is severely impacted. the air quality issues. >> reporter: evenn texas, where they are used to the heat. >> why are you crying? >> i'm hot. it's too hot!
6:47 pm
>> reporter: they'll look for relief indoors like millions of others from coast to coast. >> she's crying about the heat and we're crying about t l rain. >> seee everybody's got something to cry about. >> that's right. how long is our rain going to last? when can we stop crying, doug and amelia? >> becoming a serious situation out there. numerouseports now of water coming over numerous roads. a lot of roadlosures out there. this is something we're going to hours. the next few >> the problem is as you know we've had so much rain over the past fewve weeks, just a little bit of rain is going to cause so many issues. >> here is storm team 4 radar. you see this line that hasde loped from carroll county through howard county, montgomery county down towards prince william county. extremely heavy rain in this area right here. right around bethesda through northwest -- right outside our station here.
6:48 pm
extremely heavy rainfall there. right on through arlington, down through parts of fairfaxty co burk and woodbridge, just west of i-95. i-95 going to be a mess when it moves over this area. a bit of a closer view here. this i arlington right in here. right across the key bridge, connecticut towards wisconsin avenue. extremely heavy rain in this entire area, under a flash floot watch u 9:30 tonight. some of the floodg ongoing. this is an area not in the flash flood warning, out towardshe poolesville area. closer to the poolesville golf co wse. somethinre seeing, amelia, time and time again as this rain continues tonight. >> absolutely. if you can stay home tonight, you'll want to do that as wco inue to track very heavy rain. the line doug was showing you o, rat's moving so slowly and ave very heavy rainfall within it. ta look at storm team 4 radar where i'm trackatg rainfall. this is one of the higher
6:49 pm
amounts i've seen. as we is moderate, red start to see the orange coloring, moderate to heavy and red is going to be heavy rallfall. rainfa rates close to 3 inches an hour with this line, that extremely slow-moving towards the east. what i'm showing you right here are sto reports across the area. we're going to send you back to live pictures right now in poolesville. you can see this is a vehicle, doug, trying i to make through the road there -- >> don't do it. he's backing out. wgood. >> her go. because it's 6 inch of waters over a road that can transport a you never know how deep that water is. it's murky. you can't see throught. that car there doing the right thing, backing up, assessing that the n situation is safe and not smart to drive through. so it's nice to see doug, we don't know because of that murky water, potentially some of that road could beed wa away. >> absolutely. >> you don't know exactly what yore dealing with. is is our rainfall over the past two hours, when we really
6:50 pm
started to track this heavy line. you can see the highest ma mounts in carroll county. zooming in on where we're seeing some ofhese flash flood warnings in effect until 9:30. some areas picking up 1 1/2 to 2 inches of rain. prince williams, fairfax county, arlington and the district. something we're going to continue to monitor really until about 9:30 this evening, at least. >> it really is a dangerous time tonight. ife awaiting somebody at home, you know, they're a little bit late, give them a call and say take your time. don't drive through the flooded roads. way more important you get home safely. this rain finally starts to move out tomorrow. a chance to dryut. chance of a late day storm on friday,00, 6:00, 7:00, 8:00. we have the beyonce and jay-z concert friday and saturday. olated shower most of the area dry with a high of 8 next week hopefully not a repeat
6:51 pm
of what we've seen this week. guys we're going to continue, going off the air here in ten minutes but we're going to continue to keep you posted on facebook and twitter and of course on the nbc washington app and the website. >> doug, thanks. such a good point from amelia, i you don't knowf part of the road is washedatut underh that muddy water. >> don't take the chance focus. coming up just ahead, football's almost here. he redskins kick things off tomorrow and james gruden tells us why cons
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
this is the xfinity sports dein. >> happy tg camp eve, everyone. the redskins kicking things off tomorrow night in rimond. >> is soggy down there like it is up here? >> a little bit. the rain has been off and on, but it's just kind of crazy to even think that it is already football season, but for the redskins, their key to success is to be consistent on the
6:55 pm
field. th starts on the sideline with this new year. it's going to be jay gruden's fifth as head coach of the redskins. gruden's excited forif histh training camp with washington. there is something to be said with that. jay gruden is theongest tenured head coach under owner dan snyder who went through four head coaches in his first five seasons owning the team. gruden's record isn't jaw-dropping, but tact there are just eight players who have been with the redskins longer than gruden is. nt knows consistency with coaches is impor > i think it's a lot of value having some -- not a lot of change on a year-to-year basis. it up to us as coaches to deal with some change, but it's nice to come in and see the other coaches, you know, and have the same group. so we have a general understanding how we want things done and we'reonsistent with our approach.
6:56 pm
that doesn't a change on daily basis. my expectation is, you know, i've got to demand the best out of myself as i demand out of our players. so, you know, that doesn't change. >> all rerht. well, he is what you need to know if you're coming to camp opens :30 a.m., midmorning practice from 9:45 to 11:15. plenty of time to grab lunch in between. the afternoo walkthrough is from4:40 to 5:40 p.m. camp closes at don't forget your umbrella. today's nationals win could be g turnoint for them in the season. their season on the brink of slipping away. teammates fighting with each other in the dugout. players beingenched because they aren't hustling, they've yet to win a series in the second half of the seaso today could be that turning point they're looking for. when things are necessarily gog well and awkwardly long
6:57 pm
hug might just do the trick. the nats cinly could use some hits they got s today. top of the first, based loaded, da murphy bloops this into shallow center. two runs come along to score. safe at third. a two-run single for murph. in the fifth, bryce harper comes to the plate with two on and two out. the first pitch, perfect. auharperhing this into right. a three-run shot. his 25th homer of the year. nats up 6-0. the hit parade continues. top of the sixth. oto tees off on this one, 415-foot home run. his 11f th othe season. the nationals aut to 7-0 lead. now, more than enough for -- best start since june 5th. eight scorele innings, the nationals avoid the sweep. theyin it 7-3.
6:58 pm
>> it felt good. we came out early and scored some runs. that was a big confidence booster. >> if he can do this every start, we'll be ine. great sh we know he can do that. that's the tanner we know. we'll keepin bui from there. he's get a break with a day off monday, comes back after the day off and we'll go from there. >> all right. they're going to have to build f that momentum. the redskins, we were talking footballeady. practice at 9:45 tomorrow morning. back to you. >> all right. can't way. can't wait. thank you, sherry. one more cck on the weather with doug. the flash flood warning, it sounds bad.ah >> it really is, doreen. we're going to continue to see this right through the next onight.of hours that flash flood warning until 9:30. down towards parts of the ndodbriwoo woodbridge area prince william county. this line not moving very fast. rainfall rates of 2 to 3 inches per hour.
6:59 pm
we've already seen it t the west, some of the pictures we've seen across the area today around the poolesvle area. guys, this is something we'll be tching for the next cwaou this is customizable streaming tv for your family... whatever size. it's saving money with flexible channel packs. live tv and the latest shows to stream. and all your streaming apps in one place -- even netflix. this is how xfinity makes life... simple. easy. awesome. introducing new packages
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with customizable streaming tv options. enjoy more choice and faster speeds-- giving you the ultimate value. click, call or visit a store today. tonight, president trump blasts michael cohen lashing out at his former lawyer after the release of th explosive recording. >> which will be -- we'll have to pay. >> trump and cohen weeks before the uslection appearing to discs a hush money f to a playboy model. is there legal jeopardy? tonight inside the tale of the secret tape. the neist about that second summit with putin in washington. urgent new rescues and homes destroyed as flash floods go from bad to worse and california in flames, parts of yosemite nd closed, thou forced to evacuate. new hope in the battle against alzheimer's, a drug


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