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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 26, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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for information that leads to an arrest. and an indictment. in southeast d.c., shomari stone, news4. turning to our weather now, nally we got a break from the rain today. >> that's right. we loved it. we know it'sot going to last all day tomorrow. we're still going to get some kind of sun tomorrow? >> we are. a mix of clouds and sunshine roughout the day. friday will be mostly dry. tomorrow night we'll see areas of rain and thunderstorms moving through. right now, we're at 78 degrees.c mainlar skies out there. beautiful full moon in the sky tonigh and tomorrorning, well, it's a warm start but it's a dry start. 75 degrees at0 a.m. again a mix of clouds and sunshine out there. it's humid thrghout the day tomorrow. 79 by 9:00 a.m. by 11:00 a.m., we'varmed into the mid 80s. again, for the evening hours 0etween about 5 and 11:00
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p.m., we'll have storms moving through and they could be strong to severe. the biggest threats i'm seei avy rainfall and gusty winds. i'll have more on the timing coming up around 11:18. >> we'll see you then. we're say staying on top of today's bigng develo story. >> that's right. it's deadline day for the nd governmentor families forced to part at the border. new numbers relsed by the justice department tonight show the progress but hundreds of sons and daughters may not make it into their parents' arms by midnight pacific time. that's the deadline. nbc's jay gray explain what's could happen >> reporter: prosts in washington while as rents tell marianna atensio, the pain of separation continues at the yeborder. >> ah. all we wanted was to haveour kids back. >> reporter: he's able to hold his little girl again. one of more than 1800 families back together according to the justice department.
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but on the dayf a court imposed deadline for children to be returned to families, the are still more than 700n kids custody. trtly because mhan 400 parents have already been deported without their children. government lawyers say they've been able to locate some of the parents released in the u.s. and that 120 of those d have voluntarily left their children behind. the legalpr entatives for many of those families say they were either confused or thought they were turning custody over to relatives in the u.s. >> it's in a different language. after that, there's an immigration courtproceeding. there's a criminal proceeding they were subjected to because of zero tolerance. >> reporter: the american civil liberties union is asking a judge to give families still here more tii to deal the legal issues they face. >> all we're asking for is a few days for them to come together and get pro bono counsel. >> reporter: as t questions and controversy continue along
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the border. jay gray, nbc news. >> new surveillance video from police of ath man ey say sexually assaulted a woman in foggy bottom. it happened outside a building o building on i street northwest near new hampshire street. the video shows ts manalking up to the door. as the victim walks away from the door, the man uns after her. police say he tried to rip off her inigators also say they believe he may be connected to other sexual assault cases. >> plans for a parking garage at the national zoo are canceled. the washington business journalt reports t the garage wouldn't make enough money to cover the 50 million price tag. the smithsonian says zoo attendance is doot andr projects are bigger priorities. it was slated to be built on the lot between beech drive and north road. the zoo's nearly 900 parking aces fill up pretty quickly. that leads guests to park in the rounding neighborhoods time is running out for students in prince george jess
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county to g vaccinations. if they don't before school starts september 4th, they can forget about going to class. the district says lack of insurance is part of the reason about 6,000 seventh graders were not immunized at the end of the last school year. the school has had problems wit recordkeeping in the past but the issues have since been fixed. parents now need to step up. >> we are an educational institution. we are not ac me institution. the requirement of parents to get their children immunized not the school system. >> reporter: for mor information on the vaccines e including re you can get them,pen up our nbc washington app and search school .shots facebook's free fall. the single worst day ever for a company on the u.s. stock market. >> next at 11:00, as facebook battles privacy and security issues, see how identity thievet capitalize pictures you post of yourself, even your
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kids. >> couldn't believe that low. dy would stoop that and to jail or not to jail. two cops decide one woman's fate with a coin now theaying the price. (birds chirping, a running brook,) ahh.
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quite a constitutioning upset on wall street today. facebook lost $119 billion inn market value. that is the largest one-dayn losses u.s. stock market history. this comes after two years ofan ls and investigations, russian election meddling and disinformation. to the 87 million uers whose private information was compromised by cambridge an lytica. ceo mark zuckerberg lost $15hi
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billioelf in the selloff today. ingsays the company is inve so much in security it will affect their profitability despite the stock's selloff today though, it's only back to where it was in may. >> facebook is also struggling in a battle against fake profiles as digital thieves steal identities endanger children and hurt small businesses. >> now the company's attempting to setoble the m by using ai tools to spot impersonators. details. t has >> reporter: this is jo ling kent. the world's largest social network is struggling in its battle against fake profiles. thoblem has become so big, that facebook says it's disabl 1.3 billion fake profiles over the past year. police officer justin tierney was killed in the line of duty at22 yearsold. a year later as the community d, mour fake profile with his photo appeared on facebook. >> i couldn't believe that
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somebody would stoop that low. they had created a facebook profile p stating that he was married, that he was from iowa. and that he was currently working at the kansas city, kansas police department. >> the chief of police says he contacted facebook to remove the fake profile. >> our response from facebook has been zero. >> reporter: nbc news found dozens of cases can of cyber thieves using stolen ite identities to create fake facebooks. page this week, a counsel plan flend his prof plastered across sites. a womanot stole p of a woman's twins on facebook. >> she chaeged names, birthday. >> reporter: facebook is attempting to solve p thisoblem by using artificial intelligence tools to spot >> the problem is they built a platform well beyond their abity to monitor it. >> reporter: after a month and a half, facebook removed the fakeo profile witficer tierney's
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photo. >> there's much data and information that they have, they could be law enforcement's best friend but in this situation, somet les i feelke they're our worst enemy. >> reporter: facebook declined our rerquest for an iew and apologized for what happened and called the oklahoma police department case a mistake saying their community standards do not allow people to misrepresent themselves or impersonate others. this comes as facebook grapp es with en bigger battle, a fake profile, bogus advertisers and foreign influence aheadth o 2018 midterm election. jo ling ket, nbc news. two georgia police officers left it up to chance to see if a woman should go to jail. tonight, their luck has run out. >>ou may rememb seeing this video. it's been seen around the world. these officers pull over a woman in april for allegedly speeding. her body cameras caught the two officers using a coin flip app
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on a cell phone to decide her fate. the pair originally were placed on administrate tub leave but a judge dismisses the charges against the woman after watching this >>video. e asked to you help us today ids the backpacks for campaign and boy, did you ever. the news 4 team at wood more town center collected enough backpacks and schools suppl to prepare more than 200 students for school. but our goa is4,000 backpacks for 4,000 kids. you can help us by making a secure donation online. go to and search backpacks. we can do there. we had some very generous e rs. every time we do these backpacks. >> we do indeed. >> weather was great today. that's for sure. >> what a blessing finally see some sunshine. >> finally, the sun was back. it was a dry day for just about everybody. it was hot. it's summer, right? tomorro we'll be hot and humid.
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it's going to be mainly dry during the day. tomorrow evening we'll have some rain and thunderstorms moving through. some heavy rain is possible that could lead to downpours and isolated flooding and maybe some gusty winds to bring down trees. tomorrow evening is going to be a storm team 4 weather alert. it's the evening hours. you go to work and get home from work and you' not dealing with anything. it's as we move toward dinnertime we start to see itorms moving into the area. the good thingthe storms is it lowers our humidity vels saturday and sunday. new information coming in ndicating that weekend is looking mainly if not completely dry. both saturday and suns. good news there because more rain is in the forecast next week. however, unlik this week, we're not going to see as much. next week we'll see 1 to 4 inches. this week we saw anywhere from 6 to almost 15 inches of rain in some locations. currently, our temperatures are in the 70s right now. 78 in washington. and tomorrow morning it's a mild
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start. patchy fog out there. a heads-up for that. 75 degrees at 7:00 a.m. any fogginess burns off bym. 9: lunchtime humid at 87. high tomorrow of 91. we're dry through the afternoon hours tomorrow evening some thunderstorms are moving thrgh. at 7:00 p.m., a temperature around 82. the latest with future weather. 11:00 a.m. dry. 2:00 p.m. still mainly dry. cloudiness. 5 pp, the entire d.c. metro area is dry. maybe a thunderstorm firing up in parts of northern virginia back into the panhandle of west virginia. it's 6t till0 p.m. when we start to see thunderstorms move rorough the area. look what happensnd p.m. we're noticing bright colors here on future weath around 10:00 p.m. that's heavy rainfall and notice how it doesn't really move. it kind ofits in the same location. that could lead to some flooding concerns and that's why we determined that tomorrow evening is going to be a storm team 4 weather alert based on how much rave we've rec and even a little bit tomorrow night. some heavy downpours could lead
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to flooding. i'll it be here monitoring the ss uation. herturday at 7:00 a.m. we're waking up to a really nice morning wh low humidity. a lot of concerts going on friday,including the zac brown band concert, jay-z and beyonce. you want to be weathe ready. get alerts at ourpp and check out the local radar. w humidity temperatures in the 70s and 80s on saturday. >> your ten-day forecast, aturday a high of 86. sunday a high 85. as we look to monday, most of the day looks dry. maybe a late day shower or thunderstorm. high temperatures monday in the mid 80s. the humidity still not all that bad. humidity builds back in tuesday and so do rain chances. tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday some rain at times. we'll have dry time, as well and not as much. >> okay, that sounds okay. and the sunshine. >> hard to match, that's for
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sure. hanks. >> you want to see more of what we saw this evening, the nationals getting back on track after frying some fisne >> sports xt. stay tuned.
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this is the xfini "sportsdesk." > no amount of rain would dampen enthusiasm right now. this is the high point usually for enthusiasm. >> i knew training catch was back. ied a hamstring when i got up from my desk today. it's time for fgaotball . no pads, just shorts and helmets. doesn't matter around these parts. the sounds of whistles and players are youing practice patterns stir our emotions. the redins are ck.
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instead of talking about the weather, we can jump start nversations with quarterback talk. like right now. the redskins have a new one. sherree burruss burris is in richmond. >> day one of training camp in the books. while coaches and players are m gettiore comfortable with new quarterback alec smith, he' winnover his teammates. >> i mean he's aea der. the reports are's accurate. lways been a leader. you could tell he's comfortable in tt role. and you ow, he -- he's what we geded. >> i to be the best i can be m.for this t so that we can reach our potential. i love being out here. i love every single day, every rep going against the guys mixing it up. you have a better understanding of what reality is the old you get. >> good luck this year. >> already a fan favorite, rookie running back darius happy to oblige andre pct his year ahead. the red skis second-round pick hasn't taken the field in his
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first game yet and fans already have high expectations. >> the team back in action on friday at 45.m. from richmond, sherree burruss burris. >> the nationals were expected contenders. not sellers. starting play tonight seven gamesut ofirst and 5 1/2 games out of second for the wildcard position. they are suddenly talked about in the seller's category. the nationals would like 0 shifi the conver from resignation to renaissance. that can only happen with. resul even the youngest nats fans checking out the game against the marlins. soto taking the lead by stor he smacks his 12th already oon the seas. nats pull to within a run of this game. and the hey, now they're starting to come back. ryan zimmerman at the plate. man onwith two out. zim, this goes to left center. somehow it is going to stay in he park. adam eaton comes in to score. zimmerman an rbi double.
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tieat three. remember the guy trey turner, much better tonight. already a home run in the game. looking for another. wow, is is goingbut it stays in. two runs score on this one. two-run triple. nats take a 5-3 lead and add five more, at the marlins, 10-3. that's the way to get it done. want to givene you ey going into friday. >> we love it. we'll be right back. >> there you go.
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so we're going to like the
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weather when we wake up in the morning. >> but tomorrow night we'll have rain and storms moving through the area that could lead to flooding issues because we've h seen so mrain. looking really nice for the weekend. low humidy, mid 80s. >> check out the full moon if you can. it's beautiful. >> the tonight show starring jimmy fallon is coming up next. >> we'll see you tomorrow. good night. >> have a good one.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- leslie jones, emily ratajkowski,


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