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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  July 27, 2018 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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yang. these storms could bring wind, lightning, more rain. let's go to melissa for breaking news about the commute. >> this is a major problem here morning. we're talking about the outer loop here at connecticut avenue. a bigck . only getting by on the right side of the roadway because of this crash. now, there's two reported crashes topf the beltway, o outer lp, just before nnecticut and after connecticut. this five-mile backup, jus mess for a lot of people. this is going to have a huge impact on the morning commute. we don't have any other major problems right now. we have an issue, inner loom approachin i-270 and suitland parkway. the inner loop is moving just fine, but the outer loop is jammed. the icc is looking good here a this morning. you want to spend the money at
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this point, as we look at all of this behind me. guys? we have storm team 4 weather alert for you today. a slight risk for severe storms coming ouray this afternoon. not the way we wanted to finish the week. >> yesterday was so hot humid. today, we wanted a break from the humidity. maybe a break from the rain. >> break from the humidity, that's in eseptember. >> yesterdayas verysteamy. today, it will be steamy general. and this afrnoon, we'll have severe storms roll through the area. the yellow shaded ots, show you where the highest chance of that is locally. this morning, we're dealing with rain around we have scattered showers here theyied out in the last 30 minutes or so. out to thest that's thunderstorms that will spring through and give us the high stcem ch the impacts as we go through the
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afternoon and evening hours, we're looking at heavy rain and dama damages for storms and the chance for hail. that will be later this afternoon and later onattonight. tempes as you wake up and walk outside, ummer 60s to mid to low 70s. coming up, chuck will break down your fast arost and we'll look this weekend. the school board approves to install new safety measus. the board decided to take action after the shooting in florida in february, that killed 17 people a requiremat classrooms be locked at all times and the hiring of 18 more mental health professionals. students and teachers we spoke a gree with the safety moves but some say that the district could have done more. >> think 18 might be a goo start.
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but we would need a lot more to really address the problem. >> it's good for us to learn how deal with the situation different scenarios. >> some stents say they wish there was more money for police. an attack happened outside of a building near new hampshire avenue. as the victim passes him, the suspect turns around and goes after her. he tried to rip her clothes off. investigators believe he may be connected to other sexual assault cases. a bizarre discovery in one man's basement in a south d.c. home. it was an anonymous type reporting an alligator-like creature in a house on brother's
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place, that brought this to the atntion of authorities.e ext day, they made another disturbing discovery. e while we w there, searching for the alligator-like anim, we found suspicious items that were consistent with doh dogfg. the allegations of dogfightiio is allegat. this is alleged. this is alleged. it's being investigated. >> all of the animals were removed. we spoke with the honer of the me. he said he just returned to d.c. after being out of town for months. he said, he doesn't believe dogfighting was happening on the property. a growing divide between trump and his former he will say hea russian lawyer was promising dirt on hillary clinton before the meeting in trump tower. een'l now, trump said he did know about the mng. dr. jr. said something came of it.
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but on thursday, the russian erwyer had a closer relationship with the russian gent than she let on. she denies that she was representing any russian authorities in her discussions with the trump campaign. as for the cohen news, last night president trump's attorney responded on cnn, saying you can't believe anything that cohen says. >> this is the kind of witness at can destroy your whole case. any finder of fact loses confidence in the case when you rely on a guy like this. you're going string of lies, you can't trust m. >> this comes just dayafter cohen's attorney released a secret recording after a
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conversation between cohen and trump in 2016. they discussed money to bury a story about a former "playboy" model who was claiming she had an affair with mr. trump a decade earlier. twitter is helping mr. trump connect to supporters and launch explosive rants. his prolific use of that social media platform could come back to haunt him. "the nework times" is reporting that special counsel robert mueller is scrutinizing tweets about jeff sessions and james comey. the special counsel is looking at whether tse actions add up to attempts to obstruct the probe by intimidating witnesses> breaking news, north korea has turned over what they say are dozens omilitary remains from the korean war.te we go to molreen at the live desk. >> remains of five soldiers on their way home. hours ago, u.s. servicemen and women line up on the tarmac to recee the boxes from the
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north. you can see the boxes draped in the blue u.n. flags. the transfer is meant to fulfill a commitment made at the summit. those remains will be honored at a ceremony next sunday. after the ceremony, those will go to a base for testing. the agreement in a ultimately put an end to the korean war was signed 65 years today. m ette, thank you. > a developing story this morning, the deadline to reunite separated families has come ande and the health and human
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services say they have reunited all eligible families. a court filing says the government has reunited 1,400 of about 2,500 with their parents. the government says 400 kids whose parents have already been departed are being held. and there's no time line to reunite the families. government lawyers say some parents voluntarily left their children behind. one of the founders of the freem caucus is working on a promotion. if republicans keep the majority, jim jordan plans to run for speaker of the house. he's an ally of president trump and a critic of the special investigation. he faced allegations during his time at ohio state. he turned a blind eye to alleged abuse by a team doctor. paul ryan is not seeking re-election. but he's endorsed kevin mccarthy as his successor. a wife and mother will say her final good-byes to her husband and children who drowned in the devastating duck boat
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accident. their funeral takes ace at students who don't get all of the vcinations won't be able to start school in prince george's county. health issues were the reason 6,000 venth graders were not munized. the school system has had problems with record keeping in the past. but they say those issues have been fixed. leaders say parents have to do their part. >> the requirement of parents to get their children immunized, not the school system.e >> we have mor vaccines and where you can get them
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on our nbc washington app. we're waiting on the market to open this morning to see if facebook rebounds from its stunning freef street.ll it lost $119 billion in market value. that's the largest one-day loss in stock market history.ea it follows two of scandals in russian meddling and misinformation and the users whose private information was comprised. the governor of virginia, says he will address an t ez-pass polit's upsetting to some drivers. drivers who haven't used the ez pass could have them downgraded and deactivated. ahe was asked about this listener. he said, since he personally
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doesn't drive anymore, he's had issued with his own ez pass. he told the listener, we're ing to take care of that the governor asked the state transportation secretary to personally look into this issue. some localovernments are putting the brakes on the red light cameras. >> they say the cameras are expensive to operate and aren't generati enough tickets. since they dropped the cameras, deadly crashes have increased. according to the insurance institute for highway safety, more than 20 people died in red light crashes. that's a 17% jump. parking at the national zoo won't get any easier anytime soon >> why plans for the parking garage just got scrapped. us, a wild encounter foril utity crews in colorado. what it was that drew this beara dotorm drain. good morning, everybody. a storm team 4 wther alert day today. good weather at the pools, until
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2:00 this afternoon. but increasing chances of thunderstorms thereafter. ach-bound,'re storms late tonight at the coastline. most of the weekend down at the coast should be just fine. sheena will detail more a hey! havertys is having a big sale. #newlivingroom you know, people don't actually use hashtags when they talk. #thisgirldoes like that. no one ever does that.
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right now a traffic alert at the top of the beltway. outer loop at connecticut avenue is where the problem is. chopper 4 showing the delays. twe're going tok much more about this and the impacts coming up. not what you would expect to e popping out of a storm drain.
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the bear just needed a bit of space before making his exit. officers removed the manhole cover hoping the cub takes the o nt. it was attractedrries it smelled down in that hole. sure. it took 100 firefighters to put out that fire in london. tors pulled out the cell phones and shot footage. that quick sprea across social media. 50 people wereescued from that building. fortunately, no one was hurt. this week we learned that 9/one of the victims of th terror attacks has been identified nearly two decades after the attack. >>hat's given hope to th sands of families whose loved ones died that day.
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scott johnson was an analyst working in the towers. alysts retested a bone fragment found in the debris 17 years ago. and from that, they weir able to confjohnson's identity. to this day, thousands of victims remains are noen idfied. plans for a new garage at the zoo has been scrapped. "the washington business journal" reports that the garage wouldn't make enough money to cover the $50 million price tag. the smithsonian says zoo attendance is down. it was slated to be built on the lot. the zoo's parking places fill up quickly. a local hospital hoping to reinvent itself. it's shifting operations to focus on what it's calling same-day care. the hospital will stop offering acute care. basically, that requires several days of treatment. at will end by the end of the
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year. spovidence's parent company is going to turn the al into what it's calling a health village. we s havee news on the roads. >> doesn't look good this morning. outer loop at connecticut avenue. we're very slow. it's a six-mile backup. o grew quite a bit here. bre's the good pathis. it's movinause we got things out of the road. outer loop should recover a littbit. with a six-mile backup, it's going to take some time the icc is a good option today. the rest of the beltway looks okay. inner loop after river road is where that crash is. you can see the slowdown the left side is blocked by that crash. in camp springs, inbound suitland parkway,ight side is blocked by the crash there this morning. the rest of that area is
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good.g travel times, 270 is okay. top of the beltway is very slow. 95 to 270ou will take 40 minutes. listen to wtop 5103. you hop in your car. we have thstormy w heading our way for later today. will be thisfternoon and evening. strong storms in the forecast and potentially severe. p.m.y 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 some thunderstorms could last after 9:00. the good news is, the weekend does look better. the rain pattern has left us. toiday, for today, severes possible in the yellow shaded areas, that includes the d.c. metro area. some things we're lookir, damaging winds, lightning and hail. all that possible with strong to severe thunderstorms. showers and thunderstorms
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heading north. and frederick county, these are shifting to the east. we're looking at showers north of mt. erie. the cold front that will bring the storms is back off to our west this morning. thlo will ber to us as we go into the afternoon. it's 76 degrees in washington. 72 in frederick. 66 leesburg, and 70 clinton. if you're exercising, dry the first half of the day. low 90s, better to be inside exercising. lunchtime, we're fine. as we go through the afternoon and evening hours, thunderstorms move in. some could lost pretty late. we have a chance for scattered showers. ybe that will help you out with your gardening this weekend. next we, monday, tuesday, rain
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retu returns. if you plan to hit hhe pool, wee information you want to see. susanhogan, working for you, detailing the parasites t
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you're watching "news 4 today." >> if you're a frequent flyer here's a story you want to pay attention to. american airlines has a new rule for carry-on bags for some passengers. and could be welcome news. if you're flying in basic economy seats, you no loer
6:24 am
have to chk your carry-on bag and play a fee. anything that doesn't fit under your seat, you pay. it is summertime, thear poo open. the rain just for today. we have somethingou need to hear. >> even though the water looks clean, it could be swimming th parasites. >> reporter: when it comes to pools, you don't know what parasites may be lurking below the surface. >> there's a lot. >> reporter: the most common culprit is crypto, spread through fecal matter >> if a child has an accident in the pool, there's elimination in the pool, we have to treat it
6:25 am
right away. >> reporter: regular levels of chlorine won't kill crto. it's easy to catch. swallowing a mouthful of water infected with crypto can lead to weeks of nausea or diarrhea. >> have people take a shower or rinse off before they swim and after they swim. >> have kids take frequent bathroom breaks to reduce the chance of accidents. >> the swim diapers are not fool-proof. >> you can see if crypto is the cause. you should wait until after the symptoms have stopped before getting back in the pool. back to you. i made a mistake. it cost me everything. >>e ew this morning, roseann
6:26 am
is talking about the tweet she says changed her life. we'll show you the interview you'll be hearing about all day. good morning. a weather alert day for you today. sun coming up. a beautiful golden sky ts morning. but rain chances and thunderstorm chances are very high later on thi afternoon. more about that and, of course, looking at your weekend forecast, just ahead. a very unusual discovery in southeast washington, a
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news 4 today starts now. will good morning, everybody.6: on this friday morning. get outside when you cann becaue we'r weather alert mode as more storms head our way. hard to ttl from t picture. >> you may need to leave home a little earlier this morning, too. there's still lot of backups. i'm chris lawrence. >> i'm erika gonzalez. eun and aaron have the morning but the rest of the team are
6:30 am
here with you as we count down to the weeken >> first, to chuck and sheena those e timing when storms arrive. >> more rain in the forecast today. notyhe ra pattern that we had. storms this afternoon, after tht and a steam brew. >>ifferent flavor of rain chances today. these are going to be convective of nature, going to be bubbling up with time. they're along a cold fronthat is generating thunder and lightning here atn6:30 the morning. southwestern pennsylvania, moving into west virg a couple of rain drops in the inner harbor of baltimore. we're under the slight risk category forhe severe we all the way to new york. keep that in mind. a perfect reminder to get your cashington app downloaded and ready to go.
6:31 am
temperature-wise, 60s and 70s to get your friday morning going. it will be a hot one. upper 80s and low 90s, with rain siances incr to 60%, especially between 5:00 and 9:00 p.m. to a close look at the weekend and the beach weather. let's go to melissa who has been tracking trouble on the beltway. top of they. belt the problem is actually cleared out of thay. chapper er chopper 4 is showing you the shot. here'she good part o it, now that it is gone, we are loosening up abit. still, a six-mile delay. icc is a good option for you, if you're leaving some tin. you can see the delay up top here. really, it's starting 95 guthbound, heading through maryland andting up the top of the beltway. inner loop, on river road, you have a crash here where the left side is blocked here.
6:32 am
>> camp springs, right side blocked by crash there, through virginia. fingers crossed, no problems at this point this morning. new this morning, roseanne barr is apologizing again. >> she is speaking about the fallout from her racist tweet about valerie jarrett. take a listen. >> i'm sorry you feel harmed a hurt. i never meant that. and for that, i apologize. t >> well,s was an opportunity for barr to offer a more sincere apology in which she offered last week. she though that jarrett was white. she ended the apology by adding that jarrett needs aew haircut. here's a look at your top stories. we just got this new video into the news from the explosive car
6:33 am
fire in northern california, overnight. the firetarted monday. it is only 6 pro% contained. chuck bell checked the forecast there and it has a forecast of smoke and 110 degrees today. >> this is earlyseor wildfire on out there. nbc news has confirmed that trump's former lawyer will tell the special counsel that trump knew about a russian lawr, his son and members of his campaign at trump tower. he previously said he knew nothing before it happened. we're going to have that story coming up in aew minutes. tomorrow, a concert that's a fund-raiser for the families of victims of the shooting at "capital gazette." a packed spirit airlinesig fl had to make an emergency landing overnight. >> this isiving new meaning to
6:34 am
smelly socks on a plane. 220 passengersonere ard the flight when it was diverted to myrtle beach because of a dirty sock odor. it was so bad, that several people got sick. burning throats, crest pains. more than a handful of passengers had to be taken to the hospital. the source of the odor is still being investigat. we just checked flight aware. and the flight finally made it to ft. lauderdale just before 5:00 this morning. >> all right. a missing man is facing charges after hopping the jfk international airport runway fence. he was reported missing from a me two days later, he was found soaking wet on the runway. port authority police say they
6:35 am
asked him how he got on to the runway. he said he swam across the jamaica bay and climbed a perimeter fence. not clear how he ended up in new york. officials are reviewing the security measures at jfk. details on an alligator-like animal living in a d. home. >> megan mcgrath is live with details on the bizarre discovery. what else did they find there? >> unusual situation. imagine going down into a thsement and finding a large caiman. at's what happened. look at the video here. it was an anonymous type reporting anlligator-like creature in a house on brother's place, that brought this to the attention of ce along with animal humane research folks, found a caiman in a four-foot bin. she was confiscated and is now one the facility on new york
6:36 am
avenue. she has a habitat fo she's got a little paddling pool with water and a heat lamp. searching for the caiman, authorities made another discery. >> we're there, f searchi the alligator-like animal. we found items that were consist tempt wi you know ent with dogfighting. this is alleged. this is being investiged. >> authorities came back on another day wi another search warrant. 12 dogs, 6 adults and 6 puppies were confiscated from that location. they had t scarringt would be consistent with dog fighting. that's not confirmed ye a strange situation. strange finds at this home in
6:37 am
d. back to you. >> hate to see any animal treatedy.hat thank you, megan. it's 6:36. just ahead, they're only one meal. but they're worth a day's worth of cal we'll warn you of the worst offenders. and a victory for katie ledecky. how she pulled off the w
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you're watching "news 4 " toda >> it's friday, maybe today could be the day you treat your entire office to doughnuts and you look like you really spoiled everyone, with not one but two krispy is offering a dozen bla e glazedor doughnuts a dollar. are you hearing this? they'll have glazed confetti this week. it's vanilla birthday cake
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covered with blaze and sprinkles. erika's mouth is wering. >> a hot criskrispy kreme dough i would have a things.of those like that. from one ricaridden story to the next. you probably have plans and are going out to eat. >> wui may beng some of your favorites. a national nonprofit group leased its extreme eating awards. details unhealthiest meals. coming in at2,700 calories and 70 grams of fat, cheesecake factory's breakfast burrito. it's the same dietary hit of
6:42 am
eating seven sausage mcmrifins. that b is one of the biggest offenders on the list. how about the bavarian soft pretzel. it's like eating six pretzels from auntie ann's. >> you pn ahead. i'm glad that krispy kreme isn't in there. >> it says, if you plan ahead, eat less other parts of the day. or maybe just cut these things in half. eat half now, h later. i'm told thas what sheena does. >> you know, sometimes you have to give in to your cravings. otherwise, you're going to go overboard, like chris normally does. we he a risk for severe storms as we go through the afternoon and evening today. the yellow area, including the d.c. metro, thunderstorms later on t could be gusty with our winds. could exceeding 60 miles per hour in some of the storms. chuck has details and the timing. plus, big backup on t beltway. we'll ok at your travel timelos
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6:45 your time. hope you enjoyed the sunshine
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be ruse tonight, then returns. a weather alert day. plus. >> we'veeen here live and right now, we're being >> emergency evacuation. a tv station warning people of wildfires forced to shut down. and new video of a scary sexual assault attempt. a woman attacked inside an apartment building. and police war this guy may have other victims. >> you're watching "news 4 today." >> first, to a developing storyp president tr has consistently said he didn't know about theus now-infa meeting between top campaign officials and a russian lawyer. donald trump jr. was promised damaging information on hillary clinton. now, nbc news has confirmed that michael cohen is ready to tell the special couple tt then-candidate trump knew about that meetingefore it happened. peter alexander is live outside the white house. >> repster: if t is true, it's a bombshell.
6:47 am
key questions have swirled around what presiderump knew about that meeting and as importantly, when he knew it. overnight, a source with knowledge of the matter confirms to nbc news, that cohen, his long-time lawyer, protector, asserts that the president knew about that meeting in 2016, in advance, and was told by his son, don jr., before it took place. the source insisting that cohen is willing to make that assertion to theal spe counsel. ct en's claim would contra repeated denials, who said president trump knew nothing about the meeting until nearly a year later. that meeting happened in the summer of 2016, several months before t election, involvie ini trump jr. and other aides. jared kushner was there and paul manafort, as well as russians, who promised dirt on hillary clinton. cohen's lawyer in our conversation declined to comment on this.
6:48 am
overnight, the president's lawyer, rudy giuliani, dismissed the new report and attacked cohen's credibility. we'll have moren this on the "today" show, just a couple minutes from now. thisould be a significant story. back to you. >> both sides casting doubt on theer o credibility. you'll see more of peter in a few minutes. another developing story, the deadline to reunite separated families has come and gone. the department of health and human services say they have reunited all eligible families and ildren. a court filing says the government has reunited 1,400 of about 2,500 with their parents. the government says 400 kids hose parents have already been departed are beid. esd there's no timeline to reunite the famili government lawyers say some parents voluntarily left their children behind. h >>e at the live desk, staying on top of breaking news out offo caia, the carr fire, which you see here on your
6:49 am
screen, has claimed one life, killing a bulldozer operator on the fire lines. at's reached the city of reading, about 92,000 people and it is the largest in the region. here's how one newscast had to sign off last night. >> we're going to leave the station because it's unsafe to be here. >> we're going on the mercy sk cam for you. lady with this picture, please evacuate. and stay safe. >> the fire started on monday. we just checkedagain. it's only 6% contained. storm team 4 says there's no rain in sight. we'll stay on top of it. back to you guys.u, >> thank molette. d.c. police released new surveillance video hoping it will catch a sexual assault suspect.n attack in the foggy bottom neighborhood. justen finch has more on that. >> reporter: he was captured on
6:50 am
surveillance video. neighbors and police want man caught as soon as possible. he is wanted for third-degree sexual abuse. and by putting out the video, police are hoping they will be able to track him down. me take a look here. here he is, trying to follow a woman into an apartment lobby. about 5'10", with brown hair. th look place on the 2400 block of northwest, near w hampshire avenue, just before 11:00 p.m. this is by george washingtonsi univ. several businesses, hotels and homes and one woman telling us, the thought of a predator on tr thesets is just sickening. >> just to hear that people have been sittihere, waiting to prey on people, that' just unfortunate. >> another question, too, could this man be behind similar
6:51 am
sexualassaults. police are not ruling that out at this time. they are urging anyone who cognizes this man or who was victimized themselves or nearby, call mrpolice to get amthem off the streets as soonpo as ible. >> justin, thank you. new details on security at fairfax county schools. la night, t school board approved spendinllmillions of s to imstall new safety measures. a requirement that coms be locked at all times and the hiring of 18 more mental health professionals. students and teachers we spoke with agree with the safety moves but some say that the ct could have done more.> >> happening tonight, beyonce and jay-z are coming to toe. on the run tour kicks off the first of two shows at fedex field. it the first time that beyonce
6:52 am
has been in our area since 2013 miss carter world tour. the concert begins at 7:30. but the storms could have an pact o concertgoers. please plan ahead for that. storm team 4 weather art day fou on this friday. a good-looking sunrise on your iniday mo temperatures are already in the d-60s to mid-70s. those will be above 90 degrees. early morning rain chances are confined to northern and northeast maryland. these are going away from the d.c. metro area. nothing back in the wake just yet. there are thunder andht lng across parts of southwestern an pennsy. that's the cold front that will be moving our way later on in the afternoon. as a result, the yellow, that's the slight risk category of severe storms. a imagine namarginal ris around.
6:53 am
here's future weather, to time out your chances. going to have a stray shower or two. most of thee seveather threat comes after:00. future weather shows strong storms from winchester to martinsburg. northern mmaryland, withe of a risk in northern virginia. everyone needs to keep a weather eye to the sky. wideread chances from storms here, from lauden to montgomery counties. and those can go down into washington. keep that in mind. as you plan out your day today, have y nbc washington app ready to go. it will send you pushlerts and has an interactive radar feature. how about 92 on a friday, with that % chance for storms. tomorrow, nice dry first half of the weekend. ahance of showers late sunday. and potential for more heavyin back exrat week. tell me you have good news on a
6:54 am
friday morning. a s littlew news on a friday. first, chapper alert. thank you for clarifying. connecticut avenue here, is wheret tash was. we had the roadblocked. things have we opene this morning. we have a block at the top of the beltway. chopper 4 showing the picture now. the icc is a good option. youight want to pay for it today because it is a very slow the top of the beltway. rest of the beltway, looking okay. as for t delays, as soon as you hit the top of the beltwa southbound, you're going to start sitting in that slowdo. outer loop, after river road, is clearing away. taking a look at your travel ti 270 looks good. top of the beltway, that's the pain we're talking about re. between 95 and 270, going to take you almost 40 r minutesht now. 66 inbound. no major issues.
6:55 am
95 northbound, quantico to the ltway. listen to wtop f.m. when you hop in your car. ledecky, what a turnaround. >> montgomery county native and olympian, katie ledecky, won the 200 meter freestyle final at the u.s. national championship event. before she hit the water she had wardrobe issues. she ripped her racing swimsuit in the locker room aped her backup suit. she put on a pctice suit. that's notdesigned for speed. she lost that race. she came back during the final and won. >> pretty imessive. she blames the southern california heat for the trouble with her swimsuit. we want to thank all of you for helping us support our schools. >> molette green was collecting
6:56 am
backpacks for kids. and we collected enough money to provide 200 elementary with new backpacks filled with supplies. >> our next event is august 8th at the apple federal credit union. that's in the kingstowne branch. social media is buzzing after roseanne barr's latest apology. she appeared on fox news and apologized valerie jarrett about the infamous tweet. however, barr ended the apology with an insult about jarrett's hair. police discovered a ve oot caimannside a d.c. home. the humanecu re alliance received a tip that there was an alligator-like animal in brother's place. they found 12 dogs and puppies that appearedscarred. tina will say good-bye to her husband and, childr who
6:57 am
browned in tha duck boatn incident i missouri. funerals for the other five members are scheduled for saturday. michael cohen is going to tell the special counselna that dold trump knew about theme ing between campaign officials and a the president said he knew nothing aboutet this ining until after it happened. more coming up on the "today" show. we have a weather alert,la ter on this afternoon and into tonight, wore lking at strong ander is veer storms. next week, the rainy pattern comes back. comes back. >> you might want to do the icc ♪ comes back. >> you might want to do the icc
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good morning. breaking overnight, president trump's longtime lawyer ready to deliveowthe goods, n claiming the president knew and approved of the trump tower meeting with his top campaign aides and russians promising dirt on hillary clintont something the preside has long denied. >> did you kw that -- [ inaudible ] >> no, i didn't know anything aboutinhe meetg. >> straight ahead, what michael sohen, trump's once most loyal adviser, i saying what really happened, and what it could mean for the case against the president. wall of flames. an out-of-control wildfire explodes in northern california overnight. at least one person killed, homes destroyed, mass evacuations under way, as a local t station


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