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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  July 27, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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chopper 4 ns of families wondering what's next for them. we'll take you the next with what we know so far. plus, you know the drill. storms starting top fire on storm team 4 radar right now. it is lighting up as you see. we've got another weather alert day, folks. we're under a severe thunderstorm watch right now. there are more flach flooding concrins. >> that't. let's start with meteorologist amelia draper and lauryn ricket ricketts. >> the mainline is still west of the d.c. area making its way to i-81 a this point. >> we'll be tracking this line all evening more, slow moving, we'll show you what we'reng tracight now. this is the line that we're going to be looking at all evenin long to pro duts heavy rainfall, potentially gusty winds and hail as well you noticed scattered storms ahead of it, especially southern maryland and partsho ord
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county and culpepper counties. we have a flash flood warning in effect and a severe thunderstorm warning for the most southern parts of the county that's going to go for about another 14 minutes before it because of that line back to the west, the national weather service issued a severe thunderstorm watch for everybody., guhis is going to go until 10:00 p.m. tonight. we haven't seen any activity for the most part here in washington in parts of montgomery, frederick county, prince george's county. that's going to be moving in as the evening wears on. because of the potential for heavy rain and all the rain we've had this pas week, a flash flood watch is in effect until 11:0 p.m. the biggest concern i'm seeing would be flooding issues, also downed trees with gusty windsca e of how saturated the ground already is. i can't rule s oe hail. jim, i'm be walking through this event right around4:15. >> wild way to end the week. amelia and lauryn will be
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tracking the storms throughout the night. make sure you have our app to getreaking weather alerts. back to the breaking news affecting dozens of families in prinrge's county. chopper 4 over greenbelt. walls of an apartment complex give way in this fire and the scary moments for a firefighter who is on that roofan you see him almost fall through a hole there. the fire happening in a neighborhood on breezewood tears are. derrick ward is on scene to give us the latest. is everybody okay? what is the word there?t >> reporter: ts indeed the good news. it is miraculous no one was hurt. we're at the franklin park apartments in eenbelt. smoke could be seen for miles around when the fire broke out. it is about 12:45 t when first 911 calls came in. then there was a cascade of lls. when firefighters got here, they did indeed find the fire coming
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through roof. one of the things they do is cut a trench to keep the fire from spreading. that's where the firefighter almostent through. that's one of the dangers of alking the fire from the outside as wel the inside. they didn't have to do any rescues. all the residents who were home managed to getve thems off. some came off balconies including there chi of one resident we talked to. a woman said she called the fire department yesterday and reported the smellf gasoline. >> had maintenance come to see who has gasoline in their apartment. i don't know if they came. the smell dissipated. my son calls and they can't find his broth and they had to jump off the balcony. >> reporter: they were som of those that came off balconies. all the kids are to ither. uries to firefighters or residents. fiveine adults and children have been displaced in the nine of 11 apartments that
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sre occupied in t part of the building. they did encounter one dead hydrant when they got here. there were sufcient hydrant that did work that allowed them to fight this fire sufficiently. if you know any about the county, you'll remember a few years ago, this is calledpring hill lake. this complex has become notorious for fires. someere or son related. no indication at this point that there is any cion between those days or even the gasoline smell. that's what the investigators are worng to find out now. leon, back to you. can od news is the folks tell the tale. they're still here. we or working to learn what happens nextor the families there. we'll check back on the scene later on. chopper 4 overak more bg news. check this out, a trash truck fire on columbia pike southbounh near npshire avenue. police had to redirect drivers. at one point firefighters used a utw to cut a hole in the truck's
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trash box to out the flames. no one was hurt here. we're working to learn what sparked this >>fire. a tragic update in the wildfires burning out west. a second w firefighter killed fighting the flames today in ilifornia. th about 200 miles north ofam sato. hundreds of buildings are in this fire's direct path. nbc's jayray will have an update from the scene in the next half hour. now to a brazenttack in a community that neighbors tell us is usually safe. a woman says she was sually assaulted in a prince william county apartment building. stephenson along court and woodbridge is where we find news 4's nicole jacobs. nicole, what do we know about this ter:im, unfortunately, police do not have surveillance video of the suspect. they a relying solely at this point on the recollection from vithe im. i've got to tell you, she was
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quite observant in this situation. first, this is h police say it went down. they say it all happened wednesday morni around 6:00. a woman left an apartment building on stephenson court i the lak ridge part of town and re-entered that building a short time later. police say a man was waiting for her in the stawell wit a handgun, attempted to assault her right there, but then force her outside where he actually did rape her, police say. we're told he made her wait in the woods unt he had time to escape, but the victim gathered as muchormation as she could in her memory to help policen this investigation. >> there are a few things she remembered about him that were pretty distinguishable about him, such as an arm sleeve tattoo with writing on it as well as angel wings. that's not something you would see every day.
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>> reporter: in addition to that arm sleeve tattoo, they also say the suspect is described as a black man, 25 to 30 years old, heavyset with a belly. anyone with information is urged to contact police. leon, back to you. >> thank you,nicole. overseas now, be my guest in moscow. reuters reporting that vladimir putin has invited president trump to visit him irussia. putin told the press today he and president trump both want to meet again. after that helsinki summit, trump invited putin to come to the white house in the fall. the backlash forced the us president to the visit back. putin says he and trump will meet on the sidelines of upcoming international events in the meantime. a scare today at american university, the threat against construction sites on an university asked students to stay away from the site, but the schl was never
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put on lockdown. we're learning now to learn the exact nature of the threat. an update on schools i fairfax county. the school board voted that las room doorsdill be loc at all times but still able to be opened from the inside. so approved, the hiring of 18 psychologists and social workers. students will take part in enhanced lockdown drills as well. some not announced ahead of time. as you look at bethesda chevy chase high school, hime 34 new te areas there. they have what they're calling flexible furniture, which means o more of those old desk-chair combinations. the creative work spaces will allow for new courses like culinary arts, a digital art classroom, a new ceramics studio, a dance studio.-i mo set for august 20th, teachers return a week later, students a week after that. the new sports stadium complex scheduled to be finished next
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may. >> would make a nice news room, too. if you have plans to drive through tysons this weekend, take a moment look up. you cannot miss the growth that is booming at this metropolis. big change from 50 years ago, that's when tysonsen cornerr just opened its doors. david culver is live in tysons. every te you turnaround, it seems like there's a new building going up, david. >> reporter: that's because there is. almost every single day you see a crane coming up. following it, a new building. when it opened, jim, in 196, some thought this place was going to fail, that it was too far out from all the action. today it is c ssidered bye to be the most valuable piece of property in the greater d.c. area, attracting some 25 million visitors each year. that is more than disney land. if you wonder howyss corner center got its name, the answer
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is simple. chk out this photo. this is a corner store on a crossroads in tyso, virginia. >> it was literally in the middle of a farm field, a peach field. >> reporter: in recent years they stayed strong against online retailers by what they consider to be a lifestyle experience, more than just shopping. >> if we can create the environment where people will be entertained, they'lle this every day of the epweek. >> rter: in the 50 years tysons corner has been here, it has grown far beyond a corner ore, far beyond a mall. take a look a this. it has sprawled to a metropolis and still growing, truly a city on its own. >> i've now heard two governors say the virginia bird is really the crane. >> reporter: growth is in the air. youoo need only uprod here. >> this city is now a worldwide destination that over several
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years and decades will just continue to grow and to prosper. >> reporter: in repthting on story today, i wantedfi to nd somebody with personal connections for it. i didn'tave to look too far. behind the camera. photo journalist sean casey. you can hear hisin ties c up. it's cool when you think ability how far we've co. >> cranes down there. i remember if sean remembers the peachesnd the cattle, the orchards there. we'll see you at 6:00. thank you so ch. weave a gallery of historic pictures of the tons area. search tysons in our nbcin waon app. really cool. we've got storm warnings popping up fory your fri night. >> that's right. coming up, amelia is back with the timing and a look at who will get the worst of this potentially severe weather. plans for the pool this
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weekend? two steps you can take to keep you and your family se from parasites in the water. you can't see it outside where you are, but you can see it right here on news 4, the it right here on news 4, the lunar eclipse live.
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i had life-treatening bleeding in my brain. but thanks to the virtual reality technology at gw hospital, my surgeons were able to look inside my brain and plan for a successful surgery. it's remarkable that i woke up and ran five miles this morning. i would tell gw hospital thank r giving me new life. the george washington univeristy hospital defining medicine.
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. we're staying on topf two
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breaking stories this evening. first, families forced out of their homes. look at this damage from the massive fire in prince george's county. these are the franklin square artments on breeze wood tears are. no reports of injuries. everyone made it out of the structure. no wd on howhat fire started. >> they could have used rain we're starting to see right now. we are monitoring storm team 4r raor severe thunderstorms. check it out. amelia now tells us the storms are movingnto our area much faster than first thought, all from the west. we're going to chwik in with her th more on the timing and where tse will hit in just a few minutes. so are you planning to spend time at the pool? >> even though the water may lo clean, you 45may be swimming with microscope ib pair sides. >> susan house gan has more on what you may need to know tomm
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avoid swig related illnesses. >> reporter: when it comes to pools, you never know what kind of germs and parasites m be rking below the surface. >> e. coli, gee ard i don't, campylobacter, noro virus. >> most common is cryptosporidium or crypto for short. it's spread through fecal matter. >> if a child has an accident in th pool, there's any time of elimination in the pool, we know we havet to treat right away. >> that's because regular levels ofe chlorin won't kill crypto which can survive in a pool for ten days. swallowing even a mouthful of water infected with crypto can lead to weeks of diarrhea nausea and vomitingul >> they sho not be swallowing the water or using the bathroom in the tpool. >> protect yourself and your family, make sure anyone who sws in your pool follows simple guidelines.
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>> anyone who is experiencing diarrhea or has been sick should not swim. haveeople take a shower or at least rinse off before they swim and aer theyswim. >> have kids take frequent bathroom breaks. that goes f babies as well. >> those swim diars are not pool-proof. >> if fecal matter gets into the pool, don't take any chances. >> everybody out of the water, shut it down. >> reporter: the only way to effectively kill crypto he says is to have a professional super chlorinate the wer and slowly ing it back to normal levels again, a process that can take eight >> it's like a super germ. that's the only real way to take out of the pool. >> if you do get sick after swimming, you can ask your doctor toest to see if crypto is the cause. if the it is, the cdc says you should wait a full two weeks after symptoms have stopped before getti back inside a
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pool. >> something to think about. a buzzkill at the pool. >> big time, big time. >> it is not the kind of night toead for thepool. >> that's for sure. amelia standing by tracking potentlly severe thunderstorms. amelia, what's the latest on when they're going to hit? is the timing changing? >> the latest is, the thunderstorms around i-81 are starting to pick up a little steam. i'm going to show you the exact timing. these are going to cha they continue to move eastrd, will encounter more unstable, humid air. that will helpse to fuel t thunderstorms. take a look at what i'm tracking on storm team 4 radar. first we head over to anne arundel county where we're seeing impressive activity there moving to the this line has picked up steam. it, ier when i was traing it's only moving at about 15 miles an hour, now moving from 20 to 25 miles an hour. tois is going to be the main event ght. if you know somebody heading to the jay-z and beyonce concert oe
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zac brown concert, make sure they're weather ready and have a isckup plan. area to the north is picking up steam as it moves to the northeast at about r50 to 60 miles anhour. moving toward thurmont at 4:25 and city of frederick right around 4:45 tonight. as far asar watches andngs go, we have a flash flood warning in effect including partsrd of leo town and other parts of central st. mary's county tha will go until 6:45. aside from that, our area notse ng warnings. we have severe thunderstorm watches and flash flood watches that will go until about 10:00, 11:00 tonight. fast forward to 5:00 p.m. where we're showing that line i showep you, intts of frederick and loudoun county. as we move towar 6:00 p.m. moving towards montgomery, toward fairfax, prince william county. moving through the d.c. metro area between 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. what i want you to see here,
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notice how future weather is favoringhem intoouthern fauquier county through parts of culpepper, spotsylvania and orange county. this may not be the exact case. this is one computer model. everybody has an equal chance tonight of seeing very heavyha rainfall can lead to flooding concerns, gusty winds that can bring down tre because of how much rainfall we've had and the potential for hail as well. i want you to keep in mind i th th just a rough idea of what we're anticipating. this is n w exactlyt's going to happen. nonetheless, we're tracking rain on storm team 4 radar when we're starting news 4 at 11:00 p.m. right now at 84 degrees. those storms moving through the d.c. metro area, especially between 7:00 and 9:00. storms likely east of d.c. around 11:00 p.m. the storms bring lower humidity for the weekend. the weekend looking really nice, especially on saturday. 86 for a high, 85 on sunday. maybe aew isolated late day thunderstorms on sunday. but nothing to cancel or change
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pls over. coming up at5, 4 lauryn and i will hav much more on the thunderstorme' that continue to track. >> that is typical redskinstr ning camp weather. a couple of players had to hit the sidelines because of injuries. >> reporter: day two in mrichmond. twe players added to the injury report. second-yr linebacker ryan anderson headed to the medical tent and then headed inside with back spasms, now liste as . day-to-day rod kelly got overheated and is listed as day-to-day. another player tellinge he h to get an iv yesterday because of the heat, n w the rain anticipated, but certainly getting hot out there. coming ut 5:00, ryan kerrigan tell l us how heks to have a
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hot start on the football field, not the golf wecourse. l explain. back to you. >> a $10 gas card yoursree if you do this onehing tonight. >> also next at 4:00, ho you can score a free trip to the dentist this weekend. working for your health. >> what's next for you know when you're at ross and you're like... hello. ...and then the price is like, helllo f! find the latest trnd that's stylesss.ds at prices that are a perfect fit. it feels even better when you find it for le. at ross. yes for less.
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that's yes for less. every trend. every room. on any budget. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less. right now parts of the world are seeing t longest lunar eclipse in history. storm team 4's amelia draper with a closer look. >> it's called a blood moo appearing across part of the world right now. it's the longest ofhe century lasting 1 hour, 42 minutes and 67 seconds. it's called a blood it appears orange, brown and crimson. wh moon moves into the earth's shadow, it goes from being illuminated by the sun to being dark. nasaex says the total lunar eclipse visible in the united states will be on january 21st,
4:26 pm
2019. this event comes to a complete end our time at about 7:30 tonight. you canintill get o and catch the live look. >> online is the only way to go. something else happening to, sion, we were talking about mars being e. >> we are getting a galactic show. mars is the closesto earth, second closest of the century. you can see saturn and jupiter as well. is that right, amia? >> all on my facebook and twitter, all the information is there. lo>> good thing we f amelia. we are in weather alert mod folks because of chances in strong storms. storm team 4 radar shows them moving in from the west right no we're back with what to expect in your neighborhood. >> plus breakg news as well. waltz collapsing in this destructive apartment fire. what we know about what happened am local filies look to what's
4:27 pm
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a weather alert for you at i want to show you the radar. look at that angry looking line ofth colors e, green, yellow and read all in that line to the west of us, marching in this direction. these storms may do damage later this evening. i'm in theenr with lauryn ricketts who is keeping a close
4:30 pm
eye on this. who is goingo get the worst of this? >> i think it's pretty much anyone game. there may be severe weather north of d.c. and souther maryland already had flash flood warnings, a handful of severe thunderstorm warnings. they've been getting it worse already. we'll have to watch that. take a look a the radar and show you what i was showing leon a second ago. the radar is blowing up with the reds and the yellows and the greens. the yellows and reds ast are the heavrain. it's going to continue to push east. as you said, i do believe a lot of this is going to be comin through the shenandoah valley. let's go to max 1 if you want to do that. if not, i can roll with th. there's severe thunderstorm -- the flash flood warning in leonardtown. centra saint mary's county have
4:31 pm
already hat one or two inch of rain. if you're in saint mary's county, you're not seeing the heavy rain you did earlier. you are seeing moderate rain down there. the mainline coming through the i-81 corridor right now. it made its way over allegheny mountains, over the blue ridge s.mounta once it gets over that, we've seen isolated storms. again, we are seeing this heavy line of showers and thunderstorms pushing into l lubbovill lubbocksville. we have a flash flood wybch for everody. we'll talk about that with amelia coming up. >> busy night in the storm center. thanks so much. back to our noeaking news this massive apartment fire in greenbelt. firefighterstl bg the flames
4:32 pm
from the ground and theroof. we're told at least 11 units here at the franklin square apartments are destroyed. no word yet on just how this started. the president is talking a lot today about impresse new economic numbers. he has much less to say about reports his former lawyer is ready to talk about another issue. nbc's susan mcginnis is live at the white house to explain. >> reporter: hi, jim. that's right. the president was all about the economy when he was speaking now michael cohen may be offering to do some talking of his own. president trp took a victory lap today after new numbers showing the fastests. economic growth since 2014.e' >> wve accomplished anec omic turnaround of histori proportions. >> reporter: but no response when asked about the latest firestorm smerounding for attorney michael cohe >> mr. president, the michael cohen telling the truth? the chael cohen telling
4:33 pm
truth? >> reporter: nbc news says that cohen is willing to tell special counsel robert mueller about a june 2016 meeting. the source asserts donald trumps junior told father before the trump tower meeting happened. on fox news last year, don ju junior insisted he never alerted his father. >> it was such a nothing, tngre was not to tell. >> reporter: today the president continued his denials, tweeting he did not know of the meeting and accusing cohen oflying. as did his current attorney, rudy giuliani. >> the man is a liar, a liar. there's no way you're going to bring down the president of the united states on the testimony, uncrop ra uncorroborated, proven liar. >> no one should underestimate how big this is if it's true in terms ofutting trump in the middle of a criminal conspiracy.
4:34 pm
>> reporter: while that may hinge on cohen's word, special counsel is scrutinizing theen press own words on his twitter feed as he searches for evidence of collusion or obstruction. democratic senators want donald trump jr. back on c hill to testify, this time in public and under oath. jim? >> interesting turn today, susan. thank you. the deadline to reunite migrant families is passed now, but more than 700 children are still separated fromom their and dads. the parents of more than half those children are no longer in the country or failed background checks. their kids remain in government custody this famili back together. those who are, face an uncertain future. >> it's terrible. the immigration case itself is very confusing and very addn top of that weeks or in officult. some cases months of having been separated from your child. >> yientd air leans is volunteering to help out,
4:35 pm
donating hundreds of free tickets to fly children and parents to places where they can be reunited. we've got new warnings coming into the storm center. lauryn, what are you hearing? >> severe thunderstorm warts in loudoun and washington county heavy rain to hagerstown and m through bluth and clark county. look at all that lightning rig there. again, severe thunderstorm warning until 5:30. it's moving tot the e at about 20 miles an hour. so, again, we are watching that storm bringing lots of rain, lots of lightning. get inside if you're in this area. amelia and i wille back in a minute and let you know what to expect later tonight. >> in the meantime, we've got a nightmare to talk about here. imagine going to get your hair colored bn leaving the salon with it falling out in chunks. >> we talked to the victim only
4:36 pm
on news 4 tonight. >> i jumped up and i saw all of this in the bowl and i'm left with this. >> a response from the salon owner is coming up. plus a health alert from the cdc, the situation with those tainted fast food salads getting worse. worse. i like these yogurt bites. (phone buzzing) and i like these yogurt bites. (chuckling) ahh... ooh! (giggle, phone buzzing) apparently i... like them more than i like my phone. where... ah... oh, hello! ah, i missed it. it's my mother-in-law. i' call her back. don't tell her i told you that. award-winning little journey baby essentials from aldi.
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i more people have fall after eating mcdonald's salads. the centers for disease control and prevention reports nearly 300 people have gotten sick in 15 states. most cases reported in illinois and iowa. th i fda working with mcdonald's to identify the common ingredients in the salad with those who became sick. earlier this month,on md's voluntarily recalled the salads.
4:40 pm
some disturbing messages left outside several homes in our area. >> doree gentzle live in the newsroom. >> offensive messages left in homeowners' yards. not the first time police have been called to investigate. what investigators know about who iseaving them and what neighbors are now saying about it. plus a very close call for a all firefighter, and it's caught on camera. the dash cam video showing a driver narrowly missing a cra scene. tonight the firefighter shares his aspect of the story. leon, you'll join us with more on a group using photography to tell their story in positive ways. >> one of my favorites. >> thanks, doreen. we'll be right back with much more. >> christina went in the hair salon with with her hair dow to re and now it's up to here.
4:41 pm
what's not in here is in this foil. coming up on news 4, a nightmare at the hair salon. a severe thunderstorm warnin l fordoun and frederick county. frederick around 5:00 p.m. and mount pleasant at about 5:10. lauryn and i will have the impacts fro tonighs storms impacts fro tonighs storms t'
4:42 pm
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i had life-treatening bleeding in my brain. but thanks to the virtual reality technology at gw hospital, my surgeons were able to look inside my brain and plan for a successful surgery. it's remarkable that i woke up and ran five miles this morning.
4:44 pm
i would tell gw hospital thank you for giving me new life. for life's defining ments the george washington univeristy hospital defining medicine. d.c. met throw area in the next two hours. we'll show you how this will impact your friday night and the restf the weekend as well. nine adults and five need to find somewhere else to
4:45 pm
live. flames ripping throughtheir apartmhis afternoon. scary moments for a firefighter working the fire. he almost falls through the roof as flames devoured the building underneath him. he managed to pull himself to safety. he's okay. this fire is at the franklin square apartments. in woodbridge a man attacked a woman inside an apartment complex. they say he had a gun and sexually assaulted the woman inside the bstlding rwell. they say the man had an arm sleeve tattoo with writing and angel wings. a scare today at american university. someone made a threat at construction site on campus. theit unive asked the students to stay away from those sites. at this point wew don't k the exact nature of the threat. jim? >> leon, a trip to the hair salon turned terribly wrong for one woman. that may not be big news. after digging into strrdght re news 4 found the operator of that waldorf salon
4:46 pm
is not licensed in the state of maryland. our bureau chief tracee wilkins has the story you'll only see on news 4. >> reporter: christina coates says she's ready for a new look after a y of natural hair. >> i figured why not go to the dominican salon up the street. >> reporter: this is the lookwa sh going for. after getting her hair done at aleyda's dominican salon in waldorf. >> mas scalp getting hot. she took me out and my haiar std washing my hair. i could hear her mumbling. i jumped up and saw all of this in the bowl and i'm left with this. >> reporter: the owner of the salon says the christina had previous color in her heir and did not tell her. >> customers come in for the first time,sually they know
4:47 pm
what kind of process that we do before. reporter: the confusion revealed a much bigger issue, the owner does not have a cense to operate the salon or do hair in maryland. >> do you have a license to operate a hair salon in maryland? >> yes. > how long have you had a license? >> i be having -- i have license from new york s >> reporter:he say tw s is is her rk license. but we could not find records for her in new york or maryland. according to the bureau of licensing, they're not operaini licensed to operate. when you go into a salon, you should be able to see the licenses of tki folks w on your hair. tracee wilkins, news 4. >> if you feel a business is operating without a license, consumers can file complaints with thean mar board of cosmetologists online. we have the link on our nbc washington app. search salon complaints. always look for that license.
4:48 pm
neveeally thought about it. >> you'll have to live with whatever happens tlore for a time. >> let's get back to the forecast. it's a wild one, folks. >> amelia and lauryn standing by. inu told us about a new severe thunderstorm wa who is under that one right now? >> a new thuerstorm warning berkeley, west virginia and also portions of washington county in maryland. this is concentrated toward frederick and loudoun county. >> a lot of heavy rain. as we look tohe east, a lot of lightning around the baltimore area. here is the latest o this severe thunderstorm warning. if you hear the beeping, that means we're getting a new severe thunderstorm warning in. this is in effect until 5:30 last night, including brunswick, myersville, midal town, also under that severe thunderstorm warning. here is the latest on radar. if you've been watching for the past 45 temi you now lauryn and i have been talking about how we're tracking this one
4:49 pm
mainline to be our main rainmak rainmaker, our main meather evening through tonight. we're noticing heavy rainfall and potential for damaging wind gusts and small hail. in this severe thunderstorm warning wre noticing heavy ofnfall toward parts fauquier county and northern parts of the county. a severe w thunderstorch for everybody until 10:00 p.m. tonight. we might see the watch come down we have a flash flood watch in effect for just about everybody until about 110 p.m. heavy rain could lead to flooding issues, the biggest concern with tonight's event. we could see downed trees because of howat sat the ground is. based on the current timing, storms moving throu the metro area between 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. tonight. then lower mud and better weather for the weekend. >> i'm excited to get to the weekend. i think a lot of other people are as well. we'veot dryer conditions, more comfortable conditions.
4:50 pm
i think a few people didnd up getting outside out there today. zac brown band, a lot of people asking about this. temperatures in the 80s. the temperatures have come down a little bit because we've rain cooled around the region. we still have strong storms as we go through 7:00, 10:00 tonight. we'll have to keep our eyesut for the two outdoor concerts, t only zac brown but also jay zee and beyonce at fedex field.o ght, some severe weather. tomorrow looking a lot more gorgeous, less humidity out there. it fact, as we go through the weekend, the hum levels will be comfortable. the humidity moves back in ightly as we get into monday and then eventually into like y, wednesday, loo the humidity staying with us a good chunk of next week. enjoy theweekend. temperatures will be in the mid 80s for daytime highs tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. we get int your sunday, we
4:51 pm
will have about a 40% chance, probably less than that, isolated chance of showers and thunderstorms on sunday most of us will be dry until at least maybe monday night. we could havee a chaor storms monday night. ten-day forecast, next week we've w got another one on our hands. >> we do. rain in the forecast monday through friday. right now we're tracking severe thunderstorms movinggh the area, especially around frederick and parts of northern loudoun county. lower humidity levels through saturday and sunday with temperat tes in mid 80s. monday through friday there's day.chance for rain each however, it will not be as wet as it was this past week. we saw anywhere from about six to 12, even 15 inches of rain. next week we're thinking about one to maybe four inches of rain falling across the temperatu with temperatures in the 80s and high humidity levels. leon, all eyes on storm team radar. we'll continue to track the line thunderstorms on news"news 4 a
4:52 pm
5:0 5:00". amelia. , on> now we want to say thank you to every who donated to dsckpacks for ki yesterday you came out and helped us raise enoh money, backpacks and school supplies to take care of some 0 elementary schoolchildren. news 4's molettereen spent the day collecting items. our mison is not over. there are more local students in need. go to and search backpacks. you can make a secure online donation there. $20 will fund a new backpack filled with supplies for a kid. coming upn august 8th, news 4 will be at the apple federal credit union, kings town branch from 6:00 a.m. until noon. we have awe $4,000 baet for ourselves. come on out and help us. smile. me for a dental checkup for a lot of folks. just what the doctor ordered and delivered today. hundreds of volunteer dental professionals are out offing
4:53 pm
services free to people in need. patients were able to a come get fillings, root canals, minor oralie surg hygiene information. the mission of mercy clinic in waldorf served about 600 people today. roors open tom morning at 6:00. open up our nbc washington app for more information. arch dental clinic there. >> good for them. what a difference that makes. blood donation levels around our region are rningxtremely low. as an incentive,oday only, inova blood donor servicess giving $10 gas cards. tw locations accepting blood, the centermed in centrevillend wo woodburn donor center in annandale. >> every little bit helps. a desperate race against time. massive evacuations under
4:54 pm
way due to wildfires out west. more on a blaze that has doubled in size. .ow threatening hundreds of thousands of hom
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
. two fefighters are dead, more than a dozen injured in wildfires burning across california. nbc's jay gray reports on three major fires that are oco of rol with no relief in site. california is on fire right now, three major wildfires out of the craftsman blaze in the southern part of the state. the ferguson fire in central arlifornia that has closed yosemite national and the deadly carr fire to the north. >> this fire is extremely dangerous andwi movin no regard for what's in its path. >> reporter: homes, businesses and tens of thousands of acres reduced to rubble and ash. >> i'm justpset and squared. >> with dozens of communities ill in jeopardy, the flames growing. >> we've seen it spread,
4:58 pm
vement of the fire, unprecedented, record-breaking. >> reporter: and continuing to rce families to evacuate. >> i would say this is your good warning to start getting your stuff ganized, getting yourself packed. >> there's little reliefn sight right now. record high temperatures, low humidity and strong windspere ed to continue through the weekend. >> close to home the smoke could be seen for miles here. this is what firefighters found when they got here. now at 5k tonight, the fast at moving flames orced dozens of families from their homes and has them asking what's next. severeat thunderstorm and flash flooding concerns again. a weather alert day as storm team 4 tracks rain and what could be strong on the ra we begin tonight with our eyes tards the sky. parts of the area under a severe thunderstorm watch right now.
4:59 pm
good eveng. i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm jim handly. they're knocking on our doors. tracking those storms for us. the timing of when they'll arrive and the impact they' have once they do. meteorologist amelia draper is center.torm how are we looking now? >> we have a sev warning until 5:30 for parts of frederick county, washington county, parts of the panhandle and west virginia. then in maryland parts of st. mary's county continue to be under flash flood warning. in effect until 6:45. here is a look on storm team 4 radar,his mainline o thunderstorms that i'm keeping a very close eye on. you c see excessive amounts of rain to frederick and loudoun countys. these started to pick upsteam. we're thinking the impact times will be earlier in the d. metro area, probably between 5:30 and 7:30. if you know somody heading
5:00 pm
down to the jay-z and beyonce concert or the zac brown concert, make sure they staiwe her ready. i think as the concerts get going, in bothue v the weather should be okay. everyone under a severers thunrm watch until 11:00 p.m. the biggest concerns will be heavy rainfallhat could lead to flooding concerns, downed trees and hail as well, especially because of the rain you've recently had, doreen, flooding ccerns and downed tree also be bigger insues. much more on the t and how this impacts our saturday and sunday in a little bit with lauryn. we still have very fresh memories of all that flash flooding. 'tanks, amelia. >> if you d have it already, now is a good time to download the nbc washington app. set the home page to weather to get the latest onndhe storms any kind of weather at your fingerti fingertips. we knew thi was going to


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